Let Them Drink Wine!

If you want to make a liberal mad just attack their religion. Now, liberal religion has many facets. Gay marriage, dead babies, food stamps, properly colored presidents, but the underlying truth that permeates it all is Global Warming! Oh my LIVING God! If you want to make a liberal want to buy a gun and shoot up the mall just suggest that mother earth is behaving just as she has for the last four BILLION freaking years!

Al Gore couldn’t really make it as a politician, so he decided to take over the planet instead. Anyway, he flies around in his private jet convincing all these potheads that the earth is changing into a huge microwave. But, you ask, what harm is he doing trying to alert us to something he really believes in? I mean, he really can’t do squat about it, right? WRONG! While he can’t change the temperature one degree he can certainly change your bank account. You see, in the global warming theory you must pay to play. Can’t participate in the end of the world without a program!

I’m not going to get into all the “scientific” data supporting this Looney Tune, but I’d just like to point out a simple fact. Science, as opposed to religion, depends on observation. If you drop a ball to,the ground, and you can subsequently drop said ball twenty more times, you must reason that there must be some unseen force causing the ball to bounce. Voila! Gravity! Wanna know why the “theory” of evolution is still a theory? That’s right, friends and neighbors, it’s still a theory. Well, that because there ain’t no Neanderthals a sipping a Lateé down at the mall, that’s why! You see, you gotta SEE it to prove it.

You can’t prove Global Warming, or cooling from just a hundred years or so of weather reports. Is the earth changing. Why heck yeah! Does it all the time. The planet wobbles through space, chasing the sun, which is chasing the Milky Way, which is chasing all the other results of the Big Bang as they all cork screw through the intergalactic playing field. We are barreling skelter behind a huge hydrogen bomb, and Al Gore is trying to put a thermostat on it! And the call ME a simple ol’ boy!

But, all that doesn’t make any difference to liberals bent on the end of days. Funny how people who don’t believe in God put so much stock in Armageddon. And don’t let California have a drought! DUDES! California IS a drought! Some very slick salesmen convinced a bunch of very gullible people that this desert was the “happening” place to be. So what we ended up with was a stretch of land that was never intended to support more than a few Mexicans and a hand full of crazy prospectors ramping up to a population of millions, and they’re wondering where all the water went. Los Angeles NEVER had any water. They had to pipe it in! Fact, look it up!

In spite of his best efforts, Al Gore will not influence the natural history of planet earth. California had the warmest winter on record? Does SoCal even HAVE a winter? Anyway, Al Gore was the only one bummed out; everybody else got into it. But, the people of California don’t have any water to drink. Then let them drink wine!


Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

I read the most amazing news story this morning. France up and dissolved the government and started over again. No civil war, no rhetoric, no Mike Wallace. Seems the socialist government didn’t make any money last year so the prime minister just said, “Ok, we quit. Y’all do something else,” but of course he said it in French.

I pointed something out last week, but it just flew by. Back in 1861-65 Abraham Lincoln instituted the civil war, and 680,000 deaths later he “preserved” the union while beating up half of it. I pointed out that concerning slavery England just passed a law. Of course for his mighty effort Lincoln got his brains blown out, and his secretary of war (who looked like ZZ Top) uttered those immortal words, “Now, he belongs to the ages!” Thank GOD!

It is astounding that the constitution, a document of utter simplicity, could be so perverted in just over two hundred years. A simple foundation of how a government, any government should act became so complicated that it takes constitutional lawyers, and of course seven judges to explain it all to the rest of us as to what it really means. The founding fathers clearly separated in their minds the difference between the country and government. The country is the people, the land, the economy while the government is whomEVER is at the state house voting on matters that concern all of us.GENERAL matters, NOT what we say, do or think! It doesn’t matter if that government is democrat, republican, or an Apache tribal council so long as it adheres to the basic rule which is the constitution. How simple is that?

When a public official takes an oath of office he or she swears that they will, “Preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States,” no matter WHAT philosophy they may subscribe to. They can be an out and out socialist so long as they support the rules laid down by that original document. For that matter, Barak Obama IS and out and out socialist who doesn’t have the integrity of the now unemployed French Prime minister.

Think of of it this way. If tomorrow morning the entire American government stepped down, or at least the present administration, what would happen? Well, the speaker of the house would take the reins and the congress would just figure it out. That’s all. Dare say we just may discover that we don’t NEED some ego-maniac in the White House pursuing his pipe dream of Utopia. Just have a congress elected by the people and the lead dog gets to slam that big hammer down whenever everyone needs to get back in their seats. Kinda like elementary school.

Of course there would be some changes. For one we would need a declaration of war before we made war. We wouldn’t have to sift through dozens of executive orders because some guy in the White House got his shorts in a knot, and we wouldn’t have to listen to his wife’s opinion on ANYTHING! Kinda like a democracy. We would probably pull all our troops back and position them along OUR borders, which is where they’re SUPPOSED to be in the first place, and those little religious groups over THERE would just have to fight it out, and may the best man win. Just don’t bring that mess over HERE!

The AMERICAN congress would worry about making it easier for AMERICAN business to DO business instead of allocating billions to some make believe country that was prefabricated and designed to rile up the natives, and the police would be directing traffic instead of shooting kids down for jay walking. WOW! What a country! And whatEVER that congress did would have to follow the basic rules put down by that simple ol’ constitution. The Congress wouldn’t worry about gun control because the constitution says, “Hands off,” and the local sheriff would handle the rest. (Just like that wild west you liberals keep talking about!)

Of course we’d have national corporations trying to make money hand over fist and there would have to be people going to work so these companies survive, but you have to take the good with the bad. IF some ideology decides to come over here and blow up a couple of our buildings then the congress would meet, and vote, declare that we need to make a war on these cowards (tip of the hat to chief Dan George) and we would sent an army over to blow up their COUNTRY, and then we’d just come home and leave them to clean up the mess. Maybe put a monument in front of the Pentagon saying, “Do you want some of this?” If any country wants to run their country under some code of ethics that’s just plain WEIRD then they won’t be seeing any American tourists buying rugs there because we have Hawaii, and THOSE girls don’t wear BURQUAS!

Now this is all fantasy. We all know you can’t run a nation on simplicity and common sense. God forbid if we all got up this morning and the biggest thing on our minds was a church drive to get items out to California to aid AMERICANS who just suffered the worse earthquake in twenty-five YEARS. And taking some of that surplus money we no longer send to other countries to buy bullets to shoot back at us, and put into a real national health system, oh no, that would never work, but wouldn’t it be loverly?

A Common Sense Law About Tornados

A Common Sense Law
by Wilbur Witt


I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and spent the first ten years of my life there. We moved tomTexas in 1962. Both places we’re situated in what is referred to as “Tornado Alley,” although I don’t know exactly where this alley is, I suppose anywhere you have to duck and dodge a funnel. My early childhood was filled with warnings from the old black and white TV, with the discordant tone, followed by some official voice announcing a “Severe tornado alert!” Frankly, I consider ALL tornadoes to be severe. I’ve never known anyone who saw one of these things approaching that said, “Oh, that’s just a little one, I’ll just ignore it.” When one of these dudes even passes O VER your house it will slap your screen door back and forth like a playing card on a kid’s bike. Believe me, I KNOW!

For all the planning, and education one may have, that all goes to into your pants when you meet these fellas to face for the first time. There is a common misconception that the power of the tornado is all within the confines of the funnel itself. This will get you killed. The tornado is an extension of a very pissed off thunderstorm. The storm itself is violent. The tornado is violent, and the air surrounding the tornado is violent. The tornado gets its supply of air from somewhere. It is funneling hot air up into the thunderhead which it collects from the area around it. So the closer you get to the actual funnel the harder the wind will blow until you get to ground zero. If you are in a car, trying to out run this contraption you are pre-screwed, and when it finally catches up with you, and it will, you ARE screwed! It will explode your head and pull your lungs out of your body.

I saw the results of the Jarrell tornado here in Texas back in ’97. We went down, as a team of Realtors, to try to help the citizens of that community rebuild after a devastating F5 that plowed right through the middle of town. The twister started out over Belton Lake as a small, snake like thing that was actually funny to look at. It appeared to be a snake with its head cut off, twisting and jumping, and not really making contact with the ground. By the time it traveled the thirty or so miles to Jarrell it had grown into a big boy!


The funnel was so large it appeared that the entire thunderstorm had literally touched the ground. This is deceptive to the novice, who may even think that what they’re seeing is a downpour of rain, as the actual funnel is shrouded by debris and rain. When you see the news pictures of the destruction a tornado can bring it loses something. When you walk among it you are, excuse the pun, blown away! I was struck by two things. My fellow Realtors will appreciate the first. When you pour a foundation there are 1/2″ bolts situated in the concrete to attach wood, or stone and permit the workers to construct the walls. I saw these bolts bent to a perfect right angles by the sheer force of the tornado. Look at the lug nuts on your car. Now imagine a wind so powerful that it can bend that thing in the MIDDLE! The other thing that struck me was dirt roads. This was a upper middle class bedroom community. The people here generally worked in the tech industry down the road in Austin. As I was walking on predominantly dirt roads, I commented to someone that one would have thought the roads would be paved. One of the State Troopers solomly told me, “They were.” Most if us got sick with some sort or respiratory flu. Look at your neighborhood. Now imagine every car battery, every bottle of Mr. Clean, every heart prescription, everything it takes to make a modern, upscale neighborhood, all vaporized, cast into the atmosphere, and then settles to the ground right where you are walking! The first responders had this same problem during 9/11.

The amount of dead people was incredible. It was so bad that I bagan to believe the formula was simple, if you were home, you were dead! However, some survived. The survivors mainly had jumped into holes. The main hole being a drainage pipe going under a road. As I walked among the rubble I came up with an idea. Why no shelters? When I got back to my office I had meetings with our builders, asking what would withstand such an event. Every one of them told me 18″ or reinforced concrete would have the best chance of survival. Now nothing is perfect, but they assured me that this configuration would afford the best chance of getting through a hit by a tornado. We drew up plans for a closet, to be positioned in the center of a house, constructed completely out of 18″ reinforced concrete, with a door that had locks similar to a bank safe. A fully functional closet where you kept clothes. When the tornado approached, the family calmly goes there, sits with their hands over the back of their heads, and rides it out. Cost? Between $1,800 to $2,500. I was told this was “cost prohibitive.”

Now, many years later, I am looking at this again. In California there are standards of construction that plan on “the big one,” and demand that certain features be built into a home to give the occupants a better chance of survival during a major quake. We have a functional idiot in New York City outlawing Big Gulps, but there are no laws in “tornado alley” that I know of to protect families during a tornado!

When a young couple builds their home they put all manner of things into it. Some are necessary, and, frankly, some are not. The cost of what I proposed has undoubtedly gone up. When I came up with this idea the cost of our average home was about $85,000 here in Central Texas. That, on the upper end, would make the percentage around 3%. Now this is where it really gets silly. In this area the buyer generally is shielded from a lot, if not all, closing costs, which the builders pay as an incentive to buy. Most of the VA loans in this area “roll” everything into the loan in the land of the “dollar down.” Now, let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer finance everything. Their $100,000 home would bump up to about $103,000, oh hell, let’s make it $105,000. How much difference do you think that would make in a payment, on a fixed rate, over 30 years? Even in a conventional market the cost is rolled into the loan. There may even be a break on home insurance, I don’t know. The question is simple. What’s your family worth?

A simple, common sense, building code. Oh, the builders will bitch, the Tea Party will rail about private property rights, and Obama will make a vist to Oklahoma City. The statistic folks down at UT will cite the probability of getting hit by an F5, but then, they don’t have to search for the bodies, now do they?