Black Lives Matter?

The murder of the deputy in Harris County will be a turning point for Black Lives Matter. Draw the comparison between Michael Brown and officer Goforth, and unless you are a complete idiot you will quickly see that this racist, hate driven organization will spark the fight that the New Black Panthers, and other groups have courted for so long. The people of Houston stood up this week, and weren’t very politically correct when they did it. The gas station was filled with hundreds of supporters, filling the lot, paying homage to one very good man. How many showed up when Sandra Bland decided to off herself in jail after her latest “trick” wouldn’t even take her call to help her with a very small bail?

The sad part is good black people will be drawn into the foray of racial tension, believing they have to stand up for what they are told to believe in. The tide of racial unrest is already making words like “animals” and “thugs” common place. Well, Black Lives Matter, it’s all over and Donald’s coming. Did you think he just pounced on the scene. And not one word out of the White House. The administration that would send an attorney general to a criminal’s funeral wouldn’t even make a phone call to the widow of a fine public servant. Just like France, ignored it, but then, those Frenchmen were white!

The far left has hammered this nail so hard that people are afraid to even use the word “white” anymore in fear of raising the ire of minions screaming, “Nigga, nigga, nigga,” at the top of their lungs. You are going to see a resurgence of white pride. You are going to see the rebirth of a very healthy Klan. You are going to see violence such as we haven’t seen since the 60’s with a thunderous roar that will drown out the voices of Colonel West, Ben Carson, and hosts of other brilliant black people because on one intolerant man in the Oval Office.

But, it had to stop. The tail has been wagging the dog long enough. Remember that Pendullum I told you about? Well, here it is, I say HERE IT IS! This is reality, people. This is the way politics works. This is what happens when you beat down a population and strap it with insurmountable debt. The train has left the station, and we’re all on for ride. Black lives may matter, but the life of Officer Goforth isn’t worth a plug nickel in the Harris County Jail, and I don’t want to hear you Libtards crying when they find him! You may swat them bees now!


The Terminator

Not long ago I did a piece called, “Death by Cop 101.” I was addressing the Michael Brown case, and I drew upon the gunfight at the OK Corral. Believe it or not I actually studied that gunfight, from clips from the movie, Tombstone, all the way up to reviewing the actual coroner’s report concerning the incident. I was impressed by the professionalism of Wyatt Earp. While bullets were flying, he had the presence of mind to actually shove Ike Clanton out of the way because Clanton had opened his coat showing he was not armed, which was incredible because he was the very reason for the confrontation in the first place. Previous to this he’d been fined twenty-seven dollars for carrying a pistol within Tombstone in violation of a city ordinance. That’s right boys and girls, there were actually laws concerning the display of weapons even in the wild, wild west!

In this article I tried to explain the rules of engagement when you find yourself confronted by the Terminator while on the way to McDonald’s to pick up a happy meal. Well, Sandra Bland met this guy! Just in case you’re living under a big yellow rock and missed it you might as well meet this turd head:

Right up until she was asked to extinguish her cigarette, Sandra was irritated, but civil. For the untrained, Texas cops always tell you to put out the cigarette. I was told to put out a cigar once and questioned extensively about spit on the running board of my truck, whereupon I had to go through great lengths explaining about cigars and spitting. It’s a cop thing, I guess. Anyway, after that request, and Sandra’s subsequent questioning about why she had to put out her smoke in her own car, the officer goes from zero to sixty in about a second, threatening to “light her up,” and pulling her out of the car. As she protests and recites all those things you’ve no doubt heard on YouTube about your “rights” he kicks her butt, breaks her arm, and when informed that she had a medical condition, he puts his knee in her back and says, “Good!” Why did this have to happen in Texas? The Yankees already think we’re a bunch of nuts.

Sandy made key errors. I couldn’t make out the license plate on her car, but seeing as she was from Chicago they were most likely Illinois plates. Combine that with her complexion, and that smart mouth and there you go! Now, I’m gonna rag on this cop, Ok, but Sandy helped. Sandra had a mindset. She was an activist. She was very aware of white privilege and in social injustice perpetrated on blacks thereof. She made videos about it, I’ve watched them all. There’s a Texas term called “borrowing trouble.” That’s where you have an expectation of a situation and when it seems to become a self-fulfilling prophesy you go off like a bazooka. Sandra was a firecracker. And don’t get me wrong, I LIKE a woman with a smart mouth, but NOT when confronting a DPS officers whose compadres arrest citizens for carrying a banana in a gun holster.

The situation degraded, and a simple traffic stop became a beat down and eventual arrest. Sandra broke protocol, lost her temper, and paid the price. To put it simply, why should there be a procedure for dealing with cops in the first place? Why do citizens have to study classes to learn how NOT to get shot while receiving a warning ticket for an improper lane change? Look at the mindset. Ike Clanton, Sandra Bland. Wyatt didn’t shoot Ike, and he HATED him. The militarization of police have given us the need for “procedure.” When you are pulled over by a cop you can forget about that Bill of Rights. Arguing law with a beat cop will get you, well, BEAT! That’s why they’re called “beat” cops. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s wrong, yeah, it’s racist, and no, there ain’t no Santa Claus! Get over it!

So, they take her down to to calaboose, and put her in a cell COMPLETE with a trash can liner. Trash can? In a jail cell? What the hell did she have to throw away? When I was in county I was lucky to get a BLANKET! She languishes for three days. On the third day she refuses her breakfast. Red Flag right there. If you’re in county there is good news and bad news. The good news is the food is horrible. The bad news is there isn’t enough to go around. NOBODY refuses breakfast, unless they have a mental problem. Sandra Bland, political activist from Chicago, a thousand miles from home, working at a college, sat in her cell for three days watching her life disintegrate, all hope generated by her new job, which was why she was in Texas in the FIRST place, evaporating before her very eyes, after reading her Bible, did what a lot of people do when they perceive they are at the end of their rope. She found another rope to get at the end of! As a Texas Nationalist i WANT people to come to Texas and start a new life. I WANT them to find a good job. Why was she alone in her cell? Don’t TELL me there weren’t other people in jail. She was alone with her thoughts with no smokes, no coffee, and no conversation for three days as she fell into a pit from which she saw no way out.

The beat down is another thing. Pretty girl in a Maxie dress. Cop wasn’t man enough to handcuff her withOUT breaking her arm? She wasn’t “compliant?” “I’m gonna light you up, put out your cigarette, GOOD!” Gee, wonder why Sandy was having a bad hair day? I’m a conservative, but I can’t WAIT for the right wing spin on THIS one! Here’s my spin. Cop wasn’t Wyatt! Matter of fact, he’d have to stand on his mother’s shoulders to kiss Wyatt’s butt! Do the math. A simple warning ticket would have taken about ten minutes. The cop CHOSE to extend this fifty-two minutes. I’ve ridden with cops. Tickets. Garbage in, garbage out, and they DO have quotas! Barney could have written three or four more tickets in the time he took to jack with one woman who had a cigarette. And if that’s not racist I’m not a white boy from Austin!

We Texans will pay for Sandra. This will make Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown look like a walk in the park. Obama may get a third term out of this and we don’t HAVE to secede, they’ll THROW us out! Not all cops are bad, but when we Texans come up with one it’s a hum dinger!! And they’re out there folks. God I’m glad we have open carry down here now because, as the Terminator said, “I’ll be back!”

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Ain’t Jemima

You know, I watch liberals every day, and I get a lot of entertainment out of them, but every now and then they excel in the preposterous. I give you Rachel Dolezal, Negro extraordinaire! I made a decision Saturday to take the weekend off, but my fingers were just a twitching until this morning. You can’t make this stuff up, and to make it funnier, it was in Washington State! You think California is crazy? Washington State is the best kept secret in the country. At least two thirds of the population are homosexual potheads. All that aside I would have thought they’d gotten COLOR right. This is the epitome of political correctness. They’re so white they’re BLACK!

So I’m watching this woman being queried by a reporter, who is plainly asking her what COLOR she is, and she’s stumble-bumbling through the interview saying things like, “I don’t understand what you’re saying!” What he’s saying, baby, is “Yo hair don’ fit yo haid!” She was a chapter president for the NAACP no less, and they MISSED that? I reviewed pictures over the years with her complexion going through several levels of negrocity. Again, the hair! (Was Shirley Temple black?) I’m surprised she didn’t Botox her lips. Hey, now I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but I did a litmus test and outed her right off the bat. I checked out several YouTube videos and baby did NOT have BACK!

Please forgive me, Liberals, but you simply can’t discuss this story and NOT get racial. She’s a fairly cute kid, all but the hair. A little boxy, but heck, that’s no deal killer. What I don’t get is what difference did it make? Oh, yes . . . You gotta be black, or derivative thereof to be in NAACP! Now “those” people (did I really just say that?) can have black holidays, black clubs, black PANTHERS, and black presidents, but the rest of us can’t even have a white angel food cake. This nonsense has held sway so long that it was thought it was so tied up so tight that it would never come unraveled. Then, somebody spilled the chitlins, er, beans, and de walls come a tumblin down!

Now, before you libtards go into a feeding frenzy remember I’m white trash. I’m the Cracker in the woodpile. Good, sound people of ALL colors are laughing their selves silly over this right now. It’s not as funny as Bruce Gender, but it’s right up there in the top five! This fool gets caught with her pants down (wonder if she . . . .no, not gonna go there) and the liberals all begin to spin. The NAACP is really caught between the rock and the hard place because they now have to face their OWN racism. Did she do the job or NOT? Would her race really affect her job performance? More importantly, would she have risen to prominence if she were white? Swat them bees! For the time being they’re stuck with Ain’t Jemima. Wonder where Al Sharpton is on this issue?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin