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Snowflake Logic and the Austin Bomber

A man made a comment on YouTube concerning the Austin bombings.

Today, it’s YouTuber Chad Prather who’s in the hot seat for a dumb comment he made on Twitter about the Austin bombings. “Where are the marches and protests for bomb control,” he wrote.

Ok, students, I made the same comparison yesterday in my article They Shot Him In The Bomb! As usual, the Snowflakes responded with a convoluted straw man argument that completely missed the point.

Bombs are already illegal so we don’t need to march to change legislation. Only heads anyone is messing with are those that throw logic out the window and think Chad’s comment is in any way relevant.

I won’t bore you with all the cry-baby comments that followed. First off, explosives are most certainly not illegal. They are used for construction, mining, geology and fireworks on the Fourth of July. APPLICATION of said devices tell the tale of the tape. Windex with “ammonia D” as well as Clorox are both legal. Mix them in your sink, and see how that works out for you.

Guns, explosives, household cleaners and little Johnny’s baseball bat do not kill people. People kill people. Telephones don’t kill people, but a telephone cord in the hands of “Joe Salami” in New York sure will. Joe’s also partial to plastic wrap. A well placed rock does quite well.

When someone decides to rid the ground of your shadow anything will do. I could fill up this article with everything from rolling pins to ice picks, but the fact remains that if the Austin Bomber didn’t have a fire cracker he could have just as easily used any and all of the above because he was CRAZY!

The cops are searching for a motive. There isn’t one. Look for common factors between the victims. If there isn’t one, then he was BatCrap crazy, which is about as crazy as you can get, and still run for political office. This problem does not flow from weapons, tools, devices, or anything else. It stems from a dysfunctional society.

The world laughs at us. They KNOW we are mostly crazy. We had a national, gut wrenching debate over gay marriage. Mexico just passed a law. If you will note, Britain didn’t have a civil war either. They just outlawed slavery. Americans are always the ones who’ll manually blow up a life preserver when just pulling the little red tag is faster, and easier.

So, the point is KILLING with a bomb is illegal. Killing indiscriminately with ANY gun is illegal. What if we outlaw the dreaded AR15? Some kid goes bonkers in home room. What’s next? Pencils? This nation is morally bankrupt. When you ask anyone to recite the Ten Commandments they’ll only know the ones they break. As for me, thank God there’s not one that says, “Thou shall not drink whiskey to excess!” Wait, I need to double check that.

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They Shot Him In The Bomb

I think the cops shot the Austin bomber in the bomb. That’s just my theory, but work with me here. This guy’s tooling along the service road of I-35 and the cops are all over him, right? Before I go on, there’s always the truth, the spin, and then there’s the official or “fishy” story. The fishy story here is the bomber blew himself up. Hey, it’s possible. Arabs do it all the time, but here’s the twist. Supposedly he pulled the pin on a bomb right there in the car with him, and THEN a cop shoots him twice. Smell the fish yet. Cop shot the bomb, and I’m cool with that. “You have the right to remain silent.” Ka-blooey!

I was particularly pleased the FBI helped. That’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. Solve crimes. Not meet with Obama in the Oval Office to discuss keeping Trump out of the White House, reading thousands of Hillary emails and pronouncing her the long lost descendant of the Virgin Mary, or burning up churches in Waco.

I will say that it was nice that Texas law enforcement took the lead because the last big bomb investigation by the FBI gave us the Unibomber. They really shined when they chased that school teacher across the country while he checked into hotel after hotel banging a fifteen year old student until tracked down in California by a pothead. I was surprised. I thought you could do that in California, I mean, a tiger can marry a chair there.

And that McCabe guy! Don’t get me started. Gets in a tweet war when he got walked to the door. Sit your butt down, Elephant Man. You got fired! Comey? There’s another one. These guys actually make the CIA look good. Shucks, they make Pablo Escobar look good. There have been reports of earth tremors in DC. That’s because J. Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave.

Now, on a serious note. We need bomb control. I read that the bomber made the bombs from common household items. Now, I don’t know what common items these were, but I assume they were the kinds of things you can buy at HEB, the Texas version if Walmart times Kroger. Well, our course is set. There needs to be a list of items that are too dangerous for us to have access to. Stuff like Right Guard, charcoal, and Jimenez Jalapeño peppers, which can be turned into lethal gas.

You gotta laugh at this stuff folks, but the reality is this bomber was just as crazy as that idiot in Florida. What’s the common denominator? Stupid is as stupid does. Know what. Did y’all see that guy on YouTube cut his AR-15 up so it would never kill anyone? What do you think the odds are we can get him to cut up a bomb. I’d pay fifty cents to watch that.

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Putin vs The Blonde

Putin and the Blonde! I was imagining beauty and the beast, the beast being Megyn Kelly. The fired and refired video journalist decided to take on Vladimir Putin in a one on one face off on how he directed American elections through a series of memes on Facebook recently.

I’m gonna tell you right off the investigation by Robert Mueller is a politically driven crock of crap. I’m I being too vague? I mean, what’s next? Checking Barron’s piggy bank? Maybe if Putin really did swing the election we should just let him run the country. Hillary couldn’t run it. She’s so stupid she couldn’t even win a rigged election.

But, back to the Putin interview. So here’s this lingerie model trying to match wits with a KGB colonel. She’s presenting all these sophomoric questions trying to bait Putin. Things like, “Why would you allow an attack like this on the United States?” That’s like asking, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Kelly has been on a slide ever since Trump accused her of PMSing during a debate. I have no idea why Putin allowed this unless he was trying to “one up” Trump’s little Stormy thing. Even the lead in to the show used phrases like “Attack on American democracy!” Look folks, it has been shown that Facebook was selling a boat load of promotions to Russians already. People who rely on Facebook for information are airheads. If Russians on Facebook hacked the election we’ve already lost!

Kelly, just like the core of the democrats, simply cannot believe Trump could out distance Hillary. Also, ask yourself, if Putin really wanted to influence an election, what would he launch on a campaign of Memes such as, “Hillary for Prison 2016” on Facebook? Does he think we’re that stupid? Wait! We ARE that stupid. Alex Jones’ soaring ratings prove that. The Russians were once blamed for AIDS. It was alleged they wanted to cause an epidemic that would cripple the population. They needed to find something we all do. They came up with shooting up dope, and anal sex. THAT’S what the Russians really think of us.

Ok, long story short. Sure, someone with a Russian accent probably threw a bunch of ads designed to influence the Snowflakes. Did the man who pulled Russia together again order or finance it? Probably not. Did he laugh his butt off at the wreck of the Hillary Clinton. You can bet your boots on it.

Putin Kelly interview

God, Family,Government

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

Somewhere along the line, we as a nation have lost our way. Our nation was founded on Godly Principals. For the first time since Ancient Israel, A nation was born and recognized God was our creator, Our government was supposed to be limited in power by the people. God was our creator and endowed us with certain unalienable rights.

Read the Declaration of Independence. We recognized our rights came from God, not the government. The way our government was supposed to work was a trickle down effect. Our rights came from God, The Power of the Government came from the People, not the other way around. The government was supposed to be limited by the will of the people.

Every American needs to think about that, I mean think about it real hard. The Federal Government now controls the people, they have assumed power over the states, This isn’t the way we were founded, this isn’t the way it was intended. Our Constitution guaranteed this wouldn’t happen, if, We the People stayed true to it’s course.

Somewhere along the way we the people have forgotten how the Constitution was / Is supposed to work. Somewhere along the way the people have forgotten God and turned to the government as the supreme power and problem solver. This isn’t the way things were intended to operate.

The people need to wake up and remember it’s supposed to be God, Family, and then Country. In that order. Our rights come from the Creator, God given rights, think about that. We were given our rights from God, We the People, were supposed to be in control of our Government, The Government can’t give us our rights.

Remember, once you give the government permission to control our rights, you give them permission to revoke those same rights. Those rights were supposed to be protected as long as we lasted as a country. Hence the Bill of Rights. Those rights were there as long as we stayed the course and understood that our rights came from the creator. Think about that, Let it really sink in. We have allowed our government to take our God given rights and dole them out to us for fees, or submission to their archaic rules. We have gone from God as our commander to allowing our government to rule us.

Government has been allowed to play the role of God. Government as been allowed to dictate how we live our everyday lives. This isn’t the way it was intended…Think real hard about just how far we have fallen. God, Family, Country….Not Government, but God. Government was supposed to be number three on the list, not number one replacing God as our creator and Savior. The Government can’t save you.

But then what do I know, Everyone knows, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.