I Love Servicemen and Women

IMG_0060I love servicemen, and women. People who charge into the breech, protecting us while we sleep without a second thought. Those who keep the watch. War is always an unpopular decision, and as it drags on it becomes more unpopular, but the soldiers who wage it are but the instruments of political will, not the directors. The way it’s supposed to work is some foreign nation attacks America, and our armed forces repel that action. The president, and congress are supposed to reflect the will of the people. Sadly, of late, such is not the case.

I remember so vividly, during the Vietnam war, the ire against it turned on our returning troops. Part of the North Vietnamese strategy was to sow discontent among the American people, a plan that some in position fell into step. People such as Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, and yes, John Kerry, all marching to the Vietnamese drum. The political winds that were blowing had indeed driven us into a war with no purpose. History has proven that the little Asian nation made absolutely no difference at all to the world stage. Eventually, they got a unified country, and we got a wall!

The soldiers came home, the war was over, but there were no parades, no flags, no “VE” day, just broken men and women, trying to forget. Politics did that to them, not the war. When you go far from home to fight you simply have to have the reason to do so. With the horror of war you must know, in your heart, that there is a reason for it. You have the right to expect that upon coming home, the memories will be silenced by the applause if the people at the airport. You do not expect to be spit upon. You do not expect the ghosts to still be there forty years later.

America has made an entire industry of protecting the “freedom” of other nations. Again, politics plays the role, not the will of the people. Politicians invent, and arm entities such as Al Qaeda, and then stand back in snake amazement when the mad dog they fed bites us! And their reasoning? Russia might take over the world! History has shown that Russia did good just taking over Russia! Their weak hold went away like cotton candy when they tried to match America dollar for Ruble in the “cold” war. When the twin towers went down we rushed to seek the perpetrators. It wasn’t hard to figure out. In effect, we had bought the plane tickets. The politicians, and their lapdogs in the CIA had unleashed that terror, and the very word, “terror” became a catch phrase in order to get the American people to sell their freedom, shred the constitution, and allow our soldiers to charge off after one crazy old man on a walking stick because, yet again, someone might take over the world!

Do you want to know what the Trump phenomenon really is? I’ll tell you. It is the outrage of the American people at the political wasteland they’ve had to endure for the last fifty years. It’s the arrogance of people like Hillary Clinton, who point at a successful American businessman, and claim he isn’t savvy enough to direct the ship of state because that ship has been floundering so long that only the most consummate liar can even hope to guide it. The very idea that the government of the people is far beyond the people’s understanding, and our only hope is this ruling class, this Illuminati, this new royalty. That’s the reason Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States! The American people are taking over the White House, and if we ever have a just war in the future there will be applause at the airport. I love servicemen, and women. Continue reading “I Love Servicemen and Women”


Putin is a Texan!

If this picture doesn’t make you mad you need to be on medication. A darling little girl being auctioned off as a sex slave. This is Islam! Can’t candy coat it, can’t rationalize it, can’t cite the Qu’ran, this is perversion at its purest. I trimmed the lower picture but it was good. The Russians dumped this garbage in a pickup, naked, except for his thong, that’s right, thong, with his head bent backwards.
It doesn’t matter who invented ISIS. It doesn’t matter if it was a CIA ploy, a funded group against the president of Syria, or just a street gang gone wild. Putin finally called “Foul” and started cleaning up the area, and, as you can see, our friend here wound up looking like he got caught in San Saba, Texas monkeying with a little girl. Putin is a Texan!
Common decency is not negotiable. Communist or capitalist, a little girl is a little girl. A crying little girl about to be raped is an abomination, and if your “Holy” book condones this then you’re praying to the freaking DEVIL! The world has had enough. All my liberal friends like to use the term “Wild Wild West.” Well, when someone did this in the Wild West the posse showed up and hung them in the street for all the people to see. It was as simple as that!
And he’s smiling! He’s proud of what he’s doing. No compassion, no feeling, just an animal who has learned to talk, that’s all. I will never forget this child’s face. My passion is saving children from the CPS. I’ve seen so much abuse that I have a blind hatred for that department. For me to look in this little angel’s face makes me raging mad. It makes me want to march every Arab on the planet into a gas chamber and turn on the gas. There is no excuse for this.
And look at the White House. Politicizing. That’s the talking point this week. Obama talks the politics of situations like this. I wonder how he’d talk if that was Malia crying in that picture? Would he say the morning call to prayer for Islam is the most beautiful sound he ever heard? Or would he drop a nuke right in the middle of them? Of course everybody is all worried about WWIII. People, we need WWIII! All civilized nations against the Middle East. Be done with it! Forget about the end of the world and make it the end of their world!
My message to all the folks out there so proud of their vote for Obama; while you’re cashing in your food stamps for crack, and calling your dealer on your Obama Phone, take a look at this little girl. All she wanted was mommy, and to grow up. This is wrong, folks. This is just plain wrong!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin



Just My Luck, God’s a Texan . . .

If I were as wrong about so many things as Mohammed, danged if I wouldn’t have found another job! The man could NOT write, and I mean that literally, or rather, illiterally. Hey, I just made that up. That’s your new word of the day. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, Mohammed. Anyway, he had a pretty good gig running camels across the desert, and married to a rich old lady, but then there was this cave, and an ANGEL! Oh yes, we had an angel. You know, every time someone comes up with some sexually driven nonsense they always blame it on an angel. I personally have never seen an angel, unless you count that girl I picked up at Cody’s one time, but the next day she misplaced her wings, but I’d rather not talk about that right now.

As Mo progressed toward being king of the towel heads he’d go into these rants, usually having something to do with whatever pipe dream he was chasing at the time. Think I’m lying? Check out the “Satanic Verses.” Seems there was these three girls, and, well, they lost THEIR wings, too. When caught in this cluster screw, and it didn’t make any sense to any of the other rag heads he tried to tell ’em, “The Devil made me do it.” Oh, that’s the other big trick. Any time some “prophet” gets caught with his pants down he says the “Devil” tricked him into it. DUDE! If you’re like, a PROPHET, ain’t you supposed to know what the Devil looks like? I personally think he might look like Velma Prigmore back in high school. She led more of us to sin than anyone else I know.

Anyway, Mo ate some poison goat, and about two years later he stopped prophesying, cause he was like, dead! Then the fun really started. If you think Mo was crazy just take a look at act II! There came to pass (got that line from the Book of Mormon) there was these things called “Sayings Of Mohammed,” which loosely translated were things that were so stupid no one mentioned it during his lifetime because there was a distinct possibility of losing your mind, literally! THAT is where we get all these little jewels about what it takes to properly dance around the ol’ Kaaba, beat the devil out of the wife of your choice, AND never marry a chick before the age of five. Then there’s this image thing. Muslims don’t want anybody drawing any pictures of the prophet. Supposedly they hold to the “graven image” thing, and don’t want anyone paying more attention to anything than they do God, but then they pray in the direction of this big ol’ rock in Mecca, and hold onto another rock in Jerusalem like it was property on the Vegas Strip. You see, whenever you have “religion” you always have two sets of rules. The rules for the “equals” and the ones for the “equalizers.” Hey, there’s another new word. I’m a virtual Daniel Webster. You can’t draw Mo, but if you’re a Muzzie you gotta go and walk seven times around a big stone building in Mecca at least once in your life. Ibn Al Arabi did it, and became enameled with some girl called Nizām (see where this always goes folks?)

So, Friday we got the treat of yet another “Draw Mohammed” contest. I couldn’t make it, but I’m going,to place my entry at the end of this article. Seems all,these bikers showed up, though far less than the one hundred thousand expected, those guys were all headed to Waco, and held this art exhibit it right NEXT to a Mosque. Nice touch. I mean if you want to really irritate someone just go urinate on their tomatoes, right? Well, there wasn’t any Jihad, and I don’t know who won the contest, or what what the grand prize was, probably a thirty pack of Bud and an order or baby back ribs, I don’t know. The organizer went into hiding because ISIS wants to cut his head off, and other organizers are planning other venues to enlighten the great unwashed as to what Prophet Mo might have looked like. THIS is what replaced American Idol, folks.

Anyway, I’m going to submit MY entry here, and hope ISIS doesn’t come cut my head off, but if they do, no matter, I’m not using it anyway. I don’t care WHAT Prophet Mo looked like. I’m still squabbling with a black preacher about what COLOR Jesus was. I hold to the words of the Prophet Kinky Friedman: Just my luck, God’s a Texan, one great big blankety blank Anglo Saxon, sitting up there playing with a Quigi Board . . .



Let’s Finish The Job

I think the most interesting story this week is the message from Russia of pro ported images implicating our government in the attack of 9/11. The ramifications are huge. I, myself, have never bought into any of those theories, but I was wrong twice last year, and it looks like this may be another one. Years ago a Muslim friend of mine told me, “Don’t tell me a government, so sophisticated that it can read your license plate from space can’t find one sick old man on a walking stick.” He had personal knowledge of Bin Laden from before the day, and told me Osama was like the guy in a bar, during a fight, who hid under a pool table, emerging when it was all over, proclaiming victory.

It’s been a good run for the Bushes. Plunged us into a 4,000 year old conflict, made themselves, and Dick Cheaney rich, and tore up two countries, inciting revolution in two or three more. Hitler would be spinning in his grave, if he had one. Well, now it looks like a Russian President, who looks a little like Teller from Penn and Teller is about to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Remember I told you about the de facto Republic of Texas? I also said when the end of America comes the gringos would be too busy swatting bees to worry about us just slipping away? Well, swat them bees, swat them bees! Putin’s about to release those pictures and the American’s collective jaws are going to hit the ground. Whomp! Dey it is!

This is not some conspiracy theory. This is a head of state who’s sick and tired of lies and deceit. This is the same man who offered tentative recognition to the New Republic of Texas, I Crappith thee NOT! If these photos do indeed surface Texas needs to be ready to strike. Obama is poised to launch yet another war on ISIS as a diversion. A war on an entity he helped create in the first place. When he stomps off to Syria WE need to stomp off to a constitutional convention. We are already before the Hague. We already have an Irish embassy in Austin. We already have Texas Nationalist troops securing our border. Let’s finish the job!