Shots Fired

Shots FiredIMG_2467! Last night I had plans of doing an article this morning about the event in Minnesota. I had watched the Facebook live feed several times, and was particularly taken by the woman being forced to her knees crying out about the whereabouts of her daughter after her boyfriend had been killed during a routine traffic stop. I planned to rip and tear at the police there, and compare them with the steady eye of Wyatt Earp. After last night in Dallas, you will never see that article.

Black Lives Matter does about as much good in relaxing racial tension in this country as throwing gasoline on a fire. If you will note, the march in Dallas was a peaceful one. That doesn’t surprise me. Last year, when we had the “swimming pool” scandal, complete with a pretty teenage girl in a yellow swimsuit, agitators, who came down from Chicago to orchestrate the event, saw their plans for anarchy evaporate in the Texas sun as the local teens showed more interest in summer break than sitting in the street disrupting traffic. During the Ferguson flap no Texas cities were burned, and there were no repercussions after the death of Sandra Bland. Texans simply don’t do that no matter what color they are.

Texas DID have an active KKK in time past. We have fought wars on our own ground, lived through Bonnie and Clyde, Indian raids, Waco (twice) Charles Whitman, Luby’s and Fort Hood. We are well seasoned in Tom Foolery. It is fashionable to point at Texans, the guns, the hats, the music, and allude to the population being a form of Neanderthal. What you saw in Dallas last night will show you that you need us Neanderthals!

When a Muslim kills, and Donald Trump raises the option to oust all Muslims, there is always an outcry from organizations such as C.A.I.R. citing that one person does not define an entire people. I’ll guarantee you that before the day is over you will hear Hillary Clinton suggesting that the best solution to last night’s event will be to disarm America, and most especially Texas! I want you to know that when the shots rang out last night one protester, a black Texan, immediately surrendered his AR-15 to an officer, showing he was not involved, and was not a danger. Please further note that the Dallas officer did not shoot the man, who was carrying the rifle as a demonstration of his second amendment rights, and a visual protest to the shooting of the man in Minnesota.

During the last eight years the dividing line between black and white has grown more solid. I’ve seen, and heard things that I haven’t seen or heard since I was a child in 1950’s Louisiana. Groups such as Black Lives Matter cause events that funnel people into the streets, and money into the pockets of the organizers, but they overlook one simple fact. The majority of Americans simply want to be left alone, and allowed to go about their lives in peace. They long for the day when they can teach their children that if they become lost, find a police officer, and he/she will get them home.

There will be no “race war.” In the 60’s the term “race war” was always in the air, while the bulk of America punched the time clock and went on about their business. While the image of the fire hoses still comes to mind, last night police officers died . . . protecting black protestors! Shots fired! I have a dream. I have a friend, Kent Frank’s. He’s black, and, yes, he’s a Yankee. He comes from the same era that I do. I want to meet him one day. I want to fly him to Austin and take him to a bar and grill I frequent on 6th street. My friend will not be in any danger. He will enjoy the Austin nights the same as anyone else, and maybe, just maybe, the sound of “shots fired” will become fainter, and fainter, until music is all we hear.


The Way of the Gun


The way of the gun is as American as mom’s apple pie. I read with interest the article by Bill the Butcher which compares the shootings in Orlando with the tower shootings in Texas circa 1966. It provoked thought in me for three reasons; one, all of you that read Bill’s writing know him to be a man of reason. His is the way of thought, and one may only emerge victorious from such matches as are found in contests of logic if they possess the preeminent superiority of reason. But a very few of us remember darker times in the Simple Ol’ Boy’s past. A past ruled by the way of the gun.


In those days the way of the gun was eschewed by most, but some contests were not to be won if one was not knowledgeable of that particular dark way. In reading Bills piece, I thought to detect an echo from that time. Secondly, and of greater importance to his readers, Bill made it clear that by his lights, Muslim people are prone to either forcing their ideology, or way of life if you will, on others at the point of a gun, or are instead guilty of indifference to the victims of those who do so. Lastly, by a quirk of fate, mybrother and I were both there at the hour of the shooting at the University of Texas, both of us missing a more fateful appointment by bare minutes. I would like to submit a humbler thought on the comparison made by The Butcher by the addition of two other famous Texas shooters.


The drawing of the three: roughly three years prior to Whitman’s rampage on an infamous day in November 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from an upper floor window in the Dallas Book Depository killing one man, our president, beloved of many in this nation, and wounding Governor John Connally, feared by many of the same. His state of mind? Cold, calculating, a true shooter’s state of mind. Twenty-five years after the tower shootings a certifiably mental patient drove his car into the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and upon exiting his vehicle shot and killed 23 people. The shooter, George Hennard’s state of mind? Chaotic, fragmented, a shooter who only got his kill count by killing unarmed, helpless sheep (apologies to those who count among the lost one who was dear). In each case, it bears pointing out that the victims were unarmed, and helpless due to an unannounced attack. Kills such as these lack honor, and therein do I find the ONLY similarity. In Oswald’s case the shooter was an assassin, trained for his mission, and part of a larger plan, Oswald was doing a job. I know it, and I know Bill knows. In Whitman’s case, he was a combat seasoned veteran, but one with an awful thing growing in his head; it cannot be said that he knew what he was doing, but  Hennard did! I knew his therapist, and believe me, those who knew him best were worried about his fascination withguns, and his erratic behavior


If anyone was responsible for the shooting in Orlando, or Connecticut, or Columbine or, take your pick, it’s the police. Ever since the war on drugs our nation’s police use a template for prevention that resembles the optimism of that person ahead of you in line at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. They’ll continue to explain the logic of it well after you have lost interest. Am I bashing the cops? Well…yeah. I mean just look at the solution most of them have for mass shootings: disarm everybody. Huh? Now, I have walked the way of the gun since before I could vote. I stay hard, and I stay ready. I know that Bills reason is superior to mine, but I also know he keeps a Smith near to hand. I don’t believe the answer is the expulsion of Muslim people, nor the barring of their way to citizenship. I think rather that we should vette them more thoroughly, and watch them more closely. And, I think we should all keep our guns close, just in case.

Looking Back This Week


Looking back this week is slim due to my travels, but the articles that did come out were heavy. Donald Trump dropped the ball on abortion, and I addressed that in Deep Survival. What that was all about was the tendency of people, while in the midst of a winning streak, or performing everyday tasks will sometimes do the dumbest things for apparently no reason, either getting killed, or in this case, killing a political career. While it remains to be seen how much damage the statement in question caused, one would think that the “Donald” would have at least taken a breath before making it. We shall see.

I’ve always viewed “No Knock” warrants as an affront to the 4th Amendment and Knock Knock is a prime example of this. I’m still looking into the event, the cops claiming the entire drug cartel was holed up in the apartment, while the man arrested is saying he was just reading his Bible, you know, you get that. The esteemed District Attorney of Bell County, Texas has seen fit to charge the man with capital murder. I’m not going to put this down. If this was a home invasion, and the man was just defending himself I’m gonna let the D. A. taste my mutton and see how he likes it.

The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla and Votes, Lies, and Videotapes basically deal with the same subject, the subject being that the Republican Party is by no means “pubic” but a “Good Ol’ Boys” club that does what it damn well pleases, and its supporters can just stuff it. I was very pleased to see that following that post Wild Bill For America followed with The End of the GOP. Like me, he is direct, to the point, and calls it like it is, which is, the Republican Party has been out of control for years, and Donald Trump is on them like Chris Hansen on a pervert! They may get their way this time, but this is not going to end well for the Party. Trump has a broad base support, and the smoke and mirrors generated by his own party is so obvious that the blind man down on Main Street can see it.

It’s good to be back in Texas. Travel is great, but those 737 wheels touching down in Austin is better. I found the Mormon Culture to be a little more mundane than I’d supposed, basically a survivalist sect, bent on isolation out of disgust at what’s happening in America today. Kinda like Texas. I’m convinced that if Texas and Utah team up the fat lady will definitely sing. Joseph did you know we’s all gonna ride the train?


Estúpido! Ok, that’s our word of the day. When Joaquín (El Chapo) Guzmán broke out of a Mexican federal prisión I laughed my testículos off! This guy had the resources to construct a subway under Altiplano Prison, complete with a tram, waved adiós to the cameras in his cell, and rode to freedom. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. All that activity, not to mention dirt removal, and nobody noticed? This cat should be president of Mexico! Not to mention he’s one of the riches men in the world, undoubtedly the richest in Mexico, sells more drugs than Johnson and Johnson, causes traffic jams at the border, threatens ISIS, Trump, and mom’s Apple pie, Tweets daily, and most likely has a Facebook page. Pancho Villa must be spinning in his grave. Oh, the tunnel had ventilation. . . AIR CONDITIONING! It extended more than a mile. We need this man to renovate the rail system in Austin.
So how did he get caught? Save your fork, it gets better. Joaquín had a dream. He wanted his life story to be told. I mean, with holding up at least three quarters of the Mexican economy, I think he should, don’t you. He had this idea of a huge epic about his life, and Sean Penn chimed in to make it happen with the happy support of Rolling Stone Magazine. El Chapo, Sean Penn, and Rolling Stone. Now, folks, if that’s not the three stooges, I’m not a white boy from Austin! That’s the meat, not let’s mix in some cumin and chili powder. It seems Chapo wanted a certain Mexican starlet to play in his flick. Soooo, he sets out to arrange a meeting, oblivious to the Mexican authorities who were all over him.
His location was not a secret, people, don’t fool yourself. Go back to paragraph one. I grew up in Texas. I’ve TAKEN the obligatory trip to “Boy’s Town” in Nuevo Laredo, and apparently, so did Joaquín. Star struck, he was caught sleeping in bed with his drop dead gorgeous wife, when the Mexican Marines crashed the set. Now, surely the biggest dope dealer on the planet wouldn’t get caught chasing movie stars, right?
So El Chapo is right back in the same jail he strolled out of. Of course Interpol has served him with “formal” extradition, opposed to the more kínder, friendly type, I suppose, announced by the Mexican Attorney General. They have one of those? The Mexican authorities say it’s unclear how he escaped, but they “suspect” prison guards may have been involved. You think? This guy is estimated to make three billion dollars a year, and he’s in a town dealing in Pesos. Do the math! They don’t know how he got out. I submit it may have had something to do with that mile long super transit installed under the prison.
It seems too simplistic to think that someone who makes that kind of money could make such a stupid blunder, but I have seen pictures of Hitler staring across the English Channel at the White Cliffs of Dover, so I don’t know. Now, as my Puerto Rican friend, Jay, would say, I ain’t even gonna lie to you, I admire this guy. If I was the President of Mexico I’d give El Chapo a full pardon and put him in charge of the Mexican economy. Let’s see, he gives people products that they don’t need, makes tons of money, has outlets all over the world, millions of customers, pays his employees in pesos, has a virtul monopoly. I give you El Walmarto!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Time Was

Time was when you could write, or say anything so long as you didn’t threaten someone or incite violence. The idea of free speech was foundational to the republic. If you were out in left field everyone would just think you were stupid and ignore you.

Time was when every little Texas town had a homosexual or two and nobody cared. They stayed off to themselves and the lady’s garden society loved them. They didn’t march in the street, or jail little old ladies for exercising their conscience. We all laughed at Paul Lynn, and listened to Liberace.

Time was when you could swat your kids on the butt in the grocery store and everyone approved you as a good parent. Your kids weren’t taught sex in school, and daddy was still the greatest, because he was dad, and every little girl wanted to grow up, and marry someone just like him.

Time was, when stopped for a traffic stop, you would get out of the car and take out your driver’s license as you walked back to the officer, who appreciated your courtesy and respect. Police got free coffee and food because merchants wanted them to come around. An officer rarely raised his voice, and he was almost always right, because he really did serve and protect.

Time was you could carry your guns in a rack in your pickup and nobody but the deer cared. The very idea that you couldn’t defend your family and home because black lives mattered was alien. Your family’s life mattered, and that was that. Your home was your castle and the fourth amendment meant exactly what it said.

Time was when the president said something you respected it even if you didn’t agree because he was the president. Everyone knew politicians would put a spin on things, but in the end they knew that America was America, the flag was the flag, and they worked for the people of America, not the UN. If they’d ever heard of a “Benghazi” they would have thought it was a James Bond movie.

Time was when a teacher sent a note home you sided with the teacher simply because she WAS the teacher. The first words out of your parent’s mouths would be, “What did you do?”

Time was if you missed church everybody knew it and one of the routine questions you asked a new friend was what faith they followed because there simply wasn’t anyone who didn’t believe in God.

Time was when you found that your favorite movie star was getting a divorce you were shocked because personally you only knew one person who ever got one and everyone treated them as if they had tuberculosis.

Time was if you stood on the constitution in court or anywhere else it was a no brainer because everyone knew the constitution was the constitution and that was that. The language in the Bill of Rights was so simple that any farmer could understand it.

Time was when a woman stayed home and took care of the kids she was known as a good mother, and raised her girls that way, too.

Time was when the preacher would drop by if word got out that a family was having difficulties.

Time was when a dollar was inscribed “Silver Certificate” and stood for an honest dollar which would buy enough gasoline for three days work.

Time was if you didn’t have a job you just went to jail until you figured it out. This is the world I lived in in 1957 in Shreveport. Time was…

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Dead as a BLT

A writer can be drawn into a subject without realizing why. I began investigating the historical Jesus about a week ago, and intended to do a Sunday article on the subject, which I still will do, but before I could lay that piece out I began to investigate serial killers. This is where being a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin helps. While listening to all these cackle babble heads go on and on about the psychology behind these tail bones I find my solution to be much simpler and direct. I tried to connect all the dots and in the end there were simply no dots there. Finally, I studied a scumbag called the BTK killer. I watched his total confession of forty-six minutes and this Walter Mitty looking bastard rambled on about each killing as if he were applying for a job. He’d even grown a little goatee to look good for the cameras in the courtroom. As he talked, he referred to his victims as “projects.” He tried to explain that he didn’t properly kill his marks, but as he talked it became apparent that he would choke them out, let them regain consciousness, and choke them again in order to prolong their agony. He ranged from hanging thirteen year old girls, and playing with himself as they twisted to killing old ladies in their beds. Then I noticed a common factor in all the cases. In no incidence did the victims have a gun!
He always had a gun. One time a young man grabbed one of his guns (he carried two) and that was a big heads up for Mr. BTK. When you look at the photos of the people, listen to this guy calmly explain his acts, and observe the faces of the relatives, all the crap spewing from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America makes you almost wish this guy had paid them a visit. In their little Pollyanna world they think that if they can just pick up all the guns that all will be well. Well, ladies, BTK also brought a knife and a rope. His guns were just an insurance policy against unforeseen emergencies such as a father or brother.
There are incredibly bad people in the world. People like this, and active shooters almost make ISIS make sense! At least they think they’re fighting a perceived enemy and have a stated purpose. You know what ISIS will do, and they are very public about it. I don’t really think ISIS is going to charge over a hill in Killeen and start shooting, but I believe that out there, somewhere, is some pervert glaring at teenage girls in a school yard from his van dreaming of the day when he can get one of them alone at their house. A gun, and education stops all that.
People trust. That’s a sad fact. One of the victims actually smoked a cigarette while being assured that all the killer was going to do was tie her up and rape her. How much simpler would it have been when she first saw him come out of the closet, if she’d reached in her purse, and shot him fourteen times in the chest, and once in his smart mouth?
As I watched all the men and women of Kansas law enforcement standing around the courtroom, armed, listening to this animal revel in the deaths of his victims I realized they are better citizens than me. I would have shot him in the back of the head and took the consequences. Bottom line: Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even a fourteen year old girl has a right to preserve her life. A father has the right to be with his family safely without being forced to tie them up, trusting in the integrity of someone who long ago lost the right to walk among decent people, and use air that stray cats need. The right of the people shall not be infringed. BTK should be as dead as a BLT.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Car 54 Where Are You?

Gyasi Hughes has now gone down in the history book for being the latest citizen who was served and protected. It seems that another student in Round Rock had “liberated” Hughes football googles, and when the sophomore went to retrieve them a fist fight ensued. Wow! Never saw that coming. Lord knows I never saw a fight back in Killeen High School in my day. Anyway, here comes Tootie and Muldoon to assess the situation. They talk to the kid, he picks up his backpack, and one of the officers reaches to hold his arm, whereupon the student touches the officer’s arm, and, well, you know the rest. Kid’s lucky to be alive! They grab him by the throat, knock his glasses off (that’s right, glasses) and pin him to the floor.
Now, I’ve heard all the stuff about the danger of being a cop, and as you know I support law enforcement, but c’mon! Fourteen year old kid, folks. Officers claim they were trying to “calm him down.” He was the victim, idiot! Here we are again with this “training,” vs “common sense.” I do understand that a fourteen year old black kid with glasses and a back pack is intimidating, but frankly his body count was quite low that day. As a matter of fact, in all respect, the kid looked goofy. Class nerd kinda guy. Even his glasses weren’t cool.
Of course the Round Rock Police Dept. in concert with the sheriff, the school, the garbage man and all the teachers will do a most excellent job of CYA (they expelled the kid.) I can’t even find the names of the cops so I’ll just call them Twiddle Dum, and Twiddle Dee. My question to you is what would have happened if these two jelly rolls came up on a real butt whipping? Some kid who is a linebacker and threw one of them across the hall? Oh, my bad, they would have killed him. We’re lucky Hughes stopped resisting, but then, that’s what you do when you get your glasses knocked off and your face pushed into a concrete floor. Kinda takes the romance out of the whole thing.
Not all cops are bad, and we can’t judge the whole barrel by one bad apple. You ever open a barrel of apples with one bad one in it? What you have is one percent of the cops are bad and the other ninety-nine percent are covering up for him. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Tell me, when a patrol car pulls up behind you do you feel protected and served, or do you try to not look at them and keep your hands on the wheel in plain sight? Car 54 where are you? Right behind you there is a pistol, a shotgun, a tazer, two knives, handcuffs and a jelly donut. Oh, I’m sorry, two donuts, these guys run in packs. Poor Hughes. He should have just brought a clock to school.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The War Isn’t Coming, It’s HERE!

We are entering a war for the survival of America. Back in the day issues would rise up, and America would address them. Like the riots of the sixties. One issue, civil rights. Even WWII was one issue. It’s different now. Then entire world seems to have decided our day has come and gone, and those with agendas think they have a better idea. There are new enemies. The funny people that we used to laugh at in Bob Hope movies are now killing pretty girls and leaving their bodies dashed on the rocks. Mexicans who once slipped over the border to pick oranges suddenly have become a political force. Martin Luther King has been replaced by raving maniacs who want to kill everything lighter than them.
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who will ignore a lump in the middle of their forehead, and those who take action. Let’s do some math. Most people in this country, well at least 51%, just want to live, work, and retire. We hire people like politicians, police, and doctors to see after things that we can’t while we work those jobs and fund everything. We are NOT sheep, NOT fools, and NOT stupid. We built cars, buildings, raised wheat, cows, and our kids, and didn’t care which direction some camel jockey prayed to. When a national threat came we drafted our young men, and they went OVER THERE and shot them folks up, and then came home to build more cars, buildings, and grow more wheat. And the world hated us for it.
Europe is nothing but a bunch of weak, stupid, liberal girly-men who shoot their mouths off until a real man (like Hitler) comes along and bytch-slaps them back to reality. While they were poking fun at us the refugee invasion just walked in and took command. Hitler would be spinning in his grave, if he had one. He’d think, “Shucks, I wasted all those bullets? All I had to do was tell the German people to just walk across the Polish border and move in!” Europe is getting exactly what it deserves. They devalued their currency with the Euro, nullified their government, refused to fully support us in any war, except the ones where THEIR arses were on the line, married homosexuals, smoked dope, and now they stand back in snake amazement as a bunch of illiterate religions nuts take over their streets. I’m a simple old boy from Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin!
There is a thing called misdirection. Don’t look here, look THERE! Adherents to a religion founded by an illiterate pedophile dictate the rules while we are still arguing over the difference between a Mormon and a Methodist. Then we look up and all our school kids have their faces on the floor paying homage to some moon god the freaking Babylonians invented during a sex orgy four thousand years ago. The very idea that these Sand Knee Grows stood on the capitol steps in Austin, Texas shouting Allah Akbar, and didn’t get HUNG is beyond me. Back in my day the freaking FFA from a high school could have run them off. We need a serious panties check here! By the way, we, over in the Texas secessionist movement have DONE that check and we HAVE a solution, only YOU PEOPLE won’t listen!
And the “black thing.” Jesus told us the poor we’d always have with us. Well, boys and girls, the blacks we will also always have. We BROUGHT them here to pick the cotton we were too lazy to pick ourselves. And all you “blacks?” You’re not black, you’re mutts, just like US. All of us are just different shades of A M E R I C A N! When Mohammed comes over that hill you will be the first to go. Then they’ll take care of all the Nancy Boys. Kim Davis did NOT advocate pitching you fairies off the top of a building to see if you could fly, ok? Black Lives Matter, and the New Black Panthers are trying to instigate a guerilla war. Go ahead, laugh! King George stopped laughing in 1781 when George Washington made Cornwallis his bitch! These black groups don’t have a plan. Who lays siege to a city and then steals all the condoms out of a drug store? Give me a break! All they want to do is get that 51% I told you about to be suspicious enough of each other by the facts with spin that the girls on the VIEW get plump wet about. I have a personal fantasy of shoving a rag in Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth. The black businessman is suddenly concerned that all whites will turn on him because of the color of his skin. The whites see that bunch of fools running around in black jackets and guns and imagine that every black church is harboring ammo. If we all just stood back and looked at things as they really were the black folk would bring the bar b que, we whites would bring some rope, we’d round up all of them bad boys and have a neck tie party, get drunk and go home.
While I understand what my friend Chip Darby is saying about law enforcement, I also understand reality. With all these idiots running loose, for the time being we’re going to NEED guys that are willing to break a car window and drag a fool into the street. Without that thin blue line all that is left is US. We canNOT have our police afraid to go to work. We’ve got to STOP arguing the constitution because we get pulled over for running a stop sign. We DO have to step up. The police need to know that we WANT our little girls to be able to cross the street and go to school withOUT being raped by whomever decides to on any given day.
The war isn’t coming, it’s HERE! The propaganda is rampant. A woman, high on drugs, gets run off by her boyfriend in Texas, gets pulled over, makes a scene, goes to jail, small bail, crashes in the cell, boyfriend WON’T take her call, kills herself, and now the black radicals want to name a STREET after her? Swat them bees, swat them bees. They be a –buzzin! It’s here. Don’t ignore that lump in the middle of your forehead. If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Tip of the Spear

This morning Texas stands at the tip of the spear. Unless you’re living under a big yellow rock, you have got to have noticed that police officers are being killed at an alarming rate. This is not coincidence. It doesn’t matter if that man in Harris County was with an organization or just a lone wolf, he killed Officer Goforth. Now leaders of the Nation of Islam, and Black Lives Matter are calling for mass executions of white people. That’s real people, just read the news. The attack on the police is an effort to disrupt social order, throw society into chaos, and attack all existing institutions, and it has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights.

The scale has been tipped to a crazy point. While whites could never dream of advocating the mass murder of blacks, the carpetbaggers from New York can go on the air and spill their filth with no fear of reprisal. And carpetbaggers are exactly what they are. After the war of northern aggression hoards of white, and black northerners ran down to Texas to buy or steal whatever they wanted. They think this is the same situation. Al Sharpton could give a rat’s ass about black rights, but he sure likes breakfast in that country club. It’s the same in Africa where children walk the streets with flies in their eyes while the leaders sip cocktails in limos. Black people and Muslims will follow the strong man. They have a tribal view of society and that’s how they survive. They look for simple solutions to complex problems, and when they can’t see a quick fix, they riot. We have to accept this. We are required to make the difference between good blacks and bad blacks, but the radicals in the black community group all of us into one pot. They do this because they are aware of the cultural differences between us and the willingness of a majority of blacks to “follow the leader” whomever that leader may be. They vote democratic over and over and get robbed blind, BUT, they get an Obamaphone.

How do we fix this? First off they are not as organized as they would like to appear. Riots are just that, riots. Stealing a TV set from a looted store is not mounting an action on a position. Next, their leaders are capitalistic cowards. They are in it for the money! They are NOT Dr. King. All this black shirt, sunglasses, and mean look is show. One bullet in the air and they scatter. The problem is we consistently believe we pay taxes, and have police for these things. Well, they are trying to disassemble that because if there is no law enforcement, or if it is hindered, they have the run of it. Not to bring down or change a government, but to kill, steal, and destroy.

We MUST have law enforcement’s back. There is no other option. All that stands between us and Uganda is a thin blue line, and right now that line is being killed while gassing up their cars. Forget everything you ever heard about rouge cops, we can address that later. If you see an officer in jeopardy get involved. If you see one putting gas in his car, hang around. Let him know you are there, and you are on his side. In Texas we have license to carry. If you have one, carry! If you don’t, you can still carry concealed in your car. Do it! Out police must know that as a society we stand with them.

Next, we must stop the New Black Panthers, and Black Lives Matter in their tracks by all means necessary. The people must know there is a cost for their actions, and their words. You don’t just call for 10,000 killers to eradicate all white people and expect Texans to just stand by and have a beer. When they get off the plane in their get up, and go strolling through the airport make it a bad hair day for them. They are NOT welcome in Texas.

The Texas militia is made up of many components. We need a central command. Sam Houston had the same problem. William Travis had the same problem at the Alamo with the command split between himself and Bowie. We need to march to the same drummer, and this will also lead to the eventual independence of Texas. The Americans have created this problem. Their cities will burn, ours will not if we play it right.

Good, responsible black Texans need to feel secure. We are not rioters. We are not looters. They are not the enemy, and the color if their skin does not make them a problem. Their is no room for racism in this event. And it is going to be an event. It is already happening. The man that killed Officer Goforth should have never left that parking lot alive. The good news is that Texas is vast. The Yankee insurrectionists think Texas is mainly urban, like the northeast. Texas ranges from the pines of east Texas to the deserts of west Texas. And the border? Just ask THEM how much black lives matter. They’re not nice people down there.

The main attack will be in Houston because that demographic more closely resembles New York or Chicago. Dallas and San Antonio will follow. Not El Paso! Not Lampasas, or San Saba, or Sweetwater. The militias in Houston must be particularly alert. Remember, tribal, follow the leader, blind riots. Houston is a tinderbox for this, and the mayor is a person who doesn’t even know what restroom to use, much less how to quell 10,000 confused people burning and smashing. And Jade Helm? Useless as the tits on a boar hog. We have to handle this.

Texas will survive this, but we have to move decisively. We have to let the capetbagging, opportunistic race baiters know that their actions will not be tolerated in Texas. Finally, when it’s all over we must clean up the remaining pools of ideology that started this in the first place. We must stop the genocide of Planned Parenthood, the perversion of marriage, and we must educate all people so that we never have to do this again. Their are black people who think Dr. King freed the slaves. It’s time to stop laughing and start teaching. This time can be a total disaster, or a shining Texas example of what the founding fathers meant when then said all men are crated equal. Let’s make them truly equal.

Black Lives Matter?

The murder of the deputy in Harris County will be a turning point for Black Lives Matter. Draw the comparison between Michael Brown and officer Goforth, and unless you are a complete idiot you will quickly see that this racist, hate driven organization will spark the fight that the New Black Panthers, and other groups have courted for so long. The people of Houston stood up this week, and weren’t very politically correct when they did it. The gas station was filled with hundreds of supporters, filling the lot, paying homage to one very good man. How many showed up when Sandra Bland decided to off herself in jail after her latest “trick” wouldn’t even take her call to help her with a very small bail?

The sad part is good black people will be drawn into the foray of racial tension, believing they have to stand up for what they are told to believe in. The tide of racial unrest is already making words like “animals” and “thugs” common place. Well, Black Lives Matter, it’s all over and Donald’s coming. Did you think he just pounced on the scene. And not one word out of the White House. The administration that would send an attorney general to a criminal’s funeral wouldn’t even make a phone call to the widow of a fine public servant. Just like France, ignored it, but then, those Frenchmen were white!

The far left has hammered this nail so hard that people are afraid to even use the word “white” anymore in fear of raising the ire of minions screaming, “Nigga, nigga, nigga,” at the top of their lungs. You are going to see a resurgence of white pride. You are going to see the rebirth of a very healthy Klan. You are going to see violence such as we haven’t seen since the 60’s with a thunderous roar that will drown out the voices of Colonel West, Ben Carson, and hosts of other brilliant black people because on one intolerant man in the Oval Office.

But, it had to stop. The tail has been wagging the dog long enough. Remember that Pendullum I told you about? Well, here it is, I say HERE IT IS! This is reality, people. This is the way politics works. This is what happens when you beat down a population and strap it with insurmountable debt. The train has left the station, and we’re all on for ride. Black lives may matter, but the life of Officer Goforth isn’t worth a plug nickel in the Harris County Jail, and I don’t want to hear you Libtards crying when they find him! You may swat them bees now!