Alex Hill’s Grave

IMG_3836There is a grave in Texas. It is the grave of a little girl, and it’s being desecrated. Alex Hill’s grave. The struggle with the CPS (Child Protective Services) has been a long and rocky road. My involvement began with my daughter in law, Jackie. I won’t relate the details here because stories of abuse by the department are amazingly similar, and frankly, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I entered the fight as a fire brand, and associated myself with Jim Black of Angel Eyes Over Texas. Jim is a consummate negotiator with his eye on real results. I am more of a “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” kinda guy. That is a ruse, the truth is deeper than that.

When Doc Greene jerked me off that porch, and thrust me into Texas politics I was retired. I knew about as much about politics as my dog, Cleo. Oh, by the way, brown lives with white paws matter. I digress. Either by design, or dumb luck, Jim and I began to “Mutt and Jeff” the CPS. While he made endless trips to courts, and senate sub-committees I was constantly giving the illusion of trying to dump the pellets into the gas chambers that I hoped were loaded with CPS case workers. But something was happening below the surface.

When you associate with people like Tom and Kathy Glass, Crystal Lee Laramore, Doc Greene, and Ted you learn. To be honest, not all CPS workers are monsters. There are some who lay flowers on Alex Hill’s grave, and fight behind the scenes to make the department do the job it was meant to do, protect the defenseless. Slowly, the landscape began to change, and while not perfect, the Protective Services we face today is vastly different from the one that knocked on my door seven years ago.

When I did the article, “Amy” I found it distasteful. In came off like a Hollywood gossip column, and reminded me of my own battle with CPS. Old memories came back, and Jackie’s ghost sat beside me. She wrote a song, “Empty Chairs,” but the chairs aren’t empty, folks. They’re filled with dark, and painful memories. The only problem with Amy’s story is it’s not totally true. I said in the article, and in a video that I know little or nothing about Amy’s “case.” While this is true, I most certainly know about her mindset because I was exposed to it for five days.

While I hide behind the mask of “A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin” I’m far from that. I have become an investigative journalist with people digging facts for me to put into my articles. Ninety percent of these facts you will never see. But there’s something more. The actions of people like Amy discredit the work of people like Jim, disrespects the tears of the mothers who have lost their child, and to be honest, desecrates little Alex’s grave! For all of the flamboyance, Amy hasn’t changed one comma in the CPS code book.

Let’s be honest. While most people view CPS with a jaundiced eye, when you see the cops roll up, and the children come out on the way to the white van, there is just a little, “What did they DO?” in the back of your mind. The CPS IS the legal authority, charged with protecting children, so when you see it you know these people would probably not go through this heart tearing move without some reason. We, in the resistance, have had to overcome the stigma of being a bunch of child abusing nuts, and it’s been an uphill run all the way. Then, along comes an “Amy” and becomes the poster child for the entire movement. Put another flower on Alex’s grave.

There is a type of personality that will develop scenarios, backed up with mountains of “evidence” that seems to have some validity, but if you dig just a little you will find the truth. One lie. That’s all it takes is one lie, and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Now, I’m not going to slander. I won’t cite endless examples. Remember I told you about that ninety percent I never write about? The personality here does not have an eye on a goal, only on themselves, and that’s what it’s all about. The difference? Jackie threw herSELF under the white CPS bus to save her children.


Do not subscribe to these people. When you see a mountain of “evidence” ask yourself what that mountain is trying to cover? The struggle to reform CPS is ongoing, with good people on both sides. The fact is, we NEED to protect the defenseless. If we can ignore the Narcissistic actions of some people then perhaps little Alex may rest in peace.



When I began my present career as a writer, as you may, or may not know, I was involved with fighting the CPS (Child Protective Services.) I knew very little about the department. Originally, I’d been a temporary foster home for children in transition, indeed, had been paid by the department for services rendered. As luck would have it my daughter in law became involved with CPS, and as a good “dad” I took up her cause. I’ve told you before that I’m allowed to be wrong twice a year, and brothers and sisters, Jackie was one of those times. The end product was I was divorced, my ex adopted the grandkids, and Jackie split to parts unknown.
While still stinging from my butt whipping I began to write for Angel Eyes Over Texas about CPS, and turned out some fairly good stuff. Basically, I was astounded by the lack of professionalism, and the complete ignorance of the Bill of Rights. I came up with several ideas during this time which floated up during the Sunset Commission, but I began to think that there was no hope. Children were dying, children were being lost, money was misappropriated, and all of this had nothing to do with Jackie. As her lifestyle drifted back to us, as a family, we began to see the true Jackie, and on both sides of the fence, all were glad that she was no longer part of the children’s lives.
My ex remarried, and began to raise the babies in Utah and Killeen. The reason for this was her new husband, Joe, was suffering from Agent Orange and had to constantly travel between Salt Lake and Austin to get treatment. He lost his battle in April of 2015, but not before he formally adopted all the children, and bestowed on them all of his benefits earned from his service to our country, and that service was beyond belief. Three bronze stars and a silver one, Purple Heart, the ol’ Sarge served his last mission and took the hill, leaving his “buddies” set for life.
My ex settled in Utah to raise the children. All was well, except for one little detail. Lying, greedy relations who saw gold in them thar hills, and when my ex had a heart attack, these vultures rose to the occasion, not to help, but to steal! The ex had three heart surgeries, none of which worked, and had to come back to Texas where there are real doctors to get fixed, which she did. A Utah CPS case had been filed on her while she was under the knife, and she drove herself, and the children to safety while bleeding.
Enter one Nacole Wyche! The Utah case followed down to Texas and Ms. Wyche was assigned the case. She’d met the kids before. She had a double degree, one in psychology, and most of all, she was from Killeen! Naturally, while pulling all the knives out of our backs, we were a bit rattled when she showed up. I’ll make a long story short. Nacole Wyche was the epitome of public servant. She was fair, caring, intelligent, and truly loved children. She cut right to the core, and while I won’t tell you details, I will say that maybe, just maybe, we’ve all turned a corner. Previous to this I’d been exposed to case workers who couldn’t even communicate in the English Language. Not Ms. Wyche! This woman should be a writer! In conclusion, I’d like to say, if the “department” is gaining people like Nacole, we just may be blessed!

Nacole: via @TeaPartyTribune

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Justifiable Homicide

When you destroy someone’s life, and take all their hopes and dreams there are consequences and you must realize that they may something you do not expect. So it was yesterday when a mother welcomed a CPS worker to the infernal regions. Of course the cover story all the touch points, “selfless worker,” “mother of two,” “everyone is shocked.” They weren’t shocked when little Alex Hill died, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS “Coach” had a romp in the hay with a fourteen year old girl, now were they? They weren’t shocked when a CPS Director fell in love with a nine year old girl . . . NOW WERE THEY?

My stripes have never changed. I watched the “department” take the most creative, beautiful person I’ve ever known, and reduce her life to ashes. I hate the CPS with every fiber of my being, and I commend that woman for a most excellent shot. Am I being too vague here? I once told Jim Black that it amazed me no one had taken matters into their own hands so far. Ted, another friend, who has worked as a contracting psychologist for the CPS told me the guilt trip heaped on parents causes them to feel as it somehow THEY did something wrong, and failed their children. That and when even asking a question can get you labeled as having anger issues you dare not tell them you might have issues with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children, because, of course, “It’s all about the children!”

Defense of family is instinct. To protect your young is ingrained in every mother. Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even monkeys do that. Could it be that under common law the termination of the CPS worker is justifiable homicide? “Termination.” Y’all like that? That’s what Planned Parenthood does to the unborn. CPS! Now you’ve tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh?

I connected the dots using the Texas Law of Parties trying to make CPS workers accountable for the death of a child that they had placed into Foster care. My reasoning was if I could roll one body out after execution it might level the playing field and the CPS just might realize there was a bit more at stake here than their budget. Well, we HAVE our body! Wonder if the cops drew a silhouette around her with that little caulk they carry? I’m so insensitive. That poor women had children who will never see her again. Wait, that was her job, wasn’t it. Making sure children never see mommy again, but I digress.

All the human misery, crushed lives, perverted justice from perverted judges and broken families just got boiled down to one well place shot on a summer day. Oh, the police will say it’s the worse crime they ever saw, case workers will sling snot, and if Obama had a white daughter she’d look just like HER. (I’m enjoying this too much!) Wanna know the downside? CPS still has the little girl. They will make sure that precious child will pay for this, and if you don’t believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE . . . in Vermont!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

19 Kids and Counting

Now and then I come upon a subject that even I find hard to approach. Two words; Duggar Family! Like everyone else I scanned across the news items about the molestation that allegedly occurred years ago. Y’all like that word, “allegedly?” I’m getting sophisticated and I use words like that. Like I’ve been “allegedly” married six times. Anyway, back in the day it seems the older brother, Josh, went and touched SOMEbody’s poody poo. In fact, I understand he touched FIVE poody poos on selected occasions.

I NEVER watched 19 Kids and Counting for a number of reasons. First off, it’s a reality show. People, reality shows are NOT reality, ok? They are scripted, choreographed television productions with millions of dollars poured in to give the illusion of reality, and if you believe they are spontaneous real situations have I got a duck call for YOU! Also, THIS reality show was dumb. Yeah, I just said that. Common sense tells me when all the women crowd around a TV set to watch anything men should NOT get involved. I know little to nothing about the through lines of the show, but I suspect it revolved around a house full of kids somewhere in Arkansas, and frankly I had to Google that before penning this article.

Anyway, this Josh fellow touched his sisters and three other girls around about the time he was fourteen or so. Let’s see, Arkansas, fourteen year old boy, house full of girls . . . Wow! Never saw THAT coming. So I suppose it all came out over the supper table and the dad, “Jim Bob” and wifee dragged the little prick down to the Baptist church to be rebaptized. Must’ve worked because he apparently restrained his sex life to a dirty magazine and a paper towel after that, eventually getting married (I guess)’to some chick who was as whacked out as he was, and they commenced working on THEIR 19 and counting.

Now that I’ve beat up this white trash I’d like to point out that they are not good examples of southern white trashery. Jim Bob (couldn’t he have found a better name?) was a real estate broker, a state representative and I know NOTHING about his significant other, but I just imagine she was made from the same plastic that every other woman around the country is who hooks up with a guy like that. Also, you don’t negotiate yourself into a contract with a major production company in Hollywood at a tractor pull! They were just like Bill and Hillary. Well, maybe not that trashy.

The show centered around serving dinner, walking down the street, and talking about their faith, and I’m quite sure when Josh fell all over his sister that night he was rummaging through her room trying to find his misplaced Bible. You must ask yourself, if the incident was so far back, and the kid was a juvenile, what’s the problem? Well, there are several, actually. Please remember we are in a politically correct, liberal society. First, regardless of the incestuous nature of the liaison, it WAS between a boy and a girl. VERY politically incorrect. Josh should have slipped into sissy’s room to borrow a blouse for an upcoming date. Next, there were so MANY kids and not one decent abortion in the house. I’m frankly surprised that CPS and Planned Parenthood didn’t file a class action law suit. Can you just imagine? A woman with no other talent in the world other than making babies. What happened to her potential? And finally, they were Christian! Shut the FRONT door! This event would have been so much easier to solve, had they been Muslim. Just drag those two little fluzzies out in the Arkansas woods and bash their brains out with a brick. Teach THEM to sleep in their beds with panties and a t-shirt!

The Duggars FIXED the problem. Billy Joe Jim Bob took his son to the preacher. He didn’t condone the action, and he most certainly didn’t act like Sons of Guns Will Hayden, who introduced his twelve year old daughter to his own version of a “smoking gun,” he took the kid, got him some help, and frankly, the boy came through it. Liberals hate that, especially when Jesus gets all involved and they have to look at that “first stone” stuff. But these same well rounded people will tell their kids that Bruce Gender is a “hero.” No one went to jail. Little girls still love their brother. CPS, APS, DPS, and ASPCA didn’t get involved, denying some REAL pedophile access to those two little ladies, family remained intact, and it didn’t cost you a cent! Talk about a win-win. I’m an old Texas reptile-bait, and even I like it! I’d probably watch the show now ‘cept for one little problem. TLC pulled it!

That’s right! When a little too much reality came into their “reality” show, TLC did what all communist, gay, Muslim loving, main stream, politically correct lie factories do, they turned tail and ran! They had a chance to address an issue of importance, with some apparently real people, and they dropped the ball worse than Tony Dorset on a Sunday afternoon. And the story is good! The solution is real, and it worked, it just didn’t fit into the Obamanation.

The Duggars had a message for us all, but we’ll never see it because it is Christian, heterosexual, American family. As a family they addressed an issue, which, I might add, did not fester for years, the kid was ashamed, but not MADE ashamed for being a human being, and the family healed. People like the Duggars are special, and they’re not a dying breed, I mean, my GOD! They have 19 kids at a time. Sorry for Party Rocking!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn’t drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if you wanna think things through. I never pull back but I sure change directions at times, redefine, appraise, and push on from there. As you know, I shifted my focus from Facebook to Twitter, and it wasn’t just Twitter, I began to flesh out WordPress, Google, and email contacts. Again, I did not “quit “Facebook,” I just reduced it to the gossip site it really was. I still answer friends, occasionally post, but I’m not going to work eight hours a day on something that simply does not work. That’s self abuse!

I come in several favors. Music, movies, TV, videos, articles and books. And I’m not kidding. I have quit good jobs to do these things, and if you’ll notice I’m still driving a Mercedes and live in three houses. I am a Texas Patriot, but I’m not a crazy Texas Patriot. Secession is sexy, but nullification works. Texas is the most successful state in the nation right now. Why leave what you can just buy? The rest of the country expects us to jump up and do something crazy, they WANT us to, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

All that having been said, the Texas movement has one problem. With the dozens of movements not ONE cooperates with the other.KC Massey is STILL in jail with no hope of bail as all the various groups squabble over his having smoked a joint! The in fighting between the Open Carry groups was epic. It speaks well of CJ Grisham that he held that mess together long enough to get ONE law passed, and even that was less than what was desired. There is no Congress for the Republic of Texas!

And all the conspiracy theories! I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t believe Alex Jones if he said Michael Jackson could dance! “Jade Helm is looming on the horizon, Obama has just declared martial law, just buy my water filtration system and you MAY survive!” I have seen the war against the people. I have seen my grandchildren abused by the CPS, and I know what it takes to win! It takes organization. It takes senate committee hearings where your people show up and they don’t have enough time to even hear them all. It takes people like Jim Black. It takes a TEA PARTY! That’s what it takes to win.

Donald Trump is a task master at public manipulation. He spoke for eight and one half minutes, announcing his candidacy, with only about one minute addressed Mexico and the Liberal response went off the charts! Guess the Donald must’ve struck a nerve, huh? And Rick Perry, oh don’t get me started, talking about how “offended” he was by Trump’s remarks. All them Mexicans pouring over the border for the entire TWELVE years he held office didn’t bother him a bit, now DID it? As usual Perry glommed onto a talking point. Hope he can remember his lines in his NEXT televised debate.

Hilliary is the President Designate. That’s called self promotion, folks. A great and wise philosopher, Adolf Hitler once said, “No matter how big the lie, if you keep repeating it, it will be accepted as truth!”‘ The Jews are the enemy, Hillary is the president . . . see how that works? Donald Trump is a racist, Hilliary is a woman of the people. And I’m bigger than Willie Nelson!

What I’m gonna do is double down on the facts. I’ll try to make them palatable for everyone but PEOPLE, SCOTUS just legitimized sodomy! C’mon! That’s not a conspiracy theory. You won’t believe how I’m dodging vulgarity in this article. Liberals gleaning my articles for racism while they’re waving rainbow flags. Look what the Confederate flag stood for, yeah, yeah, yeah, and look what that Rainbow flag REALLY stands for! Do you really want your kids and grand kids to accept THAT as normal? And don’t be jellyfish about it, you KNOW I’m right!

Will Trump be able to untangle the Obama mess? Not all of it. Will Hillary enhance that mess? You betcha! Will Texas Patriots continue to fight that mess? Absolutely. The only problem is when someone like Donald Trump yells, “Charge!” we can’t go off in fifty different directions because I’ll assure you the Gay, radical, illegal, left certainly will NOT!

Stand Up

Let’s guys be frank. You ladies can be Francine. We Texans look like a bunch of tin foil whackos to most of the country. No, we really do. I think a little perspective is required here. Now I’m going to say some things that some of you won’t agree with, but let me ask you a question. Do you really want a free and independent Texas, or are we just gonna just have one big beer party, and sit behind our keyboards and bitch? That having been asked, I’m probably the biggest keyboard bitcher of all, so that’s really the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, I’ve got excuses, grand kids, my legs, money, weather, gasoline, I’ve got it all, but to be honest I’d have to stand on my mother’ shoulders to kiss someone like Micha Cambo’s ass, I’ll be honest, so don’t take my words personally. We’ve all fallen short of the glory.

There is a growing percentage of Texans who would rather NOT have that American flag flying above the Capitol. Not because we don’t have reverence for what it stands, oh, my bad, STOOD for, but because we’d just like to get up in the morning with freedom of speech, ALL our wages in our pockets, our self defense in tact, and our daughters and grand daughters NOT being raped by some CPS caseworker. Wouldn’t it be loverly? And our opposition is profound. Just last night I put up a picture on Facebook. My group of rowdy friends had a field day with it. It showed CJ Grisham, standing in the Capitol Rotunda, grinning like a fox in a hen house, and behind and to his left was the most sour-faced school ma’arm I’ve ever seen in my life! Hey, I crappith thee not, this was one pissed off, ugly bitch, and I’m being conservative here. She was a member of a group called “Mothers For Gun Sense In America.” Do you remember Miss Hathaway on the Beverly Hillbillies? Well, she looked like that, but Nancy Culp was an actress. She was PAID to look like that! This woman was all upset because she didn’t get to usurp the constitution of the United States. Her organization puts up endless stories on the Internet about some nine year old shooting some five year old with daddy’s gun that was left out on the kitchen table, and their answer to the problem is to leave us all defenseless before every criminal who ever smoked a meth pipe. Never mind the kitchen knives, rat poison, medications, and keys left in the car that happens ever year with tragic results, GUNS are the problem. Now, being nieve is forgivable for a woman, but nieve AND ugly I cannot abide.

All that having been said, this idiot has one thing on most of us. She showed UP! She, and a contingent of like minded old bats lined up, and gave a long, pre-written monolog to the senators, with a blank left to insert their name, in the hope of stopping the Open Carry legislation that was wearing out horses approaching the floor, and if not for the Herculean efforts of CJ, and others like him we would have lost the right to carry a POCKET KNIFE. I’d have to stand on my mother’s shoulders to kiss HIS ass, too, by the way.

What CJ has done is invaded the sacred domain of the State House. He threw open the windows and let fresh air blow in, and the mindless, liberal droning was overcome by the rushing winds of liberty. Liberals don’t like that. They want men marrying men, women marrying women, dogs marrying cats, and a dead baby in every dumpster. They want Mikey Cyrus twerking with some girly-man right in front of your little girl, but will expel her from school if she says out loud that she doesn’t like President Obama. They want to provide that same little girl with a free abortion without your knowledge, and then talking her into a same sex relationship, and forget about God . . . Allah is the one true god, and Obama, I mean Mohammed is his profit, er, prophet! THIS is what we’re up against! Well, I don’t buy into this crap. MY grandchildren were in a flag drawing contest, came home to eat AMERICAN hot dogs, and watch “American Sniper,” last Friday, and cheered every single time a Muslim bit the sand!

The liberals only defense is to make us look like a bunch of tin foil wearing right wing nuts. By attacking everything real Americans hold sacred. they construct a norm. Flag waving, Bible believing Americans are ridiculed, while turban wearing pedophiles are held up as pillars of society, Hitler once said that if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one, and if you repeat it enough it will become “truth!” You want to see those “truths” in action? Well dig this! The constitution is not valid when held up against Sharia Law, and must be supplanted in those cases involving Muslims. Criminals invading our country are really undocumented immigrants, and must be afforded the same rights as citizens. Homosexual relationships are healthy, and churches must bless them no matter what their basic tenants of faith are, and executive orders pre-empt Congress in all matters if the Congress, i.e. the PEOPLE should disagree with the philosophy of the White House, and you know I’m not making this up!

When people start talking about outlandish theories of Reptilians invading the population, supposed military training exercises setting us up for martial law, and the President’s wife being a man our credibility goes right down the drain. Then the snipers in Waco open fire and the grim light of reality shines to the glee of the Liberals who are the nemesis of everything holy, everything decent, everything AMERICAN! Well, we won THIS battle, but there are many more to come. The police do not need to be disarmed, they need to be equalized. We can no longer afford a class that is hands above the citizens simply because they are armed and shout louder than the rest of us. Surprisingly this will not affect good cops. An armed citizenry doesn’t bother an honest man at all, it worries bullies!

BE active. BE there when “Miss Hathaway shows up. BE there when some CPS worker wrenches a screaming baby from a mothers arms. BE Texas! Don’t be afraid. If you don’t believe in secession then stand up for that American flag, but by GOD stand UP for it! My son, Master Chief Wilbur William Witt III has stood up for that flag EIGHT times. Don’t be politically correct. Correctness is what WE say it is, not some homosexual comedian out in LA. God is who WE say He is, not some camel jockey who likes to kiss little boys, and America is what WE say it is, not some guy who won his last election simply because his skin was darker than his opponent’s! Always remember, there are more of US than there are or THEM. And NSA, now you’ve tasted my mutton . . . how do you like it, huh?

#mothersgunsense #opencarry #consitution

Love & Logic

I am reading a book loaned to me by a school councilor. “Parenting with Love & Logic,” by Foster Cline & Jim Fay, which you can find at:

My grandson, Nick, six years old, has a bit of an aggression problem. His twin, Chris, is a “negotiator,” but little Chris takes a more “direct” approach. When the lady sent the book home the first thing I thought was, “Yeah, RIGHT!” Here’s one more bi-sexual liberal Democrat trying to tell me to let the kids run everything, and if they get out of control, well, they have a pill for that! Well, in a word, I was wrong. I’m allowed to be wrong twice a year.

The basic premise of the book is to let kids work out their own problems whenever possible. Now, that doesn’t mean to allow them to play soccer in the freeway, but it demonstrates that when a child encounters an issue the parent should not micro-manage or rescue them every time, so long as the situation doesn’t endanger life and limb. The more I read the book, the more absorbed I became. The authors actually suggested, when dealing with a child that has entered that stage of talking back, to let other kids handle it. When a five year old sasses a six year old, and gets his nose rubbed into the grass it just might be a good thing. I thought, “Whoa! Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. These Yankees might be onto something!”

Another section dealt with coats. Instead to telling children to wear a certain coat, simply mention to them that it is cold today and let THEM make the choice, and live with the result. Good, sound logic, but therein lays the problem. I’m going to have a meeting with the councilor and explain some facts of life to her. There is another element involved here, and we all know what that is. The CPS!

I’ve got a busy body neighbor, two busy body teachers, and a busy body principal in my kid’s lives. And let me tell you, brothers and sisters, they’re open for business! Let’s just take the coat idea for instance. Puck gets up with her usual attitude, which is always two bubbles short of plumb before her morning chocolate, and I do as the book says, casually mentioning only in passing that it is cold today. Depending upon which side her toast is buttered on that morning, Puck may, or may not choose to wear a coat, and most likely will not. So she parades down to the old bus stop with her, “Let It Go” T-Shirt and goes off to school. CPS call, NEGLECT! Here’s comes Miss WhomEVER from the department, and we all have to bend over for a full cavity search!

THIS is the issue we all have to address! The micro-managing of families by an ever intrusive government has got to stop! We have been investigated thirty-eight times in the last two years, all charges “ruled out” and the show goes on. Just yesterday, Puck decided to change her shoes at school, not liking the new ones we’d purchased, donning an old pair that she found more comfortable and there were questions coming down from the school because she didn’t have shoe strings on the older pair. People, this was a major discussion involving certified Professionals with college degrees! Now, we’re paying these people, folks. If they were just hanging out doing this nonsense it would be bad enough, but we give them MONEY for these shenanigans! I have to sell books to make a living. All they have to do with their time is look at an eight year old’s FEET! I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here?

All that having been said, the book is a good, sound book. I believe if thinking people, such as these two authors get involved then we can get all these ponies back in the corral. I would love to meet the writers and tell them, “Loved your book, agree with every word, unfortunately the CPS says you are recklessly endangering the children on Texas, and frankly they’re wondering if you have children of your own!”

Playing Doctor

Well, I was blessed by a visit from the CPS this week. That’s where I’ve been, by the way, for all those of you with inquiring minds who thought I had died. That was Spock that died, I’m fine. Anyway, one of the twins took a swing at the other twin and the school went into full NSA overdrive. Rather than taking the five year old to the clinic the teacher secreted the kid in some remote portion of the school house and called the CPS. We were hit at two-thirty in the morning, I Crappith thee NOT!

“Ding Dong,” the doorbell went and since we never answer the door at that time of the morning, I simply waited until the patrol car pulled away and called the police station whereupon I was informed that the caller was a “well check” requested by the CPS. (This is my surprised face!) Naturally, the whole house was up by that time, and having had many precious encounters with the department before, the kids were riled up pretty good.

Now, for the novice out there let me explain how this works. First off public schools are revolving doors for CPS “product.” Teachers pick a child they want, wait for a scratch, or bruise, and call the ever vigilant hot line to place their order, I mean report an injury. There is no such thing as a common sense factor in this. If said child bumped his butt on the school slide and got a bruise, full investigation up to and including drug testing of parents, and questions about pedophilia. In this case I was alone at the house the next evening when they showed up. Kinda like I planned this, huh? Actually I had an evil scheme . You see, the last time we went through this they sent this hot little blonde out ALONE, so, you see? Well, this time let’s just say it was NOT a hot little blonde, and she brought Evander Holyfield with her! Curses! Foiled again!

I was polite and broke all my own rules letting the man and woman right in. I can say they were honest about the issue. Slight bruise on a twin’s chin, and the other twin had confessed. You’d think the whole thing would end right there. Au Contraire. Five kids, five WHITE kids with blue eyes, all eight and under, that’s a lot of money on the table there. We had to take pictures, LOTS of pictures. Fortunately everything was in order. I was expecting a young lady so the house was perfect.

I’ll never get used to how untrained CPS workers are. They show up at a house, after dark, to possibly take children away from the family, get invited in by an old man who looks like Brigham Young, and just sit down like they’ve got good sense. For those of you who follow my tweets you know this was the night I was treating a sore throat with Jim Beam, and, of course I’m Packing. God bless the second amendment! So, for those of you who don’t like people defending themselves I will let you know that we all had a nice chat, shook hands, and the two workers left without any holes in them.

Oh, I’m sorry, the investigation? As I write this the assailed twin is at the clinic. Seems the “bruise” was a shadow caused by the mumps. Yeah, remember those? When the teacher by passed the REGISTERED NURSE in the clinic this entire comedy of errors commenced from a case of mumps! Oh, it’ll drag out. Like I said, that’s a lot of money on the table. Speaking of money let’s see what this cluster screw cost YOU Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. Hmmmm, fully staffed, twenty-four seven call center in Austin, at Austin rates, one investigator, one guy with the investigator, car, gas, cell phone, police officer, secretary and appropriate staff down at the office to type all this up. The full physicals and psyche evals of five children you didn’t pay for, WE paid for that, because when we get into one of these things we like to use LICENSED doctors NOT on the take from the CPS. Oh, and we footed the bill for the health department coming out and giving the house a clean bill of health, and the thirty five dollars for the fire department to tap all the fire extinguishers with that little rubber hammer they have. All because some school ma’arm decided to stop teaching reading, writing, and rithmatic, and chose to play Doctor! Hey, maybe I can get that teacher to come out, I mean, she likes to play doctor so much.

American Pie

Watched the movie “Apollo 13” yesterday. I’ve always been an “Astro-nut.” When I was a kid I sent for publicity packages from NASA. I got big manila envelopes filled with publications and eight by ten glossies of the astronauts. There were pictures of the earth from space, which was a big deal. If you grew up in the fifties with brown and green globes in classrooms, the image of the “big blue marble” was, well, revolutionary.

So, as I was saying, I was watching the movie, and right toward the end something occurred to me. As the men in the space capsule were trying to maneuver back to earth, not sure if the heat shield had been damaged by the explosion which aborted the mission, the entire country was on point. All eyes were glued to the news. America was one! There wasn’t any talk on TV about the government messing up, or lying to us, or terrorist possibilities concerning what had happened. All that was on the table was those three guys were our heroes! The best of the best. Three men reaching for the stars.

Then I began to wonder, what would have happened if that mentality had stuck? How would Vietnam turned out if the entire country had been behind our effort, right or wrong. What if that rag-tag army over there had watched news broadcasts of thousands of people standing behind the president and let them know in no uncertain terms that AMERICA was going to be there until the job is done? What would have been the result if after 9/11 we had jumped on Afghanistan and not got off until we HAD Bin Laden? Then, just tore up the country, and left after letting them know, one more terrorist attack and we’ll be back! We don’t CARE about your religion! Chew on a rock. And, I know there are some in other counties who say that would be American imperialism, but brothers and sisters, when you’re trying to make a point nothing beats a good ol’ number five butt whipping!

The reason these things didn’t happen was the government we trusted from WWII turned into a big, lie machine. The American people are not fools. They protest for a while, and then, when they get no results, they turn away. We all know the government is now by the banks, of the corporate interests, and for the foreign investors. I appreciate nations climbing out of the rubble of the last world war, becoming self sufficient, and all that, but the very idea of the Japanese building better cars than we do makes me want to puke! And I’m two-faced, too. I own a German built Mercedes because I KNOW the People’s Republic of Detroit simply cannot build a suitable car anymore.

Now, where is all this going. Well, that’s what the Republic of Texas is all about. It’s not just the succession deal. It’s all about bringing back America. We aren’t a bunch of psychos running around in tin foil hats. Well, most of us aren’t. The jury is still out on the Libertarian Party. We are people who are doing what the Yankees have forgotten HOW to do. We have crazy ideas. Ideas like half dollars with the image of Sam Houston on one side, and the Capitol in Austin on the other, made from SILVER! We think a man’s income is his money and no government should lay claim to any part of it until he voluntarily spends it, and then that money is used where he was TOLD it would be. We believe a man’s home IS his castle and if he abuses his wife and kids you call the police, NOT the CPS! We believe that people should be able to worship God in any way they want UNTIL they start preaching violence because then they have just crossed that line between church and state. Then they are no longer a religion, but a political party. We understand that when you write a constitution, with short, direct sentences, in simple English, and yes that’s ENGLISH, you don’t amend it to death just because it doesn’t fit your agenda. We know that we won’t have to have a constitutional convention. We’ll just use the American one. They’re not doing anything with it at the time. We believe that serving in Congress is an HONOR, not a profession, and we want men and women in the state house who don’t UNDERSTAND lobbyists! And oh, by the way, being in congress shouldn’t pay that much. You go to Austin, vote on this or that AFTER asking your constituents how they feel, then go home, back to work and live under the laws that YOU passed! We believe that government is like a bad dog that guards the yard, but when it bites one of the kids you take it to the pound. No government should ever be secure. TEXAS is TEXAS. The government just needs to pave roads, put out fires, serve and protect, and bus kids to school. Government is a raincoat. Don’t let the raincoat wear YOU!

This list could go on and on, but I think you get the message by now. Some of you think it’s unreasonable to imagine such a place, but I have to ask, “Why not?” Why do you want to give your money to a foreign government just so they can hire more people to come down here and rob you a little bit more? That’s what America has become, you know. The American government’s lips are clamped so tightly on the Texas Tit, that if we ever pulled them off riots would break out from New York to L. A. They would literally starve! And I don’t want to hear any crap out of a bunch of Nortés about how powerful America is, and how crazy Texans are. DUDE! Your MONEY isn’t even real. Get it right! And, if you will note, when NASA was largely removed from Houston we had to start hitch hiking into space . . .with the RUSSIANS!

After seeing that movie yesterday I realized America, the America I was born in, was essentially gone. I actually grieved. But then I realized something. It wasn’t really gone, it just moved to Austin.

Oh, one more thing. One of my buddies on RER says I’m his favorite comedian. I haven’t been very funny here, but have you heard the one about the two Rabbis coming into an Austin bar leading an alligator by a leash?

The Fairy Princess

Last night I was sitting in my beautiful, paneled living room having a libation, and eating a tuna fish sandwich. By and by I was driven into a contemplative mood when a voice called unto me. And the the voice was holy, and powerful, and reSOUNDED-duh! And the voice said, “Psssssssst!”

So I walked up to the voice, and I said, “WHAT?”

And the voice said, “Gimme some of dat samitch!”

I said, “If you’re an angel make your own damn sandwich.”

Then, the voice said, “Behold, for I shall tell you the story of a fairy princess.”

I thought, “What the hell? I got a bottle and two packs of cigarettes, sure.”

And so the voice began: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a fairy princess. She had golden locks, and eyes the color of a clear, blue mountain lake. She lived in the palace with the king, and her family. But all was not well with her for she had a condition that would rise on occasion and take the sweetness from her blood. The wizards had prescribed a magical formula, which if given in a timely fashion, would restore the sweetness, and the fairy princess would again frolic among the heather.

But there was an evil witch. Her name was SchoolNurse, and she greatly desired to have the fairy princess. By and by she came upon a plan. In secret meetings with another witch, called Neighbor, she said, “If the fairy princess loses the sweetness of her blood, and we should herald the Black Knights, then I, SchoolNurse, can demand the princess be with me and then I will control her, and all of her gold, given her by her mother. So they began to put their evil plan into action.

One morning when the Fairy Princess woke she was especially happy, and lively, for a great feast was approaching, and during this feast, she would be allowed to eat the sacred bird, which would be prepared in such a way that she could enjoy as much as she wanted, and the sweetness of her blood would not depart. The king used the magic wand, known as “Pen” and a holy book called “reader” and on that particular morning the Fairy Princess’ blood was especially sweet, indeed, two hundred and twenty cubits. This caused no alarm for the wizards had told how in the morning such a sweetness may indeed arise, but it should abate when the sun is directly overhead, and the wand known as “Insulin” would not be required.

So, therefore, the Fairy Princess went to the library of all knowledge, known as “school.” After a time, and half a time, as the king sat at meat that morning, there came a communication. SchoolNurse said that the sweetness had fled from the Fairy Princess and that he should return immediately lest she should fall into a sleep that no prince might awaken her. When the king arrived he found that SchoolNurse had summoned other wizards, called “9-11” and they were ministering to the Fairy Princess. By and by some of the sweetness returned and the king took the princess back to the castle.

The Princess began to feel better, even cooking a stew for her brothers to eat, but when it came time to eat she was not a hungered, and wished only to rest. As she slept the sweetness fled her blood, yet again, and when the king tried to awaken her she would not rise. He knew that he must introduce sweetness into her so he had her drink wine which hath no spirit, known as Apple Juice. Again, just as before, some of the sweetness returned, and the princess awoke, although her vigor was abated. She sat at theater until bed.

At the witching hour wails began to emit from the princess’ bed chamber, and the entire castle was awakened. It was discovered that a demon had entered into the Fairy Princess, depriving her of her reason, crying out in loud voices. The king summoned the 9-11 wizards and they used one of their magic wands to restore, yet again, some of the sweetness to the princess’ blood. The wizards said that this demon was of no consequence, and that the princess should be free of it, but the king said, “Nay! I shall take her to the powerful wizards in a neighboring kingdom and they shall divine the source of this demon, for it has reared its head not once, but twice, and this had never occurred before.”

So, the princess was taken to a castle, where she had her own private bed chamber. Two great wizards were summoned, and a third from the kingdom of Austin. They met, and afterwards they concluded that someone had given the princess a magic wand that was not required. On that morning the sweetness of her blood was normal for royalty and should abate by noon without the use of any wand. Someone had used not one wave of the wand, but SIX waves, and this had summoned the demon that had disrupted the castle and dimmed the light of the princess’ wisdom! Indeed, these wizards had a scroll that when read properly, could tell that the princess had no such demon up until that fateful morning.

The king returned to the castle, leaving the Fairy Princess in the watchful care of the master wizards, and the Queen for the night, and indeed, the Fairly Princess began to improve, even studying scrolls on her iPad throughout the evening. When darkness had fallen there came a knock on the palace door, and the king, and his knights found Neighbor standing there. She beseeched the King not to slay her, and said that SchoolNurse had summoned the Black Knights to spirit the Fairy Princess to her castle whereupon she should be placed in a dungeon and all of her gold and jewels would be given to her by the Black Knights. The king was perplexed, for he had been led to believe that most, if not all of the Black Knights had been slain, yea, even with the sword known as SunSet, but Neighbor told him this was not so, and a few of them were hiding, waiting to yet again attack the people. The king thanked Neighbor but later his knights asked him, why should neighbor reveal this plot, as she had not demanded gold, and only her fear had driven the words from her mouth?

On the morrow the Fairy Princess returned to the castle, the sweetness of her blood having been restored. As the sun rose, however the Black Knights did indeed appear. They besieged the castle but the ramparts were strong, and not having a scroll known as “warrant” they fled, their mouths slathering, vowing to return. But the king had a spy at the Learning Center, met under the cover of darkness and revealed the entire plot to him. She told him that the Fairy Princess had indeed been frolicking among the heather, but after going to SchoolNurse a demon had entered her blood and that’s when SchoolNurse had summoned the wizards from 9-11 after informing the Black Knights of her intentions. She had waved the magic wand, known as “Insulin” with such ferocity that it had taken a full day before the effects of this wand should abate, just as the Master Wizards had foretold. The king was furious, but in his wisdom did not slay SchoolNurse and Neighbor forthright, but decided to meet with his Knights and prepare a special meal of mutton which shall soon be served to them, and there will be the wailing, and gnashing of teeth, as the King extracts his vengeance upon the evil ones and leaves no stone unturned.

I looked at the voice and said, “Here, you can have the sandwich. I have mutton to cook. There’s your bedtime story, children. Sleep well.