Looking Back This Week


Looking back this week is slim due to my travels, but the articles that did come out were heavy. Donald Trump dropped the ball on abortion, and I addressed that in Deep Survival. What that was all about was the tendency of people, while in the midst of a winning streak, or performing everyday tasks will sometimes do the dumbest things for apparently no reason, either getting killed, or in this case, killing a political career. While it remains to be seen how much damage the statement in question caused, one would think that the “Donald” would have at least taken a breath before making it. We shall see.

I’ve always viewed “No Knock” warrants as an affront to the 4th Amendment and Knock Knock is a prime example of this. I’m still looking into the event, the cops claiming the entire drug cartel was holed up in the apartment, while the man arrested is saying he was just reading his Bible, you know, you get that. The esteemed District Attorney of Bell County, Texas has seen fit to charge the man with capital murder. I’m not going to put this down. If this was a home invasion, and the man was just defending himself I’m gonna let the D. A. taste my mutton and see how he likes it.

The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla and Votes, Lies, and Videotapes basically deal with the same subject, the subject being that the Republican Party is by no means “pubic” but a “Good Ol’ Boys” club that does what it damn well pleases, and its supporters can just stuff it. I was very pleased to see that following that post Wild Bill For America followed with The End of the GOP. Like me, he is direct, to the point, and calls it like it is, which is, the Republican Party has been out of control for years, and Donald Trump is on them like Chris Hansen on a pervert! They may get their way this time, but this is not going to end well for the Party. Trump has a broad base support, and the smoke and mirrors generated by his own party is so obvious that the blind man down on Main Street can see it.

It’s good to be back in Texas. Travel is great, but those 737 wheels touching down in Austin is better. I found the Mormon Culture to be a little more mundane than I’d supposed, basically a survivalist sect, bent on isolation out of disgust at what’s happening in America today. Kinda like Texas. I’m convinced that if Texas and Utah team up the fat lady will definitely sing. Joseph did you know we’s all gonna ride the train?


Them and Us


Them and us. Remember that, there’ll be a quiz later. Ask yourself, what do Stephen F. Austin and Brigham Young have in common?  What led the Mormons to the Salt Lake Valley was partly religious persecution, and partly a bad case of “Them and Us.” As a Texan, I can understand who “them” were. They were Americans, or the facsimile thereof. Brigham Young picked the most God awful place you could imagine. A lake you can’t drink, weather you have to endure, and inhabitants who didn’t want you there. All this, and the Mormons clawed an existence out of the desert that rivaled San Francisco.

Now, my regular readers know what I think of organized religion, but I shall summarize. We all have a “God Hole” in our head, and something has to fill it. I fill mine with whiskey, but some folks just gotta have ritual, rules, holy this and holy that, and that’s ok if it makes them feel good. Brother Young used the God Hole to keep the faithful on the straight and narrow, because in the high desert if you weren’t on the straight and narrow you’d find yourself under the sand in no time. In short, it worked. What happens in this country when a group of people find a system that works? Well, the Americans come and steal it, that’s what. “Manifest Destiny is just another term for non-consensual sex. In due time the army was dispatched to put the Mormons in their place. The Civil War intervened and eventually the LDS people traded surplus wives for statehood, got “Deseret” trimmed down to size and you have the Utah we see today. Still, from the Mormon point of view, them and us.

The Mormons have a very tight culture, and there is a difference between Mormon culture, and Mormon religion. After years of persecution, they are very suspicious of “them.” As they cling to their civilization they see the edges crumbling all around them, and they struggle to hold it together. If you will note, the Americans did not come calling until after Salt Lake City was built, and the industrious Mormons had turned a profit at the instructions of their “prophet.” Them never builds, they steal from us. Now, let’s move on.

Now, let’s take a trip to Texas. Again, bunch of people went to a hell of a place, carved out a life, fought a war, joined the “Union,” got trimmed down to size, and then it was them and us. Texas got a bigger screwing than Utah in that it was occupied under rules of defeat until C. J. Grisham mounted the Capitol steps in Austin and waved his gun at the governor, all legal, breaking the hold of the 1871 law forbidding Texans to protect themselves. Texas has an organized nationalist movement, a militia, a government in place for the republic, oil, cattle, tech, seaport, and all the Mexicans. Utah is different. Utah has no secession movement, no organization, and no “national” identity, but it does have a firm, family oriented foundation, and that puts them directly opposed to the American system of today, emphasizing them and us!

It is not what America was founded on, but what it has become that makes it an abomination to Mormons. And this is creeping into the state. Salt Lake City has a gay mayor. Just think about that. In a place where people don’t even drink coffee they have a pervert for a mayor. That tells you something about demographics. There are more perverts in Salt Lake City than there are Temple Mormons. Texas began the slide some time ago. Houston had a perv running the city, so we can’t talk, but Texas does have a solid core. Ask Wendy Davis how talking up abortion to a bunch of Mexican Catholics worked out for her in the last election.

Utah, and Texas have something in common. . . them and us. We have all been screwed by the Americans, or rather the perversion of America as we had come to understand it. In the ruins of Deseret and the Republic of Texas there is a remnant. Guess who speaks directly to that remnant? Donald Trump, because he, too, believes in America. He’s one of “us.”  Remember the Southern Strategy I told you about some time back? Well, just switch that to “Western Strategy.” You see the Trump train rides on the rails of righteous anger. The outrage of the people who are sick and tired of what “them” are doing to “us.”

And it doesn’t matter what the religion is. The right to run your own business, your state, have your family safe, your border secure, and know that you won’t get shot for trying to drive to the sheriff’s office is important to these people. To have a culture where it means something to be a member of a church, have no abortion clinics in town, no vets homeless while illegals collect welfare. . . those things mean something, and that’s what Trump is pounding home. Have you noticed that every time one of his rallies is protested by “them” there are suddenly more of “us” supporting Mr. Trump? His message just becomes louder. DUDES! He’s a New York real estate broker, he doesn’t care about your religion, unless you’re a Muslim, and frankly I agree with him.

It’s not just Texas and Utah. Practically every part of the nation has people who have struggled to make a better life for our kids only to have it taken from us to given to them. Them and us. Interesting note: During Jade Helm 15 both Utah, and Texas were designated “Hostile.” Jus’ sayin’. Also interesting in that the first blood to be shed in this fight was the blood of a Mormon, LeVoy Finicum. There is more to come.

We must all rally to Donald Trump’s call. We must stand with him. The Republican leadership will steal the nomination if they can. Utah, and Texas, and all real Americans need to double down, and get Trump nominated, and then show Hillary the door. Make America Great Again! Mr. Trump is taking attacks from all sides, and it’s all spin and lies because “them” knows that if he wins, “us” wins, and they can’t have that. That’ll be the end of the world bankers controlling congress, of the BLM stealing land, or the illegal immigrant welfare express and the insidious occupation of the New World Order. It will be the reinstatement of America. The America envisioned by the founding fathers, and cherished by “us.” Let’s show “them” the door.

Oh, what did Austin and Young have in common? Two things; they knew how to organize a nation, and they were both in real estate. So much for Rubio’s little crack about this not being a real estate deal. Like I said, it is a real estate deal. . . it’s called America! And America belongs to us, not them!

I Have a Dream

I have a dream. I see an America where you can go into a restroom at any time, regardless of gender, and indulge in any act of depravity that suits your fancy, I have a dream. I envision a time when you can have relations with any person, of any sex, anywhere, anytime, and if that person is a child it will be understood that you are not diseased you are only “minor attracted,” I have a dream! A world where only the most disenfranchised, the most confused, the most sociopathic are allowed to have a gun and the rest are secure in gun free zones oh, I have a dream today.

I can clearly see a time when the Statue of Liberty will welcome the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to take everything they can without even a bubble gum wrapper of paperwork allowing entry, and their culture will supplant the Constitution because a goat herder talked to some angel in a cave fourteen hundred years ago, I have a dream! I see a beautiful vision where a man is voted woman of the year, and Christian churches throw open their doors to the devil. In this brave new world the Qu’ran will be revered and the Bible will be against the law, where women wear sack cloth and high school cheer leaders are assaulted for being beautiful, oh, Lord, I have a DREAM!!

I see a world where entire cities are turned over to anyone who needs a “get out of jail free” card until those cities are degraded to the level of a war zone and no citizen is safe to even take a bus to the mall, what a glorious dream I have today. I see women being killed while having ice cream on a pier with their father and Judges at a loss trying to decide if it is a crime because the killer is not American.

In my dream I see a school system with standards so low that the Russians laugh at graduates from it who can’t even write their own names, I have a dream today. I see an economy so degraded that the Mexicans start jumping the border to get back into Mexico after they rob, rape and kill, and no man may say anything about it for fear of the god of political correctness, I have a dream today.

I dream of the day when all of God’s children, should they survive abortion, will not be judged by the content of their character, but by the content of their pocket, I have a dream. A day when they run down the middle of the street, under the Rainbow Flag screaming, “Free at Last! Free at last!” I will not be there with you. I shall not cross over. God has not chosen me. Do not be disinherited, however. I’ll be in Canada! I have a dream.

The word you’re looking for is “Facetious.”

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


The Jawbone of an Ass

I sent out a notice to my Facebook friends last night that I was leaving Facebook. There are many factors concerning this decision, and I’m going to try to explain them here. First off the statistics. For all the hoopla generated by Zuckerberg and company, for me Facebook is virtually worthless. I place articles in dozens of groups and get, mmmm, maybe twenty reads a day. Compare that with the Tea Party Tribune, Patriotic Warriors, Raging Elephants, the Dam Good Times, MY blogs, and Twitter. Twitter alone gave me 13,000 reaches just since midnight last night. (Zuck you Zuckerberg!)

Another problem is my drinking habits. I like Jim Beam and Martinis. Both I take straight. When I see some girly-man pour Coke in a shot of Beam I wonder why he’s drinking at all. Same with my writing. When I put something on Facebook I have to include two shots of water to dumb it down for the Facebook police. Now, I’m not going harp on that old “freedom of speech” argument. It’s their little sex site and they have a right to run it as they see fit. I mean, I’m not a communist. But, when I have to edit every other line for political correctness so as not to offend some freaky looking school kid that got lucky on the internet I just get madder, and madder, and madder.

And, if you are white, and Christian the rules change all the time. You never know if you’re in-house, or out-house. One day you can post a Richard Pryor joke and it’s all cool, and the next to type the word “Muslim,” and you do ten days in Facebook jail! And I’m not even a good Christian! If I get into heaven it’ll be because Saint Peter fell asleep at the gate. As you might imagine, all this is extremely perplexing to a political satirist who used to write adult country comedy in Nashville. Oh, did I mention that I like women? That’s a Facebook No No, too. You gotta be gay. Heterosexuality is the new black. That and baby killing. And if you’re gay and pro-choice? Shut the front door! So you got two sets of rules. If you’re a liberal leftist with a same sex friend you can post most anything you want. Just call yourself Muslim, and , well, shucks. . . over coffee a week ago I got to look at a picture of a formerly lovely young lady who championed the cause of the refugees in Sweden. Well, she has looked better. The picture I saw was her body on some rocks, naked, with her head bashed in and her legs spread like a baked chicken. But Facebook is offended by Leatherface waving his chainsaw.

So, here I am stepping gingerly through Facebook barbed wire, trying to water down my stuff enough to not get slammed and getting about twenty or thirty consistent reads. That’s like the girl that loads up your Visa and takes the bartender home. Now, before you think I am an unsuspecting victim I baited Facebook, ok? Last night I kept pushing the envelope until they popped. To be honest, I’m not totally leaving. I will maintain contact with some friends, and my granddaughter who reads my stuff on her iPhone while in college. I began the migration away from Facebook about a year ago. I didn’t rely on it for any distribution of merit.

I have several places that I can be found. Google is one. Now I don’t understand Google. I’m everywhere there. I started several blogs. At one point each article was a separate blog. I wrote for Angel Eyes Over Texas for a while (still do) so you can find old stuff that I don’t even remember writing. There is a subscribe button, and you can click it and get that blog emailed to you as it updates. WordPress is my workhorse. Even the Tea Party Tribune uses it as a foundation. Actually, I was coming out of the Tribune and most of what went to Facebook was links back to that publication. Its sister site, Patriotic Warriors, gets mirror images of the articles. The Dam Good Times is my brick and mortar. I’m there monthly in a section called “Wilbur’s Corner.” Crystal Lee Larimore runs that, and she’s nice to me so long as I don’t cuss. You might want to consider subscribing that that paper. Good Texas stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. Then there is Raging Elephants Radio. Doc Greene made me what I am today. You can go there, but you can also get the station on the TuneIn App on your smartphone. On the site there is a chatroom where you can interact with the hosts (and yes, they will really chat with you) and express your ideas.

My articles go worldwide. Just like my books, I get copied, and distributed by people I never met, and will never know. I’m not hard to find. What I realized was that I was short changing all of these outlets by licking the boots of Facebook, and that’s why I made the decision to move away from that medium. I submit to two other quite well known talk show hosts, but I won’t name drop here, suffice to say my move will not affect that in any way. Both men have had issues with Facebook themselves, and who knows, I may start something here.

Ok, publicity! Ring the bell, school’s in. Yesterday I did an article about little Ahmed the watch maker up in Irving. Now, you have to understand, I’m sixty-four, on a back porch in Hotterthanhell, Texas, over my first cup of coffee and a cigarette. I check the news and here’s this story about this kid bringing a clock to school and gets jacked up by the cops. Well, I am leery of cops, and I really don’t like school teachers so here I go. Then I published it, and then I had a second cup of coffee and began to peel the onion. Do you know how hard it is to get publicity? You could set a puppy on fire on main street and get maybe thirty-five views on YouTube. You could write an article proving the existence of God, and have photographs of the Big Bang and if you’re lucky your mother might read it. Sooooooo, little Ahmed brings his contraption to school and the east and west coasts light up. Now just how do you suppose that happened? Could there be some organization with an agenda lurking behind the scenes? You betcha. It’s called CAIR. CAIR is the organization that supposedly tries to reconcile Islam with USlam, by putting the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in Burqas. Ok, students, there are two kinds of Muslims in the world. The radical Muslims who want to kill you, and the moderate Muslims who want the radical Muslims to kill you. On the surface some kid getting slapped for a clock seems harmless enough. What about the next clock? See how that works. Ever wonder why all those guys getting their heads cut off on the ISIS show seem so calm. That’s because they’ve been put in that position so many time they think it’s just another dry run. In every science fair I ever saw in school the students were assigned a project by the teacher. The teacher was fully aware of what was being done, indeed, maybe even assisting the kid along the way. Then along comes Ahmed with this briefcase sized “clock” and walks in with the digital display running. If this punk was so smart, why didn’t he redesign the Apple Watch?

Anyway, I am constructing an alternative to Facebook. That’s the plan. I will tweak things along the way, and invite advice from everyone. I have to figure a way to sell my latest book, A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin. I have another I’m working on, “I Crappith Thee NOT!” I live in Texas, so I don’t have to make much money, that’s why the book is so cheap. I have one thing I like to do that costs a bit, and that’s trips to California to drink wine and watch girls swim in the ocean. The view is free, but the wine is a bit pricey. Thank you all for your support, and I will continue to attack liberals with the jawbone of an ass.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Justifiable Homicide

When you destroy someone’s life, and take all their hopes and dreams there are consequences and you must realize that they may something you do not expect. So it was yesterday when a mother welcomed a CPS worker to the infernal regions. Of course the cover story all the touch points, “selfless worker,” “mother of two,” “everyone is shocked.” They weren’t shocked when little Alex Hill died, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS “Coach” had a romp in the hay with a fourteen year old girl, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS Director fell in love with a nine year old girl . . . NOW WERE THEY?

My stripes have never changed. I watched the “department” take the most creative, beautiful person I’ve ever known, and reduce her life to ashes. I hate the CPS with every fiber of my being, and I commend that woman for a most excellent shot. Am I being too vague here? I once told Jim Black that it amazed me no one had taken matters into their own hands so far. Ted, another friend, who has worked as a contracting psychologist for the CPS told me the guilt trip heaped on parents causes them to feel as it somehow THEY did something wrong, and failed their children. That and when even asking a question can get you labeled as having anger issues you dare not tell them you might have issues with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children, because, of course, “It’s all about the children!”

Defense of family is instinct. To protect your young is ingrained in every mother. Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even monkeys do that. Could it be that under common law the termination of the CPS worker is justifiable homicide? “Termination.” Y’all like that? That’s what Planned Parenthood does to the unborn. CPS! Now you’ve tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh?

I connected the dots using the Texas Law of Parties trying to make CPS workers accountable for the death of a child that they had placed into Foster care. My reasoning was if I could roll one body out after execution it might level the playing field and the CPS just might realize there was a bit more at stake here than their budget. Well, we HAVE our body! Wonder if the cops drew a silhouette around her with that little caulk they carry? I’m so insensitive. That poor women had children who will never see her again. Wait, that was her job, wasn’t it. Making sure children never see mommy again, but I digress.

All the human misery, crushed lives, perverted justice from perverted judges and broken families just got boiled down to one well place shot on a summer day. Oh, the police will say it’s the worse crime they ever saw, case workers will sling snot, and if Obama had a white daughter she’d look just like HER. (I’m enjoying this too much!) Wanna know the downside? CPS still has the little girl. They will make sure that precious child will pay for this, and if you don’t believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE . . . in Vermont!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Day Ain’t Over Yet

I’ve always said that life is hard. Well, that’s because it is. We all start with so much allowed for a life. Then life begins to tear you down. Now, you learn, and improve as time goes by, but with each lesson that “life battery” goes down a little more. One day you realize, “I’ve got to make this work, because there is no more starting over.” This is not depression, or gonna die, or any of that nonsense, this is the realization that after this run you will sit on the porch, and count the days. The well will be dry, and there will be no more refills. Roll the credits, fade to black.
The Bible tells us that as you try to gain things in life even what you think you have can be taken away, and no truer words have ever been written. You can either find a shopping cart, or figure it out. My time in California helped me figure it out. I do one thing fairly well. I can sit down, and write something that most people will understand. They won’t always agree, but they know where I’m coming from. Also, I understand right and wrong. For instance, it’s WRONG to kill babies no matter what you call them. People like the members of Planned Parenthood grovel for their funding and eat shrimp cocktail while discussing the price listing of baby parts until that one night when they hear, “Thou fool! Tonight your soul is required of thee!
I had to find my soul two or three times because I’m stupid! I’ve developed a hard exterior from saying goodbye to everything I loved dozens of times. My grandchildren can’t even wear my family name because the CPS was intent on destroying that name. Don’t believe the Waltons were ever real. There was no Grandpa, or Mary Ellen, or family sitting around the dinner table. Now we have CPS, and Planned Parenthood intent upon destroying all that made America AMERICA! You fight, and push, and win or lose, but with each battle that life battery gets a little weaker, and one day you climb the mountain but realize you don’t have the strength to get back down again. You can see the Promised Land yet know it’s not for you, and God’s plan for you has been completed.
I sit here alone in a living room paneled in fine wood. There is a fireplace, and a Mexican tile floor. There are no grandchildren. No cartoons on the TV, so cereal on the floor. This is my life. This is what God chose for me. God never puts us where He doesn’t want us to be. He equips us and gives us a job to do, and you can either cry about it, or get on with the job. My job is to forever be alone, and write. Don’t get all bent out of shape about this, that’s what writers do. Most of the time they sit alone and write. Crowds interrupt the process. The ideas in your head become more important than the reality before your eyes.
You cannot play a violin unless it’s tightly strung. People are like that. Without stress there is no music. The trick is to not let the stress become DISstress! You see, that’s what the world wants. It wants to beat you down to where you can’t get back up again, and that’s where the writer has the edge. The world will eventually win the race and I will be gone. But what I have written won’t be, and I won’t be around anymore for naysayers to pick apart. All that will be left will be THIS! Just remember, with God, all things are possible. Remember this, too. As for me . . . day ain’t over yet!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Planned Parenthood

Now, before I launch into this article, in the interest of full disclosure I don’t know squat about Planned Parenthood, but I do know common sense and my common sense makes the very term “Planned Parenthood” highly suspicious. Like most liberal ideas the true intent of the organization is concealed behind a politically correct touchy-feely label in order to forward whatever crack they are cooking at the time.

I believed that it was set up to give free birth control pills to sixteen year old high school girls without their parent’s knowledge, and that was bad enough, but then there were these videos. Let’s talk about them there videos. I watched one! There was some old dried up battle axe casually discussing crushing a baby’s head so they could “harvest” this or that while she was having lunch at some yuppie cafe out in LA or someplace. Planned Parenthood put the spin on that like it was a Beatle record. One of them gay judges put a gag order on further releases of any videos but the three already going viral had pretty much done the job. I did do a little research on the founder, some liberated woman who once called black people “weeds” that needed to be exterminated. Anyway, Planned Parenthood morphed from free rubbers to full blown genocide and nobody noticed. Them Germans missed all those camps, too.

I am totally against abortion. Planned Parenthood did a cute little sidestep and tried to shift the focus from “harvesting” to women’s health. Ok, Wilbur’s Medical 101. If you’re a girl getting pregnant over and over and aborting at about the same speed, you’re probably healthy, ok? But they always give the scenario of what if you’re a thirteen year old girl, raped by three uncles and a brother, underfed, with a bad heart and brain cancer would you consider an abortion then? That’s what DOCTORS are for. We already HAVE doctors, and we already HAVE welfare, and I will assure you if Susie Sweetcheeks ended up in that situation she KNOWS all about the free clinic downtown. C’mon people, you’ve SEEN these chicks! We all have. We don’t NEED a department or organization orchestrating mass murder and then selling the parts. They’ve been doing this for a WHILE. Thousands upon thousands of little lungs shipped out at a pretty penny and they STILL need to be funded? That right there is the basic difference between Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

All jokes aside this is horrible to the Nth degree. And the way they slice and dice those videos. If some Mafia boss mumbled “Make Joe Salami an offer he can’t refuse” into a wire tap the FBI would invite themselves to dinner that NIGHT! They just can’t quite understand what some old witch means when she describes ripping up a baby’s body over shrimp cocktail. I am a Simple Old Boy From Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin.

It appears that the Republicans are about to pull the purse strings on these Nazis. Of course Hillary is ranting and raving about women’s health. Hey, Hillary, how’s about we reach up between Chelsea’s legs and slice up YOUR grand baby? Come to think of it, that might be the one abortion I would agree with.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin



by Wilbur

1 : the killing of an infant
2 [Late Latin infanticida, from Latin infant-, infans + -i- + -cida -cide] : one who kills an infant

Whenever you have mass murder there is always a perverse logic behind it. For those involved this logic relieves guilt and perpetuates the completion of the program where the genocide is employed to achieve whatever “goal” may be sought. For those observing from without there is no excuse or explanation that will white wash the ugly reality of the act(s). So it is with abortion.

The pro-choice segment uses all of the methods employed by the Nazis when pushing their own special brand of “No child left behind.” First they identified a “problem.” There are just too many unwanted babies born into this world. Let’s look first at that mindset. Look at a picture of a baby, any baby. They smile, grab your finger, look you in the eyes, and they are totally helpless. How can they be unwanted? How can a human being struggling to learn the word, “Ma Ma” be so despised? Then you have a support mechanism that clicks in. It’s not a baby, it’s a choice, a fetus, a this, a that, a whatever. The Jews weren’t human beings, they were a problem, a curse, something in need of a “final solution.”

When you commit genocide you simply cannot do it out in public. There is no “Dancing With The Stars” for abortion. Like the Nazis you must keep the mechanics of this project out of the view of the public because if the people see what you are really doing your acts will be exposed for what they truly are. You must keep the doors closed. You must stifle the screams. You must make the machine sterile. You must make it relentless. You must remove all human emotion from the act because the people who must cooperate with you must never fully understand the consequences of their actions. In the death camps certain Jews were convinced to assist in the herding of the masses to the gas chambers on the promise of “special treatment.” When their part of the project was completed they found that their “special treatment” was a “decent burial!”

These Jews led their neighbors into a gas chamber. A young mother leads her child into a butcher shop. And her “special treatment” is the forfeiture of her innocence, her motherhood, and her very soul! But, the pro-choice lobby has no problem with this. If an unborn child has no soul why should they believe the mother has one either? God has made human being very complex. Doctors and research scientists, both theist and atheist are constantly amazed at the complexity of the human condition, and I don’t care if you ascribe it to God or evolution you must admit that we have learned a lot, but we still have a long way to go.

There is one difference in the Nazi’s “final solution,” and the pro-choice agenda. In Hitler’s briefings with Himmler it was understood that if the project were carried out correctly eventually the goal would be achieved and there would be no more Jews; no more reason for the death camps. Then, all they had to do was bulldoze the buildings down and plant trees for the “Master Race” to enjoy, free of the problems the Jews had brought by their very existence. Pro-choice supporters have an ever increasing supply of “problems” and their final solution will never be attained.

To carry out a successful genocide you should mix in a bit of scientific legitimacy just in case the population should actually see what you are up to. The Nazis had Josef Mengele. The pro-choice people have stem cell research. They also mix in a “concern” for the life of the mother. Ask yourself, what was the mortality of mothers giving birth in the 1800’s, and what was the mortality of infants in the first two years of life then? Now, stack that on top of the millions and millions of abortions we have now. I am not going to cite actual numbers because I know the pro-choice group will skew or discredit them but just ask yourself; has medical science not advanced enough in one hundred and fifty years to the point where a woman can safely birth a child? You KNOW the answer.

Now, ask yourself just why is pro-choice so hell bent (and I used that word deliberately) to push this agenda so vigorously? Just Google the ratio of the “termination” of poor black babies to rich white ones and you will very quickly see what to goal of pro-choice truly is. They can’t just march black people into gas chambers so they roll the mothers into “clinics” to “terminate” pregnancies. To me this is a perversion of the highest magnitude.Growing up in Louisiana durning the 1950’s black women did all the cooking in our schools, hired out as nannies, and kept homes clean and functional. This was because they were the best! To this very day I do not believe white women can cook. To see black mothers lining up to go into an abortion clinic is something I simply cannot get my mind around. It does not compute! Pro-choice is but one aspect of a much larger agenda. You take a people, take away their hope, put them on a system that takes away all incentive, all ambition, tell them society is their enemy, and them murder their children so hopefully this “problem” will be smaller for the next generation.

Now, as a result of this article I will get a LOT of input, I’ll assure you. I will hear everything from “a woman has a right,” to calling me a religious nut. I just don’t like to kill children, whatever size or flavor they may be. When you take a knife and draw blood you kill! Now I don’t mind some killing. I’ve got several CPS workers whose obituaries I would read with a great deal of satisfaction. But those are grown people who receive the consequences of their actions. What actions has a child who hasn’t even opened his eyes yet done to deserve execution. Oh, silly me, I’m just a simple Ol boy from Austin…it’s not a baby, it’s a CHOICE!

19 Kids and Counting

Now and then I come upon a subject that even I find hard to approach. Two words; Duggar Family! Like everyone else I scanned across the news items about the molestation that allegedly occurred years ago. Y’all like that word, “allegedly?” I’m getting sophisticated and I use words like that. Like I’ve been “allegedly” married six times. Anyway, back in the day it seems the older brother, Josh, went and touched SOMEbody’s poody poo. In fact, I understand he touched FIVE poody poos on selected occasions.

I NEVER watched 19 Kids and Counting for a number of reasons. First off, it’s a reality show. People, reality shows are NOT reality, ok? They are scripted, choreographed television productions with millions of dollars poured in to give the illusion of reality, and if you believe they are spontaneous real situations have I got a duck call for YOU! Also, THIS reality show was dumb. Yeah, I just said that. Common sense tells me when all the women crowd around a TV set to watch anything men should NOT get involved. I know little to nothing about the through lines of the show, but I suspect it revolved around a house full of kids somewhere in Arkansas, and frankly I had to Google that before penning this article.

Anyway, this Josh fellow touched his sisters and three other girls around about the time he was fourteen or so. Let’s see, Arkansas, fourteen year old boy, house full of girls . . . Wow! Never saw THAT coming. So I suppose it all came out over the supper table and the dad, “Jim Bob” and wifee dragged the little prick down to the Baptist church to be rebaptized. Must’ve worked because he apparently restrained his sex life to a dirty magazine and a paper towel after that, eventually getting married (I guess)’to some chick who was as whacked out as he was, and they commenced working on THEIR 19 and counting.

Now that I’ve beat up this white trash I’d like to point out that they are not good examples of southern white trashery. Jim Bob (couldn’t he have found a better name?) was a real estate broker, a state representative and I know NOTHING about his significant other, but I just imagine she was made from the same plastic that every other woman around the country is who hooks up with a guy like that. Also, you don’t negotiate yourself into a contract with a major production company in Hollywood at a tractor pull! They were just like Bill and Hillary. Well, maybe not that trashy.

The show centered around serving dinner, walking down the street, and talking about their faith, and I’m quite sure when Josh fell all over his sister that night he was rummaging through her room trying to find his misplaced Bible. You must ask yourself, if the incident was so far back, and the kid was a juvenile, what’s the problem? Well, there are several, actually. Please remember we are in a politically correct, liberal society. First, regardless of the incestuous nature of the liaison, it WAS between a boy and a girl. VERY politically incorrect. Josh should have slipped into sissy’s room to borrow a blouse for an upcoming date. Next, there were so MANY kids and not one decent abortion in the house. I’m frankly surprised that CPS and Planned Parenthood didn’t file a class action law suit. Can you just imagine? A woman with no other talent in the world other than making babies. What happened to her potential? And finally, they were Christian! Shut the FRONT door! This event would have been so much easier to solve, had they been Muslim. Just drag those two little fluzzies out in the Arkansas woods and bash their brains out with a brick. Teach THEM to sleep in their beds with panties and a t-shirt!

The Duggars FIXED the problem. Billy Joe Jim Bob took his son to the preacher. He didn’t condone the action, and he most certainly didn’t act like Sons of Guns Will Hayden, who introduced his twelve year old daughter to his own version of a “smoking gun,” he took the kid, got him some help, and frankly, the boy came through it. Liberals hate that, especially when Jesus gets all involved and they have to look at that “first stone” stuff. But these same well rounded people will tell their kids that Bruce Gender is a “hero.” No one went to jail. Little girls still love their brother. CPS, APS, DPS, and ASPCA didn’t get involved, denying some REAL pedophile access to those two little ladies, family remained intact, and it didn’t cost you a cent! Talk about a win-win. I’m an old Texas reptile-bait, and even I like it! I’d probably watch the show now ‘cept for one little problem. TLC pulled it!

That’s right! When a little too much reality came into their “reality” show, TLC did what all communist, gay, Muslim loving, main stream, politically correct lie factories do, they turned tail and ran! They had a chance to address an issue of importance, with some apparently real people, and they dropped the ball worse than Tony Dorset on a Sunday afternoon. And the story is good! The solution is real, and it worked, it just didn’t fit into the Obamanation.

The Duggars had a message for us all, but we’ll never see it because it is Christian, heterosexual, American family. As a family they addressed an issue, which, I might add, did not fester for years, the kid was ashamed, but not MADE ashamed for being a human being, and the family healed. People like the Duggars are special, and they’re not a dying breed, I mean, my GOD! They have 19 kids at a time. Sorry for Party Rocking!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

The liberal left is amazed at Donald Trump’s rise in the polls, but it’s so simple. While the liberals have been repeating lies for six years, and Americans have had to eat them someone came along and simply said what we all believe. I shot down the race card tactic two days ago, and that in and of itself was ninety percent of the liberal argument. In all the bashing tweets that I got not one addressed any issues, not one. They zeroed in on Trump’s border comments and never even gave a tip of the hat to the fact that we need to have the same border security that all countries enjoy. Well, libtards, the party is OVER! You got your gay marriage, you got to wreck the healthcare system, and you killed more babies than two world wars. You can run along now, we’ll deal with you later, and we WILL deal with you!

If Trump doesn’t lose heart he’s going to blitz Hillary and send her home to await charges. People who don’t even like him will vote for him just to watch the fun. Can you just imagine people waving their ObamaPhones in the air, looking for a signal that’s no longer there? And liberals are all going to have to answer for their sins. There is going to be wailing, and gnashing of teeth when it all comes down because they’re going to have to go to work! As the outrage of the American people gains momentum good people will rise, and the retribution on gays, baby killers, and invaders will be terrible. The great social experiment has failed. Obama will be on the next flight back to Kenya.

People have been afraid to even speak out. That was Donald’s main gift to the American people, he spoke up! The Liberals have controlled the media, controlled the White House, controlled the courts for so long that they have created the illusion that they are a majority. Well they’re NOT! WE ARE! Look around, look at your family, would YOU kill a baby? Do you want your children or grandchildren to grow up to be gay? Do you really want to give up all hope of self defense? Of course you don’t! And liberals call us “racists!” Well, we ARE! We’ve learned to be racist about liberals over the last six years. The very idea of SCOTUS licensing sodomy. And turning the Alamo over to the UN . . . are you KIDDING me? Tearing down the Confederate flag, and running the Rainbow flag up to replace it. And THAT’S not racism? Wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

And it’s gonna be FUN! When you see a gay march, and the people show up and march BACK! When rioters start burning and looting and the PEOPLE show up with baseball bats. When a president goes through the White House door and does what he says he’ll do! America will rise. The border will be secure because people will know that it STANDS for something. Right now they look at America and all they see homosexuals and weak legislators. They think that’s US! Well that’s NOT us. The rancher in West Texas . . . that’s us. The stock broker on Wall Street . . . that’s us. The wine maker in Temecula, California . . . THAT’S US!

China’s stock market crashed yesterday, did you know that? Game over! They never had an economy anyway. Greece went broke. So what. Charge a buck to see the Parthenon. Get over it. Some thug got capped for assaulting a police officer. Good shot! Pablo hanging limp on the fence between Texas and Mexico. That’s not sex, but it’s damn close! And the majority of Americans agree with these things. They’ve just bought into the liberal lies. . . until a man stepped up last week and said, “Enough!” And it was enough. And the people cast their eyes toward the White House, and behold, the Emperor had no clothes! And began the wailing, and gnashing of teeth.