Deep Survival


Deep Survival is a book written by a friend of mine, Laurence Gonzales. It is about the seemingly senseless things people do that get them killed, but the concepts apply to almost every aspect of life. A pilot landing on an aircraft carrier who pushes the stick forward instead of back, and flies into the back of the vessel. An act so out of sync that it defies logic. Donald Trump did this in Wisconsin. In presidential politics you can’t have a bad hair day. Bad hair. . . Donald Trump, hey, I digress. Anyway, you have to think, position, and speak slowly. Abortion is a black and white issue. I don’t care how you slice it, you’re either Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life. Nobody is just a little bit pregnant. No matter what you personally believe, when the League of Women Voters is looking down your throat you do not say that women who get abortions need to be punished. The Donald crashed into the tail end of the USS Nimitz. Why couldn’t he just have said, “While, as you know, I personally do not believe in abortion, it is the law, and we’ve had enough of politicians ignoring the law?” By the way, Donald, I’m for hire as a speech writer, and I’m cheap! Never being one to let grass grown beneath his feet, Ted Cruz surged to victory, going from a ten-point lag to a decisive win. This has changed a sure Trump candidacy to an almost certain contested convention where the Illuminati will achieve their goal of getting a politically correct opponent for Hillary in the general election, thereby saving the Union of Soviet Socialist Democrats. And for all of you out there waiting for the indictment, Doc Greene put it best on Foxx Network last night; Hillary is too rich, and too entrenched to ever take that lick. Just file that under “Birth Certificates.”  Like Ol’ Willie sang recently in It’s All Going To Pot, “Best I can tell the world’s gone to hell, and we’re all gonna miss it a lot.”

Now, before you get all upset, thinking it was just one mistake that cost Trump the race, let me say this; In politics there is a thing called “vetting.” Vetting in like making a fine sword. You hammer, temper, and hammer again, and if you find a flaw, you either remold the steel, or use I for a paper weight. Back in Nashville I heard people struggling in the music business claiming the system was all wrong because they couldn’t get a cut. No! They just didn’t make it because the competition was stiff, and only the cream went to the top. I, myself, turned to Country Comedy because I couldn’t write a hit to save my soul. Last week we saw, “NAKED WIFE” coming out the Cruz camp, answered by, “UGLY WIFE” back from Trump, and of course neither man actually said those things, but in the end Trump tripped on a banana peel, Cruz peed on the fire, and Wisconsin called in the dogs. Kay Sarah Sarah!

Do not go with your heads hung low. Donald Trump electrified a segment of the population. A segment that even Hillary will be aware of. The sad part is that America is lost. Politics has become so elite that even a billionaire businessman can’t possibly win. A profession with absolutely no interest in We the People.  The cards are stacked, and the song remains the same. Just drink the Kool Aid and pass the cup. Still, the powers that be have got to be aware that there are still people who believe in the constitution, liberty, family, the rights of individuals. Unfortunately, we all live in Texas. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m back on that secession trip again. We were holding off on the outside chance that Trump might win and we’d have eight more years to put it together, but nah, I’m not moving to Canada, but I am going to maintain my Texas driver’s license. Don’s loss in Wisconsin will have a ripple effect on the remainder of the contest, with Cruz capitalizing on it, and Marco Rubio sitting on a beach in Florida with a Pina Colada saying, “Mierda! Why didn’t I think of that?”


Babies Can’t Shoot Back

Ok, ring the bell, school’s in. Any liberals out there need to just go have a joint with their transgender friend because I’m about to go all “Texan” here. Robert Dear, Colorado Springs. Yeah, I’m gonna go there. On the surface, mass shooting, lots of media, maybe even that girl crying on the phone that we’ve all seen more than Shirley Temple, and Obama looking, yet again for a lost son in the mix. Hmmm, I wonder if he had a son if he’d look like Robert Dear? I digress.
Facts of the incident: Man who looked a little crazy comes on the scene and starts shooting. Kills three, including a police officer, wounds nine, I believe, and cops take him down after a shouting match. Still trying to get my mind around that one, but it’s Colorado so go figure. The main stream media scrambled to find Dear’s political affiliation, and I think the jury’s still out on that. This guy lived out in the east in some kind of cabin with no toilette or internet, then came to Colorado to do the exact same thing, and found a chick to live with him! Runs around spouting anti-Obama stuff, and handing out leaflets. The police are looking for a motive. You think?
Before anyone gets all bent, this guy is a straight up nut. Only a nut goes and shoots strangers, but let’s peel the onion, shall we. Look at the onion he peeled. Planned Parenthood. You know, those nice folks who like to sell baby parts to the highest bidder. Yeah, them guys. It really throws a monkey wrench in the gears when someone spills blood on the floor of an abortion clinic, now doesn’t it? How offended would you be if body parts were “harvested” from the three casualties in Colorado Springs? That made you mad, didn’t it?
Of course, Planned Parenthood harped on “women’s health,” but what about unborn health? It’s the usual debate about when life begins, and that’s always a bit fuzzy, but the clinics sure know how to end it, and they know how to keep the “fetus” viable if it be female until they can “harvest” the eggs in the ovaries (ya’ll didn’t know that, did you?) transplanting them to Lesbian couples wishing to raise another little Bruce Gender. Is that enough abominations in one sentence for you?
Some people out there take infanticide very seriously, and I am sorry that they don’t look like Justin Bieber. You can explain, analyze, debate, and cover up, but some guys just separate the sheep from the goats, and call a spade a spade. And I’m not even going to get politically correct at all here. We see the usual steam of politicians extending condolences to the families of the victims, well, how many condolences were sent out for the babies slaughtered the day before? Oh, my bad, that was business as usual.
This event has all the elements. Abortion, gun control, crazy-eyed hillbillies, the girl on the phone, it’s classic. But, you simply must look at the motivating factor. Did Dear change a thing? No, he didn’t. I am not getting PC here, but I will say that the fundamental flaw is legislation. As Tea Party people we simply must change the playing field. We must stop the murder of the innocents. America will never pay for the sin of all the murdered little fellas who were “harvested” while we sat on the porch theorized. We will never wash all of their blood from our hands. But one fact remains. Babies can’t shoot back!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Bear Arms is not a Dress Code

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Let’s examine this. First of all you must believe in the constitution and the bill of rights. It is in fashion now for some people not to believe in these things and wish to believe in eight rights of their choice. If you are one of these don’t read no further, i will only upset you These same people tend to dwell on the word “militia” as being translated “army.” Militia is not army. Militia is citizens groups who are not regular army.

Free state means just that. Free! The militia, protecting the freedom of the people living in the state is protecting said people’s rights, and one of those rights is specifically mentioned here, the right to “bear arms.”

Shall not be infringed. That means don’t mess with it a little, a smidgen, a tad, or a lot! That means that if a law abiding citizen wants to buy and own a gun he/she can do it. No ifs, no ands, no buts!

Bear arms. Now work with me here; when you bear something, you carry it. That means to have and to hold. It don’t matter if it makes the police nervous, it don’t matter if the chairwoman of the PTA don’t like it, it don’t matter what the president thinks about it. That’s what it says!

Crime statistics. Gun deaths, 2011, 11,078
Abortion deaths, 2011, 1.2 Million!

Isn’t it perfectly amazing that the group of people who want to erase the second amendment have absolutely no issues with that second entry? And they will scream “women’s rights.” Real handy, that word “right” when it serves YOUR purpose. And no matter how heinous the act, when it serves your liberal agenda, well, that’s ok. Don’t let a young coed have a gun in her dorm to protect herself, but it’s perfectly fine to pull a kicking, screaming human beating out of a woman with basically a pair of pliers and wait for it to strangle. “But ze babies are ze enemy!” Have we lost our minds?

Once you disassemble one part of the constitution you may as well disassemble the rest because you have set a precedent. You have shown that what our fore fathers wrote has no weight in law and we are free to ignore it and march to the beat of our own particular drummers. But then organizations like the CPS, IRS, and the Justice Department have already blazed that trail, now haven’t they? Remember back when your family was safe at home? Daddy was daddy, and mommy was mommy, and the police officer was your friend? Most of you can’t because it’s been gone for a long time!

This second amendment fight is a line in the sand, and it doesn’t matter what you think about guns, what do you think about speaking you mind, about your locked door being secure from police, you right to worship uninhibited? Because that’s next, folks. There is now a law that makes it a crime to demonstrate 300 yards from the president giving a speech. That literally means you can’t calmly walk up and say, “Sir, I disagree with you.” Think about that, and if this liberal Tom-foolery succeeds, you won’t believe what happens next. You’re gonna miss them gun owners, cause you’re gonna need em!

Planned Parenthood

Now, before I launch into this article, in the interest of full disclosure I don’t know squat about Planned Parenthood, but I do know common sense and my common sense makes the very term “Planned Parenthood” highly suspicious. Like most liberal ideas the true intent of the organization is concealed behind a politically correct touchy-feely label in order to forward whatever crack they are cooking at the time.

I believed that it was set up to give free birth control pills to sixteen year old high school girls without their parent’s knowledge, and that was bad enough, but then there were these videos. Let’s talk about them there videos. I watched one! There was some old dried up battle axe casually discussing crushing a baby’s head so they could “harvest” this or that while she was having lunch at some yuppie cafe out in LA or someplace. Planned Parenthood put the spin on that like it was a Beatle record. One of them gay judges put a gag order on further releases of any videos but the three already going viral had pretty much done the job. I did do a little research on the founder, some liberated woman who once called black people “weeds” that needed to be exterminated. Anyway, Planned Parenthood morphed from free rubbers to full blown genocide and nobody noticed. Them Germans missed all those camps, too.

I am totally against abortion. Planned Parenthood did a cute little sidestep and tried to shift the focus from “harvesting” to women’s health. Ok, Wilbur’s Medical 101. If you’re a girl getting pregnant over and over and aborting at about the same speed, you’re probably healthy, ok? But they always give the scenario of what if you’re a thirteen year old girl, raped by three uncles and a brother, underfed, with a bad heart and brain cancer would you consider an abortion then? That’s what DOCTORS are for. We already HAVE doctors, and we already HAVE welfare, and I will assure you if Susie Sweetcheeks ended up in that situation she KNOWS all about the free clinic downtown. C’mon people, you’ve SEEN these chicks! We all have. We don’t NEED a department or organization orchestrating mass murder and then selling the parts. They’ve been doing this for a WHILE. Thousands upon thousands of little lungs shipped out at a pretty penny and they STILL need to be funded? That right there is the basic difference between Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

All jokes aside this is horrible to the Nth degree. And the way they slice and dice those videos. If some Mafia boss mumbled “Make Joe Salami an offer he can’t refuse” into a wire tap the FBI would invite themselves to dinner that NIGHT! They just can’t quite understand what some old witch means when she describes ripping up a baby’s body over shrimp cocktail. I am a Simple Old Boy From Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin.

It appears that the Republicans are about to pull the purse strings on these Nazis. Of course Hillary is ranting and raving about women’s health. Hey, Hillary, how’s about we reach up between Chelsea’s legs and slice up YOUR grand baby? Come to think of it, that might be the one abortion I would agree with.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


by Wilbur

1 : the killing of an infant
2 [Late Latin infanticida, from Latin infant-, infans + -i- + -cida -cide] : one who kills an infant

Whenever you have mass murder there is always a perverse logic behind it. For those involved this logic relieves guilt and perpetuates the completion of the program where the genocide is employed to achieve whatever “goal” may be sought. For those observing from without there is no excuse or explanation that will white wash the ugly reality of the act(s). So it is with abortion.

The pro-choice segment uses all of the methods employed by the Nazis when pushing their own special brand of “No child left behind.” First they identified a “problem.” There are just too many unwanted babies born into this world. Let’s look first at that mindset. Look at a picture of a baby, any baby. They smile, grab your finger, look you in the eyes, and they are totally helpless. How can they be unwanted? How can a human being struggling to learn the word, “Ma Ma” be so despised? Then you have a support mechanism that clicks in. It’s not a baby, it’s a choice, a fetus, a this, a that, a whatever. The Jews weren’t human beings, they were a problem, a curse, something in need of a “final solution.”

When you commit genocide you simply cannot do it out in public. There is no “Dancing With The Stars” for abortion. Like the Nazis you must keep the mechanics of this project out of the view of the public because if the people see what you are really doing your acts will be exposed for what they truly are. You must keep the doors closed. You must stifle the screams. You must make the machine sterile. You must make it relentless. You must remove all human emotion from the act because the people who must cooperate with you must never fully understand the consequences of their actions. In the death camps certain Jews were convinced to assist in the herding of the masses to the gas chambers on the promise of “special treatment.” When their part of the project was completed they found that their “special treatment” was a “decent burial!”

These Jews led their neighbors into a gas chamber. A young mother leads her child into a butcher shop. And her “special treatment” is the forfeiture of her innocence, her motherhood, and her very soul! But, the pro-choice lobby has no problem with this. If an unborn child has no soul why should they believe the mother has one either? God has made human being very complex. Doctors and research scientists, both theist and atheist are constantly amazed at the complexity of the human condition, and I don’t care if you ascribe it to God or evolution you must admit that we have learned a lot, but we still have a long way to go.

There is one difference in the Nazi’s “final solution,” and the pro-choice agenda. In Hitler’s briefings with Himmler it was understood that if the project were carried out correctly eventually the goal would be achieved and there would be no more Jews; no more reason for the death camps. Then, all they had to do was bulldoze the buildings down and plant trees for the “Master Race” to enjoy, free of the problems the Jews had brought by their very existence. Pro-choice supporters have an ever increasing supply of “problems” and their final solution will never be attained.

To carry out a successful genocide you should mix in a bit of scientific legitimacy just in case the population should actually see what you are up to. The Nazis had Josef Mengele. The pro-choice people have stem cell research. They also mix in a “concern” for the life of the mother. Ask yourself, what was the mortality of mothers giving birth in the 1800’s, and what was the mortality of infants in the first two years of life then? Now, stack that on top of the millions and millions of abortions we have now. I am not going to cite actual numbers because I know the pro-choice group will skew or discredit them but just ask yourself; has medical science not advanced enough in one hundred and fifty years to the point where a woman can safely birth a child? You KNOW the answer.

Now, ask yourself just why is pro-choice so hell bent (and I used that word deliberately) to push this agenda so vigorously? Just Google the ratio of the “termination” of poor black babies to rich white ones and you will very quickly see what to goal of pro-choice truly is. They can’t just march black people into gas chambers so they roll the mothers into “clinics” to “terminate” pregnancies. To me this is a perversion of the highest magnitude.Growing up in Louisiana durning the 1950’s black women did all the cooking in our schools, hired out as nannies, and kept homes clean and functional. This was because they were the best! To this very day I do not believe white women can cook. To see black mothers lining up to go into an abortion clinic is something I simply cannot get my mind around. It does not compute! Pro-choice is but one aspect of a much larger agenda. You take a people, take away their hope, put them on a system that takes away all incentive, all ambition, tell them society is their enemy, and them murder their children so hopefully this “problem” will be smaller for the next generation.

Now, as a result of this article I will get a LOT of input, I’ll assure you. I will hear everything from “a woman has a right,” to calling me a religious nut. I just don’t like to kill children, whatever size or flavor they may be. When you take a knife and draw blood you kill! Now I don’t mind some killing. I’ve got several CPS workers whose obituaries I would read with a great deal of satisfaction. But those are grown people who receive the consequences of their actions. What actions has a child who hasn’t even opened his eyes yet done to deserve execution. Oh, silly me, I’m just a simple Ol boy from Austin…it’s not a baby, it’s a CHOICE!

Spot On

I just love it when I’m spot on! I try to boil issues down to a manageable level, and sometimes I’m accused of not seeing the true complexity of the modern world. Well, silly me, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but when I see little things like giving guns to the Mexicans it’s just not that complicated. Just yesterday another one of my prophecies was fulfilled by Texas Monthly Magazine. Way back during the campaign I made a note that just maybe, Wendy Davis’ views might not be palatable to the average Texas voter. It was a simple observation, really. Wendy was pushing all the Norté buttons and began running all over the state campaigning like she was up in New York or some place. I even had a couple friends (women)’who swore by her. Now these two voters were of the liberal mindset, i.e. vote for Obama because he’s black, vote for Davis because she’s a woman, you know the deal. Anyway there’s no swaying them.

I was kind to Wendy during the campaign because one, she’s a lady, and I’m always polite to ladies, and two, I’d hate to piss off a possible future Governor. But you know there is a Murphy’s law of stupid. It goes like this: In any given situation where two people are pitted against each other you can count on one of them doing something so stupid that it defies logic. Now ol’ Wendy knocked the ball out of the park on this factor. While Gregg Abbott was out running Austin traffic in his wheel chair, a very good commercial I might add, Ms Davis was releasing a book bragging about not one but TWO abortions she’d had in order not to inhibit her career. Sitting there like she had good sense running dead babies up the flag pole two at a time. Now Wendy was the darling of the East Coast liberals. She won their hearts during her filibuster in the Texas Senate. You remember that. That Herculean effort she put forth while having a catheter installed? Nothing like having a Senator talk for eighteen some-odd hours with a bag of piss between her legs, but I guess that’s the kind of thing that turns some people on.

So she comes out with this book talking about her abortions. Next she found a show stopping move that topped it all. Now save your fork, folks, this is gonna get good! How do you follow up a couple of brilliant moves like those? Well, you do the demographics and find that Texas has a very large percentage of Mexican American voters. Now just how do you get those people to swing your way. Why you take a trip to the valley and try to convince these CATHOLICS to start killing their babies! Never mind that they are traditionally Democrat anyway, forget all that, go down there and expound on the beauty of an abortion clinic! Like the HomeBoys in Killeen say, “Whomp! Dey it is!” Heeeere’s your sign!

Democrats started bailing on her like their hair was on fire. I saw it the moment she did it, and I put it into an article. Naturally, there were those who told me it wasn’t all that simple, and there were more complex issues. Nah, just the absolutely stupidest thing she could have done. I think Gregg Abbott actually stopped actively campaigning at that point and began preparing to move to the Governor’s mansion. Gregg subscribes to my tweets by the way, which means in all likelihood he read that article.

So now we have that lovely cover of Texas Monthly showing the Right Honorable Wendy Davis stepping in a cow chip. Gosh, Texas Monthly, that’s too simple. The campaign was far more multi-faceted than THAT! I just love it when I’m spot on!

It’s Called DECENCY

You’re never gonna believe this, but I got into an argument with a bunch of liberals on a Facebook thread. It was instigated by some national liberal celebrity asking their take on last night’s results, and even I was amazed. To a man and woman the comments were that it was the end of the world! From we’ve “destroyed” the best president we ever had to they hope then”so-called” patriots are happy, it was a non-stop tirade against the voice of America heard last night! I entered a couple comments and then decided to answer them here.

How long did you think this dog and pony show would last? Obama has lied on every front. Do you still have your doctor? Isn’t there a little twinge of suspicion when you make a phone call and wonder who’s listening? Do you really feel safe voicing an opinion the government doesn’t agree with? Have you looked at our border? Can you count to a billion? That’s how many hollow point bullets Homeland Security purchased while they try to take your guns away. Who are they planning to shoot at? Ebola comes flying into Texas, and we’re told to accept it. Point of interest, there IS no Ebola in Texas now! And ISIS? That was the usual 9/11 celebration of paranoia. ISIS will not invade Texas. They will get killed!

You even made fun of democracy when the vote went against you. When the ballot boxes were stuffed with dead people’s votes it didn’t bother you at all. We have voter ID in Texas. You have to prove who you are before you can vote, and Eric Holder moved heaven and earth to stop that. And you don’t see what’s wrong with that? You want a society where you buy votes with free cell phones? You want an administration that passes the buck all night until four Americans are killed in one of our embassies. And you think it’s the end of the world because people finally stood up and said, ” Hell NO!”

Votes do make a difference. Politicians are responsive to the people when they see that they may have to lose their position. They do stuff like they’ve done for the last six years because they either thought we approved or didn’t care. Now they got bit, and they’re all looking at their savior in the White House. He’s on the golf course.

Let me ask you liberals something. Where’s your hope and change now? How’s that bank account working out? Been to the doctor lately? And look why you voted for him. Because he’s black! He didn’t have any policies. He didn’t have any plans, but he was black and that soothed your guilt for something you had no part of. He’s not the son of slaves, he’s the son of an African. He’s the son of those who sold the slaves. Swat them bees, swat them bees, but you know it’s true! Harvard law degree, and can’t read the constitution. Couldn’t get a Pa Pa John’s pizza order through congress so he pens endless executive orders to make up for his lack of statesmanship. But, he’s black. Dr. Ben Carson is black. Vote for him!

So, you’re wringing your liberal hands because your house of cards has come tumbling down. Well, times ARE a-changing. There will be a serious conservative backlash, and as the politicians become aware of this they will cover their butts and the country will move forward. We can’t bring the four in Libya back. You can’t bring millions of dead babies back, a majority of them black. We can bring back the constitution. We can preserve the Bill of Rights. America just may save itself. Texas WILL save itself. So wring your hands, worry, but get ready for a great upheaval in your liberal lives. It’s called DECENCY! Something you lost a long time ago!

Excerpt From The Book “Dobbit Dö”

A Reading From the Book, “Dobbit Dö”

Patterns began to form where the instant message screen had once been. Bizarre patterns with no rhyme or reason; indeed beyond reason. Swirling colors escalating, spiraling outwards toward her, seemingly going beyond the screen itself and then, suddenly she seemed to rush into the monitor. There was a loud whirling sound in her ears as she traveled a long tunnel of light to an unknown destination. She found herself in a landscape of glowing reds and oranges. Shaking her head wildly, trying to get her mind out of this she attempted to pull back, but it was no use. She seemed to be in her body, and yet, at the same time out of it. Feeling had been replaced by sensual touch, with every movement a reply from nerves never used. It seemed as if her entire body had become one erogenous zone. She looked down at herself and discovered that she was young again, maybe twenty, maybe less. Her body was firm, voluptuous, and alive. Her breasts were firm and her belly was flat. She felt more alive than it had been in thirty years. She was turned on by the very fact of just being so young. The beauty of her own body was exciting to her. She looked down to her long, shapely legs and now saw that she was standing on the alien landscape. But where was she? She looked around. The wind blew lightly on the grass, and the air was cool. It was almost serenely cool. Her hair was long and blonde, just as it had been in her younger days. The smell of ozone within the air lifted her spirits and revitalized her energy. Then, in the distance she saw someone. The person was walking toward her, casually, not seeming to care. After a while the person reached her. It was a girl of about fifteen, well built and healthy.

“Mom?” The young lady tilted her head and smiled, greeting her as a friend.

The woman asked, “Am I your mother?”

“Well, you would have been, but you decided to kill me instead.”

She suddenly felt herself becoming weak, and she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”

“Yes you do,” the girl said. “You know me. And you know very well what you did. You ended my life before it even began. You had me pulled out of you with a coat hanger and tossed into the Austin City Dump. Isn’t that special mother?” The girl snapped the last statement and clenched her teeth angrily. Up until now the little girl’s voice had been light, almost melodic, but at the world “special” it took a dramatic change. “You know how long I’ve been waiting here for you?”


“For twenty-five years mommy. I’ve been waiting here so we could get to know each other, mom!” The young lady walked around her, looking her up and down. It was amazing how much they looked alike. Each had long, blonde hair. Each had the same slight frame, with the same blue eyes. Each was truly beautiful.

“I told you already, I don’t know you.” The older woman said.

“Oh, but you will get to know me, mom. Look around you. How do you like my home? Do you know where you are?”

“No. Where am I?”

“You’re in Limbo! That’s an ancient term mom. They don’t use it much anymore because it’s not ‘politically’ correct. Modern people tend to want to think that such places as this do not exist, but they do exist and simply because people don’t want to look at them anymore doesn’t make them go away. This is the place for the rejects. This is the place for garbage. This is the place for things you prefer to throw in the dump. Isn’t that special mother? And you know what’s funny? When you come here you don’t know where you are at first, because you are so young. And you’re blind, mom. You have never seen anything until that coat hanger grabbed you. It grabs you, and pulls you out into the world. They cut your lifeline, and you can’t breathe mom. As you strangle you begin to see, and then slowly you begin to realize that the only person you even knew had just killed you. Everything goes red, and then dark, and then you end up here. You’re not alive, you’re not dead, and you just exist. You can’t go to heaven, and you just wish you could go to hell if only to feel the flames. And you know what mom? You put me here! You made me come here, forever! Isn’t that SPECIAL mother?”

Her mother began to shake, and tried to look away from the girl, but the girl came to her and grabbed her by the sides of her head, forcing her eyes to look at her.

“Look at me. LOOK AT ME! Damn you, you murdered me you can at least LOOK at me!”

She looked at the girl. The child’s lip was quivering and she was visibly shaking with anger.

“Did you enjoy your life mother? Did you have a wonderful marriage, a nice retirement? You were having sex with Dobbit when you wound up here. Trouble is, he always extracts a price for the pleasure. Just think of it; this may be the very first time you paid a price for your choices, won’t it mother?”

“I’m so ashamed. I didn’t know you saw that.”

“You ought to be ashamed. Sitting there in front of your computer masturbating like a schoolgirl. You’ll be surprised when you find out what it did to you.”

“What did it do to me?”

The girl smiled and said, “It fixed things so you can stay here with me.”

The woman felt a sudden grip of fear. She had not considered the possibility of never waking up, never going home. This scenario suddenly took on very real terms for her. The girl was now smiling again and looking at her mother, waiting for an answer. The woman looked behind her, as if expecting to find a way back; back to the reality that she’d known before coming to this place, but there was just miles and miles of green grass and blue sky; deceptively blue sky, implying that all was well; all was peace, when in point of fact it was not! Like the girl was not; like soon she would be not! She appreciated “not” now.

“I’m going to wake up now.”

“Wake up? Do you think you’re asleep?”

The woman’s eyes grew wide with horror as she realized the implications of what the little girl was saying. She began to step backwards but the young girl put her hands on her shoulders. “Let me show you something, mommy.” Then, as if there were a movie projector in her mind she perceived herself at her computer desk back in her condo in Salado. Only now she was slumped over her keyboard. Her eyes were fixed and glassy.

“Oh, God,” the old lady gasped.

The girl smiled, “Mommy, He isn’t here. I told you. This is a place for rejects.”

The woman asked, “Am I dead?”

“From the first moment you saw me. Isn’t that special, mommy?”

Shelly found her mother the next morning, still slumped over her keyboard, her eyes wide with amazement.”

Type It Up In Braille and Stick It Up Your Ass

Type It Up In Braille and Stick It Up Your Ass

When you see anything in the mainstream media you must make yourself fully aware of why it’s there. Time was when journalists followed stories, ever searching for the “scoop” that would make their career and rocket them to shining glory where their every word would be devoured by an adoring public, truth, and a duty to,the public were the benchmarks. The press was the ever vigilant watchdog, protecting us from the wiles of power politics, and ever greedy corporations whose only rule was the bottom dollar which invariably was, in reality, top dollar. Even Will Rodgers’ jokes had a core of bitter truth in them that he would sweeten with humor and would make you think, reconsider, and understand what was really going on behind the scenes. Back in the day you went to the Blue Bonnet Cafe down on avenue D and Billy Joe would form a patty from ground beef (without rubber gloves) and fry up the best hamburger you ever put in your mouth. Now you go to McDonalds and pray to God you’re not eating kangaroo meat!

Among a host of other things that have gone out of fashion, we have lost integrity in the field of journalism. I watch it all from CNN to Fox and I don’t think any of those people would know the truth if it ran up and pissed on their leg. CNN type casts Obama as the savior of the country and Fox News tells us he’s the guy who handed little Reagan the cross! The truth is somewhere in between from Obama faithful to those who wouldn’t follow him into a whorehouse. But for the mainstream media whatever sells more toothpaste to the particular market being plied at the time. And whatever crazy scheme bubbles up you can bet the media soothsayers will polish up their crystal balls and go into high gear.

Now I’m going to get into trouble here, but that’s ok, I’ve been there before, and the reason I call myself a simple ol’ boy from Austin is because I’m stupid, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Let’s begin with gay marriage. It is common knowledge (and common sense) that boys marry girls, have a honeymoon and make babies. That’s a no brainer. And, before we had this army of sexual predators prowling the streets sweet 16 was a young lady’s coming out at the dawn of womanhood. Every Texas town had “town fairy.” He wore capes, quoted Oscar Wilde and while everyone knew the score nobody really cared and life moved on. No one was paranoid about his preference rubbing off on any kids because without the intervention of highly paid social psychologists everyone knew you either were, or you weren’t. Then came the militant gays. It was one thing to have uncle Robert sitting at the coffee shop discussing tomato gardens but quite another to have a bunch of guys parading in the streets looking like Freddie Mercury. Then leap to gay marriage. Now, I don’t know how things work in California, but brothers and sisters let me tell you…Texans are crazy! Hell, I’M crazy! You tell Texans two men want to get married and THEY will hit the streets, all with AR-15’s strapped to their backs heading for Starbucks. And what comes next? CNN! Some blonde reporter with big boobs puking up a script to make Texans look crazier than we really are. This is followed by Hannity bobbing his head up and down defending the right of shooting gays down if they look at a little boy. Somewhere in the middle is the truth with goes right back to the beginning and fact of the matter is most Texans don’t care. We know if you look at sweet 16 but are attracted to the star quarterback you are who you ARE and nothing’s going to change it. But someone just has to coin the phrase, “gay marriage,” and BOY, did THAT sell some toothpaste! Poor uncle Robert can’t have cheese cake at the coffee shop any more, when absolutely none of this changed the price of oats down at the feed store one penny!

Now, let’s move to another subject. Immigration. Boy I can hear the asses snapping shut from way down here. Let’s have a show of hands; how many of you Yankees out there know what a wetback is? Well, let me tell ya. Back in the day when Pablo wanted to pick oranges in Brownsville he had to wade across the Rio Grande (which means “big river and is an oxymoron) and crawl up on the opposite shore. He’d go to work for some rancher, make nickels a day and nobody really cared. Kinda like the gays. Then came the Yankees again and people like the girl with the big boobs came up with the term, “undocumented immigrant!” Then here come Fox (tweet, tweet, here boy, here boy,) and you get tortilla soup. One side wants to electrify the fence down on the border and the other wants to provide free condos in downtown Austin. Pablo just wants to dry off and pick oranges. Then here come the kids. Everyone is appalled. Ok, let me tell you people teenage girls have been slipping across the border for years and if you can’t figure that out you need to join uncle Robert for cheesecake, know what I’m talking about? Common sense! A wetback is a wetback is a wetback. Swat them bees…swat them bees! And the conservative sector is screaming that these people are dirty, diseased, criminal and illiterate. HELLLLLOOOOOO! We got Ebola in the US now and Pablo didn’t bring it here. The worse thing you could catch from a Mexican when I made my obligatory high school trip to Nuevo Laredo was the clap! And she was worth it! Now mix in a few politicians. Libertarians cannot define the word, “border,” don’t tell me I’m wrong, I was at the convention and I SAW it! Democrats just see votes. Republicans don’t see anything unless they can see is dollar signs and Pablo don’t pay no taxes. Bottom line; When you have a third world country bordering on a world leader with a fence between the two SOMEBODY is gonna jump that fence. You don’t throw up you hands and start bussing them to Murrietta, California, and you CERTAINLY don’t stop at least TRYING to pitch their asses BACK over the fence. And if you will note I have become somewhat politically correct as I did not say, “Little brown asses.” Tooth paste is now on sale!

Now let’s take on the war on drugs. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news children, but the drugs won. We declared a war on whiskey back in the ’20’s, and whiskey won that one too. Good news is we finally repealed that mess, bad news is we have the best organized Mafia in the world. Now, work with me here; you got millions of pot smokers in the US, and you got thousands of acres of marijuana growing in Mexico with a fence between the two. Pablo just got a promotion. And, oh yeah, let’s sell em some guns so they can shoot at us. Swat them bees, swat them bees! You wonder how the cartels got so big? THEY aren’t snorting the coke…WE are! If they were selling fertilizer sandwiches do you think anyone would be buying them. Oh, my bad. McDonalds IS selling that but no matter, you know what I’m saying. Legalize drugs! Bring it all out in the light. If a disproportionate segment of your society turns into dope heads fix your SOCIETY! Did anyone notice the toothpaste is selling like they’re going to quit making it tomorrow? At least CNN and Fox have one thing in common on this cause they’re ALL a bunch of stoners and they’re selling toothpaste like they’re going to quit making it tomorrow.

Abortion. Oh God, don’t get me started. First, let me say I am opposed to jerking a baby out from between a woman’s legs and throwing it in a trash can. And I can hear it all now. The two big arguments. It’s a woman’s body and she has a right. Yeah, right up until she puts that body under another body and a third body becomes involved. Then here comes the other debate…what about RAPE? Ok liberals check this out. Would you want to abort a baby sired by Arnold Swatzenegger with the same enthusiasm as the one fathered by a black construction worker who got drunk and stepped over the line? Now who’s the racist? There have always been abortions, and yes if you’re going to have them it should be done in hospital by doctors. The problem is the planned parenthood is not planning squat except to arrange as many abortions as possible. They get MAD if they miss one, or some young girl just can’t seem to bring herself to kill a child. And don’t tell me it’s not a child, it’s kicking HER belly button, you fool! Solution? NO advertising. NO “counciling.” This is a personal choice between a woman and her conscience. Don’t dehumanize the baby because when you do that it’s one small step to dehumanizing a terminally I’ll cancer patient. Life is life and death is death, and toothpaste is toothpaste!

One last thing. Gun control. Yeah, here it come. You can’t control guns any more than you can control Pablo, uncle Robert, drugs, or sweet 16 under the football stadium after three beers. You want to know how influential you are, just try ordering someone else’s dog around. Bad people,have guns. Good people need guns to shoot bad people. Swat them bees, swat them bees! I’m not even going to expound about self defense because liberal Yankee logic is just plain stupid! People have a right to live. Babies have a right to live. UNCLE ROBERT has a right to live. Toothpastemis now on a two for one sale! Do I have to type this up in Braille and stick it up your ass? Get it right.

I am a Libertarian and your choices are your choices. I’ll never force you to do something you don’t want to so you don’t have to swat them bees if you don’t want too. But them bees are still a swarming …aren’t they?