That Was The Week That Was


Week that was this week started slow. I was battling sinus with Claritin and Aleve, and the ol’ brain wasn’t hooking up, but time marches on. I think my sinus came from a Sunday trip to San Antonio, which I detailed in The Battle of the Alamode. This had a funny, yet serious side. The antics if the grandkids were uplifting, unfortunately the United Nations had moved the Alamo to New York City or somewhere so they were deprived of that first visit. No matter, they hadn’t been taught what the building was all about anyway. I went to HEB and bought a copy of the Billy Bob Thornton movie to educate them, but the movie was overruled by “Teen Titans.”

As you know, Judge Scalia died this week. Actually, I dodged this because I couldn’t connect the dots to Texas, but eventually wrote Judge Scalia Saga when I found out that no autopsy was ordered, and Obama was being, well, Obama. Personally, I don’t see any mystery in his death, but hey folks, JFK got his head blown off in front of thousands of people and even he got an autopsy, albeit illegal because his body was spirited to DC so the CIA could set the results.

Once in a blue, blue moon I actually research a subject and try to be informative. The Great Peace was such an effort. I’ve learned that when I research a subject, and use four syllable words I fail miserably. Jus’ sayin’. All the article was saying was we, as a people, have “been there, done that.” ISIS is no crisis, and it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House, the song remains the same.

After the overwhelming success of that article I retreated to Texas subjects again, and wrote right off the top of my head. Texas Has Survived simply laid out facts that make the Yankees mad, and Texans glad. Texas is an easy subject because Norte’s are so bad. They barrel down here by the plane load just to tell us that we don’t know what we’re doing. Enjoy your brisket, gringos!

After a week of non-events, Donald Trump delivered Cruz a profound butt-stomping and I did a political article analyzing the contenders for the nomination, one not contending anymore as the Bush dynasty died nasty. Slobber and Vote wasn’t kind, but it brought things down to a manageable level with good common sense. I particularly like my last paragraph. It was apparent that the Claritin worked, and I could see my laptop again.

So, as we march toward Super Tuesday with anticipation Texas marches toward divorcing America like an unfaithful wife. I am reminded of the Talking Heads song saying, “Same as it ever was,” but liberals need “Start swimming, or they’ll sink like a stone because times they are a changing!” I get a laugh at all the Hollywood types who swear they’ll leave the US if Trump wins. I’m cool with that, just don’t come to Texas! The liberals have held sway for seven and one-half years, and as it draws to a close they are showing their colors. They put Obama in office because he’s black, and now they are trying to follow up by putting Hillary in office because she’s a woman. And they call me a racist!

In a healthy political environment you can disagree. The actual difference between a liberal and a conservative is about ten percent, but the libtards try to make it seem like conservatives are from another planet. That’s what happens when your kids don’t study the Alamo.


Judge Scalia Saga

Took a couple days off and watched the Judge Scalia saga unfold. Didn’t take long to get out of hand. Fact: old men quite often die in their sleep, especially after they’ve been quail hunting all day. Unfortunately, this old man died in Texas, and we have a unique way of screwing things up i.e. let some Justice of the peace pronounce you dead over the phone, and forget to order an autopsy. Stuff like that. The first thing I noticed was Obama doing a tap dance in the White House, announcing that he was searching for a replacement. Is saying the president tap danced racist? I don’t know, I’ll have to check that out.

So now there’s an empty chair on the bench. Can they do anything with only six? A hung jury at the Supreme Court, now that would be a hoot. From what I understand Judge Scalia is the only one on the bench who had actually read the constitution. All the rest got hung on the first amendment, and ignored everything after that. The Supreme Court’s main job is to define the Constitution, and apply that definition to new laws coming out of legislatures. Well, that and refusing to hear appeals of people on death row. When your appeal reaches the court about the only thing you get is one more last meal.

A president can leave his mark on history by appointing someone to this court. They stay there until they die, which means they can go through all stages of Alzheimer’s and keep on making decisions. You think I’m making this up? Remember a little while back when “love won?” These cackle babble heads turned the Supreme Court into a wedding chapel. I crappith thee not! They have defined, redefined, and homogenized the one line Second Amendment for two centuries. I often wonder what would happen if we really did rewrite the second, and made it, “Hey, ya’ll can have guns!”

The Republicans want to stall off the picking of a replacement until after the election. So, what happens if Hillary makes bail and wins? Justice Obama? Or maybe Beyonce? Hey, I’m not kidding, people. Look at the last seven and one half years. You can marry a tiger to a chair now. Obama promised hope and change, and after he leaves office I hope he changes back into a Kenyan!

I really had a lot of respect for Glenn Beck that is until this morning. Now I have said some stupid stuff, but Glenn blew me away today.  Work with me on this. This guy is a Mormon. He doesn’t smoke, drink, and wears special underwear, and I’m cool with that. I watched him explain his faith, and was very impressed. Not impressed enough to put my cigar out, and martini down, but impressed. Well, with high ranking police all over the country raising their eyebrows at the lack of an autopsy, and Alex Jones filling up the motels with staff down where the Judge passed away, Glenn mounts his podium, and announced that God killed Judge Scalia so Ted Cruz could be president. Hey, you can’t make this stuff up, I just can’t connect the dots here. Haven’t heard Cruz’s take on that, I truly hope that he’s not that crazy. Glenn has his partner, David Barton, in charge of Ted’s SuperPac. I don’t know if he’s a Mormon, but those people tend to run in herds.

At any rate, we are going to have to replace his honor. Someone with integrity, common understanding of complicated issues, eye firmly on the horizon, and simply must be a flaming liberal with a drug habit if we ever hope to get him through the tangled web of confirmation. I nominate Willie Nelson!