All The Smiling Faces

This is going to be a rough one. I’ve been studying 9/11 videos all day. In 1981 I went to New York. I had a girl there, and she took me to Manhattan. First thing I wanted to do was eat spaghetti on Mulberry Street. The people were friendly. I wore a cowboy hat (which I never did) and the Italians got a kick ou of that. Then we took a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty. Later I ate a salt water hot dog. I ate it on top of one of the Twin Towers.

The elevators were huge, and if I remember right, it took two. You had to go so far, get onto another, and finish the trip to the top. It amazed me that the roof was so small, or perhaps I just expected it to be as impressive as the height. I was glad to get down. I remember the people were so nice, not like I’d heard at all. Coming and going in the building, all dressed so well. They’d talk to me just to hear my Texas accent. I still remember all their smiling faces.

When the Towers fell I was stunned. I remember being on top, and I could just imagine those smiling faces up there with no way down. Today, as I watched the footage of the jumpers I considered the process of deciding to do that. No way out, enduring the heat, and finally making the plunge. No control, so you just tumble, and it made no difference how you hit, the result would be the same. A couple hours before you just wanted a cup of coffee and get to your office, and now the ground is rushing up faster, and faster, and then . . .

And the ones inside, who didn’t jump, but believed the fire department would come, then there was this roar from somewhere up above, and then . . . All the smiling faces gone forever. Office politics didn’t matter any more. The bills, promotion, the upcoming baseball game, nothing. Just you, nine seconds, and whatever waits on the other side.

I was going to make this a hate article. I was all fired up, even had a clever finish, but I just couldn’t make it come together. I couldn’t do because this is THEIR day. They paid for it. All the smiling faces. America is at a crisis, but I’m not going to dwell on that. So many others today have hammered those coffin nails today. I’m going to remember a salt water hot dog, a cool day in New York, and all the smiling faces. Today is my birthday, but I don’t celebrate any more.


The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn’t drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if you wanna think things through. I never pull back but I sure change directions at times, redefine, appraise, and push on from there. As you know, I shifted my focus from Facebook to Twitter, and it wasn’t just Twitter, I began to flesh out WordPress, Google, and email contacts. Again, I did not “quit “Facebook,” I just reduced it to the gossip site it really was. I still answer friends, occasionally post, but I’m not going to work eight hours a day on something that simply does not work. That’s self abuse!

I come in several favors. Music, movies, TV, videos, articles and books. And I’m not kidding. I have quit good jobs to do these things, and if you’ll notice I’m still driving a Mercedes and live in three houses. I am a Texas Patriot, but I’m not a crazy Texas Patriot. Secession is sexy, but nullification works. Texas is the most successful state in the nation right now. Why leave what you can just buy? The rest of the country expects us to jump up and do something crazy, they WANT us to, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

All that having been said, the Texas movement has one problem. With the dozens of movements not ONE cooperates with the other.KC Massey is STILL in jail with no hope of bail as all the various groups squabble over his having smoked a joint! The in fighting between the Open Carry groups was epic. It speaks well of CJ Grisham that he held that mess together long enough to get ONE law passed, and even that was less than what was desired. There is no Congress for the Republic of Texas!

And all the conspiracy theories! I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t believe Alex Jones if he said Michael Jackson could dance! “Jade Helm is looming on the horizon, Obama has just declared martial law, just buy my water filtration system and you MAY survive!” I have seen the war against the people. I have seen my grandchildren abused by the CPS, and I know what it takes to win! It takes organization. It takes senate committee hearings where your people show up and they don’t have enough time to even hear them all. It takes people like Jim Black. It takes a TEA PARTY! That’s what it takes to win.

Donald Trump is a task master at public manipulation. He spoke for eight and one half minutes, announcing his candidacy, with only about one minute addressed Mexico and the Liberal response went off the charts! Guess the Donald must’ve struck a nerve, huh? And Rick Perry, oh don’t get me started, talking about how “offended” he was by Trump’s remarks. All them Mexicans pouring over the border for the entire TWELVE years he held office didn’t bother him a bit, now DID it? As usual Perry glommed onto a talking point. Hope he can remember his lines in his NEXT televised debate.

Hilliary is the President Designate. That’s called self promotion, folks. A great and wise philosopher, Adolf Hitler once said, “No matter how big the lie, if you keep repeating it, it will be accepted as truth!”‘ The Jews are the enemy, Hillary is the president . . . see how that works? Donald Trump is a racist, Hilliary is a woman of the people. And I’m bigger than Willie Nelson!

What I’m gonna do is double down on the facts. I’ll try to make them palatable for everyone but PEOPLE, SCOTUS just legitimized sodomy! C’mon! That’s not a conspiracy theory. You won’t believe how I’m dodging vulgarity in this article. Liberals gleaning my articles for racism while they’re waving rainbow flags. Look what the Confederate flag stood for, yeah, yeah, yeah, and look what that Rainbow flag REALLY stands for! Do you really want your kids and grand kids to accept THAT as normal? And don’t be jellyfish about it, you KNOW I’m right!

Will Trump be able to untangle the Obama mess? Not all of it. Will Hillary enhance that mess? You betcha! Will Texas Patriots continue to fight that mess? Absolutely. The only problem is when someone like Donald Trump yells, “Charge!” we can’t go off in fifty different directions because I’ll assure you the Gay, radical, illegal, left certainly will NOT!

Stand By For News!

I spent an entire day yesterday watching the furor over the Confederate flag. I could have put my time to better use, I can assure you, but every story, every note, every status on Facebook had a flag on it. The GAYS even have a flag! I didn’t know that. I personally think it should be pink, but what do I know, right?

Then came a story that ISIS has invented a new way to kill people, three new ways, actually, and if you know me, I made a tuna sandwich, a pitcher or martinis, and went looking for that! Then, of course the story about Obama selling Kansas to the Chinese, Hilliary has dated Yoko Ono, and Bruce Gender had her first period! Then, a great light appeared unto me. It was exceedingly bright, and I was sore afraid. And a voice came from the light, like a thousand trumpets, and the voice said, “Come here!” So I put down my martini, and went unto the voice, and the voice got holy, and powerful, and resounded-duh . . . And the voice said, “Gimme some of dat samitch!”

So I gave the voice the sandwich, and I was filled with wisdom at that point. And the wisdom was this: The Mainstream Media long ago lost ALL credibility. Gone are the days when Patton strode onto the beach, or Kennedy stared down the Russians, or Dr. King walked fearlessly down the streets of Selma. Now some guy says he’s a woman, cuts his Johnson off, and the world stops turning. The big bucks news will pump any story, no matter how stupid until you’d think that was the only thing happening in the entire world at that given moment of time. LEAD story,too! JESUS CHRIST could return, and He’d be upstaged by some transvestite tripping, and spilling a Coke on a parking lot! Oh yeah, did ya’ll know the Pope is a communist? There was even a story about Miley Cyrus poking fun at the Bible. Like that’s a surprise? Have you checked out her little dance step. I liked when she was Hanna Montana, but what do you do when you grow up, and lose your contract because you’re basically ugly, and a slut? That’s an old word my younger readers need to get used to. Slut: Prostitute who’s too stupid to charge for it.

And, of course, everybody’s looking forward to the race war that’s coming. A few kids with their pants sagging sit down in the street and “IT’S A RACE WAR, IT’S A RACE WAR!” We already HAD a race war back in the 1860’s. Oh God, here come the flags again! I found ONE story worth reading, and that was the one about the one-legged vet who had to put his dog down. The dog was trained to sniff out seventy different bombs, and had saved many lives. The whole town turned out to accompany him to the doctor, and go to rest. Uh, didn’t see any Confederate flags in the crowd.

Then I caught Chris Green, Alternative TV, and of course he was ranting and raving about that flag flap. Then he turned on Col. Allen West. He showed a clip of some black, bearded fanatic, and kept calling him Col. West. I was reminded of an old George Carlin line; Seems fairly intelligent . . . Ah! He’s full of s . . . .!” You have to watch conspiracy theorists just about as close as you watch Main Stream Media. Right before Green regurgitated his dialog he did a commercial trying to sell body armor to all the nice folks out there waiting for Jade Helm to kick in, oh don’t get me started! We are going through that flap down here in Texas right now. I’m sure there is SOMETHING there, because even Governor Abbott is putting armor plating on his wheel chair. (You’d think that after getting the Governor’s office he’d have picked up a Hoveround somewhere along the way, wouldn’t you?) it’s a nice fantasy, I guess. I have a fantasy. Me, locked away in a bomb shelter, hiding from Jade Helm, with five Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and a case of Jim Beam. Do THAT math!

So, I found myself having coffee this morning, waiting to see what’s next. Will ISIS invade New York? Will the Jews take over the world? Will Bruce Gender become pregnant? Will global warming make California a bigger desert than it’s always been? Will we have to read yet another story from Roof’s stepmother (another slut) telling us what a “nice boy” he really was? Will Alex Jones sell yet another water purification system? Stand by for NEWS!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Stand Up

Let’s guys be frank. You ladies can be Francine. We Texans look like a bunch of tin foil whackos to most of the country. No, we really do. I think a little perspective is required here. Now I’m going to say some things that some of you won’t agree with, but let me ask you a question. Do you really want a free and independent Texas, or are we just gonna just have one big beer party, and sit behind our keyboards and bitch? That having been asked, I’m probably the biggest keyboard bitcher of all, so that’s really the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, I’ve got excuses, grand kids, my legs, money, weather, gasoline, I’ve got it all, but to be honest I’d have to stand on my mother’ shoulders to kiss someone like Micha Cambo’s ass, I’ll be honest, so don’t take my words personally. We’ve all fallen short of the glory.

There is a growing percentage of Texans who would rather NOT have that American flag flying above the Capitol. Not because we don’t have reverence for what it stands, oh, my bad, STOOD for, but because we’d just like to get up in the morning with freedom of speech, ALL our wages in our pockets, our self defense in tact, and our daughters and grand daughters NOT being raped by some CPS caseworker. Wouldn’t it be loverly? And our opposition is profound. Just last night I put up a picture on Facebook. My group of rowdy friends had a field day with it. It showed CJ Grisham, standing in the Capitol Rotunda, grinning like a fox in a hen house, and behind and to his left was the most sour-faced school ma’arm I’ve ever seen in my life! Hey, I crappith thee not, this was one pissed off, ugly bitch, and I’m being conservative here. She was a member of a group called “Mothers For Gun Sense In America.” Do you remember Miss Hathaway on the Beverly Hillbillies? Well, she looked like that, but Nancy Culp was an actress. She was PAID to look like that! This woman was all upset because she didn’t get to usurp the constitution of the United States. Her organization puts up endless stories on the Internet about some nine year old shooting some five year old with daddy’s gun that was left out on the kitchen table, and their answer to the problem is to leave us all defenseless before every criminal who ever smoked a meth pipe. Never mind the kitchen knives, rat poison, medications, and keys left in the car that happens ever year with tragic results, GUNS are the problem. Now, being nieve is forgivable for a woman, but nieve AND ugly I cannot abide.

All that having been said, this idiot has one thing on most of us. She showed UP! She, and a contingent of like minded old bats lined up, and gave a long, pre-written monolog to the senators, with a blank left to insert their name, in the hope of stopping the Open Carry legislation that was wearing out horses approaching the floor, and if not for the Herculean efforts of CJ, and others like him we would have lost the right to carry a POCKET KNIFE. I’d have to stand on my mother’s shoulders to kiss HIS ass, too, by the way.

What CJ has done is invaded the sacred domain of the State House. He threw open the windows and let fresh air blow in, and the mindless, liberal droning was overcome by the rushing winds of liberty. Liberals don’t like that. They want men marrying men, women marrying women, dogs marrying cats, and a dead baby in every dumpster. They want Mikey Cyrus twerking with some girly-man right in front of your little girl, but will expel her from school if she says out loud that she doesn’t like President Obama. They want to provide that same little girl with a free abortion without your knowledge, and then talking her into a same sex relationship, and forget about God . . . Allah is the one true god, and Obama, I mean Mohammed is his profit, er, prophet! THIS is what we’re up against! Well, I don’t buy into this crap. MY grandchildren were in a flag drawing contest, came home to eat AMERICAN hot dogs, and watch “American Sniper,” last Friday, and cheered every single time a Muslim bit the sand!

The liberals only defense is to make us look like a bunch of tin foil wearing right wing nuts. By attacking everything real Americans hold sacred. they construct a norm. Flag waving, Bible believing Americans are ridiculed, while turban wearing pedophiles are held up as pillars of society, Hitler once said that if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one, and if you repeat it enough it will become “truth!” You want to see those “truths” in action? Well dig this! The constitution is not valid when held up against Sharia Law, and must be supplanted in those cases involving Muslims. Criminals invading our country are really undocumented immigrants, and must be afforded the same rights as citizens. Homosexual relationships are healthy, and churches must bless them no matter what their basic tenants of faith are, and executive orders pre-empt Congress in all matters if the Congress, i.e. the PEOPLE should disagree with the philosophy of the White House, and you know I’m not making this up!

When people start talking about outlandish theories of Reptilians invading the population, supposed military training exercises setting us up for martial law, and the President’s wife being a man our credibility goes right down the drain. Then the snipers in Waco open fire and the grim light of reality shines to the glee of the Liberals who are the nemesis of everything holy, everything decent, everything AMERICAN! Well, we won THIS battle, but there are many more to come. The police do not need to be disarmed, they need to be equalized. We can no longer afford a class that is hands above the citizens simply because they are armed and shout louder than the rest of us. Surprisingly this will not affect good cops. An armed citizenry doesn’t bother an honest man at all, it worries bullies!

BE active. BE there when “Miss Hathaway shows up. BE there when some CPS worker wrenches a screaming baby from a mothers arms. BE Texas! Don’t be afraid. If you don’t believe in secession then stand up for that American flag, but by GOD stand UP for it! My son, Master Chief Wilbur William Witt III has stood up for that flag EIGHT times. Don’t be politically correct. Correctness is what WE say it is, not some homosexual comedian out in LA. God is who WE say He is, not some camel jockey who likes to kiss little boys, and America is what WE say it is, not some guy who won his last election simply because his skin was darker than his opponent’s! Always remember, there are more of US than there are or THEM. And NSA, now you’ve tasted my mutton . . . how do you like it, huh?

#mothersgunsense #opencarry #consitution

Mexicans Shoot Back

When you have a major catastrophic event it takes days, sometimes years to sort out the facts. So it will be with Waco. Sherlock Holmes said that when you take away the impossible, that which remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Just like an onion. Let’s start peeling, shall we?

While there were rumored to have been up to five clubs at Twin Peaks that day, there were two clubs that were significant. Oh, and by the way, I refer to the bikers as “clubs,” not “gangs!” You see, that’s how people, or groups become demonized. You throw in a word here and there, and those words create what we call, “mental images,” unless, of course you’re black, and you’re burning down places like Ferguson, or Baltimore, then there are laws protecting you because if Obama had any sons, they’d look like them, but I digress.

Now where was I? Oh yes, two clubs. We have the Bandidos, and a cuddly little band of merry men known as the Cossacks. The Bandidos have been around since Jesus was a corporal. The Cossacks were relative new comers to the Texas scene. Now these guys have rules. They abide by these rules. Kinda like a constitution, and they follow it which puts them head and shoulders above Obama right there. They have territories, and interests attached to those territories. Mostly, it boils down to this is THEIR state. They don’t like people rolling in from places like California, and acting like they belong here, and unlike some folks, they’ll stand up and defend that. There are rules of etiquette. You see, there’s this thing called a “rocker” that sits below the club emblem on the jacket. That “rocker” signifies the club’s place or origin. The rule is very plain. If you’re from California, don’t put Texas on that Jacket! You think this is silly? Consider this; most Bikers are vets. Patches, medals, and ribbons MEAN things. Men fought and died for those things, and they aren’t to be taken lightly. This is opposed to letting a bunch of Muslims have prayer day on the state Capitol while we all sit there and wring our pearly white hands, wishing they’d just go away.

Honor, loyalty, and respect are important to these men. So, here come the Cossacks rolling into Texas, putting a Texas rocker on their jackets, and flipping the bird at the Bandidos. They really did that, folks. I’ve seen the pictures. Now they didn’t all immediately meet down on Main Street and start exchanging blows. Realizing the volatile nature of the situation they had meetings at places like Twin Peaks to try to find a middle ground. This is where it gets crazy. Let’s start peeling that onion.

Let’s get all the players in place. You have at least two rival clubs, and the cops, and brothers and sisters we HAD some cops there, serving and protecting. Regular cops, state cops, SWAT cops, and most likely a few Feds, who can’t seem to find any problems down on the border where the REAL “gangs” are, but they sure found Waco. Now, I’m gonna tell you from the get go, I don’t like Waco, and I don’t like Feds! I’ve been all over Texas and I can count the times I stopped in Waco on one hand. I think the FBI, CIA, and NSA are a complete waste of money we could just buy beer with, and do more good, but that’s just me. (Now watch the NSA assign a team to study that last statement trying to figure out what I really meant. See what I mean?)

So, hail, hail, the gang’s all here. Twin Peaks full of Bikers, and cops behind every bush, and on every roof. Oh yeah, they had snipers out that day serving, and protecting us. Pour a little beer on the fire and voila! You get a fist fight. Most amazing thing I ever saw, bikers drinking beer, and fighting in a bar. Never saw THAT coming. Well, as luck would have it, they spilled out into the parking lot. Now, consider this. All these seasoned Bikers, KNOWING the cops are there, suddenly decide to start shooting. If you believe that, well, have I got a bridge for you. Actually, I do! There’s this old bridge right there in Waco that looks like a miniature version of the Golden Gate. Ok, peel that onion. How many Bikers were shot, and how many COPS were shot? Do the math, connect the dots.

Before it was all over there were lots of bodies, and I think 172 arrests, all for “organized crime” and not ONE cell phone video to be had. DUDE! Even ISIS has cell phones. Of course, there was some gum shoe saying it was the most violent crime scene he’d seen in all his thirty-four years “serving and protecting” us. Guess he had the day off when Janet Reno decided to torch that church, huh? They sealed off the entire area so they could sanitize it, and the picture we DO have is all these mad dog bikers sitting docile on a bench, arrested. Now THAT’S a BLOOMING onion.

Of course the spin got to going, with the “authorities” claiming the bikers were putting a hit on all law enforcement . . . NO cops were shot that day. Don’t you think if the bikers were so vicious toward cops at least ONE of them would have thrown a beer mug, or SOMETHING? We’ve all seen this before. David Koresh led a band of crazy fanatics bent on overthrowing the government, and marrying little girls. Not ONE conviction in federal court. The bikers came out of Twin Peaks, guns a blazing . . . Not ONE cop got hurt, nor people in ANY of the surrounding shops. Swat them bees.

What gets me is if the government can amass such a force against AMERICANS what’s the problem with the border? Just string them snipers along that fence and little girls will be able to play jacks in the Texas sand. Oh, my bad . . . Mexicans shoot BACK!

Girl Scout Cookies

I had a wonderful evening. A friend came over, with Scotch, and we talked for hours, and guess what the topic was. ME! My friend moves in mysterious circles. Anyway, he gave me a story that was so good I just had to tell YOU. Seems the NSA has this thing called a “Theory.” There’s this room up there in Utah or some place filled with busy little bees with one thing on their minds. My articles! Yep, you got it. And the next time you fill out a check to the IRS just remember, you PAY these clowns! Anyway, they have this chart thing. All the militias they can identify are on it. Kinda looks like a pyrmid, I guess. At the bottom are all the “soldiers”, and it gets narrower and narrower as you get near the top, and at the very tip top is. . . you guessed it. . . WEIRD WILUR!
Seems they imagine that my articles are really coded messges from “headquarters” streaming out to all the patriots in Texas. I use some kind of “code” that they’re trying to break, so as to be able to stop the insurection at the source. I crappith thee NOT! Now bear in mind I can’t PAY most people to read my nonsense, but these idiots line up to see the next bit of stupidity emenating out of beautiful, downtown Killeen, Texas! I’m so blessed.

The NSA made a big mistake here, however, never to be one to let grass grow beneath my feet, watch me use this to increase my distribution. Don’t tell a songwriter someone is buying! For the record there is nothing dubious about my articles. I always thought I was straight out. I don’t think I could call the Americans any more names, but it seems that when I write, “The Nortes are a bunch of homosexual ass clowns,” they assign a team to try to figure out what I really mean.

Ok, attention NSA. I have a suggestion. You need to get into my mind, and here’s the way to do it. Get the CIA (another pack of ass clowns) to send over a beautifil twenty year old spy. Have her bring a box of Olivas, and a fifth of Jim Beam. If she’s wearing a girl scout uniform and has a box of cookies that’ll be a nice touch. Anyway, order her to spend the night with me, and by the morning I think you’ll know what Weird Wilbur is all about.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Y’all Have a Blessed Day

RE: My post this morning.

First, I’d like to apologies to the Kats and Kittens about the dry nature of this mornings article, but ISIS is nothing to laugh at, and I love you guys and gals. ISIS is going to hit us, that’s not a conspiracy theory, they already DID it! Oh, and I just love the way the news commentators say the the ISIS connection hasn’t been “confirmed.” Just like when they cut someone’s head off on video and the state department says they are checking on the ” validity” the film. I did say something about boar hogs, didn’t I? Do they think these guys punch a time clock? Our story wasn’t bloody enough for them. Huge body counts are a big plus for the nightly news, the bigger the better, and if those bodies are in Texas? OMG! This morning there was a little story about some guy carrying a flag in front of the event center in Garland, of course quoting the young man saying he didn’t agree with upsetting someone’s religion. Above that was a story reminding us all about how queer Bruce Jenner is. THAT was very important.

There was a subtle line in my story this morning, and I’m sure y’all didn’t miss it. Cudos to Doc Greene for giving it to me yesterday. Like I said, note the complete absence of “good” Muslims during that event. You’d have thought there was a string of carts serving up Bar B Q’d pork in the parking lot by Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. (Muslims don’t like girls either.) Anyway, if I were a Muslim, and I were all bent out of shape by a bunch of people drawing pictures, I would have organized fifty or so companions, spread prayer rugs across the parking lot, had a call to prayer, and did a session the entire time. If you will note, they didn’t DO that. Not one even drove by and flipped the bird. They KNEW!

This brings me to my main point of this morning’s article. A radical Muslim Wants to kill you. A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you. The reference to the lady in the grocery store in Islamic garb? First off, what kind of idiot DOES that? Yeah, I said it. Dress down past the ankles, head all trussed up with a bath towel? My GRANDMOTHER didn’t dress like that, and she was a hell fire Southern Baptist! That shows acceptance of the degradation of women, and a crazy mindset. While you’re being all politically correct, and nice to her, she’s bleeding at the nose hating YOU! She won’t shake your hand because you’re filthy! So, in response I want her to go back home. Just playing by the rules they set, folks.

They are going to hit us again. We must be alert. We will win. The Yankees will call us names, talking heads on the news shows will micro analyze, but we can’t be weak about this. My friend, Peter, in London makes a valid point that ISIS and the like are concerns for the world. He is a brilliant man, and I learn much from him, but he doesn’t understand Texans . We can’t fix the world, but we can damn sure fix TEXAS! Let me ask you this; Do you like roaches in your kitchen? Don’t need Muslims in Texas, either! And THEY did this! Texas extended an offer to Brigham Young to settle here when he was on his epic journey to Salt Lake with his people. We ACCEPT people! You have to push a lot of buttons before we decide to throw you off into the Gulf of Mexico! We even accept Gays. Ever been to Austin? Why do you think they call it the “pink” dome? The parks in Austin fill UP with gays after dark, INCLUDING rhe Capitol grounds! We’re just not going to let them come down here, pretend to be married and frolic in front of our kids.

ISIS needs to be aware of two things. We carry guns, and we will kill you back! Pamela Geller DID set a trap for those two men. Some news guy on TV made a big deal out of that like it was some kind of hidden agenda. I wonder what it’s like to be a rocket scientist? We LET Pamela come here and pull her string because Texans have never shrank from a fight. And we DO racially profile. If these little brown bastards think they’re gonna come down here and pull that crap they pulled up in Boston, we’ll send ’em home to mama in a box! SOMEbody had to do it. And stop worrying about Jade Helm. All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men couldn’t even stop Paco from binging ONE joint across the Rio Bravo. What the hell do you think they can do against twenty-three million pissed off Texans? Y’all have a blessed day now, ya hear?

You Wan Meet My Seester?

Jade Helm is looming on the horizon. I want to examine this with a critical eye. There are two extreme positions. On the one hand the idea is out and out martial law, with closed Walmarts being used for detention centers and everyone from Tea Party activists to WWII vets are going to be rounded up. The loyal opposition, of course, claims that this is not true, and it’s all a training exercise designed to teach soldiers about urban warfare so they can patrol Iraq. The truth is somewhere in between. I have several questions. With Fort Hood, Fort Bliss and a whole freaking DESERT from El Paso to LA, why all this “hostile state” nonsense? But, we’ve NEVER seen the government throw good money after bad on some nonsensical project before, now HAVE we? I mean, we’ve got a president who never held a job in his LIFE!

Training is always a dangerous thing. I mean, look what we’ve got for police. It doesn’t matter if the intended purpose is to learn to secure neighborhoods in Stupidstan, the training sticks. One size fits all. It doesn’t matter when you learn to kick in a door if Billy Joe Jim Bob, or Ali Baba and his forty wives are on the other side, the song remains the same. We don’t NEED to train in the streets. That’s what we have places like Fort Hood for. I saw an exact replica of Mount Carmel at North Fort Hood after the Waco fiasco . . . Wait, those were civilians, but I digress. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Fort Hood. They don’t need to be patrolling the streets of Killeen, what they need to do is keep Islamic nuts from blasting them to kingdom come in their own back yard.

The Walmart thing puzzles me, I’ll be honest. I don’t think the cartels are mixed up in all of this or they’d be closing Home Depots. Maybe they are. STOP! Now I’m getting nutty! Walmart has been talking loud and walking proud for years, shorting employees their hours, selling products specifically designed to fit THEIR business model, and “supposedly” the largest retail operation in the world. There is always a curve, always a turning point. What seems too good to be true, usually isn’t. Anybody out there remember Gibsons?

I know for a fact down here in Texas we have a grocery store called HEB. Now, they’re just as bad as Walmart, what with having no problem using illegals and product from Mexico if need be. Haven’t seen an American avocado there yet, all Mexican. (Don’t eat those, folks. They’ll make you go poo poo!) Fact remains an HEB can open up right across the street from a Walmart and rain death down upon it. Large stores, good meat, and the employees actually know where the MILK is! Also they specialize you young, cute girls at the check out counter, which is always nice. On a smaller scale we have a convenience store here in Killeen called Mickey’s, started by a school teacher after his wife died. In his depression he cranked up about thirty of them. And this is a PoDunk town people! Ran practically ALL the 7/11’s out of town. And they did it with chicken livers and gizzards! Walmart has perpetuated this myth of invincibility, but could it be there’s a leak in the dyke? All this is speculation, of course.

What I ask is if we’re going to spend all this money putting this exercise together, and they really need to train in urban warfare might I suggest the border? They could use real bullets and have real terrorists, hiding in ice cream shops shooting back. And, hey, they’re brown like Iraqis! Added bonus you can meet their seester, she virgin! You want to have a bunch of people smoking dope, cutting people’s heads off? I give you the CARTELS! They’ll never buy into that, though. Makes too much sense, and not near as much fun as practicing an assault on TCBY in the Killeen Mall!

Cannon Ball and a Feather

I was on the radio with KC Massey last night. He was detailing his arrest on the border. I’m not going to go into the whole thing, but it was two hours of one flub up after another by our United States Government. Then, like a bolt from the blue it hit me. The Lord appeared before me in glory and asked, “What did you expect?” The last thing the American government did right was . . . was . . . was, well, they’ve been in business for over two hundred sum odd years so I know there HAS to be SOMETHING there.

Let’s just look at the stuff that goes, “bump” in the night. Get drunk the night before and get the president’s head blown off the next day by a warehouse clerk. Get run out of Vietnam by a bunch of kids in sandals and pajamas. Screw up a burglary a CRACKHEAD could have done better. Solicit oral sex from a school girl and too STUPID to pay her dry cleaning bill. Go into two wars looking for one old man on a walking stick who basks away sipping iced tea in a condo thirty five miles away, and last but not least, elect a president that makes PUTIN look good! And you pay money for this, people. Matter of fact, you paid money for this TODAY!

We need to change a few things. With our sterling record in the Middle East we need to retire the bald eagle and replace it with a yellow bellied sap sucker. Need to make Old Glory flame retardant, and we need to appoint Bill Gates secretary of the treasury. Now we have Jade Helm. While I was concerned at first, I’m at ease now. The American Government is doing it! Now, if it were being headed up by the Mexican cartels I’d already on my way to Canada. Don’t think so? How’s that Jimmy Hoffa case working out for you, huh? Proof POSITIVE the government did NOT have a thing to do with it. I think that the president had a secret meeting and asked his cabinet, “Who can we make war on and win?” John Kerry said, “Ourselves?”

About the only thing they ever fined tuned was extortion, when they dreamed up the IRS, but heck, the Hell’s Angels can do that. Embargoed Cuba pretty good. Yep, fixed THOSE cigars didn’t they? I happen to be a cigar smoker and lifting the blockade of Cuba is about the only thing I agree with.

The DisUnited States of Illusion keeps limping along with its porous border, funny money, and politically correct president, and we’ll keep paying for it hoping the Chinese don’t foreclose the mortgage. Oh yeah, we did that too! In a thousand years some kid’ll ask his teacher what happened to the ancient empire of America, and the teacher will say, “Oh, they started marrying goats, calling toilette paper wealth, and all got strung out on pot. Mexico finally annexed them.”

From a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Obama, Jesus, and Crackheads

Ok, let’s do some math. We, here at RER, tend to look like conspiracy theorists at times with the way we ride Obama, but, as usual, I’m going to boil it all down to a bowl of chili just for y’all. I had to just look at the President in a proper light, the right filter, and his actions made perfect sense. First, a little background. I had four sons. Bobby, my youngest was a fine film producer. He was like Michael Moore in one respect, that cost him a fatal heart attack back in ’07, and we miss him greatly. Michael, joined the Marines, but a bad ear put him out. He signed up as a contractor and spent three years in Afghanistan rooting out Taliban. He is now a deputy sheriff back here in Texas. Then, of course, there’s Wilbur, the Chief! Oh, my bad, the MASTER Chief! Eight tours of the Gulf, and over there right NOW! Finally, we have Timmy. Every family has one, and Timmy is ours. Timmy is a crackhead, and THAT’S why I completely understand Barak Obama!

If you analyze what Obama is doing it all makes perfect sense, especially in the light of his explanations. You must understand his constituency. When Timmy gets out of jail, oh, he’s currently “in” right now, we measure Timmy’s life as being either “in” or “out”, he comes to the house, eats, and gets right on the phone. He’s usually gone within two hours, claiming he is going to see one of his many “ladies.” On the way out the door he always steals something. You would be amazed. This last time it was a Pad, whereupon he will sell, or trade it for a “rock” and we’ll see him in three or four days. When we ask what happened to the Pad we will get a tirade of angry words about his horrible childhood, how Michael got the biggest pork chop, or it was his to steal after all he’s done for us. Now, if you can connect those dots then understanding Obama is a snap! Obama supporters are a bunch of crackheads!

Now please note, I did NOT say Obama was a crack head. He’s a crack PUSHER! That’s why he can try to suspend the Second Amendment, yet, at the same time, throw the doors open for the very people who knocked down the World Trade Center! That’s how he can institute a health care plan that destroys health care. That’s how he can fund something like ISIS, and then turn around and tell the country that Radical Islam doesn’t exist. His entire administration has been a contradiction of terms. PERFECT for the crackheads who voted him in! AND he’s from Chicago, and that can’t be good.

Also, the birth certificate thing. Have you ever seen a crackhead being arrested? I don’t care what charge they are arrested for, failure to produce ID, or coming up with a false ID always heads the list. And his wife? All I’m going to say is whenever you find a crack pusher, and he has a girl . . .well, there you are! Obama plays golf . . . TIMMY plays golf! The comparisons go on and on. Our biggest problem is those five hundred or so OTHER crackheads running the government over in the congress and senate.

The one difference between Obama and Timmy is Jesus. Timmy falls back on that at every opportunity, but let me explain. You see, while “in” the crackhead will always “find” Jesus. Whenever Obama finds himself painted into a corner he will invoke some religious terminology in order to placate the masses. Timmy does it like this. Long about the third or fourth visit he will say, “I’ve found Jesus!” The first dozen times or so we would buy into that. I mean, you know, you have to. If you believe in Jesus you have to have faith that He CAN turn lives around, but a good sip of reality is required. The last time he told me that I said, “Really? Gee! I thought that boy would have made parole by now!”