Public Schools

When I was in the seventh grade my home room teacher, Mrs Millsap, would read us one chapter from a classic book, and explain it as she went along. We hung on her every word. Her readings touched on history, literature and practically every other aspect of the human experience. She didn’t just ramble through Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she took us there, and yes, the Civil War was all about slavery, and yes, it was wrong. Mrs Millsap died, and she took the public education system with her.

The public school system is about as useless as those things that hang off a boar hog. It is an open door for the CPS to harvest children for the National Pedophile Network, after the teachers get through with the kiddos of course. About the only thing worth a damn was lunch, and Michelle Obama screwed That up. It grinds out Mcdonalds employees, and if the cash register centered on numbers instead of pictures of Big Macs they couldn’t even do that. You may swat them bees now.

And you wonder where ANTIFA came from! It came from the pubic school system. Millions of dollars are put into this defunct game like throwing money at a wild hog’s butt in a Vegas casino. President Trump is in China right now and all those kids can read! And ADD! A child home schooled in America is head and shoulders above one sitting through classes while the teacher drones on about the virtues of anal sex. Had enough? Want a solution?

Vouchers! Make home schooling at least equal to public schooling, and give that tax money to parents who do it! Simple. Public schools would either straighten up or close. Children who are home schooled and read, write, and add. In addition to that they may take an interest in what mom and dad do for a living. Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom might be a stay at home mom, and little Kimberly learns to cook and change diapers. Deal with it! All public schooling teaches is how to run a meth lab. And they can’t run it right. That’s why they keep blowing up!

You think the Millennials are bad? Wait until you see the next generation of nimrods these public whorehouses turn out. We’ll be begging the Mexicans to take over. They can READ! America has gone to hell in a hand basket, an IMPORTED hand basket because there’s not a single public school that can teach basket weaving. They’re too busy studying their butts! Do this; ask your ten year old to make out a grocery list. If they can’t, get them drug tested and then HOME SCHOOL!


ANTIFA Is The Problem, NOT Guns!

ANTIFA is the problem! Not Church, Not Guns! It’s time we stop tap dancing around gun control. You just saw gun control fail miserably. The Liberals are hitting the streets again screaming about gun control. It doesn’t work!

ANTIFA just went through a national campaign touting the mass execution of all white, Christian Trump supporters, and the Liberal left cheered it on insulting the sixty three million people who voted for Donald Trump, demanding restitution for slavery, talking about freedom of speech and making rude jokes When twenty eight people paid the price for their Tom Foolery!

Time for a little even up! There are members of society that do not need to walk freely among us, and ANTIFA is at the head of that list. With their bank robber masks, their language, and their bull dykes leading the charge, these dredges Of humanity need to be sent to the infernal regions with all dispatch. The next time they “protest” we should give our police license to deal with them in any way they see fit with no fear of reprisals.

This IS a war! It doesn’t matter if the Texas shooter was card carrying ANTIFA or just inspired by it, we need to lay all twenty eight bodies at ANTIFA’s door step and make them pay with interest. Make them pay with such ferocity that when it’s all over they’ll be afraid to wear a pollen mask when their parents make them mow the lawn.

An armed citizen killed the shooter. Guns are not the problem! Texas will show the rest of the country how to handle anarchists and sociopaths. I expect every illiterate, queer, unemployed Hillary supporter to crawl from under their rock and attack this article, but I expect the Texas Militia to activate and rid the Lone Star State of them. Send them all to California because ANTIFA is the problem, Not Guns, and certainly not Christ!

These Were Bad Men and The Whores Weren’t Ladies

It doesn’t matter if ANTIFA committed, inspired, or just thought about the Texas Prayerbook massacre, they’re gonna take the hit for it because these were bad men, and the whores weren’t ladies. ANTIFA has been running its mouth about killing all Trump supporters, whites, businessmen and everyone else they considered more fascist than themselves for so long that they have earned the honorary title of scapegoat and will now recieve their just reward which is Darwin Award for 2017.

Y’all be all shocked, huh? Well, don’t be. Sucks to be them. Oh, along about 2037 or so some Hollywood director will make a movie where the last scene shows some fetching ANTIFA chick with a rope around her neck saying, “FREEDOM!” while Bubba kicks a five gallon paint bucket from beneath her feet. While is this arousing me. I need to see a shrink.

It doesn’t matter if the Texas Church shooter was ANTIFA or couldn’t even spell the word. America needs an exorcism and ANTIFA’s been puking pea soup for a WHILE! FOX will say he had an ANTIFA mask on his DOG and CNN will swear to whatever god THEY pray to that he was just trying to defend himself against a rowdy Deacon. STOP LISTENING TO THESE IDIOTS!

ANTIFA is the most repungent, ignorant bad men in recent memory and for real, their whores AREN’T ladies. Just as everything else’s that’s come out of the Millenial generation ANTIFA is the same low key, stupid disorganized crap that has come out of that quadrant for years.

Guilty or not, ANTIFA will take the hit, and really, that’s a good thing. Thin the herd so to speak. Maybe, in a hundred years on some night sunny Saturday a bunch of punch drunk kids will be pulling THEIR statues down!

The Evolution of American Politics

The Evolution of American Politics is unequaled in the annals of history. Rome fell due to depravity, but to be honest The were depraved right from the start. From the

collesium to the little boys at the bath houses, the Romans repulsed the entire known world, all but the Greeks. If you can remember the name of any Greek philosopher chances are he was queer.

America began as a great experiment. All men are created equal. That’s all MEN, not women, blacks or jackasses, although in short order they were running for Office, and still are today. By and by everyone was included and were created equal. Now, if you’re pro life like me you accept that conception is the point of creation, but at birth we all take our slot as a cracker, WOP, spic, limey, Nigger, Mick and so on, but the laws are supposed to fix that.

The one thing we had was integrity. Everyone knows that all politicians are so crooked that when they die you can’t bury them, you have to drive a stick through their ears and screw them into the ground, but that having been said we expected them to be two clicks above Pancho Villa. With that goal we went all the way from, “I cannot tell a lie” down to, “Just grab ‘em by the. . .” well, you know.

Obama’s administration was so gay it’s a wonder we didn’t end up with a three dollar bill complete with a picture of Bruce Gender on the front, and Extasy Island on the back! I can’t imagine Davy Crockett coming out of the closet.

We slipped little by little. Nixon told a lie, he was driven from Office, Clinton got a, again you know and STILL did two terms. Trump made his famous “grab” joke, something that would normally derail any campaign, but not the Trump Train. Heck, I even voted for him. And Hillary’s crookeder than THAT!

The Evolution of American Politics has become bread and circuses. We sit up in the stands and they throw us PaPa John’s Pizza and Miller Lite, and nobody cares. We didn’t NEED the Russians to mess up our election. We got US! If there was a chart showing Evolution like that one that starts with a squirrel and ends with a Wall Street Stock broker the Neanderthal would take one look at us, turn to the others and say, “Turn around, they screwed up!”

When is a Peach Not a Peace?

When is a peach not a peach? When it’s an Impeach! Since Donald J Trump raised his hand to take the oath of office the laughing academy, affectionately known as the Left has been trying to remove him from office. From everything from the election being rigged ( it was, Hillary rigged it) to accusations of racism because the presidential limousine is black, the democrats have spared no expense in an effort to puke those sour grapes because a successful white man is now in office.

As he applies simple economics to the insane roller coaster that America has become, and the food stamps dried up the effort has grown to a fever pitch. Then there’s the Russian thing. Lordy Lordy them Russians. That powerful, all conquering bunch of Cossacks over there with a failed economy, a leader that looks like he should be the next host on the Tonight Show, and an over supply of vodka is running our elections from a X-Box! If you understand how stupid the FBI is on The suffice you can grasp how stupid it REALLY is when you realize it’s been bamboozled by a bankrupt wannabe country without a climate. Now, folks I’m just telling it like it is!

All this having been said that’s the holy dream of the entitled, trans-sexual, totally socially disconnected radical left led by an alcoholic lesbian, funded by a wetback and cheered on by Uncle Remus and his he/she wife! I crappith Thee NOT! But is impeachment really a possibility? Three presidents have been impeached AT. Johnson, (The first one) Nixon, who just spit the hook, and Clinton whose impeachment sucked. No president has been forcibly removed from office. Yet every president has this specter looming over his head. There are reasons this has never happened.

Let’s examine how efforts to remove Trump might come about. In my opinion classic impeachment will not work. That is unless the president fired the special prosecutor. Nixon’s actions in precisely that circumstance that sealed his doom. If Trump moves in that direction then he’ll make that same sprint for that final flight aboard Air Force One that Nixon did. But the Russian investigation lends itself to another possibility. What if the election wasn’t an election?

What if the Senate said that it had been duped by the election having been tainted thereby the Senate confirmation will naturally follow as invalid. That would be the entire election. President and Vice President. That whole election would include Hillary. She wouldn’t win by default. If the Electoral College is shot down and the current administration is invalidated that would be as if the president and Vice President were shot in the head the speaker of the house would be elevated to the White House for the remainder of the term and hopefully the next election would be a bit mire honest.

If Trump is formally impeached based on high crimes and misdemeanors, and is removed the Vice President will move up, but if he is removed by skullduggery it will silence the voice of sixty three million Americans. It will tell them that the rules are changed to fit the times, their voice means nothing and that, my friends will not be Civil War, but it WILL be the end of America!

This Is Going to be a Serious Article

This is going to be a serious article. As much as I like to entertain you, I have to let you know what I’m up to because so much is at risk, I won’t be naming names (yet) for legal reasons, but I won’t be leaving much doubt

Are the lambs still screaming Clairice?

as to what I’m doing, or who I’m after. As you know from my article Brigham City, that little hamlet has a problem. The problem is that while the general populace goes about its business, a unusual number of predators have set up shop, and as I pointed out yesterday, the local police are clueless!

While the good people of Brigham City celebrated Peach Day, a few blocks away three teenage lesbians got into a knife fight over a love triangle. Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but in Austin our queers just cut hair and wait tables. We leave the knife fights and sex trafficking to the cartels. They’re better trained for that business and the police generally know who they are. There is a huge blind eye here. The people worry more about “Temple Worthiness” that who’s slipping their little girl meth at Lindsay Park!

My reason for coming here was due to the actions of a school principal. Without going into all the details, which will come out in court, he was more interested in attacking me because I pointed out his actions which included reckless endangerment of a child in my article New Baby and The Trip To Bountiful. He questioned a special needs child and coached her until he got what he thought was enough to destroy my family and therefore me! Friends and neighbors I stood on the steps of the Capitol of Texas with CJ Grisham when he took off his coat and reinstated our second amendment rights. I’m not scared of this school mharm!

After he got the story together, which involved grooming another little girl, he called in the CPS and they called the police. Although my article Brain Matter is funny, the unfunny part is I didn’t tell you the story was based on fact! While Hannibal Lector prowled the park Barney Fife was searching a little girl’s bedroom for brain matter and sperm! At that point Ted and I decided to come to Brigham City for a ski vacation.

I want you to understand this is not an attack on good people. I am an anti-theist. I don’t believe in any organized religion, but I understand some people find comfort in them. I’m cool with that, but I won’t put up with child molesters, stupid cops or school principals who try to manipulate government agencies for personal agendas in the name of God! I won’t be boring you daily with this story, but I’m here, and I’m open for business!

Brain Matter and Black Lights

Well, I’m on a road trip. Found myself in non other than Brigham City! Brain Matter and Black Lights. Wait for it. This one is gonna

be good! Now, I ain’t naming names because I just got here, and I never accuse falsely, much, but I stumbled into a high echelon, deeply penetrating story here.

Y’all remember a couple weeks ago, when I waxed majestic, got all teary-eyed, jumped on my soap box, and told you how they was trotting a few ladies out up here in the city park? Well, it gets better!

Seems there’s an investigation going on right now involving a local school principal, couple CPS workers, a cop, and, of course, a string of little girls. The truth be known there is a problem with Lindsay Park. The only thing I didn’t understand was they don’t CARE!

After my story broke, cop and the CPS workers show up at a friend’s house. Seems a like girl was a telling horror stories down at the school house, and had BEEN telling them for weeks. After the principal rubbed himself suggestively, he called the cop and the two CPS workers so they could rub theirselves too! Then they all took off to “investigate!”

Soringing on the home like three savage rabbits, the cop began to scour the home for evidence. You see, the allegations were a sixty three year old heart patient was beating a ten year old girl over the head with a club somewhat like Alley Oop would carry in the funny papers. Hey! It COULD happen. Modern medicine is fantastic. Anyway, I digress.

So Deputy Dawg begins to search the house for a large club and, now get this, brain Matter and semen! You can’t make this stuff up, folks. The cop found a broom and a curtain rod to which he shined his light upon trying to find forensic evidence of precisely those two items. One can only deduce that SOMEone is screwing SOMEone’s brains out in Brigham City.

To be continued. . .

That Was The Week That Was

That was the week that was, it’s over, let it go. With the regularly scheduled civil war on the horizon, we worked our way all the way back to the assassination of JFK. Donald Trump has accomplished one thing, if nothing else. We have gone from Obama’s trans-sexual, Islamic America to a first class bitch fight in a winner take all situation. Trump brings real time economics to people who’ve been led to believe that money grows on trees, and white people owe black people restitution for things that happened centuries ago.

We pay homage to countries that kill little girls for dancing, by oil from people overseas when Texas has more oil than they’ll ever have, and feed people who are doing push ups in front of the welfare office. Thank you Lyndon Baines Johnson! Oswald shot the wrong guy. Trump is going to change all that and the liberals don’t like it. But then, nobody likes an enema.

Most Americans, or at least sixty three million of them, would like to see the nation back on track and happily got on the Trump Train when it pulled into town. Trump is the most controversial president since Lincoln. It’ll take that to fix all the problems in a nation that doesn’t know where to pee! I’ve heard all about how Kennedy was so popular when the fact of the matter was whomEVER put the plan together to off that womanizer and cased him all over the country trying to get a clear shot finally succeeded in Dallas while he was in town trying to shore up the badly splintered Democratic Party. Maybe the GOOD man was sitting up on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depositary!

So, that was the week that was, but it’s really not over, only began, and we can’t let it go, we’ve let it go for too long as it is. God Bless our president, God Bless our nation, and God Bless you, dear reader to putting up with this Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin. I’ll try to earn your respect.

JFK Just For Kicks

Well, we were deluged with “thousands” more top secret documents pertaining to the JFK assassination yesterday with more to come. The reason giving for holding back on

the remaining documents was, of course, national security.  Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but is the national security issues in 2017 the same as 1963? I mean the Soviet Union is gone, Castro’s dead, and Oswald is darn SURE dead!

When you combine all the conspiracy theories attached to that day, and count all the shooters supposedly in Dealey Plaza it’s a miracle anyone got out of there alive. And the “proven” confessions from “well known monsters” would fill a library. I’ve had my own ideas, which are quite simple actually. Nerd in a window shot the President in the back of the head. The logic of that confounds people looking for shooters in the grassy knoll, in sewers, in the freaking presidential CAR, and even in the crowd.

The grassy knoll thing is a joke. Anyone can draw a straight line from the proposed location of this legendary sniper to JFK’s head and quickly see how dead Jackie would have been had that shot actually been fired.

Then there’s the cockamamie idea that Oswald either couldn’t have hit the car from where he was, couldn’t have fired the three shots, or he wasn’t skilled enough. I’ve BEEN to Dealy Plaza. I could have hit JFK with a slingshot! Oswald was a marine just like Charles Whitman.

Oh, and let’s not forget Jack Ruby, the only Jew who became a “made” man in the Italian Mafia. That is really the only perplexing thing in the entire study. Small time pimps simply do not become puffed up in a fit of patriotism and shoot prisoners at the police station!

Not long ago I was watching yet another film on Netflix expounding a new idea on the JFK thing. There was a scene showing the motorcade turning toward the Texas School Book Depository with a full view of the sixth

floor window  I did a quick screenshot and went to my camera roll. After pulling up the picture, I took my fingers and expanded it and there, in plain view, was a man with his hand resting on the window sill  you didn’t even have to strain to see it. The question isn’t was the man there, the question is who PUT him there! Guess that’s gonna come out in the next installment of JFK Just For Kicks!