Cowboys and Fairies

Utah just keeps coming up aces. I was looking for something to chew on today and lo and behold the right honorable Judge Scott Johansen of Price, Utah just handed me a daisy. He raised the concerns of The Utah Division of Child and Family services when he removed a baby from the foster care of two lesbians and placed it with a more, shall we say, normal couple. The two faggots, or rather fagesses were in a routine hearing when the judge brought the hammer down. They are part of a group now allowed to foster stemming from the SCOTUS ruling allowing rainbow flags for everyone. I told you people about Porter, didn’t I? First the Mormon prophet clarified the Church stance on this kind of thing, and now a judge has cemented that position. The lawyers up there are saying that they believe the judge’s religion views may have influenced his ruling. You think?
Nobody wants to call this what it is. Well, that’s my job. Doc Greene said I’m an equal opportunity offender so here goes. Homosexuals should not be raising kids. Why? Because their homosexual, that’s why. What kind of life is the kid going to have? Go to school and all the other kids have a normal home, and they’re the one with two mommies, or two daddies. You know, the couple no one looks at during a PTA meeting. The Mafia hit man, Ice Man, once got next to a victim in a crowded night club by dressing gay because he’d observed the previous night that no one would look directly at a gay couple dancing. Popped the guy with a needle and his death ruled a heart attack until years later with the Ice Man told about it on an HBO special. That’s how weird gays really are! And a kid is saddled with that?
Utah is a great big pool of common decency. The liberal left is so into PC that when a man stands up for that decency, and calls it what it really is they lose their minds. I’d marry a girl from Utah except for two things; I drink whiskey and smoke cigars. Of course the Gay Alliance is all over this. It remains to be seen how the judge’s ruling holds up, but please note in my humble opinion 99.99 percent of the population up there is on the judge’s side, but we’ve already seen the will of the people means absolutely nothing to the Obama administration. If he had two daughters they’d look like the foster parents. Wait, he does have two daughters, but I digress.
My former sister in law got married in Utah last night. She married a man, which was very politically incorrect, but a woman officiated so I guess it’ll pass in the whacked out world of LGBT order. There is a fight coming, and brothers and sisters, them Mormons ain’t gonna back off on this. We’re about to play cowboys and fairies. There is a lot at stake. Just like I said last week, Utah is a great prize for the gays. Remember when Wendy Davis tried to turn Texas blue? Well, the LGBT is trying to turn Utah pink. If you think that’s going to happen have I got a temple for you, and it’s on sale!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


One Little Old Lady

All it took was one little old lady standing up, and the entire gay community got its panties in a knot. Let’s just call a spade a spade, and we’re not talking about Al Sharpton here. Homosexual behavior is unnatural. Dry hole vs wet hole. (Who said that?) The average life span for gays is sixty-two years, and the leading cause of death is suicide. Now, we’ll always have gays. Some people are just weird, but a small percentage of the population cannot rule the country. I’m not saying they don’t have rights, but marriage is, well, marriage!

Ok, here’s the rub. It isn’t just the sexual divination. The gay agenda is a war on God. Hey girls, if God doesn’t exist how come you fighting so hard? If Kim Davis had said she didn’t want to sign those papers because she considers gays to be a bunch of Sodomite maggots that would have been one thing, but she invoked God’s name and that can’t be tolerated. There is an all-out frontal assault on Christianity occurring right now. It’s everywhere. Just last week I exclaimed, “JESUS!” and one of my grandsons told me, “Don’t say that bad word.” Some school teacher had told him that.

When the gays chose the marriage issue they dove for the very heart of Christian belief. They sliced right through common decency to the family, which is the core of America and told us it means nothing. They could pollute it at any time. All that good Americans hold sacred got washed down the drain of a San Francisco bath house. And most Christians turned the other cheek. The gays showed us BOTH of their cheeks and told us to kiss them!

And all it took was one little old lady to just stand up and walk into the coliseum. Same as it ever was. Jesus does things like that, and He does it to make a point. The Devil mixes truth with lies. Gays are citizens, right? So, if you believe that then you simply must believe its perfectly fine for two men to come together as man and wife, right? WRONG! When you lie with a woman there is a fair to midland chance a baby will come out of it, unless Planned Parenthood gets involved and then it becomes inventory, but when two men lie together you just get AIDS! There is nothing prolific about the gay lifestyle. Oh, I’m sure there are nice gays out there. I’m sure a Nazi SS officer gave a candy bar to a little girl at some point, but it is like having an affair with your sister. Feels good at the time, but that don’t make it right!

What you will see is now that as straight people have seen one person stand up, more and more will come forward and not try to argue details about the constitution. They will just cry, “Foul!” Gay marriage is on the books. They have crammed that up our butts, but the Christian MAJORITY will now put the gay community BACK in the bath houses where it belongs. These rump rangers will go to the back of the bus. Ain’t democracy wonderful? If this article isn’t politically incorrect for y’all, it’s early yet, and I’m on my first cup of coffee . . . .with FRENCHI!
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Little Pink Houses

Kim Davis has drawn a line down at the courthouse that once again has us all considering the ramifications of same sex marriage. I support same sex! I’ve been having the same sex for years, just not with other men. Ms. Davis came up with a solution today saying that if she simply doesn’t have to sign the marriage license then it won’t conflict with her religious beliefs. Ok, ring the bell, schools in. In America we say we try to separate church and state. For a religious person marriage is a sacrament. A license is a government document granting permission to do certain things. The very term “Marriage License” is an oxymoron, and is, in fact, unconstitutional.

Gays go on and on about their rights. They say they want tax benefits. This is not true. The militant gay groups want nothing less than to destroy society and make it conform to their twisted world view. They don’t want to just live a peaceful live and enjoy tax breaks, they want to push their agenda on every school child they can to ease their own conscience, and justify themselves. Little pink houses. Swat them bees . . . little pink bees.

The main emphasis in all this is the eventual destruction of Christianity. Christianity stands as a huge stumbling block to the gay agenda. And Christians assist in their own demise. “God, Family, and Country!” You have all heard that. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Verily, verily, I say unto thee, when your priest, Rabbi, Mormon Bishop, or medicine man leans over to sign off on that government document he has just ceded all sacramental authority to the government and the holy mantra becomes “God, Family and Country” UNLESS you get married and then it’s “Government, country, and family” ONLY if you sign it in blue ink!

Sometimes all it takes is the actions of one person to point out the insane direction this country has been drifting toward in the last few years. We all come with a moral compass, some just point south, like the Gay Alliance. North, south, your anus is south of your head . . . I digress. SCOTUS legislated from the bench when it regurgitated that ruling. The good thing is we now know how many fairies sit on that court. Yeah, I called ’em “Fairies,” I’m from Texas, deal with it.

So, here’s the solution. Do away with marriage license. Let the churches marry people, or judges who will then just document for the record that two people consider themselves to be one in whatever configuration they see fit. If Gays want to have religious ceremony start a church, something like “The Church of the Mighty Erection,” and go there and eat a nice gay wedding cake. NOBODY CARES! I don’t care about Gays. Now, I wouldn’t want one of them to marry my sister . . . wait, come to think about it one of them DID marry my sister, but I also have a semi-black great grandchild, too. It’s getting harder to be a gay-bashing, racist redneck these days, but, you try, you know.

Anyway, poor Kim sits in jail, reading her Bible, eating pot pies. Any ideas on how good she’s gonna do in the next election? I didn’t even know Kentucky HAD gays! Don’t miss her bestselling book coming out, and her possible appointment to President Trump’s cabinet. Many are chosen, but few are called. She was called, and answered. Federal Judge got to beat up a little old lady and the Gay Alliance is so proud. Please wake up people. The Republic Texas is becoming more and more a reality.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn’t drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if you wanna think things through. I never pull back but I sure change directions at times, redefine, appraise, and push on from there. As you know, I shifted my focus from Facebook to Twitter, and it wasn’t just Twitter, I began to flesh out WordPress, Google, and email contacts. Again, I did not “quit “Facebook,” I just reduced it to the gossip site it really was. I still answer friends, occasionally post, but I’m not going to work eight hours a day on something that simply does not work. That’s self abuse!

I come in several favors. Music, movies, TV, videos, articles and books. And I’m not kidding. I have quit good jobs to do these things, and if you’ll notice I’m still driving a Mercedes and live in three houses. I am a Texas Patriot, but I’m not a crazy Texas Patriot. Secession is sexy, but nullification works. Texas is the most successful state in the nation right now. Why leave what you can just buy? The rest of the country expects us to jump up and do something crazy, they WANT us to, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

All that having been said, the Texas movement has one problem. With the dozens of movements not ONE cooperates with the other.KC Massey is STILL in jail with no hope of bail as all the various groups squabble over his having smoked a joint! The in fighting between the Open Carry groups was epic. It speaks well of CJ Grisham that he held that mess together long enough to get ONE law passed, and even that was less than what was desired. There is no Congress for the Republic of Texas!

And all the conspiracy theories! I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t believe Alex Jones if he said Michael Jackson could dance! “Jade Helm is looming on the horizon, Obama has just declared martial law, just buy my water filtration system and you MAY survive!” I have seen the war against the people. I have seen my grandchildren abused by the CPS, and I know what it takes to win! It takes organization. It takes senate committee hearings where your people show up and they don’t have enough time to even hear them all. It takes people like Jim Black. It takes a TEA PARTY! That’s what it takes to win.

Donald Trump is a task master at public manipulation. He spoke for eight and one half minutes, announcing his candidacy, with only about one minute addressed Mexico and the Liberal response went off the charts! Guess the Donald must’ve struck a nerve, huh? And Rick Perry, oh don’t get me started, talking about how “offended” he was by Trump’s remarks. All them Mexicans pouring over the border for the entire TWELVE years he held office didn’t bother him a bit, now DID it? As usual Perry glommed onto a talking point. Hope he can remember his lines in his NEXT televised debate.

Hilliary is the President Designate. That’s called self promotion, folks. A great and wise philosopher, Adolf Hitler once said, “No matter how big the lie, if you keep repeating it, it will be accepted as truth!”‘ The Jews are the enemy, Hillary is the president . . . see how that works? Donald Trump is a racist, Hilliary is a woman of the people. And I’m bigger than Willie Nelson!

What I’m gonna do is double down on the facts. I’ll try to make them palatable for everyone but PEOPLE, SCOTUS just legitimized sodomy! C’mon! That’s not a conspiracy theory. You won’t believe how I’m dodging vulgarity in this article. Liberals gleaning my articles for racism while they’re waving rainbow flags. Look what the Confederate flag stood for, yeah, yeah, yeah, and look what that Rainbow flag REALLY stands for! Do you really want your kids and grand kids to accept THAT as normal? And don’t be jellyfish about it, you KNOW I’m right!

Will Trump be able to untangle the Obama mess? Not all of it. Will Hillary enhance that mess? You betcha! Will Texas Patriots continue to fight that mess? Absolutely. The only problem is when someone like Donald Trump yells, “Charge!” we can’t go off in fifty different directions because I’ll assure you the Gay, radical, illegal, left certainly will NOT!

Amazing Americans

Do you know what amazes me? What amazes me is people expecting the American government to do anything straight up. All those people in front of the Supreme Court this morning expecting the judges to stand up for American ideals, God, mom and apple pie. After they struck down everything that people traditionally believed in here come the news casters citing polls that most Americans agreed with the concepts put forth. Know what? That ruling didn’t change a thing. Sure, all the gay people can flock down and get married and get a tax credit now. Matter of fact it’s actually funny. They can file married now and give the government LESS money than they did last year.
Let me ask you a simple question. When Rosa Parks got the right to ride on the front of the bus, did she stop being black? You Christians are wringing your hands out there about gay marriage and Obama just sold out to China. Ya’ll didn’t notice that did you? Them Chinese fellers taking your land away from you is going to upset your day a hell of a lot more than a couple of guys exchanging vows down at a JP’s office. When you can’t buy a gun because you saw a doctor ten years ago when your mother died you’ll forget all ABOUT those two guys on a park bench feeding the pigeons. When they come and take your paid for house because you didn’t pay tribute two girls kissing won’t mean much. And what was the main topic of discussion this week, while the congress raped and pillaged? A flag that General Lee surrendered one hundred and fifty years ago!
Something was pointed out to me yesterday by Chip Darby. Remember the Lincoln conspiracy? Well, those guys had a plan. What would have happened if they’d gotten Lincoln, Johnson, and the speaker of the house? The CONGRESS would have to run the country. The same congress Lincoln had been dancing around for four years! Think Obama’s bad? Lincoln wouldn’t have known the constitution if it ran up and peed on his leg! The great emancipator. Give me a break! Yeah, he freed the slaves, and planned to send them all to South America! He didn’t need no stinking slaves, he just stole the whole south!
If your God doesn’t approve of gay marriage he STILL won’t approve tomorrow morning. And you gays, just as stupid as the rest. You’re dancing in the street because you just got the right to PAY the government to get married! Marriage license? With every other license I ever got I had to at least take a test. All I had to do to get a marriage license was pay twenty five dollars and find some girl stupid enough to say, “I do.” If it were a real license it would have had to be renewed. Boy! Could have used THAT a time or two in my life. Think this can of worms is empty? Ever hear the word, “Polygamy?” Heck, how about “Polygamous Gay Marriage.”
Americans amaze me. Some kid shoots up a black church and they’re debating all week about if he was racist or not. Then they turn on some flag the Dukes of Hazzard had, and tried to blame that, then they all crowd down at the courthouse cheering because two dudes can now hook up. Meanwhile the Chinese take their land, the IRS takes their money, Obama takes their guns, but they get to fornicate. Gee, wasn’t that pretty much what the masters did in the old south. Who’s the slave now? You Americans lost your country a long time ago. That’s what we Texans have been trying to tell you, but you’re too busy making fun of our accents to listen. You go over to the Middle East, stir up the Arabs, LEAVE, and then stand back in snake amazement when something like ISIS comes slithering out from under a rock. But you believe we have to go there because they have oil. WE have oil right here. The MEXICANS have oil, they just don’t work at selling it because they make too much money selling you dope!
There’s nothing new under the sun. There was this emperor in Rome. He was not a bad one, not a good one, just kind of a Jimmy Carter kind of emperor. They were just about to assassinate him (that’s how emperors retired back in them days) and he came up with a plan. He told them he was gonna build the gosh darnest football stadium they’d ever seen and everybody was gonna get to party their butts off for a hundred days. Now, even by Hollywood standards that’s quite a shindig. To top it all off he was gonna throw pizza into the stands and more wine than they could imagine, and the Romans could imagine a lot! Died in his own bed. Think things are different? Do you think the human condition has evolved? Do you really believe mankind has risen that far above Cheeta? How’s that Obama Phone working out for you?

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

If Obama Had A Daughter He’d Look Like Bruce Jenner

When I think about all the times that I tried to slip into the girl’s locker room back in high school and all I had to do was stroll into the principal’s office, and tell Mr. Patterson that deep inside I knew I was a woman! You know, sometimes I really have to reach to find something funny to say, what with all the ISIS, NSA, Obama, and what, but every now and then something just runs up and jumps out at me. Two words, Bruce Jenner! Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. You know, as a recovering redneck, I used to get mad about people like Bruce, but then I realized that it’s a little like getting mad at a circus clown. I watched him, she, it, I don’t know, do that interview with that lady, and she’s sitting there like she has good sense, nodding her head while he explains how he really feels. You remember when I told you about “Town Fairy?” Well, brothers and sisters, that’s Town FAIRY!

I have a serious question; If Bruce was really a girl inside, shouldn’t he give back all those medals he won? I mean, he was in the wrong category, right? So I’m sitting out on my porch yesterday, scanning the headlines, grieving for the NSA, and the lead story pops up. Now, you know me, girl, legs, nice hair, yeah, but it was BRUCE! That beautiful woman was just a beautiful man! And he’s like sixty-five years old or such. THAT’S the part that really gets me. Frenchi barely looks that good, and she’s just out of diapers! I don’t know what he’s been eating, but it seems to have been filled with a lot of vitamins. . . ooops, bad choice of words, but you get my point.

Now, all the trans-gender crowd is rallying to Bruce’s call. I guess they’re a new minority, or something like that. God, I miss the good old days when minorities were just a different color and they were all plain out boys and girls. Muhammad Ali changed his religion, but he didn’t show up to fight Frasier in a skirt! Now that would’ve been trick! “I just want all ya’ll to know that all these years I’ve known deep in my heart that I’m a woman. . . OH GOD! I BROKE a NAIL!” But, do you want to know the problem? Whenever you get one of these Looney Tunes after all the debate and laughter dies down these people get RIGHTS! That’s right, RIGHTS! Then they turn militant. Then you get a new list of words that you can’t use anymore, then Obama says, “If I had a son, he would look like them.” Wait, he does have two daughters. . . but they don’t look like Bruce Jenner. Hey, off topic for a minute, Obama’s daughters are a heck of a lot prettier than Clinton’s kid! But, Bruce is cuter than Michelle. Wow! Did I ever digress!

I guess I’m too old school for all this. Back in the day the girls wore dresses, guys wore jeans, and things worked out ok, I guess. Actually, I think Jenner is a publicity hound, myself. Who was president back when he won all that stuff? There weren’t any cell phones, internet, or Starbucks. I don’t know. Anyway, he found a way to get to the head of the line in the Mainstream Media, and I’m tired of ISIS beheadings anyway. Still got the image of Ali in a dress boxing Frasier stuck in my head. I need more coffee.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Natalie and Me

Natalie and Me
by Wilbur

Had a most lively debate last night with a friend of mine, Natalie. I met Natalie some years ago and we have maintained contact even while I was in California. Natalie is a dyed-in-wool liberal Texas democrat! And I’m not kidding, folks. If she could, she would get in a time machine so she could go back just to vote for LBJ! She is also a vet with not one but two tours of Iraq under her pretty little belt, a degree and fills in as a substitute teacher. She has two wonderful children, her eldest, who is going to be a lawyer, I’m sure, and the baby, who crawls around the floor and runs the house. Her husband, Stan is a gun enthusiast who will buy you all the beer you can hold just to visit and talk with you.

Natalie and I don’t agree on anything! If Obama announced tomorrow that we all should eat crap for breakfast she would fire up the stove and break out the corn meal! Oh, I forgot to tell you that she is an excellent cook, and if she fried that crap I’d probably eat it. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t believe Obama if he told me he was black. She is pro-choice, pro-welfare, and anything else on the democratic agenda. She is very passionate about what she believes in and if, like I do, you know how to push her buttons, you can elicit a very spicy discussion out of her at any given moment.

Back when I was in high school, just after the civil war, the term “liberal” had a completely different connotation than it does today. Simply put, as my civics teacher, Mr. Cole told us, a liberal is simply a person who is willing to try new things. Back then I don’t know why we even HAD a republican party in Texas, save that I suppose SOMEONE had to appear on the other side of the ballot so as to make it all look fair. Mr. Cole said that the republicans represented big business and it was the job of democrats to keep them in check. And, besides that, republicans were all Yankees, and we knew what kind of people THEY were! We came out of Mr. Cole’s class wearing our liberal democrat cowboy hats with pride. When I eventually voted I just stepped behind the curtain and voted a straight democratic ticket, and I didn’t care WHO was on that ballot, I would have voted for Hitler if he’d have run for Land Commissioner!

And that system remained in place until Bill Clements became governor. After that it teeter-tottered between parties with short democratic rallies under Mark White and Ann Richards until Jr. Bush took office waiting for pop to vacate the White House, and the Republican party has pretty much held firm ever since. We currently have Rick Perry in there, but he’s a RINO (republican in name only) so I don’t know if he counts or not. He is an elephant that eats republican grass and craps donkey stools. But I digress.

Even though I was appalled at our first republican governor, when the state didn’t fold the first year I relaxed some. I actually began to READ the ballot, and it took me more than thirty seconds to vote after that. As I ventured into business I began to listen to what the candidates said, and slowly but surely I began to swing over to the red side of the booth more and more until I was a one hundred percent republican. I received training under my son, Master Chief Wilbur William Witt III, USN who fine tuned me on the political ideals of the party, but long before that, Natalie was growing up in southeast Texas becoming a chrome plated liberal democrat exactly as I once was. Nat and I crossed paths in 2010 and a fiery relationship was born.

The way America is supposed to work is simple. You have two opposing factions sitting on each side of the isle. They don’t totally agree on anything. The democrats want to give freebies away to their huge voting block and the republicans see themselves as the old guard protecting the conservative interests of what they perceive as the foundation of capitalism. To the democrats republicans look like old grandfathers with huge handlebar mustaches and to the republicans the democrats look like a bunch of pot smoking hippies. And you have to get these guys and gals under one roof and at least TRY to run the country. Nothing ever comes out perfect, case in point the recent budget deal. The democrats would have Obamacare permanently funded until Christ comes back and the republicans would opt to shut down the entire country until we were all selling apples on some street corner. Somehow, they met in the middle and got a deal. This is called “compromise.” The democrats were fairly pleased as were most republicans, save a few folks like Ted Cruz, who slipped off in a corner licking their respective wounds vowing to fight another day.

But, this is what makes it work, folks. And we all have to put up with the spin coming out of both factions, but use a little common sense. Here’s where Natalie and I disagree. She would have free abortions for every single woman who partied too much last night and woke up wearing someone else’s shirt. I would prefer life in prison for anyone who even THOUGHT about doing such a thing and the middle of the road is not easy to find. But we must find it. Throw in the fact that I am a Texas Nationalist because while not having given up on the idea of America I firmly believe that idea has been transplanted to Austin. Natalie went to Iraq and fought for my right to think that way and she is a flag waving federalist. I’m always aware of that when I debate her, and I’m always aware of perceptions. Do you realize that in 1776 the liberals all rallied under George Washington and the conservatives rushed to the crown wondering what was in their three cornered minds? Perceptions!

Natalie and I will find common ground. And what will come out of our debates will be well worth reading. There’s still a little Texan in this girl. I took a swipe at her last night that no one watching picked up on. I told her she should stop acting like a “Yankee” and I’m glad it was an online debate and she was not in the room with me. Talk about the “N” word, use the “Y” word on a Texas girl and see where that gets you! If you’ve ever read any of my books you know I’m infatuated with intelligent, strong women. I’m very infatuated with Natalie. The ghost of Daniel Webster is said to make its appearance now and again and asks, “How stands the country?” Natalie stands with her gay, lesbian, straight, black, white, drunk or sober friends, waves the flag that SHE paid for and replies, “Strong, sir! The nation is strong!” Did I forget to tell you she’s a good shot too?


The Wrath of a Judge

The Wrath of a Judge
by Wilbur Witt

The case of the eighteen year old girl in Florida accused of lewd conduct with a minor is not unusual, nor is the young lady being singled out for her same sex activity. Facts of the case are simple. These two hooked up when both were minors, continuing their romantic activity after the older girl became an adult. The parents of the younger girl, after expressing their discontent over the liaison, went to the authorities and filed charges. Now, at this point all the red flags start flying, and the whole gay thing comes to the front, but that wasn’t the entire issue.

The judge, in a commendable act of common sense, agreed to conditions and stipulations pertaining to this unique circumstance. The elder girl was to be released on bail, waiting to be placed on probation with the express order from the judge NOT to contact the minor any more! Now I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but if a district judge tells me to go crap in the hall I’ll swing by the restroom to pick up a roll of toilette paper and head for the hall. This over-sexed little Hottie (and she is hot folks) just couldn’t keep her estrogen down to a manageable level, sending thousands of text messages to the minor, including what I understand to be some very nice pictures.

The good news is she looks sexy even in orange, the bad news is that knot between her eyes where the judge threw the book at her isn’t nearly as becoming. Florida has many persecutions of heterosexual relationships involving adult-minor affairs so get away from the gay rights thing. As a matter of fact if this girl had been given special consideration because of her sexual orientation there should have been a host of appeals, and law suits coming from people doing time for a heterosexual situation. The law was applied evenly, DON’T SCREW LITTLE KIDS!

Her crime was ignoring the direct order of a district judge. Total disrespect for authority. This chick is gonna do time. Yes, her life is ruined. No, she’ll never be a doctor. Yes, she’ll be a registered sex offender. That’s what happens when you figuratively spit in a district judge’s face. To yield to real authority is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of common sense, and respect. I was once arrested for talking back! Me AND my lawyer, the late, great Joe Barron, were BOTH arrested IN court because he showed up wearing a motorcycle jacket and Dingo boots. (Hey, it’s Texas, ok?) You live and learn, and little Miss “I Can’t Control My Hormones” is just about to learn a very valuable life lesson. Hope she looks that good when she gets out. What the hell, I’ll probably be dead by then.


Moving Beyond DOMA

No matter what we may think a person’s private life is just that, private! As long as it’s between consenting adults, and harms no one, what happens in the bedroom is the business of the participants,mand I don’t care if it’s male-female, male-male, female-female, or Elder Smith and his four favorite wives, it is not the business of the government!

The natural order will dictate that most unions will be traditional, but having laws that demand parameters around sexual conduct will fail because when the lights go out you can’t read a law book. Little Johnny and Suzie will always meet in grade school and fall in love, but we cannot exclude those whom we simply do not agree with. Thinking about a homosexual union may disturb you but watching a heterosexual union disturbs me unless I’m the one doing the unifying.

Now that the Supreme Court has blazed the way to sanity perhaps we can concentrate on more pressing issues like privacy in our phone calls, being able to see a doctor and not invading countries because they pray to a different God.