Putin is a Texan!

If this picture doesn’t make you mad you need to be on medication. A darling little girl being auctioned off as a sex slave. This is Islam! Can’t candy coat it, can’t rationalize it, can’t cite the Qu’ran, this is perversion at its purest. I trimmed the lower picture but it was good. The Russians dumped this garbage in a pickup, naked, except for his thong, that’s right, thong, with his head bent backwards.
It doesn’t matter who invented ISIS. It doesn’t matter if it was a CIA ploy, a funded group against the president of Syria, or just a street gang gone wild. Putin finally called “Foul” and started cleaning up the area, and, as you can see, our friend here wound up looking like he got caught in San Saba, Texas monkeying with a little girl. Putin is a Texan!
Common decency is not negotiable. Communist or capitalist, a little girl is a little girl. A crying little girl about to be raped is an abomination, and if your “Holy” book condones this then you’re praying to the freaking DEVIL! The world has had enough. All my liberal friends like to use the term “Wild Wild West.” Well, when someone did this in the Wild West the posse showed up and hung them in the street for all the people to see. It was as simple as that!
And he’s smiling! He’s proud of what he’s doing. No compassion, no feeling, just an animal who has learned to talk, that’s all. I will never forget this child’s face. My passion is saving children from the CPS. I’ve seen so much abuse that I have a blind hatred for that department. For me to look in this little angel’s face makes me raging mad. It makes me want to march every Arab on the planet into a gas chamber and turn on the gas. There is no excuse for this.
And look at the White House. Politicizing. That’s the talking point this week. Obama talks the politics of situations like this. I wonder how he’d talk if that was Malia crying in that picture? Would he say the morning call to prayer for Islam is the most beautiful sound he ever heard? Or would he drop a nuke right in the middle of them? Of course everybody is all worried about WWIII. People, we need WWIII! All civilized nations against the Middle East. Be done with it! Forget about the end of the world and make it the end of their world!
My message to all the folks out there so proud of their vote for Obama; while you’re cashing in your food stamps for crack, and calling your dealer on your Obama Phone, take a look at this little girl. All she wanted was mommy, and to grow up. This is wrong, folks. This is just plain wrong!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin





I have grandchildren. This, in and of itself is not unusual, but if you are a grandparent you understand that grandparenting is an art and a science. I raised four boys. One, Bobby, who passed away before he was thirty from a heart attack, Michael, who couldn’t remain in the Marines due to an ear injury, but became a fine police officer, Wilbur, who ran away to the Navy and they are trying to come up with a new rank so they can promote him yet again, and, of course, we have Timmy the CrackHead, who crashed and burned at an early age, but every family has one, and he is ours. That doesn’t mean we don’t have him over for Thanksgiving, but it does mean we watch the silver while he’s here. Now, where am I going with this? Oh yeah, kids!

I can’t remember ever worrying about what my boys were playing with while they were growing up. Even in high school they would regularly do such inventive things such as steal my Cable Van, go to parties, get drunk, bring home girls, have them gone, and the van gassed up before I got up in the morning. Hey, it’s Texas and CPS can kiss my redneck ass! When they were pre-teen they played in the yard. They threw footballs, hit each other with sticks and rocks, and yes, played with toy guns. I had black powder pistols, and on the fourth of July Wilbur even used the raw black powder for fireworks in the back hard. Not ONE of my boys were ever shot by Deputy Dawg, our local police, for waving a plastic gun around not matter HOW real it looked! Neither Michael or Wilbur has ever killed a child and between the two of them they have killed enough Arabs to fill a Mosque!

All these boys, except Bobby, cloned themselves, and five of these creatures still grace my life directly. I have others but they live far away and they grew up. It is a reality check when the little girl you remember playing with dolls is the WOMAN who picks you up at LAX! If you have five grandchildren, all seven and under, and they are playing in the yard you have to WATCH! And I do mean WATCH! We’re not talking about, “Now children, play nice,” we’re talking about, “Put the stick DOWN! Step AWAY from the stick!” We don’t have toy guns here, not because I’m a bleeding heart liberal with ED, who doesn’t know what gender I am, but because I simply never bought any. However, that having been said, we have REAL guns!

In my younger days I preferred revolvers. Just by chance I purchased an Interarms .45. My friend, Ted had a Colt 1911, and he was always upgrading. Every time he switched out a part to his Colt he gave me the original part, and if you know anything about guns then you know these parts were interchangeable with my Interarms pistol, so in a reasonable time I basically had a Colt! One piece at a time, and it didn’t cost me a dime. Very stiff slide, I NEVER lock and load, and guess what? Not ONE of my children or many grandchildren has ever killed any of their siblings. Not one. Not even one incident of a child picking up a gun and playing with it. My grandchildren believe my guns are for shooting monsters in the closet.

I had an incident recently where some idiot called and announced to me that he was coming over to collect a debt connected with CrackHead Tim, and he was bringing not one, but TWO pistols. When he arrived I met him in the driveway, and brothers and sisters, I DID have two pistols, but guess what? I didn’t kill him. Wow! Why? Because when this drunk fool got out of his car, even in the dark, I quickly saw that he was not armed! You don’t kill an unarmed man, and you CERTAINLY don’t kill a little boy with a plastic gun!

This is called being a man. Since a large portion of our police are NOT men, but paranoid little girls we get incidents like the one in Cleveland this weekend. Now I’m going to get rude! If you are so skiddish that you can’t identify a cap gun, in a child’s hand, in broad daylight then you need to get another job! Maybe Librarian, or something like that. There is something called the “militarization” of the police, but that is a misnomer. Soldiers don’t act like that! Police who THINK they are soldiers act like that. Even in Iraq, where militants WILL arm a child with a bomb, soldiers act with RESTRAINT when confronted by a child. Do you know why when a cop wears body armor the face visor is not bullet proof? Because if you shoot through it you won’t hit anything vital, that’s why!

Now let’s turn our attention to the libtard who made the 911 call. Even if I could understand Barney Fife’s actions, being fresh on the scene, I cannot understand the liberal mind. The anti-gun element has so flooded the mainstream media with paranoia over guns that anytime even the THOUGHT of a gun comes on the scene people go into spasm. Ok, you look through your kitchen window at yon playground, and you see children frolicking among the glen, playing. There is one little boy (and MOST twelve year olds are quite small) who appears to have something in his hand. He is waving it around, pointing it, but it does not appear to be making a “pop pop” sound, so what do you do? Do you go and get a closer look? Why NO! You get on the emergency services phone line and start screaming, “GUN,” until you get a paranoid, schizophrenic on the scene, wired, with a REAL gun! I don’t have to tell you the rest. They’re “probing” the incident. I’d like to “probe” whoever made that 911 call!

Am I the only one outraged by this? And I don’t want to hear anything about “You weren’t there,” or “His training kicked in,” or “The gun looked real!” I’m going to shock you, but had I been there I would have shot that cop! That’s what you do to crazy men who kill KIDS! Then, they could probe THAT! It’s not the gun owners who endanger this country. It is the people who will not face reality and their subsequent irrational actions put us all in jeopardy.

My heart goes out to the parents of the little boy. There are some things in this world that you are not meant to survive. This is one of them. If one of my grandchildren were killed by a cop for waving a toy gun in a play ground, after I killed the cop, my life would be over. The grief would consume me. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve wiped my eyes several times while writing this article, thinking about what that family must be going through. In that family there will never be closure. There will never be understanding. There will only be the immense black hole in their hearts and they ask again, and again, “Why . . .WHY?”

This Is Getting Old

This Is Getting Old

transitive verb
1 : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another

This thing about kids shooting up schools is getting old! Certainly people have a right to self defense, especially in this day and age when liberal psychiatry has unleashed a hoard of nuts on LSD shooting anything that moves and then theirselves. Second amendment or no second amendment, this has to stop. Social responsibility is important. Look at the Webster’s definition above. Traditional readings of the second amendment take the word infringement to be a carte blanch license to wave a gun around at Target but observe the phrase, “…in a way that violates law…” The constitution gives you the right to own a gun. The LAW says that certain conditions apply. States have a right to regulate the lawful bearing of firearms within their borders under law. The sheriff of Dodge City had a right to collect the pistols from cowboys on their way to the saloon.

Let’s start with beginnings. I was talking with my friend, Natalie, yesterday and she’s as Liberal Democrat as they come. Gay marriage, shuttles on the border and a baby in every pot. As we messaged each other I began to look online at pictures of active shooters, alive and dead. I noticed one common factor. They LOOKED NUTS! That idiot that shot up the theater for instance. Who in their right mind would sell a gun to Ronald McDonald? And that basket case that shot up Sandy Hook. The whole town knew he was two bubbles short of plumb. I would have shot him AND his mother on general principle. The law should be simple: The moment someone takes ONE psychotropic pill guns should never be allowed in their house again EVER! If Adam Lanza’s mother needed protection she should have chained him up in the front room at night. Oh, and while I’m on that subject, for all the conspiracy nuts out there that think Obama set up a false flag at Sandy Hook because no pictures of any bodies came forth, sit down and shut up! Parading images of twenty mutilated little bodies for CNN would not be very smart with the parents making funeral arrangements. The withholding of those pictures was an act of common decency.

I digress. What I’m driving at is the problem here is not guns it’s people! You have to keep guns out of the hands of social rejects. All men are created equal but when you are taking drugs that warp your sense of reality and paint yourself up like Bozo the clown you just lost your right to do anything but draw pictures on construction paper with very dull crayons. The law should be written so that when someone like Lanza’s mother puts a gun within reach of something like him she should get life in prison and he should be institutionalized until Jesus comes back!

If an active shooter should somehow live to smile for the camera he should get a fair and speedy trial, and then a fair and speedy execution. They like guns so much do it like the Chinese do it. One shot in the back of the head in the middle of a football field. There! That’s your fifteen minutes of fame!

Gun confiscation is not the answer. I’m not giving up my gun when the Liberal Democrats are filling the streets with circus clowns. I don’t count on police protection. They shoot so bad it takes fifteen of them to kill one guy. I’ll protect myself, thank you very much. But self defense is the natural right of all living creatures. I rarely go into public places and NEVER go to movies any more. Oh, I know, I know, it’s my right to enjoy a movie. Yeah, right. Sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and get shot in the back of the head because some ass clown couldn’t get laid. I’ll keep Netflix. When I do go to a cafewith is very,very rare, I sit with my back to the wall and if, by some quirk of fate I don’t have my gun I always have a steak knife. I sit near the rest rooms and I check out every other person. This is the world we live in. And this is never going to get better, folks. I’d love to tell you that Obama is going to fix this with one stroke of his mighty pen, but he can’t even properly fake a birth certificate so don’t even go there. The standard has been set. You all love the Hunger Games, Mad Maxx and movies about smart mouth out of control kids. HELLO!! It will take fifty years for this to turn around because that’s how long it takes a generation to die off. This generation of children is largely lost due to new “innovative” methods of child rearing, CPS guidelines and just plain stupid parents. We, you and I, will not live to see America back to any form of normal, but maybe we can set the wheels in motion so in a hundred years or so the nation may be livable again.

I hope that generation will remember the lessons we’ve learned. As old fashioned as it may sound good Christian values make order. We need to rid America do all non Judea-Christian religions. We need to stand behind marriage in the traditional form. We need to vet candidates so that we never get the Obamanation we have right now. Nixon couldn’t even lie once, Clinton had a girl friend, and a fat one at that, and they were crucified. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and pissed on his leg. I can’t WAIT for his kids to grow up. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. I think Obama should be impeached and sentenced to twenty years…in Detroit!

Yep, this is getting old and I’m too damn old to put up with it. There was a story I read where someone said they saw the ghost of Daniel Webster, and he asked, “How stands the country?” The answer now? I don’t know. Which country? We can’t seem to find it any more.

Welcome To Your Brave New World

Welcome To Your Brave New World

Good morning Liberal Democrat, Gay, Lesbian, atheist, Common Core, pro-choice, open border idiots! Is there anyone I missed? Two twelve year old girls stab a friend 19 times! Welcome to the brave new world YOU created. They are children. They have no philosophy. They only have what YOU have taught them. There is no God. If it feels good, do it. Have sex with any thing at any age, and kill the baby should you become pregnant. One plus one doesn’t equal two anymore, it equals whatever floats your boat as long as it pleases your lesbian school teacher. That judge that certified those children as adults should be taken out somewhere and whipped with a wet, leather belt…before he is hung!

There are rules and laws to live by. When I was a boy if you jumped in front of a bus, you died. If you put your hand on a hot stove you got burned. If you came to school acting a fool you got your ass beat. This is fundamental. Why do kids shoot up schools? Because YOU taught them there was no retribution. There is no responsibility. There is no God, there is no Jesus. There is only Slender Man, and he demands sacrifice! Two twelve year old girls did not originate that religion people. YOU did!

The human condition demands explanations. You will have a god. Your god is whatever you think about most of the day. None of us live alone, none of us live in a vacuum and actions have consequences. The parents of these two girls need to be flogged! Oh, how could they have known? Idiots! Do you know how long it takes for such a crazy idea to become ingrained in a child’s mind? If you were to tell a twelve year old girl right off the bat, “Here, take this knife and stab your friend 19 times,” she would run away in horror! That’s the God particle! We KNOW right from wrong. That has to be desynthesized by hours of programming. Natural sexuality has to be turned by idiotic ramblings about gay genes, and acceptance. Common sense has to be nullified by ever complex theories about the universe, and our origins that defy logic and neutralizes the God particle, and eventually you get what you get. A little girl crawling out of the woods, gasping for breath because she was just sacrificed to an Internet God called Slender Man!

Did this make some of you mad? Did this go against your world view that some broken college professor put in your head when you were still green? Well, I’m really sorry! I’m just glad the little girls didn’t use guns. Else, every libtard in the country would be screaming about more gun control. Oh, and by the way, we didn’t touch grandpappy’s shotgun either cause he also had a walking stick!

Sandwiches vs Drones

by Wilbur Witt

This might be the most important blog I’ve ever written, in fact I’m going to start a new thread just for this, it’s that important. We, here in America, fight the war on terrorism all over the world, and it’s a very confused effort. President Obama, like others before him, has bought into to idea that the terrorists around the world are some very sophisticated, ultra organized incorporated group of pseudo intellectuals with money and materials sufficient to attack us at any time, anywhere. The administration would have us believe that the terrorists are at least as organized as they are because they have to justify their bloated budget and perpetuate the administration and it’s goals. I don’t believe that, and if people like Eric Holder believe it then they are as crazy as a shit house rat!

I grew up in extreme poverty. We were so poor that me and my friends thought that people who had floors and sheet rock on the walls were rich. When we went out to have a good time our idea of a great evening was a quart of Borden’s chocolate milk. Girls in my town tried to marry a soldier as soon as legally possible just to get away. We thought the world was flat because when people left town they never came back. Chicken and rice was a chicken flavored soup that had some rice in it, and we were always sick!

The Killeen police department took over the duties of law enforcement when my hometown of Simmonsville was incorporated into the city. In due course the department theorized that we were some vast mini-mafia because a few hubcaps turned up missing, and whiskey was sold to soldiers on Sunday. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, but as these idiots picked us up, and told us how organized we were we learned well. First thing we learned was that the police department would feed us in jail. That was job one. The next thing we learned was that any information we gave them would quickly translate into freedom. Third thing we learned was how to get the hell out of Simmonsville and move to Austin where we could make money and have all the chocolate milk we wanted any time!

Fast forward to the Middle East forty years later. I see the same dirt floors, the same starving faces, the same bozos saying these people are this, that, Al Quaeta, El WhatEver! We spend billions of dollars dropping atom bombs on ant hills. And every time the administration comes up with another theory, another press conference, some starving bunch of kids in Afghanistan say, “That’ll work!” They stitch together an IED and we hit em with a drone, and it looks like a war.

What to do? First, get the f#¥k out of the Middle East. I hate to be the first one to tell you people this but these guys love to fight. WE loved to fight back in Simmonsville. Wanna know why the real Mafia never hooked up with us back then? Because we were too damn violent and we consistently robbed them. Come into our little corner of the world with a suit and a new car and see how that works out for you. Hell, we stole the hubcaps off of POLICE cars! Were we organized? Hell no! There were three distinct sections of our little hamlet and brothers and sisters let me tell you, we weren’t politically correct! If I left my house on Grider street to go to the store for my mom, and was stupid enough to cut down 42nd street the black kids would whip my ass and take my mom’s cigarette money quick, and I had it coming. That was the Simmonsville Stupid Tax! I first met Jr Mitchell when he helped me get to the store one day with the help of a sling shot and a sack or .45 caliber lead balls. How’s THAT for a childhood, Dr. Spock?

You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar. Now this solution won’t end all the bullshit in one master stroke, but it’s a start. I have this kid from Africa who talks to me on Facebook. He has no parents, no real bed, and most of all, no food. I don’t know how he gets on the net, but I suspect he hangs out at some Internet cafe, and I know I’m not the only American he’s talking to because he’s starving! He hit me up for money. I tell everyone “over there” to forget about getting money from me because I’m not buying bullets to shoot at our boys serving our country. But I will send a sandwich. If he can send me a reliable address I will go to HEB, and I will put together a package that will feed him for a month for about fifty dollars. We do this for my son who is serving in Afghanistan all, the time. He has us always include a liberal number of Hershey bars for the kids he meets, as a matter of fact, he has a herd of goats and shares meat with a neighboring village.

I’m going to do this on my own, without the Christian this or that, or any save the children because I consider them to all be thieves and every dollar you send them gets funneled to whatever fat bastard is running that country at the time. And is isn’t instant coffee. One sandwich will not save the world. But, in time, the idea will grow. Al Qaeda didn’t give you that sandwich, Mohammed didn’t give that sandwich, one AMERICAN gave you that sandwich!

I know this sounds simplistic, but I’m a simple man. People here in this country forgot what it’s like to just be hungry. I hear all these people screaming about Detroit, or East LA, but you grow up in PoDunk, Texas and then you come and tell me about it! I invite your comments, hell, I could be wrong. I was wrong twice last year, but I don’t think so.