The Way of the Gun


The way of the gun is as American as mom’s apple pie. I read with interest the article by Bill the Butcher which compares the shootings in Orlando with the tower shootings in Texas circa 1966. It provoked thought in me for three reasons; one, all of you that read Bill’s writing know him to be a man of reason. His is the way of thought, and one may only emerge victorious from such matches as are found in contests of logic if they possess the preeminent superiority of reason. But a very few of us remember darker times in the Simple Ol’ Boy’s past. A past ruled by the way of the gun.


In those days the way of the gun was eschewed by most, but some contests were not to be won if one was not knowledgeable of that particular dark way. In reading Bills piece, I thought to detect an echo from that time. Secondly, and of greater importance to his readers, Bill made it clear that by his lights, Muslim people are prone to either forcing their ideology, or way of life if you will, on others at the point of a gun, or are instead guilty of indifference to the victims of those who do so. Lastly, by a quirk of fate, mybrother and I were both there at the hour of the shooting at the University of Texas, both of us missing a more fateful appointment by bare minutes. I would like to submit a humbler thought on the comparison made by The Butcher by the addition of two other famous Texas shooters.


The drawing of the three: roughly three years prior to Whitman’s rampage on an infamous day in November 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from an upper floor window in the Dallas Book Depository killing one man, our president, beloved of many in this nation, and wounding Governor John Connally, feared by many of the same. His state of mind? Cold, calculating, a true shooter’s state of mind. Twenty-five years after the tower shootings a certifiably mental patient drove his car into the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and upon exiting his vehicle shot and killed 23 people. The shooter, George Hennard’s state of mind? Chaotic, fragmented, a shooter who only got his kill count by killing unarmed, helpless sheep (apologies to those who count among the lost one who was dear). In each case, it bears pointing out that the victims were unarmed, and helpless due to an unannounced attack. Kills such as these lack honor, and therein do I find the ONLY similarity. In Oswald’s case the shooter was an assassin, trained for his mission, and part of a larger plan, Oswald was doing a job. I know it, and I know Bill knows. In Whitman’s case, he was a combat seasoned veteran, but one with an awful thing growing in his head; it cannot be said that he knew what he was doing, but  Hennard did! I knew his therapist, and believe me, those who knew him best were worried about his fascination withguns, and his erratic behavior


If anyone was responsible for the shooting in Orlando, or Connecticut, or Columbine or, take your pick, it’s the police. Ever since the war on drugs our nation’s police use a template for prevention that resembles the optimism of that person ahead of you in line at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. They’ll continue to explain the logic of it well after you have lost interest. Am I bashing the cops? Well…yeah. I mean just look at the solution most of them have for mass shootings: disarm everybody. Huh? Now, I have walked the way of the gun since before I could vote. I stay hard, and I stay ready. I know that Bills reason is superior to mine, but I also know he keeps a Smith near to hand. I don’t believe the answer is the expulsion of Muslim people, nor the barring of their way to citizenship. I think rather that we should vette them more thoroughly, and watch them more closely. And, I think we should all keep our guns close, just in case.


We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!


We don’t need no stinking badges! Funny line from a movie that got unfunny when guns began to flow across the southern border like someone was running a gun show. In September of 2009 John Dodson with the ATF stood back in snake amazement when he traced guns being given to Mexican cartels, and he subsequently became a whistle blower. This article in the New York Post detailed this so I’m not going to bore you with the taco count, just read it for yourself.

We all know the story. I even made a joke out of it when I was out in California citing that the first thing you learn in grade school if you’re a Texan is not to give guns to the Mexicans. The paradox is that Mexico has mucho gun control, unless you’re in the cartel, and then you get a pass. Mexico is a perfect example of what happens when you “regulate” guns. Ever hear the statement, “If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns.” Mexico has a lot of outlaws, world class outlaws.

I find it amazing that Trump talks about securing the border, Hillary skirts the issue. Trump supports the second amendment; Hillary is very clear on her stance on gun control. Heck, her own daughter just got up, and gave a snot slinging speech on that very subject. (She has a kid? Nobody told me that.) Hillary was directly involved at a high level with the government that opened this gun running operation. Do you think she was unaware? Well, I mean, she was unaware of an attack on an embassy, and loaded up state secrets at a local McDonald’s WiFi, but c’mon! Well, Teddy Bear ran a theory by me today, and I’m going to give you the basics. Of course, I can’t tell you details because that would be, well, dangerous. I mean we know the government would never take off after someone for busting it out, right?

Hillary is all tangled up with this stuff, and when confronted, she gives that little chuckle of hers, says something clever, and moves on. The agenda is to disarm the American people. It’s as simple as that. Imagine, if you will, how many people would be flocking over that border if they were reasonably sure those ranchers down there didn’t have any guns? How much restraint do you think the cartels would show if they knew that there would be no return fire? If you believe gun control will make the border safer then I have a bridge in Laredo for you, and, as usual, it’s on sale! Shucks, I’ll just run a two for one sale.  I’ll throw in one out in El Paso for free!

I’m not going to grind out all those tired old statistics about how many people got shot, or saved someone’s life because they shot someone, what I’m drilling down on is that Hillary and company want to make us all serfs in the Clinton Dynasty, and if they get their way we’ll all “die nasty.” She portrays herself as being “of the people,” but she hasn’t been anywhere near the people since she dated Yoko Ono! How’d she spit that hook, I wonder? Speaking of dynasties, remember when I made that joke about Chelsea following her mother’s eight years in office? Well, when she got up and gave that little rant about guns I almost dropped my beer. I’m beginning to feel like a prophet.

What you have below the Mexican border is an army, ok? This army has already sent advance units into the bread basket of the US. Hillary is very aware of this, and says, or does nothing about it. Thomas More said if someone were to attack a man with a knife, and you stand there doing nothing, that indicates approval. Hillary approves of this armed invasion of the United States. Hey, jus’ sayin’. The invaders feel empowered, knowing that the Democratic front runner is looking the other way, and they don’t need no stinking badges, or citizenship, or anything. They’ve been handed a silver platter with the US served up medium rare. Mexican Silver! Adios!

Guns, Glory, and Midgets

Guns, Glory and Midgets. Love letters come in all shapes and sizes. Got one on my Google Account today from some girly-man, trying to show me all the reasons that I need to get shot in the butt while eating lunch. And I quote. .  .


“u all gotta be shitting me I’m sick of you straight up idiots I mean truly truly stupid how could you ever think everyone carrying a gun will bring down crime none of these idiots with guns have even 10% the training to decide when to open carry most what if someone starts fighting you when do you decide to kill this person and when someone sees you pull a gun they all will think you are the criminal and shoot you its fear begets fear another scenario most people live in apartments someone breaks in most crazy people will just start shooting and probably kill a baby next door and god knows who else hey idiots there was a time we all carried guns it was called the WILD west for a reason everyone killed everyone and even then you could not carry a gun in or around town you had to drop your gun off to the sherif and pick it up on your way out how dare you not respect our police force they have a life or death job and your taking up my tax paying dollars with your massive ego attention”

Well butter my butt, and call me a biscuit! stupid how could you ever think everyone carrying a gun will bring down crime

Well gee, let me see. I’m putting gas in my car. Homeboy come up and says, “Give me all your money. Appearing to reach for my wallet I put a nice Smith & Wesson 40 instead. Now, this guy is familiar with “40s”,but I don’t think this is the kind he was looking for. Odds are that I will walk away from said situation.

none of these idiots with guns have even 10% the training to decide when to open carry

Au Constraire, Peaches! Texas requires training before a permit is issued, and most gun owners are gun enthusiasts who frequent the shooting range. And, how does that training bear on “when” to open carry? I, myself prefer to conceal because I like to shoot people in the back. It’s easier. I just play the old man buying a six pack when LeRoy decides to make a withdrawal at the checkout stand. It doesn’t matter if I pull the gun from under my coat, out of a hip holster, or out of my butt, the end result is the same. Please see the above Homeboy at the gas pump.

what if someone starts fighting you when do you decide to kill this person

Uh, when he hits me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got a short fuse.

when someone sees you pull a gun they all will think you are the criminal and shoot you its fear begets fear

Wow! This one took some thought. Let’s see, I’m in said convenience store and Homeboy starts to rob. I pull the previously mentioned gun and shoot Homeboy. Little old lady buying a bottle of three-dollar wine at the cooler beside me thinks, “I cannot tell who the bad guy is and starts shooting at me. Man buying a can of tuna, likewise becomes confused and starts blasting her. Of course the clerk, by this time, has pulled the shotgun from under the counter, and in the midst of all the gunfire, kills everyone in the store, including the five-year-old girl because he thought she was a midget. Dude! The west ain’t that wild! By the way, I have a fetish for midgets, but I digress.

 most people live in apartments someone breaks in most crazy people will just start shooting and probably kill a baby next door and god knows who else

Use hollow points.

hey idiots there was a time we all carried guns it was called the WILD west for a reason everyone killed everyone and even then you could not carry a gun in or around town you had to drop your gun off to the sherif and pick it up on your way out

Ok, bank tellers didn’t carry guns, school teachers didn’t either, nor did pastors, or school kids. True, most towns had an ordinance, but I thought you said everyone was shooting everyone. I won’t bore you with the OK Corral. BTW friends and neighbors, when you hear the term “wild west” what you got is a Yankee. You need to check out the stats since concealed carry passed in Texas, and then compare those numbers to say. .  . Chicago.

out how dare you not respect our police force they have a life or death job and your taking up my tax paying dollars with your massive ego attention

No, they are taking up your tax dollars. I shoot people for free. I don’t know where you live, but I’m sure when the police finally get to you, after your trusty 911 call, they will bring that little piece of chalk to draw around you. Too bad they can’t sketch in that stupid look on your face.

All in all, I think that you, sir, need to pull your pants out, look down, and give us all a panties check. This is a collection of the lamest brained, liberal nonsense I’ve ever seen. When I got it I thought CJ Grisham was pulling joke on me. But, you provided my with a lot of entertainment so we’re even. Hey, do you have a cute sister. Just asking.


A gun toting idiot.









The Next Bullet

Today President Obama launched into a speech about gun control, yet again. I, personally believe the tears were real. I also believe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Let me give you a very simple fact. He cited Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the recent shootings, as well as continued violence in Chicago. Tell me, what do all mass shootings have in common? The victims were not armed. They were sheep. They hid, or ran, and hoped for the best. Even Fort Hood. Combat soldiers, forced to go without even side arms, waiting like school children for the next bullet.
Some things look real good on paper. The ideas glow, the math works. If we can only take guns off the streets then crime will diminish exponentially. Right? RIGHT? Wrong! Thirty people have guns. You pass laws to deprive twenty-nine of their weapons, either by background checks, red tape, or just convince them that your theory of human nature is right. So, what do you have left? One guy with a gun. Oh, for your information, he’s the sexually frustrated one who stole a gun from his cop father and he thinks he’s Batman. That, and he’s got twenty nine bullets in three clips. We wouldn’t want to break that ten bullet mag rule, now would we?
I buy guns on occasion. Most of the time I trot down to a pawn shop (hey, I live in Killeen, ok?) plunk down my ID, and good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I walk out with a Smith and Wesson Nine. Fact is, if I were unhappy with my gun, and wanted a “cold” one, all I’d have to do is contact some “Home Boy” and I’d have a “40” quicker than a pizza. Now boys and girls, that is a fact of life, I crappith thee not!
They only thing that keeps guns out of the wrong hands is if they are addicted to drugs and the price of a gun is either beyond them, or the value is too big a temptation for a sale for another “rock.” I’ve depended on that with my altercations with such people right here. I have never faced one meth head who had a gun. Oh, I know it can happen, I’ve just never seen it, that’s all. But, we’re not talking about those people. Remember San Bernardino? The FBI can talk about all their theories, all their ideas, all their “forensic files,” those were ISIS soldiers! They finagled acquiring their guns, and if one plan didn’t work what do you suppose they would have done? Oh, I know, gave up and went home to the mother land. If you believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale!
The only thing that stops a mass shooting is when Mr. “I can’t find a girlfriend” points his gun at a crowd, twenty-nine guns point back! Ladies, that’s the rule of life! While I am touched by Obama’s tears, I’m unmoved by his logic. You’d think that a Home Boy who lived in Chicago would be more street smart than that. Guess he didn’t pick that up on the golf course, huh?
So, he’s going to embark on encumbering every law abiding American in the search for life, liberty and the pursuit of lunch without getting killed. Starbucks anyone. Not me! I will not get killed because some left wing girly-man never played cowboys and Indians. I, also will not eat in any café, go to a movie, mall, school, Walmart, or church. Land of the free! Yeah, right!
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Dead as a BLT

A writer can be drawn into a subject without realizing why. I began investigating the historical Jesus about a week ago, and intended to do a Sunday article on the subject, which I still will do, but before I could lay that piece out I began to investigate serial killers. This is where being a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin helps. While listening to all these cackle babble heads go on and on about the psychology behind these tail bones I find my solution to be much simpler and direct. I tried to connect all the dots and in the end there were simply no dots there. Finally, I studied a scumbag called the BTK killer. I watched his total confession of forty-six minutes and this Walter Mitty looking bastard rambled on about each killing as if he were applying for a job. He’d even grown a little goatee to look good for the cameras in the courtroom. As he talked, he referred to his victims as “projects.” He tried to explain that he didn’t properly kill his marks, but as he talked it became apparent that he would choke them out, let them regain consciousness, and choke them again in order to prolong their agony. He ranged from hanging thirteen year old girls, and playing with himself as they twisted to killing old ladies in their beds. Then I noticed a common factor in all the cases. In no incidence did the victims have a gun!
He always had a gun. One time a young man grabbed one of his guns (he carried two) and that was a big heads up for Mr. BTK. When you look at the photos of the people, listen to this guy calmly explain his acts, and observe the faces of the relatives, all the crap spewing from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America makes you almost wish this guy had paid them a visit. In their little Pollyanna world they think that if they can just pick up all the guns that all will be well. Well, ladies, BTK also brought a knife and a rope. His guns were just an insurance policy against unforeseen emergencies such as a father or brother.
There are incredibly bad people in the world. People like this, and active shooters almost make ISIS make sense! At least they think they’re fighting a perceived enemy and have a stated purpose. You know what ISIS will do, and they are very public about it. I don’t really think ISIS is going to charge over a hill in Killeen and start shooting, but I believe that out there, somewhere, is some pervert glaring at teenage girls in a school yard from his van dreaming of the day when he can get one of them alone at their house. A gun, and education stops all that.
People trust. That’s a sad fact. One of the victims actually smoked a cigarette while being assured that all the killer was going to do was tie her up and rape her. How much simpler would it have been when she first saw him come out of the closet, if she’d reached in her purse, and shot him fourteen times in the chest, and once in his smart mouth?
As I watched all the men and women of Kansas law enforcement standing around the courtroom, armed, listening to this animal revel in the deaths of his victims I realized they are better citizens than me. I would have shot him in the back of the head and took the consequences. Bottom line: Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even a fourteen year old girl has a right to preserve her life. A father has the right to be with his family safely without being forced to tie them up, trusting in the integrity of someone who long ago lost the right to walk among decent people, and use air that stray cats need. The right of the people shall not be infringed. BTK should be as dead as a BLT.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Aces and 8’s

c I’m going to venture off into gun control again this morning. The argument for self-defense is so logical that it defies said logic that anyone would present a case against it. Yet the left is forever after our rights. I believe that people on the left simply must have some “cause” to justify their existence. There is a group called the “Flat Earth Society.” I crappith thee not, look it up! They expound the idea that the earth really is flat, and it is a huge government conspiracy trying to convince us otherwise. These are the same guys and gals who want legal pot, so I suppose there’s something there. Anyway, the very idea of sitting in a classroom, taking a bullet because some homosexual college dean says so is asinine.
The population has been domesticated down to the point that when the Oregon shooting occurred, and a man charged the shooter, taking around seven bullets, the rest of the class just hunkered down and hoped the gunman would go away! People, it doesn’t work that way. Watch the security cameras from Columbine. There is a type of person where the mind is gone. I don’t buy into all this demon possession crap, but it does give you pause, because they almost all shoot everything in sight, and then, after seeing what they did, shoot themselves!
This is the reason we have the death penalty. All those European countries that shun the death penalty, and now have the problems they have. These girly-men need to do a panties check. These people who select “gun free” zones, and then start popping off victims are not human. What would you do if a rabid dog charged into the room? Maybe if you talk softly, and offer him a treat he’ll just go to the next room, right? Wrong! Shoot him right in the top of the head. Same with active shooters. How do we stop all these events? Simple. Constitutional carry. Just make it so that when the shooter comes in he knows that most likely he will not leave alive. And don’t be jellyfish about it. Even if he drops his gun and finds Jesus, shoot him anyway! That will stop active shooters.
Are you shocked? Does that upset your sensitivities? Getting shot in the face will disturb you a bit more. Another sample. Getting robbed. Some idiot decides that it’s much easier to rob you at a gas pump rather than getting up in the morning and going to work. He is using oxygen that children in China need. Be a conservationist. Kill him. Nobody will miss him. Well, maybe his mama. You’ll see her on CNN telling everyone how her son was a “gentle giant.” And, of course, the city will give her ten billion dollars which she and her family will spend on crack before the weekend is out.
This is the world we live in. This is the world we’ve always lived in. There have been, and will always be people who will kill, steal, and destroy. There will always be people who say, “No!” You cannot cure the dredge of society by laying down and hoping that human nature will change just because if Obama had a son he’d look like some deranged meth head bent on raping your eight year old daughter. It simply doesn’t work that way. This is why gun control is so illogical. “Gee, I know how to protect the sheep! We’ll pull the sheep dog’s teeth.” How stupid is that? I know I sound like some 1888 gunslinger, but folks, pacification won’t stop mayhem. Wild Bill Hickok stops mayhem!
The prolonged appeal process in death penalty cases is counterproductive. As a Texan, I plainly see that lynching has its place. For some guy who killed an entire family to appeal because he had a bad childhood is to desecrate the dead. These “people” need to understand that society will dispose of them quicker than a dog will chase a cat. Make them draw to Aces and 8’s!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Columbine’s Message to the World

With the advent of the seeming rash of active shooters many solutions have been forwarded in an effort to explain the reasons behind these events. I came upon the security cameras that recorded Columbine and frankly it was an eye opener. I’m not normally set back by stupidity, or violence, and this was no different, but I paid particular attention to what the two boys were saying while they worked their way through the school. In an almost sadistic comedy they taunted the victims as they killed them with no more involvement than playing a video game. As one girl bled out on the floor one of the killers joked, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”
This lack of sympathy was Columbine’s message to the world, and it’s not a new message, in fact it’s very old, almost from the dawn of humanity. As I have said before we all have a God hole somewhere in our head, or in this case a non-God hole. This trait seeks to make sense of the nonsensical. Basically, the human mind will glom onto almost anything that at least tries to connect the dots. What seems insane to the rest of us makes perfect sense to the adherents of which ever philosophy is employed at the time.
There are rules in life. Sometimes real rules, dealing with real problems, sometimes rules that just connect dots that don’t matter at all. Take for instance three little boys playing some child’s card game. I don’t care which game, any game, but they don’t even have to speak the same language so long as the rules of the game are followed. Ask yourself, does that make it true? Do Masons with secret handshakes, or Boy Scouts winning a merit badge, or two kids killing fellow students, a young Kamikazi pilot crashing his plane into a ship, or Muslim blowing himself and others up make it true in any way?
When everyone around them was dead the two knelt and actually debated if they should count, “One, two, three,” and then blow their brains out, or just “One, two.” That’s no crazier than the young Japanese pilot crashing into an aircraft carrier. Young, unseasoned minds do stupid things. Just imagine how many wars we’d have if it were mandatory that all soldiers had to be sixty years and older.
The solution to Columbine, and other events is not easy, and it’s not a one size fits all either. First and foremost it is mental, and it’s not new. Gun control will not fix this, other than constitutional carry where when this happens there is a better chance for a lower body count. I sure hate to be the one to tell you liberals that, but it’s the truth. When someone chooses to follow this bloody pie in the sky they are beyond help and you must kill them. What all these groups I’ve named above are following is religious fervor. Yes, that’s right. Following a light that no one except them can see, and the closer they get to that light the more blind they become. That’s what makes a healthy young man murder a pretty girl at a high school.
First we must have a fully armed society. Now, if you don’t want to arm yourself, ok, but I’m not going to die with you for your liberal ideas. Just get out of my way, and I’ll upset your little Pollyanna world view. At the day’s end I’ll be having a beer, and the killer will be having formaldehyde. Second, these people will never go away. What we have to do it make these rampages not so cost effective. The killers knew they would be safe for a while. Why don’t mass killers attack police stations? Cause the cops got guns, that’s why. If teachers had guns they would not have strolled around Columbine as if it were a walk in the park if there was a possibility of death waiting behind the next door.
Third, devoid yourself of sympathy and understanding. People who act like this need to die, and they need to die fast. Don’t feel sorry for them. If they don’t off themselves the police need to summarily execute them before CNN arrives so all the conspiracy people can puzzle over it for years. But, remember, these people have always been out there, and will always be out there. Don’t throw your hoe away just because you’re mad at the potatoes. Don’t throw your guns away just because some nut comes into your classroom. I will never forget the sound of that young girl begging for her life. If I’d had a clear shot at that punk it wouldn’t have been a head shot. It would have been a little lower, between his legs because I’d want him to scream for the rest of his short, miserable life. But, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin so what do I know?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Ten Stood Up

The killer entered the classroom, and ordered everyone to lie on the floor. After they did, he asked, “Who in here is a Christian?” He told those people to stand up. And ten stood up. Asking the first one again if they were Christian, he received an affirmative answer, whereupon he said, “Then you’re about to meet God in about one second.” Then the gun went off.

Of course Obama, and all the liberals wrung their crying towels, lamented about how long we have to experience scenes like this. There’s a simple answer, actually. We will see this again, and again until people realize it’s not the gun, it’s the nut behind the gun! In a state that has actually very good open carry, I’d venture to say there was not a pistol in that classroom, save the one in the hands of a mad man. More sheep slaughtered before the altar of political correctness.

Hillary, and others would ban guns altogether. I hate to be the one to tell you people this, but crazy people are just that. . . crazy! If there were no guns (which is an impossibility) the killer would just come in with a knife, just like they do in China, where they have excellent gun control, so you take all the knives. What’s next? Rocks? Cain slew Abel with a rock.

And it’s always some nerdy looking kid in a school somewhere that nobody suspected of being in the frame of mind he was in. The facts are still filtering in so I don’t even know what the final body count is, but I’d be willing to bet there’s a pill bottle somewhere. You just don’t get that crazy on a Miller Lite! I don’t know the exact gun laws in Oregon, but a quick look told me that they are far and above Texas, yet I suspect there was some law, or rule about campus carry, so there you go. Classroom full of unarmed kids, standing up.

I have never been in a more tense situation than when I picked up my granddaughter from her school and suddenly realized the security was non-existent, and no one had any guns. All those babies milling around, and people coming and going. My gun was still in my car, because Texas law forbids one in a school. So who’s crazier, the gunman, or the legislators who pen such nonsense and march us all out to the killing fields?

The liberals are right. We have to fix this, but kneeling before the lion is not the answer. Ask yourself this; If CJ Grisham had be having one of his gun walks there, advocating campus carry, just how far do you think the killer would have gotten? He would have never got out of the car! And that’s a fact, children. . . class dismissed.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Peaches Williams

This is going to be a racially inflammatory, gay bashing, very conservative article so you liberals need to just pick up your free sandwich on the way to the door! I give you Vester Lee Flanagan, faggot extraordinaire. Called himself Bryce Williams. Seems Bryce didn’t like the white folks, and he SURE didn’t like women! In his opinion all his problems stemmed from being black and gay. Even had a Rainbow flag in his apartment, now isn’t THAT special? Cutie-Pie Williams is a perfect example of what’s wrong with Obama’s America. Save your fork people, I’m on a rant here.

Make no mistake about it, I hate every inch of Bryce Williams. I hate his mama, and if he has a dog, I hate his dog. This . . . THING bought into every word of Barak Obama’s race baiting, transvestite, socialist administration, and took it to the limit. Like that other idiot down in Charleston he wanted a race war. Well, I’m glad we all agree on something. Let me clue you in. Disoriented black folk, when you rise up, do you really think every black person is going to throw their life away and follow you into hell? Illegal immigrants, when you scream “La Raza” do you expect every American of Mexican decent to grab a gun and rush into the street? Some cackle-babble head in a box said yesterday that seventy-five percent of all Hispanics in the US hated Donald Trump. Well, amigo, that leaves twenty-five percent that will vote with us, and bubba, that’s all we need!

Naturally Hillary (I’ve always felt I was a man) Clinton jumped on the gun control train as soon as the smoke cleared down in Roanoke. Now, I’m not going to get all politically correct here’ but what happened on that deck had absolutely nothing to do with “Peaches” being black. It had everything to do with his self-perception and the lies he’d been fed. Here we have a fairly decent looking man, with college, a good job, in a mundane, dull place where all he had to do was report on the ladies garden society, and he couldn’t do it because he was all tore up about being black. Grow up in Po-Dunk, Texas, bitch, and then tell ME about discrimination! And if that’s not bad enough he goes and turns queer to complete his personality. So we have this black, trans whatEVER tooling around mad at the world because he can’t hold himself together for a two minute news spot, and it’s the GUN’S fault? If you believe THAT have I got a bridge for YOU, and it’s on SALE!

It only takes one nut to shake up things. You can take all the guns away from everyone and that one nut will find a way, trust me. He’s a NUT! We need to have more gun free zones. Free guns for anyone who wants one. I’m a crusty old bastard, but I was astounded by Miss Parker just standing there running her mouth as this animal had to aim, stop, and cock his gun. This guy had been fired, disrupted an entire TV newsroom, had to be escorted out by police, and she let him just walk up on her. Folks, that’s “death by stupid,” and it’s the GUN’S fault? The Yankees alway hit me with the “Wild Wild West,” but I’m gonna tell you right now that if you cover your eyes, suck your thumb, and think that will keep these wolves away from your door you will end up as dead as a ham sandwich! I love women, ever since I found out they weren’t boys, and it irritates me when I see a beautiful girl gunned down for no other reason than she is white and female. Guess I’m a racist, huh?

Let me give you the best argument for constitutional carry you’ll ever hear. Now, I understand Miss Parker was very anti-gun. I saddens me to see her with her eyes wide, and her mouth open as she realized that she just might have been wrong. I would never wish that on anyone, but what if “Peaches Williams” had walked up on Heidi Hansing as she filmed a spot for Raging Elephants? Oh, my bad! Then Al Sharpton would have to come down, and burn up Roanoke, now wouldn’t he?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Right of the PEOPLE

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. There are rights, and there are regulations of those rights for the protection and common good. You have the “right” to travel, and technically have the “right” to stroll across an eight lane freeway during rush hour, however there are regulations governing that “right”‘ for your protection, and that of the motorists in the freeway. All the rights in the Bill of Rights are fundamental, and easily understood, but are continually measured against a changing society with different understandings and needs. The world view of 1776 is vastly different from 2015, yet the fundamental intent of the Bill of Rights remain the same. Do you think that men, intelligent enough to craft the Constitution, would not see that events, innovation, and society itself, would not change the understanding of the words, yet knew that the intent, the spirit, was always there?

The understanding of what a militia is has changed from what the founding fathers knew it to be to what the modern perception is. At the time of the first congress militias were everywhere. George Washington signed a law mandating that all (white) MEN between the ages of sixteen and sixty purchase their own gun, and stand at the ready to serve in the militia at any given time. This was the reasoning behind the initial phrase of the Second Amendment referencing militias. There are arguments trying to qualify the word “people” with the term “militia,” somehow implying that the people aren’t the people at all, but a term incorporated into militia, nullifying the very individuality of persons into an all-inclusive term. This argument is challenged by the use of the word, “people” all through the Bill of Rights where militia is nowhere to be found. The underlying truth of the constitution was all PEOPLE had a right to live, be free, and pursue their dreams, whatever that dream may be. The government had no right to meddle in the personal affairs of the people so long as those affairs didn’t endanger the public at large. Yeah, I know what I just implied, deal with it! All “people” could not be restricted in the bearing of arms, indeed were expected to bear such arms because the wisdom of the day was in the event of calamity these “people” would form a “well regulated” militia, and march off in defense of the state. Since women, blacks, and children didn’t count as voting “people” this in effect addressed only the “people” who counted. The reason the very word “militia” was included in the Second Amendment was simple. Everybody knew you needed a gun for hunting and personal self-defense. You needed to BRING that gun when called to duty to defend the country. You couldn’t put harsh restrictions on gun ownership because militia needed guns and the government had no intention of buying them. It was understood that the PEOPLE would bear that expense. Otherwise they would no longer be a militia, but a Masonic Lodge! The fundamental question of who OWNED the guns was understood.

The world evolved and the reliability upon militia and the concept of the people’s army died in the ashes of the White House in 1812. It became apparent that in the event of a full scale war a bit more was needed than some farmers armed with grandpa’s shotgun to repel a mercenary force sporting whatever a well-funded government could provide, but with the expansion of the governmental role of PROVIDING such weapons the basic question of private ownership of weapons was never brought to the table, and while militias still existed, the burden fell upon standing armies with guns that individuals could ill afford. The type of weaponry was never an issue. There is a line of reasoning that states that the founding fathers were restricted to muskets, and had no earthly idea about the types of weapons we have today. This line of reasoning failed the very moment Flint was replaced with percussion caps. Then came the Winchester. That “Damn Yankee rifle you could load on Sunday and fire all week.” The first “assault” rifle! With the role of the militia being diminished the right of the people took precedence and the defense of the state became the defense of person. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is an important concept that would eventually bring the understanding of militia full circle. Militia meaning a group of PEOPLE for common defense in whatever discernment this may entail. Even though a man was not expected to automatically serve in a militia he most certainly had the right to preserve his own life independent to that of the state, and he most certainly was entitled to be with likeminded fellows. .

There are theories and then there is common sense. In theory the citizenry should bear arms to resist a tyrannical government. The overreach of a Federalist government weighed heavily on the minds of the delegates to that Congress. Common sense tells us that AR-15’s aren’t worth a flip against a Drone. The best defense against a tyrannical government is a well-informed Congress. Three equally strong branches of government, each watching the other to keep the ship of state on an even keel. Still, we do have the right of self-preservation, and in that element society, and militia has changed. Enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC! Remember that phrase there will be a quiz later.

Liberal thought tells us that while the Second Amendment addressed muskets that the innovation of newer, more deadly weapons has nullified all this and is out of the scope of the amendment and that it was never intended to address this issue. This is a misunderstanding. As I have said, previous, guns have changed, but so has society, and the underlying need for guns. I have spent some time looking through the Internet, and even in the so-called “Wild Wild West” I can find no occurrences of a cowboy charging into a saloon and shooting indiscriminately at the patrons drinking and playing cards. This is now a common event in modern America. The perpetrators almost always shoot between ten and twenty people they never met, are on drugs that didn’t exist fifty years ago, and usually save the state a lot of money by making themselves the last victim. This is a modern phenomenon. Al Capone didn’t do this. Billy the Kid didn’t do this. This was unheard of. I know a man who survived the mass shooting at Luby’s. He told me when the killer shot the first man he shouted, “Was it worth it?” My friend was an old time Texan, and frankly thought that was one wife the man being shot should have left alone. The man who killed Wild Bill Hickok shot no one else that day, nor did he intend to. This is a modern phenomenon.

Accelerated levels of violence are seen all over the world, not just in America. The English make a lot of hay railing about guns in America while they cower under their beds hoping the “Bobby” gets there before the killer gets IN! The public consciousness is very adaptive. When confronted by a new threat you will see that a new concept, or fix always comes about. Emperor bans swords, monks invent Kung Fu. Hitler invades France, the Resistance is born. Active shooters become the norm, the public starts carrying guns with or without permission. While the understanding of the verbiage of the Second has been debated the spirit has remained the same. The right of citizens to defend their very lives is a natural right, and instinct. What seemed to tie into militia quickly adapts to the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Even a good dog has a right to bite.

There are indisputable facts. One such fact is you will not stop gun violence by disarming the victims. That’s like curbing rape by blaming pretty girls. Gun laws governing the ownership of weapons fail. The Charleston shooter had a felony record AND a gun. Gee! I never saw THAT coming. That is the reason for another natural law; Force must be met with equal force. If active shooters continue to prowl the land the public must at least have the free choice of defense of itself. This fact in and of itself will begin to turn the tide of the mass shootings. Gun free zones are like a screen door in a submarine. Even the most deranged person must be made to take into account the possibility that his little rampage may end up with a body count of one, him! The thug stalking a lady going to her car after work must understand that her hand may be in her purse for a reason. Lawless men commit atrocities unheard of except for war on a daily basis. This is the new focus of the Second Amendment, not the overthrow of the government, but the preservation of society, and that preservation has caused the definition of “militia” to evolve. .

Regulations of guns have been on the books almost before the ink dried on the constitution, and no responsible gun owner should object. Background checks, education, and stiff penalties for those who chose to endanger society should not be cause for concern, but the legal possession of guns should never be in question. Licensing should be done away with. To license is infringement. To be free to purchase a gun, but beg permission to carry it is an oxymoron. There are two very important words in the amendment that stand out. “Keep” and “bear!” You have the right to purchase a gun, but what good is a gun if you can’t have it with you? Guns don’t kill people, DOCTORS do! Practically every active shooter was hyped up on some pill that John Lennon would have given his eye teeth to have. Doctors should be held responsible for dispensing drugs that not only do not help, but hurt, and endanger society by doing so. Cowboys routinely checked their guns with the sheriff on the way to the saloon to get drunk, Just saying.

There are a lot of people in this country. Will some slip through the cracks? You betcha! Will there still be deaths from drunk drivers, crashed airplanes and tainted green beans? You’ll see them all the time. Life comes with risks, but one of those risks should not hanging on hold with the police while some guy kills everything insight because he can’t get a date.

Not everyone will want a gun, but the sons of anarchy need to understand that we are an armed “society” and they’ll never know when, or where, unless, of course there is one of those little signs with a picture of a gun with a ban circle over it. Don’t eat there! Eat somewhere else. A Biker Bar is safer than that. Well, everywhere but Waco. Note to self: Never invite a bunch of cops to a beer party. The concept of militia has changed, but then again, has remained the same. The militia of old fought governments, the modern militia fights enemies more “domestic,” and I guess, when you look at it like that, we are all part of that new militia. The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin