The Way of the Gun


The way of the gun is as American as mom’s apple pie. I read with interest the article by Bill the Butcher which compares the shootings in Orlando with the tower shootings in Texas circa 1966. It provoked thought in me for three reasons; one, all of you that read Bill’s writing know him to be a man of reason. His is the way of thought, and one may only emerge victorious from such matches as are found in contests of logic if they possess the preeminent superiority of reason. But a very few of us remember darker times in the Simple Ol’ Boy’s past. A past ruled by the way of the gun.


In those days the way of the gun was eschewed by most, but some contests were not to be won if one was not knowledgeable of that particular dark way. In reading Bills piece, I thought to detect an echo from that time. Secondly, and of greater importance to his readers, Bill made it clear that by his lights, Muslim people are prone to either forcing their ideology, or way of life if you will, on others at the point of a gun, or are instead guilty of indifference to the victims of those who do so. Lastly, by a quirk of fate, mybrother and I were both there at the hour of the shooting at the University of Texas, both of us missing a more fateful appointment by bare minutes. I would like to submit a humbler thought on the comparison made by The Butcher by the addition of two other famous Texas shooters.


The drawing of the three: roughly three years prior to Whitman’s rampage on an infamous day in November 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from an upper floor window in the Dallas Book Depository killing one man, our president, beloved of many in this nation, and wounding Governor John Connally, feared by many of the same. His state of mind? Cold, calculating, a true shooter’s state of mind. Twenty-five years after the tower shootings a certifiably mental patient drove his car into the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and upon exiting his vehicle shot and killed 23 people. The shooter, George Hennard’s state of mind? Chaotic, fragmented, a shooter who only got his kill count by killing unarmed, helpless sheep (apologies to those who count among the lost one who was dear). In each case, it bears pointing out that the victims were unarmed, and helpless due to an unannounced attack. Kills such as these lack honor, and therein do I find the ONLY similarity. In Oswald’s case the shooter was an assassin, trained for his mission, and part of a larger plan, Oswald was doing a job. I know it, and I know Bill knows. In Whitman’s case, he was a combat seasoned veteran, but one with an awful thing growing in his head; it cannot be said that he knew what he was doing, but  Hennard did! I knew his therapist, and believe me, those who knew him best were worried about his fascination withguns, and his erratic behavior


If anyone was responsible for the shooting in Orlando, or Connecticut, or Columbine or, take your pick, it’s the police. Ever since the war on drugs our nation’s police use a template for prevention that resembles the optimism of that person ahead of you in line at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. They’ll continue to explain the logic of it well after you have lost interest. Am I bashing the cops? Well…yeah. I mean just look at the solution most of them have for mass shootings: disarm everybody. Huh? Now, I have walked the way of the gun since before I could vote. I stay hard, and I stay ready. I know that Bills reason is superior to mine, but I also know he keeps a Smith near to hand. I don’t believe the answer is the expulsion of Muslim people, nor the barring of their way to citizenship. I think rather that we should vette them more thoroughly, and watch them more closely. And, I think we should all keep our guns close, just in case.




The whole TransGender thing has taken a decided route, and it’s wrong! Everyone is screaming about hairy-legged men parading into a girl’s restroom, and diddling the little girls, and while that’s a real possibility, it’s not the real oxymoron that presents itself to the inquiring mind. Obama has attached education funding to this latest assault on common sense. To make school restrooms more user friendly it has been decreed that if said child “feels like a girl” then they are a girl, and may act accordingly. If you like your penis, you can keep your penis. Ok let’s talk law.

Age of consent. Age of consent is a reasoning that says until a person reaches a certain age they are not fully equipped to make certain choices. Things like, smoking, drinking, joining the army, getting a tattoo, voting, and, of course, sex. However, if said child decides to change gender, no problem! Hormone therapy, weird bathrooms, and a president saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like him. . . or her. . . or whatever. While no doctor in his right mind would ever do a sex change on anyone below the age of eighteen, therapy is within the bounds.

Now, let’s talk about percentages. Just how many TransGender kids would you suppose there are in a given school? Well, it’s well below one percent. Now let’s talk money. Please reference this article and note that the free clinic does not give hormone therapy. Poor kids don’t go TransGender. Rich kids go TransGender! All weird, out of place, unusual crap usually comes from people living off of daddy’s money.

Now, let’s talk money. We gots a problem in the skool! Yeah. We really do. Bullying, mass shootings, pedophile teachers, and a system that teaches nothing, nada! And they rely on federal funding. Sooooo, you threaten to take that funding away if you don’t have a cross-dressing station in the rest room and the school conforms. Then Suzie Sweetcheeks tells Bubba (Her football star boyfriend) that TransGender Tony looked at her poodie-poo and Bubba beats him to within an inch of his life. LAWSUIT! Why weren’t there guards for Tony while he was masturbating in the stall while looking under at Susie? See where this is going?

We’re not talking about Target! We’re talking about children at school. I don’t like Target anyway. Hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I wouldn’t mind at all if some hottie drifted into the restroom while I’m taking a pee. But, you see, that’s the issue. Girls aren’t going into boy’s bathrooms, it’s the other way around. We used to have to drill holes in high school to get a peek. C’mon! Don’t we have more to worry about than who squats or stands? Actually, I think this has pushed the American public to the limit.

Now, for a final note. Hypothetical court case. I pick up a sixteen-year-old girl in a bar. (It’s Texas, it happens, deal with it!) One thing leads to another, and of course, she tells mommy. After the obligatory butt stomping from daddy and the cops, I end up on trial, and little Jane gets on the stand.

Prosecutor: Do you know the defendant?

Jane: Yes.

Prosecutor: Did you have sex with said defendant?

Jane: Yes.

Prosecutor: Did he know your age?

Jane: Well, yeah.

Prosecutor: Please state your age.

Jane: Well, my chronological age is sixteen, but inside I feel like I’m a thirty-five year old divorcee, unless it’s Wednesday, and then I feel like a cat.

(Case dismisses) Thank you, Mr. President.

Time Was

Time was when you could write, or say anything so long as you didn’t threaten someone or incite violence. The idea of free speech was foundational to the republic. If you were out in left field everyone would just think you were stupid and ignore you.

Time was when every little Texas town had a homosexual or two and nobody cared. They stayed off to themselves and the lady’s garden society loved them. They didn’t march in the street, or jail little old ladies for exercising their conscience. We all laughed at Paul Lynn, and listened to Liberace.

Time was when you could swat your kids on the butt in the grocery store and everyone approved you as a good parent. Your kids weren’t taught sex in school, and daddy was still the greatest, because he was dad, and every little girl wanted to grow up, and marry someone just like him.

Time was, when stopped for a traffic stop, you would get out of the car and take out your driver’s license as you walked back to the officer, who appreciated your courtesy and respect. Police got free coffee and food because merchants wanted them to come around. An officer rarely raised his voice, and he was almost always right, because he really did serve and protect.

Time was you could carry your guns in a rack in your pickup and nobody but the deer cared. The very idea that you couldn’t defend your family and home because black lives mattered was alien. Your family’s life mattered, and that was that. Your home was your castle and the fourth amendment meant exactly what it said.

Time was when the president said something you respected it even if you didn’t agree because he was the president. Everyone knew politicians would put a spin on things, but in the end they knew that America was America, the flag was the flag, and they worked for the people of America, not the UN. If they’d ever heard of a “Benghazi” they would have thought it was a James Bond movie.

Time was when a teacher sent a note home you sided with the teacher simply because she WAS the teacher. The first words out of your parent’s mouths would be, “What did you do?”

Time was if you missed church everybody knew it and one of the routine questions you asked a new friend was what faith they followed because there simply wasn’t anyone who didn’t believe in God.

Time was when you found that your favorite movie star was getting a divorce you were shocked because personally you only knew one person who ever got one and everyone treated them as if they had tuberculosis.

Time was if you stood on the constitution in court or anywhere else it was a no brainer because everyone knew the constitution was the constitution and that was that. The language in the Bill of Rights was so simple that any farmer could understand it.

Time was when a woman stayed home and took care of the kids she was known as a good mother, and raised her girls that way, too.

Time was when the preacher would drop by if word got out that a family was having difficulties.

Time was when a dollar was inscribed “Silver Certificate” and stood for an honest dollar which would buy enough gasoline for three days work.

Time was if you didn’t have a job you just went to jail until you figured it out. This is the world I lived in in 1957 in Shreveport. Time was…

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Cowboys and Fairies

Utah just keeps coming up aces. I was looking for something to chew on today and lo and behold the right honorable Judge Scott Johansen of Price, Utah just handed me a daisy. He raised the concerns of The Utah Division of Child and Family services when he removed a baby from the foster care of two lesbians and placed it with a more, shall we say, normal couple. The two faggots, or rather fagesses were in a routine hearing when the judge brought the hammer down. They are part of a group now allowed to foster stemming from the SCOTUS ruling allowing rainbow flags for everyone. I told you people about Porter, didn’t I? First the Mormon prophet clarified the Church stance on this kind of thing, and now a judge has cemented that position. The lawyers up there are saying that they believe the judge’s religion views may have influenced his ruling. You think?
Nobody wants to call this what it is. Well, that’s my job. Doc Greene said I’m an equal opportunity offender so here goes. Homosexuals should not be raising kids. Why? Because their homosexual, that’s why. What kind of life is the kid going to have? Go to school and all the other kids have a normal home, and they’re the one with two mommies, or two daddies. You know, the couple no one looks at during a PTA meeting. The Mafia hit man, Ice Man, once got next to a victim in a crowded night club by dressing gay because he’d observed the previous night that no one would look directly at a gay couple dancing. Popped the guy with a needle and his death ruled a heart attack until years later with the Ice Man told about it on an HBO special. That’s how weird gays really are! And a kid is saddled with that?
Utah is a great big pool of common decency. The liberal left is so into PC that when a man stands up for that decency, and calls it what it really is they lose their minds. I’d marry a girl from Utah except for two things; I drink whiskey and smoke cigars. Of course the Gay Alliance is all over this. It remains to be seen how the judge’s ruling holds up, but please note in my humble opinion 99.99 percent of the population up there is on the judge’s side, but we’ve already seen the will of the people means absolutely nothing to the Obama administration. If he had two daughters they’d look like the foster parents. Wait, he does have two daughters, but I digress.
My former sister in law got married in Utah last night. She married a man, which was very politically incorrect, but a woman officiated so I guess it’ll pass in the whacked out world of LGBT order. There is a fight coming, and brothers and sisters, them Mormons ain’t gonna back off on this. We’re about to play cowboys and fairies. There is a lot at stake. Just like I said last week, Utah is a great prize for the gays. Remember when Wendy Davis tried to turn Texas blue? Well, the LGBT is trying to turn Utah pink. If you think that’s going to happen have I got a temple for you, and it’s on sale!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Avenging Angel

The Gay Alliance has taken dead aim at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As usual the three percent of the population has the opinion that their opinion is the opinion, and the rest of us must kiss the glove, or whatever else they wish to have kissed. They have chosen this course of action because it has worked so well with other Christian denominations in the past, such as the Episcopal Church, who caved in to the God of Political Correctness, so, naturally, they believed that the Mormons would follow suit.
The current prophet of the LDS Church Thomas S. Monson, while conceding to the right of all Americans to own property, enjoy a peaceful life, whatever that life may be, followed up by letting everyone know that same sex is not the behavior of the brethren in any shape, form or fashion. Here come the Rainbow flags in full regalia. Now this works most of the time, most recently in Kentucky, where the modern response to any resistance by the LGBT is met by complete capitulation. The image of the two young men at the door, elder this and elder that gives an illusion of tranquility. Boys and girls I give you Porter Rockwell.
Porter was known as an Avenging Angel. As a child he knew Joseph Smith, and reportedly was one of the first to hear of the vision Joseph had concerning the golden plates, the angels, and all the things that would later find their way to the Mormon belief set. Porter was illiterate and believed every word Joseph said. Joseph told him to never cut his hair, and that would make him invincible. Looks like it did because Porter demonstrated his ability many times and survived gun fights, one after another. It is a matter of debate if Brigham Young actually ordered him to do his job, or if he was just a loose cannon defending the church his childhood friend started. He did take it very personal that Smith told him not to come to his side in the Carthage jail on June 27, 1844. Suffice to say if Porter had been on the other side of that door the results would have been decidedly different. Porter made the Outlaw Josey Wales look like an altar boy.
If you remember, in my article “Quarters in a Cup,” I allude to something I call “Mormon Culture.” While, as you know, I have a field day with religion, I have no issues with that culture. They saved my grandchildren, and that puts them on the “friends” list. To put it in Killeen vernacular, the Mormons are “down” with family, family being boy meets girl, make baby, raise baby in their home, baby goes on mission, comes back to Salt Lake and goes to work. They don’t understand boy meets boy, and whatever happens next, which is not what Joseph Smith came up with on the Hill Cumorah, and have no intention, whatsoever of letting Rainbow Flags fly above the temple in Salt Lake City.
So, what’s the connection between Porter and the LGBT? Porter was the chief of the Danites. Don’t ask, just know that the Mormons believe in tribes of Israel and the Danites are like, well, Joshua. The Church has absolutely no intention of diluting their entire mindset to accommodate a complete bastardization of everything they hold to be holy and true. While their theology may be different, their focus on mom’s apple pie is quite clear.
The Gay Alliance has drawn a line in the sand in Utah. While churches such as the Episcopalian go through multiple con-fag-ulations, trying to fly under the radar, and the Bible, and the Christian thought of two thousand years, the constitution, not to mention common sense, the Mormons will have none of this. Boys are boys, girls are girls, God is God, and Bruce Gender is a freak. Case closed. You will never see an LDS sanctioned same sex marriage. You know, when you’re right you’re just right. Could it be, if there really is a God that he chose a people with a heart for America, and the steady hand of Porter Rockwell?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Sgt Martland

How far do Muslims have to go before the world says, “Enough?” How far does common decency have to be stretched before the rubber band snaps? Sgt Charles Martland honored his oath in Afghanistan when he intervened in the rape of a little boy, and now he’s being drummed out of the army. Two bronze stars, one with valor, years of service, gone! A boy chained to a bed, being raped. Mother went to Sgt Martland begging, and the soldier stopped it!

Normally I can be clever, make light, used words to circle the issue, but not now. The Afghan involved was just following his master, Mohammed, who married a five year old girl. Oh, sure, he didn’t consummate the marriage until she was nine, nice guy, but Muslims go through great pain to explain how this was proper, and we have to understand the “times.” Ok, it’s time to dispense with all the political correctness and call these pervs what they are. PERVS! They rape little boys, but they stone beautiful women for being beautiful. Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy from Austin, but that’s a queer, folks!

The greatest oxymoron imaginable is to hold a man such as Sgt Martland to such a high standard, and then turn on him for acting on that standard. The defense of the helpless. I thought that’s what we were over there for in the first place. It seems as if we just cleared the playing field for every weird, perverted animal to run amuck and do whatever he wants. And, in all of our new, liberal, mindset the rules of engagement become convoluted. The Libtards want religion out of our lives, but they stand in defense of anything Muslim. Do the logic; Muslims are perverts, Liberals defend Muslims, therefore Liberals are perverts. See how that works?

One thing for sure, Sgt Martland is not a pervert! He is a soldier, honoring his oath. If you are offended by this please go to this petition and sign it. Forward it to everyone you know. Call your Congressman, call your friends, and raise a stink! We cannot let this warrior fall. This is so black and white it defies logic. How can such an action even be considered? Patton would have just shot the pervert on the spot. We need to take a good long look at the slime that lives over there, and a real hard look at the slime passing itself off as “refugees” right now. Wanna see where liberal thought takes you? I give you GERMANY! France, too. All those Nancy Boys downing America, now watching as Muslims tear up their countries. Like I said before, we’re not going to come over and save you again.

I’m going to be up front with you. When I see a guy wearing a dress, with a beard, a turban, and screaming, “Allah Akbar,” I don’t think of his religious rights, I just see a queer. And all you gay rights idiots out there better wise up. These new friends of yours will chunk you fairies off a roof to see if you can fly! What is happening to Martland is as wrong as pooping in bed, and I’ll bet the “Holy Qu’ran” approves of that too!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Jawbone of an Ass

I sent out a notice to my Facebook friends last night that I was leaving Facebook. There are many factors concerning this decision, and I’m going to try to explain them here. First off the statistics. For all the hoopla generated by Zuckerberg and company, for me Facebook is virtually worthless. I place articles in dozens of groups and get, mmmm, maybe twenty reads a day. Compare that with the Tea Party Tribune, Patriotic Warriors, Raging Elephants, the Dam Good Times, MY blogs, and Twitter. Twitter alone gave me 13,000 reaches just since midnight last night. (Zuck you Zuckerberg!)

Another problem is my drinking habits. I like Jim Beam and Martinis. Both I take straight. When I see some girly-man pour Coke in a shot of Beam I wonder why he’s drinking at all. Same with my writing. When I put something on Facebook I have to include two shots of water to dumb it down for the Facebook police. Now, I’m not going harp on that old “freedom of speech” argument. It’s their little sex site and they have a right to run it as they see fit. I mean, I’m not a communist. But, when I have to edit every other line for political correctness so as not to offend some freaky looking school kid that got lucky on the internet I just get madder, and madder, and madder.

And, if you are white, and Christian the rules change all the time. You never know if you’re in-house, or out-house. One day you can post a Richard Pryor joke and it’s all cool, and the next to type the word “Muslim,” and you do ten days in Facebook jail! And I’m not even a good Christian! If I get into heaven it’ll be because Saint Peter fell asleep at the gate. As you might imagine, all this is extremely perplexing to a political satirist who used to write adult country comedy in Nashville. Oh, did I mention that I like women? That’s a Facebook No No, too. You gotta be gay. Heterosexuality is the new black. That and baby killing. And if you’re gay and pro-choice? Shut the front door! So you got two sets of rules. If you’re a liberal leftist with a same sex friend you can post most anything you want. Just call yourself Muslim, and , well, shucks. . . over coffee a week ago I got to look at a picture of a formerly lovely young lady who championed the cause of the refugees in Sweden. Well, she has looked better. The picture I saw was her body on some rocks, naked, with her head bashed in and her legs spread like a baked chicken. But Facebook is offended by Leatherface waving his chainsaw.

So, here I am stepping gingerly through Facebook barbed wire, trying to water down my stuff enough to not get slammed and getting about twenty or thirty consistent reads. That’s like the girl that loads up your Visa and takes the bartender home. Now, before you think I am an unsuspecting victim I baited Facebook, ok? Last night I kept pushing the envelope until they popped. To be honest, I’m not totally leaving. I will maintain contact with some friends, and my granddaughter who reads my stuff on her iPhone while in college. I began the migration away from Facebook about a year ago. I didn’t rely on it for any distribution of merit.

I have several places that I can be found. Google is one. Now I don’t understand Google. I’m everywhere there. I started several blogs. At one point each article was a separate blog. I wrote for Angel Eyes Over Texas for a while (still do) so you can find old stuff that I don’t even remember writing. There is a subscribe button, and you can click it and get that blog emailed to you as it updates. WordPress is my workhorse. Even the Tea Party Tribune uses it as a foundation. Actually, I was coming out of the Tribune and most of what went to Facebook was links back to that publication. Its sister site, Patriotic Warriors, gets mirror images of the articles. The Dam Good Times is my brick and mortar. I’m there monthly in a section called “Wilbur’s Corner.” Crystal Lee Larimore runs that, and she’s nice to me so long as I don’t cuss. You might want to consider subscribing that that paper. Good Texas stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. Then there is Raging Elephants Radio. Doc Greene made me what I am today. You can go there, but you can also get the station on the TuneIn App on your smartphone. On the site there is a chatroom where you can interact with the hosts (and yes, they will really chat with you) and express your ideas.

My articles go worldwide. Just like my books, I get copied, and distributed by people I never met, and will never know. I’m not hard to find. What I realized was that I was short changing all of these outlets by licking the boots of Facebook, and that’s why I made the decision to move away from that medium. I submit to two other quite well known talk show hosts, but I won’t name drop here, suffice to say my move will not affect that in any way. Both men have had issues with Facebook themselves, and who knows, I may start something here.

Ok, publicity! Ring the bell, school’s in. Yesterday I did an article about little Ahmed the watch maker up in Irving. Now, you have to understand, I’m sixty-four, on a back porch in Hotterthanhell, Texas, over my first cup of coffee and a cigarette. I check the news and here’s this story about this kid bringing a clock to school and gets jacked up by the cops. Well, I am leery of cops, and I really don’t like school teachers so here I go. Then I published it, and then I had a second cup of coffee and began to peel the onion. Do you know how hard it is to get publicity? You could set a puppy on fire on main street and get maybe thirty-five views on YouTube. You could write an article proving the existence of God, and have photographs of the Big Bang and if you’re lucky your mother might read it. Sooooooo, little Ahmed brings his contraption to school and the east and west coasts light up. Now just how do you suppose that happened? Could there be some organization with an agenda lurking behind the scenes? You betcha. It’s called CAIR. CAIR is the organization that supposedly tries to reconcile Islam with USlam, by putting the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in Burqas. Ok, students, there are two kinds of Muslims in the world. The radical Muslims who want to kill you, and the moderate Muslims who want the radical Muslims to kill you. On the surface some kid getting slapped for a clock seems harmless enough. What about the next clock? See how that works. Ever wonder why all those guys getting their heads cut off on the ISIS show seem so calm. That’s because they’ve been put in that position so many time they think it’s just another dry run. In every science fair I ever saw in school the students were assigned a project by the teacher. The teacher was fully aware of what was being done, indeed, maybe even assisting the kid along the way. Then along comes Ahmed with this briefcase sized “clock” and walks in with the digital display running. If this punk was so smart, why didn’t he redesign the Apple Watch?

Anyway, I am constructing an alternative to Facebook. That’s the plan. I will tweak things along the way, and invite advice from everyone. I have to figure a way to sell my latest book, A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin. I have another I’m working on, “I Crappith Thee NOT!” I live in Texas, so I don’t have to make much money, that’s why the book is so cheap. I have one thing I like to do that costs a bit, and that’s trips to California to drink wine and watch girls swim in the ocean. The view is free, but the wine is a bit pricey. Thank you all for your support, and I will continue to attack liberals with the jawbone of an ass.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

One Little Old Lady

All it took was one little old lady standing up, and the entire gay community got its panties in a knot. Let’s just call a spade a spade, and we’re not talking about Al Sharpton here. Homosexual behavior is unnatural. Dry hole vs wet hole. (Who said that?) The average life span for gays is sixty-two years, and the leading cause of death is suicide. Now, we’ll always have gays. Some people are just weird, but a small percentage of the population cannot rule the country. I’m not saying they don’t have rights, but marriage is, well, marriage!

Ok, here’s the rub. It isn’t just the sexual divination. The gay agenda is a war on God. Hey girls, if God doesn’t exist how come you fighting so hard? If Kim Davis had said she didn’t want to sign those papers because she considers gays to be a bunch of Sodomite maggots that would have been one thing, but she invoked God’s name and that can’t be tolerated. There is an all-out frontal assault on Christianity occurring right now. It’s everywhere. Just last week I exclaimed, “JESUS!” and one of my grandsons told me, “Don’t say that bad word.” Some school teacher had told him that.

When the gays chose the marriage issue they dove for the very heart of Christian belief. They sliced right through common decency to the family, which is the core of America and told us it means nothing. They could pollute it at any time. All that good Americans hold sacred got washed down the drain of a San Francisco bath house. And most Christians turned the other cheek. The gays showed us BOTH of their cheeks and told us to kiss them!

And all it took was one little old lady to just stand up and walk into the coliseum. Same as it ever was. Jesus does things like that, and He does it to make a point. The Devil mixes truth with lies. Gays are citizens, right? So, if you believe that then you simply must believe its perfectly fine for two men to come together as man and wife, right? WRONG! When you lie with a woman there is a fair to midland chance a baby will come out of it, unless Planned Parenthood gets involved and then it becomes inventory, but when two men lie together you just get AIDS! There is nothing prolific about the gay lifestyle. Oh, I’m sure there are nice gays out there. I’m sure a Nazi SS officer gave a candy bar to a little girl at some point, but it is like having an affair with your sister. Feels good at the time, but that don’t make it right!

What you will see is now that as straight people have seen one person stand up, more and more will come forward and not try to argue details about the constitution. They will just cry, “Foul!” Gay marriage is on the books. They have crammed that up our butts, but the Christian MAJORITY will now put the gay community BACK in the bath houses where it belongs. These rump rangers will go to the back of the bus. Ain’t democracy wonderful? If this article isn’t politically incorrect for y’all, it’s early yet, and I’m on my first cup of coffee . . . .with FRENCHI!
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Little Pink Houses

Kim Davis has drawn a line down at the courthouse that once again has us all considering the ramifications of same sex marriage. I support same sex! I’ve been having the same sex for years, just not with other men. Ms. Davis came up with a solution today saying that if she simply doesn’t have to sign the marriage license then it won’t conflict with her religious beliefs. Ok, ring the bell, schools in. In America we say we try to separate church and state. For a religious person marriage is a sacrament. A license is a government document granting permission to do certain things. The very term “Marriage License” is an oxymoron, and is, in fact, unconstitutional.

Gays go on and on about their rights. They say they want tax benefits. This is not true. The militant gay groups want nothing less than to destroy society and make it conform to their twisted world view. They don’t want to just live a peaceful live and enjoy tax breaks, they want to push their agenda on every school child they can to ease their own conscience, and justify themselves. Little pink houses. Swat them bees . . . little pink bees.

The main emphasis in all this is the eventual destruction of Christianity. Christianity stands as a huge stumbling block to the gay agenda. And Christians assist in their own demise. “God, Family, and Country!” You have all heard that. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Verily, verily, I say unto thee, when your priest, Rabbi, Mormon Bishop, or medicine man leans over to sign off on that government document he has just ceded all sacramental authority to the government and the holy mantra becomes “God, Family and Country” UNLESS you get married and then it’s “Government, country, and family” ONLY if you sign it in blue ink!

Sometimes all it takes is the actions of one person to point out the insane direction this country has been drifting toward in the last few years. We all come with a moral compass, some just point south, like the Gay Alliance. North, south, your anus is south of your head . . . I digress. SCOTUS legislated from the bench when it regurgitated that ruling. The good thing is we now know how many fairies sit on that court. Yeah, I called ’em “Fairies,” I’m from Texas, deal with it.

So, here’s the solution. Do away with marriage license. Let the churches marry people, or judges who will then just document for the record that two people consider themselves to be one in whatever configuration they see fit. If Gays want to have religious ceremony start a church, something like “The Church of the Mighty Erection,” and go there and eat a nice gay wedding cake. NOBODY CARES! I don’t care about Gays. Now, I wouldn’t want one of them to marry my sister . . . wait, come to think about it one of them DID marry my sister, but I also have a semi-black great grandchild, too. It’s getting harder to be a gay-bashing, racist redneck these days, but, you try, you know.

Anyway, poor Kim sits in jail, reading her Bible, eating pot pies. Any ideas on how good she’s gonna do in the next election? I didn’t even know Kentucky HAD gays! Don’t miss her bestselling book coming out, and her possible appointment to President Trump’s cabinet. Many are chosen, but few are called. She was called, and answered. Federal Judge got to beat up a little old lady and the Gay Alliance is so proud. Please wake up people. The Republic Texas is becoming more and more a reality.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Peaches Williams

This is going to be a racially inflammatory, gay bashing, very conservative article so you liberals need to just pick up your free sandwich on the way to the door! I give you Vester Lee Flanagan, faggot extraordinaire. Called himself Bryce Williams. Seems Bryce didn’t like the white folks, and he SURE didn’t like women! In his opinion all his problems stemmed from being black and gay. Even had a Rainbow flag in his apartment, now isn’t THAT special? Cutie-Pie Williams is a perfect example of what’s wrong with Obama’s America. Save your fork people, I’m on a rant here.

Make no mistake about it, I hate every inch of Bryce Williams. I hate his mama, and if he has a dog, I hate his dog. This . . . THING bought into every word of Barak Obama’s race baiting, transvestite, socialist administration, and took it to the limit. Like that other idiot down in Charleston he wanted a race war. Well, I’m glad we all agree on something. Let me clue you in. Disoriented black folk, when you rise up, do you really think every black person is going to throw their life away and follow you into hell? Illegal immigrants, when you scream “La Raza” do you expect every American of Mexican decent to grab a gun and rush into the street? Some cackle-babble head in a box said yesterday that seventy-five percent of all Hispanics in the US hated Donald Trump. Well, amigo, that leaves twenty-five percent that will vote with us, and bubba, that’s all we need!

Naturally Hillary (I’ve always felt I was a man) Clinton jumped on the gun control train as soon as the smoke cleared down in Roanoke. Now, I’m not going to get all politically correct here’ but what happened on that deck had absolutely nothing to do with “Peaches” being black. It had everything to do with his self-perception and the lies he’d been fed. Here we have a fairly decent looking man, with college, a good job, in a mundane, dull place where all he had to do was report on the ladies garden society, and he couldn’t do it because he was all tore up about being black. Grow up in Po-Dunk, Texas, bitch, and then tell ME about discrimination! And if that’s not bad enough he goes and turns queer to complete his personality. So we have this black, trans whatEVER tooling around mad at the world because he can’t hold himself together for a two minute news spot, and it’s the GUN’S fault? If you believe THAT have I got a bridge for YOU, and it’s on SALE!

It only takes one nut to shake up things. You can take all the guns away from everyone and that one nut will find a way, trust me. He’s a NUT! We need to have more gun free zones. Free guns for anyone who wants one. I’m a crusty old bastard, but I was astounded by Miss Parker just standing there running her mouth as this animal had to aim, stop, and cock his gun. This guy had been fired, disrupted an entire TV newsroom, had to be escorted out by police, and she let him just walk up on her. Folks, that’s “death by stupid,” and it’s the GUN’S fault? The Yankees alway hit me with the “Wild Wild West,” but I’m gonna tell you right now that if you cover your eyes, suck your thumb, and think that will keep these wolves away from your door you will end up as dead as a ham sandwich! I love women, ever since I found out they weren’t boys, and it irritates me when I see a beautiful girl gunned down for no other reason than she is white and female. Guess I’m a racist, huh?

Let me give you the best argument for constitutional carry you’ll ever hear. Now, I understand Miss Parker was very anti-gun. I saddens me to see her with her eyes wide, and her mouth open as she realized that she just might have been wrong. I would never wish that on anyone, but what if “Peaches Williams” had walked up on Heidi Hansing as she filmed a spot for Raging Elephants? Oh, my bad! Then Al Sharpton would have to come down, and burn up Roanoke, now wouldn’t he?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin