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Little Girls For Sale


Ok Lunger, Let’s do it!

Ok Lunger! Let’s do it. In the famous scene from the movie Tombstone,” Johnny Ringo utters these words. There comes a time when in life there is a “call.” All draws have been exhausted, all bets have been waged, and it’s time to put up, or shut up. So it is with my situation today.

When you are an investigative journalist You sometimes step into uncharted waters filled with opinions, unbelievable ideas and even when it affects you personally you can’t let it sway your professionalism. You can never let anger chart your course, and never be threatened by what may or may not happen if you speak your mind. Today I set sail on these waters.

For the last two months my family has been subjected to the most unAmerican, tyrannical, unimaginable accusations that you can see. In this article I need to bear my soul. This will not be a “poor me” piece. This will be a bear bones writing about a child trafficking operation with support of pseudo-religious organizations that prey upon non-members with all the ugly ramifications you’d see in any Satanic cult. A world where children are sold, abused, and killed. A world where the general population looks the other way. The world of Brigham City, Utah!

I have a granddaughter. To her family and friends she is Carrie. To the public she is “Puck.” She has been adopted to my ex years ago. The reason for this is her birth mother, Jackie, was deemed to be unfit, and at that time she was. We will never know the extent of abuse that Puck endured, but we do know it left her scarred, both physically and mentally. Add to that a nice case of type one diabetes and you have a little girl with a full plate with more in the KFC bucket when she runs out. She went to foster care for a bit before the adoption. Over the years we pieced together the take of brutality, molestation and near death. Puck, and her brothers were beaten to the point of leaving scars. She was routinely locked in a closet where she prayed for the angels to come, and as her mind slipped away, they did, and chased the monster away. The monster was a hooded figure with a face that resembled the foster mother. The foster mother who kept her, and her brothers in an upstairs room which was painted black, and in that room Puck went into diabetic coma. When her little brother tried to climb to her bunk to help the foster mother hit him in the head with a large brown stick, landing him in emergency and leaving a scar above his eye. It was noticed at that time Puck was unconscious so she too, was taken to hospital to die. My ex was allowed to hold her hand. She didn’t die. Puck told us later the angels brought her back.

Without going through all the details suffice to say the Child Protective Services of Texas in league with courts and one very good caseworker, the children ended up with my ex who’s husband upon his death left them with his Army benefits including a new house, medical, college, and money. Fairy tale ending right? WRONG!enter Brigham City, USA!

After my ex’s husband passed The Best is Yet to Come, the family settled into the big blue house in Utah. All appeared well. Each day the children went to McDonalds for breakfast and into school. At one point the youngest wandered off from school across a four lane highway because Mr Johnson of Lakeview school was just too BUSY to do his job! “New Baby” almost took a Trip to Bountiful because Puck was being interrogated by he and others making sure all was well in the big blue house. Johnson is good at this. He does this a LOT! Mainly with little girls.

The article I wrote about this apparently upset Johnson’s Apple cart because at that point my ex got continuous calls from Lakeview about “problems.” New Baby stole a cookie, send him home. Puck’s blood was off send her home. My ex thought all was well because she cooperated with them. In addition to that the children were in council service at Bear Rivers. Each time there was an incident these special needs children went there to work through the event. Not good enough for Johnson.

Puck was being bullied by a little girl. It just so happens this particular little girl was one Johnson held with, shall we say, “Special Interest!” There was something called the “Pretty Girl Club,” and all the Pretty ten year olds wanted to belong. Naturally Puck wanted in. Johnson made sure this could happen when he lost all the supporting paperwork, overruled doctors in two states, and removed Puck from special ed! There was an entrance fee. For Puck it was her iPhone, iPad, three hundred dollars from her mother’s purse and oh yes, show up at Lindsay Park at eight o’clock with a blanket and go to the restroom and wait. ( Are you mad yet?)

After Puck was dumped in her yard around two in the morning unable to walk my ex took her to UNI, a mental health facility in Salt Lake City. I can’t tell you the diagnosis, I mean she’s a CHILD, but I can tell you the report spanned five hundred pages.

Upon return to her home, Puck wanted to put the past behind her, return to school and at least try to pick up the pieces. Bad move. Part of what UNI uncovered was systemic bullying. The way it was set up if Puck didn’t show up at the park on time there would be trouble for her at school. Leader of the Pretty Girl Club held the strings. When my ex told Johnson that the CPS showed up within twenty four hours. Were they there to talk about bullying? Shucks no! Johnson, with the leader of the Pretty Girl Club had pulled Puck into his office to brow beat her into agreeing that my ex had beat her with, now get this, a big brown stick. A stick that was transported all the way from Texas to Utah. A stick that a Brigham City detective showed up looking for semen and brain matter because he was told he would find Puck’s crumpled body in, you guessed it, a CLOSET!

No stick, no sperm, no body. Even though nothing was substantiated by evidence the CPS proceeded with its investigation. Why? Because if the Pretty Girl Club, Lindsay Park, Johnson connection ever becomes public it’ll make Harvey Weinstein look like the Pope!

Presently Puck is in Texas at a Residential Treatment Center. It’ll be at least six months and then some. Puck does time good. She follows rules, wants to fit in and lives TexMex food. In Utah Johnson, the detective and CPS continue to move forward “at this tiiiiime!” They MUST squash this story. Enough is enough. Ok Lunger! Let’s do it.


Utah Burning

Utah Burning. It’s 21st century America, a time and place of great hope and excitement thanks to a swelling economy, rapid transit, and limitless technology. It’s a country whose constitution guarantees that those with drive, willingness to work, and solid

family values can make their way forward, unfettered by concerns over corrupt local officials, or state funded piracy. And, this constitution, the foundation of our great nation is protected by the willingness of our veteran soldiers, so willing to fight and die for us; for the idea of America. This gives us freedoms so coveted by the peoples of third world nations, that many will risk all to come to the land of the free, the home of the brave. Arching overhead, like the great timeless forms made only by God, is the protection of equality through the rule of law, paid for in blood.

But there is a worm eating quietly away at the heart of this country. This worm, grown fat and indolent on the flesh trade, is openly funding its existence in the trafficking of children. This isn’t some kind of disgruntled attack on some CPS organization that is doing what social workers with a little bit of power do; this is a rogue agency that is no joke, going after people of means in order to keep themselves paid in a cushy job that requires nothing of them in the way of accountability. In the case we are going to examine, the children targeted by these thugs are the children of a disabled veteran, who earned her disability while in service. Thus, the DCFS (hereafter referred to as “the Division”) can take their veteran benefits.

But the vile truth is, they are also the children of a deceased war veteran, decorated with a Purple Heart, three bronze stars, a silver star, and a congressional Medal of Honor. The mother is also a former police officer. This gives the Division the social security from their dead father, and

expansive benefits, including some two thousand dollars a month from the state of Texas. For the pirates of the Deseret, this is a big haul. So let’s take a look at how the landed this big take, and how it is that they land big fish in Utah.

Since this case is too big to unpack in one article, we will stick with the main points, saving the details for later. It all starts with a referral. In this case the referral was made by an eleven year old girl, herself in big trouble with the Division. The girl was all too willing to tell her teacher that one of the children of the targeted family had revealed abuse to her. The teacher told the principal, and the principal called the eagerly waiting Division worker. Caseworkers were dispatched the next day, as the target was in counseling at the school on the day of the referral.

No fewer than three caseworkers badgered and bullied the girl with the principal’s help until she caved under the pressure giving three separate versions of the story. That’s right, three versions, involving two different places at the same time, and two different weapons. Did I mention that the child was a special needs student whom the principal just decided looked appropriate enough for regular classes? Additionally, there was no physical evidence of abuse. None!

The Division and the school of course declined to contact the mother for fourteen days citing that the targeted child had declared herself distraught that an adult knew of this, and they (the Division), feared further harm to the child if the mother became aware that she had “revealed” abuse. Step two, open a closed case in another state where a sibling of the targeted girl had alleged abuse, and try to make it fit into the Division’s petition as if he had revealed abuse to them. I’m not kidding, they really did that. A lot.

Fast forward fourteen days, and the same little girl tells the same teacher, who tells the same principal another fib, who dutifully relays the fib to the Division. This results in the targeted child easily acquiescing to the lie, since, after all, that’s how she got them to quit bothering her the first time, and nothing happened then. This time the allegation was very specific about the type of assault, the location of the assault, the weapon used, and the specific location of the weapon.

Three Division caseworkers and, for some reason a homicide detective come to the house. An exhaustive search of the house is conducted after a search of the specific location yielded no weapon. Again, no weapon, no evidence of injury. The result has been that the Division has moved this case into court, and they are demanding that the mother plead “nolo contendere” or risk losing the children. The attorney demands that she do the same to mitigate her risk of losing the kids. As most people over the age of sixteen know, nolo contendere means “guilty” but please take it easy on me. The thing is, our research tells us that in most cases where the respondent to such petitions plead out, they wind up funding two or three caseworkers, an attorney ad litem, and various other Division activities for several months, if not longer. Further, if the respondent pleads out, they are forever marked as an abuser by the system. Of course, there’s too much to fit into an article like this one, and the story is not yet told, but look for one of two articles in the near future: Utah Rising, or “Who will come to the aid of a poor widow’s son”. It’s the 21st century in America after all, and anything is possible. Meanwhile Utah Burning!

M&Ms M & Ms! The last thing I wanted to do was get involved in another battle with the Child Protective Service. Equal to that was to debate religion, especially Mormon religion. God, in His infinite wisdom, rolled both issues into a celestial joint, and passed it to me so here we are. In true Butcher fashion I am going to address the foundation of the faith and apply it to the methods used by the CPS to undermine families and procure “product” for the ever expanding child trafficking industry. Faith is just that, faith. Those things unseen, but believed that make life make sense. Little girl dies of cancer and you ask why? The atheist feels the pain and concludes the universe is a harsh place where you take what comes. For the believer there must be a reason, and if a creator made the universe then that creator simply must have had a reason to take the little girl, and it hurts a little less. All religion is based on unproven theories. Moses led the exodus yet not one shred of evidence has ever been found. Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, which quite handily left no proof except in the hearts and minds of believers. Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse, and flew BACK! Uh, yeah. And Joseph Smith found a chest full of gold that would make Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars drool. Oh, an angel took it back to that great safe in the sky. When the CPS found its way to Utah it came upon very fertile ground. A people trained for generations to pay, pray, and obey. An organized church that controlled virtually every aspect of life from birth to death and beyond. An exclusive society that was forged in adversity, indeed relished in it, believing that very rejection by the so called Main Stream was proof of the truth of Mormon doctrine. This mindset developed a culture that nurtured families and provided a culture anyone would be happy to be a part of. So how in the world did such an ungodly, perversion such as the CPS become so entrenched into that culture? It happened because the Department Of Child and Family Services insidiously injected itself like a virus into the very fabric of Mormon culture using the same methods Joseph Smith used to raise and sustain the church! The laws used to tear apart a family so closely follow the excommunication ritual of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as to make the people of Utah comfortable with it. When a Mormon steps outside the fold, and is removed from fellowship their family itself bears the stain and will shun that person. When a parent is merely accused of child abuse the case is over and done. The conclusion is already arrived upon long before court. They are guilty and the only thing to be debated is what level of punishment is to be inflicted. That is written into their very Law! Entire neighborhoods are alerted, secret meetings held, warnings issued as the family so attacked fights for survival, trying to defend itself from accusations stemming from a conversation between two ten year old little girls filtered through a school principal to a CPS worker with too much time on her hands. From conception to conviction not one shred of evidence is required. Golden tablets! When the accused retains council they are told to humble themselves and do as they are told or suffer the wrath of the inquisition because there are charges being held back to subdue any parent even referring to the constitution of the United States. The child can recant to no avail because once the CPS smells blood they go in for the kill. If the child was actually abused doesn’t weigh in the process as much as the desire of the faithful to insure said process remains in place, because they know if they rise up their child will Be next! What drives the machine is a tiny fraction of poorly trained, basically illiterates who inflict their will upon a people taught from birth to obey the rules no matter how unconditional and downright criminal those rules are. We have a paradox here. While the church actually created this problem that same church can solve it. I’m not suggesting in any way that the Mormon people are bad, flawed, or any different from Baptists, Methodists, or any other group, but they have followed the same slippery slope that gave us radical Islam. Jesus said the law was to serve the people not the other way around. One pronouncement from the Prophet in Salt Lake City would shut this down, close the ranches filled with kids abducted by CPS and free the courts. Until then Mormonism will go hand in hand with Islam. M & M! That is NOT what Brigham Young envisioned for his people. Where is Porter Rockwell when we need him? Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment. Boy, it took me a while to put this article together. First, I had to sort through six ex-wives and assorted girlfriends to see how many women I’ve pissed off over the years. I’m fairly clean, I think. Relationships have become treacherous waters these days with men marrying men, women marrying women and dogs marrying cats. Still, even though I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin I can understand the feelings of someone who thinks she’s a contributing member of an office only to find herself propositioned by a man in a powerful position.

If you are not attracted to someone a sexual advance can be at the very least disgusting, and at the top end horrific. The powerful man holds your job in his hands plus your dignity. Imagine burning the midnight oil with someone, working on a project that everyone is applauding only to find he only wanted to get you alone. All your self worth GONE! Enter self doubt, disgust and even hating your beauty that seemed to override your education, qualifications and humanity.

What sets me back a bit is my Nashville days when a girl would do anything to anyone in order to get a deal. They’re no better than the predator who uses them and those women cloud the issue when they emerge ten, twenty, or even forty years later claiming their whole life was ruined because someone slapped their butt back in 1981. What were you doing at Bill Cosby’s house in the FIRST place? You took that movie role anyway didn’t you?

But, when any person, man or woman, demands a sexual price for success they are wrong! Today the lead anchor of NBC News was fired on the spot for being stupid. Let’s look at that. Fame, fortune, cushy job, more money than GOD, and just gotta approach some girl who thinks of him as a friend. Who does that? Someone who is so caught up with himself that he’s lost all decency, that’s who.

The rules of engagement have changed and as more and more women come forward others will be empowered to tell their story. As these stories are gathered and analyzed a new morality will emerge. People will always be people, and if people weren’t attracted to each other there wouldn’t be any more people but when you kiss a lady she simply must kiss back. If she doesn’t then you just crossed the line. Women have to be able to be themselves without being taken advantage of. Sexual harassment should be dealt with in the workplace severely. No one accidentally does that. It is a deliberate act, and the result should be deliberate. I wouldn’t know HOW to sexually harass a girl. Shoot, I can barely get a dinner date.

Utah Is Under Assault

Utah is under assault by the Child Protective Service! Most Utah people are unaware of this as they hide their children from prying

eyes, whistle past the office of child procurement and pray to Heavenly Father that their children reach maturity without being kidnapped, raped, or locked away in a mental institution as a protective device to at least know where they are!

On a normal day in Brigham City, a detective along with two case workers race to the home of a widow raising five special needs children to search for brain matter and semen and a battle axe in a closet based on information supplied by an elementary school principal who got his facts from the last little girl he had on his lap, a girl who lured other little girls to a park in order to fill the needs of a pedophile ring operating from as far away as Denver and Montana.

You think I’m making this up? I just returned from there and watched as law enforcement, the Department Of Family Services, and the school board bastardized every state and federal law they came across while the people of that town were fully aware, saying nothing, because if they did the “department” would take their little girl next!

There have been efforts by the feds to correct this, once in 1994 and again in 2008, and on both occasions the people charged with guarding our most precious commodity, our children, baited and switched the government, going right back to business as usual the moment the investigators left. One lawyer in Brigham City stands between the families and the CPS. His first name is John. John is a Mormon who lives up to his Temple recommend, but even he will advise clients to let the department have “something” in order to get free of the tactics of the CPS.

But, like the song says, “Times they are a changing” because there is an underground resistance movement in place that is becoming more and more apparent. On the surface it appears to be against all things Mormon, but the Mormon people are not the problem, the criminal element using the natural inclination of Mormons to live and let live is being exploited to allow these legal and illegal abominations to abound. Salt Lake City had a lesbian mayor, which may rub some the wrong way, but it shows Mormon influences abating in the Mormon theocracy, which is a good thing.

In Ogden, Utah today a little girl woke. She’s in a mental ward because the last strains of the attack on her family by the Brigham City principal, law enforcement, and Department of Family Services is winding down and soon she’ll be free. In twenty years or so that girl or someone like her will place her hand on a Bible, raise her other hand to take an oath of office, and it will be payday! On that day the good people of Utah will be able to be family again in safety. The dream of the pioneers will be firmly will be firmlyin place, but for now, Utah is under assault.

RE: The God Hole

Excellent reply. What I’m running into here is what happens when religion is taken to the Nth level. I’m including one of my articles here expanding on that thought.

When I wrote “Joseph Did You Know” I was considering the Mormon Faith’s effect on culture. No one can deny that an abiding belief doesn’t help people in an adverse situation. I’m always amazed that for people striving for heaven they consistently find places that look like hell to make their stand.

There has to be rules and law if you are to have civilization, but when you begin to drill down on the law, and man serves the law as opposed to the law serving man you get Mormonism, Islam and Southern Baptists.

What I’m up against here in Utah is a system that has evolved to the point that a mere child’s accusation can be taken the full distance from accusations to removal of a child with absolutely no proof and no transparency or rule of law. The only rule is what’s floating around in someone’s head and most of those heads here are Mormon!

Now, I’m not going to debate the merits of Mormonism here because like all organized religion it is simply a man made corporation originally designed to help a people survive in a desert and evolved into McDonalds, and if that hurts I’m sorry.

Religious debate is saying your invisible guy in the sky can whip someone else’s invisible guy in the sky. It’s like a political debate in a Residential Treatment Center. Medication time!

I intend to form allegiance with groups here in Utah to effect political change and put the rule of law where religious dogma has held sway for almost two centuries. It won’t be easy. The God Hole is hard to heal but if there is a God then He made that hole, and he didn’t intend for it to be filled up with crap!

Jesus Is The Ultimate Psychologist

Jesus is the ultimate psychologist. Modern psychology is a load of crap! The concentration of the news media on tons of ancient sexual abuse is two things: A political ploy and the complete failure of psychiatric theory, putting it into the same realm as an Indian witch doctor blowing cigar smoke up someone’s ass to cure colon cancer.

No one, and I repeat NO ONE can fathom the human mind. Psychology offers no cure. If you put two psychologists on a witness stand you’ll get two divergent opinions, and I do mean opinions because their theories are supported by absolutely no forensic facts. Little girl averts her eyes because she’s embarrassed at a question, she must be abused. Grandpa kisses a grandchild, he must be a oedophile. Little boy eats too fast, he must be starved. Woman upset because her dad died, she must be depressed and needs medication, LOTS of medication!

These people are reverted as doctors when point of fact is they use the same techniques as a Tarot Card reader. You might as well go to Penn and Teller for an opinion. At least they’ll snatch a quarter out of your ear. You’ll come away a quarter richer. Endless hours of therapy produce endless dollars for a pseudo science that is nothing more than mental chiropractic hocus pokus! And nothing gets better!

Inside of every human mind and heart is a cure. It’s called Jesus. A cure planted there by the Creator that can be accessed through introspection with a thing called prayer. Ask and you shall receive. Knock, and the door will open. This is not to say that there are not deranged people in the world. This is saying that endless torture by a so-called professional will not do it. The very fact that patients must return again and again proves they have no answers and if the patient finds their way to a happy place that path was there all the time and the “doctor” had nothing to do with it!

Jesus, or whatever you may call Him, is the ultimate psychologist. All of the writings form the time Freud discovered he hated his mother until some therapist diddled a little girl last week are useless. You have been duped mankind! You have been mindfreaked! Wake up and smell the coffee, lots of it. It’ll do you a lot more good than that bottle of pills your shrink gave you. Look inward. The answer lie there. Try it. You’ll be amazed, and don’t be embarrassed when it works.