Denial. We’d rather make jokes about it, but in our most sober of moments, the ones we try to have when we are alone, without mirrors to our feelings of hopelessness or terror, in these moments we understand with deadly clarity the power to destroy, as well as heal belongs most to denial, for denial is an enemy that we invite behind our carefully maintained walls. Denial is our frenemy. Here in America our government has been selling our great nation to the highest bidder. I’ll get to the how in a minute. Shoot, we have plenty of time to armchair quarterback this one; but before I do, let’s at least agree that we all knew about this. I cannot imagine anyone doesn’t agree with me that since President Carter spent his last day in the White House, the richest people in the world have been allowed to join forces to become a force that has become a law unto itself, and that that thing has relentlessly, and without a shred of mercy thrown itself upon America, and savaged our people, our land, our lives. If we don’t agree on that, well, then nothing I say to you is going to change your mind. But, c’mon, let down your denial. Deep down, maybe not so deep, you know I’m right.


Glass Steagall, union busting, the FCC act of 1996, antitrust law restructuring, executive order powers, ALL foreign trade agreements. Let’s just look at the first of these scourges, and the last (we don’t have THAT much time). Glass Steagall was a law that simply put, forbade banks from becoming directly involved in trading stocks and futures. Either you understand that one or you don’t. Hillary voted to remove Glass Steagall, an act passed in the wake of the failure of 5000 banks during the depression that worked right up until the time it was removed by a majority of nearly the entire congress and senate (senator Bernie Sanders being nearly a lone crusader filibustering for nearly 30 hours alone against removal). It’s gone now pardners! And promptly all the banks failed! WHO KNEW!!! Yeah. Now, what’s damned important to know about this, is that you signed yourself, and ALL of your family, present day into the unknown future to a damned bank note, yes a loan agreement, to PAY for that bit of daylight robbery. People try to make this complicated, but many the prosecutor has come forward to offer prosecution for this rank con game, but many are those who have taken a bit of that tainted money who shout ringingly “That’s NOT on the table!”.


Now trade agreements. I’ll make this real simple, why would you, or I, or Joe the rag man go to the poorest part of town, to people with the least resources, and a history of burgling your business, looking for a partner!!!???? What’s that all about? What got into us that was those men and women of our very own government deciding to sell us into slavery, yes I said it slavery. What else will it be when those who will never know you call the shots for America with the alternative being foreclosure? You know and fear foreclosure. We all do. The lights go off, accompanied by the water, gas, and Internet. The ATM card doesn’t work, and a tow truck shows up to repossess your car. Your card has been declined. And here folks, capricious, fickle denial will skip off happily with all your stuff leaving you with…well, nothing.


What I fear most is that we will never have the courage to look at lives that have been foreclosed upon. I fear we are so weak that we will endorse our children’s slavery as the 18th and 19th Welsh and Scottish coal miners did; offering them up to our lords, and lairds, cringing, begging not to have our dignifying fig leaf of denial stripped away. Y’all come on back, in a very short time we’re going to talk Tea Party!


My Business Plan


Gave a lot of thought this weekend in developing a business plan. Some way to gain a little coin without being encumbered by rules, and regulations such as would inhibit the profitability of such a venture. I studied many models, and theories, even watched one of them info-mercials where some guy in a pool out in Arizona somewhere told me that if I just cashed in my 401K and send it to him that I could get a cruise to Mexico. I gave that some thought, but I’ve been to Mexico and decided against it.

Anyway, I finally developed a model that seemed to fill the bill. I’m going down to Walmart today, and I’m going to buy me one of those state of the art printers. You know, one of them super high tech, WiFi gadgets that will print from my iPhone, TV, just about anywhere I want. Then I’m going to Staples and buy me the best paper I can find. You know, the cotton stuff. I am bringing all this back home and put my plan in action.

I’m going to start by printing me up a couple billion dollars. I will sell these dollars to local businesses who need spot cash, and of course charge for the service, toner costs money you know. Now for regular customers I’ll charge accordingly, but like, crack dealers, folks like that, we’ll cut a special deal, and of course I won’t spread the word on all these deals, we’ll just keep it between us. I’ll need a new car, so I’ll just print up some cash for myself and run down there and buy it on credit. See how that works? I got the cash, but I won’t spend it, I’ll just show it to them, and then default on the loan. If they get all uppity about it, I’ll just show them more cash, spread the wealth a little, and keep the car. This will create a debt that will bankrupt the car lot, but no matter. Another customer!

If the police get involved then I’ll just tell them that they have no authority over me, and that’s because I’ll be printing money for the whole city council, and they’ll be so far in debt to me that the police will just have to take a number and go home. Oh, if they need, like, bullets or such, then I’ll be happy to help them out, and that’ll work right in because when the people I don’t hold up get all concerned, and start to have what you call citizen’s action groups, I’ll just sic the cops on them, and they’ll go right away.

Had to come up with a name for this conglomeration. Something catchy, official sounding, and elusive. I couldn’t come across like the out and out criminal that I am, I mean selling folks paper that’s absolutely worthless. After much consideration I came up with a name. I’ll just call it The Federal Reserve. Yeah . . . that ought to work.  How do ya’ll like my business plan?