Texas Has Survived


Texas has survived in spite of continual attacks for the last one hundred and eighty years! From the time that Santa Anna crossed the Rio Grande until the attacks on the Red River by the BLM, Texas has been a target for outlanders looking to clean up on the Lone Star State. During this entire time Texas has maintained at least a semblance of sovereignty, forging ahead to create the tenth largest economy in the world. Low taxes, willing workers, and a fine climate have lured corporations not back to the United States, but back to Texas!

The secessionist movement draws a lot of negative attention, but the Texas movement is one of seriousness. When Houston, Austin, Crockett, and others, fought for independence in 1836, they formed a coalition under the rule of law, with many arguments as to who controlled what, where the money was going to come from, declarations of independence, and planning the war against a lawless regime, quite similar to the one the Americans have imposed today!

Entrenched governments always have more guns than they need, and they use those guns to impose their will. Notice in the events in Nevada, and Oregon, the rule of law was second, guns were the tools of choice when government tries to make its point. Now they have Cliven Bundy in custody, and are stacking up to ninety-six years prison time on him, and they’re still ignoring the rule of law, and still depending on their guns!

Ok, let’s get to the bottom line. If Nevada or Oregon secedes from the union what does America really loose? Vegas and a few fish. If Texas leaves they lose the bottom dollar supporting just about their entire show, a butt-load of gasoline, cars, cows, and even that little pill they have to take every night to keep their girlfriends happy!   Texas has it all, hell ya’ll, we’ve even got Ebola!

The main stream media rails against Texas, making fun of our hats, girls, and our guns, but the alternative media streams more from Texas than any other place. Raging Elephants, Alex Jones, and even Glenn Beck continue to pound facts up the MSM’s posterior, and after Glenn’s little statement about God killing Judge Scalia, I’ll agree he’s two bubbles short of plumb, but he’s still in Texas! Ted Cruz is from Texas! Hey, if that African witch doctor in the White House can say he’s from Hawaii, Ted can say he’s from Houston, ok? You see, Texas is not all bent up about where your feet hit the ground first so long as you got to Texas as soon as you could.

You won’t see a great war of independence in Texas, you’ll just wake up one day and we’ll be gone. Texas is a de-facto republic, and I’ve sat on the Capitol grounds, listening to some Yankee go on and on about how silly we are, but that’s why he was in Texas in the first place. Weren’t no money left in New York! The main thing you need to know is that Texas will survive. The economy will continue to grow, people will continue to stream across the borders, and yes, oil prices are down, but the gas still burns! The only thing we have to watch out for is people bringing liberal ideas in, ruining a good thing. California is just a pretty prison. The state of Nevada belongs to the Fed, and Syria is safer to live in than Chicago, and boys and girls, if you don’t believe that, then I’ve still got that bridge on sale!


The Little Park

There is a little park on Avenue D in Killeen, Texas. It doesn’t amount to much, just about three quarters of a lot, not even a commercial lot, about fifty, or sixty feet wide, planted with trees, a little entry way, and some benches here and there. It’s not a park that you’d turn your children loose in, more of a meditation kind of thing, only the people who frequent that part of town don’t meditate much, indeed, if they sat too long there it would almost certainly lead to imperial implications.

The park sits on a lot formally occupied by the Blue Bonnet Café, owned and operated by Mr. Joseph Safady. “Mr. Joe,” as he was known, had cafes and dry goods all over Killeen. The Blue Bonnet was a “greasy spoon” restaurant. I never saw any greasy spoons, but I did see the pitted concrete floor in the kitchen. Billy Joe was the cook, and Crazy Sarah, a Comanche, was the dishwasher. Sarah would carry bus tubs and a Lucky Strike at the same time.

Mr. Joe was a Syrian immigrant, not a refugee, and Mr. Joe believed in America! He believed in America so much that he joined the army and fought for America in the trenches of World War I. When he returned he eventually found his way to Killeen and started a café. I was told that he had coins Scotch Taped to a piece of cardboard with the denominations in Arabic so he could make change. By the time I met him he had cafes all over town. There was the Blue Bonnet, and of course his flagship, the Venus, down on Highway 190. The Venus had three huge dining rooms and served the GIs after the clubs closed at two A. M.

Billy Joe could never show up on time for work. He was supposed to be there at seven, but he was always twenty minutes late. That was because he had to pick up a beer on the way in, and sales of beer began at seven. Mr. Joe struck me a deal. At fifteen, I was charged with prepping the grill. While my mother counted the register, I put on the coffee, and lit the grill, lining it with sausage and bacon. For my labor I got a free breakfast before school. On weekends I got a ham and cheese sandwich.

Mr. Joe began to bring relatives over from the old country. They weren’t refugees either. He’d get them here, put them in school to get citizenship, and set them up in a café, pool hall, or rentals. Being a vet, he knew the soldiers liked clubs, and food. He provided both. I remember at three in the morning it was standing room only, as the GIs waited for tables to eat from Mr. Joe’s, “greasy spoon.”

We didn’t have homeless back in the sixties, we had old drunks, and out of work construction people. More than a few found their way to the back of the kitchens of Mr. Joe’s cafes for a free meal, or a little work cleaning up the area. I remember a commercial back then from Lay’s Potato Chips. In it there were gangsters sitting around contemplating counterfeiting the Lay’s chip bag and stuffing it with their own chips. An old Don asked, “Who buy counterfeit potato chip bag?” Then, he sampled the chips, made a face and they all got up to leave. That was Mr. Joe to a “T.”

He went back to the old country for a visit years later. As he saw the children running around dirty and sick he was so moved that he built a hospital in Syria. I don’t know if it’s still there. He came back to Texas, and was running his businesses. One day, he eased out only Highway 190, and got slammed by a guy speeding through the light. We all said goodbye to Mr. Joe three days later.

I found myself at the place where the Blue Bonnet once stood the other day. I sat on one of the benches and looked at Avenue D. I didn’t hear the rattle of pots and pans, or Billy Joe yelling, “Order up!” Pat Anderson’s head shop across the street was long gone, and the block is decorated by all those little black fences the city of Killeen put up, along with Victorian lamps, pretending it is Salado. I don’t know why the city bulldozed the Blue Bonnet, and put the little park there, but I’m glad it did, because for me, it is a monument to Mr. Joe.








Get Obama a Green Card

The CEO of Apple said this weekend that he was against the government slicing through encryption and observing private files of his customers. This all came about because the powers that be want to get yet more power to spy upon Americans in a supposed effort to ward off terrorism. Never mind the long list of failures over the last year or so, as ISIS has its way with the world, if they can just hack into “Plenty of Fish” everything is gonna be OK.
I told you in an article previous this last week that I’d watched some YouTube videos by an ex-cop. Well, in one of those videos he addressed the question about giving your Social Security number to an officer. He explained (for about twenty minutes) all the things the cop knows about you by the time he walks up to your window, the officer is privy to your ID, your car, it’s repairs, your address, your neighbors, your criminal history, the name of your dog, and who your daughter had an affair with last week! Now this is just a beat cop. God help you when the detectives get ahold of you. And all of this is not enough to pick out some guy and gal, dressed in a clown suit, with a trunk full of ammunition, jabbering in Arabic. I feel so protected and served.
I have some ideas that might increase national security. First off, we gotta be a little bit racist. I know, I know, it’s not politically correct, but the good ship reality comes into port when some wench careens all over the Vegas Strip screaming, “Allahu Akbar.” First, don’t let any more Arabs into the country. To the best of my knowledge, during WWII, we didn’t throw the doors open to Germans and Japanese. We even put the Japanese into camps. Shut the front door! We really did that, but you know what? They didn’t find one mass grave when it was all over. We are at war with a whole bunch of little brown people which their heads screwed on backwards. I’ve seen so many ISIS killings that I’ve began to critique them. I actually evaluate the style. I admire the courage of someone on their knees waiting while some guy rants on and on about God knows what, but that’s another story. If you try to put me on my knees, they may get me, but at least one Ali-Babble is gonna share his virgins with me!
As for the southern border. Everyone is so caught up in terrorists coming over the southern border because they look Mexican. I have a solution, and Glenn Beck, I said it first so sit down! Tell El Chappo you will pay $10,000 for every Muslim ear he sends you. Compared to a war the cost will be minimal, and would enhance Mexican/American relations, what with us being more agreeable to the guy who’s really running Mexico.
No welfare for Arab immigrants. They can open a Quickie Mart just like all the rest. If Islam is so great, and they are so smart, then they should be able to outdo the rest of us in no time. Jews coming here after WWII shot right up to the top 50% of the wealth in this country. Surely, they are as smart as the Jews, right? An immigrant is someone who comes to blend into a country, not drag the old country with them, else, why did they leave in the first place? And, finally, we seriously do need to issue Obama a green card.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Saudi Arabian Coalition

So, Saudi Arabia decided to form a coalition to combat terrorism. Well alert the media! Camel Jockeys of the world unite! Which bombing, beheading, active shooting, or pedophile rape got their attention. About the only thing they said that was right was in quoting the Qu’ran in that making “mischief” around the world is not cool, but I think Mohammed adjusted that later. As you may, or may not know, when Allah reveals, He often makes mistakes which get fixed in the divine edit. Go figure!
I’ve seen so many ISIS executions that I have begun to critique the photography. And, there’s always that one Islamabastard screaming “Aloha Saladbar,” after he runs out of bullets. Did you catch that little English prick in the middle of about two hundred of these idiots going on and on about how powerful ISIS is, ending in screaming something in Arabic? I’d love to have a drone missile break up that little party, and blow that little motor mouth all over the wall.
Ok, recap; what happened to the Russians? I thought they were going to put the wood to ISIS before, like Thursday. Here’s what it really is. The Middle East is screwed, stewed, and tattooed. This so called “cradle of civilization,” is nothing more than a sewer, filled with unemployed bums, goat lovers, and pedophiles. They’ve only rented two books in the last three thousand years, and one was just a half-assed copy of the first. The “Holy” Qu’ran is so convoluted it makes the Book of Mormon look good.
But, anyway, the Saudis are going to address this situation according to the reports. Now, this should be interesting, because as you may recall, when Iraq jumped on Kuwait a few years ago these same mighty warriors ran for the hills, or rather, sand dunes. You will not see a huge wave if Muslim warriors rushing to battle. Muslim warriors slip into countries, rape little girls, and get on food stamps. Oh, and bitch about the constitution of whatever country they have infected.
Once again I must say that nothing good has come out of the Middle East in the last two thousand years. Even Jesus couldn’t stand these people. He went back to heaven. All the surviving apostles left for other parts. Paul died in Rome, as did Peter. Pizza in Rome beats goat in Jerusalem any day. Can you tell I’m down on those people? I’m real good at down, I mean real good at down. I’m disgusted with all the ISIS stuff, and the West prostrating itself to these tent monkeys at every turn. I have an idea for a coalition. How about all the civilized West drop nukes on the Middle East? Yeah, that’ll work out. Then, after they crawl out from under that rock they hid under, and get to reading that “Holy” Qu’ran again, all they have to do to trot over, look at that sea of glass, and get their mind right.
And please, please, forget about that “end of the world” thing. While people have been waiting for that the malcontents from that sand pit have been tearing the world up, trying to bring the rest of the world to the same standard that they brought the sand pit to. I know that I’m beating a dead horse here, but the daily ISIS show is wearing a little thin, and that bozo in the White House has been thin. Everybody’s so messed up about Sharia Law, if you’ll note Obama’s been tearing up the constitution for years. Anybody notice that? Called liberal democratic thought.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Pied Piper of Kenya

Sometimes I think Obama’s either criminally insane, or the stupidest man on the planet. While the good people of San Bernardino are being buried, he’s telling Syrian Refugees that they are what makes America great. Am I the only one who has noticed that whenever he makes one of those statements he juts his jaw out like Mussolini? He tells us what we need to stop the war by Muslims on Christians is more gun control. We need to open the flood gates and let all the rag-tag masses from the infernal regions waltz into the country with less security than an employee at Sears Holdings. Liberals prostrate themselves to him like he’s the Pied Piper of Kenya. The country has officially gone mad!
Loretta Lynch has launched an attack on Americans, vowing to prosecute any person who says anything bad about Islam. Forget that nasty old first amendment. We don’t need no stinking freedom of speech. Ok, let’s get real. Yet again I will say, Islam is the enemy. Muslims are not our friends. They are as un-American as they can possibly be. They don’t recognize any of our laws, our constitution, our society, or our traditions. They are Islamabastards! Suck it, Loretta!
We are approaching a full scale war in this country. My God! We already have casualties. Fourteen dead, and the administration is blaming the victims for getting shot. The Texas Militia is organizing, and people, we ain’t kidding. Texas has no intention of letting these camel jockeys come in and ruin everything we’ve built since the Alamo. We have no intention of supporting these bums, and we won’t have Suzie Sweetcheeks miss nail appointment at the mall. We’re not backing up one inch.
For too long, we here in Texas rage has held back. For too long we’ve let RINOS sit in Austin, and suck up gravy, while the people suck it UP! Forget getting a Republic back, let’s just start by getting our state back. We can put the wood to the US later! What’s Texas’ biggest export? Billions and Billions of dollars to support the US because Obama has ruined it. The very idea the Japanese build more cars than we do. The very idea that Saudi Oil calls the shots when Texas has enough oil to float the entire country, and it’s already here! The very idea that some bunch of terrorists can even think about replacing our constitution with the ramblings of some goat herder fourteen hundred years ago.
Let me give you some perspective. Arabs are diseased. I’m not kidding, and that’s not a joke. They are physically inferior to western people, white or black, or brown. When you see some wise old Imam, he’s in his fifties! The only way these people win anything is subversion, and the political correctness of fools who think they’ll be appeased by little concessions here and there. Then, before you know it, your sixteen year daughter is raped on her way to Sonic to get a Slurpee because Mohammed didn’t like grown women (he liked little girls just fine!)
This is not going away, and Texas is not going to lose, and I don’t want to hear any whining when we open that can of whoop on these foreigners. This is not DeAngelo coming over from Italy and opening a pizzeria on Mulberry Street. This is an alien race bent on the destruction of the world. After they kill all of us, they will start killing each other until there’s only one Muslim left, and then there’ll be peace. The Pied Piper of Kenya.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Pax Romana

ISIS makes a lot of hay promoting itself as some kind of “new odor.” The recent video, sans beheadings, expounding on the intent of the organization, its foundation, resolve, and, of course out and out hate for anyone not subscribing to their particular party line, was a decided step in propaganda, in an attempt to terrify the west with their purported “God,” the European Union scrambles, Putin sends in bombs, and Obama checks the weather.
OK, I’m going to go right to the point. The Middle East is screwed up. Did I say that right? Practically every crazy, whacked out idea to plague the modern world has come right straight off the Temple Mount. We are about to go to global war over events two to four thousand years ago that no one can even agree on the historical verification. We deserve to be extinct! DOGS could run things better than us.
Once upon a time the Jews in Jerusalem got one too many glasses of wine, and took it upon themselves to go to war against the Roman Empire. It was one of those, “Seemed like a good idea at the time,” that looked a tad bit different when the legions came over the hill led by one Vespasian and son Titus. These esteemed gentlemen inflicted a hangover upon the Jews that took them almost two thousand years to get over.
Originally, there was a group within Jerusalem who planned to antagonize the Romans until such time as a series of agreements could be reached, allowing the war to end, and the return of the region to the Empire with stipulations, which amounted to an accurate accounting of the money. Hey, they were Jews. However, as luck would have it, a small band of hot heads seized control and formed their own little power mad group of which Josephus related, “The barbarity of the tyrants toward the people of their own nation. . . “ sound familiar?
While Titus delayed, due to his concern for the innocents within the walls, eventually he took the city, crucified every man, woman, dog and cat within, lit up the Temple, and had a bar b que. He tore down the temple, all but that wall they still cry on, and when he was done I took the Jews one thousand, eight hundred, and seventy seven years to come back, because they weren’t quite sure them bad S.O.B.s were gone!
The one wrench in our modern predicament is that ISIS is so rag tag, so diverse, that even if we hit them with nuclear bombs, one might get away, and we’ll have the same problem again and again. Now, the next part is pure conjecture on my part. Enter Flavius Josephus. If you’ll note he has the same family name as Titus, and Vespasian. That’s ‘cause they adopted him as their pet Jew. He also spoke, and wrote Hebrew, Greek, and God knows what else. How do you beat religious nuts? You subvert their religion from within. You take a little known itinerant Rabbi, a view oral traditions, mix in some Torah, and voila, there you have it! While making sure you record statements like, “Sell your coat and buy a sword,” you also make sure that “Render unto Caesar,” is there too. Persecutions aside, this group flourished, and was too busy breaking bread to ever go against the Empire again. Add about a three hundred year love/hate relationship between Rome and them, on May 20, 325, all parties met at Nicaea and formed Pax Romana. . . my bad, the Catholic Church.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Catcher in the Rye

In J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, you should all remember the image of the main character in a field of rye grass, trying to keep children from charging over a cliff. Friends and neighbors, that’s exactly the position I find myself in today. The gross insanity of the liberal left leaves me dumbfounded. With Radical Islam attacking society on all fronts, to ignore it is just crazy. Just before I sat down to write this I had the distinct pleasure of watching ISIS saw off a few heads. That’s not what got me. What got me was the submissiveness of the people being sawed. They calmly walked over and lay on the ground and an ISIS member were picked to do the initial saw, with the official executioner finishing up. This is how far it can go. Boys and girls, they’d have to shoot me in the butt! With my hands unbound I would get one of those AK’s and welcome at least some of those Islamabastards to the infernal regions.
Islam is the problem! Make no mistake about it. If moderate Muslims are so peaceful then they need to stand up! Thomas More had a legal theory. He said if he lunged at someone with a knife, and someone did nothing to stop him, then it can only be reasoned that the bystander agreed with the action. Same here. If ISIS blows up a building, and “Moderate” Muslims just stand by, then they are involved. There are two kinds of Muslims. A radical Muslim wants to kill you. A Moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill hyou..
Islam has positioned itself beyond all civilization. And it’s not a totally new idea. I watched a film last night about the Hitler Youth. It showed about how from birth, young Germans were indoctrinated with Nazi philosophy. The only difference between what the Nazis did, and what ISIS is doing was the language! And all this nonsense about how it’s hard to track them down is just that, nonsense. France is about to reintroduce beheading for ISIS. Good move! The problem is idiots. With heads being lobbed off worldwide there are still fools talking about “widows and orphans.” They will be talking this when their granddaughters are sold as sex slaves.
Yet again I address the Militia. Only about ten percent will stand up and fight. The rest will hide under their desks and hope the terrorists find Jesus before they get to them. You have to kill these people. You have to rid the round of their shadow, the world of their DNA, and burn their bodies on a pile of Qu’rans. You will not reason with this. A sixteen year old girl attacked with a knife in Israel and a man had to run over her with a car, and still shoot her in the head, as she crawled trying to finish her Jihad. Even the Nazis weren’t that crazy, and they were two bubble short of plumb, I’ll assure you. And it’s not America’s fault. We’ve been around for only about three hundred years. Islam has had a fourteen hundred year run. And they’re still running.
When this is all over, with any luck, we will have a world without Islam. There will still be crazy people, poor, and disillusioned, but this flavor will be in the scrap heap of history. Perhaps in one hundred years there will be someone explaining how it never happened, because it was just so darn crazy. Maybe they’ll all convert to Christianity. Have I got a bridge for you, friends.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Stupid is the New Black

Do you remember, back in the day, when George Bush jumped on Iraq? He spent days pulling together a coalition of allies and then gave Saddam forty-eight hours to get out of town, and if that’s not cowboy style then I’m not a white boy from Austin! He got agreements from all of our allies, arranged sea ports, landing strips, and support systems to mount a coordinated attack. Obama has a completely different view of our situation. Not only is he turning a blind eye to a massive Syrian invasion, he actually turned down France’s invitation to join in their attack on ISIS. Putin compared negotiations with him to playing chess with a pigeon, where the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, poops on the board, and then struts around like it won the match. President Obama as effectively changed our national symbol from a Bald Eagle to a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker!
ISIS is in full swing. It’s positively amazing how this administration steps back, watches a well-orchestrated attack that kills over one hundred people, and suggests that it might be terror connected. I’m a Simple Ol’ Boy from Austin, not a Stupid Ol’ boy from Austin! Everybody is wondering if perhaps the President is a closet Muslim. Well, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, and Obama’s been quacking for years. I see so many lame brained things spewing out of the White House that I don’t even bother to read them anymore. It’s almost like he gets up every morning and runs through the constitution to see what he can tear up today.
We are at war, people! I want to point out something. ISIS doesn’t attack with divisions. It hits with a few people and disrupts everything. If we had employed their tactics Texas would have won the battle of the Alamo. Nineteen guys brought the country to a halt. Something around that number numbed France. Belgium is shut down right now because ISIS burped. See my point. This would be like Texas closing for business because Bonnie and Clyde robbed a gas station, and it all comes back to one thing. The fool on the hill! The world looks at this situation and wonders what is wrong with us? As bad as they hate us, it was always understood that in a pinch, we will come out fighting.
Political correctness will be the death of us. Stupid is the new black. Congress showed some fortitude when it passed that anti-immigration legislation, flying in the face of Obama’s veto threat, but we need more. Do you realize if just the Senators from the states refusing Syrian refugees were to vote for impeachment Obama would be gone? The world is watching. If Russia and France clean up this mess, and we hang back the die is cast. America is no longer a world power. And use your common sense. Look at the refugees. When the boats came in from Cuba there were women and children, old men, and some younger men. An even sprinkling of a society. Obama said the Syrians were three year olds and widows. I saw the news clips. They were even marching in formation.
I issued a plea four days ago for the Texas militia to organize and go to ground. I repeat that plan. Obama will sit back and watch the hordes of enemy soldiers hit the beach at Galveston, while he ponders his golf game. We have to do this ourselves. We have to pick up the torch. I will admit that not all the refugees are ISIS, but remember. . . nineteen guys! That’s all it takes. One guy to put anthrax in the water supply, One in the White House to bring down a nation. That’s all it takes.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


The Battle of Paris

History will record that WWIII began with the Battle of Paris. The events in France are on a par with Pearl Harbor, The Twin Towers and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Civilized people of the world have been awakened to the grim reality that the great flood did not kill all soulless people, a few were left, and they grew into what we know as Islam. The attack provides the dichotomy. The setting of the city of light as opposed to animals bent on death, destruction, and hate. People sitting in sidewalk cafes, looking at the Eifel Tower, or at a concert, being bombed and shot by greasy monkeys who invaded the country without even a hall pass.
I took a full day before writing this article. One reason was to gather information, and frankly, I wound up in a local pub, drinking beer, eating chicken wings, and discussing the event with army vets, including one who was in counter intelligence at Fort Hood. I learned a lot, and they were madder than I was.
The Obama administration has too long turned a blind eye to radical Islam. There, I said it. He refuses to even say ISIS, preferring ISIL. I suppose ISIL is a homogenized version, more politically correct. He makes asinine statements for the cameras while Joe Biden stands to his right, slightly behind with that look in his eye like he knows what’s going on, but he works for Obama and knows where his bread is buttered. And Kerry, don’t get me started. If that isn’t the Three Stooges I’m not a white boy from Austin.
So, we were presented with streets littered with body parts as our Commander in Chief, and I use the term loosely, pondered if this was a terrorist attack or just a bunch of drunk school boys on a lark. They try to be careful in what they say, but there is a vast gulf between walking on egg shells, and not going into the room at all. Obama’s first response would be like FDR saying, “We’re not going to judge the great nation of Japan because of the actions of a few guys in airplanes.” No! Friday, November 13, 2015, a day that will live in infamy. . .
On the one hand I would ask the various governments in Europe, what did you expect? It was so cool, so chic, to let hoodlums come barreling into your country. It was so arrogant to poke fun at Texas for wanting to secure our border. It was so exclusive to feed, house, and cater to these people. How cool is it now? When Hitler decided to make bratwurst of all the Jews in Europe America came running. Well, our very PC government has fixed that. It’ll take some work to mount an offensive now.
So, what do we do? Well, first off Obama needs to act like a president. I mean, he gets a check, lives in public housing, and even has a plane. Time to give back. Right now he needs to be on the phone with the heads of the European Union, getting their commitment. He needs to convince them that just as in WWII, all civilized nations need to stand together. Then, he needs to go before Congress, not the UN, and ask for a declaration of war to exist between this coalition and ISIS. ISIS has claimed territory, founded a government, and dispatched armed soldiers in attacks on other nations. Formal war is needed.
The leaders of this union need to decide if this will be traditional war, or if a nuclear response may be required. I know, I know, what about all the innocent people there? Well, the way I understand it, all the innocent people are already gone. Ya’ll called them “refugees.” In two or three short moves, Russia and the US can turn the ISIS territory into a sea of glass. Hey, isn’t a “glass sea” mentioned in Revelation? Don’t get me started.
When It’s all over, and the crimes against humanity trials are over, Islam needs to be wiped from the earth. You may swat them bees now. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system. When WWII was over nobody in their right mind used the phrase “moderate Nazi.” You know, they ones who didn’t kill any Jews, just kept up with the gold teeth. Yeah, those guys. If you believe in “Moderate Islam,” I suggest you reach way up there, grab your ears, and give a hard tug until you hear a “pop.” After you wash your hair, you will find that all your back problems are gone, and you can see much clearer.
If the nations of the world do not move on this then all is lost. If we are all too politically correct to “correct” this, then the Muslims will win. Islam is designed to subvert and destroy civilization. That’s how it is, folks. In ever poker game there is a “call.” It’s time we call Islam. How far does insanity have to go before we react? I think there will be a war. I think that it will be terrible, but it’s been coming for a long time. History will record that WWIII began with the Battle of Paris.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Can’t Touch This

Years ago, in another life, I was a devout Catholic. I wasn’t kidding. I was a fired up believer, complete with holy water, Rosary, the whole nine yards. I met a girl named Susan. Susan was a mystic. She had visions, wrote prophesy, and smelled like roses. I was enthralled. By and by Father Ev talked to me about her, asking if I knew her. I told him that I did. He asked if I’d been with her during her visions. Of course! Then he asked if I’d seen Mary, or heard her voice, and I had to admit that outside of a few rose smells I had not. “Good,” Father Ev replied, “because that’s schizophrenia!” Thus began my decent into heresy.

I frequently write about my views on organized religion. Now, I’ve been accused of being an Atheist, which I am not. I’m very aware that for all of our technology, science, and study, we simply cannot make a leaf. There is simply too much involved in the universe to ascribe it to chance. You can’t blow a tornado through a junk yard and come out the other side with a Mercedes. I believe that if Jesus were not a real person that we would have invented Him.

I cannot call Islam an organized religion. Let’s look at the source. An old man, in a cave, in the desert, who saw an angel. Please note Father Ev’s idea cited above. First off this man was illiterate. As his “revelations” continued they seemed to follow the course of his life, i.e. the Satanic Verses where he gave credence to three “goddesses” and later decided that they were massagers of the devil. Having been through a few little she-devils myself, I totally understand this. After Mohammed’s death there was a split in Islam almost before his body was cold. His words, and even casual conversation over dinner were collected and codified into the Qu’ran, and the Sayings of Mohammed. Of course you can’t understand any of this unless you know Arabic, which Muslims believe is the most perfect language, a view they share with the Jews in their view about Hebrew.

With the passing of over fourteen hundred years, and the little dots representing inflection, vowels, etc, the understanding of the Qu’ran is solely in the hands of whomever is interpreting at the time. Then, you have to wade through the explanations of little issues like marrying little girls, making love to goats, and of course stoning beautiful women for looking good in a swim suit. Even the Nazis liked pretty girls! There is no theology in the Qu’ran. If I borrowed as many passages from previous publications as Mohammed did from the Torah, and the Bible, even the Greeks, I’d get my shirt sued off. Now that’s a fact, people. This guy wasn’t even a good writer, and it took his followers almost four hundred years to untangle the Suras and put them into a book. I know this rubs Muslims wrong, but I’m going to be blunt. If you’re going to be a “Prophet” you have to be quicker than a drunk guitar player from Austin, ok?

When you step onto the world stage, and start making statements for people to live by you’re always going to get a guy like me who will jack you up. You can’t cut everybody’s head off. The west is positioned against the proponents of Islam, and I don’t buy into all this end of time stuff, but I do believe that the world has just about had enough of the daily videos of people being burned alive, little girls being sold into slavery, people just walking across international borders because they can, and having to bow down and kiss the sandals of all these wetbacks. My eye is on the Germans. They still have the ovens, people, and they’re still German. Don’t forget Putin. The entire west is waking up. America needs to wake up. I could make this article ten more pages, but it will only become redundant. When it all comes down it will be terrible. When it’s over the Arabs will be back selling rugs where they really belong. Between Texas oil, and Russian oil Saudi Arabia will be as broke as M. C. Hammer, but his words are profound. Can’t Touch This!