It’s Called DECENCY

You’re never gonna believe this, but I got into an argument with a bunch of liberals on a Facebook thread. It was instigated by some national liberal celebrity asking their take on last night’s results, and even I was amazed. To a man and woman the comments were that it was the end of the world! From we’ve “destroyed” the best president we ever had to they hope then”so-called” patriots are happy, it was a non-stop tirade against the voice of America heard last night! I entered a couple comments and then decided to answer them here.

How long did you think this dog and pony show would last? Obama has lied on every front. Do you still have your doctor? Isn’t there a little twinge of suspicion when you make a phone call and wonder who’s listening? Do you really feel safe voicing an opinion the government doesn’t agree with? Have you looked at our border? Can you count to a billion? That’s how many hollow point bullets Homeland Security purchased while they try to take your guns away. Who are they planning to shoot at? Ebola comes flying into Texas, and we’re told to accept it. Point of interest, there IS no Ebola in Texas now! And ISIS? That was the usual 9/11 celebration of paranoia. ISIS will not invade Texas. They will get killed!

You even made fun of democracy when the vote went against you. When the ballot boxes were stuffed with dead people’s votes it didn’t bother you at all. We have voter ID in Texas. You have to prove who you are before you can vote, and Eric Holder moved heaven and earth to stop that. And you don’t see what’s wrong with that? You want a society where you buy votes with free cell phones? You want an administration that passes the buck all night until four Americans are killed in one of our embassies. And you think it’s the end of the world because people finally stood up and said, ” Hell NO!”

Votes do make a difference. Politicians are responsive to the people when they see that they may have to lose their position. They do stuff like they’ve done for the last six years because they either thought we approved or didn’t care. Now they got bit, and they’re all looking at their savior in the White House. He’s on the golf course.

Let me ask you liberals something. Where’s your hope and change now? How’s that bank account working out? Been to the doctor lately? And look why you voted for him. Because he’s black! He didn’t have any policies. He didn’t have any plans, but he was black and that soothed your guilt for something you had no part of. He’s not the son of slaves, he’s the son of an African. He’s the son of those who sold the slaves. Swat them bees, swat them bees, but you know it’s true! Harvard law degree, and can’t read the constitution. Couldn’t get a Pa Pa John’s pizza order through congress so he pens endless executive orders to make up for his lack of statesmanship. But, he’s black. Dr. Ben Carson is black. Vote for him!

So, you’re wringing your liberal hands because your house of cards has come tumbling down. Well, times ARE a-changing. There will be a serious conservative backlash, and as the politicians become aware of this they will cover their butts and the country will move forward. We can’t bring the four in Libya back. You can’t bring millions of dead babies back, a majority of them black. We can bring back the constitution. We can preserve the Bill of Rights. America just may save itself. Texas WILL save itself. So wring your hands, worry, but get ready for a great upheaval in your liberal lives. It’s called DECENCY! Something you lost a long time ago!


METHods Of Wat

I was disturbed last night. Two major Texas problems kept rambling around in my head, and I just could not shake them. As it always happens, when I got up and made coffee, lit a very politically incorrect cigarette, and let the juices flow, the truth became manifest, and I realized that while the two issues seemed to be distinct they were actually intertwined. Here is what I discovered . . . Now work with me here.

We got a huge immigration problem. What makes it huge is the involvement of the Cartels. You see, as long as it was just Pablo slipping over the border to pick a few oranges everything was cool. It wasn’t until the drug lords got involved with their agenda did we see the influx that we have today. What with running kids across as a diversion, and pumping dope all up and down the I-35 corridor on the way to that other country just north of us, it has really became a problem of Texas proportions!

In addition to that we have a developing issue in the Middle East. Heck, that’s nothing new, but King George II is gone and we’ve got this guy from Kenya or somewheres up there in the White House. George just jumped on ’em, while Uncle Rhemus has a slightly different approach. He subscribes to the Bruce Lee line of reasoning. The art of fighting without fighting. He’s using Ebola to get troops over there, then, before we know it, BAM, we’re right back in a war with Mohammed and the boys!

I have figured a solution to all this guaranteed to get me the Nobel Peace Prize. No, really! Save your fork, this is gonna get good! Now you have to admit that catching a Cartel member has its challenges, but heck, there are so many it’s kinda like finding a sweet fishing hole. Once you catch a big one there just seems to be no end. Texas’ only problem has been when we finally goad Eric the Wiener Holder into arresting one of his buddies he just gives ’em a new gun, health care, and sends them right back to Nuevo Laredo for the next batch. This is frustrating. He doesn’t seem to want to put them in jail.

Now, contrast this with the ISIS thing. Them boys have erased all the borders with one swipe of the Qu’ran and struck fear in the hearts of all good Muslims . . . BOTH of them! So here’s my solution. Now, we catch a meth dealer. Instead of even trying to put him in jail, cause we know that won’t work, we cut a deal. The Republic of Texas will send him to the Middle East with all the supplies he needs to set up shop, and we’ll even bankroll him to start the business. How Republican is THAT? Before we do this, however, we need to get about fifteen boys from San Antonio to prepare the ground. Now, I know these boys personally, and I can assure you if they can do business in San Antonio they’ll have no problem at all with a bunch of religious fanatics what don’t like women. We keep grabbing these Cartel fellers and shipping them over there, oh, and we really don’t have to tell Obama about this. What we do is right smack dab in the middle of the flu season we sent a bus load of school kids with runny noses to Washington on a sight seeing tour, and that’ll keep them Washington folks jumping for a while. See how that works. I’ll tell you how the Ebola thing figures in in a few.

When you have any new market you have to “salt” the ground. Give a little product away, or make it so cheap that just about everybody can afford it. So we’ve got Fernando cooking up Meth like he’s running a KFC, and we got all these sun baked religious nuts a running around with just too much time on their hands. So, you introduce them to the pipe! Now they already smoke these water contraptions so it’s pretty easy to replace them lemons and oranges they like with something a little more “interesting.” And good stuff too. “Wierd Wilbur’s Texas Best!” Pure and uncut, from our kitchen to YOU!

Once we get established it should be no problem sending a few more of them Cartel buddies of ours over there. ISIS ignores borders and Pablo and the boys don’t have NO issues with borders either. They’ve already proved that. And I know, I know, I can hear it now, “But Wilbur. Them boys over there is religious. They’d never get into Meth!” Look, if you got some fool who’ll put a stick of dynamite up his butt, light it, and stroll into a mall it won’t take much convincing to get him a sucking on a pipe, ok?

We let the Cartels know that these Muslim fellers have all that oil money and that’ll grab their interest, and as soon as we get enough of them guys over there in that desert introduced to the product we just start a raising the price. I figure in a reasonable period of time they won’t be worried about Allah so much cause they’ll be worried about that pipe! And look at the law of supply and demand. Why would the Cartel go through all that trouble to sell Meth for five dollars to some HomeBoy when they can sell it for five HUNDRED dollars to a Shiek? Pretty soon we won’t have an Islamic State, we’ll have a Cartel Combomilation! Now, lets go to the next level. In the interest of population control, we swing by the Ivory Coast, pick up a couple of them guys who REALLY have runny noses, give them a needle kit and set them to educating Ahmed and the gang on a new way to enjoy their new pastime. And them camel riding fellers may not conquer the world, but after a year or so on that pipe I’ll assure you they WILL see God!

I should run for president, no, I really should!

We’ll Take Our Star, You Can Keep The Change

I’ve said many times that Texas isn’t southern, it isn’t western, Texas is TEXAS! Being a Texan is not a fad, it’s a FACT! The Texan culture has been molded my a very unique set of circumstances that occurred nowhere else in the world. With Anglo influences, Spanish, Chinese, and God knows how many others, the Texas blend is the Mulligan stew of society. People who came to Texas quickly realized that it was an entirely new deal. While New York and Boston could separate into different groups and form ethnic clans, Texans just didn’t have that luxury. Life down here was just too hard!

The Alamo reflected this diversity very well. While John Wayne made a good Davy Crockett, where were the Chinese in that film? They were there, too, you know? And all but one Mexican, Juan Seguin, was portrayed as being in Santa Anna’s army. Americans like to say their county is a “melting pot” of different cultures, well Texas is a chili!

Texans get along because we HAVE to get along. Our only choice is do that or to be like the Nortés and God knows we don’t need that! Example, OTHER states have an opinion about our approach to gay rights. Texans don’t have a problem at all. We only have a problem with outsiders trying to tell us what our opinions should be, and how we are SUPPOSED to feel, react, or legislate. Americans try to view Texas through prejudicial glasses that long ago became fogged. I was down at the Domaine in Austin yesterday, and saw two lesbians crossing the street, on the way to a pub. My only thought was one of them was VERY cute. That’s TEXAN! I can out court any lesbian!

And this black thing. What it that? The Yankees can’t run Detroit. We run Austin just fine, and brothers and sisters, there are black people in Austin. I’ve SEEN them! The border? Ok, New York look what you’ve got for borders. More YANKEES! That and some Canadians. Oh, don’t get me started. We have four states, a country and an ocean to watch. You got Canadians? We’ve got Mexicans. WILD Mexicans. We have Cartels. We NEED Cartels to keep all you hop heads in supply! You sent us Ebola, well guess what? We ain’t got no more Ebola! You have DOCTORS spreading it all over Central Park, and a deranged nurse riding her bike all over town like, she’s got good sense. To quote an old Indian proverb, “White man CRAZY!”

And guns! Ever notice how guns are everywhere? New York has gun control. So does California. California gave us Charles Dorner, and New York, the greatest Mafia the world has ever seen. We We just say if guns are everywhere just let everyone have one. Your Homeland security buys over a billion bullets and you say we’re ou of step because we include the option of shooting BACK! You give up all your rights, buy oil from your enemies, and allow private banks to print hot checks, call it money and you say WE’RE crazy? You can’t control ISIS. We CAUGHT ours! If ISIS went to messing around with the Cartel’s trade you would see THEIR heads cut off and mounted on overpasses on the border. Hey, even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

Texas is TEXAS, Nortés are Nortés, and never the two shall meet. Why do we want to secede? We want to secede because we’ve BEEN gone. We’d just like to finalize the divorce and move on. The spirit of Texas will not allow Yankee think to infiltrate and corrupt as it has every where else in the world. Don’t think this is real. Ask yourself, why does the Texas flag fly on a different pole? Other state flags fly below the Stars and Stripes. The Lone Star look it in the eye! And that’s LONE star! We’ll take our star back. You can keep the change!

Fernando is Hiring!

America, as we knew it is gone. The original concept of our country was a great melting pot of people’s from all different lands coming here for a fresh start in a place where the old rules did not apply or hold anyone back as they fulfilled their American dream. That dream has now become a very bad LSD trip. Instead of enjoying the cultural differences that each group brings we have embarked on a campaign of suspicion and hate from which there seems to be no retreat, and no way back. No matter which side you may take on the Martin-Zimmerman incident there is one undeniable fact you must face. These two young men were caught up in a culture of hate and suspicion so great that a young man could not go to a convenience store, for whatEVER reason, and another young man was so filled with suspicion that he launched into an interaction from which there was no retreat and led to death. What should have been an offer of a ride home in the rain ended with the death of a young man who became angry when he was singled out for his attire and the color of his skin, because he, too, had been pre-programmed by the liberal left. That’s called “borrowing trouble” because when you EXPECT something to happen, any confirmation, no matter how small, will confirm those suspicions! This does not compare with Michael Brown. He was a thug. How was his death any different than what happened to John Dillinger in that alley? Oh, I’m sorry. Dillinger was white, so that changes things. I forgot the rules for a moment. That, my friends, is the brave new world that YOU allowed to be created by buying into politically correct nonsense!

No matter what you may think, or what you’ve been told, culture and environment drives our emotions and affects our decisions, not our race. “It’s a black thing!” is the mantra of black people who have long ago given up on a system that they see as a machine specifically designed to keep them down. And they are right. I will expound on this later. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fuel this mindset while they line their pockets,and voices of people like Dr John David Manning and the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani , CEO of Raging Elephants are largely ignored or ridiculed when they try to inject the truth. THAT’S what’s left of your “American Dream.”

And what do the whites do? Well, there are two flavors. One group, or collection of groups actually, would love to put all the blacks on a boat and send them all back to Africa. Well to them I say you’d better order two boats because if you don’t have a feather in your hair you aren’t from here either! The only historical difference between you and them is the cost of the ticket on the boat that brought you here and friend that is as straight as I can put it to you. Nobody came here because things were so great back in the old country. And, no matter what the blacks say, they are much better off being Americans than they would be back in the Congo! Ebola anyone?The other section of liberals would soak the blacks in enough welfare and social programs to keep them well fed and complacent enough to never challenge the liberal policies that put them there in the FIRST place. Now I ask you, who’s the racist? Here are some food stamps. Shut up and go back to the projects!

Now enter another group, and this is going to surprise you. Latinos! Now don’t start about the drug cartels because they don’t represent Latinos any more than Al Capone represented the Italian people. And look at what the Latinos do that irritates most people. They sneak into America because somewhere, someone told them about the American Dream. Most have a strong Christian background with a lot of family support. The problem is that the good Latinos are smothered by hoards of lazy, criminal malcontents that wouldn’t fit in anywhere. The good Latinos try to hold to Christian beliefs and family values. We NEED people like that! Wendy Davis just made the astounding discovery down in the valley that Mexican girls don’t kill their babies. Shucks, Ive known that for YEARS, and I don’t even have a law degree from Harvard. Imagine that! But, strong immigration policies are still needed. We need good people here, but what we do not need is a bunch of loafers who are looking for a free ride. We already HAVE those! We need people who WANT to work, pay taxes, and contribute to society. Compare that to what Liberal policies have done to the black families who have been here for four hundred years. Due to our social programs a lot of black children don’t even know who their father is and Jesus was just one more white man.

So what do we do? We can’t really send all the blacks back to Africa, and I can assure you Fernando Lopez is NOT going to willingly climb back over that fence, he’s got to be at work in the morning! What to do? We need to fix a system that hasn’t worked in years. A system designed by political correctness that makes about as much sense as electing a communist senator with no birth certificate to the White House. Wait a minute. We have one of those! When Rosa Parks took her seat on that bus so long ago she did so because she was tired because she was coming home from work! It was a simple act of civil disobedience. From that simple action flowed affirmative action, that liberal piece of work that openly admits that black people are so inferior to whites that the system has to be skewed or they can never hope to succeed. Now who’s the racist my friends? Within five years of WWII Jewish survivors had risen to the top forty-five percent of the income of Americans. One hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished the liberals are still telling us that blacks are too stupid to make it on their own without government assistance. And yet the majority of blacks will run like gazelles to the polls and vote for ANYONE with a “D” behind their name. And then call people like the Apostle Claver an “Uncle Tom!” I challenge you to ask any black teen on the street to name the book that Uncle Tom came from. (I’m not joking friends and neighbors. I’ve DONE this!)

We have to fix this. Now, I’m a Texas Nationalist. I KNOW how to fix this, and the Nortés don’t LIKE it, but outside of that, if we are stuck in Disneyland a while longer we have to at least try to show the rest of the country what WILL work, and what has NOT worked in years! People who are mentally sound and able bodied should be told that they have one year to figure it out. See, I’m a nice guy. I mean, it takes a little time to get in shape, after a lifetime of retirement. Enjoy those food stamps for now because they are going away. I can hear it now. “Oh Wilbur, those people won’t have any food.” Head’s up. I grew up in a ghetto. A MEXICAN ghetto. You’d be amazed what a motivator hunger is. To quote Richard Pryor, “If you have some money, or a pistol, you can FIND something to eat in America!”

People who need jobs should compete with all other people on an open system (with no “minimum” wage) and if they don’t get the best job then I’m so sorry. You didn’t finish school, you don’t know who your daddy is, you got kids all over town who don’t know who YOU are, and the lights just went off. Well cry me a river and I’ll plant water melons on both banks for you. Give me a BREAK! Statistics have shown that people who finish high school, have a mother and father in the home (no mommies and mommies please) and get married BEFORE they have a child, predominately succeed. And color is NOT a factor in those studies! And how do you measure success? If you can pay your bills, provide your own housing and eat, then you are a success. It’s as simple as that!

Given one year of following these simple steps and you will see a change in the American dream. It’ll be back! We whites need to understand, as Bob Dylan sang, “Times they are a changing,” and we are not the majority anymore and this is NOT South Africa! There are people who still believe in the American dream because the failure of some other system that is still fresh in their minds. And we better start swimming or we’ll sink like a stone, because…Fernando Lopez is hiring!

What We Burn In Our Crazy Minds

Gosh, I hate to talk about Ebola again because it’s so mainstream and fashionable, and I hate to be mainstream, but I’ve come up with some additional insight, so here goes nothing! People love a crisis. Mainstream news makes its bones on these events. Take any given situation, filter it through the corporate media, add a dash of advertising money, mix in a few end of the world religious nuts, and voila! Instant crisis! Ask yourself; if it was really the possible end of all history, would all those well paid commentators be sitting up there on CNN, Fox and MSNBC talking about it? Take global warming. Do you honestly think a species that is a fairly recent new arrival on the scene really change the direction of the Eco-system of an entire planet? Well, you bought that from a failed politician who tools around in his private jet. ISIS. Now there’s good one. Do you really subscribe to the media drivel that a bunch of idiots in whereEVER being capable of conquering the world with an AK-47 and a Qu’ran? Have I got a bridge for you! On SALE, too!

I think John Forgarty is a prophet. His lines in his songs ring true again and again, but one stands out for me. “What you burn in your crazy mind.” People will buy into anything. The sun will go out for three days. A comet is coming to take a select group of people to a paradise somewhere “out there.” Whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. I’ve seen it all. Now we have Ebola.

Now, I’m not saying Ebola is not a bad disease. The CLAP is bad if you’re the one who has it. But, think. If it was the end of the world, then why are those planes still landing at JFK? In West Africa the fatality rate hovers between fifty to eighty percent. Have you LOOKED at West Africa lately? West Africa is the only place that can make Mexico look GOOD! The CARTELS are cleaner than that, and yeah, yeah, call me a racist. Every time Africa gets its shorts in a knot, and someone like me points something like HYGIENE out some libtard starts screaming, “RACIST!” Look at the facts. THEIR black guy DIED in Dallas. OUR black chick LIVED!

Remember SARS? How about Swine Flu? End of the world! Nope, just some bug that came and went. When I was a kid polio was everywhere. I even had it. Where is it now? If you are diligent, clean, and just not stupid you will probably ride this thing out. Then, I guarantee you, as soon as there isn’t any more advertising dollars to be made, this crisis, too, will go on the shelf with SARS, various flus, and magic berries from South America that cure anything. I did get a kick out of all those Yankees looking down their long noses at us Texans, and then Ebola popped up in New York City. Now that was funny right there, I don’t care who you are!