From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas Moral Decay

From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…

People know I write what’s on my mind. I don’t beat around the bush, and I don’t sugarcoat it. But Houston, We have a problem!

What’s going on in our society?

What we saw last Friday, is starting to be the norm, but no one will address the issue of why. Why is this happening? There’s a moral decay of society taking place and no one will address the decay of this morality.

Let me show you what’s going on with our youth. It’s kind of like the MOB mentality at a protest. Everyone’s afraid to throw the first brick at the protest, but once someone does throw the first brick, it seems everyone wants to pick up a brick and throw it through the window.

Well the same thing is going on with these school shootings There’s been a slow, gradual process taking place since Columbine. No one would actually think of shooting up a school, and killing another human being, but once it was done once, others have decided it was okay to vent their frustrations out on others in this particular manner. It’s the gradual decay of the morality in our society.

Life has become meaningless to our youth. It’s become a slow mob mentality of the way things are handled. One person did it, now there are the copy cats who are going to do it as well. Just like at a protest, the people follow along with the first person that threw the brick. Do you understand what’s going on?

We bombard our youth with violence and more violence to a point where life is just another inanimate object; Look at the video games these kids sit in front of playing for hours and hours on end. Look at the T.V. programs we have allowed our kids to watch. Hollywood comes out proclaiming their disgust at these violent actions every time there’s a school shooting and demand something must be done, just as they turn out another film with more violence and sex and make it appealing to our kids.

Does that make any sense?

You know 30 or 40 years ago, people had sex, of course they did, however the difference was, it was taboo, you didn’t go around flaunting it. We didn’t have it thrown in our face 24 hours a day. What happened in the bedroom, stayed in the bedroom. We had Gay people as well, again, what they did behind closed doors was their business, we didn’t have it thrown in our face. Now they want to throw it in our faces and this is the outcome, our youth are confused and have no moral compass. We allowed this to happen, somewhere along the way parents forgot how to be parents and started wanting to be their kid’s best friends, Their BFF. Seriously?

Our Government has made it illegal for parents to discipline a child. Parents now think spanking a child is abuse, Parents that do whip their child end up in jail and now have a criminal record for domestic abuse. Our teachers can’t say anything because the parent takes the child’s side. We have lost control of our children and we let the opinions of a man called Dr. Spock in the 1960’s, a man who never had children, dictate to us how we should raise our kids. Time outs don’t work, patting them on the head and saying don’t do it again does not work. Mental illness? Wow, they are right you know, it has become a mental illness problem, the kids can’t handle real life anymore. They all get a trophy, no one is a loser, everyone’s a winner. Really??? Then they get out in the real world and they can’t handle it and they have to have safe spaces.

Yes, it’s mental illness caused by our governmental regulations that won’t let parents do their job. Caused by parents who won’t take control of their kids.

Kids need to be taught. As my father used to tell us, while we live under his roof, we would obey his rules. We had no rights! We had rules to live by. It starts at home!

Discipline that child, spank that child, not beat the child, but spank that child. Parents you’re screaming about the symptoms, but you’re not willing to correct the problem. Don’t you think it’s well past time to regain control of the family unit?

Folks look around you, look at the children cussing teachers, fighting teachers, playing with their phones and texting in school classrooms, cussing adults, that’s most of the kids today. If you claim Not my Child, my child is a good kid and would never do that, but you’ve had to go visit the teacher and principal, you may just be part of the problem. Let’s find the solution and the solution begins at home!

If I upset someone off with this letter, then look real hard in the mirror. Have a great day! God Bless. One last thing, I do know kids who have never had to be spanked, the difference is, they were raised in a Church and taught the Word of God! Let that sink in. Maybe it’s time we brought the lessons of the Bible back into the school house, at least back into the homes, these children need parental guidance.

Just a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…What do I know?


America Is Having A Heart Attack

America Is Having A Heart Attack!

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said he planned to hold roundtable discussions starting Tuesday on how to make schools even more secure. One idea he and other state officials mentioned was limiting the number of entrances to the facilities. Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.) said Congress eventually would consider legislation focused on “hardening targets and adding more school metal detectors and school police officers.”

There are so many ideas on how to stop school shootings that the result is a virtual hodgepodge of squabbling inactivity! The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Blind man could see it in an instant. The problem is not guns. School shootings stop when the second gun shows up. Fact! These are not your textbook active shootings. Kids shooting kids.

Aurora, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, none of these has any resemblance to school shootings. As irrational as any mass shooting is, a school shooting progresses to the next level. While the police dig for motive in Las Vegas, the motive for Santa Fe is right up front. Bullying!

Sounds so trivial, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there. I had a kid, Vance, in the fourth grade who beat me up every recess. Once day I discovered Vance had a glass jaw. Let me tell you, it wasn’t sex, but it was damn close!

What made the Santa Fe Shooter use a gun instead of his fists? CNN! The Main Stream Media had exemplified a virtual floor plan for the successful school shooter. Video games provide dry runs. Unfortunately the there is no ALT-CTRL-DEL. The dead do not resurrect. Lives, and history are changed forever. The student, who one day may be working in a laboratory at Baylor/Scott & White on a single immunization that ends AIDS lays bleeding in a school room floor. All those future AIDS deaths lie at the feet of a closet homosexual who got his feelings hurt in high school!

This is the Heart Attack America is suffering. We’ve always had guns, especially in Texas. The kid in Galveston used a squirrel gun, and an old fashioned police special. He could have just as easily used a pellet gun, or a knife, or even a letter opener. The fact is while the little girls were crying, and begging for their lives he walked tall for a short time.

God was expelled from schools years ago. When God was in class, the “FFA” (Future Farmers Of America) students had rifles and shotguns in the back window of every pickup truck in Texas. Trivia: It was those kinds of people who kept Charles Whitman’s head down at the University of Texas on that hot summer day back in 1966.

Morality, parenting, non-interference by government agencies, i.e. schools, CPS, “social workers” and the like is what is required. Dr Spock was a fool. His mother should have sat on him when he was born. Lesbian Child Protective case workers trying to teach Maria Sanchez how to cook tortillas for her bambinos is nuts! Felony charges on a father for delivering a good belt whipping to a boy with a smart mouth is a waste of money, and courtrooms. I hate to be the first one to tell you people this.

Gun control won’t work. In spite of what I’ve said previously, metal detectors won’t work either. The next killer will just use a Ginseng carving knife. We have to come up with a national defibrillator, and put America’s Heart back in rhythm. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just pulled out of the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts can’t identify what a boy is any more. The anti-American, anti-God influences in this country are so insidious that when I typed the words “Jesus Christ” just now it did NOT auto fill in spite of the dozens of times I’ve written His Name on this iPhone. Mohammed gives no such problem. It just auto corrected after the letters “M” and “O!” THAT is the problem friends and neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to be an AmeriCAN! Don’t be afraid to discipline your kids. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the school board, and tell them you do not want subversives, sexual deviates, or social activists teaching your children and removing the words of Thomas Jefferson from our textbooks. Teach the constitution in our schools, and then apply that constitution to everything you think, do, and say. Make the deaths of our children count for SOMETHING! Give America a heart transplant! Until then the guns will roar, and the pain will continue.

Bill the Butcher

Shut The Front Door

Shut The Front Door! More than a month ago I was warning of a school shooting in Texas. I figured it would be in Killeen. Well, here it is! Why? Because we’re lazy and stupid. AR15? Nope! Old fashioned shotgun, and plain old police special. Crazy kid? Maybe. When he wasn’t on the honor roll. What did he excel in? Well, it damn sure wasn’t competitive target shooting. Schools are a gun free zone! There’s that word. Gun free zone? Bingo!

Shut the front door! It’s as simple as that. Make a school rule that no one can bring a gun to school. Wait! We already have that. Then why do we have active shooters in schools? Because of the generation the schools have been grooming them for the last thirty years. Now, swat them bees!

Teachers are oh so innocent. While they teach disobedience to parents, homosexuality, hating on the president, and then stand there snake amazed when little Johnny comes in and busts a cap on them. The same teachers saying they’ll never have a gun IN their desk end up hiding UNDER their desk while little Johnny gives them a “pop” quiz on Life!

Home schools don’t tend to get shot up. The public school system has seen its day. The little red school House was the norm back when, but with the Information Age, kids learn more from Facebook than from some tri-sexual wannabe

social scientist. Folks, I’m not kidding. My kids went to public school in Brigham City, and the only thing they learned is that Temple Worthy kids, and Gentile kids should not intermarry. I crappith thee not!

You will not stop school shootings until you secure the schools. Notice I said “killings!” That’s because guns don’t kill people. Fat nerds that can’t get laid kill people. In Killeen, not one metal detector has been installed since I suggested appropriating some from the county courthouse. I asked who was more important, kids, or pedophile judges. Well, the people have spoken. The idea of spending a dime on the kids benumbs them.

If we’re going to keep the doors open to child sex trafficking, i.e. the pubic school system, then we’d better keep the little girls alive at least long enough to be “wifed up!” Every parent should refuse to put their children in that kind of danger, and keep their kids home until the school is at least as safe as a dog pound. I can’t imaging having to look into Puck’s dead eyes telling her that I was sorry. The city park bond issue was more important. We seriously need to Shut The Front Door! Better yet, let the kids stay home, and send the parents to school. Kids’ll be safe, and shooters will have larger, slow moving targets. God rest the souls of the dead in Santa Fe, and bless the hearts of their survivors.

Once Upon A Time Inna West

Once Upon A Time In The West there was these outlaws. Criminology is so simple. You look at the end result, work yourself backwards, and whomever is at the top of the food chain is the criminal! I think I’ll open an FBI training facility. Take the following hypothetical situation. Little girls from a sleepy little hamlet in Utah kept consistently winding up in Saint George under the direction of the Child and Family Services. Now, work with me on this. Please understand that this is all hypothetical, because God knows these fine public servants would never kidnap little girls and feed them to a multi-state child sex trafficking operation. <Wink Wink>

Let’s work through this floor plan. Two little girls trading lies in a school yard. “My mommy gave me a whipping!” “My daddy gave me a BIGGER whipping!” “My mommy whipped me with a switch!” “My daddy whipped me with a belt!” “Did I say ‘switch?’ STICK!” “Well, my daddy really used a buggy whip on me.” “If I don’t come to school tomorrow it’s because my mommy clubbed me to death with a bed post, and dumped my body in the closet!” (That makes her the winner, by the way.)

The loser goes and relates the conversation to her teacher, the very revered Miss Song, fetching young Asian import, hired in order to prove that CrackerVille is politically correct, who reports it to the principal, who is ever vigilant, protecting children from their family. He in turn does “the right thing,” and calls Miss “MeToo” over at the Child Procurement Services, who places a call to Detective “Purty Serious” down at the PoPo, and they all make a bee line to the scene of the crime, infrared light in hand, plus a petition penned by “Susie Sweetcheeks, honor graduate of a local junior high, enhanced by two weeks of training in child psychology, and absolutely NO knowledge of nouns, verbs or syntax.

Please note this is not the Principal’s first rodeo. Not even the first rodeo this YEAR! If fact this is little girl number three, including the little snitch who started this ball rolling in the beginning. The script is so simple. Sit the girl on your lap, put words in her mouth, and have the case worker make notes of whatever comes out. Said principal has previously removed the girl from special ed, and placed her in general population, ignoring volumes of medical data identifying her multiple mental issues, including seeing angels and demons flying ALL around her bedroom. She believes everything she’s told and wants everyone to like her. That’s why she was so popular when the snitch previously led her to a local park, depriving her of her iPhone, iPad, and three hundred dollars in order to meet men in the park restroom. The case worker forgot to write that down, I guess. These are ten year old little girls, folks.

Upon descending on the residence, of course no body is found, either dead or alive. No club, no blood, no cocaine, and El Chappo has gone back to Mexico. The Detective, and the two caseworkers stood there with their respective faces hanging out. About the only thing officer “Blue Light” can offer the caseworkers is to take the broom he found in the broom closet down to the PD for DNA testing. I crappith thee NOT! The three stooges leave. Before they can approach the court, the little girl in question is on a first class plane ride to Austin, Texas to recoup in a sixty-eight thousand dollar a month center for poor little rich kids whose daddy left them dump trucks full of money. (That’s why she could shell out hundred dollar bills to the snitch.)

But, and this is a big but, almost as big as the butts on those two caseworkers, the case goes on. Even though it vapor locked in court. Weekly visits by caseworkers, grilling the little girl’s brothers just in case the mother should suddenly decide to run over them with a tractor, and bury them out in the apple orchard at the rear of the house. Oh, said orchard is in full view of the Child Protective office. Jus’ sayin’.

The plan was to go to court, and remove the little girl. From there she’d go down around Saint George to the loving arms of Brother Jeremiah Johnson, brother of the afore mentioned principal, and his other fifteen foster daughters. And they’d all live happily ever after. Isn’t life wonderful?

Of course this is all fantasy. Of course public school officials would never collude with state officials who’d conspire with police who’d kidnap little ten year old girls in order to pimp them off to some polygamous cult out in the desert. Why, that would be crazy! It would . . . wouldn’t it? The end.

The Measure Of Belief

The Measure of Belief

Whenever a person says “I think this and such”, I listen with interest, but when the same person says “I believe,” I listen attentively. My experience is that a person is much more likely to act on belief than thought.

Children, acting on faith, write letters to Santa Claus. Parents pray fervently for the return of lost children, but by Harry they get out and look for them too. Men, and women, fight against unlikely odds for life they believe they should continue. So it is with considerable skepticism that I hear Americans say “I believe the U.S. embassy should be in Jerusalem.

They may think the embassy should be in Jerusalem, but comparatively, the fifty-four Palestinians who died protesting that event, along with the 1600 who were injured, many of whom may die also protesting said event, believed it should have remained in Tel Aviv.

Americans don’t believe squat nowadays; I give you MAGA. No, really, you can have it. Seriously, it’s yours. We think hitting a key to “like” something, or, God forbid, unlike it conveys the strength of our principles. Truth is, we just ain’t got it anymore. My point is, next time you sneer at a Muslim, just make sure you do it from the relative safety of Facebook, because brither, one thing is for sure, they believe!

Now, there is a prevailing thought in America that people who are willing to engage in violence to defend their beliefs are somehow unhinged; radical, or insane. I think that perspective is brought about by a kind of contentedness, or perhaps a sense that things could get worse if someone rocks the boat. For my own part, I don’t care if they put the U.S. embassy to Israel in Bee Bee’s bathroom. I certainly wouldn’t risk so much as a hair on my neighbor’s head over it, and I don’t even like my neighbor. So, it worries me a little that so many people were willing to die, or risk death over something so meaningless to Americans (you may like it, but remember, you wouldn’t actually risk anything over it, hence, meaningless).

It worries me even more that our president did it anyway. I notice no Israeli not wearing a uniform didn’t risk anything either. That means…yep, that rotten egg smell means politics, and folks, that means that this will probably cost us something anyway. Square one for America, no taxation without representation! We will likely be taxed in more than one way for this, an none of us gives a rotten fig for where the gosh darn embassy is! So, think on this, where ever you think our embassy to Israel should be, what do you believe? and just how much do you believe it?

Brother Theo

Theo’s Branch

The Butcher Shop

Tea Party Tribune

The Tea Party Tribune

The Tea Party Tribune was down for maintenance for several days. This put a little kink in my weekly game plan, but you must adapt to all situations. I developed my other avenues during this time.

The Tribune is a large part of my public persona. The layout is very good. Obviously, the readers are conservative because, well, look what they’re reading! That having been said, my followers on this paper are not a bunch of old fuddy-duddies. They hold to tried and true axioms of main stream America, but are by no means suffering from Alzheimer’s. I am proof of that. Readers of the Tea Party Tribune will embrace new ideas IF they are solid ideas, and not some half baked theories coming from someone with a Tide Pod in their mouth.

If conservatives weren’t like that America would truly be “New England!” The people on the Mayflower came here because the “Old England” didn’t work. People were born in a social status, and remained there until they died, unless they became Robin Hood, or some deviation thereof. When America became bogged down in over thinking God gave us Texas!

I have labored doing public relations for the Tribune. In the beginning liberals would reject my articles off hand simply because of the title of the newspaper they were published under. Little by little the kids started reading. And they read good! They realized that true conservatives are all about personal freedom. Live like you wanna live! Just don’t tell anyone else how they should live. Your freedom ends at the tip of your nose. Don’t surrender that freedom to any government under the guise of being for “your own good!”

A good example of this happening is the Mormons. I’m fascinated with the Church of Latter Day Saints Of Jesus Christ. What intrigued me the most is how it evolved from Porter Rockwell to Justin Bieber. The Church sold its soul to the Federal Government for statehood. I’ll explain. Under the concept of Joseph Smith all souls are pre-existent. These souls must be brought down to earth to take bodies in order to “do their time” and eventually face Heavenly Father, and that great cash register in the sky. For the most worthy to do this with expediency multiple “situations” are required.

Polygamy was not rampant in early Utah. Of course well positioned members such as Brigham Young had more wives than a dog has fleas. Less substantial members typically set upon one. The question of “The Principle” loomed large in the admission of the Utah Territory into the Union. Now, you’re aversion to this practice notwithstanding, how can you equate what is basically the elimination of a religious tenet of faith, while the same government, years later, blessed the union of two men, or women? The word you’re looking for is “hypocrisy!” I’m not saying gays shouldn’t be allowed the freedom to live their lifestyle. I’m just saying that everyone else has that right, also.

We are all liberal, AND conservative. To march in lock step with no adjustments to philosophy is a death roll for any civilization. We should welcome thinking liberals in order to share ideas. There are two sides to the isle in Congress. To date, I’ve seen no wall between the parties no matter what Maxine Waters May say. I believe that leading this renaissance of American thought are publications such as the Tea Party Tribune. I’m proud to be a part of that movement.

Spare The Rod

Cop beat up teen daughter in school office as employees looked on

In the video, released by prosecutors this week, Miami-Dade police officer Raymond Rosario is seen slapping the girl across the face, pulling her by the hair and whipping her with a belt on her leg. The Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy employees sitting a few feet away did not flinch, the Miami Herald

I’m gonna surprise you today. Ever since Dr Spock invited himself to be a member of every family stupid enough to buy his books the American family has degenerated to the point we enjoy today. First, a little Sunday School.


Proverbs 13:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.


I hate to be the first one to tell you, but babies are not born with PHDs. This having been said, they learn incredibly fast. Consider this: You can take Spanish for two years in high school, and Mexicans will still laugh at you when you try to use it. I grew up with Mexican kids who could speak English and Spanish while they were still in diapers.

There’s a lesson there. Kids absorb practically everything during the first five years of life, good and bad, and take everything as gospel. This applies equally to what is not there to absorb i.e. discipline! When there are no consequences for actions, actions win.

When a parent says, “Don’t touch that” it gets nominal results, but when followed by a quick slap on the hand it takes root. Did you ever notice how a hot stove doesn’t have to speak for a child to understand “Don’t touch?”

Time outs don’t work. Like a convict, the child quickly learns how to “make parole.” The Child Protective Services makes a very big deal out of time outs, tailored to conform to CPS standards of course. Term limits, locations, and informing the child of all the rights contained therein. This works about as well as dropping a cigarette butt in a biker’s drink at a biker bar.

Corporal punishment is very simple. The object of discipline is to make the child get quickly into the habit of not doing what brought the discipline on in the first place. Repeatedly saying, “NO! NO! NO!” only convinces the child that they have free reign over their situation, and you are a weak minded fool!

You may think the officer cited above was a bit overbearing. Consider this: He knows his kid! The very fact that the girl sassed a teacher shows extreme disrespect. Perhaps the officer had taken just about all he was going to take. Now, under our new rules of engagement as defined by the CPS he is charged with a felony. On the job he’s required to be much more forceful. Perhaps he should have tased her. “SHOW ME YOUR HANDS !”

Now, his parental authority is destroyed. His career is gone. Perhaps even his family. No matter how good a father he’s been, no matter how much support he’s given his family, no matter how much he loves his family, and they love him, the milk toast, liberal, LGBTQ philosophy of the times has stepped in, and in short order little “Amy” will be in foster care on the correct amount of psychotic drugs designed to dissolve any concept she has of right, wrong, or family. Here’s your sign, and her Tide Pod!

The Butcher!