Them and Us


Them and us. Remember that, there’ll be a quiz later. Ask yourself, what do Stephen F. Austin and Brigham Young have in common?  What led the Mormons to the Salt Lake Valley was partly religious persecution, and partly a bad case of “Them and Us.” As a Texan, I can understand who “them” were. They were Americans, or the facsimile thereof. Brigham Young picked the most God awful place you could imagine. A lake you can’t drink, weather you have to endure, and inhabitants who didn’t want you there. All this, and the Mormons clawed an existence out of the desert that rivaled San Francisco.

Now, my regular readers know what I think of organized religion, but I shall summarize. We all have a “God Hole” in our head, and something has to fill it. I fill mine with whiskey, but some folks just gotta have ritual, rules, holy this and holy that, and that’s ok if it makes them feel good. Brother Young used the God Hole to keep the faithful on the straight and narrow, because in the high desert if you weren’t on the straight and narrow you’d find yourself under the sand in no time. In short, it worked. What happens in this country when a group of people find a system that works? Well, the Americans come and steal it, that’s what. “Manifest Destiny is just another term for non-consensual sex. In due time the army was dispatched to put the Mormons in their place. The Civil War intervened and eventually the LDS people traded surplus wives for statehood, got “Deseret” trimmed down to size and you have the Utah we see today. Still, from the Mormon point of view, them and us.

The Mormons have a very tight culture, and there is a difference between Mormon culture, and Mormon religion. After years of persecution, they are very suspicious of “them.” As they cling to their civilization they see the edges crumbling all around them, and they struggle to hold it together. If you will note, the Americans did not come calling until after Salt Lake City was built, and the industrious Mormons had turned a profit at the instructions of their “prophet.” Them never builds, they steal from us. Now, let’s move on.

Now, let’s take a trip to Texas. Again, bunch of people went to a hell of a place, carved out a life, fought a war, joined the “Union,” got trimmed down to size, and then it was them and us. Texas got a bigger screwing than Utah in that it was occupied under rules of defeat until C. J. Grisham mounted the Capitol steps in Austin and waved his gun at the governor, all legal, breaking the hold of the 1871 law forbidding Texans to protect themselves. Texas has an organized nationalist movement, a militia, a government in place for the republic, oil, cattle, tech, seaport, and all the Mexicans. Utah is different. Utah has no secession movement, no organization, and no “national” identity, but it does have a firm, family oriented foundation, and that puts them directly opposed to the American system of today, emphasizing them and us!

It is not what America was founded on, but what it has become that makes it an abomination to Mormons. And this is creeping into the state. Salt Lake City has a gay mayor. Just think about that. In a place where people don’t even drink coffee they have a pervert for a mayor. That tells you something about demographics. There are more perverts in Salt Lake City than there are Temple Mormons. Texas began the slide some time ago. Houston had a perv running the city, so we can’t talk, but Texas does have a solid core. Ask Wendy Davis how talking up abortion to a bunch of Mexican Catholics worked out for her in the last election.

Utah, and Texas have something in common. . . them and us. We have all been screwed by the Americans, or rather the perversion of America as we had come to understand it. In the ruins of Deseret and the Republic of Texas there is a remnant. Guess who speaks directly to that remnant? Donald Trump, because he, too, believes in America. He’s one of “us.”  Remember the Southern Strategy I told you about some time back? Well, just switch that to “Western Strategy.” You see the Trump train rides on the rails of righteous anger. The outrage of the people who are sick and tired of what “them” are doing to “us.”

And it doesn’t matter what the religion is. The right to run your own business, your state, have your family safe, your border secure, and know that you won’t get shot for trying to drive to the sheriff’s office is important to these people. To have a culture where it means something to be a member of a church, have no abortion clinics in town, no vets homeless while illegals collect welfare. . . those things mean something, and that’s what Trump is pounding home. Have you noticed that every time one of his rallies is protested by “them” there are suddenly more of “us” supporting Mr. Trump? His message just becomes louder. DUDES! He’s a New York real estate broker, he doesn’t care about your religion, unless you’re a Muslim, and frankly I agree with him.

It’s not just Texas and Utah. Practically every part of the nation has people who have struggled to make a better life for our kids only to have it taken from us to given to them. Them and us. Interesting note: During Jade Helm 15 both Utah, and Texas were designated “Hostile.” Jus’ sayin’. Also interesting in that the first blood to be shed in this fight was the blood of a Mormon, LeVoy Finicum. There is more to come.

We must all rally to Donald Trump’s call. We must stand with him. The Republican leadership will steal the nomination if they can. Utah, and Texas, and all real Americans need to double down, and get Trump nominated, and then show Hillary the door. Make America Great Again! Mr. Trump is taking attacks from all sides, and it’s all spin and lies because “them” knows that if he wins, “us” wins, and they can’t have that. That’ll be the end of the world bankers controlling congress, of the BLM stealing land, or the illegal immigrant welfare express and the insidious occupation of the New World Order. It will be the reinstatement of America. The America envisioned by the founding fathers, and cherished by “us.” Let’s show “them” the door.

Oh, what did Austin and Young have in common? Two things; they knew how to organize a nation, and they were both in real estate. So much for Rubio’s little crack about this not being a real estate deal. Like I said, it is a real estate deal. . . it’s called America! And America belongs to us, not them!


Get Obama a Green Card

The CEO of Apple said this weekend that he was against the government slicing through encryption and observing private files of his customers. This all came about because the powers that be want to get yet more power to spy upon Americans in a supposed effort to ward off terrorism. Never mind the long list of failures over the last year or so, as ISIS has its way with the world, if they can just hack into “Plenty of Fish” everything is gonna be OK.
I told you in an article previous this last week that I’d watched some YouTube videos by an ex-cop. Well, in one of those videos he addressed the question about giving your Social Security number to an officer. He explained (for about twenty minutes) all the things the cop knows about you by the time he walks up to your window, the officer is privy to your ID, your car, it’s repairs, your address, your neighbors, your criminal history, the name of your dog, and who your daughter had an affair with last week! Now this is just a beat cop. God help you when the detectives get ahold of you. And all of this is not enough to pick out some guy and gal, dressed in a clown suit, with a trunk full of ammunition, jabbering in Arabic. I feel so protected and served.
I have some ideas that might increase national security. First off, we gotta be a little bit racist. I know, I know, it’s not politically correct, but the good ship reality comes into port when some wench careens all over the Vegas Strip screaming, “Allahu Akbar.” First, don’t let any more Arabs into the country. To the best of my knowledge, during WWII, we didn’t throw the doors open to Germans and Japanese. We even put the Japanese into camps. Shut the front door! We really did that, but you know what? They didn’t find one mass grave when it was all over. We are at war with a whole bunch of little brown people which their heads screwed on backwards. I’ve seen so many ISIS killings that I’ve began to critique them. I actually evaluate the style. I admire the courage of someone on their knees waiting while some guy rants on and on about God knows what, but that’s another story. If you try to put me on my knees, they may get me, but at least one Ali-Babble is gonna share his virgins with me!
As for the southern border. Everyone is so caught up in terrorists coming over the southern border because they look Mexican. I have a solution, and Glenn Beck, I said it first so sit down! Tell El Chappo you will pay $10,000 for every Muslim ear he sends you. Compared to a war the cost will be minimal, and would enhance Mexican/American relations, what with us being more agreeable to the guy who’s really running Mexico.
No welfare for Arab immigrants. They can open a Quickie Mart just like all the rest. If Islam is so great, and they are so smart, then they should be able to outdo the rest of us in no time. Jews coming here after WWII shot right up to the top 50% of the wealth in this country. Surely, they are as smart as the Jews, right? An immigrant is someone who comes to blend into a country, not drag the old country with them, else, why did they leave in the first place? And, finally, we seriously do need to issue Obama a green card.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Jade Plus Thirty

Jade Helm is trucking right along. I don’t know where it’s heading, but it ain’t Fort Hood. As a matter of fact, Fort Hood is quieter than I’ve seen since the Vietnam War. Traffic jams from convoys are an everyday thing in Killeen. Trains bringing tanks and other military supplies will cost you time on any given day. The only soldiers I’ve seen since Obama declared “Martial Law” have been down at Friday’s drinking beer.

My publisher, Crystal, did a funny video where she fantasized about being captured by soldiers, even giving a cute little gulp and dropping her phone in excitement. When I fantasized about her being handcuffed I gave a little gulp, too, but that’s another story. I did do a check, and all the local Walmart is open for business. Y’all remember they were supposed to be some kind of headquarters for the troops as they rounded up our guns and daughters. Haven’t found any FEMA camps, but the Bell County Jail is jumping! Guess the crackheads didn’t stop smoking in preparation of the end of all civilization. You know, that amazes me. After Katrina, how could any rational mind imagine FEMA organizing ANYTHING?

If you will note, after the landing of forces on July 15th Alex Jones did NOT head for his bunker. Just thought I’d mention that in case nobody noticed. I did trade my gun, upgrading to a “forty,” but that had nothing to do with Jade Helm, and more to do with an influx of HomeBoys for the usual summertime rush to steal my TV. I have noticed beer is on sale, but I can’t make a connection.

Meanwhile those guys in Waco are STILL under charges for eating at Twin Peaks. K C Massey is STILL in jail for obeying Texas law, and the Branch Davidians are STILL dead, but Alex can’t sell any water filters with them things. Oh, there was a protest in Ferguson as the faithful await the second coming of Bad, Bad, Michael Brown, but there wasn’t enough money to lure Al Sharpton down so it fizzled. I suppose THAT black life didn’t really matter all that much. I think one guy did get shot, but they didn’t shoot him good and he lived.

The point I’m trying to make is that there IS a liberal left out there trying to turn the ship of state into an iceberg. While we were dashing all over Texas on stick horses screaming, “The AMERICANS are coming,” they were forwarding Obama’s tooty fruity agenda to finish the job of turning the constitution into a roll of toilette paper. They already did that with our money so I’m sure they’re right on track.

I’m sort of disappointed. I was hoping if the new government was hiring after the takeover that I could manage a small camp myself. With those red, white, and blue outfits it wouldn’t take much to convince the Government of the gays that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were an underground militia who should be rounded up and put somewhere under a steady eye. I was ready to do my part to provide that eye!

So, here we have the government we’ve all come to know that botched Watergate, Vietnam, and the Middle East no can’t even invade ITSELF! This is my surprised face. When Jade Helm is over, and the body count is zero, we need to get back to the serious work of reinstating the Republic of Texas because this dog and pony show we call America is gonna run out of gas some day and SOMEbody is going to have to refill the pump!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Pit and the Pendulum

Ok, What’s Wrong With America 101. While scanning the news this afternoon I came upon these trending stories at the bottom of the page. On one side was Josh Duggar and his wife announcing the birth of their fourth child. Directly across you’ll notice a story about Bruce Gender. Farther up the page, not visible, is some idiot with the Nation of Islam advocating doing away with the American flag, and a little commentary by some egg head in the state department explaining how Iran will honor all it’s agreements. Not one office intern from the White House even drove BY the funerals of the five dead marines in Chattanooga!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, practice firefights are raging across Texas as the military trains for WHAT? Hey military! You wanna practice urban war so bad, get your butts down to Laredo and El Chapo will school you! Know what’s scary? I watched one of those firefights today. On second thought DON’T jump on El Chapo, he has enough guns.

The lead in to the Josh Duggar story made very clear that he was a Christian! Well, ok, kid made a mistake, had a problem, family addressed it and he’s building a family. Look what doctor Brucee went to to fix its problem! We gleen TV shows so the grandkids don’t get exposed to questionable material and then the nightly news throws THAT up on the screen! “Gee, grandpaw, what’s THAT?”

And, oh yeah, someone will call me a racist. If I were to tell the grandson, “Well, that would be a queer son,” I couldn’t begin to count the CPS at the door! Americans are waking up. Donald Trump is just a sign of that awakening. He may not even win, but the rush of people to his speeches shows the mood the country is in right now. Remember that pendulum I told you about? It never stops dead in the center, it always continues to the left or right. It is suspended above a political pit, and it has a razor sharp edge. The pit and the pendulum sacrifices ideas. Liberalism is tied to the altar of political correctness right now and the pendulum just broke skin!

There will be wailing and the gnashing of teeth as conservatives take revenge on the people who trashed everything good, and pure, and American! I can’t tell you how far it will go. Not all the complaints are founded. FOX News will dissect sound bites and make Obama sound like an Imam while he orders pizza. The left will have coverage of huge Klan rallies at every VFW that ever sold a beer, and they will tear down a statue of Robert E. Lee, replacing it with one of Liberace!

There is about a twenty five mile wide strip of land in California, extending from about LA down to San Diego. EVERYBODY in that area is crazy! Same in Florida, and I’m sad to say we got it down here in Texas, too. Houston’s Mayor, Pervert Porker. The rest of the country is fine! The Inland Empire in SoCal is Texas with better weather. When the citizens found out bus loads of wetbacks were headed for Murrieta they turned out by the droves and STOPPED it. We Texans just built high end condos for them out in Dilly!

Stop wringing your hands! There are more of US than there are of THEM. As more and more voters show up to listen to Trump other candidates will smell the coffee. Suddenly decency will be in. Now, make no mistake about it, those politicians don’t give a flip about you, but they care about getting elected. If they pick up on the idea that dumping Bruce Gender off Catalina would translate into votes he’d just better hope those breast implants float!


The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn’t drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if you wanna think things through. I never pull back but I sure change directions at times, redefine, appraise, and push on from there. As you know, I shifted my focus from Facebook to Twitter, and it wasn’t just Twitter, I began to flesh out WordPress, Google, and email contacts. Again, I did not “quit “Facebook,” I just reduced it to the gossip site it really was. I still answer friends, occasionally post, but I’m not going to work eight hours a day on something that simply does not work. That’s self abuse!

I come in several favors. Music, movies, TV, videos, articles and books. And I’m not kidding. I have quit good jobs to do these things, and if you’ll notice I’m still driving a Mercedes and live in three houses. I am a Texas Patriot, but I’m not a crazy Texas Patriot. Secession is sexy, but nullification works. Texas is the most successful state in the nation right now. Why leave what you can just buy? The rest of the country expects us to jump up and do something crazy, they WANT us to, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

All that having been said, the Texas movement has one problem. With the dozens of movements not ONE cooperates with the other.KC Massey is STILL in jail with no hope of bail as all the various groups squabble over his having smoked a joint! The in fighting between the Open Carry groups was epic. It speaks well of CJ Grisham that he held that mess together long enough to get ONE law passed, and even that was less than what was desired. There is no Congress for the Republic of Texas!

And all the conspiracy theories! I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t believe Alex Jones if he said Michael Jackson could dance! “Jade Helm is looming on the horizon, Obama has just declared martial law, just buy my water filtration system and you MAY survive!” I have seen the war against the people. I have seen my grandchildren abused by the CPS, and I know what it takes to win! It takes organization. It takes senate committee hearings where your people show up and they don’t have enough time to even hear them all. It takes people like Jim Black. It takes a TEA PARTY! That’s what it takes to win.

Donald Trump is a task master at public manipulation. He spoke for eight and one half minutes, announcing his candidacy, with only about one minute addressed Mexico and the Liberal response went off the charts! Guess the Donald must’ve struck a nerve, huh? And Rick Perry, oh don’t get me started, talking about how “offended” he was by Trump’s remarks. All them Mexicans pouring over the border for the entire TWELVE years he held office didn’t bother him a bit, now DID it? As usual Perry glommed onto a talking point. Hope he can remember his lines in his NEXT televised debate.

Hilliary is the President Designate. That’s called self promotion, folks. A great and wise philosopher, Adolf Hitler once said, “No matter how big the lie, if you keep repeating it, it will be accepted as truth!”‘ The Jews are the enemy, Hillary is the president . . . see how that works? Donald Trump is a racist, Hilliary is a woman of the people. And I’m bigger than Willie Nelson!

What I’m gonna do is double down on the facts. I’ll try to make them palatable for everyone but PEOPLE, SCOTUS just legitimized sodomy! C’mon! That’s not a conspiracy theory. You won’t believe how I’m dodging vulgarity in this article. Liberals gleaning my articles for racism while they’re waving rainbow flags. Look what the Confederate flag stood for, yeah, yeah, yeah, and look what that Rainbow flag REALLY stands for! Do you really want your kids and grand kids to accept THAT as normal? And don’t be jellyfish about it, you KNOW I’m right!

Will Trump be able to untangle the Obama mess? Not all of it. Will Hillary enhance that mess? You betcha! Will Texas Patriots continue to fight that mess? Absolutely. The only problem is when someone like Donald Trump yells, “Charge!” we can’t go off in fifty different directions because I’ll assure you the Gay, radical, illegal, left certainly will NOT!

Stand By For News!

I spent an entire day yesterday watching the furor over the Confederate flag. I could have put my time to better use, I can assure you, but every story, every note, every status on Facebook had a flag on it. The GAYS even have a flag! I didn’t know that. I personally think it should be pink, but what do I know, right?

Then came a story that ISIS has invented a new way to kill people, three new ways, actually, and if you know me, I made a tuna sandwich, a pitcher or martinis, and went looking for that! Then, of course the story about Obama selling Kansas to the Chinese, Hilliary has dated Yoko Ono, and Bruce Gender had her first period! Then, a great light appeared unto me. It was exceedingly bright, and I was sore afraid. And a voice came from the light, like a thousand trumpets, and the voice said, “Come here!” So I put down my martini, and went unto the voice, and the voice got holy, and powerful, and resounded-duh . . . And the voice said, “Gimme some of dat samitch!”

So I gave the voice the sandwich, and I was filled with wisdom at that point. And the wisdom was this: The Mainstream Media long ago lost ALL credibility. Gone are the days when Patton strode onto the beach, or Kennedy stared down the Russians, or Dr. King walked fearlessly down the streets of Selma. Now some guy says he’s a woman, cuts his Johnson off, and the world stops turning. The big bucks news will pump any story, no matter how stupid until you’d think that was the only thing happening in the entire world at that given moment of time. LEAD story,too! JESUS CHRIST could return, and He’d be upstaged by some transvestite tripping, and spilling a Coke on a parking lot! Oh yeah, did ya’ll know the Pope is a communist? There was even a story about Miley Cyrus poking fun at the Bible. Like that’s a surprise? Have you checked out her little dance step. I liked when she was Hanna Montana, but what do you do when you grow up, and lose your contract because you’re basically ugly, and a slut? That’s an old word my younger readers need to get used to. Slut: Prostitute who’s too stupid to charge for it.

And, of course, everybody’s looking forward to the race war that’s coming. A few kids with their pants sagging sit down in the street and “IT’S A RACE WAR, IT’S A RACE WAR!” We already HAD a race war back in the 1860’s. Oh God, here come the flags again! I found ONE story worth reading, and that was the one about the one-legged vet who had to put his dog down. The dog was trained to sniff out seventy different bombs, and had saved many lives. The whole town turned out to accompany him to the doctor, and go to rest. Uh, didn’t see any Confederate flags in the crowd.

Then I caught Chris Green, Alternative TV, and of course he was ranting and raving about that flag flap. Then he turned on Col. Allen West. He showed a clip of some black, bearded fanatic, and kept calling him Col. West. I was reminded of an old George Carlin line; Seems fairly intelligent . . . Ah! He’s full of s . . . .!” You have to watch conspiracy theorists just about as close as you watch Main Stream Media. Right before Green regurgitated his dialog he did a commercial trying to sell body armor to all the nice folks out there waiting for Jade Helm to kick in, oh don’t get me started! We are going through that flap down here in Texas right now. I’m sure there is SOMETHING there, because even Governor Abbott is putting armor plating on his wheel chair. (You’d think that after getting the Governor’s office he’d have picked up a Hoveround somewhere along the way, wouldn’t you?) it’s a nice fantasy, I guess. I have a fantasy. Me, locked away in a bomb shelter, hiding from Jade Helm, with five Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and a case of Jim Beam. Do THAT math!

So, I found myself having coffee this morning, waiting to see what’s next. Will ISIS invade New York? Will the Jews take over the world? Will Bruce Gender become pregnant? Will global warming make California a bigger desert than it’s always been? Will we have to read yet another story from Roof’s stepmother (another slut) telling us what a “nice boy” he really was? Will Alex Jones sell yet another water purification system? Stand by for NEWS!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Decency. I like the sound of the word. Take a look at that word. Now think about wholesome, upstanding, pure, words like that. I want you to notice that you rarely see those words in the mainstream media. In fact, those outlets seem to flee from such words, and home in on stories about tran-sexuals “coming out” into their new life. Heaven forbid one should marry the word “white” with any of the above. With all the ISIS stuff flooding the news, Bruce Jenner, and Hilliary’s love affair with Yono Ono, I was dumbstruck by one image that was put up on Facebook. The lame brain media will never touch it, of course, but to me at least, it empathized what was right with America. It was the image of a lovely young lady being baptized in a river in Texas. A lovely white young lady, and I purposely used that word “white” because it has been more maligned than that other word that even I am afraid to include in this article because I don’t know what crazy laws have been passed since I got drunk last.
Contrast this: Bruce Jenner, posing like a super model on some magazine cover as opposed to a bright, decent young woman giving her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh snap! There’s another word we aren’t supposed to use. Pretty white girl, decent, getting baptized, and mentioning the name of Jesus, too? Jade Helm is just gonna come, arrest me and kill my dogs. I’m done. The young girl is decent. I would suppose she is on her way to college. I would think that she is most likely not pregnant because she just may be (dare I say it) saving herself for marriage. Probably doesn’t smoke or drink, which puts her head and shoulders above me, and obviously attends church on a regular basis. I am not worthy to loose the sandals on her pretty little feet.
Now let’s look at Bruce Jenner. Vile, ugly, pervert, deceptive, liar, deviate, media hog. . . is there anything I missed? And the liberals parade him as a “hero,” for telling us all how he feels. People, this is not a hero. Chris Kyle was a hero. Davy Crockett was a hero. . . Martin Luthur King was a hero. Bruce Jenner is a . . . well, what’s the word I’m looking for, help me out here. . . faggot comes to mind. Darn, there’s another one of them words that I’m not supposed to say. I just need to wash my fingers out with soap, but you know what? I’m not about to try to tell my grandchildren that this piece of whatever is anything other than what he/she/it is. An animal!
One other event cemented my opinion this morning. Three classes of Kindergarten children reciting the pledge of allegiance to the American and Texas flag. They had the words down right, with their little hands over their hearts, and parents standing up with tears in their eyes. We owe these little guys a country, not an Obamanation. We owe them this because if we don’t save it for them, then they will have to fight for it all over again. And tears came to my eyes, too, because I know with the way things are going all these little fellas are gonna have to take up arms some day and win it all back. As I watched them I glanced to my side at all the others, like me, who were obviously considering this also. Decency. I like the sound of the word.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Stand Up

Let’s guys be frank. You ladies can be Francine. We Texans look like a bunch of tin foil whackos to most of the country. No, we really do. I think a little perspective is required here. Now I’m going to say some things that some of you won’t agree with, but let me ask you a question. Do you really want a free and independent Texas, or are we just gonna just have one big beer party, and sit behind our keyboards and bitch? That having been asked, I’m probably the biggest keyboard bitcher of all, so that’s really the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, I’ve got excuses, grand kids, my legs, money, weather, gasoline, I’ve got it all, but to be honest I’d have to stand on my mother’ shoulders to kiss someone like Micha Cambo’s ass, I’ll be honest, so don’t take my words personally. We’ve all fallen short of the glory.

There is a growing percentage of Texans who would rather NOT have that American flag flying above the Capitol. Not because we don’t have reverence for what it stands, oh, my bad, STOOD for, but because we’d just like to get up in the morning with freedom of speech, ALL our wages in our pockets, our self defense in tact, and our daughters and grand daughters NOT being raped by some CPS caseworker. Wouldn’t it be loverly? And our opposition is profound. Just last night I put up a picture on Facebook. My group of rowdy friends had a field day with it. It showed CJ Grisham, standing in the Capitol Rotunda, grinning like a fox in a hen house, and behind and to his left was the most sour-faced school ma’arm I’ve ever seen in my life! Hey, I crappith thee not, this was one pissed off, ugly bitch, and I’m being conservative here. She was a member of a group called “Mothers For Gun Sense In America.” Do you remember Miss Hathaway on the Beverly Hillbillies? Well, she looked like that, but Nancy Culp was an actress. She was PAID to look like that! This woman was all upset because she didn’t get to usurp the constitution of the United States. Her organization puts up endless stories on the Internet about some nine year old shooting some five year old with daddy’s gun that was left out on the kitchen table, and their answer to the problem is to leave us all defenseless before every criminal who ever smoked a meth pipe. Never mind the kitchen knives, rat poison, medications, and keys left in the car that happens ever year with tragic results, GUNS are the problem. Now, being nieve is forgivable for a woman, but nieve AND ugly I cannot abide.

All that having been said, this idiot has one thing on most of us. She showed UP! She, and a contingent of like minded old bats lined up, and gave a long, pre-written monolog to the senators, with a blank left to insert their name, in the hope of stopping the Open Carry legislation that was wearing out horses approaching the floor, and if not for the Herculean efforts of CJ, and others like him we would have lost the right to carry a POCKET KNIFE. I’d have to stand on my mother’s shoulders to kiss HIS ass, too, by the way.

What CJ has done is invaded the sacred domain of the State House. He threw open the windows and let fresh air blow in, and the mindless, liberal droning was overcome by the rushing winds of liberty. Liberals don’t like that. They want men marrying men, women marrying women, dogs marrying cats, and a dead baby in every dumpster. They want Mikey Cyrus twerking with some girly-man right in front of your little girl, but will expel her from school if she says out loud that she doesn’t like President Obama. They want to provide that same little girl with a free abortion without your knowledge, and then talking her into a same sex relationship, and forget about God . . . Allah is the one true god, and Obama, I mean Mohammed is his profit, er, prophet! THIS is what we’re up against! Well, I don’t buy into this crap. MY grandchildren were in a flag drawing contest, came home to eat AMERICAN hot dogs, and watch “American Sniper,” last Friday, and cheered every single time a Muslim bit the sand!

The liberals only defense is to make us look like a bunch of tin foil wearing right wing nuts. By attacking everything real Americans hold sacred. they construct a norm. Flag waving, Bible believing Americans are ridiculed, while turban wearing pedophiles are held up as pillars of society, Hitler once said that if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one, and if you repeat it enough it will become “truth!” You want to see those “truths” in action? Well dig this! The constitution is not valid when held up against Sharia Law, and must be supplanted in those cases involving Muslims. Criminals invading our country are really undocumented immigrants, and must be afforded the same rights as citizens. Homosexual relationships are healthy, and churches must bless them no matter what their basic tenants of faith are, and executive orders pre-empt Congress in all matters if the Congress, i.e. the PEOPLE should disagree with the philosophy of the White House, and you know I’m not making this up!

When people start talking about outlandish theories of Reptilians invading the population, supposed military training exercises setting us up for martial law, and the President’s wife being a man our credibility goes right down the drain. Then the snipers in Waco open fire and the grim light of reality shines to the glee of the Liberals who are the nemesis of everything holy, everything decent, everything AMERICAN! Well, we won THIS battle, but there are many more to come. The police do not need to be disarmed, they need to be equalized. We can no longer afford a class that is hands above the citizens simply because they are armed and shout louder than the rest of us. Surprisingly this will not affect good cops. An armed citizenry doesn’t bother an honest man at all, it worries bullies!

BE active. BE there when “Miss Hathaway shows up. BE there when some CPS worker wrenches a screaming baby from a mothers arms. BE Texas! Don’t be afraid. If you don’t believe in secession then stand up for that American flag, but by GOD stand UP for it! My son, Master Chief Wilbur William Witt III has stood up for that flag EIGHT times. Don’t be politically correct. Correctness is what WE say it is, not some homosexual comedian out in LA. God is who WE say He is, not some camel jockey who likes to kiss little boys, and America is what WE say it is, not some guy who won his last election simply because his skin was darker than his opponent’s! Always remember, there are more of US than there are or THEM. And NSA, now you’ve tasted my mutton . . . how do you like it, huh?

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Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit’s Got The Gun

Yesterday I did an article remembering the day President Kennedy died. Someone asked me why, after fifty plus years, that event was still important? Well, in this installment I’m going to tell you why, and I’m going to expose the conspiracy at work that day.

Why is the death of a man so important when most people alive today hadn’t even been born the day those shots rang out in Dealy Plaza? Because they got away with it! That’s why! A clandestine group of men decided to take matters into their own hands, and fueled by selfish greed, overruled the will of the people, took the reins of power and changed history for the last fifty years. THAT’S why! And the abomination they put into place, the unholy alliance is still there!

In spite of his personal wealth, and social status, John Kennedy was the nemesis of the power brokers. He had slapped everyone from George Wallace to the so-called heads of the five families in New York, and a couple in New Orleans, and he wasn’t done yet. One week before his death he signed an executive order dismantling the Federal Reserve. He had sent “advisors” to Vietnam, but he saw the South Vietnamese government for the pimp it really was, and as an old Navy man he was not going to take them to raise.

His vice president, Lyndon Johnson, was a lying, conniving old gangster, about to be indicted. Johnson was on the 1960 ticket as a political concession, and the next time, Kennedy was going to have none of that. To Kennedy, Johnson represented all that was repulsive about the Federal government. I’d like to point out to you that the barrel of snakes he detested is still there. It just went from rattlesnakes to water mosscasins, that’s all.

The military industrial complex needed a war. They hadn’t had a good one for about ten years. Now, they didn’t need a real war, with fronts, and victory, and all that. They needed an “almost” war against a foe they could easily defeat, but wouldn’t because the longer the guns roared the more fake money the Federal Reserve could print, and the more caviar could be eaten on Wall Street. Do the math. The army that had taken down Hitler fifteen years before couldn’t route a bunch of skinny kids in pajamas? Give me a break! And the only man who stood between this New “Order” and all that money was John F. Kennedy!

Now, this bunch of carpetbaggers didn’t know exactly what Johnson would do if he were in the White House, but they knew it would be very different from a Kennedy White House. Point of fact, when he DID get there he quickly struck down that executive order shutting down the Federal Reserve, and turned “advisors” into “adversaries” to the Viet Cong, and the show was ON! And it STAYED on until the war became SO transparent the NWO had to find act II to continue the purge of the American economy. Ask yourself; what is the difference between the IRS taking a part of your income, and Don Fanuchi shaking down a grocer on Mulberry Street? Forget about Democrats and Republicans, these jackasses are all on the same team. There ARE two political parties in the United States; them and US. They rule, and we drool!

And all they had to do to build this Tower of Babel was shoot ONE man before lunch on November 22, 1963. Forget all the complicated conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard, you’ll never get to the bottom of it, just know that there WAS a conspiracy, and it worked. People are always looking for a smoking gun and in Dealy Plaza that day there WAS a smoking gun, a REAL one. I am going to show you that gun, and it’s not complicated, but you gotta put your Texan hat on to see it. Let’s talk about shooting people, shall we?

Ever hear of the Zapruder Film? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all that stuff about how it’s been altered, forget about that, just pay attention to the time span between the car coming out from behind the sign, and the final shot. I’m fixing to fire that magic bullet right up the Warren Commission’s butt. Now, we’ve all seen the lines drawn tracing that bullet, as it travels hither and yon, pauses, has lunch, and ends up lying quietly on John Connelly’s left thigh, none the worse for wear. The way the “experts” account for all them there holes is something they called “delay reaction.” Ok, to the film. Look it up on YouTube, and run it in real time. Ignore whatever narration you hear, they’re all crazy, just watch the film and listen to me.

As the presidential limousine comes out from behind the sign please note that President Kennedy’s hands are already at his throat. This implies that a bullet has struck him at some point BEHIND the sign. It doesn’t matter if it came from the Texas School Book Depository, the Grassy Knoll, or Sears and Roebuck, man just got shot! Matter of fact he’s losing consciousness demonstrated by his SLOW sinking down, and to his left, as his wife slowly turns and looks into his face to see what’s wrong. Count the seconds. Delayed reaction.

According to the Warren Commission, while this is all going on, Connelly is riding along with his guts blown out, smiling and holding his Stetson like he has good sense. Did y’all see Freddie Gray bite the dust? He dropped like a rock right THEN! That’s what you do when you’re shot in the back. About halfway between the limo coming into view, and the head shot Connelly suddenly deflates like a balloon. You can SEE the impact of the bullet right THERE! The events in the back seat, and the jump seat are entirely separate. One man is grabbing his throat, falling, and AFTER that the other man grimaces and goes down.

THAT proves at least two shooters. You don’t have to have a PHD, or a book deal, or a TV show, all you have to have is a set of eyes! John F. Kennedy’s death was the product of a confederation of at least two people, and brothers and sisters, I’ll assure you there were many more. So, you ask, what difference does all that make now? These men are all most likely dead of old age. Yes they are, but their legacy lives on. You just saw it in WACO! The mind set of the manipulators that leads them to believe they can get away with anything they want because the American public is too STUPID or too LAZY to do anything about it, and THAT’S why Kennedy’s assassination is so important.

What can we do about all this? Friends, it’s coming down to a fork in the road. If we continue along the path plotted for us in 1963 America is truly lost. If we take the right fork we will have revolution. The straw boss don’t like us to throw our cotton sacks down. On either path people are going to die. The tree of liberty is fertilized with the blood of patriots. Hey, they don’t mind killing us! They have proved that time and time again. It’s so much fun to ridicule Alex Jones, and Doc Greene, and then mow down old men having a political meeting on a Sunday afternoon, but brothers and sisters . . . ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!

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