Knock Knock


“Knock Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“The Police.”

“Police who?”

“The Police who’re gonna light your ass up if you don’t open this door right now!”

No knock home invasions are just about the stupidest procedure that has ever been devised by man. Combine that with relying on a tip from some meth head, and you have the perfect storm. A call comes into the TIPS line. So and so has some grass and he’s thinking about selling it. Before I go on let me tell you about the town in question. Killeen, Texas. Ok, where do I begin? I grew up there. People in Killeen think the world must be flat because when people leave town they never come back. It’s been called the “City without limits,” but that didn’t really strike home until the city council extended said limits almost to Austin! Everything north of Rancier, and west of W. S. Young is a crack house. I crappith thee not! If you wanna get robbed just take a stroll down tenth street about one A. M. with gold teeth in your mouth. About the only thing you can say about Killeen that is different is that you can get anything you want to eat there. American, Mexican, small dogs, tourists, you name it. You can buy dope easier in Killeen than you can an Apple Computer. The town sits like a tumor on Fort Hood, sucking the life out of each soldier’s payday. Is there anything I missed? Recently took an award for being the best town to marry a hooker! Hey, you can’t make this stuff up.

Practically every single dope head in town is some kind of “informant,” thereby assuring spare change for a “rock,” and a form of immunity, so they ring up the line regularly. Forget that crap about “snitches,” they’re all snitches. So, back to the original story line. Tip comes in, the cars roll up, and the hood fills up with law. Doors get kicked in, homeboys go to jail, become snitches, and get out in two weeks with “time served.” So, what’s the legal implications when a bunch of cops kick in a door, surprise the occupants therein, and an officer gets killed? Why, you charge the shooter with capital murder! Oh, did I mention the Bell County Justice Department? Yeah! You know, the same clowns who arrested C. J. Grisham for not breaking the law. Impeding an officer during the consumption of a donut, or something like that. During said raid no dope was found. Officer got killed. Didn’t affect the movement of one gram of dope in Killeen.

Back to the “knock knock” joke. What’s wrong with calling out with one of them bull horns something like, “We have a search warrant. This is the Police?” “Oh, Wilbur, that’ll take away the advantage of surprise.” Oh, so it’s better to go charging in, with no knowledge of what’s inside, scaring the pee pee out of everyone, and getting an officer killed, right? The sad thing is that in spite of its bastard nature, Killeen has a fairly good police force, and to get an officer killed like this is a crime against humanity. There is something fundamentally wrong with no knock searches. The fourth amendment protects us against unreasonable searches, and not being told that a search warrant has been issued, and crashing through someone’s front door is unreasonable.

Police work is hard enough without this. When just walking up to a traffic stop can get you killed an officer does not need to be put in danger like this. It’s not the cops, folks, it’s the system. Wanna get really pissed off? Let’s just say the raid went off as planned. The cops entered the apartment found a joint, arrested the guy, and off to Bell County he goes. Then, he gets a deal, snitches, and walks out. First off, what did the joint hurt? Second, why are we paying these people in the Justice Center? Knock knock? Who’s there? An officer who deserves a chance to go home to his family.



A woman was executed in Georgia last night. Now, my views on the death penalty are going to surprise some of you. First off, I believe in justice. By justice, I mean clear cut, no doubt, and clear. As they used to say in the old west, up front so you know who, and close enough so you know why. The modern practice of execution has neither of these. Back in those days when a judge brought the gavel down you had maybe thirty days, if they didn’t hang you right then, and there was no complicated appeals process to gum up the works. Some cowboy who killed a little girl was hauled out to a tree, if he survived the posse, and strung up while the whole town looked on. People brought their kids so they could see what happens to bad people. That’s called a “deterrent.”

Last night’s execution didn’t deter anything. An old lady died of an overdose of drugs while crying and singing, “Amazing Grace.” She made a mistake. One choice in her life led her to that gurney. She lived with that choice for twenty years, in a small cell, hating life. I’m all for criminals getting what’s coming to them, but there is a vast difference between shooting a robber in a 7/11, and killing someone who’s crime was somewhere in the last century. If you are religious, then maybe there is “Amazing Grace” and her murdered husband was waiting for her on the other side. If you do not believe, then darkness fell, and she knew after her death exactly what she knew before she was conceived . . . nothing!

And there are those who’ll go on and on about the “expense” of maintaining convicts. It’s so much more expedient to just kill them than to feed and house them for a number of years. Ok students, we have prisons full of bad people. People much worse than the lady who died last night, and we feed them! Until you reform the criminal justice system, and stop jailing people for being addicted to drugs, prostituting themselves, or just plain being an eyesore, you are going to have prisons full of people. Saving the state the cost of a plate of bacon and eggs this morning did not balance the Georgia budget.

Then there’s the deterrent factor. What did it deter? A few witnesses and some guards? Do you really think there’s a house wife somewhere in Atlanta this morning thinking, “Gee, I was going to kill my husband today, but I’m going to rethink that because if I get caught they might execute me in 2035?” Consider Jody Arias. Now there’s a bitch! I crappith thee not! Pretty as a picture. I’ve seen her photos. Hey, she’s over twenty-one, sit down and shut up! Anyway, look what she did. Big, strapping Mormon boy, running naked down a hallway while she filleted him with a butcher knife, then cut his throat and popped a round into him. Drags him back to the shower, drives down the street and has a three piece KFC lunch. Did I say, “Bitch?”

After much ado, and cleavage, Jody got life. And I do mean life. When she is very old and very sick, the last thing she’s going to see is grey walls, guards, and lesbians. Welcome to hell. Not worried about the old eye liner now, are we? That’s JUSTICE! With all the government pork and spending, Jody’s pot pie is not going to break the bank, but it is going to break Jody! She’s not waiting to be dead, she is dead! She is a vain, self-centered, conniving little wench, and now she amounts to nothing.
Finally, let me ask you a question. Do you really trust the government that much? And it’s not just that, it’s lawyers. How many DNA results do you have to see before you realize these are the same people who foul up your property taxes, water bill, schools, highways, and whiskey? The same people who can’t understand any of the bill of rights are making life and death decisions, and it still takes them twenty years to do that! I have an idea. If someone gets the death penalty, and later DNA proves the case was totally contrived, how about taking the DA and putting him on death row? I mean, he conspired to commit murder, used state funds to do it, and had no remorse. Maybe he’ll get a letter from the Pope, who knows.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Justifiable Homicide

When you destroy someone’s life, and take all their hopes and dreams there are consequences and you must realize that they may something you do not expect. So it was yesterday when a mother welcomed a CPS worker to the infernal regions. Of course the cover story all the touch points, “selfless worker,” “mother of two,” “everyone is shocked.” They weren’t shocked when little Alex Hill died, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS “Coach” had a romp in the hay with a fourteen year old girl, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS Director fell in love with a nine year old girl . . . NOW WERE THEY?

My stripes have never changed. I watched the “department” take the most creative, beautiful person I’ve ever known, and reduce her life to ashes. I hate the CPS with every fiber of my being, and I commend that woman for a most excellent shot. Am I being too vague here? I once told Jim Black that it amazed me no one had taken matters into their own hands so far. Ted, another friend, who has worked as a contracting psychologist for the CPS told me the guilt trip heaped on parents causes them to feel as it somehow THEY did something wrong, and failed their children. That and when even asking a question can get you labeled as having anger issues you dare not tell them you might have issues with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children, because, of course, “It’s all about the children!”

Defense of family is instinct. To protect your young is ingrained in every mother. Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even monkeys do that. Could it be that under common law the termination of the CPS worker is justifiable homicide? “Termination.” Y’all like that? That’s what Planned Parenthood does to the unborn. CPS! Now you’ve tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh?

I connected the dots using the Texas Law of Parties trying to make CPS workers accountable for the death of a child that they had placed into Foster care. My reasoning was if I could roll one body out after execution it might level the playing field and the CPS just might realize there was a bit more at stake here than their budget. Well, we HAVE our body! Wonder if the cops drew a silhouette around her with that little caulk they carry? I’m so insensitive. That poor women had children who will never see her again. Wait, that was her job, wasn’t it. Making sure children never see mommy again, but I digress.

All the human misery, crushed lives, perverted justice from perverted judges and broken families just got boiled down to one well place shot on a summer day. Oh, the police will say it’s the worse crime they ever saw, case workers will sling snot, and if Obama had a white daughter she’d look just like HER. (I’m enjoying this too much!) Wanna know the downside? CPS still has the little girl. They will make sure that precious child will pay for this, and if you don’t believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE . . . in Vermont!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Let’s Hear it for Social Workers

Mary I want to thank you for your words of wisdom today. BTW, did you know that I’m a writer? Every day I feed many blogs, radio shows, London papers, periodicals in Texas and elsewhere, and sometimes I have to look for something to write about. Welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame.

You admit there are some bad people in social work circles. Let me ask you something. How many dead children are too many? I submit that one may be one too many. When I see a two year old girl get her brains bashed out on a fireplace, or a 13 year old girl raped in a Holiday Inn, I said “a” no, MANY girls raped, so many I thought CPS got a RATE from Holiday Inn, anyway when I see things like that I tend to take exception. And then I see the “social worker,” or CPS case worker reciting the time honored mantra, “I vas only following ordehs! Ze family iss ze enimi!” And there’s always someone, like you, who wants to be a part of the Child Procurement Services who comes out in defense of this unholy union, of course with appropriate obscenities, That puts you on one side of the line, and me on the other.

And all you can say is, “Mistakes will be made!” Are American families THAT bad? I don’t fight for my daughter in law. She was a woman of means. I fight for Maria Sanchez in the valley who lost her child because of a beer can. I fight for the old couple driving through Texas who lost their grand children because of a chigger bite. And there’s always some “social worker” in the mix who thinks they know how to run some family’s business better than they do!

Back in the ’60s Lyndon Johnson came up with the Great Society. He funneled basically illiterate people through college. Now, these people couldn’t measure up to real course loads so then we got affirmative action, and they all got degrees in the humanities which qualifies them quite well to work the window in a Taco Bell. (Politically incorrect enough for you, Mary?) But, do they serve that noble cause? Why heck NO! They decide they’d be better suited Psychoanalyzing some mother who forgot to tie her child’s shoes before sending him off to school. So, the child is removed, and given to a pedophile. Gosh, how do such people get into the system? Do the math. Google it. What is the prevalence of pedophilia among foster parents and school teachers. Heck, let’s include lawyers. Four years to get a degree, three more in law school, cross the bar…”What do you want to do with your career?” “Why, I want to work on a government salary with molested little girls!” If you caught me hanging out with molested teen girls you’d assume I was a child molester…and you’d be RIGHT!

Then you ignore the constitution, grant immunity, and turn these animals loose among the unsuspecting public, and when a child dies you retreat to, “I wasn’t involved at that tiiiiiiime.” I had a friend who was a doctor of psychology. A real one, not some worker with three weeks training from CPS. In his career he did MMPIs on murders, rapists and kidnappers incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections. Later, he was hired as a contractor by CPS. As luck would have it he did the same tests on selected case workers. Perfect match! The exact same Narcissistic predatory personality to a “T.”

Did you know case workers are not sworn in family court? Did you know that in one case in California,,the CPS went through great expense and time to remove an abusive father from the home. The man had been dead for three years! Ruh Roh! My own granddaughter was in a diabetic coma for three days because a case worker played doctor, indeed, over ruling the chief pediatrician at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. Her next case was to remove my grandson from his medication causing him to have twenty-five seizures in one day, one while taking a brain scan. When confronted with the print out from the hospital she swore she had never seen it. (We stole it from her brief case while she was in the potty!)

How do you get information from the CPS? Well, you can’t do it through the courts. Family Court judges live on CPS “product.” No, you can’t do that. You just find out which case workers do crack and which ones do meth and all good things will come. Ugly enough for you? I did a story based on a fact sheet given to me by Jim Black. It numbered the amount of children who died while under CPS care. Think Sandy Hook was bad. Imagine five classrooms full of children, all laid out in the hallway, covered with sheets! Hitler would be spinning in his grave if he had one.

And you defended this, Mary. You defended it. I have seen homosexuals fill out menu cards choosing an eight year old boy and get the boy. And racist. You want to see racism? White blue-eyed children come at a higher price than black or Latino children. And don’t even try to tell me federal bounties are not paid and bonuses not given. There are far smarter people than me reading this.

And my little comment about punishment for criminals within this system? Let me give you an example. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that me, Doc Greene, and Johnny Johnson decide to rob us a bank. I’m driving, Doc is doing the robbing, and Johnny’s waiting at the airport with his plane to fly us out of the country…California, or some place like that. Well, a teller gets rowdy and ol’ Doc shoots him. When we’re caught who do you think goes to the gurney? I don’t know how things work up there in Hill Billy heaven, but down here we have a little thing called the law of parties. We ALL take the ride, and while other states are doing away with the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane. Case worker removes a child because daddy drinks beer. Oh, and he’s a white Christian, and that never helps. Kids goes to foster care. Case worker overlooks the fact that foster daddy had to leave Florida because he “liked” the little girls. To make a long story short you can’t have sex with a seven year old. It KILLS them. Of course, the foster dad gets to go to death row. What about the case worker? Wasn’t she keeping the car warm while the bank was being robbed? The needle goes in the left arm, I believe, and being “Po-Dunk” we never seem to get it right, but the results all turn out the same.

So, you get your degree. You go to work, all for the good of the children, but know this: we’re out there, Mary, and we’re not going away. Some of us have already paid the price and you can’t intimidate us. We’ve long since given up our souls in the fight to end this abomination. Now, Mary, you’ve tasted my mutton. How do you like it, huh?

This is my Surprised Face

This Is My Surprised Face

The trial of Pistorius was a farce. How in the world can you shoot a girl through a bathroom door and not call it murder? First off, if there WAS an intruder in the house, hiding in the bathroom, and you’ve got a gun, wouldn’t said “intruder” be contained? Second, why didn’t Pistorious call her name out? Wonder how much the judge was paid for THAT verdict!

You don’t shoot unidentified targets. Gosh, that’s so simple. I had an idiot at my house just last night, ranting and raving from the STREET! He was going to kill me, he had two guns, yada, yada, yada. If he had been in my BATHROOM! Oh, don’t get me started. Oscar Pistoious’ main problem is he’s a bitch, ok? How he ever got in bed with a super model is beyond me. I’m a cripple too so I’m very excited and hunting for one myself. This guy’s defense was he screams like a woman. Am I the only one who’s laughing about this. And the only thing the judge saw that he did wrong was firing a gun in the city limits? What’s rape in South Africa? Assault with a friendly weapon?

I wish Texas had judges like that. I would have saved a ton on divorces. And, of course, when challenged on her stupidity, her supporters claim it’s all because she’s a black woman. Give me a freaking break! That’s not playing the race card, that’s a full hand of blackjack, please excuse the pun. So, the next time I decide to pop a cap in someone I’ll just cry, puke, and scream like a woman and walk right out of the courtroom, right? Excuse me. I have to look for a super model. Good day.

This Is Getting Old

This Is Getting Old

transitive verb
1 : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another

This thing about kids shooting up schools is getting old! Certainly people have a right to self defense, especially in this day and age when liberal psychiatry has unleashed a hoard of nuts on LSD shooting anything that moves and then theirselves. Second amendment or no second amendment, this has to stop. Social responsibility is important. Look at the Webster’s definition above. Traditional readings of the second amendment take the word infringement to be a carte blanch license to wave a gun around at Target but observe the phrase, “…in a way that violates law…” The constitution gives you the right to own a gun. The LAW says that certain conditions apply. States have a right to regulate the lawful bearing of firearms within their borders under law. The sheriff of Dodge City had a right to collect the pistols from cowboys on their way to the saloon.

Let’s start with beginnings. I was talking with my friend, Natalie, yesterday and she’s as Liberal Democrat as they come. Gay marriage, shuttles on the border and a baby in every pot. As we messaged each other I began to look online at pictures of active shooters, alive and dead. I noticed one common factor. They LOOKED NUTS! That idiot that shot up the theater for instance. Who in their right mind would sell a gun to Ronald McDonald? And that basket case that shot up Sandy Hook. The whole town knew he was two bubbles short of plumb. I would have shot him AND his mother on general principle. The law should be simple: The moment someone takes ONE psychotropic pill guns should never be allowed in their house again EVER! If Adam Lanza’s mother needed protection she should have chained him up in the front room at night. Oh, and while I’m on that subject, for all the conspiracy nuts out there that think Obama set up a false flag at Sandy Hook because no pictures of any bodies came forth, sit down and shut up! Parading images of twenty mutilated little bodies for CNN would not be very smart with the parents making funeral arrangements. The withholding of those pictures was an act of common decency.

I digress. What I’m driving at is the problem here is not guns it’s people! You have to keep guns out of the hands of social rejects. All men are created equal but when you are taking drugs that warp your sense of reality and paint yourself up like Bozo the clown you just lost your right to do anything but draw pictures on construction paper with very dull crayons. The law should be written so that when someone like Lanza’s mother puts a gun within reach of something like him she should get life in prison and he should be institutionalized until Jesus comes back!

If an active shooter should somehow live to smile for the camera he should get a fair and speedy trial, and then a fair and speedy execution. They like guns so much do it like the Chinese do it. One shot in the back of the head in the middle of a football field. There! That’s your fifteen minutes of fame!

Gun confiscation is not the answer. I’m not giving up my gun when the Liberal Democrats are filling the streets with circus clowns. I don’t count on police protection. They shoot so bad it takes fifteen of them to kill one guy. I’ll protect myself, thank you very much. But self defense is the natural right of all living creatures. I rarely go into public places and NEVER go to movies any more. Oh, I know, I know, it’s my right to enjoy a movie. Yeah, right. Sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and get shot in the back of the head because some ass clown couldn’t get laid. I’ll keep Netflix. When I do go to a cafewith is very,very rare, I sit with my back to the wall and if, by some quirk of fate I don’t have my gun I always have a steak knife. I sit near the rest rooms and I check out every other person. This is the world we live in. And this is never going to get better, folks. I’d love to tell you that Obama is going to fix this with one stroke of his mighty pen, but he can’t even properly fake a birth certificate so don’t even go there. The standard has been set. You all love the Hunger Games, Mad Maxx and movies about smart mouth out of control kids. HELLO!! It will take fifty years for this to turn around because that’s how long it takes a generation to die off. This generation of children is largely lost due to new “innovative” methods of child rearing, CPS guidelines and just plain stupid parents. We, you and I, will not live to see America back to any form of normal, but maybe we can set the wheels in motion so in a hundred years or so the nation may be livable again.

I hope that generation will remember the lessons we’ve learned. As old fashioned as it may sound good Christian values make order. We need to rid America do all non Judea-Christian religions. We need to stand behind marriage in the traditional form. We need to vet candidates so that we never get the Obamanation we have right now. Nixon couldn’t even lie once, Clinton had a girl friend, and a fat one at that, and they were crucified. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and pissed on his leg. I can’t WAIT for his kids to grow up. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. I think Obama should be impeached and sentenced to twenty years…in Detroit!

Yep, this is getting old and I’m too damn old to put up with it. There was a story I read where someone said they saw the ghost of Daniel Webster, and he asked, “How stands the country?” The answer now? I don’t know. Which country? We can’t seem to find it any more.

We Must Protect Our Schools

This Has Got To Stop!
by Wilbur Witt

Please watch this news clip from ABC News:

This is a familiar story. A school, an AK-47, and a nut. This time a very brave woman, Ms Tuff (I think the name is appropriate, don’t you) saved the situation and the lives of up to eight hundred children. This pattern is becoming dominant, almost scripted, where some idiot, whom everybody knows is an idiot, acquires a gun and storms off into a school to kill babies. They do this because they’ve seen it play out in the mass media so many times. They have images of “glory” in their fruitcake minds, and they’re not so much interested in shooting as they are in the cameras they know will surely come afterward.

Forget about gun control. If these people couldn’t get a gun then they will get a knife, a bomb, a sledge hammer, anything! Forget about mental health. When you put this vermin on pyschitrophic drugs they just go crazier. No, we have to find another solution, a “final” solution. Let’s agree on some principles. One, there are people in the world that are totally useless, indeed, less than useless because not only do they use oxygen that other people need they actually endanger decent people by the very act of using said oxygen. Two, these idiots have “rights.” When they paint themselves up like Geronimo, masturbate, and take off to Brigham Young Elementary they have the same rights as Bishop Franklin down at Ward 5 of the local church. I think a little common sense is needed here.

Most people with mental illness never hurt anyone. A depressed person traditionally withdraws into a world of lonely sadness, and psychotherapy with proper medication tries to bring the, back to happy times. The people I’m referring to are Narcissistic individuals bent on killing your children if need be to get on the nightly news. They are completely absorbed in the fifteen minutes of fame sub-culture that has grown exponentially in the last fifty years. The opposite, normal reaction to the glare of the lights is the man who saved the three girls in Ohio and then wouldn’t even take a free hamburger.

Something has to be done to convince these personalities that the end game of their actions is not glory but inglorious death! It should be that when a SWAT team rushes in the primary goal is to execute the shooter with or without his hands in the air and absolutely NO questions ever asked of the police officer that dispatches him. Are you shocked? Take a look at what an AK-47 will do to a five year old little girl. Such a gun uses a 7.62/39 bullet. It is designed to penetrate and destroy. I was cleaning my SKS which uses the same cartridge some time ago on my porch when it went off. Now, I always point my gun away or up, but the bullet went through the ceiling, tore a two by four support beam in half, and blew two shingles off the roof. Do you really want to worry about the civil rights of a man who fires such a weapon at a school child, because if you do then you need psychotropic therapy!

It won’t cure things all at once. These people are stupid, but in a while it will become clear to them that the best way to commit suicide is to storm off in a school with a gun. Also, with these animals prowling the streets we need to face the grim reality of “gun free” zones. When you have a gun free zone that means the active shooter has the only guns and the children and their teachers are the proverbial fish in the barrel. If you don’t want teachers to have a gun then at least consider this. Any police department if any size, and folks I’m including Florence, Texas in this model, has at least one officer they can spare for school duty. What’s more important, keeping our children safe, or giving tickets. Schools are becoming more secure, and entrance is almost always obtained by going through the office to gain access to the hallways. The officer could have a desk right there, near the rear so as to obscure him and yet give him full view of anyone coming into the area who just happens to be carrying a machine gun! And when the shooter appears just kill the bastard. Don’t yell, “Stop,” don’t worry about his mental state, just shoot him in the head and then remove the body quickly so as not to upset the children. And don’t use a school crossing guard for this duty either. Use a seasoned police officer, a member or a SWAT team would be perfect because this duty is most important. And if anyone says this is cost prohibitive THEY have lost THEIR mind! They just put a cost on children’s lives.

My method is harsh, I’ll give you that. But something must be done to let these degenerates know that the only thing that awaits them down at the school house is the flash of a muzzle, not a camera. I’d like to conclude this article with a piece of poetry I hold to, and remember, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin. And if you don’t think the mass media lure is a factor, without looking on the net, see if you can recall the name of the Sandy Hook shooter . . .then name a child that died that day, just one.

Grand pappy told my Pappy, “Back in my day, son
When a man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree
Round up all of them bad boys hang em RIGHT in the street
For all the people to see!”


Death by Stupid

by Wilbur Witt

As we wait for the ultimate fate of Jody Arias I have mulled over a range of circumstances and possible outcomes to the saga that has dominated the media for months. My opinions have fluctuated from distain to outright attraction, but I have settled on some opinions. These opinions have been formed by Miss Arias’ actions, but have been salted by the actions of the contributing parties as well. One of the lovely things about being sixty two years old is you can voice opinions that are not necessarily mainstream.

First let’s examine the crime itself. We all know the scenario, twenty seven stab wounds, cut throat, two shots to the head, horrific to be sure, but put it on a scale. Is it worse than a drone attack on a terrorist that also kills a three year old child who just happens to be in the same building at the same time? How about the college student a few days ago who was shot accidentally by the same officer who was trying to save her? A few years ago I lived in the same neighborhood with a general in the army. it came to light that he had employed a certain method during the first Gulf War to dispatch a number of Iraqi regulars that was, well to be honest, a bit unorthodox. Seems he used one column of tanks to route them, and employed another group to run over them. When CNN showed up he summed his action up in one sentence. “I’m sorry to be the first one to tell you this, but there’s just no nice way to kill people!”

Ask yourself, would Jodi’s crime have been better if she had just shot Travis between the eyes with one shot? Would he be any less dead? To be sure, most women, so motivated would have done just that. Women, by nature are not into knife wielding violence. A small caliber pistol provides a more “lady like” tool for a woman than a butcher knife, Lizzy Borden aside. We move into the realm of mediating circumstances. What made Jodi employ that knife rather than a .25 semi automatic pistol? What forces made an artistic party girl suddenly try to cut her boyfriend’s head off? A person with no criminal record, never violent toward any boyfriend, a person who accommodated all of Travis’ “needs?”

I listened to her final plea to the jury yesterday. I learned about her childhood. Like my own, she didn’t have much, but she put a value on her relationship with her family. My father was a roofer. He drank beer. He loved a TV show called “The Guns of Will Sonnet.” We lived in the projects. He would raise hell if we couldn’t get that show on for him on Friday nights, and I hated that. Kinda wish I could watch it with dad one more time.

I looked at the nude photos of Jodi. Frankly, with all this hub bub I expected to see a drop dead gorgeous woman. What I saw was a girl who’s legs were a bit too big, saggy, with a goofy face. I saw a girl who most likely drifted from boyfriend to boy friend whom upon becoming tired of her simply faded away. She had accepted that role all,of her life.

Travis Alexander was the fulfillment of a dream for Jodi. He had good looks, he was a businessman, he was religious, had a house, he had it all. He took trips to far away lands. Unfortunately for Jodi, he was also an asshole. I understand the feelings of his siblings. The relationship between brother and sister, or brother and brother is never the same as the one between a man and his sexual partners. Travis Alexander, in Jodi Arias, had found the perfect sexual toy to vent his desires upon. I listened to his voice on the famous phone call last night. Two things struck me. One, he wasn’t very good at phone sex and two he was a classic Narcisstic personality. He spent a large amount of time descibing his sexual exploits as Jodi giggled, and spurred him on. And Jodi, chasing the dream, would submit to any suggestions he might have in the faint hope that finally she would live the dream. She would,,at last, grab the ring!

He wanted to be done with her, ok. She’d had that before. She stalked him, ok. Her dream was fading away like cotton candy in her mouth. She showed up on his doorstep hoping for just one more shot. In spite of all the testimony about how he thought she was stalking him, Travis Alexander opened the door now ask yourself, why did he do that? She gave it her all, just look at the pictures, and that final day Travis said, “Not good enough. Next!” Then, he had the nerve to march into the shower and parade around while she took pictures. I was particularly taken by the one shot where he stares right into the camera with that movie star look. Then he turned his back on a woman scorned. Death by stupid!

Did Travis deserve to die, certainly not. There are lots of manipulative men in the world who live to a ripe old age, usually a lonely old age filled with gifts like ED. Was Jodi right in what she did, absolutely not. People get rejected all the time. If she had been thinking she should have rose early that morning, keyed his car while he slept, and slipped off. When Travis Alexander told her that she would not be going to Mexico with him after she submitted to all of his wants and fantasies, and then gave her a show in the shower Jodi Arias reached the end of her rope. I’ve read about how he was afraid of her. I’ve read about how he was avoiding her. He thought so little of her feelings, and according to him he understood she was obsessed, that he turned his back on her! He should have never let her in the door in the first place! Jodi Arias didn’t just kill Travis Alexander, she killed every man who ever used her. She killed her LIFE!

Should Jodi die? She already has. Choking her to death on some gurney years from now after most people have forgotten who she was will not serve justice. Jodi died that morning when Travis told her she would not be going to Mexico. She died of a broke heart, and took Travis with her. In a way she got what she was seeking. She and Travis will be forever linked in eternity. In her rage that afternoon she sealed their union in blood.

Should she spend her life in prison. Yes. Jodi didn’t kill twenty school children. She acted in a fit of jealous rage. Her best choice is prison. You may be amazed at what comes out of her if she gets life. She’s clever, manipulative, and artistic. Believe it or not people settle down in a life in prison, and as she tells her story to her “cellies” those women there will understand her motivations. They will understand them far better than any psychologist, or wannabe prosecutor in “Somewhere,” Arizona! And hopefully, someday,,this tortured soul will find peace.

Gentlemen, never take a woman’s feelings lightly. Never think that just because she’s submissive that she is in concert with you. Handle their hearts with care. Women are not the weaker sex. They give BIRTH! Unfortunately, for people like Travis Alexander, they can also give death.