If You Ain’t American You’re On The Menu (Tribune Version)

Tribune Version


If You’re Not An American You’re On The Menu


Bill Mahr roasted Democrats Friday Night in a blistering tirade against the jellyfish methods they employ when sucking up to voters. You need to remember that no one is one hundred percent liberal or conservative. The stereotype of the vagina hat wearing lesbian or AR-15 toting prepper is just that, a stereotype! The rest of us fall somewhere in between on a sliding scale.

The solid democrat who supports women’s freedom of choice might very well be against his daughter opting for an abortion, and the militia member may not want guns all over the house while his grandkids are crawling around on the floor. Life decisions are not cut in stone, they are molded in flesh, and flesh is viable.

Congress needs to realize that while there is currently no wall on the border, there is also no wall running down middle of the isle of congress forbidding conversation and cooperation between the parties. And this cooperation is not collusion, a word very much in the news these days, it’s called compromise. It’s doing something for the greater good of the majority. These little clubs in the statehouse need to soften up. If there is no preset mindset in congress then why do half stand and applaud the State of The Union speech while the other half sits in silence? If congress isn’t racially divided then why do all the blacks sit together?

Don’t argue, I saw it!

Branding and dividing us has become the bailiwick of the Illuminati. Now, I don’t really buy into the Alex Jones theory of a huge organized group of people trying to run the world, but I do understand a bunch of rich folks desiring to have it their way, and they ain’t talking about Whataburger! What do you think put Bill Clinton on that private jet to Ecstasy Island? Little girls, anyone?

The attitude of democrats or republicans counting the numbers at the polls, with the intention of blocking anything the opposing party tries to do shows that those inside the beltway have completely ignored the idea of serving the people with sound legislation. They are nowhere near compromise on any issue with one party wanting to build a wall while the other keeps talking about bridges. Standing beside their armed guards trying to sell us gun control.

What Mahr was talking about was the democrats are without substance especially right around election time. With the election far off they’ll try to impeach the president every afternoon, but right around that first Tuesday it’s “Polka-Dots and pink shoe laces,” as they try to blend into the wall. Most voters do not understand the difference between the democrat’s philosophy vs the republican.

All government these days is “hands on.” What that means is some measure of control at most levels. Democrats tend to go for social programs. More food stamps, Obamacare, and a free taco on every illegal plate. That’s how they garner votes. It’s not really socialism, but it’ll do until socialism comes along. We have a bit of socialism. That’s why they call it SOCIAL Security! In some ways we ARE our brother’s keeper, but we need to understand that our brothers don’t live in Mexico!

Now republicans will rob you blind, too, but they’re smart enough to know that they have to leave just a little opportunity for average Americans to believe that they have a chance to win at the game of Life. That’s the reason we have Microsoft, and Apple, and all the other companies that have improved our lives over the last forty or fifty years. That’s why I’m writing this article on an iPhone and not a typewriter.

This is why that “wall” running down the congressional isle needs to come down. In a purely republican country, everyone would work on commission with no retirement and just enough burial insurance to cremate us when we’re gone. In such a world, super-achievers would hole up in a garage, live on cardboard pizza, and invent the Macintosh. The downside is the rest of us couldn’t afford one because our credit would be screwed down so tight we wouldn’t be able to pay attention.

A democratic world would give us men doing push-ups in front of the food stamp office. Jobs would wane because no company with any sense would be willing to take a chance on expanding or even starting a venture in a country where people from other countries are streaming in yearning to be fed. How in the world can we even utter the phrase “foreign aid” when there is still one hungry child in Appalachia? Explain that to me, and I might not drink so much tonight. THOSE are the brothers, and sisters we need to “keep,” and not flag burning religious nuts from KanStupidStan who mutilate little girls! Swat them bees, swat them bees! As offensive as it may sound, I’d give steak to a welfare mama with eleven kids from eleven different men before I’d give a French fry to a Syrian “refugee!” Her American citizen ship has GOT to be worth SOMETHING!

American citizenship has been so degraded over the last few years that if you refer to an illegal alien as a Mexican you will be called a racist. If you jump the fence, and come here with no idea of citizenship, and you are from Mexico then you are a MEXICAN! My friend, George Rodriguez is not a MEXICAN. He is an AMERICAN. I’m not an Irishman. I, too, am an AMERICAN! So yes, to me, the welfare mama is much higher on the food chain by virtue of her very citizenship. Building Trump’s wall has one goal. Our membership in this country has got to be worth something!

All that having been said, you must have a balance. Yes, people should earn their way, and yes those young men doing those push ups down at the SNAP office need to miss a sandwich here and there, but people who have raised their families, paid their taxes, and lived their lives under the radar need to be able to take a breath in the Autumn of their lives. Families need to be encouraged , not punished should dad lose his job, and need a little help. Single parent homes are viewed with reverence by democrats, and “former porn star” seems to be a noble profession to them also. Little Texas common sense is called for here. “Former porn star!” We’ll, that would be a whore! Even is Trump did have a liaison with this Stormy chick, she TOOK the money! Let a cop see you hand a wad of cash to a woman through the passenger window of your car, and said woman gets IN your car, and see how that works out for you. You’ll go to jail, but SHE will TOO! Sheesh! Do I have to teach you people everything? I learned that in Boy’s Town!

Of the people, by the people, and for the people seems archaic now as the new bourgeoisie keeps us in the dark and feeds us fertilizer. They treat us like mushrooms. Both parties think they have a say on what we do, who we screw, and what we lose. We don’t need laws to tell us the town nut shouldn’t have a gun. We don’t need a Supreme Court decision to give a gay couple access to tax breaks afforded to all Americans, and we shouldn’t have to have the KIDS tell us to keep our schools safe WITHOUT going door to door destroying a simple one line amendment allowing us to protect ourselves.

Bill Mahr went off on the democrats, but the republicans are just as bad. You must remember, all these cats work for YOU, and YOU intimately call the shots. Local government should rise up. Town hall meetings that MEAN something should be held. Discuss school safety in them with real citizens, with real kids and real leverage, not just talking to some congressPERSON who’ll go back to Washington and do whatever ever the hell they want anyway. It took us two hundred and forty two years to screw the country up this bad. We don’t have that much time left to fix it! America first. If you ain’t American, you’re on the menu!

Don’t You. Understand The Game?

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas: Do You Not Understand The Game?

So, I’m sitting here watching the news this morning as I do every morning while I’m drinking my coffee, and as I sit here I hear about another shooting in a not so safe part of town. Now, I have to ask, why aren’t our liberal minded politicians, and the so called Black Caucus up in arms about these everyday shootings taking place in these gang infested neighborhoods? Where are the Quannel X’s and the AL Sharpton’s or any of the other activist?

Where are the Gun Control fanatics when it comes to these murders. Let’s look at the number children killed in these gang infested areas in 2015 alone, areas coincidentally, which have some of the strictest gun control laws.

D.C. 88 Detroit 386 New Orleans 193

Baltimore 217, Memphis 157, Oakland 131,

New York 414, Chicago 532, San Antonio 230,

Dallas 170, and Houston 294.

As I look at these statistics, l have to wonder, these are all areas in states with the strictest gun control laws on the books. Most people in these crime infested neighborhoods are connected to gangs, drugs, and prostitution can’t even get concealed handgun permits, much less buy a weapon legally. Most have criminal records So where is the outrage when it comes to these gang related murders? More people killed a night in some cases then any one of these school shootings.

Is it because most of these kids are black? I mean we never hear a word about all these killings in these neighborhoods, but when white kids start getting shot it remains in the news for days, weeks and months. Where is the outrage from the liberals and the Black Caucus when it’s hundreds of Black kids a year? Where is the outrage in the Black Communities? The Truth will piss some of you off.

The truth is, drugs and guns are already illegal for these gang members, but they profit on both, but no one mentions that. The truth is, it’s about genocide of a certain segment of our population, Blacks killing blacks isn’t important because as long as they’re killing each other, it keeps them in check it fits the elites agenda. Same reason most abortion clinics, under the guise of Planned Parenthood, are located in these same areas. The sad part is thatmany in the Black Community can’t see what’s really going on. Somehow the very party that has done this to them, has convinced them they are working for them. Please tell me how that happens?

When you start seeing it for what it is, then you have to realize, it’s not about Gun Control, It’s People Control. It’s never been about guns, it’s always been about People Control. Blacks killing Blacks is just another form of Control. Taking guns from the White population is about control. We don’t kill each other off fast enough so they have to figure out how to disarm us and make the Elites job easier. They’ve finally figured out how to do that, Our kids are the pawns in their game. If it were truly about Gun Control, the Black Community would be safe because these gang members wouldn’t have access to guns. But it’s not about gun control at all. It’s people control.

They’ve already divided us, they already have us fighting each other, They’ve already turned it into whites vs. black, vs Illegal immigrants vs Democrats vs Republicans vs Women vs Man, and now Parents vs our children. They eliminated God out of the equation completely. So now it’s the non believer vs Christians as well!

Do you not understand the game? Do you not see what’s really taking place?

Chappy Gypsy

Mitt Romney Style

Mitt Romney Style. Mitt Romney is a homogenized Mormon, or more over, Mormon Lite. He’s choosing to run for office in Utah because they vote in herds up there. I’ve already explained how even though the LDS voting block is thirty percent, if you can control a mere ten percent you can pretty much call the shots on any election.

Now I’m not going to go off with a bunch of one liners about Mitt’s underwear any more than I would Ben Shapiro’s funny little hat, ok? If a grown man wants to believe his BVDs are bullet proof who am I. I’m reasonably sure Romney doesn’t have any porn stars lurking in his closet. I do like how his family looks. Little too Caucasian for Democratic tastes, but after the Trump presidency perhaps we, as a nation, will be a little less racist toward the crackers.

I actually know very little about Mitt’s politics. I know he came up with a health care program while governor which morphed into ObamaCare, and he’s a rich republican. I think he has ten or twelve great grandmothers, but oh well. No, what bothers me is while Donald Trump is a dynamic game changer, Mitt Romney is, well, NOT!

If Trump were a New York Strip steak, Romney would be a side order of French fries. We just got over eight years of a do nothing President that Putin made his “little girl.” My concern is if Trump is re-elected, and the Trump Train pulls into the station with only half a load, America will be back on track, and the liberal democrats will be chomping at the bit to undo everything.

How do I know Romney will try to run for President again? Why do you think he’s trying to become a junior senator from Utah? He’s keeping his “chops” up. That, and President Trump has shown how a non-political billionaire CAN win an election when running against a consummate politician with years of experience under her belt.

Winning Utah will be a shoe in for Romney. If he doesn’t win the election they just need to bulldoze the Temple in Salt Lake City down and put a super Walmart there. The entire LDS community will fall in behind Romney. I don’t know why they’re even going through the motions of having an election at all. Mitt picked Utah for a REASON!

Now being the old hypocrite that I am, I will admit I voted for Mitt Romney when he ran against Obama. I really thought he could win, but when the votes were counted we learned two things. We knew exactly how many liberal democrats there were in the country, and exactly how many Mormons there are, not counting dead voters because Mormons don’t let dead people vote, unlike democrats.

This will all play out over the next seven years. If I’m still around we’ll all see if my predictions are true. Just remember, when Trump was debating nine other republican contenders for the nomination, I wrote the article “Meet President Trump!” Jus’ sayin’ Homies!

The Butcher



Nothing To See Here

After Russian Spy Poisoning, Britain Tells Public to Wash Clothes and Use Baby Wipes – The New York Times

Governments are supposed to protect us without unduly alarming us at the same time. The obsession with secrecy isn’t an American invention by a long shot. God knows Putin covers his butt masterfully. He’s also a shape shifter. How else can an ex KGB spy sell himself to Russian teens as a rock star.

That having been said there’s an old joke about the animals in a shelter holding an election to see which one will be the leader. It came down to one dog and a cat. I believe the dog was a liberal Democrat. Anyway, the dog and cat hold a debate. Things go tit for tat and the two are mostly equal. At that point the cat picks up a stick and waves it in the air, whereupon the dog begins to leap about with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The cat then throws the stick away and the dog chases it, bringing it back. As the dog drops the stick it dawns on him what the cat had done. He gathers his composure, turns to the other animals and says, “Are you going to make your choice in this election based on my one minor character flaw?”

Putin is the dog! There was this turncoat spy. He worked for the Russians and against the Russians. For all of Putin’s clever words, and slick suits he sends some goons to England and poisons the guy and his daughter. He didn’t just poison them, he poisoned the crap out of them. Found them on a park bench with their tongues hanging out of THEIR mouths.

Now this is where government secrecy comes in. So the cops come along and put the ambulance that transported the spy and his daughter in plastic wrap. They then seal off the bar where the unlucky couple had a pint or two, and put police barricades all around it. They sent in one hundred and eighty soldiers to set up a parameter around said bar and threw two rabbits inside to see if they’d die. Then all the residents who’d been in the bar that night were advised to wash or burn their clothes and wash their glasses. As you would guess the populace of the sleepy little hamlet became suitably alarmed, but when questioned about all of this the official response was a very British tight lipped, “Nothing to see here, just move along.”

And I thought our government was silly. I mean trying to tell us the Branch Davidians got burned up because David Koresh was a fire bug. Guess that’s why he put the women and children in what he thought was a safe room when the Feds parked a tank in his living room, huh?

The problem is, like my grandma used to say, to tell a lie when the truth would be better. That’s why you hear the phrase “Preparing a statement” every time there is an event the government has to respond to. Excellent example recently was that Sheriff in Florida who took several days to launder his explanation of why practically his entire day shift hid behind their cars while some nut was inside a school popping off kids for six minutes. Deputies from another jurisdiction had to drive over and catch the guy. His answer? The NRA did it. And the liberals leaped about wagging their tongues just like that stick fetching dog.

If the public can’t handle the truth how is it to be assumed that it has the intelligence to vote? Come to think of it there may be a connection there when you see what California elects, but I digress. It’s gotten so bad that when the police or for that matter, any government official makes a statement for the press we KNOW it’s lies, the only question being how many, and who’s butt is being covered. Alex Jones doesn’t have to invent conspiracy theories. He just has to read the congressional record out loud.

They just don’t the public to panic. So what if we panic. What if the weatherman soft sold an approaching tornado? And it all depends upon which side of the isle you’re lying from. If you’re a Republican the US is being invaded by the Mexican army while the Democrats try to tell us it’s just harmless taco stands for tourists. But they don’t want a panicked public. Don’t you wanna know why? It’s because if they ever tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth there would be a national panic . . . all the way to the polls. Then the GOVERNMENT would panic.

The Butcher!