Donald Trump is Going to be President

Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States. Now, I want all you little children to listen to that, soak it up; I want you to ignore what the mainstream media is telling you, Ignore the polls, look at the crowd, look at the mood of the country. The Republican Party is bucking, and rolling right now because they’ve held control, and sway for so long. Same with the Democrats. These political machines have been in place in order to pick and choose who’s going to be in office, then they control who’s in office because the president will cleave to the party that paid the tab for him to walk into the White House. That is the way it truly is!

Trump is a deal changer; he is going to change the world. He is going to win. Hillary is a joke. She has more political luggage than Brittney Spears at a pot party, ok? That is the way it is. Now, you can cite all your numbers, you can cite all your nonsense, you can cite anything you want, but Trump’s groundswell is so great that if he doesn’t take the nomination, and he doesn’t win there is literally going to be a revolution in this country because the Illuminati’s control of the political system will be totally exposed. Alex Jones won’t look like a nut anymore. It’s right there for everyone to see.

The very fact that Paul Ryan is “considering” supporting Trump. He’s just not “quite there” yet. Ok, look idiot, Donald Trump has the support of the people, and he’s not perfect. If you click on this link to a guy named Pena, who is a billionaire Hispanic from Florida. He says it a lot more, uh, how do you say, poignant than I do, but it’s an enjoyable video, I strongly suggest you watch it. But, Trump is going to be in the White House!

Trump is going to be a deal changer.  All his ideas won’t work, but at least he’ll have some ideas. Look what we’ve got up there right now, we’ve got Obama, that. . . “If you like your head, you can keep your head.” I mean, c’mon, that’s what we’ve got. Now look what we’ve got lining up like she is the president designate. Everybody understands, “Well, we’ve had our black guy for eight years, and now we’re going to have this B&%ch for eight years!” So, we’ll have sixteen years of nonsense while the money changers in New York, and Brussels, London, and everywhere else control what’s going to happen with the people, well, no, the power’s going to flow from the bottom up for a little while because Trump isn’t beholden to anybody. He can say what he want to say. That’s the way it works in the real world! That’s the way it’s gonna happen! You got to know your limitations, you got to know the facts! Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States!


Hitler Was A Wonderful Guy!


I watched a video last night. By the time it was over I had come to believe that Hitler was a wonderful guy! No Poo Poo! There was this little girl’s voice expounding Hitler’s virtues, likes, dislikes, his artistic abilities, love of mankind, and of course there was no holocaust, that was just a scheme perpetrated by the Jews to take over Hollywood. There were scenes of Hitler playing with puppies, holding little girls, smiling, and thousands of people gathering around him like he was the second coming. I crappith thee NOT! Now, let’s get real here. If you believe that Hitler had a decent bone in his body then you’re freaking nuts! I’ve read Mein Kampf!  Matter of fact, I understood how the CPS works after reading it. Ya’ll may swat them bees now.  Let’s go forward about, oh, let’s say seventy years.

Hillary Clinton is so out in left field it’s laughable. The only thing more laughable is the people who support her. I didn’t say black people, see, that’s where you thought I was going, so now you’re the racist. No, I’ve seen some white chicks supporting Hillary that I wish I could pick up in a bar, ok? People buy into the manufactured image, not the person. I’m not going to enumerate all of Hillary’s sins here, I’m not a priest, but what did Nixon really do? Broke into some office. Heck, Hillary’s own significant other. Ran the government fairly well, it was that after hours pizza party that got to him, and he still survived. Hillary has made major blunders at every turn. Do you want to know why the democratic party is shoving a stick up her butt, holding her up? I’ll tell you why. They are coming to the end of the black guy, and by golly they’re gonna get a woman in no matter what! The party, both parties, work for the bankers. The bankers want Hillary to continue the progress (in their eyes) of the last eight years.

Now, as you know, I’m a Trump guy, but The Donald wouldn’t know politics if it ran up and peed on his leg. He’s a real estate broker, which is why I like him. When he speaks, I hear real estate broker coming out of his mouth. You wonder if he’ll really build that wall? He built Trump Towers, didn’t he? He will find the brick and mortar, and funds to build that wall, and you’ll be darn lucky if there’s not a neon sign on it flashing, “TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!” If the Republican party has any sense, when they have their little sit down what they need to say is, “Donald! You’ve done a magnificent job awakening the people, but Hillary is a politician. She killed an ambassador, laughed in a Senate committee’s face, and strolled out like she had good sense. You don’t have to change any of your ideas, but please let us help you package them. Together, we can beat her at her own game.”

Trump said it well yesterday. There is a reason he’s a rising star. He’s giving the people what they want. He is vocalizing the frustration of the people at the Beltway politics that have held sway for too long. All the people! Unless I miss my guess, even California will swing for Trump. All but Whoopi Goldberg, she’s moving to Kenya, I believe. If Trump listens, and is as smart an arranger as I think he is, he will be the next president of the United States. Hitler was a wonderful guy!


No Taxation Without Representation



On the 16th of December 1773 some men calling themselves the sons of Liberty destroyed property belonging to the East India Company by throwing crates of tea overboard into the Boston harbor where the tea was to be off loaded for sale in the colonies. This act of vandalism was illegal as were the acts of sedition and conspiracy leading up to that event which came to be called the Boston Tea Party. 

It’s ironic that this act, an act of terrorism by today’s standards, should be defining in the history of our nation as the beginning of our fight with Britain for independence. Ironic because we have become a fearful lot, led around by our noses, funneling untold billions into “homeland security”. We simply cannot envision committing a terrorist or treasonous (aka criminal) act against our government even though we don’t trust it to keep its least promise to us. As noted, the acts of meeting, discussing and planning this action were illegal in themselves. Indeed, just speaking against the Crown was considered treason in those days, and imprisonment, confiscation of property or even hanging were not out of the question even for wealthy citizens. 

Still, the act of boarding the ship, overpowering the crew and throwing cargo overboard has become the dividing line in the hearts and minds of Americans between talking smack and, actual smack. Patriotism and arm chair quarterbacking.

The actions of those men were those of men who had come to the end of their patience in dealing with a governing parent who had all the rational approaches to change covered. The East India Company was the largest corporation in the world, and enjoyed, a “no bid, no  compete” relationship with the colonies and the crown. In other words, the crown forbade competition in trade with the East India company while passing laws forbidding the manufacture of most items of daily living in the colonies and the banks, who were the power of the day liked it that way. A situation that modern day Americans are perilously close to now.

All of which brings us to the upcoming presidential election. With the exception of true individualists like the now deceased Roy Finicum, or Cliven Bundy, few Americans view themselves as capable of acts similar to the Boston Tea Party, but they will vote if are capable of stirring themselves enough to show up in November to vote should someone seem capable or inclined to bring about change. This mood has been on the American electorate since the Bush/Cheney debacle, and President Obama, who had promised change put the seemingly final finishing touches on the change over to the new world order begun by President Nixon. By now, every American who isn’t stoned out of their minds can see that the Democratic Party intends to hand Americans their heads and administer the final coup de grace, emptying the last bit of change from our coffers, and enslaving future generations of Americans in a horrific kind of indentured servitude.

This is essentially clear when you see that the party has made it clear from the very beginning; before the beginning in fact, that Senator Sanders, a candidate who not only exemplifies the message of the populist minded democrats, but who has raised an amount of money equal to the Clinton pile bestowed upon her by the banks from single donors, hasn’t got a chance. Just can’t win they say. Still, the stubbornest voters in America are being told that their champion, Donald Trump can’t win either, and yet they continue to flock to his standard in droves. Yes, I said droves. America isn’t going to elect another monkey wearing a pin striped suit. The banksters may force another one into office as they did with President (ugh) Bush, but we won’t elect him because even if we don’t have the guts to drive down, up or over to Wichita Falls TX and put our butts on the line like the Sons of Liberty, we darn sure will go down to the polls and stand in Hillary’s way to the White House.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!


We don’t need no stinking badges! Funny line from a movie that got unfunny when guns began to flow across the southern border like someone was running a gun show. In September of 2009 John Dodson with the ATF stood back in snake amazement when he traced guns being given to Mexican cartels, and he subsequently became a whistle blower. This article in the New York Post detailed this so I’m not going to bore you with the taco count, just read it for yourself.

We all know the story. I even made a joke out of it when I was out in California citing that the first thing you learn in grade school if you’re a Texan is not to give guns to the Mexicans. The paradox is that Mexico has mucho gun control, unless you’re in the cartel, and then you get a pass. Mexico is a perfect example of what happens when you “regulate” guns. Ever hear the statement, “If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns.” Mexico has a lot of outlaws, world class outlaws.

I find it amazing that Trump talks about securing the border, Hillary skirts the issue. Trump supports the second amendment; Hillary is very clear on her stance on gun control. Heck, her own daughter just got up, and gave a snot slinging speech on that very subject. (She has a kid? Nobody told me that.) Hillary was directly involved at a high level with the government that opened this gun running operation. Do you think she was unaware? Well, I mean, she was unaware of an attack on an embassy, and loaded up state secrets at a local McDonald’s WiFi, but c’mon! Well, Teddy Bear ran a theory by me today, and I’m going to give you the basics. Of course, I can’t tell you details because that would be, well, dangerous. I mean we know the government would never take off after someone for busting it out, right?

Hillary is all tangled up with this stuff, and when confronted, she gives that little chuckle of hers, says something clever, and moves on. The agenda is to disarm the American people. It’s as simple as that. Imagine, if you will, how many people would be flocking over that border if they were reasonably sure those ranchers down there didn’t have any guns? How much restraint do you think the cartels would show if they knew that there would be no return fire? If you believe gun control will make the border safer then I have a bridge in Laredo for you, and, as usual, it’s on sale! Shucks, I’ll just run a two for one sale.  I’ll throw in one out in El Paso for free!

I’m not going to grind out all those tired old statistics about how many people got shot, or saved someone’s life because they shot someone, what I’m drilling down on is that Hillary and company want to make us all serfs in the Clinton Dynasty, and if they get their way we’ll all “die nasty.” She portrays herself as being “of the people,” but she hasn’t been anywhere near the people since she dated Yoko Ono! How’d she spit that hook, I wonder? Speaking of dynasties, remember when I made that joke about Chelsea following her mother’s eight years in office? Well, when she got up and gave that little rant about guns I almost dropped my beer. I’m beginning to feel like a prophet.

What you have below the Mexican border is an army, ok? This army has already sent advance units into the bread basket of the US. Hillary is very aware of this, and says, or does nothing about it. Thomas More said if someone were to attack a man with a knife, and you stand there doing nothing, that indicates approval. Hillary approves of this armed invasion of the United States. Hey, jus’ sayin’. The invaders feel empowered, knowing that the Democratic front runner is looking the other way, and they don’t need no stinking badges, or citizenship, or anything. They’ve been handed a silver platter with the US served up medium rare. Mexican Silver! Adios!

Post Turtle


As we watch the rules of the game evolve, the march to the White House continues, and the Post Turtles abound. More about that later.  I’m amazed that Obama doesn’t seem to realize how lame of a duck he is. And all this talk, and innuendo about his possible third term. NOT! Just stick a fork in Obama, he’s done. He’s looking for a legacy. Well, global warming, which was caused by all the hot air coming out of his administration. My word to the loyal opposition: Ok, you got your black guy, now it’s time to move on.

Donald Trump is taking the nation by storm, in spite of the main stream media polls telling us that everyone hates him. Cruz? Well, what can I say? Ted Cruz came blazing out of the Tea Party not long back, even got on the cover of Texas Monthly holding the Bill of Rights. He gathers a few victories, but frankly folks, I’m a Texan, and I fully understand taking a butt-whipping and spinning it up into a win for the public, i.e. the Alamo. In any twelve step program there is a first step where you have to at least admit things are screwed up. Ted ain’t gonna win. Then, there’s that other guy, the ringer, who hangs on, and hangs on, and hangs on, like an ex-wife you owe a boat load of child support while she’s living with some guy named, “Animal.” You remember Animal, don’t you. The guy she ran off with. Well, that’s this guy.

Mitt Romney rattled his chains, and the fat lady ain’t sang on that one yet. Side note; I spent the better part of the weekend watching two things. One was re-runs of “To Catch a Predator,” and the other was long, boring videos on how the Mormons are going to take over the world, and their prophet is the “Beast.” The Predator series, because I just love to drink Jim Beam and watch stupid, and the Mormon thing because I just love to drink Jim Beam and watch stupid. Remember “Deep Survival?” Well, that’s Mitt Romney. Uh, he ain’t gonna win either. Next.

Sanders. I love to watch him speak. Same deal, drink Beam and watch stupid. He comes off just like those guys in that kitchen with a six-pack, and a package of condoms trying to say that they were on the way to the library when they accidently lost their clothes in some thirteen-year-old girl’s mom’s garage. This guy is a stone hippy. He could play a part in a Cheech and Chong movie. You know, where Cheech is in a straight jacket on the floor of some nut house, and Sanders offering him, “The Key?”

Then there’s Hillary, Presidente Designado. Liar, Liar, pants on fire, and considering the size of those pants that would be a bigger fire than the one at the embassy in Benghazi. The email scandal, what’s that? Hillary was so stupid that what she did was akin to a cheating husband saving his love notes to his girlfriend on his wife’s iCloud account. Cheating husband, Hillary, I digress.

All of the above, save one are “Post Turtles.” What’s a Post Turtle, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. So you driving along some country road and come upon this gate with two posts on either side. On top of one of them is a turtle. Now, work with me on this. The turtle didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what dummy put him up there in the first place. POST TURTLE! Trump is not a post turtle. So, we watch and see if the will of the people will prevail, or will some new reality series distract us, and we end up with a post turtle. Ya’ll be cool!


Looking Back This Week


Looking back this week is slim due to my travels, but the articles that did come out were heavy. Donald Trump dropped the ball on abortion, and I addressed that in Deep Survival. What that was all about was the tendency of people, while in the midst of a winning streak, or performing everyday tasks will sometimes do the dumbest things for apparently no reason, either getting killed, or in this case, killing a political career. While it remains to be seen how much damage the statement in question caused, one would think that the “Donald” would have at least taken a breath before making it. We shall see.

I’ve always viewed “No Knock” warrants as an affront to the 4th Amendment and Knock Knock is a prime example of this. I’m still looking into the event, the cops claiming the entire drug cartel was holed up in the apartment, while the man arrested is saying he was just reading his Bible, you know, you get that. The esteemed District Attorney of Bell County, Texas has seen fit to charge the man with capital murder. I’m not going to put this down. If this was a home invasion, and the man was just defending himself I’m gonna let the D. A. taste my mutton and see how he likes it.

The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla and Votes, Lies, and Videotapes basically deal with the same subject, the subject being that the Republican Party is by no means “pubic” but a “Good Ol’ Boys” club that does what it damn well pleases, and its supporters can just stuff it. I was very pleased to see that following that post Wild Bill For America followed with The End of the GOP. Like me, he is direct, to the point, and calls it like it is, which is, the Republican Party has been out of control for years, and Donald Trump is on them like Chris Hansen on a pervert! They may get their way this time, but this is not going to end well for the Party. Trump has a broad base support, and the smoke and mirrors generated by his own party is so obvious that the blind man down on Main Street can see it.

It’s good to be back in Texas. Travel is great, but those 737 wheels touching down in Austin is better. I found the Mormon Culture to be a little more mundane than I’d supposed, basically a survivalist sect, bent on isolation out of disgust at what’s happening in America today. Kinda like Texas. I’m convinced that if Texas and Utah team up the fat lady will definitely sing. Joseph did you know we’s all gonna ride the train?

Dead As Cornbread

Dead as cornbread! I think that’s a fairly accurate description of Hillary’s run for the White House. All Nixon did was let one of his daughters play with the Watergate tapes with a magnet, and he caught the next flight for California. When I was in high school my Civics teacher, Mr. Cole told us the worse scandal in American history was the Teapot Dome thing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Clintons! These chuckle heads out do me, and that’s going some. Hey, I’m not running for office, I just write a few articles, and try to milk beer money out of my publishers.

We all thought that Bill’s little pizza date in the Oval Office was about as far as anyone could go and survive politically. Nobody knew about Hillary’s date with Yoko Ono, (how did she skirt that one?) What do you get when you cross breed two crooked lawyers? Chelsea Clinton! How in the nation’s history did two Hillbillies from Arkansas gain so much power and influence? Well, first off, Hillary’s not from Arkansas, she’s a Yankee, and next, Bill didn’t go to college in Arkansas, which is a plus. Hey, legal question: If you get married in Arkansas, and divorced in Arkansas, are you still brother and sister?

From White Water to Benghazi, Hillary has danced on a razor’s edge for years. Other people in the public eye can commit just a smidgen of what she’s pulled and they’re thrown out of the Army, charged with a crime, end up with public ridicule, and Alex Jones accuses them of leading the New World Order. Hillary could pee on the White House steps and the Liberal Left would say she had found a new way to fix global warming. Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this picture?

It’s called “Dynasty” people, and the Clinton Dynasty is about to “die nasty!” Hillary has finally crossed that fine line that even makes meth heads sit up and say, “DAYUM!” Her candidacy is as dead as cornbread! Bernie Sanders is running neck and neck with her in Iowa right now. Oh, my LIVING God! Bernie Sanders? She can’t beat Bernie Sanders? In every election you get these freaked out hippies who come on the scene, and nobody wants to say out loud that they’re crazy. Did someone say, “Ron Paul?” Bernie Sanders is as crazy as an outhouse rat, (remember you heard that here first!) That having been said, he’s still giving Hillary a run for her money, and folks, she’s got some money.

The Clintons set up a foundation, involved number one daughter, and cleaned up. Hey, I can BS as good as them, how come I’m not rich like that? Chelsea makes Obamas daughters look good. Shucks, Chelsea makes Michelle Obama look good. The biggest threat to the planet today is Chelsea will breed and produce more Clintons! What do you get when you cross Chelsea with Bruce Gender. . . I’m not even gonna go there. Maybe in California.

If Hillary is nominated it will not be the end of the Democratic Party. All the Liberals will flock to the polls, and put the Wicked Witch of the north in office. Then we’ll have to put up with eight more years of the abomination we’ve all come to love. I, myself, am going to try my best to write a bestselling book, take my check Rubles, and move to Mexico, (I understand El Chapo is hiring.) But, fear not! When the winds of insanity blow, just remember that cornbread!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Get a President This Time

The Republican Party has long since moved away from any kind of representation of its constituents into full blown hypocrisy. There was a time when a dynamic personality would come along and take the populace by storm, and the party would leap to the task. Did someone say, “Eisenhower?” Everyone knew he was going to be president, all they had to do was wait for the election to make it official. Reagan too! So now we have Donald Trump. What amazes me is all the losers in the party who have so much to say about what he says, yet have nothing to say about what they think would be a better idea. The Tea Party came about just to get away from idiots like that.
Let’s look at this. Trump doesn’t want illegal aliens here. Jeb Bush is worried about offending illegal aliens. We know he likes aliens. Did someone say nineteen hijackers? Now, I realize Jeb is from Florida, with Miami being the largest city in Cuba, but do we let illegals vote? I mean when did they get a voice? The party brass responds in concert about how Trump’s ideas won’t work as thousands upon thousands of people flock to his speeches. In contrast the Democrats all rally around Hillary, as she washes the blood from her hands, and shove a two by four up her butt to keep her standing up.
I voted Republican because I believe in family values. I don’t give a flip about gay marriage, I just want the CPS to quit stealing and selling our kids to pedophiles. Forget Planned Parenthood, defund the CPS. They steal so many kids they can’t find software powerful enough to keep up with them all. Family values is what attracts me to Trump. The vain hope that the country just may get stronger, mom’s apple pie will be back in the window sill, and Bruce Gender will not be the woman of the year.
Then, of course, there’s the specter of Mitt Romney. Now, I’m going to be blunt here so you might as well get your crying towels out! Way back in California, in the desert, with a bottle of Jim Beam, I told you people why Romney would never win. He’s a Mormon. Swat them bees, swat them bees. Three things worked against him. First, of course, being a Mormon. For all the spin they are still the polygamous cult out in the desert that sends people to your door. Second, being a Mormon, he was squeaky clean. That’s not human. Trump, by contrast, is not that clean. He marries beautiful foreign girls, has a drop dead gorgeous daughter and makes tons of money. Third, my mother told me that it was almost impossible to unseat a sitting president. Obama is bad, yes, but he’d been in office for four years and Americans just don’t like to change horses in mid-stream. The Republicans had to run somebody so they picked a guy that would look good giving a concession speech.
Well, the landscape has changed. Obama is going to retire. The hope of the Democrats is a woman with more scandals than Mylie Cyrus, and Trump is taking the country by storm. The perfect storm. So why the party brass can’t just shut up and let this pony run? Because (now pay attention) we really have a one party system, that’s why. They get together and run a Mormon against a seated president and stood back snake amazed when Obama played basketball with his head. It was always in the cards, folks. Supposed to happen that way. Trump, on the other hand, is a spoiler. He doesn’t owe the brass or any special interest groups a cent, has his own ideas, even his own plane. What we’ll have is Teddy Roosevelt on steroids in the White House, if he even moves in. Someone who, when facing the Chinese at negotiation tables, will be the same New York real estate broker who’s been screwing them for years.
Right now the Republican Party is wearing out political favors to ruin Trump. And forget Ben Carson. After Obama, I don’t think any of us alive now will live to see another black president, and that’s sad because Carson is a good man. He’s going to make a fine surgeon general. Col West will make a great Atty General, and Cruz will round out the team as vice president. All spoilers! What the Republican Party wants is to run something like Bush, or Rubio so that Hillary will be a shoe in. That way the dynasty continues, and the game remains the same. We don’t need that. Let’s just get a president this time.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Grits, Grins, and Hillary’s Sins

Grits, Grins, and Hillary’s Sins

Let’s just suppose for grits and grins that I went and robbed a bank. Not a big one, just some branch in a supermarket or something, but I took this leather bag, stuck a note under a teller’s nose, and told her I was gonna cause a stink if she didn’t give me all the money in her drawer. So, she gives me the money and I take off. Well, by and by the FBI finds me (seems I left a pubic hair in the restroom just before the robbery) and they give me a call. Now, budget cuts being what they are I get a call and they cut me a deal. I’m told that if I’ll just return the bag that all will be forgiven. I hem and haw, because it IS a very good bag, bought it at Walmart, and they didn’t say there was a search warrant, and what did it matter now? After a few months I think it over and return the bag. When the FBI opens it all there is are five empty beer cans and a half pack of cigarettes. Right away they cry, “Foul!” I say, “You SAID you wanted the bag, you got the bag!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hillary Clinton! Oh, God, where do I begin? Is there anything the Clintons can do that they are not called to task for? Now we find she has erased the servers she so diligently hid. Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but SOMEWHERE on those devices there HAD to be at least ONE email that said SOMETHING about her job as Secretary of State. You think? Of all the messaging there had to be something! Even on my flimsy email there’s stuff I don’t want the PTA to see. But, she’s still running up and down the road acting like Madam President.

And the Liberals eat it up! The unwashed masses will turn out in droves to put this woman in the White House while the rest of us stand there with our mouths open catching flies. Bill was bad enough, I don’t know what number one daughter’s up to, Lord hope it be a man, but the Clinton’s have had a very good run. And they are hill billy white trash! Poor old Ted Kennedy dumped one trick in the drink and had to take a whole week off, for God’s sake. Nixon told a lie. STOP THE PRESSES! Carter. . . well, Carter was just Carter, but he did lust in his heart once. Hillary had a sexual encounter with Yoko Ono! Give peace a chance. Riiiiiiiight.

If my records were requested by the IRS, and I threw away a gum wrapper I’d NEVER get out of jail. Thank God I’m not selling cigarettes on a New York street, but Hillary? She could shoot the Dali Lama and his body would be fined for littering. I’m just waiting for the Pope to beatify her. If this moron gets elected learn to speak Russian, you folks on the west coast learn to speak Chinese. So, anyway, the FBI is sitting there with a blank server, and a blank look on their faces, wondering what to do next. Check it for a pubic hair, that’s always a good start.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


For the past week I’ve been doing an extensive investigation. I didn’t even tell my associates in Houston due to the sensitive nature. I call it “StupidGate. I have looked into the world of cyber espionage. As you probably know the leader of North Korea, Won Hun Lo, was deeply distressed by the Sony picture “The Interview.” Now Sony is, well SONY! When I was a kid I didn’t think much of the company because back in the 50’s “Made in Japan” meant one thing, and one thing only. Little toy airplanes with bad paint jobs that the wheels fell off of on the first use. That, and we were still irritated about Pearl Harbor. The wheels didn’t fall off of THOSE planes! Well, Sony came of age. Actually became a standard in the industry. The little fat kid in North Korea with the funny haircut hacked Sony to pieces!

Then we find that the Russians have been leisurely reading state department emails for at least a year! Like an irritated ex-girlfriend you were stupid enough to give all your passwords to, and she goes up and tells all your friends that you’re gay. The RUSSIANS? Didn’t they just figure out toilette paper about ten years ago? Save your fork because this morsel gets sweeter. Yesterday the director of the FBI sat before a committee and freely admitted that the FBI, CIA, and homeland security weren’t smart enough to break encryption set up by a thirteen year old girl! He really did that folks. I I saw it on TV. And finally (drum roll please) the Russians came back and shut down the Pentagon! Aren’t those guys in charge of like, nuclear BOMBS? Reminds me when the theory came out about the Russians actually developing AIDS as an attack on Americans. “Comrades, we must develop something that will destroy America. We make virus that kills them when they shoot up drugs or do the anal thing.” Shows what they think of us.

In the midst of all this one eye has been steady, one mind unwavering, one hand firmly on the wheel . . . Hillary Clinton! NOBODY has hacked even her thumb drive! She set up her own servers and the Fed started screaming about “not secure!” Not secure? NOT SECURE? Dudes, you didn’t know what was on that server until she GAVE them to you, and even then you gave her MONTHS to sanitize them. Bill probably has kiddie porn on them. I’ve said all this before about the FBI. Now, I watch all those forensic shows where they find a pubic hair in a Snickers Bar twenty years after the fact and catch a crook. If you buy that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE!

If nothing else THIS may be Hillary’s long suit. If she wins she should set up her own servers in the White House. At least the Russians won’t know our every move. The Russian thing got me. I could see the Chinese doing it, I mean, they’re Asian for Christ sake, and you know how THOSE people are. But when the Russians do it, there’s a message there. Maybe we DO have something to worry about with the Iranians and their one bomb.

The Nortes have been walking proud and talking loud, but to be frank they lost it somewhere down the road. Remember Ebola? Yeah, that. Good run until it came to Texas. You can fly all over the country looking for a cardiologist, but if you want to live you got to go to Austin Heart. We invented breast implants! Hey, we have priorities, ok? The hacking of practically the entire federal system shows a flaw that’s been there for a very long time. Now, I’ll admit, I love to catch Yankees with their pants down. And then they go into the spin, which ain’t sex, but it’s close. I told you a long time ago we don’t have to secede. Just let the American’s do their thing and make sure they don’t export it down here. Meanwhile Hillary marches on. Hey, food for thought; it’s not very far from securing your server to fixing an election, but shucks, they’ve been doing that for years!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin