Planned Parenthood

Now, before I launch into this article, in the interest of full disclosure I don’t know squat about Planned Parenthood, but I do know common sense and my common sense makes the very term “Planned Parenthood” highly suspicious. Like most liberal ideas the true intent of the organization is concealed behind a politically correct touchy-feely label in order to forward whatever crack they are cooking at the time.

I believed that it was set up to give free birth control pills to sixteen year old high school girls without their parent’s knowledge, and that was bad enough, but then there were these videos. Let’s talk about them there videos. I watched one! There was some old dried up battle axe casually discussing crushing a baby’s head so they could “harvest” this or that while she was having lunch at some yuppie cafe out in LA or someplace. Planned Parenthood put the spin on that like it was a Beatle record. One of them gay judges put a gag order on further releases of any videos but the three already going viral had pretty much done the job. I did do a little research on the founder, some liberated woman who once called black people “weeds” that needed to be exterminated. Anyway, Planned Parenthood morphed from free rubbers to full blown genocide and nobody noticed. Them Germans missed all those camps, too.

I am totally against abortion. Planned Parenthood did a cute little sidestep and tried to shift the focus from “harvesting” to women’s health. Ok, Wilbur’s Medical 101. If you’re a girl getting pregnant over and over and aborting at about the same speed, you’re probably healthy, ok? But they always give the scenario of what if you’re a thirteen year old girl, raped by three uncles and a brother, underfed, with a bad heart and brain cancer would you consider an abortion then? That’s what DOCTORS are for. We already HAVE doctors, and we already HAVE welfare, and I will assure you if Susie Sweetcheeks ended up in that situation she KNOWS all about the free clinic downtown. C’mon people, you’ve SEEN these chicks! We all have. We don’t NEED a department or organization orchestrating mass murder and then selling the parts. They’ve been doing this for a WHILE. Thousands upon thousands of little lungs shipped out at a pretty penny and they STILL need to be funded? That right there is the basic difference between Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

All jokes aside this is horrible to the Nth degree. And the way they slice and dice those videos. If some Mafia boss mumbled “Make Joe Salami an offer he can’t refuse” into a wire tap the FBI would invite themselves to dinner that NIGHT! They just can’t quite understand what some old witch means when she describes ripping up a baby’s body over shrimp cocktail. I am a Simple Old Boy From Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin.

It appears that the Republicans are about to pull the purse strings on these Nazis. Of course Hillary is ranting and raving about women’s health. Hey, Hillary, how’s about we reach up between Chelsea’s legs and slice up YOUR grand baby? Come to think of it, that might be the one abortion I would agree with.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin