A Different World

IMG_2220I remember a world that was far different from the world I woke up in this morning. I remember parades in every town great or small, and not just Christmas, or New Year’s Day. I remember the flag being waved, not stomped. I remember a time, a time when the expression, “Write your congressman” wasn’t the worn out punch line to a tired old joke. I remember a man who would never turn his back on the need to defend his country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and those who swore that oath forswore themselves. And I was that man. I wrote an article, not long ago, No Taxation Without Representation, that got me to wondering. Did I have the courage to do a thing that was once patriotic, but now illegal? Indeed, there were times when people had to make the choice to do something that is patriotic and illegal. It has been a terrible few weeks because the more I thought about it, the more I see how our government has been closing off all the rational approaches to patriotism. I produce media that I hope will arouse others to patriotism, but up until today I’ve been unable to honestly say where the line between talk and action is.  A time where the love of country is considered lies! What happened is I woke up today, and I didn’t know that it would be a day much different than those days that have come to represent how different the world has become. I rose, I prayed, I drank coffee as I checked the News Feeds, and my email. I shaved, bathed and dressed, and finally I offered up an extra prayer, as I often do on those days when I find myself among such people of our still great nation, who still have enough red blood in them to meet unbidden to discuss freedom. What made today different is that I saw someone different than most of us. Someone who does not wonder what they will do for their country, and for our freedom, even if we don’t celebrate their sacrifice. A true heroine, not in uniform, not strong of limb or a leader of troops, but rather a little girl. Small in stature, but with the courage of a child raised to believe that she is as good as anyone, and the conviction of a child wrongly orphaned. A few precious moments with her restored me to that time I thought long gone. It wasn’t such a different world after all.  Back when we were all in this thing together. I’ll say no more, for what else is there to say? I saw a little girl today. A girl whose father was cut down on national television in front of all of us, yet whose voice has not been stilled! If you, too, what has become of your world, indeed, of your own lives and spirits, if you do not like this different world in which we live, join me in supporting that little girl!


The Onion

From the death of Lavoy Finicum to little boys knocking on the door expecting a deceased father to answer, it has been a rocking year. We saw Donald Trump travel from amusing to not so much, and Republicans dropping out of the race faster than you can get a Big Mac at lunch. We discussed how America has failed some of us, and lied to all of us, and the combination of the articles began to peel like an onion when you step back, and begin to take it all in. The Onion began with nobody wanting to die and progressed from Oregon to Texas.

Burns, Oregon was still going during the next week, and I did a little bit of research on one Porter Rockwell. There are dots here, but you really gotta connect ‘em. I did this fairly well. It ended sadly when we lost good friend, and patriot, Johnny Johnson toward the beginning of the week.

Then I jumped on Beyonce in the third week. Dancing KKK and David Koresh. I don’t make it easy on myself, I’ll tell you. I talked about getting drunk, and pale horses, complete with graphs.

In the next week I turned to history as my grandchildren went to San Antonio, and fought the battle of the “Alamode.” We lost a judge, which was. . . special, and long about this time “The Donald” began to show some real numbers.

The fifth week led us back into the discussion of abortion, which is quite black and white, mainly black because that’s who Planned Parenthood is wiping out. My slippery friend, Teddy Bear, uncovered the Trump Machine setting up the south for a sweep, and by golly, that’s what happened. Just me and Rush, folks. Then I went looking for the fabled forty acres and a mule and wound up quoting Rubio’s silly “real estate deal” statement from the debates.

The following week saw David Duke crawl out from under his rock, a discussion about hand sizes, and a rather unscholarly poke at Ted Cruz. Then, trying for a spot on Animal Planet, I discussed the Jackalope.

Wound up in Utah, and arrived just in time for their primary. This was a two-week catchup because I’d been looking for a cup of coffee. Since I was right in the middle of it, I wrote a lot about guns, Finicum, and gun control.

Trump, no knock, and BS. Yep, that just about sums up the week here. I was so rolled up in Utah it was amazing that I could type at all, but I did.

This brings us down to the next week or so. Jesus in a cowboy hat, to Lin Ching in one of those funny cone shaped hats, the last week saw something called “Scared” which I’m told got a lot of attention. I didn’t think much of it, but then, who am I?

I think is along about this time that I caught religion and started expounding the Mormons in Utah. I had to eventually get off that and just come home to Texas, and upon returning the place was still there, and still leaving the US,

IMG_2955You have to understand that the organization of the articles are all there, maybe a little mixed at times. I drew the weekly reports on the fly, and sometimes they get a bit much to keep up with it all, but, if you peel the onion here you will find a little book of recent history with commentary, brought to you free, by Bill the Butcher.

The Two Weeks That Were

I missed my weekly summary last week because I was on the road so this is the TWO weeks that were. I’m up in Utah for a week or two, and I’m getting plugged into the climate, both weather wise and political. My sinuses cleared up. God, I hope I’m not allergic to Texas. I touched on something yesterday, and I’m going to start off there. In Them and Us I tried to tie in the common interests of Utah and Texas, which are profound. Brigham Young was a lot like Donald Trump. Now, the man had his ways, but he took a group of people and struck out for the desert to found a nation, and a culture, and like Texas, the LDS people are clinging to their heritage. My message was, “We are with you. You are not alone.”

Guns, Glory, and Midgets was in response to some fool who went after me on gun control. This guy was a classic, and I just couldn’t put him away. This is a real danger, people. These people are out there, and they make kids! I can’t believe that a man who thinks like this has the brain cells to power a heart and liver, but I’m not a doctor. Talk about zombie. Here it is, I say HERE IT IS!

Suspicious was actually three ideas that came together that was sent to me by Kate Beecham, Casey Nunez, and Teddy Bear. I began to see a common denominator and tied them up with a pretty bow.

The Law of the Jungle was in answer to the current rage of protesting Donald Trump’s rallies. Was it racist enough for ya? Hey, Ah’m from TEXAS, and I don’t buy into Political Correctness one little bit.

Ain’t No Run When The Rabbit’s Got The Gun was after I watched LaVoy Finicum’s daughter wipe her nose and talk about her daddy. God! I love that  kid! If you ever have any doubt about what we are up against just pull your head out of Mr. Butt, and look this little girl in the face.

Dramatic New Footage From Oregon. One picture is worth a thousand words, and this was the one picture that clearly shows a government that is out of control. The cell phone footage from inside the SUV in Oregon shows terrified people, a useless attack, and a man that was no threat to the officers. Finicum was on his way to a sheriff. Why were the Oregon State Police, and FBI so scared of a sheriff?

The Enemy Within dispels the myth of Carlos the friendly orange picker. Our borders are under attack. No other country in the world puts up with what we have going on down there, and the administration tries to make Americans who scream about it look like a bunch of irrational fanatics. Point of fact: ONE Mexican got over the White House fence and almost shut down the government. If you go to the Texas border you’d think you were at the Alamo. Yet again, Trump is on point, and keeps sticking that point to the government time, and time again.

As a complimentary piece San Jacinto Redux puts flesh on the bones of illegal immigration. My man in the street, Teddy Bear, has identified the organized effort to place not orange pickers, but soldiers in place, all over America, for the day when they rise up, with the help of the UN, and take over the country. Scary stuff if you’re not a Texan. Houston knew the remedy for the Alamo, and we know the one for this.

Thought I’d give a little lesson in politics so I wrote See Ted Run. Simple piece, really, with a simple message. Since this article, Rubio dropped out, and Cruz is jockeying for a VP slot. Times sure change fast.

Think I can’t be Politically Correct, or sanitize a piece?  I wanted so BAD to call this one Super Tuesday and Hand Jobs, but opted for Super Tuesday and Hand SIZES. No wonder the Democrats laugh at us.

Man! I didn’t even know there WAS still a KKK until I wrote David Duke. Fact: If there is still a Klan the members have to show up in their wheel chairs and oxygen, but, they still scare the pants off of “some” people. All in all, this was a dirty trick by the Dems to discredit Trump just like the guys in sheets photographed holding Trump signs. You remember those guys. The ones with the black hands?

Even though I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore I still feel the need for confession and Arrested For Driving While Blind was it. I’d love to say I made this article up, but fact is I held back because I want to continue to work for the Trib.

And that was the weeks that were. I’m on vacation, but I’ll be back in Texas soon. Hopefully the politicians will continue to provide me with subjects to expound on, and the price of whiskey doesn’t go up too much. Ya’ll be cool. Peace out!

Them and Us


Them and us. Remember that, there’ll be a quiz later. Ask yourself, what do Stephen F. Austin and Brigham Young have in common?  What led the Mormons to the Salt Lake Valley was partly religious persecution, and partly a bad case of “Them and Us.” As a Texan, I can understand who “them” were. They were Americans, or the facsimile thereof. Brigham Young picked the most God awful place you could imagine. A lake you can’t drink, weather you have to endure, and inhabitants who didn’t want you there. All this, and the Mormons clawed an existence out of the desert that rivaled San Francisco.

Now, my regular readers know what I think of organized religion, but I shall summarize. We all have a “God Hole” in our head, and something has to fill it. I fill mine with whiskey, but some folks just gotta have ritual, rules, holy this and holy that, and that’s ok if it makes them feel good. Brother Young used the God Hole to keep the faithful on the straight and narrow, because in the high desert if you weren’t on the straight and narrow you’d find yourself under the sand in no time. In short, it worked. What happens in this country when a group of people find a system that works? Well, the Americans come and steal it, that’s what. “Manifest Destiny is just another term for non-consensual sex. In due time the army was dispatched to put the Mormons in their place. The Civil War intervened and eventually the LDS people traded surplus wives for statehood, got “Deseret” trimmed down to size and you have the Utah we see today. Still, from the Mormon point of view, them and us.

The Mormons have a very tight culture, and there is a difference between Mormon culture, and Mormon religion. After years of persecution, they are very suspicious of “them.” As they cling to their civilization they see the edges crumbling all around them, and they struggle to hold it together. If you will note, the Americans did not come calling until after Salt Lake City was built, and the industrious Mormons had turned a profit at the instructions of their “prophet.” Them never builds, they steal from us. Now, let’s move on.

Now, let’s take a trip to Texas. Again, bunch of people went to a hell of a place, carved out a life, fought a war, joined the “Union,” got trimmed down to size, and then it was them and us. Texas got a bigger screwing than Utah in that it was occupied under rules of defeat until C. J. Grisham mounted the Capitol steps in Austin and waved his gun at the governor, all legal, breaking the hold of the 1871 law forbidding Texans to protect themselves. Texas has an organized nationalist movement, a militia, a government in place for the republic, oil, cattle, tech, seaport, and all the Mexicans. Utah is different. Utah has no secession movement, no organization, and no “national” identity, but it does have a firm, family oriented foundation, and that puts them directly opposed to the American system of today, emphasizing them and us!

It is not what America was founded on, but what it has become that makes it an abomination to Mormons. And this is creeping into the state. Salt Lake City has a gay mayor. Just think about that. In a place where people don’t even drink coffee they have a pervert for a mayor. That tells you something about demographics. There are more perverts in Salt Lake City than there are Temple Mormons. Texas began the slide some time ago. Houston had a perv running the city, so we can’t talk, but Texas does have a solid core. Ask Wendy Davis how talking up abortion to a bunch of Mexican Catholics worked out for her in the last election.

Utah, and Texas have something in common. . . them and us. We have all been screwed by the Americans, or rather the perversion of America as we had come to understand it. In the ruins of Deseret and the Republic of Texas there is a remnant. Guess who speaks directly to that remnant? Donald Trump, because he, too, believes in America. He’s one of “us.”  Remember the Southern Strategy I told you about some time back? Well, just switch that to “Western Strategy.” You see the Trump train rides on the rails of righteous anger. The outrage of the people who are sick and tired of what “them” are doing to “us.”

And it doesn’t matter what the religion is. The right to run your own business, your state, have your family safe, your border secure, and know that you won’t get shot for trying to drive to the sheriff’s office is important to these people. To have a culture where it means something to be a member of a church, have no abortion clinics in town, no vets homeless while illegals collect welfare. . . those things mean something, and that’s what Trump is pounding home. Have you noticed that every time one of his rallies is protested by “them” there are suddenly more of “us” supporting Mr. Trump? His message just becomes louder. DUDES! He’s a New York real estate broker, he doesn’t care about your religion, unless you’re a Muslim, and frankly I agree with him.

It’s not just Texas and Utah. Practically every part of the nation has people who have struggled to make a better life for our kids only to have it taken from us to given to them. Them and us. Interesting note: During Jade Helm 15 both Utah, and Texas were designated “Hostile.” Jus’ sayin’. Also interesting in that the first blood to be shed in this fight was the blood of a Mormon, LeVoy Finicum. There is more to come.

We must all rally to Donald Trump’s call. We must stand with him. The Republican leadership will steal the nomination if they can. Utah, and Texas, and all real Americans need to double down, and get Trump nominated, and then show Hillary the door. Make America Great Again! Mr. Trump is taking attacks from all sides, and it’s all spin and lies because “them” knows that if he wins, “us” wins, and they can’t have that. That’ll be the end of the world bankers controlling congress, of the BLM stealing land, or the illegal immigrant welfare express and the insidious occupation of the New World Order. It will be the reinstatement of America. The America envisioned by the founding fathers, and cherished by “us.” Let’s show “them” the door.

Oh, what did Austin and Young have in common? Two things; they knew how to organize a nation, and they were both in real estate. So much for Rubio’s little crack about this not being a real estate deal. Like I said, it is a real estate deal. . . it’s called America! And America belongs to us, not them!

That Was The Week That Was


Week that was this week started slow. I was battling sinus with Claritin and Aleve, and the ol’ brain wasn’t hooking up, but time marches on. I think my sinus came from a Sunday trip to San Antonio, which I detailed in The Battle of the Alamode. This had a funny, yet serious side. The antics if the grandkids were uplifting, unfortunately the United Nations had moved the Alamo to New York City or somewhere so they were deprived of that first visit. No matter, they hadn’t been taught what the building was all about anyway. I went to HEB and bought a copy of the Billy Bob Thornton movie to educate them, but the movie was overruled by “Teen Titans.”

As you know, Judge Scalia died this week. Actually, I dodged this because I couldn’t connect the dots to Texas, but eventually wrote Judge Scalia Saga when I found out that no autopsy was ordered, and Obama was being, well, Obama. Personally, I don’t see any mystery in his death, but hey folks, JFK got his head blown off in front of thousands of people and even he got an autopsy, albeit illegal because his body was spirited to DC so the CIA could set the results.

Once in a blue, blue moon I actually research a subject and try to be informative. The Great Peace was such an effort. I’ve learned that when I research a subject, and use four syllable words I fail miserably. Jus’ sayin’. All the article was saying was we, as a people, have “been there, done that.” ISIS is no crisis, and it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House, the song remains the same.

After the overwhelming success of that article I retreated to Texas subjects again, and wrote right off the top of my head. Texas Has Survived simply laid out facts that make the Yankees mad, and Texans glad. Texas is an easy subject because Norte’s are so bad. They barrel down here by the plane load just to tell us that we don’t know what we’re doing. Enjoy your brisket, gringos!

After a week of non-events, Donald Trump delivered Cruz a profound butt-stomping and I did a political article analyzing the contenders for the nomination, one not contending anymore as the Bush dynasty died nasty. Slobber and Vote wasn’t kind, but it brought things down to a manageable level with good common sense. I particularly like my last paragraph. It was apparent that the Claritin worked, and I could see my laptop again.

So, as we march toward Super Tuesday with anticipation Texas marches toward divorcing America like an unfaithful wife. I am reminded of the Talking Heads song saying, “Same as it ever was,” but liberals need “Start swimming, or they’ll sink like a stone because times they are a changing!” I get a laugh at all the Hollywood types who swear they’ll leave the US if Trump wins. I’m cool with that, just don’t come to Texas! The liberals have held sway for seven and one-half years, and as it draws to a close they are showing their colors. They put Obama in office because he’s black, and now they are trying to follow up by putting Hillary in office because she’s a woman. And they call me a racist!

In a healthy political environment you can disagree. The actual difference between a liberal and a conservative is about ten percent, but the libtards try to make it seem like conservatives are from another planet. That’s what happens when your kids don’t study the Alamo.

Texas Has Survived


Texas has survived in spite of continual attacks for the last one hundred and eighty years! From the time that Santa Anna crossed the Rio Grande until the attacks on the Red River by the BLM, Texas has been a target for outlanders looking to clean up on the Lone Star State. During this entire time Texas has maintained at least a semblance of sovereignty, forging ahead to create the tenth largest economy in the world. Low taxes, willing workers, and a fine climate have lured corporations not back to the United States, but back to Texas!

The secessionist movement draws a lot of negative attention, but the Texas movement is one of seriousness. When Houston, Austin, Crockett, and others, fought for independence in 1836, they formed a coalition under the rule of law, with many arguments as to who controlled what, where the money was going to come from, declarations of independence, and planning the war against a lawless regime, quite similar to the one the Americans have imposed today!

Entrenched governments always have more guns than they need, and they use those guns to impose their will. Notice in the events in Nevada, and Oregon, the rule of law was second, guns were the tools of choice when government tries to make its point. Now they have Cliven Bundy in custody, and are stacking up to ninety-six years prison time on him, and they’re still ignoring the rule of law, and still depending on their guns!

Ok, let’s get to the bottom line. If Nevada or Oregon secedes from the union what does America really loose? Vegas and a few fish. If Texas leaves they lose the bottom dollar supporting just about their entire show, a butt-load of gasoline, cars, cows, and even that little pill they have to take every night to keep their girlfriends happy!   Texas has it all, hell ya’ll, we’ve even got Ebola!

The main stream media rails against Texas, making fun of our hats, girls, and our guns, but the alternative media streams more from Texas than any other place. Raging Elephants, Alex Jones, and even Glenn Beck continue to pound facts up the MSM’s posterior, and after Glenn’s little statement about God killing Judge Scalia, I’ll agree he’s two bubbles short of plumb, but he’s still in Texas! Ted Cruz is from Texas! Hey, if that African witch doctor in the White House can say he’s from Hawaii, Ted can say he’s from Houston, ok? You see, Texas is not all bent up about where your feet hit the ground first so long as you got to Texas as soon as you could.

You won’t see a great war of independence in Texas, you’ll just wake up one day and we’ll be gone. Texas is a de-facto republic, and I’ve sat on the Capitol grounds, listening to some Yankee go on and on about how silly we are, but that’s why he was in Texas in the first place. Weren’t no money left in New York! The main thing you need to know is that Texas will survive. The economy will continue to grow, people will continue to stream across the borders, and yes, oil prices are down, but the gas still burns! The only thing we have to watch out for is people bringing liberal ideas in, ruining a good thing. California is just a pretty prison. The state of Nevada belongs to the Fed, and Syria is safer to live in than Chicago, and boys and girls, if you don’t believe that, then I’ve still got that bridge on sale!

There’s a Mad Man Down in Waco

David Koresh

Once, not long ago, there was a mad man down in Waco. Over many articles my readers have become used to my views on life, religion, and my struggle to understand those views. I didn’t arrive at these without some consideration, but one event seems pivotal to my evolution into a realist. I’m not going to call myself a secular humanist because my friend, Mikee Bee has pointed out to me that the term is more anti-Christian, and that is not my intent, so I’m inventing a new term. I’m hereby initiating the faith of “Wilburism.” There! That makes me my own Pope, so I make all the rules and speak ex catherdra!

I wasn’t going to touch the events in Oregon last night. I have firm views on what’s going on in Burns, but remember that I’m Tex-Centric, and that provides a bias to my reasoning on things like that. I listened to the live feed last night, and was amazed at the number of prayers said, but more amazed as the situation went from lost to found. No angel came down and chased the FBI off, but something did change the hearts and minds of all involved, and the situation went from “lock and load” to rest until tomorrow. Now, this article is going to be long and deep so bear with me. I have a decided point, so those with ears, let them hear.

Man is driven by right, and wrong, legal, and illegal. If you go looking for justice you’ll go crazy. Some turn to philosophy, and some to the Bible. The Bible is a compilation of writings, and books over a period of time spanning from two thousand to three thousand years ago, depending on how you date the original documents, of which there are no longer any original documents. Those are called “autographs,” and it’s very hard to get sheep skin and paper made from reeds to hold up that long. You have the Torah, the five books of Moses, and frankly that’s the most solid documentation I’ve found. The Jews have a number system to verify the accuracy of the Torah, and Jews don’t deviate much, so I’ll go with their system. These books all seem pretty straight forward. Rules to live by, some kind of explanation of who we are and where we came from, and a little outright history of a people trying to carve out their existence in a dry and thirsty land. Then there’s some poetry, a few old guys fussing about the good old days, and a few prophets trying to make sense of it all.

Spring forward about four hundred years and we have the “New” Testament. Now for Christians this collection is a clarification of the Old Testament, for fundamental Christians this replaces the Old Testament. Now, never mind that Yeshua (that’s right, that was his name) was a practicing Jew, up to observing his last Passover a few hours before his death. Rabbi Yeshua even said he didn’t come to change anything. He believed in the Torah down to the last little dot on the scroll. What he didn’t believe in was huge financial empires disguising themselves as religion and selling salvation by the shilling. His message was very simple. What you sow you shall surely reap!

Yeshua never wrote a grocery list, but that’s ok because he had a whole flock of people following after him that we’re more than happy to take on that job. And if he didn’t say it, no problem, they would just put the words in his mouth. Religious scholars pretty much agree that the story of the stoning of the sinful woman probably never happened, but the statement, “He who among you is without sin cast the first stone,” was something that sounds so “Christ like” he SHOULD’VE said it! And the last verses of the book of Mark are such an obvious addition it’s laughable, but that doesn’t stop hillbillies in the back woods reaches of the United States from kissing rattlesnakes!  They pray to God that the snakes don’t kiss back.

There are four gospels. Actually, there were many more, but all the others didn’t get enough votes at the Council of Nicaea and got pushed out. There is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and then some hippy called John. None of these were written by any if the Apostles, but rather by understudies of understudies a couple of centuries later. And since the copies of the copies of the copies were all made by semi-illiterate scribes with agendas we don’t know WHAT they really said!  It is interesting to note that if you look in most Bibles, they say, “The Gospel According to Mark, etc.” You see, in the first century all believers thought Jesus would be back the day after tomorrow so they didn’t bother to write anything down. Couple hundred years later even the slowest of them began to wise up and scurried around trying to assemble the “Gospel.”

The original effort to clarify what Yeshua really meant was a guy named Paul. Now Paul never met him, but he said he saw him on a lonely road, got slapped blind and saw the light. After that, anything that Yeahua really said that was a bit too Jewish for the Greeks and Romans he just fixed it and everyone called it “Pauline.” We all live in a yellow submarine. If you read between the lines of Paul’s letters you’ll see statements like, “See how large I make my letters,” and “If they could have, they would have pulled their own eyes out and given them to me.” Paul was not completely healed on Straight Street, he never lost the spots before his eyes, and in that moment he knelt before the sword, the spots told him that he had seen something! Hence we have hundreds, if not thousands of different Christian sects, all dancing to a different drummer that only they can hear. And, let’s not forget our friends the Mormons, who gave up on the entire proposition and just wrote their own!  I’m not going to get in a screaming debate with these people, but let me just ask, do you honestly believe that an angel appeared to some kid in the woods and gave him ancient tablets?  As a 21st century, thinking man or woman, with toilette paper and an iPad, do you REALLY believe that?  If you do, I will take checks or money orders for that bridge I have on sale. Nuff said.

And we have Islam. Put the fatwas down, I’m not making this an attack on Islam but it’s the same deal. Now, I’m not going to run Mohammed down much because that would take an entire article, but think about it. A cave, an angel, a book, or recitations, ever how you buy it. He was probably an ok guy when he was selling rugs, and whipping camels across the desert, and he certainly had a good gig, but there seems to be a pattern here, ok? Angels get around a LOT! If I ever see an angel I’m gonna ask him, “If you stand before God, don’t give me any book, they’re just misunderstand it anyway, just let the cards fall where they will.” This is because what happened to Mohammed is what happened to Yeshua, what happened to Moses and good ol’ Joseph Smith. You start out with God, give it a couple hundred years, a little theology, and you get God Damn!  One thing, no one can write a book of rules that will apply universally for ever and ever. Times and conditions change, but some people will hold on to the old, kiss them snakes, stone teenage girls, and wear funny underwear. If the “draws” fit, wear ‘em.

I can’t even get into the Hindu faith because it’s just downright silly. The only contribution they ever made from that culture was the Karma Sutra. I have a copy of that. I don’t buy into a single syllable of that faith except for the girls in silk belly dancing outfits, which give me a warm fuzzy, and I guess in a way that is a bit spiritual.

The Creator, if there is a Creator, and I think there probably is, has simply got to be smarter than all that. He, she or it does not go by our rules and I’ll assure you that the originator of everything from atoms to galaxies is so far beyond us that we will never understand it no matter how hard we try. In my book, Sharon, she tells the preacher that theology is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. When man runs up against this wall he works around it by accepting dogma. He feels comfortable being boxed in, so long as the box is small, and he doesn’t have to think. And people kill for this. People die for this. People burn people, cut their heads off, bury them up to their necks and stone them to death because God had a friend of a friend who told them to do it. Do I think man has a soul? Yes!  If that soul survives death I don’t know, haven’t been there. One part of me hopes that there is something after the last heartbeat, but that nasty old common sense tells me that five minutes after I die I will probably know just about as much as I did five minutes before I was conceived. I don’t believe men, but I’m not stupid enough to deny Christ.

Why do I think like this? Because God doesn’t own me a thing. When that doctor slapped my butt, and I drew my first breath that was more than I’d earned, and every breath after that was a bonus, so if there is darkness in the great beyond, God hasn’t welched one little bit. Thank you God! That’s a depressing thought, isn’t it?  Not really. Not if you realize that you’ve already been there, done that. And between been there, done that, and do that again, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Get along with each other. A tribe of MONKEYS can do that. In one handful of dirt in Waco I completely realized the full extent of man’s inhumanity to man.

Now, what does all this have to do with last night? There are three kinds of people in this world, spiritualists, and realists, and a combination thereof. Spiritualists gaze toward the skies and hope for the best. Realists stare at the ground and hope for the rest. Activists see the spiritual, reach to the ground, and hurl the dust into the faces of their oppressors. I am such an activist. I listened intently last night as the YouTube feed broadcast the event in Oregon. It was almost like the Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. After three hours I was waiting for a commercial. There were four against many, a protagonist, Michelle, and the antagonist, some guy on a bull horn screaming at the people in the building, who were running around like chickens with their heads cut off dropping “F” bombs like they were working for Richard Pryor. Hey, folks, that’s the truth, I’m sorry, ok?

Notwithstanding the gravity of the situation, and most certainly not taking away from the patriotism of LaVoy Finicum, I’d just like to say that we in Texas have “been there, done that.” I went to Waco a few years ago, out on Highway 6, where there’s a vacant lot. It’s not impressive. Kinda sneaks up on you, and you’d be surprised how close it really is to town. I was there setting up the sale of some adjacent land for a group of people, and as part of my trip I wanted to see this particular track of land. If you bend down, and scratch deep enough, even to this day, there are little black flecks mixed in with the caliche. The ashes of Mount Carmel. In the blink of an eye I knew that actions, such as Burns, Oregon will not change anything except the bank accounts of a few movie producers.

Not one supporter showed up in Burns last night to even spit on the FBI. There were up to seventy thousand listeners to the live feed, but the four in the Reserve were there alone. We in Texas know that if we are going to change this we will have to be organized. The FBI, counts on the reluctance of “patriots.” If only two hundred ranchers had showed up last night with deer rifles that situation would have turned around, and the FED would have adjourned for a donut, and brothers and sisters, that’s a fact!

No one came to Mount Carmel either. There weren’t any YouTube feeds back then. The mad man down in Waco, and his little band hung bed sheets out of the windows trying to deliver messages to the media, who had no intention of delivering them to the people, just like last night, and that is a point of interest, because I don’t recall any Main stream Media in Burns last night either. They weren’t even there! This is the part where the realist reaches for the ground, and when I stared at the ground that day, long ago, I saw ashes! And neighbors, until we organize, and get out from behind our keyboards, the FBI and its fellows will bid the ashes multiply!

In conclusion, pie in the sky rhetoric and starry eyed ideals will not win this fight. It’s going to take men and women willing to throw the ashes into the eyes of the oppressors. Ask yourself, what if only one percent of those listening on YouTube last night had walked up to the FBI and just said, “NO?” They can’t shoot us all. Lots of answers in a hand full of ashes.

We Defy

In the spirit of Tommy Attaway’s book, We Defy, with the shots from Ruby Ridge still ringing in our ears, and the smoke of Mount Carmel in our nostrils, Americans are now mourning the death of Robert (LaVoy) Finicum. The “militants” act of rebellion was the simple commanding of a building to make a statement of civil disobedience that the government could not tolerate. This is the benchmark of an out of control, oppressive regime. A system so unconstitutional that even the slightest resistance is met by violence, and murder, when needed.
Remember back when Michael Brown was killed? We got to see all those people in the streets raising their hands in the air as a symbol of government oppression. Mr. Finicum’s hands really were in the air! His hands were in the air when the Feds shot him in the face. How dangerous was this Temple Mormon to the United States power brokers? How bad did they need that building in the winter?
My sympathies extend to the family. While the controversy swirls around the events at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the family has to claim the body. Most likely it is being autopsied to ascertain the “cause of death,” with the appropriate artistic efforts of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and any other department trying to change the trajectory of the bullet just like they had to do with the body of John F. Kennedy when it became difficult to explain how a bullet could not fly backwards! What gets me is they aren’t even good liars. They never are. They have the guns. They would love it if we didn’t have guns, unfortunately some fellas back in 1776 held a trump card that the Gestapo simply can’t get around, and it’s damn well time we used it!
Yeah, I really did just say that. We DEFY! If one man stands up, he dies. If a nation stands up, THEY die! Calm down. If the sufficient amount of force shows in a confrontation with these bullies, they will do what bullies always do. . . run! They ran when they rustled Cliven Bundy’s cattle. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just said that, too. The all-powerful federal government, with more fiat money than God actually stooped to stealing an old man’s cows. Where is Judge Roy Bean when we need him?
The Main Stream Media? Oh, don’t get me started. While writing this article I went to ABC News (I knew better) to get correct spellings of names, locations, and such. NADA! Couldn’t prove Robert Finicum ever lived! Lead story there. Some punk called Ethan Couch is being brought back to Texas. The funny thing is that he’ll draw a bigger crowd at the airport than Hillary did last week, and surely more than the Fox Debate sans Donald Trump!
This is not a funny story, people. An old man just got shot in the face as he raised his arms by your government. The news entities charged with reporting unbiased information gets its marching orders from an unelected bureaucracy on your dime, and it’s not even a real dime. It’s a dime pressed by some off shore bunch of illuminati who own the government that thinks it owns you! They didn’t own Robert Finicum. God owned him, and at the proper time he was called home. In the darkness of Oregon, Robert Finicum became yet one more Patriot who was called to step across William Barrett Travis’ line in the sand. Rest in peace Mr. Finicum, we’ll take care of your family, and thank you for your service.
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin