America Has Failed Black People

America has failed black people. You might as well start swatting them bees right now, ‘cause it’s gonna be a long day. Lincoln came down in his war of northern aggression, and straightened out the south. Never MIND that he was wearing a cotton shirt when he did it. Never MIND the south was footing most if not all of the bills for his “federal” government, us racist rednecks had to be put in our place, and by God, he was just the man to do it. Now, he destroyed the eco-system, burned down the cities, and made sure the boot was firmly on the neck of the political devices, but he “freed” the slaves.

Lincoln did not begin his quest to free any slaves. The southern states were pulling away from the new “revised” United States, trying to preserve what the founding fathers had given us when Lincoln waited, hoping, that the new Confederacy would fire the first shot, making him the good guy. Well, he got that at Fort Sumter. I’m not going to get into all the logistics of how the north won the war, suffice to say God had no part of it. Mainly, what it involved was the very foundation of the southern government working against any organization of an army that could confront an enemy. While Lincoln could micro-manage his troops via telegraph, Jefferson Davis had to argue his way through every command as his generals all marched to a different drummer. The south did have better railroads, but all that did was deliver the Keystone Cops to the next slaughter.

But, Lincoln freed the slaves! Right? What did he do after that? Went to Ford’s theater and got his head blown off. If the south is so racist how come we don’t have any statues of John Wilkes Booth? The slaves stood up, threw off their shackles, and looked for the American Dream. Only problem was the white folk who freed them were just the same as the white folk they’d been picking cotton for, only they talked faster. The northern plan for freed slaves? Deal with it! Here’s forty acres and a mule. Now go to New York and start a bank. Every once in a blue moon they’d let one or two through the gate so they could wave them around showing that the plan worked. Well, it didn’t!

A couple weeks ago I saw an interesting idea. If we took the 1.5 BILLION up for grabs in the PowerBall, divided it by 300,000,000 (the approximate population of the United States) it would come to 4.33 million dollars for every man, woman, child, and transsexual in the country, and supposedly, there would be no more poverty. If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale. (Make that the Brooklyn Bridge!) The Master said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, the poor you shall always have.” If we had distributed that money, one year later we’d have exactly what we have now, only more crime, meth heads, and burning cities. Why would I say that? Because it’s true, that’s why. Poverty is not money, it is a state of mind, and in the case of black people it is a learned state of mind. Just follow the money, and the money always leads back to the same place. Alex Jones calls it “Illuminati.” I call it, “Them that’s got’s get’s!”

The South rocked along for about eighty-five years trying to rebuild their lives. When I was in elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana, we were still mad at Sherman! The Confederate flag was a symbol of defeat, waved around by fanatics! The Klan did not wave that flag, they waved the flag of the Democratic Party, the Stars and Stripes! By and large, people in the south lived, loved, went to work, and watched Ed Sullivan, just like everybody else. Then, along come Jones, I mean Lyndon Johnson. Johnson’s mother should have sat on him when he was born. The Great Society? I give you Ferguson!

The American understanding of freed slaves was that they were lazy, stupid, and stinky and thank God most of them lived in the south. What to do? Well, you pump up the welfare system, that’ll fix it. Just shell out bare necessities. Not success, not ambition, not the American Dream (that was for selected white folks) just enough beans and cornbread so as the freed slaves didn’t look like Africans begging for change on those commercials we’ve all come to know and love. But, there were “stipulations.”

By 1950 the black family was a central unit. Fathers, who were in the home, worked, children went to schools, yeah, yeah, yeah, they were segregated, and momma cooked and cleaned, and occasionally took in laundry. I have a prejudice. When I went to Queensboro Elementary in Shreveport all the people working in the cafeteria were big, fat black women. The food was fantastic! We didn’t have Michelle’s best, we had fried chicken, liver and onions, homemade rice pudding and lots of milk plain or chocolate. Oh, Huey Long made if free too, by the way. Just thought ya’ll would like to know that. To this day I don’t believe white women can cook!

Now, let’s fine tune the welfare system. Time was when the father approached his church with his hat in his hand, asking for help during hard times. Preacher would smell his breath, know the family, give him “commodities” and help him fix the problem. The American plan? Food stamps, check, HUD housing, and in order to qualify, and/or keep all this the man could not be in the house. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I was a realtor who managed many HUD apartments and I know what happened if the HUD office found out there was a husband or boyfriend living in the house. My parents lived the last sixteen years of their lives in HUD Housing, fighting cancer and hiding their poodle from the “office men.” Bye Bye dawg!

That’s the rule! Thought Mr. Lincoln freed the slaves. Right? RIGHT? Add two or three generations to a system like that, and you get, Detroit, Ferguson, Watts, and Harlem. Now, let’s explode that myth of all them “niggas” on welfare, shall we. (Told ya’ll them bees would be flying today.) According to the Huffington Post: ” Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

Wow! Imagine that! So why, when CNN runs a clip on welfare they always shows some fat black woman, or some thug? Because it looks so damn good! It feeds the innate racism we all have, that’s why. Slugs like that simply can’t look like me, it has to look like them! We all do it! The fact is we are all in the same boat. There are more “crackers” on welfare than “niggas,” simply because there are more of us than there are of them, and while people like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet do Sixty Minutes talking about giving half their money away (OMG they’re white!) the rest of us are burning cities, eating beans and hiding our men folk in the closet when the welfare lady comes around, and folks, that’s as simple as I can put it.

We have to fix this, but how? Well, if we cut off all the welfare tomorrow that won’t do it. You’ll just starve a bunch of kids. Obama will just take that money and give it to the “refugees.” Welfare people, all welfare people have been trained for generations to work the system. It’s a job! Democrats won’t fix it, Republicans won’t fix it, we have to. You want to see where Hilliary’s heart and mind are? She landed in Texas last week and six people showed up. She ignored them! If something doesn’t line Hillary and Bill’s pockets they don’t have any time for it. It’s as clear as that. And Obama? Nigga PLEASE! I’m not even gonna go there. When Iran was wearing out camels to blow us all up, and ISIS was cutting enough heads off to build a pile of skulls the size of the UT Tower, he went to Europe and came back with a weather report.

Two men are different, and they are diametrically opposed. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. If you vote for Hillary or Jeb Bush you will get exactly what you deserve. You might as well vote for Donald Duck. At least Trump and Sanders will go somewhat a different direction. I wouldn’t care if El Chapo was the president. We have to leave this bar. We don’t have to go home, but we can’t stay here! There won’t be enough time to fix everything in eight years, it took us one hundred and fifty one years to get here, but it’ll be a start. We have to all stand back, stop looking at each other, and look at the real problem. There is an Illuminati. It’s not hidden. Just open your eyes. Two hundred people in America control 1,3 TRILLION dollars, and friends and neighbors, if that’s not an Illuminati I’m not a white boy from Austin!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Of The People

I’ve been Tweeting and Twerking for the past week, and there is one stumbling block that I am constantly wrestling with that I need to put down so this country can move forward, racism! Now, I’m gonna get down, so if you are a sensitive person I suggest you not read this article, and move on to less demanding things such as Sesame Street.

When Obama entered the White House Liberal America went into an orgasmic frenzy that hasn’t abated to this day. Hey, I’ll admit it, I thought it was pretty cool, too. I wasn’t concerned with any one man dominating the government, what with three branches, a constitution, and over two hundred years of history to back it all up. Then slowly the insinuations began to come. Oh, he had his moments. Remember that incident between those two guys and Obama invited them to the White House for a beer? I can’t even remember the names, but I do remember the president drank a Bud Light. But I also remember another day. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Let’s take that statement apart, because it’s important.

What Obama was saying was, “I’m different.” He didn’t say, “If I had a son he’d look like Justin Bieber.” He was saying, “I identify with Trayvon Martin solely because he’s black!” He was saying, “This is a BLACK thing!” (Them bees are swarming, there are more to come.) At that moment in time, President Barack Obama was publicly announcing there are “them,” and there are “us.” The country was too busy moving into two armed camps to even notice that in addition to that, a Latino, with black roots was designated an honorary white man. You see, the entire Trayvon Martin incident wouldn’t have cooked unless there was a white man involved so it was George’s time in the barrel. Now, I’m not going through that whole case, suffice to say, Zimmerman was a flake, Martin was a flake, and Obama took it, and gave us a bowl of corn flakes!

So now the race was ON! EVERYTHING boiled down to race. The Liberals grabbed that ball and ran for a touchdown with the crackers on the sideline, in a cast. The mainstream media picked up on it, and when facts or good sound journalism wouldn’t work, just play that trusty old race card, and Hollywood would rub itself suggestively. Race filtered into every single thing hitting the news no matter how frivolous the story. You couldn’t discuss a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker without being called a racist. Two little girls couldn’t sell lemonade. And there were rules! If you admitted that someone was black . . . you were a racist. The rules became so refined that the very mention of color in a major crime became forbidden, unless, of course, the criminal was white, then it was Katy bar the door. And if you pointed out that this was not fair, then, you were a racist!

Then there was Ferguson. A hoodlum charged a police officer, got killed, and an entire town burned while Eric Holder danced the Watusi WITH Al Sharpton making sure the fires of separation did not die out. At this point the Liberals were foaming at the mouth. If a white person ordered black coffee at a diner then he was a racist. The nation had gone mad! Then, naturally, a white chick in Washington State turned black, and the transformation was complete.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy he spoke for just over eight minutes. About a minute, to a minute and a half was directed at the problem of the border. To summarize his statement it is simple. If you cross an international border without the proper documentation you are breaking the law, i.e. you are, in effect, a criminal. You cannot refute this. If you break into someone’s home, you are a criminal. If you apply to enter ANY nation, and you have a felony record you will encounter obstacles. Ask Edward Snowden how long he lived in that airport before Putin finally let him in, and even then jt was with stipulations. One standard of international law is “keep your bad boys to yourself!” Mr. Trump pointed out that doctors and lawyers were NOT swimming the Rio Grande, REJECTS were! The Liberal left could not counter this, so they just screamed, “RACIST!” No matter how many facts substantiated his words, no matter how many women died on the pier in San Francisco, by golly Donald Trump was a white guy so therefore he simply MUST be a racist!

Then, they stood back in snake amazement as he zoomed to number two, and then number one in the polls, even trying to say there was something fundamentally wrong with the Republican Party, indeed AMERICA because of the surge of popularity of such a depraved man. No, America is just tired of the lie! America is tired of white is black, men are women, there are no borders, and sideways is straight ahead. The Liberal left has constructed a glass house so fragile that one statement from one man brought it all down. Think about that. Everything Obama has done in the last six years is now on the table because of a few choice words from New York Real Estate broker. That’s profound. That’s BIBLICAL! Donald Trump overturned the tables of the money changers.

So, what is racism? Racism is when you base your opinion about strangers you never met on unsubstantiated facts that have absolutely nothing to do with that person at all! And racists come in all colors. Take what Mr. Trump said. What if Obama had said it? Oh, well, it wouldn’t be racist then, because, well, you must understand, the president is black, so he gets a pass. In fact, if the president had said we need to secure our border for the good of all Americans, flags would have waved, wine would have flowed, and there would have been a tear in every liberal eye, but Trump said it, and he’s white, therefore defending American sovereignty is forever a racist stance. Mexicans are now Gringos. Shucks, worked on George Zimmerman, didn’t it? I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, but I’m having a real problem getting my mind around THAT one!

What is NOT racism? Admitting that America IS a great melting pot, that we ARE from different backgrounds, all striving toward a common goal, is NOT racism! I have a little racism in me. I like Donald Trump. I like his ideas, yet I have some reservations because he is a Yankee. You gotta watch them Yankees because they talk fast and steal all your money. See how stupid that is? About as stupid as opening the bridge at Laredo because some bunch of liberals wave a Rainbow Flag around.

The Liberal model of society has failed miserably. It has killed millions of babies, perverted our children and endangered the security of the nation itself. Middle America has been too busy working to pay for this dog and pony show to stand up, but Donald Trump put his cards on the table. You can defeat a man, but you cannot defeat an idea. It matters little if he wins. What matters is now the people have found a voice. The people are looking around and thinking, “There are others just like me!” As the political pendulum swings back to the right it will be terrible. People are going to die. As America rises in righteous anger many who have bought into the deceptive model put forth by the race baiters will pay the price, but when it’s all over the nation will be strong again. Then that Confederate flag WILL come down, because that era will have truly passed and the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. You may swat them bees now.

The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn’t drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if you wanna think things through. I never pull back but I sure change directions at times, redefine, appraise, and push on from there. As you know, I shifted my focus from Facebook to Twitter, and it wasn’t just Twitter, I began to flesh out WordPress, Google, and email contacts. Again, I did not “quit “Facebook,” I just reduced it to the gossip site it really was. I still answer friends, occasionally post, but I’m not going to work eight hours a day on something that simply does not work. That’s self abuse!

I come in several favors. Music, movies, TV, videos, articles and books. And I’m not kidding. I have quit good jobs to do these things, and if you’ll notice I’m still driving a Mercedes and live in three houses. I am a Texas Patriot, but I’m not a crazy Texas Patriot. Secession is sexy, but nullification works. Texas is the most successful state in the nation right now. Why leave what you can just buy? The rest of the country expects us to jump up and do something crazy, they WANT us to, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

All that having been said, the Texas movement has one problem. With the dozens of movements not ONE cooperates with the other.KC Massey is STILL in jail with no hope of bail as all the various groups squabble over his having smoked a joint! The in fighting between the Open Carry groups was epic. It speaks well of CJ Grisham that he held that mess together long enough to get ONE law passed, and even that was less than what was desired. There is no Congress for the Republic of Texas!

And all the conspiracy theories! I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t believe Alex Jones if he said Michael Jackson could dance! “Jade Helm is looming on the horizon, Obama has just declared martial law, just buy my water filtration system and you MAY survive!” I have seen the war against the people. I have seen my grandchildren abused by the CPS, and I know what it takes to win! It takes organization. It takes senate committee hearings where your people show up and they don’t have enough time to even hear them all. It takes people like Jim Black. It takes a TEA PARTY! That’s what it takes to win.

Donald Trump is a task master at public manipulation. He spoke for eight and one half minutes, announcing his candidacy, with only about one minute addressed Mexico and the Liberal response went off the charts! Guess the Donald must’ve struck a nerve, huh? And Rick Perry, oh don’t get me started, talking about how “offended” he was by Trump’s remarks. All them Mexicans pouring over the border for the entire TWELVE years he held office didn’t bother him a bit, now DID it? As usual Perry glommed onto a talking point. Hope he can remember his lines in his NEXT televised debate.

Hilliary is the President Designate. That’s called self promotion, folks. A great and wise philosopher, Adolf Hitler once said, “No matter how big the lie, if you keep repeating it, it will be accepted as truth!”‘ The Jews are the enemy, Hillary is the president . . . see how that works? Donald Trump is a racist, Hilliary is a woman of the people. And I’m bigger than Willie Nelson!

What I’m gonna do is double down on the facts. I’ll try to make them palatable for everyone but PEOPLE, SCOTUS just legitimized sodomy! C’mon! That’s not a conspiracy theory. You won’t believe how I’m dodging vulgarity in this article. Liberals gleaning my articles for racism while they’re waving rainbow flags. Look what the Confederate flag stood for, yeah, yeah, yeah, and look what that Rainbow flag REALLY stands for! Do you really want your kids and grand kids to accept THAT as normal? And don’t be jellyfish about it, you KNOW I’m right!

Will Trump be able to untangle the Obama mess? Not all of it. Will Hillary enhance that mess? You betcha! Will Texas Patriots continue to fight that mess? Absolutely. The only problem is when someone like Donald Trump yells, “Charge!” we can’t go off in fifty different directions because I’ll assure you the Gay, radical, illegal, left certainly will NOT!

Stand By For News!

I spent an entire day yesterday watching the furor over the Confederate flag. I could have put my time to better use, I can assure you, but every story, every note, every status on Facebook had a flag on it. The GAYS even have a flag! I didn’t know that. I personally think it should be pink, but what do I know, right?

Then came a story that ISIS has invented a new way to kill people, three new ways, actually, and if you know me, I made a tuna sandwich, a pitcher or martinis, and went looking for that! Then, of course the story about Obama selling Kansas to the Chinese, Hilliary has dated Yoko Ono, and Bruce Gender had her first period! Then, a great light appeared unto me. It was exceedingly bright, and I was sore afraid. And a voice came from the light, like a thousand trumpets, and the voice said, “Come here!” So I put down my martini, and went unto the voice, and the voice got holy, and powerful, and resounded-duh . . . And the voice said, “Gimme some of dat samitch!”

So I gave the voice the sandwich, and I was filled with wisdom at that point. And the wisdom was this: The Mainstream Media long ago lost ALL credibility. Gone are the days when Patton strode onto the beach, or Kennedy stared down the Russians, or Dr. King walked fearlessly down the streets of Selma. Now some guy says he’s a woman, cuts his Johnson off, and the world stops turning. The big bucks news will pump any story, no matter how stupid until you’d think that was the only thing happening in the entire world at that given moment of time. LEAD story,too! JESUS CHRIST could return, and He’d be upstaged by some transvestite tripping, and spilling a Coke on a parking lot! Oh yeah, did ya’ll know the Pope is a communist? There was even a story about Miley Cyrus poking fun at the Bible. Like that’s a surprise? Have you checked out her little dance step. I liked when she was Hanna Montana, but what do you do when you grow up, and lose your contract because you’re basically ugly, and a slut? That’s an old word my younger readers need to get used to. Slut: Prostitute who’s too stupid to charge for it.

And, of course, everybody’s looking forward to the race war that’s coming. A few kids with their pants sagging sit down in the street and “IT’S A RACE WAR, IT’S A RACE WAR!” We already HAD a race war back in the 1860’s. Oh God, here come the flags again! I found ONE story worth reading, and that was the one about the one-legged vet who had to put his dog down. The dog was trained to sniff out seventy different bombs, and had saved many lives. The whole town turned out to accompany him to the doctor, and go to rest. Uh, didn’t see any Confederate flags in the crowd.

Then I caught Chris Green, Alternative TV, and of course he was ranting and raving about that flag flap. Then he turned on Col. Allen West. He showed a clip of some black, bearded fanatic, and kept calling him Col. West. I was reminded of an old George Carlin line; Seems fairly intelligent . . . Ah! He’s full of s . . . .!” You have to watch conspiracy theorists just about as close as you watch Main Stream Media. Right before Green regurgitated his dialog he did a commercial trying to sell body armor to all the nice folks out there waiting for Jade Helm to kick in, oh don’t get me started! We are going through that flap down here in Texas right now. I’m sure there is SOMETHING there, because even Governor Abbott is putting armor plating on his wheel chair. (You’d think that after getting the Governor’s office he’d have picked up a Hoveround somewhere along the way, wouldn’t you?) it’s a nice fantasy, I guess. I have a fantasy. Me, locked away in a bomb shelter, hiding from Jade Helm, with five Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and a case of Jim Beam. Do THAT math!

So, I found myself having coffee this morning, waiting to see what’s next. Will ISIS invade New York? Will the Jews take over the world? Will Bruce Gender become pregnant? Will global warming make California a bigger desert than it’s always been? Will we have to read yet another story from Roof’s stepmother (another slut) telling us what a “nice boy” he really was? Will Alex Jones sell yet another water purification system? Stand by for NEWS!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


You know, sometimes there is a story I don’t want to touch. I’ll draw a line in the sand and make the decision not to write about it, but the next day I’ll realize that I must. So it is with the recent shootings in South Carolina. First, let’s examine the twisted mind of the shooter. DON’T! He’s crazy. He needs to be shot! Any man who can sit through a Bible study for an hour and then kills nine people does not need understanding. If you understand him YOU need to be shot!

This story has so many elements it is unfathomable. Black, white, liberal, conservative, religious, irreligious, it’s almost as if it were designed. This man exhibited hatred I never saw while growing up in 1950’s Louisiana. Even my father and grandfather didn’t think like that. Let’s peel that onion.

Obama took to the airways and almost before he took his third breath he was touting gun control. Like the song says, “When will they ever learn?” The lesson in simple, but no doubt it will be lost on liberal gun control advocates. There is no “gun control!” I’m going to explain the 2nd in very clear and simple terms. People have the right of self defense should they so choose. If that amendment were adhered to in its purity that deranged killer would not have been so confident when he entered that church. He KNEW he was the only person with a gun, and he could take his sweet time strolling around the church shooting at will, indeed, reloading FIVE times because he KNEW the sheep had nowhere to turn.

When you remove an absolute you infuse doubt. What is an absolute? A gun free zone! People tend to equate a gun free zone with a smoke free zone. Not so. A gun free zone is an insurance policy for a killer. If even the possibility of one gun in the crowd exists that removes confidence needed to go about killing everything that moves. Oh, I can hear the liberal response now. If anyone had a gun it might have been worse. A miss aimed bullet might have hit an innocent person. Now, I know liberals don’t have a frontal lobe, but I always assumed they still had a brain stem, that part that makes their heart and lungs work. There weren’t any missed shots, the shooter was spot on because he had all the time in the world to aim!

You cannot deny this. Liberals have become task masters at denying the obvious, men are women, white is the new black, reality is whatever you imagine it to be, but life does not work like that! When you’re hiding behind a pew as a nut methodically works his way through the congregation you’ll forget about all that stuff, and really understand what that amendment means! People have a right to protect their life! Even the remote possibility that one person had a gun would have altered the outcome that day. That is an irrefutable fact!

Let me hammer that nail a little more. If it were possible that anyone might have a gun in all situations it would make crazy people consider the cost of their actions. In that theater in Colorado, the church in South Carolina, on many campuses all across the country, if a killer knows that he may only fire one shot he would weigh the cost, and if he proceeded he would pay the price! In short order the misaligned of society would come to realize this doesn’t work, and the body count would drop!

Liberals, you will never get rid of all the guns. Guaranteed there will always be one left, and you don’t want to know who’s going to have it. Jesus said to sell your coat and buy a sword. Peter cut a man’s ear off. There will violent men who know no bounds, and will prey upon to innocent. There will always be the meek who will run from a fight if given any chance at all, but as I’ve said time and time again, even a good dog has the right to bite. Does the event in South Carolina upset me? You bet it does, because I’ve always felt safe in church. Also I know Obama is an idiot, and he will use this to forward his bizarre vision of the world that he’s been pushing for the last six years. You want to see where this leads? I give you . . Obamanation!

People and Dogs

Well, let’s talk about Confederate flags, racism and dogs today. Why should you people have a calm day? When I was growing up in Louisiana, anger over the loss of the Civil War was still very much alive. The adults didn’t much mix with black folk, but they HATED Yankees. I never even saw a Yankee until I moved to Texas, and she was married to a soldier. I remember being fascinated that she looked pretty much like us, all but that hair. She had this short haircut. My mother told me that was because she was a prostitute, and Yankee marriage didn’t mean much because they didn’t know who their fathers were anyway. She also smoked cigarettes in public. Southern girls didn’t smoke in public, they dipped Garett snuff in private. Kiss that!

The bitterness over the loss of the war was drilled into us at a young age. Even our teachers schooled us about it. Them bastard Yankees came down and beat up on all the southern gentlemen, raped all the white women, and outlawed whiskey, all in the same breath. In my young mind the north was this huge boiling pot of people who talked funny, and the south was about the size of Louisiana. I didn’t really know much about black people, they cooked meals at school, but I KNEW a Yankee was just about as low as you could get on the food chain if you discounted monkeys. Then, there was this flag!

Now, the state flag of Louisiana had a bird on it, and the Confederate flag was not waved around much. The last time it got waved around all them Yankees showed up. The Confederate flag symbolized defeat! People in Louisiana had a hard enough time swallowing a whipping without having something waving above the statehouse reminding them of it on a daily basis, hence the bird! As I grew older I was set back by other states having that thing on display. Didn’t anybody tell them we lost? The Confederate flag wasn’t a source of pride for us it was an embarrassment, as useless as Confederate money.

Over the years that flag came to mean hill billy, countrified, inbred, stupid, and beat. The Dukes of Hazzard! Texans clung to the Lone Star, much as they do today. They viewed the Confederate flag with about as much disdain as they did the stars and stripes. The Yankees rolled over Louisiana as if it were a freeway, they asked permission to enter Texas AFTER the war! The Confederate flag meant nothing to Texans. At any given moment Texas was ready to take its star back and let the Nortés keep the change.

For people to use the Confederate flag as a rallying point for racism is alien to me. The Yankees whipped us. The Confederacy lost, Texas did not. Don’t wave something in my face reminding me of a butt stomping. That’s like keeping you ex-wife’s panties in a drawer hoping she’ll come back some day and put them on. I hear all the time, “I never owned any slaves, why do you keep reminding me of it?” Well, I didn’t fight in the Civil War, let it go!

There are two species on this planet that hang together but have little in common. People and dogs. Think about it. Most other animals look pretty much alike. A Zebra is a Zebra is a Zebra, but a DOG? I submit for your approval a Chihuahua and a Saint Bernard. Connect THEM dots! Now, people are mostly the same size and shape, but unlike dogs, color messes us up. Dogs, well they just sniff butts and take it from there. Dogs have it all figured out, and I will remind you that dogs usually won’t fight until after the obligatory butt sniff. People are the only species that has its mind pretty much made up beforehand.

I watched a lot of video yesterday about white supremacy. David Duke is a bit of a segregationist, but he HATES Jews! Now David is as crazy as an outhouse rat. He’s from Louisiana, by the way, and I suppose that means something, but the one that really tripped me out was this professor giving a lecture on the dominance of Caucasians over practically every other race on the planet. And he made his case, too. At the end of that lecture I was ready to sew up a sheet, and burn me a cross, but I ran out of beer, and his logic fell apart.

All men are created equal, but then their mamas bring them home from the hospital, and therein lies the problem. You have to be a THINKING human being. Did you read all that stuff at the beginning of this article? In my first ten years on this planet, adults were really pounding that lunacy into my still forming mind. As I grew older, and more data was brought in, I began to see things as they truly were. THAT’S why I have no sympathy whatsoever for people who grow up in the projects and think THAT is the way the world is! If you crack open any human head chances are you’ll find a brain. A child will listen, and accept what it’s told by adults right up until this thing we call puberty kicks in, and then that brain starts formulating it’s OWN ideas. By the age of sixteen I had rejected practically everything my father ever told me.

This kid in South Carolina was a sick little bastard, still fighting the Civil War, probably could not find a woman, and was living a mindset I left back in Louisiana in 1962. You take a Norté like that, give him a gun, pump him up with Prozac and CNN has a field day. If David Duke has a son I’ll bet he looks like him! What amazes me is intelligent people trying to UNDERSTAND him. Pat Garrett did NOT try to understand Billy the Kid, he shot him in the back of the head. Wyatt Earp did NOT discuss the second amendment with the Clantons. You cannot micro-analyze a fool! And the cops are STILL studying this idiot. “Uh, why’d you go and shoot all them folks?” “I was trying to restart the Civil War!” He was looking at all them Confederate flags a flying and just couldn’t figure out what that really meant. I figured that crap out when I was ten years old.

Follow the money, folks. As long as the flag waves the main stream media will make sure the winds never die. They will find SOME deranged red neck who’s willing to say “nigger” on national TV. Al Sharpton most likely opened a whole new bank account just to hold all the money he plans to make from this. Kids will stream out of the projects and burn every Mercedes they can find, and Obama will get his trade agreement passed while we’re all staring at a Confederate flag. Wouldn’t it be much easier if we all just sniffed each other’s butts?