Facebook hacking and Nigerian romance scams

During my experiences with all these Nigerian beauty queens I ran across a hacking technique geared for Facebook. I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who missed it I’m going to repost.

You’re on Facebook, bopping along, and suddenly a page appears. Looks official, has all the colors, fonts, and wording, and it’s telling you in order to proceed you must re-enter your log in information. Now, if you do nothing will appear to happen. You’ll wait to see what’s coming up and after a minute or two you’ll “backpage” and there Facebook is, all prim and proper. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief and go on about your business. You’ve just given your user name and password to a hacker! The page you saw was a simple form like the ones you fill out searching for items on the Internet to purchase, etc, but instead of sending back to the originator your preference on bedrooms it has gleaned your log in information, and Kunta is feverishly ripping your identity up one side and down the other.

I fell for this! And not because I was stupid, because I was busy. I was conversing with four Nigerian scammers simultaneously and when the page popped up I just clicked the information and went right on, but I noticed two things. Now I’m a MacHead, ok. The colors were slightly off, and the focus was too. We Mac people get all screwed up about such things and will recalibrate our displays in a heartbeat. When I backpaged the display was correct!

The solution? If, like me, you were just too busy to notice, and filled in the blanks restart Facebook, NOW! Go immediately to your account information and change that password! I did this, and almost immediately got a private message from one of my “girl friends” asking what was wrong? Didn’t I love he/she/it any more? Like the old axiom says, when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs the hit dog always runs.

While we’re on the subject, let me give a refresher course on Internet girlfriends from somewhere “over there.” Rule number one is NEVER take serious any contact from Nigeria or Ghana, for what ever the reason they say they are there. They are there because they were BORN there! They get up in the morning, get in their car, which looks a lot like yours, go to some call center and begin to run accounts. Some are sophisticated and some aren’t. Some have the ability to carry on complicated conversation and others, well, I’ve described depraved sexual advances that would embarrass the Marquis de Sade, and the response is, “Uh yeah.” I’ve told one I just did three lines of coke and had three high school cheer leaders kidnapped in my garage and the answer was, ” So glad you have friends.”

And they change shifts! Just like Austin! I chewed on one scammer like Juicy Fruit two nights ago, catching them dead to right and made them cyber-bleed (thanks for your assistance Master Chief) and the very next morning had a message from the same scammer, “My love!” If I ran one of these call centers I’d at least have the team members keep accurate case notes.

The next rule is so simple it should be somewhere in the Bible. Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, (did I say ever) send money to anyone you meet in a romance on the net! And it always comes down to that. That’s the sting. No matter how detailed, or believable the story line is there will always be a sting. That’s why they’re there! The request begins small and surprisingly reasonable. Remember, you are not the only love of their life. One scammer was caught working eighty-eight accounts that he was pumping at the same time. And you get mental image of these people looking like all those “Save the Children” spots you’ve seen on TV. These guys get up, and make a ton of money, and hang out in a Vegas style setting. They are superstars to their friends because they have tons of money and make a fool out of what they consider fat, rich, dumb westerners. Oh yeah, Americans are not alone. Brits, and especially Aussies are on the list, too.

When they ask for money simply refuse. Or, better yet, have a phony Western Union number and bounce em all over Accra trying to cash it. If you accept one fact you will be just fine. There is not one honest person in Nigeria or Ghana, hell, just make it Africa. No matter how believable it is it is always a scam, and most of the time it is always a man. So, if you get off on cyber sexing Big Daddy Idi Amin, dooooooode!

I use the cyber for my own entertainment, and not what you think, you pervs out there, I have a real girl called Frenchi for that. No, I see how far I can get them to bend reality realizing fully well that my mark is probably communicating through translation software. That in itself will screw them up, evidence I told one, “I’d really like to bang you,” to which I got the response, “Bomb?” I type so fast, and I am a writer, I’ve considered submitting my logs to the Guinness Book of World Records for cyber sexing the most Nigerians at one time! One particularly funny note, the other night I mistakenly sent the wrong message to one. I was having an argument with one, he had actually confessed to me what he was, but was explaining how he had to support his family, which I have no problem with, and I sent him the message meant for another account that I was talking with, describing a sexual position I’d seen in the Karma Sutra. He responded automatically, “My love!” Guess he was working too many accounts, too.

Now, this all sounds funny, but there’s a down side. Right here, in beautiful, downtown Killeen, Texas, a local businessman sold his business, and emptied his bank account to fulfill the dreams of his Nigerian “girlfriend!” But then Killeen is off the charts. An esteemed member of the Board of Realtors here showed up to meet his 13 year old friend with a six pack and a pack of condoms and got to meet MSNBC. Go figure!

If you follow these simple instructions you’ll never get hurt. And all jokes aside, the emotional bonds can be real. I’ve caught myself having real conversations with scammers about mundane subjects, but the sting always comes. “The robbers took all my money and the baby is hungry.”

When you go looking for love on the Internet you wind up in Africa

When you wind up in Africa you meet a girl who looks like Paula Abdul

When you meet a girl who looks like Paula Abdul you become attached

When you become attached you send all your money to Nigeria

When you send all your money to Nigeria your friends laugh their asses off at you at Starbucks the next day.

Don’t let your friends laugh their asses off at you . . .get Dish Network!


To Punk A Nigerian. (The dangers of Internet translators)

If you ever doubt you’re talking to a Nigerian through a translator get a load of this. This is REAL. I just did it. These people don’t comprehend English and work in shifts, so it’s not written in stone you’re even talking to the same “girl” each time. Enjoy.

(Jenifer) hello

(Weird) Hi

(Jenifer) how are you doing today

(Weird) Getting along. Gonna do a couple lines and rest

(Jenifer) so how was your weekend

(Weird) oh, so so. Had an orgy and drank a lot.

(Jenifer) wow that good for you i was alone all by myself so I want to a friend

(Weird) Hey, maybe you can come over for a gang bang! All my friends would love to meet you!

(Jenifer) yea wish i can come over.

(Weird) Oh we’d love it. I want to be first. Hey I gotta go. I have two girls I kidnapped yesterday duct taped in the garage and I have to feed them.

(Jenifer) oh ok talk to you later

(Weird) Yeah, riiiight . . .

Where’s My $5,000 American?????

Submitted for your consideration one Catherine currently residing in Cote d Ivoire, Africa. She/He/It greeted me some days ago asking me my status and giving me the usual story that she was a French transplant who moved to Africa because of the expensive lifestyle in France. She threw in the sad fact that both of her parents are dead. If you will note, many days later she told me if she came to see me I had to make sure her mother had money to take care of her. As usual, I told her the absolute truth about myself, but upon subsequent conversation I went ahead and punked her. Asked her at one point her size so I could buy her a night gown. Knowing that there was a 95% chance I was talking to a man I just couldn’t resist the line from Men’s Warehouse, “You’re gonna like the way ya look, I guarantee it!” I strung “it” along and when the answer (and the $5,000 requested) wasn’t forth coming we see the usual threat, “damage then.” She is the first line, with me alternating my responses every other line. Instead of a trip to America I booked her a passage to The Wilbur Zone. Ladies and gentlemen, Catherine of Cote d Ivoire!

how are you ?

Fine, and yourself?

I’m fine thank you so tell me a little about you made your biiographie if you do not mind?

I’m a writer. I’m 61. I’m divorced. I’m a gentleman. I live in Texas

ah ok and t you call how you search anything on the net.?

Look up Weird Wilbur on Google

sorry I can not see

Where are you?

I life in Africa precisely in cote d ivoire but I am French and my first name is catherine c about you?

I am Wilbur. What country are you in?

Wilbur delighted me is catherine c I live in cote d ivoire africa precisely but I am of French origin because I have caused left France because of the expensive life in France since the death of both my parents in a car acident j expected that you understand me?

Oh, totally

so tell me about you, you think your life again one day c is to say is what you looking for a woman?

I’m single now. Getting my publishing together.

ah ok y me dicen que la investigación exactamente qué tipo de mujer?

English please


you research what kind of woman?

Not really looking any more. Have girl friends but that’s about all.

yes it is just that I am not happy and I’m new on the net for one reason make me new knowledge to find a serious man who will love and m give me his true love heart

I wish I could find such a woman

and tell me what country you are living presently?
I life in Africa precisely in cote d ivoire

I live in the us. My wife died four years ago. We had a real estate business.

you life in which country?
I c is catherine of French origin unmarried woman without children soon 31years 32years working in a salon beautée

I live in the USA in one of my four houses

ah ok no worries then tell me why you have not found a woman with you? you think finding a wife on the net, you believe in the love of the net?

I have not really looked for one. I would like to meet one now. I would like to get to know her. If she is away I would bring her here

ah ok I understand you I’m not a rich woman and I live far away from you if it ever wanted to walk us how are we going to do because I can not pay my ticket and I think you’re really good as a man because you’re the kind of man I am looking for a man who lives alone

I live alone with my little dog. After my wife died in a car crash I moved from the house we lived in to the bigger house because I missed her. I guess I would have to buy plane tickets for you

ouii biensur me a transfer of money so I can do all my papers and also the booking of my ticket j hoped you understand? really sorry for your wife, but I also would like to j make your acquaintance because I am also unmarried and I would like to live with a serious man like you

Couldn’t I just buy you a plane ticket?
How much to you need to do your papers?

oh yeah if you want but then you have to make me clench a transfer pourque I can settle everything here because I live here with my mother and I have great store many things before my departure

Ok, how much money are we talking about?

j would need $ 5,000 to settle all my papers and store all my stuff too

How would I send it. I’ve never sent money to another country.

you realize in a position and you do request a warrant via western union j hoped you know well?

Oh, ok. I know Western Union

and you will also need to perform my data transfer

How do I do that?

ouii c is his you know if I tell you all this is that I’m really excited to meet you and if you m sending this amount will be living proof that you really alone and you really want to know me and me too I would be very happy to meet you.
well then as I have t say I’ll give you my address and you turn yourself in a Western Union agency you request to transfer via Western Union and through my contact you sending the money I t have asked for my papers and they will give you a transfer code of 10 digits as his I can removed the money once you give me the code. and you must also asked a question and gave an answer that all the parties in terms you understand j expected?


tell me you’re really inspired to do my meeting…?

You are very beautiful. Would love to meet you. This is so wonderful. I’m 61. I never thought such a young beautiful woman would want to meet me

ok no worries I see so I’ll give you my contact pourque can do the office? because I also never thought I’d find a serious man like you and your words still give me more eager to make your acquaintance as the age does not matter to me because I love looking for the true love of the heart


yes I’m really sincere with you so I give you my address pourque you can do the office?

It will take about an hour. I have to run to the bank and they are open until noon.

ouii I understand you so I give you tell me yes or no?

Yes yes

Name: aman
first name: catherine elouah
Country: cote d ivoire
City: Grand Bassam
ok here is my contact you j Receipts well as expected thanks to its coodonnées the mandate you can do if you really want to make the mandate pourque I come to thee

Ok. Give me an hour. I will check on plane tickets too. I’m so excited. Do I need to put a code word for you on the Western Union?

No no you have not checked because I t did not give a fixed price but I t have asked for a sum or I can do all my papers because I have many things to do apart the ticket such as I have left a little of money to my great mother to do some shopping for clothes and many other expected day you understand

Yes. Then how much do you need?

not once you finish filling out the form with my coordinates of course they will give them even a code c is you who will then give me pourque I can withdraw money without taking the head you understand?

Oh, ok. Like I said, I’ve never sent money to another country.

I have totally need I say $ 5,000 American


yes I understand you then you can send that amount of $ 5,000 American? be sincere and honest with me stp

Give me an hour. I have to run to the bank. Also, what size nightgown do you wear ? I respect you. I’m as honest as I know you are.

lolll I laugh I am still connected now you go j expected you not play with me Wilbur?

I’m not playing. Believe me.

ok no worries then shows me that you are man of his word and I’ll prove it to myself that I want a man I will come unto thee quickly because I’d be very happy also

I am going to flood you with such emotion that you will quiver and shake like a school girl. You will never forget me. I really want to buy you a night gown. You’re gonna like the way ya look, I guarantee it!

ah good then you come back with the transfer references how long the pourque I can have?

It will take me about an hour, I have to run. What’s the size of your nightgown. I want to buy you one.

n is listening you have to buy a shirt m me everything I want to c is that you prove to me before you meet your words then go al transfer agency Western Union to me the mandate to $ 5,000 American so I can be after once reassured by your side I would be delighted to accept all your gifts


you’re gone? you’re gone? No more am writing you? c you see is what I was afraid if you were really serious and here for the answer for you! damage then
But why, you answer me? when you played with me it is his? attend the call . . .HONEY

Handing A Dating Scammer Their Face 101

Update on Ghana Dating Scams

After punking “Rosemond” yesterday I did some online research into what is a booming business in Ghana. While the Nigerians invented these cons the scammers in Ghana have taken it to an entirely new level. I’ve seen interviews with people who work the call centers, or Internet cafes, and I’ve read dozens of cases studies. I must say on one level I was impressed with the volume of work these people do. On the other hand, if they put such technology, and industry into legitimate help centers they could make good money legitimately. I’ve come to some some conclusions.

Now, I know I’m going to get some resistance on this but rule number one is very simple, if you meet anyone online who tells you they are from anywhere in Africa they are scamming you. These people have no morals, to human feeling and are only out to steal as much money as they can. I can already hear it, “Oh, Wilbur, how can you condemn an entire continent?” It’s easy. That’s what they are, and if you remember that rule you will never be scammed. Verily, verily I say unto you, nine times out of ten you are not even talking to a woman, it’s a man, and that man does not look like Brittney Spears, more than likely he looks like Big Daddy Idi Amin! And you’ll be telling him you want to kiss his belly.

If you ignore this simple rule, and think there still might be a chance for international love rule two is never ever send any money. No matter how detailed the story, no matter how complex the assurances, don’t even send a dime for a parking meter. I’ve given the scenarios here but to recap, no one but no one has inherited a huge amount of Gold in Ghana. If they did the government would kill them and take it. I read a write up on Ghana, and it was referred to as a democracy. These are the same people who have monstrous civil wars because the bones in their noses point in different directions.

I have a friend. She lives in England. I have another. She lives in California. Neither of these ladies have ever asked me for a dime. I may meet the one in California during one of my trips, but I don’t know if I’ll ever meet the lady from England. If she ever comes to America on holiday I will try to have dinner with her on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I would love her to have a nice suite at the Marriott with a balcony overlooking the walk, and, of course, we will do the Alamo. Not very exotic is it? That’s because she is real! Just as the lady is in California. I plan going to a winery with her if we can swing it. She loves horses and I have a friend that will let her ride to her heart’s content.

Rule three is if you can’t make it with real women you know give it up. The fundamental part of any con is the greed of the mark. The scammer couldn’t scam you if you weren’t scamming in the first place. Fact is, if you can’t find company in your town, why leap to the Internet? You do it because you either feel inadequate or you, too, have something you are withholding. Maybe you’re fat, maybe your old, or perhaps you are just shy, it doesn’t matter. Fat, old, shy people find love every day and it doesn’t cost $10,000 to get it. I have a limp and I’m 61 years old. I’m not very romantic and I have no style with with women. I wouldn’t pick up on a sexual signal from a girl if she typed it in Braille and stuck it up my ass! That’s why I live alone. And that doesn’t bother me. I know ME! That’s why when some chick from Ghana starts telling me how much she loves me, how good looking I am, and how I turned her entire life around I know her eyes are brown because number one, she’s from Africa, and number two, she’s full of crap!

It’s easy to punk these scammers. I had one just last night running like a quarterback. Her line was that she had inherited several pounds of gold and, of course, needed to get it out of Ghana. She sent me several nice professional photos. I pretended to be really excited about her pictures. I came on like an old perv, which wasn’t actually all that hard, and it worries me, but I kinda fell into the role, and told her I’d never felt like this! One of the pictures she supposedly “just took” was her, on a couch, covered with a towel. I told her I would love to see her without the towel. She told me how shy she was and then said she had just sent another picture. I got the new picture, different towel, same couch. Ok,then I told her just send me a picture to her looking out the window. After much ado, I finally got a picture of a girl looking through a window. Only problem was the sun was streaming in her face and it was 3AM in Ghana. I pointed this out to “her” and was informed the sun rises very early in Ghana. I couldn’t see that for all the smoke she was blowing up my ass!

If you really want to have some fun, when they tell you to send money via Western Union, get all their information and after an appreciable amount of time send the, a phony confirmation number. In due course they will get back to you and say something’s wrong. “Oh, my bad. I must’ve messed the number up, here.” BOUNCE! Them tell them something’s wrong and you’ve got to go down to the Western union and resend, etc. keep this up until they wise up. When you get the inevitable angry letter about how you betrayed your “love,” just reply, “JACKASS JACKASS!!!!!”

I’m going to keep on punking these bitches, both male or female. They’ve got it coming. I don’t even feel bad about it. But, like the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every minute. Please don’t be a sucker.