Stupid is the New Black

Do you remember, back in the day, when George Bush jumped on Iraq? He spent days pulling together a coalition of allies and then gave Saddam forty-eight hours to get out of town, and if that’s not cowboy style then I’m not a white boy from Austin! He got agreements from all of our allies, arranged sea ports, landing strips, and support systems to mount a coordinated attack. Obama has a completely different view of our situation. Not only is he turning a blind eye to a massive Syrian invasion, he actually turned down France’s invitation to join in their attack on ISIS. Putin compared negotiations with him to playing chess with a pigeon, where the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, poops on the board, and then struts around like it won the match. President Obama as effectively changed our national symbol from a Bald Eagle to a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker!
ISIS is in full swing. It’s positively amazing how this administration steps back, watches a well-orchestrated attack that kills over one hundred people, and suggests that it might be terror connected. I’m a Simple Ol’ Boy from Austin, not a Stupid Ol’ boy from Austin! Everybody is wondering if perhaps the President is a closet Muslim. Well, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, and Obama’s been quacking for years. I see so many lame brained things spewing out of the White House that I don’t even bother to read them anymore. It’s almost like he gets up every morning and runs through the constitution to see what he can tear up today.
We are at war, people! I want to point out something. ISIS doesn’t attack with divisions. It hits with a few people and disrupts everything. If we had employed their tactics Texas would have won the battle of the Alamo. Nineteen guys brought the country to a halt. Something around that number numbed France. Belgium is shut down right now because ISIS burped. See my point. This would be like Texas closing for business because Bonnie and Clyde robbed a gas station, and it all comes back to one thing. The fool on the hill! The world looks at this situation and wonders what is wrong with us? As bad as they hate us, it was always understood that in a pinch, we will come out fighting.
Political correctness will be the death of us. Stupid is the new black. Congress showed some fortitude when it passed that anti-immigration legislation, flying in the face of Obama’s veto threat, but we need more. Do you realize if just the Senators from the states refusing Syrian refugees were to vote for impeachment Obama would be gone? The world is watching. If Russia and France clean up this mess, and we hang back the die is cast. America is no longer a world power. And use your common sense. Look at the refugees. When the boats came in from Cuba there were women and children, old men, and some younger men. An even sprinkling of a society. Obama said the Syrians were three year olds and widows. I saw the news clips. They were even marching in formation.
I issued a plea four days ago for the Texas militia to organize and go to ground. I repeat that plan. Obama will sit back and watch the hordes of enemy soldiers hit the beach at Galveston, while he ponders his golf game. We have to do this ourselves. We have to pick up the torch. I will admit that not all the refugees are ISIS, but remember. . . nineteen guys! That’s all it takes. One guy to put anthrax in the water supply, One in the White House to bring down a nation. That’s all it takes.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


See You In The Trenches

Governor Abbott gave a nice little tip of the hat to Texans yesterday, I even had to wipe a tear from my eye, when he declared no Syrian refugees would be allowed in Texas. For all of you who are still buying into this, let me tell you, this is self-abuse, and if you keep doing it long enough you’ll go blind. Under the Refugee Act of 1980 the President has the explicit authorization to accept foreign refugees into the United States. We find ourselves right back at square one with the state trying to govern itself except with Uncle Simon doesn’t “say.” Also how do you track Mohammed, who lands in New York, contacts a temp agency, gets a job in Austin, and starts work at a Quickie Mart on Monday?
If you look at any Interstate Hiway, on any given day, you are going to see semi-trucks running all over the place. Some are labeled, going to Walmart, HEB, or delivering furniture, but there are some that are not so clear, and the never stop at the Flying J truck stop. Wanna know why? Because they’re transporting soldiers for ISIS all over the land of the free, home of the duped, that’s why! Got a little truck stop over in Temple, Texas. Always seems empty, once in a blue, blue moon you’ll see a truck there, but not often. Kinda dingy little place. The kind of place where you wouldn’t want to eat one of their burritos anyway. Well, that’s where Mohammed and the boys drop by for a little chicken fried goat, while on their way to Houston to practice the Jihad that is surely coming to a neighborhood near YOU!
The aspect of the transport of up to 20,000 Islamabastards to Texas within eight hours is a very real possibility. For the most part, they’re already here. The business model that supports them is exempt from our banking laws, and huge, complex systems help grease immigration so they aren’t held up in line while picking up their suicide belts. They just sit in place, cleaning their AK-47s, eating goat, and waiting for the local Imam to give them their marching orders. Obama tells us ISIS is “contained.” Yeah, in condos all over the country. I wouldn’t follow that man into a whorehouse!
What stands between these guys and Suzie Sweetcheeks shopping at the Mall? Why, the Federal Government, right? Wrong! That’s who’s gassing up the trucks, fool! Oh, the Department of Homeland Security isn’t cleaning their windshield, but they make it so easy for the new guests to move around that they should start a tourist company. No, it’s the Militias that stand guard. You know, those guys all dressed up in Camo, ordering coffee with a rifle slung over their shoulder while the Mothers Against Everything But Unprotected Sex With A Donkey calls the cops.
Texas is littered with Militia. They practice, meet, talk on Facebook, hold rallies, and are serious about Texas, and the security of the state. Only problem is the Feds do everything in their power to thwart these groups every way they can. KC Massey was down in the Valley with so many Mexicans rushing by you’d have thought he was at the Alamo and got arrested for having a gun, even though, under Texas law he’d complied, was in good graces, and was protecting the border at his own expense at Camp Lone Star. Here come the Feds, arrested him, and the Mexicans raised a mighty shout. Well, heads up, Paco! We all have a new enemy, and remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Syrians sawing your heads off will make you miss ol’ KC!
There are several problems with the Militias. First of all, even though they are organized within their own units, they are not connected with other units in any kind of workable fashion. A militia in Houston knows little about one up in Salado. There is no supreme commander. Everyone is marching to the beat of a different drummer. This is pretty much what lost the Civil War, folks. Robert E. Lee was the General, but a lot of his orders were, shall we say, “reviewed,” before implementation. To the point that during Gettysburg, it became entirely possible to do an end run, and actually roll Lincoln out of bed, but nobody could quite agree because they were too busy getting slaughtered following Pickett up some hill with General Longstreet screaming, “STOP, STOP, STOP,” the whole time. The Texas Militia has to become The Texas Militia. When the Jihadists attack, and they surely will, you can bet they will be organized. Look at Paris. We have to have a chain of command that can mount a defense when all hell breaks loose. All the various militias need to send a delegation to a meeting and set this up. One guy has to be the “buck stopper.”
Next, we need to become a tad more low key. ISIS can Google us! They use snippers. They already know where all of our units are, how many, how trained, and where we buy that coffee each morning. We don’t know squat about them except they are usually brown, and don’t eat no ham. That’s IT! So this exposes a twofold issue. We need to “go to ground,” and we, at the same time, need to infiltrate them! We don’t need to be sitting outside one of their training camps, bitching, we need to have a guy in there. When Haji trots over to the football game with his suicide belt we need to beat him to the venue, and take care of business.
Then there is training. The Militias are good at training, but psychological training is important too. These are real killers. They want to burn down everything we have. They have this image of stealth and fanaticism designed to strike fear into the hearts of the “Infidels.” They are not supermen. They are the enemy. They are all the enemy. Now, I know there are those who cringe at taking a wide brush and painting all Muslims red, but during WWII, Americans of German decent did not parade in the street giving Nazi salutes. Remember those famous FEMA camps? You remember, don’t you? Those places that the government was gonna put us with little tattoos on our right hand. Well, put moderate Muslims there until we sort this mess out. We have to get the mindset that this is not going away, and our government is clueless. America is lost, but we can still save Texas, and hopefully, when it’s all done, we can help our American friends and neighbors rebuild.
It is coming, people. ISIS is telling us it’s coming. They’re even telling us when, and where. We need to pull our heads out of Mr. Butt, wash our hair, and lock and load. When it goes down, you will see a major shift in loyalties. You may see National Guard team up with the Militia. You may see the Cartels fighting right along beside you, because Arabs are not AMERICANS in any shape, form, or fashion. The Canadians, Americans and Latinos have a history. We agree on very little and we fight like wet cats, but by God we can’t just stand there and let some camel jockey come and take it all away. We will win. We .will lose some good people, but we will forge a new nation that exemplifies the virtues expounded by the founding fathers of the Dis-United States, and when it’s all over, Suzie Sweetcheeks can walk to the Mall, and get her nails done. God Bless you all. See you in the trenches.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Carthage must be destroyed. Let me explain that statement. It’s time to take the gloves off in regard to Islam. As the furor grows, the advent of WWIII becomes a very real concept. Remember that pendulum I told you about long ago? Well, it just changed direction, and soon will go all the way to the right. Nothing cures liberal thought like putting their butts on the table. The photo op yesterday of Putin and Obama hunched over a coffee table at the G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey may not have been a complete meeting of the minds, but it was most certainly a meeting of the drones. Reportedly, Putin is now rethinking his support of Syria’s president as a concession on the ISIS problem. This morning, state after state is refusing immigrants and refugees, and the Texas militia is on full alert. Consequently, Doc Greene made note on his morning show on Raging Elephants Radio that a red flag now flies above a Mosque near his house. I believe Santa Anna flew a red flag, also, but that’s none of my business.
As the bodies are interred in France, French rage will intensify. Putin was already there. We were there, technically, only we weren’t really bombing anything. Well, over the weekend we tightened up our aim and took out one hundred and nineteen tanker trucks selling bootleg oil for ISIS. Civilian casualties don’t seem to matter much anymore as we clean the blood off the sidewalks of Paris. So we now have Russian, French, and American bombers in force in Syria and Iraq, the Brits traditionally lagging behind until after tea time. But the job is not done.
I said yesterday, and I reiterate today, Islam is not a religion, it is a system. If Mohammed was a prophet, then I am the Pope! And I’m a drunk guitar player from Austin. We will not be finished until the only traces of it are taught in undergraduate studies just like ancient history, because that’s what it needs to be, ancient history. The Texan in me want’s to eradicate the entire population, but honestly, I can’t see condoning harming a child. What we need to do is harm all the adults and then make damn sure the children are re-educated in Western Culture. It would be a nice touch to make speaking Arabic a felony, and possession of a Qu’ran the same gravity as possession of controlled substances. Both are poison and detrimental to the soul.
Don’t think this is reasonable? As I write this article, Reuters TV is saying Muslims in Paris are fleeing for fear of retaliation. Well, DUH! Guess Allah wasn’t so great after all, huh? I’m not going to be jellyfish about it, I hate Muslims. I didn’t used to, but Paris did it for me. I make a piss-poor Christian. If I get into heaven it’ll only be because St. Peter took the day off, but I’ll buy into Christianity in any of its 1500 favors before I’ll accept anything coming out of the “Holy” Qu’ran. It doesn’t matter if Jesus was a man or a myth, the concept of Christianity is the ultimate achievement of Western culture, and is far an above anything coming out of the Muslim states.
They are not that powerful. They only appeared to be because of the lack of resolve of the Christian people. Muslims always point to the Crusades, well, yeah, only we didn’t finish the job. The anger generated by recent events has a historic precedent. Carthage, Rome’s arch rival, was finally obliterated after several wars, one Roman Senator even ending every one of his speeches with the words, “Carthage must be destroyed!” What would incite such venom? Traditionally, the Romans took over, taxed the people and sold them wine, so why hate on Cartage so much. Child sacrifice! Their religious practices were so repugnant to the Romans that they completely destroyed the city, and plowed the ground with salt! They erased even the memory of the crimes which had so infuriated them, and modern excavations have proved the Romans out. So it must be with Islam.
This current crisis will be the launch pad for the New Republic of Texas. Remember you heard it here first. Paris is the complete failure of American influence on world politics. If you will note, while the Administration gives lip service to homeland security, Texas is arming, and getting ready to face this issue right now. ISIS just thinks it is violent. We just put our beers down, and picked our guns up. We want a fight because we know that’s the only way to end this. We may not get all the concessions we want, but I’ll assure you, when it’s all over Texas will again raise its head among the nations, and we got the oil, folks. We got the oil, the tech, the corn, the Rib Eye Steaks, and all the Mexicans!
For all the rhetoric, all of the politicizing, all of the downright lying, the end of Islam was ignited by broken wine glasses in Paris. In my extended family, one of my Nephews in law, was engaged right there where those camel jockeys set off those bombs. You can’t get much closer than that. So, for all the chanting, head chopping, woman beating, pedophiling, and disrespect for Bacon and Eggs, Mohammed, Porter is about to come over the hill. Let’s see how that works out for ya! Carthage must be destroyed!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Battle of Paris

History will record that WWIII began with the Battle of Paris. The events in France are on a par with Pearl Harbor, The Twin Towers and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Civilized people of the world have been awakened to the grim reality that the great flood did not kill all soulless people, a few were left, and they grew into what we know as Islam. The attack provides the dichotomy. The setting of the city of light as opposed to animals bent on death, destruction, and hate. People sitting in sidewalk cafes, looking at the Eifel Tower, or at a concert, being bombed and shot by greasy monkeys who invaded the country without even a hall pass.
I took a full day before writing this article. One reason was to gather information, and frankly, I wound up in a local pub, drinking beer, eating chicken wings, and discussing the event with army vets, including one who was in counter intelligence at Fort Hood. I learned a lot, and they were madder than I was.
The Obama administration has too long turned a blind eye to radical Islam. There, I said it. He refuses to even say ISIS, preferring ISIL. I suppose ISIL is a homogenized version, more politically correct. He makes asinine statements for the cameras while Joe Biden stands to his right, slightly behind with that look in his eye like he knows what’s going on, but he works for Obama and knows where his bread is buttered. And Kerry, don’t get me started. If that isn’t the Three Stooges I’m not a white boy from Austin.
So, we were presented with streets littered with body parts as our Commander in Chief, and I use the term loosely, pondered if this was a terrorist attack or just a bunch of drunk school boys on a lark. They try to be careful in what they say, but there is a vast gulf between walking on egg shells, and not going into the room at all. Obama’s first response would be like FDR saying, “We’re not going to judge the great nation of Japan because of the actions of a few guys in airplanes.” No! Friday, November 13, 2015, a day that will live in infamy. . .
On the one hand I would ask the various governments in Europe, what did you expect? It was so cool, so chic, to let hoodlums come barreling into your country. It was so arrogant to poke fun at Texas for wanting to secure our border. It was so exclusive to feed, house, and cater to these people. How cool is it now? When Hitler decided to make bratwurst of all the Jews in Europe America came running. Well, our very PC government has fixed that. It’ll take some work to mount an offensive now.
So, what do we do? Well, first off Obama needs to act like a president. I mean, he gets a check, lives in public housing, and even has a plane. Time to give back. Right now he needs to be on the phone with the heads of the European Union, getting their commitment. He needs to convince them that just as in WWII, all civilized nations need to stand together. Then, he needs to go before Congress, not the UN, and ask for a declaration of war to exist between this coalition and ISIS. ISIS has claimed territory, founded a government, and dispatched armed soldiers in attacks on other nations. Formal war is needed.
The leaders of this union need to decide if this will be traditional war, or if a nuclear response may be required. I know, I know, what about all the innocent people there? Well, the way I understand it, all the innocent people are already gone. Ya’ll called them “refugees.” In two or three short moves, Russia and the US can turn the ISIS territory into a sea of glass. Hey, isn’t a “glass sea” mentioned in Revelation? Don’t get me started.
When It’s all over, and the crimes against humanity trials are over, Islam needs to be wiped from the earth. You may swat them bees now. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system. When WWII was over nobody in their right mind used the phrase “moderate Nazi.” You know, they ones who didn’t kill any Jews, just kept up with the gold teeth. Yeah, those guys. If you believe in “Moderate Islam,” I suggest you reach way up there, grab your ears, and give a hard tug until you hear a “pop.” After you wash your hair, you will find that all your back problems are gone, and you can see much clearer.
If the nations of the world do not move on this then all is lost. If we are all too politically correct to “correct” this, then the Muslims will win. Islam is designed to subvert and destroy civilization. That’s how it is, folks. In ever poker game there is a “call.” It’s time we call Islam. How far does insanity have to go before we react? I think there will be a war. I think that it will be terrible, but it’s been coming for a long time. History will record that WWIII began with the Battle of Paris.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin