Texas Has Survived


Texas has survived in spite of continual attacks for the last one hundred and eighty years! From the time that Santa Anna crossed the Rio Grande until the attacks on the Red River by the BLM, Texas has been a target for outlanders looking to clean up on the Lone Star State. During this entire time Texas has maintained at least a semblance of sovereignty, forging ahead to create the tenth largest economy in the world. Low taxes, willing workers, and a fine climate have lured corporations not back to the United States, but back to Texas!

The secessionist movement draws a lot of negative attention, but the Texas movement is one of seriousness. When Houston, Austin, Crockett, and others, fought for independence in 1836, they formed a coalition under the rule of law, with many arguments as to who controlled what, where the money was going to come from, declarations of independence, and planning the war against a lawless regime, quite similar to the one the Americans have imposed today!

Entrenched governments always have more guns than they need, and they use those guns to impose their will. Notice in the events in Nevada, and Oregon, the rule of law was second, guns were the tools of choice when government tries to make its point. Now they have Cliven Bundy in custody, and are stacking up to ninety-six years prison time on him, and they’re still ignoring the rule of law, and still depending on their guns!

Ok, let’s get to the bottom line. If Nevada or Oregon secedes from the union what does America really loose? Vegas and a few fish. If Texas leaves they lose the bottom dollar supporting just about their entire show, a butt-load of gasoline, cars, cows, and even that little pill they have to take every night to keep their girlfriends happy!   Texas has it all, hell ya’ll, we’ve even got Ebola!

The main stream media rails against Texas, making fun of our hats, girls, and our guns, but the alternative media streams more from Texas than any other place. Raging Elephants, Alex Jones, and even Glenn Beck continue to pound facts up the MSM’s posterior, and after Glenn’s little statement about God killing Judge Scalia, I’ll agree he’s two bubbles short of plumb, but he’s still in Texas! Ted Cruz is from Texas! Hey, if that African witch doctor in the White House can say he’s from Hawaii, Ted can say he’s from Houston, ok? You see, Texas is not all bent up about where your feet hit the ground first so long as you got to Texas as soon as you could.

You won’t see a great war of independence in Texas, you’ll just wake up one day and we’ll be gone. Texas is a de-facto republic, and I’ve sat on the Capitol grounds, listening to some Yankee go on and on about how silly we are, but that’s why he was in Texas in the first place. Weren’t no money left in New York! The main thing you need to know is that Texas will survive. The economy will continue to grow, people will continue to stream across the borders, and yes, oil prices are down, but the gas still burns! The only thing we have to watch out for is people bringing liberal ideas in, ruining a good thing. California is just a pretty prison. The state of Nevada belongs to the Fed, and Syria is safer to live in than Chicago, and boys and girls, if you don’t believe that, then I’ve still got that bridge on sale!


Just My Luck, God’s a Texan . . .

If I were as wrong about so many things as Mohammed, danged if I wouldn’t have found another job! The man could NOT write, and I mean that literally, or rather, illiterally. Hey, I just made that up. That’s your new word of the day. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, Mohammed. Anyway, he had a pretty good gig running camels across the desert, and married to a rich old lady, but then there was this cave, and an ANGEL! Oh yes, we had an angel. You know, every time someone comes up with some sexually driven nonsense they always blame it on an angel. I personally have never seen an angel, unless you count that girl I picked up at Cody’s one time, but the next day she misplaced her wings, but I’d rather not talk about that right now.

As Mo progressed toward being king of the towel heads he’d go into these rants, usually having something to do with whatever pipe dream he was chasing at the time. Think I’m lying? Check out the “Satanic Verses.” Seems there was these three girls, and, well, they lost THEIR wings, too. When caught in this cluster screw, and it didn’t make any sense to any of the other rag heads he tried to tell ’em, “The Devil made me do it.” Oh, that’s the other big trick. Any time some “prophet” gets caught with his pants down he says the “Devil” tricked him into it. DUDE! If you’re like, a PROPHET, ain’t you supposed to know what the Devil looks like? I personally think he might look like Velma Prigmore back in high school. She led more of us to sin than anyone else I know.

Anyway, Mo ate some poison goat, and about two years later he stopped prophesying, cause he was like, dead! Then the fun really started. If you think Mo was crazy just take a look at act II! There came to pass (got that line from the Book of Mormon) there was these things called “Sayings Of Mohammed,” which loosely translated were things that were so stupid no one mentioned it during his lifetime because there was a distinct possibility of losing your mind, literally! THAT is where we get all these little jewels about what it takes to properly dance around the ol’ Kaaba, beat the devil out of the wife of your choice, AND never marry a chick before the age of five. Then there’s this image thing. Muslims don’t want anybody drawing any pictures of the prophet. Supposedly they hold to the “graven image” thing, and don’t want anyone paying more attention to anything than they do God, but then they pray in the direction of this big ol’ rock in Mecca, and hold onto another rock in Jerusalem like it was property on the Vegas Strip. You see, whenever you have “religion” you always have two sets of rules. The rules for the “equals” and the ones for the “equalizers.” Hey, there’s another new word. I’m a virtual Daniel Webster. You can’t draw Mo, but if you’re a Muzzie you gotta go and walk seven times around a big stone building in Mecca at least once in your life. Ibn Al Arabi did it, and became enameled with some girl called Nizām (see where this always goes folks?)

So, Friday we got the treat of yet another “Draw Mohammed” contest. I couldn’t make it, but I’m going,to place my entry at the end of this article. Seems all,these bikers showed up, though far less than the one hundred thousand expected, those guys were all headed to Waco, and held this art exhibit it right NEXT to a Mosque. Nice touch. I mean if you want to really irritate someone just go urinate on their tomatoes, right? Well, there wasn’t any Jihad, and I don’t know who won the contest, or what what the grand prize was, probably a thirty pack of Bud and an order or baby back ribs, I don’t know. The organizer went into hiding because ISIS wants to cut his head off, and other organizers are planning other venues to enlighten the great unwashed as to what Prophet Mo might have looked like. THIS is what replaced American Idol, folks.

Anyway, I’m going to submit MY entry here, and hope ISIS doesn’t come cut my head off, but if they do, no matter, I’m not using it anyway. I don’t care WHAT Prophet Mo looked like. I’m still squabbling with a black preacher about what COLOR Jesus was. I hold to the words of the Prophet Kinky Friedman: Just my luck, God’s a Texan, one great big blankety blank Anglo Saxon, sitting up there playing with a Quigi Board . . .



The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop

Sometime in the near future I will be making a move. We have a home in the Salt Lake Area with a studio and office that will just about replace what we lost in Berry Creek. Beautiful views of the mountains, within reach of Vegas and LA, and not so blasted hot! Of course, we will maintain a place here in Texas. I am NOT deserting the Texas movement and will commute to Austin when necessary to rile up the natives.

In Berry Creek we had three very large homes on the same street, the main one built in the style of Graceland. One of the living areas was a sound stage where we filmed videos. Then, there was a studio upstairs in the media room, where we recorded several albums and even audio books. We remixed all this mess in a large office on the first floor, and reviewed the rushes on a deck overlooking the tenth green of an Arnold Palmer golf course. The other two homes on the same street were filled with guests and artists who came by to work with us. Frankly, it took all this to create the web presence needed to generate income. We also sold Real Estate from there. Well, as my close friends all know this environment was not conducive to raising children so the CPS came along and fixed all that and before it was all over I was publishing out of the “Hotel Cartel” in beautiful downtown Killeen, Texas!

But, you know what? When you have put together something like that you tend to be able to do it again. In fact it’s a little like having a garage that you always meant to clean up, and never found the time, and then one day the house burns down. There are two kinds of people in the world. The kind who come home to see the firemen, find a shopping cart and hit the streets, and then there are people like me who say, “That’ll work! Let’s build it bigger and better.” It’s what’s within YOU that makes it, not circumstances, and this ain’t no self help crap, this is the TRUTH!

Fact is I had a hard time seeing the forest for the trees from the Berry Creek Country Club, but sitting in the patio of a crack hotel in Killeen, listening to Bob Dylan gave me a vision. I’d sit there with a bottle of Jim Beam and contemplate. I really couldn’t write much because every time I’d go to sleep the crack heads would steal my computer and sell it for a rock. I bought a gun to shoot ’em, and they stole that TOO! So, I saw very clearly I had two choices. Get on crack, or figure this out. Now, I’m not saying I can put away a lot of Jim Beam, but the month after I switched to beer Jim Beam sold out to the Japanese. And I’d love to tell you I cleaned up, saw the light, and became an inspiration to girl scouts everywhere but that just didn’t happen. I’ve been in music production at the publishing level from Austin to Nashville for over forty years and I threw those rose colored glasses in the trash can years ago!

With the help of folks like Doc Greene, and Tom Hagen I moved into political writing. I didn’t know it, but over the years I’d developed a fairly profound political stance and I was LITERATE, and god knows where THAT came from. My attitude was all the little girly-men running around with their half baked ideas on society were all very fine, but I LIKE a steak and egg breakfast at a country club and i know that those ideas won’t buy it! So, I began to boil complex social issues down to basic components. I became “A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin!” My brother gave me a lecture a year ago about my having never LIVED in Austin, but I’ve stayed in hotels there so the name stays. I also realized my mother obviously picked up the wrong baby at the hospital so I haven’t spoke to him since. Haven’t spoke to my sister either ’cause she sided with him!

My good buddy, Ted Clevenger, who is a psychologist, worked with me for a couple of years because after all the nonsense I’d been through I was fairly crazy, and after he cured all my homicidal leanings a style began to emerge. When we had to spirit the kids out of Texas because the CPS didn’t like their haircuts we ended up with a very large place up in Utah. Big office, view of the mountains, studio, calm people all around, it was great. I resisted going there because I WAS from the Austin area and I was very enthralled with the Texas Nationalist Movement. Well, frankly folks, sitting on a ten by ten porch with an iPad ain’t gonna make it. In order to generate the volume of material needed to make the Republic of Texas happen one has to write, and one has to write LOTS! You have to generate something great every day with the full knowledge that tomorrow what you wrote today will be fish paper, so you have to do better. If you can’t do that then you’re just a talking dog, do NOT quit your day job!

And, in the long run I’m not really leaving Texas. When we win the Republic of Texas will include what is now Utah AND California. (How’s THAT for ego?) I’m gathering friends and associates from all over Texas and California, not to mention Utah, and I’m going to form a publishing company that I’ll call the “Butcher Shop” in line with my nick name, “Bill the Butcher” which the Texas CPS has so lovingly bestowed upon me, and in the words that I listened to at the Hotel Cartel years ago, “We’ll soon shake your windows, and rattle your walls because times they are a changing!”

Roulette Method

by Wilbur Witt

Found this method last year but didn’t get a chance to try it out. Throw $50 toward this and see how it works. It came from a team of students at Harvard.

Buy $50 – $100 in chips, all $10 denominations. Sit at the table. Never bet on a number, only colors. Watch the computer screen and wait until there are five consecutive red or black wins. Sometimes you have to wait a while. Don’t let yourself be rushed. When you have the five consecutive wins bet on the opposite color. Bet $10. If you lose, bet $20. Lose again, bet $30. When you win, wait again and do the same thing over and over again. If the Green Bastard gets you start the process over again. Continue this method, and don’t get stupid. Don’t let the bet ride, or leap to trying to cover a bunch of numbers in an effort to “cash in.” If you lose your original investment leave the table and come back tomorrow. Down side, you lose $50- $100. Upside, you have to cash in your chips and sneak out to another casino.