Of The People

I’ve been Tweeting and Twerking for the past week, and there is one stumbling block that I am constantly wrestling with that I need to put down so this country can move forward, racism! Now, I’m gonna get down, so if you are a sensitive person I suggest you not read this article, and move on to less demanding things such as Sesame Street.

When Obama entered the White House Liberal America went into an orgasmic frenzy that hasn’t abated to this day. Hey, I’ll admit it, I thought it was pretty cool, too. I wasn’t concerned with any one man dominating the government, what with three branches, a constitution, and over two hundred years of history to back it all up. Then slowly the insinuations began to come. Oh, he had his moments. Remember that incident between those two guys and Obama invited them to the White House for a beer? I can’t even remember the names, but I do remember the president drank a Bud Light. But I also remember another day. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Let’s take that statement apart, because it’s important.

What Obama was saying was, “I’m different.” He didn’t say, “If I had a son he’d look like Justin Bieber.” He was saying, “I identify with Trayvon Martin solely because he’s black!” He was saying, “This is a BLACK thing!” (Them bees are swarming, there are more to come.) At that moment in time, President Barack Obama was publicly announcing there are “them,” and there are “us.” The country was too busy moving into two armed camps to even notice that in addition to that, a Latino, with black roots was designated an honorary white man. You see, the entire Trayvon Martin incident wouldn’t have cooked unless there was a white man involved so it was George’s time in the barrel. Now, I’m not going through that whole case, suffice to say, Zimmerman was a flake, Martin was a flake, and Obama took it, and gave us a bowl of corn flakes!

So now the race was ON! EVERYTHING boiled down to race. The Liberals grabbed that ball and ran for a touchdown with the crackers on the sideline, in a cast. The mainstream media picked up on it, and when facts or good sound journalism wouldn’t work, just play that trusty old race card, and Hollywood would rub itself suggestively. Race filtered into every single thing hitting the news no matter how frivolous the story. You couldn’t discuss a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker without being called a racist. Two little girls couldn’t sell lemonade. And there were rules! If you admitted that someone was black . . . you were a racist. The rules became so refined that the very mention of color in a major crime became forbidden, unless, of course, the criminal was white, then it was Katy bar the door. And if you pointed out that this was not fair, then, you were a racist!

Then there was Ferguson. A hoodlum charged a police officer, got killed, and an entire town burned while Eric Holder danced the Watusi WITH Al Sharpton making sure the fires of separation did not die out. At this point the Liberals were foaming at the mouth. If a white person ordered black coffee at a diner then he was a racist. The nation had gone mad! Then, naturally, a white chick in Washington State turned black, and the transformation was complete.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy he spoke for just over eight minutes. About a minute, to a minute and a half was directed at the problem of the border. To summarize his statement it is simple. If you cross an international border without the proper documentation you are breaking the law, i.e. you are, in effect, a criminal. You cannot refute this. If you break into someone’s home, you are a criminal. If you apply to enter ANY nation, and you have a felony record you will encounter obstacles. Ask Edward Snowden how long he lived in that airport before Putin finally let him in, and even then jt was with stipulations. One standard of international law is “keep your bad boys to yourself!” Mr. Trump pointed out that doctors and lawyers were NOT swimming the Rio Grande, REJECTS were! The Liberal left could not counter this, so they just screamed, “RACIST!” No matter how many facts substantiated his words, no matter how many women died on the pier in San Francisco, by golly Donald Trump was a white guy so therefore he simply MUST be a racist!

Then, they stood back in snake amazement as he zoomed to number two, and then number one in the polls, even trying to say there was something fundamentally wrong with the Republican Party, indeed AMERICA because of the surge of popularity of such a depraved man. No, America is just tired of the lie! America is tired of white is black, men are women, there are no borders, and sideways is straight ahead. The Liberal left has constructed a glass house so fragile that one statement from one man brought it all down. Think about that. Everything Obama has done in the last six years is now on the table because of a few choice words from New York Real Estate broker. That’s profound. That’s BIBLICAL! Donald Trump overturned the tables of the money changers.

So, what is racism? Racism is when you base your opinion about strangers you never met on unsubstantiated facts that have absolutely nothing to do with that person at all! And racists come in all colors. Take what Mr. Trump said. What if Obama had said it? Oh, well, it wouldn’t be racist then, because, well, you must understand, the president is black, so he gets a pass. In fact, if the president had said we need to secure our border for the good of all Americans, flags would have waved, wine would have flowed, and there would have been a tear in every liberal eye, but Trump said it, and he’s white, therefore defending American sovereignty is forever a racist stance. Mexicans are now Gringos. Shucks, worked on George Zimmerman, didn’t it? I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, but I’m having a real problem getting my mind around THAT one!

What is NOT racism? Admitting that America IS a great melting pot, that we ARE from different backgrounds, all striving toward a common goal, is NOT racism! I have a little racism in me. I like Donald Trump. I like his ideas, yet I have some reservations because he is a Yankee. You gotta watch them Yankees because they talk fast and steal all your money. See how stupid that is? About as stupid as opening the bridge at Laredo because some bunch of liberals wave a Rainbow Flag around.

The Liberal model of society has failed miserably. It has killed millions of babies, perverted our children and endangered the security of the nation itself. Middle America has been too busy working to pay for this dog and pony show to stand up, but Donald Trump put his cards on the table. You can defeat a man, but you cannot defeat an idea. It matters little if he wins. What matters is now the people have found a voice. The people are looking around and thinking, “There are others just like me!” As the political pendulum swings back to the right it will be terrible. People are going to die. As America rises in righteous anger many who have bought into the deceptive model put forth by the race baiters will pay the price, but when it’s all over the nation will be strong again. Then that Confederate flag WILL come down, because that era will have truly passed and the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. You may swat them bees now.


How I Really Think

I was being facetious when I said I got my feelings hurt yesterday. You’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to hurt my feelings. I’ve been married five times, been run off so many times that I thought PMS meant “pack my stuff.” What happened was I took off after Al Sharpton yesterday. Now, I’m going to go on record. I think Al Sharpton is a shallow minded, race baiting, lying pimp! He scans the headlines for anything he can inject himself into for a tidy sum, and he hasn’t done one thing to improve the human condition, white or black. Anyway, there were two people who took exception to my article, and that’s fine. Now, they didn’t READ the article, or at least didn’t read it with any comprehension. They leaped, like savage rabbits, and played that rusty old race card! THAT always irritates me. For somebody to read something that I’ve written, completely ignore the foundation, and come back with, “Oh, you just saying that ’cause he’s black!” Nigga please! (Is that racist enough for you, honey?)

So I checked out my two opponents. Frankly, today I don’t even remember their names, but the guy actually went to the University of Texas. Now, I’m an old Texas hard liner so that set me back a bit. Kid went to UT so he HAD to have learned SOMETHING! Then I went and checked out the girl. Cute! That goes a long way with me. (Hmmmmm. I might not be a racist but I AM a Chauvinist!) Anyway she made statements that my article wasn’t even an article for various reasons, and mentioned that I had horse whipped the Muslims a week ago also. She harangued my style, my content, and said that I was arrogant. Now, I’m fixing to get real blunt here, reader’s discretion advised! FYI, my own brother made fun of the title of my last book and I haven’t spoke to him for two years.

I write dozens of articles every day. I’ve written four books, three thousand songs, been in Country music for over forty years, and I’m not about to take criticism from some hula girl with a Facebook account! My writing style is actually contrived. I didn’t just stumble upon it one day in the shower. I use a theory I refer to as “circles.” The human mind reaches for completion. THAT’S why a song will get stuck in your head. Because you mind missed something and struggles to complete it. Fifty cents worth of psychiatric input there. That’s also what makes a song work. Verse, verse, chorus, lead riff, verse, chorus and out. Perfect circle! If you study most of my articles you’ll see that pattern almost every time.

There are two more elements. Humor, and simplicity. There are seven things that will construct humor in the brain. My humor is by comparison. Take a situation, paint mental images, easy to remember, with little Texas catch phrases like, “save your fork,” and “swat them bees,” to cement the prose of the article in the readers mind, compare the two and voila! You have humor. I don’t write ANYTHING by accident! Every line, every word is placed exactly where I intended it to be. I don’t use repetitive “ands” but I do throw in slang, and words like “gonna, ain’t,” and even a sloppy double negative here and there, and I do it for a reason. SIMPLICITY! When I address a complex situation I step back, look at it, and ask myself, “Now what is this guy REALLY saying?” Just like my opinion of Al Sharpton. For everything he’s ever said, or written, it all boils down to, “Give me de money!”

You can never predict my position on any matter, because I don’t know my position on any matter until I write it. I didn’t not agree with George Zimmermans shooting of Trayvon Martin, but frankly, I’d have shot Michael Brown from the car! My logic was simple. For all the MMA crap, Martin could NOT knock Zimmerman out. I, myself, been attacked by not one but THREE black thugs in my own driveway, and I didn’t kill anybody, and it’s not because I have the light of sweet Jesus in my eyes. It’s because when you stick a gun in someone’s mouth they go from thug to PHD in two seconds flat! And, oh yeah, I only did that cause they was black! For the record they embarked on a huge conspiracy to steal my cigarettes!

Now let’s jump on the religion thing. Yeah, I’m gonna go there, deal with it. I think most religion is silly. Not God, RELIGION! I was a devout Catholic, and before that I was a devout Baptist. Now I’m just a devout ME! I admire people like my friend Doc Greene who can live their faith and not hurt anyone, but when I see Muslims, the Westboro Baptist Church, and sidewalk, soapbox preachers looking forward to the end of the world like Al Sharpton, you damn well better know that I’m gonna express an opinion! If you want to pray five times a day and never eat a ham sandwich, I’m cool with that, but when you blow an old lady’s head off in the street because of the crazy ramblings of some guy who died sixteen hundred years ago we gotta talk! I SAW David Koresh, and NOT on CNN.

As far as acceptance of my writings? Well, I’m sitting here having a very dry martini, a Roosevelt Peter, smoking a Nicaraguan cigar on the porch of one of my three houses. So, to address that young lady from yesterday with a mouth full of opinions, yeah honey, I’m a bit arrogant. Matter of fact I’d like to run a few martins through you and see what pops out the other end. When you get past sixty or so you become pretty much settled in your opinions. You tend to view the world with a pretty jaundiced eye, but mainly you see things and people for what they really are.

I pulled out of Glozens yesterday because I knew that anyone small minded enough to address my articles in such a fashion would probably run to Facebook like a little child and I’d go to Facebook jail (again.) I’ve got books to sell. Martinis and cigars cost MONEY, and I don’t have the gig the REVEREND Al Sharpton has. I have to budget.

No Tickee No Laundry

About three days ago I did an article of great social and political importance. All fired up about civil disobedience, and how the police were getting what was coming to them, and the times, they were a changing! Well, I ran out of whiskey, and took a step back. Ok, homeboys, your time in the barrel!

Let’s look at the three biggest Al Sharpton hits of the last five years. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the late, great Freddie Gray! Now just what do these guys all have in common? A) If Obama had a son he would look like them. B) They were on the way to the store to pick up some cigars, Skittles, or maybe a little CRACK, or C) All three were SCUMBAGS! I think the answer is C, but I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, so what do I know?

Black people! If you’re going to find a martyr, a little background check would be NICE! And this last cat, OMG! I grew up with a guy named “Jr” who was a HIT man and he didn’t have a rap sheet that long! How did this guy stay out of jail for five minutes? And one other thing they all have in common: Death By STUPID.” Martin punches a Mexican in the nose who is packing. I know, I know, he wasn’t a Mexican, but I’m from Texas so just deal with it, ok? Brown charges a cop AFTER he robs a store, AND slaps said cop in the mouth, and Gray is selling crack on main street DOZENS Of times and gets PINCHED! Yeah, yeah, yeah, they broke his neck. Maybe shoulda stayed in the crack house. You think?

All three times black folk lost their collective minds, spilled out into the street, and lit up the neighborhood. Not all black folk, just the ones who had a lot of time on their hands. Little Alex Hill got killed by the CPS down here in Texas, and didn’t even get a nose thumb from Obama orJack in the Sharp, but then she was only two years old and she was white, and I suppose that means something.

They pour into the streets in righteous indignation and loot! I saw one looter sprinting away with a four pack of paper towels. There’s your next martyr! Y’all swat them bees now, you hear? Back in my day our looters stole TV sets! And looters out in LA can get DOWN! When they strike a match the fuzz don’t even show up for work! Ah, the good old days. But, I digress. I don’t know anything about Baltimore. I think it’s up in Maryland somewhere, but I KNOW Missouri! Missouri SUCKS! When I seen the fires light up in Ferguson I thought, “Good job!” But then, that’s just me. I humped equipment down in Branson one summer for Rodney Dilliard, and I hate every square INCH of Missouri!

Couple days ago I said I couldn’t find a solution for these riots. Well, I lied! I had a solution, but I was wimping out. Here it is. CONSTITUTIONAL
CARRY! WHOMP, Dey it is! You give a pistola to every mother’s son and just stand back and sell tickets! “Oh Wilbur! You’d just have the wild west.” DUDES! You GOT the wild west! I’m just trying to bring a new sheriff to town, that’s all. What do you suppose would happen if a bunch of rioters were on their way to burn down a laundry, and Fong Yong, his three daughters, two sons, and assorted cousins were all waiting down there armed to the gills? No tickee, no laundry! And don’t even trip over and jump on the Quickie Mart staffed with Omar and the boys. Seventy-two virgins any one?

Cops are real good at beating up a coed for jay walking, especially since are six of them and one of her, but they ain’t worth a FLIP when it comes to facing a crowd of drunk thugs. If the math’s not right the cops will opt for the donuts every time. (You cops can swat them bees, too!) It takes PEOPLE to inflict good crowd control. And guns. Lots of guns. I’ll bet I’ve got Mothers For Gun Sense In America puking in their little girl’s back right about now, but that’s ok. I’ll say one thing for sure. Cure for scumbags. Martin . . .CURED! Brown . . . CURED! Gray? Absolutely cured. But, Jesus loved ’em all. The rest of thinking Americans just think they were thugs! Is there anything I missed?

Ducks Unlimited

Got a little bonus for my friends today. Exclusive, just for you. Remember good ol’ George Zimmerman? You know, the guy, some time back ,who was just driving down the street, reciting his rosary when that ring leader of the Bloods leaped upon him and almost beat him to death with an Arizona tea? Yeah, THAT George Zimmerman. He went to trial, and all us crackers danced in the street when he walked? Hey, I ain’t even gonna lie to you, I actually had tears in my eyes and rushed out and bought a Florida flag. Well, George is back in the news again!

This isn’t the first time George has hit the news since his debut on the national scene. First he beat the beJesus out of his now ex-wife, AFTER he threw her under the bus in the same courtroom HE walked out of. Oh yeah, he DID walk her up to the courthouse steps, but then shoved her through the door to take the rap for something HE told her to do in the FIRST place. Never mind that she was there at HIS trial every single DAY! Such a guy! Then he beat up her iPad, then a girlfriend and NOW he’s sitting in the county jail after yet another fight! Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, must be a duck, and George has been quacking his tail off!

George has had more altercations than an officer walking a beat in East LA. He beat up an iPad! Oh, I’m sure the iPad knocked him down, broke his nose, and beat his head on the sidewalk. He has learned a little self control, however. He didn’t SHOOT the iPad. Now let’s get down to stats here. Hey, KC Massey, how many fist fights have you had in the last two years? How about you, CJ Grisham? That’s what I thought. The winner, and still champion, George ZIMMERMAN!

Do you suppose that George just might have some issues? You think? Now I know that Trayvon Martin was a rowdy kid, I’m not minimizing that, but have you ever considered that ol’ George just might have walked up that whipping that night? Maybe a smart word, a motion, a look, something. George is a stocky MAN. Trayvon, for all the press, and it’s been volumes, was a tall, skinny kid. Is it just possible that George walked up to Trayvon and got punched in his smart mouth? I mean since his exoneration he’s certainly shown an perplexity towards imposing his will on whomEVER gets in his way, be it an iPad or woman, or old man, ya he did that too.

Now I’m gonna commit second amendment suicide here, but do you just suppose that Georgie might be one of those very special people that we DON’T want to have a gun? Open Carry Texas supports gun safety, the responsible use of weapons with classes, education and plain old common sense. We all want that. We all want citizens to be able to defend themselves responsibly. Now, let ask some questions. Do you think George Zimmerman would have even exited his SUV that night if he wasn’t packing? Do you suppose that 9mm pistol might have bolstered his ego just a tad? And, just for the sake of argument, after the fight ensued, is it just possible that the fight that night would have been just that, a fight, and nothing more? We will never know. Trayvon Martain came from an urban world where people don’t walk up on you, or stalk you from a distance. I have a black friend from LA who lectured me once telling me, after I DID have an incident with a young thug. He told me NEVER let ANYONE walk up on you, or even observe you in the dark. Trayvon’s world was HIS world, and his advice has served me well.

As George arranges bail this morning, we must all step back, and consider all these things. While we do not want to relax our efforts to support our second amendment rights, let us not check our common sense in at the hat check rack either. Perhaps this may even be one of the very sound reasons for an armed society. There ARE George Zimmermans out there, and people DO have a right to go to the store and buy candy, even in the rain.

Fernando is Hiring!

America, as we knew it is gone. The original concept of our country was a great melting pot of people’s from all different lands coming here for a fresh start in a place where the old rules did not apply or hold anyone back as they fulfilled their American dream. That dream has now become a very bad LSD trip. Instead of enjoying the cultural differences that each group brings we have embarked on a campaign of suspicion and hate from which there seems to be no retreat, and no way back. No matter which side you may take on the Martin-Zimmerman incident there is one undeniable fact you must face. These two young men were caught up in a culture of hate and suspicion so great that a young man could not go to a convenience store, for whatEVER reason, and another young man was so filled with suspicion that he launched into an interaction from which there was no retreat and led to death. What should have been an offer of a ride home in the rain ended with the death of a young man who became angry when he was singled out for his attire and the color of his skin, because he, too, had been pre-programmed by the liberal left. That’s called “borrowing trouble” because when you EXPECT something to happen, any confirmation, no matter how small, will confirm those suspicions! This does not compare with Michael Brown. He was a thug. How was his death any different than what happened to John Dillinger in that alley? Oh, I’m sorry. Dillinger was white, so that changes things. I forgot the rules for a moment. That, my friends, is the brave new world that YOU allowed to be created by buying into politically correct nonsense!

No matter what you may think, or what you’ve been told, culture and environment drives our emotions and affects our decisions, not our race. “It’s a black thing!” is the mantra of black people who have long ago given up on a system that they see as a machine specifically designed to keep them down. And they are right. I will expound on this later. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fuel this mindset while they line their pockets,and voices of people like Dr John David Manning and the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani , CEO of Raging Elephants are largely ignored or ridiculed when they try to inject the truth. THAT’S what’s left of your “American Dream.”

And what do the whites do? Well, there are two flavors. One group, or collection of groups actually, would love to put all the blacks on a boat and send them all back to Africa. Well to them I say you’d better order two boats because if you don’t have a feather in your hair you aren’t from here either! The only historical difference between you and them is the cost of the ticket on the boat that brought you here and friend that is as straight as I can put it to you. Nobody came here because things were so great back in the old country. And, no matter what the blacks say, they are much better off being Americans than they would be back in the Congo! Ebola anyone?The other section of liberals would soak the blacks in enough welfare and social programs to keep them well fed and complacent enough to never challenge the liberal policies that put them there in the FIRST place. Now I ask you, who’s the racist? Here are some food stamps. Shut up and go back to the projects!

Now enter another group, and this is going to surprise you. Latinos! Now don’t start about the drug cartels because they don’t represent Latinos any more than Al Capone represented the Italian people. And look at what the Latinos do that irritates most people. They sneak into America because somewhere, someone told them about the American Dream. Most have a strong Christian background with a lot of family support. The problem is that the good Latinos are smothered by hoards of lazy, criminal malcontents that wouldn’t fit in anywhere. The good Latinos try to hold to Christian beliefs and family values. We NEED people like that! Wendy Davis just made the astounding discovery down in the valley that Mexican girls don’t kill their babies. Shucks, Ive known that for YEARS, and I don’t even have a law degree from Harvard. Imagine that! But, strong immigration policies are still needed. We need good people here, but what we do not need is a bunch of loafers who are looking for a free ride. We already HAVE those! We need people who WANT to work, pay taxes, and contribute to society. Compare that to what Liberal policies have done to the black families who have been here for four hundred years. Due to our social programs a lot of black children don’t even know who their father is and Jesus was just one more white man.

So what do we do? We can’t really send all the blacks back to Africa, and I can assure you Fernando Lopez is NOT going to willingly climb back over that fence, he’s got to be at work in the morning! What to do? We need to fix a system that hasn’t worked in years. A system designed by political correctness that makes about as much sense as electing a communist senator with no birth certificate to the White House. Wait a minute. We have one of those! When Rosa Parks took her seat on that bus so long ago she did so because she was tired because she was coming home from work! It was a simple act of civil disobedience. From that simple action flowed affirmative action, that liberal piece of work that openly admits that black people are so inferior to whites that the system has to be skewed or they can never hope to succeed. Now who’s the racist my friends? Within five years of WWII Jewish survivors had risen to the top forty-five percent of the income of Americans. One hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished the liberals are still telling us that blacks are too stupid to make it on their own without government assistance. And yet the majority of blacks will run like gazelles to the polls and vote for ANYONE with a “D” behind their name. And then call people like the Apostle Claver an “Uncle Tom!” I challenge you to ask any black teen on the street to name the book that Uncle Tom came from. (I’m not joking friends and neighbors. I’ve DONE this!)

We have to fix this. Now, I’m a Texas Nationalist. I KNOW how to fix this, and the Nortés don’t LIKE it, but outside of that, if we are stuck in Disneyland a while longer we have to at least try to show the rest of the country what WILL work, and what has NOT worked in years! People who are mentally sound and able bodied should be told that they have one year to figure it out. See, I’m a nice guy. I mean, it takes a little time to get in shape, after a lifetime of retirement. Enjoy those food stamps for now because they are going away. I can hear it now. “Oh Wilbur, those people won’t have any food.” Head’s up. I grew up in a ghetto. A MEXICAN ghetto. You’d be amazed what a motivator hunger is. To quote Richard Pryor, “If you have some money, or a pistol, you can FIND something to eat in America!”

People who need jobs should compete with all other people on an open system (with no “minimum” wage) and if they don’t get the best job then I’m so sorry. You didn’t finish school, you don’t know who your daddy is, you got kids all over town who don’t know who YOU are, and the lights just went off. Well cry me a river and I’ll plant water melons on both banks for you. Give me a BREAK! Statistics have shown that people who finish high school, have a mother and father in the home (no mommies and mommies please) and get married BEFORE they have a child, predominately succeed. And color is NOT a factor in those studies! And how do you measure success? If you can pay your bills, provide your own housing and eat, then you are a success. It’s as simple as that!

Given one year of following these simple steps and you will see a change in the American dream. It’ll be back! We whites need to understand, as Bob Dylan sang, “Times they are a changing,” and we are not the majority anymore and this is NOT South Africa! There are people who still believe in the American dream because the failure of some other system that is still fresh in their minds. And we better start swimming or we’ll sink like a stone, because…Fernando Lopez is hiring!

Michael Brown Revisited

Mike Brown Revisited

First off I’d like to say I was right. Jack in the Sharp showed up, AND Jackson DID pass the plate. When are black people going to see through these two nincompoops? Couple of years ago a little two year old girl in Dallas got her brains bashed out by a foster parent up in Dallas and Jack in the Sharp was sadly absent. I’ll leave it to you to figure out why, but enough about that.

We are now running the gauntlet of autopsies trying to figure out what happened on that fateful night in Ferguson. There WERE witnesses, and it was in the street with enough light. Brown DID just strong arm a convenience store clerk, but the officer had no knowledge of that so it’s not a factor in the event. What has to be determined is if deadly force was required or not.

There are some who are trying to draw parallels to the Trayvon Martin event but that doesn’t wash, and I will tell you why. Trayvon Martin did assault George Zimmerman. This is borne out by Zimmerman’s injuries. For whatever reason he was knocked to the ground and Martin leaped on him, banging his head on the concrete causing George some distress, and it doesn’t MATTER what Martin said while he was doing it, he could have been saying, “Have you found Jesus,” he was still doing everything possible to knock Zimmerman out. Now, this is important; one shot, squarely placed, to fend off am attacker. Physical contact had been made, and it doesn’t matter WHY George was out of that SUV, it doesn’t matter what flavor tea Trayvon had at the time it is simple. Attack, one shot, man down. If you will note, George Zimmerman did NOT empty his magazine into Trayvon Martin. When Martin stood, and said, “You got me,” through the blood in his eyes, and the trauma of the head bashing he had just taken, George Zimmerman had no idea where the bullet went. It could have gone straight up in the air and I think Martin would have jumped up anyway.

Now, let’s look at the officer’s actions in Ferguson. These people are pumped up, ok? That’s why they yell a lot. I’ve been told that the reason for the contact was because Brown and company were walking in the middle of the street. What happened to the officer just slowing his cruiser and pointing at the boys, and then at the sidewalk? He over reacted. Now let’s get inside Brown’s head. Being aware that he had just stolen those cigars, and believing that most likely the clerk had called the police, don’t you think it possible that Michael Brown thought he was caught? When I was growing up down here in Texas, and a cop pulled up and got out of his car we ran in five different directions at once. Cop caught the slow guy. Witnesses agree that Mike turned, raised his hands, and approached the officer. Not one witness recalled the officer shouting, “GET DOWN!” Now THAT is normal police procedure. You lay down, they handcuff you, and you deny everything.

Let’s address the firing of the weapon. I’ve been in altercations here with thugs trying to roll me in the parking lot of a store and all I’ve ever done is show my gun, smile, and say, “You were just leaving.” Know what? They always LEAVE! Damnest thing I ever saw. That’s cause NOBODY wants to get shot, and I dare say Michael Brown had just about the same mindset. Now let’s push the envelope just a bit. Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that Michael Brown was a drug crazed, raving lunatic, charging at the cop waving his fists in the air. You charge a cop down here and see how that works out for you. These guys are pumped up. They WANT to fight. They PRACTICE fighting. They taze each other at parties and laugh about it. If that police officer was in fear for his life because some fat kid ran up in him he needs to get another job.

Next, he can’t shoot. All the wounds in Brown’s arm prove that. George got Trayvon dead center with one shot with blood in his eyes. The one good hit was when Michael stooped over exposing the top of his head, which is another point. If a man is going down why shoot him again? In my opinion this officer has some explaining to do, and, as facts emerge, the scenario I have painted may change, but I don’t think it will change that much. If Brown was on drugs, or drunk, police officers are supposed to be trained for that. If he was bull rushing the officer, don’t they have teasers up in Ferguson? There are so many variables that the conclusions are endless.

On a final note I thought we’d done away with all this, “Burn the town down” crap back in the 60’s. Apparently not. I have never understood that. You burn down the stores so now you can’t buy any cigarettes. DUH! Beats working I guess.

Don’t shoot me I’m just the piano player

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Just The Piano Player
By Wilbur

A recent trial in Florida drew my attention but I waited before writing this article. Several reasons for that. One, it’s in Florida, and two, it involved a middle aged white man and some black kids. Seems it went like this: White guy goes to a gas station and sends girl friend in for chips or what ever. Black kids roll up to the same store and they have their music going. Of course it’s rap, and of course it’s loud. Well, the white guy tells them to turn the music down. Now, right off the bat this is rude. I know, I know, the kids were rude, too, but they’re KIDS. Now the kids began to shout and leap about. I’ve seen high school kids do this once before. All the street stuff, the cussing, the threats, and on and on, BUT, no one tried to pull the guy out of his car. According to him he became in fear for his life! He pulls out a pistol and pumps nine rounds into the van. Now, he SAID he saw “about four inches” of what appeared to be a shotgun barrel. He killed a boy sitting out of sight in the van.

Kids do stuff like this. They shout, threaten, show off for the girls, you name it. This was NOT the knockout game. This was a bunch of boys pulling into the same gas station the other man was. Whenever I pull up to a light, or parking lot and experience this I look at the person playing the music and just grin. I won’t have to put up with his music long and will most likely never see him again. That having been said kids will often put on a display of bravado. If they’re standing ten feet away and don’t try to open your door just ignore it and drive away. By the way, no shotgun was found that night. I have had a young man become offended when I routinely locked my door. He took it to mean I did so because he was black. This was not true. My Mercedes locks doors automatically. Of course there were all the treats and “eyeballs” and everything that goes with it. Uh, he had a young lady in his car so I know what was fueling his indignation. He DID approach my window and when he did he got a glimpse of my 9mm on the seat beside me. He stopped, looked at me, and I said, “You were just leaving.” Whereupon he found better things to do.

The white man precipitated this entire thing with his statement to turn the music down. Then he compounded it with his racism. I hate to use that word, but let me ask you, would he have been as indignant if it had been white boys with two or three white high school girls dancing beside the van to Justin Bieber? Now the real issue. Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin but something in my dim memory tells me you simply don’t pump nine rounds blindly into a van for loud music. Also, if he were threatened by the boy shouting at him why didn’t he just shoot HIM? I took several days to write this article. I was going to include a part telling young blacks that they should condition their behavior so as not to shock or scare the white folk but that nasty old constitution kept getting in the way. They had a right to play their music, albeit a bit loud, just as much as the white guy had a right to have his girl friend buy corn chips that night. They went back to the motel room, snacked and watched TV. Now, I’m an old bastard people, I really am. Someone really tries to hurt me and I have the conscience of a rather mature cucumber . But, something about riddling a van full of kids with bullets just doesn’t lead me to pile up in bed with some hottie and eat chips and dip. He did it because those kids weren’t human to him. Their lives didn’t matter.

This is not George and Trayvon. That was entirely different. This is prejudice at the Nth degree. I’ve had altercations with blacks, yes, but more black kids have held the door for me than cursed me. Looks like our boy is going to get about sixty some odd years for his wild west show, and that’s good. Maybe he’ll learn a little bit about how to get along with people who are different from him while he’s there.

And the GUN didn’t do it, the MAN did. I hope the family of the boy killed finds peace. It tore me up when the dead boy’s mother expressed her sympathy for the killer having to spend so much time in jail. The one thing I came out of it was the next time I hear rap music blaring out of a car full of black kids. . . I’m gonna smile, and listen, and wave. Not because I’m afraid, but because they have as much right to their music as I do, and I KNOW they GOT to hate Country!

Wilbur Witt
Austin Texas



Black, White, and RIGHT!

Black, White, and RIGHT!
by Wilbur Witt

James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Allen Luna, 16, were charged with murder. A third teenager, Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact and with firing a weapon. All were charged as adults, according to the Stephens County District Attorney’s Office. This is all in connection with the death of a baseball player killed while jogging in Oklahoma.

Police in Spokane, Wash., say they have arrested one of two teens suspected of fatally beating an 88-year-old veteran of World War II who had survived the Battle of Okinawa. Authorities say the two young African American men, between 16 and 19 years old, approached Delbert Belton in his car at random Wednesday night outside an Eagles Lodge as he was waiting for a friend.

These are just last week. There are probably more but the mainstream media doesn’t rush to the scene of the crime near as quickly when Skittles aren’t involved. The exoneration of George Zimmerman has become a rallying cry for every dirt bag in the country. Scumbags who would most likely commit crimes anyway, but now incorporate a political point into their actions. These individuals do not have a political stance. Animals don’t have politics.

Now, if I were Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, I’d put a sheet on and just play the hell out of the race card, but, unlike those esteemed gentlemen I can properly discern facts and most unlike Mr. Jackson, I can clearly converse in the English language. http://www.kfiam640.com/pages/jessejackson/ I’m not going to do that, but I’m not going to hide under a big white rock either.
This is a black problem. Certainly not all blacks, not even a measurable minority of black people agree with this sort of action. As a matter of fact, the most critical words I’ve heard about Trayvon Martin’s ,actions have come from a black rapper and a black veteran of Iraq, and both have told me that Martin stepped into a man’s shoes and got exactly what he had coming to him.

Now that you’re recoiling in abject horror because I blasphemed the memory if Saint Martin, let’s examine some facts. There is going to be no race war or breakdown of American society. What you’re seeing is what has always been there. Black culture, white culture, Mexican culture, ALL cultures are multiple-faceted. There are good people, and there are bad people. People, and their subsequent actions are largely defined by their sub cultural environment. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler makes a statement about the systematic lowering of racial levels by the continuous poisoning of individuals. Now Adolf had his moments, and he was ranting about Jews but he had a point, and that’s what we’re dealing with here.

Individuals. Remember that word. Poisoning. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. And they are, but when you grind these equal creations through a set of lies, laced with hate, and you poison heir minds you get a new reality, a ghetto reality, complete with its own set of standards, music, even language. And this Bizarro world is very real to these inhabitants. The world of high finance, gold prices, mortgages, jobs, and responsibility may as well be in China to these people because they have been fed a line by people like Sharpton, and Jackson that they need to concentrate on social issues defined by these two men and believe me, these two black millionaires understand balance sheets very well. They also understand the tax shelters enjoyed by churches.

There are real black voices out there. Dr John David Manning, Dr Bill Cosby, Colin Powell, but they’re not as much FUN to listen to. Their world is not as black and white as the Sharpton-Jackson world. Their world is American, and more than that, it’s HUMAN! Will a huge race war erupt? No. There are simply not enough black idiots to fuel one. Oh, there will be more deaths. Old men will die on the way to the grocery store, young men will die while jogging, and the perpetrators will chant their mantra, “TrayVON, TrayVON, TrayVON,” as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pass the plate in every ghetto in the country and line their Upper West Side pockets.

White people have got to stand up. Without being racist, and without backing away when some illiterate confronts them with that charge, white people have to stand up and just say, “No!” The tail has wagged the dog for too long. The Civil War is over. The civil rights legislation is on the books. I, myself, never owned a slave and I don’t owe them a God Damned thing! Once the whites do that you will see a LOT of good, decent black folk lining up behind because THEY want a decent, safe life, too, but they don’t trust milk toast. They have to know we’ll BE there, and not as racists, but as pissed off Americans. People of all races who know black, white, and RIGHT!

The young men responsible for the crimes I cited at the beginning of this article need to die. They are not freedom fighters, they are not sanctifying the memory of Trayvon Martin, they are the lowest form of animals. The streets will be safer when they’re dead. ALL the streets. And i don’t want to hear any crap about, “They’re just CHILDREN!” Billy the Kid was just a child, too! Cleaning up the social conditions that spawned them will take a bit longer, perhaps a generation. By then perhaps the words of Jackson and Sharpton will be in the bottom of a bird cage, where they belong!


On Being Opinionated

by Wilbur Witt

I recently submitted an article to the local newspaper in an effort to see if it would possibly run some of my articles. I don’t like to submit locally, in fact I dodge it like the plague. When I left that garage studio in Harker Heights back in ’84 and went to Austin I never came back. I quickly found out that there’s a REASON places like Austin, L A, and New York turn out more publications than Ding Dong, Texas. But, I submitted, and patiently waited for the rejection. Notice how I knew that was coming. When it came the reason was that I was “opinionated.” What, ME, opinionated? NO!

Well, I AM opinionated. Rejections from local papers don’t affect me. I spoke to the representative and he told me that the paper was looking for a bit more of the mundane. We had a pleasant conversation, and I told him if he ever needed an article in my style please don’t hesitate to give me a ring. He’ll never call. He wants to keep his job. But I don’t hold this against him. Life is like an airplane. Some planes fly under 3,000 feet and others, well, they fly a bit higher.

When I write on any subject I insert what I think. That’s the whole purpose of writing. To communicate ideas to people makes the world connect, and when you have ideas that resound in the human experience that’s that makes the world not only connect, but think. Frankly, I can’t make myself get excited about writing a story about a girl scout cookie sale. Not that I don’t like girl scout cookies, but I simply MUST stay awake while writing.

I’ve made a career out of stating the unstateable. I apply old time Texas rules to modern circumstances. The results are usually good. I’m a little politically correct, but not much. When correctness approaches stupid I do a right turn (and I do mean right) and just tell it like it is. I knew Jodi Arias was going to spit that hook when I saw her stretch in front of that jury full of men. I knew George Zimmerman was going to walk when I saw that poster sized picture of the back of his head, and I’m telling you right now that Ali Baba out on Fort Hood will NEVER be executed for his crime. Why do I know these things? I know these things because I’ve got common sense. That, and I see the underlying issues.

Take for example the local paper here covering the Fort Hood trial. I glanced over the article briefly and all I noticed was how the reporter was very impressed with all the national media coverage. Frankly, he/she was star struck. Myself, I would have cornered one of the people involved in the shooting and got the rest of the story. I think this reporter simply copied the CNN story and went on about all the media trucks in the parking lot. And, yes, I would be “opinionated.” Now look at this story. Religious fanatic murders unarmed people. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, I’m just a simple old boy from Austin . . .what do you think I’d like to do,to him . . .in your “opinion?”


Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

The most soft spoken, nicest guy I ever met was a thrice convicted felon probably responsible for ten shootings. In private conversations he would relate his exploits to me and frankly it sounded like a wild west show. What he never did was stand his ground. In a demanding situation he would retreat, play a coward and concede any point. He was wonderful with children.

People confuse standing their ground with self defense or the application of second amendment rights. The only time you must stand your ground is when there is a twelve foot wall behind you that you simply cannot scale. Standing your ground in a street that you do not own is not standing your ground, it is confrontation. It is in effect saying, “I’m here, I’m in your face, and I’ll kill you to protect this spot of sidewalk. Now, I’m not saying that if someone crashes through your front door you must run out the back. That person has attacked and you are perfectly within you rights to assume the worse and protect your life and the lives of those around you.

To stand your ground in almost any other situation is comparable with the old time gunslinger that everyone in town tiptoed around. What George Zimmerman did not understand was when you stand your ground there are some people who will knock you off that ground. That, and using deadly force is a major, complicated, legal decision. Even a rattlesnake won’t use deadly force until cornered. Most will slither away.

Stand your ground is an evolution of self defense assuming confrontation. And it applies to all. George Zimmerman was standing his ground, protecting the neighborhood and Trayvon Martin was standing his ground, thinking he had every right to walk to the store. See where this is going. It is no different than two adversaries squaring off in the streets of Tombstone in 1888. And I totally reject the age thing. Billy the Kid was well known to be an excellent dancer. A 19th century John Travolta. He also took a shotgun away from a deputy and put 16 dimes in his chest. George Zimmerman is a violent man. Trayvon Martin was a violent man. I hate to be the first one to tell you urban pilgrims this but when you put two violent men in a confrontational mode you ALWAYS get the event similar to the one in Sanford, Florida that night.

Will ending stand your ground end these things? Nope! But it will clear up the bullshit ambiguous legal maneuvers perpetrated by shyster lawyers. A person has a right to defend his life. Hell, even a dog has that right. But there will always be people you should pass on by. When Liberty Vallence walked the streets the men would step aside.

I have always ridiculed when a person is exonerated of a criminal charge and then gets charged with a civil rights violation but this time I relent. O. J. Was found not guilty. Jury said he wasn’t there, didn’t do it, next page. It is beyond question that when George Zimmerman confronted Trayvon Martin he did indeed violate Trayvon’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If a joint, an Arizzona tea, and a bag of candy was what Trayvon considered a happy night it was none of Zimmerman’s business.

Anger, suspicion, fear, and all the other things came into play that night. Imagine two gunfighters swaggering into the street for a showdown. Both have guns. Neither has a real reason to be in that street, but times being what they were both “stood their ground.” The very fact that both were there constituted a threat. The instant one began to draw the other was obligated to graduate to self defense. I know a bunch of you more enlightened folks out there will differ with me, but it’s that simple.

Should Zimmerman be persecuted? George stepped into a role that he can never shake. And just like the Clantons rode into Tombstone that day and met up with the Earps at the OK Corral, there will always be someone out there waiting to try him out. I suggest he goes to the practice range regularly. This is the law of the jungle people, and the more you perfume it the more it smells like someone just crapped a Christmas tree.

But it is not all white people’s problem. It is not the responsibility of every Mexican in the US. So, when you riot, when you break windows, hit ladies in the head with a hammer be aware; there’s lots of room in George Zimmerman’s shoes and for every New Black Panther there is someone out there more than willing to stand THEIR ground, and try you out!