Shots Fired

Shots FiredIMG_2467! Last night I had plans of doing an article this morning about the event in Minnesota. I had watched the Facebook live feed several times, and was particularly taken by the woman being forced to her knees crying out about the whereabouts of her daughter after her boyfriend had been killed during a routine traffic stop. I planned to rip and tear at the police there, and compare them with the steady eye of Wyatt Earp. After last night in Dallas, you will never see that article.

Black Lives Matter does about as much good in relaxing racial tension in this country as throwing gasoline on a fire. If you will note, the march in Dallas was a peaceful one. That doesn’t surprise me. Last year, when we had the “swimming pool” scandal, complete with a pretty teenage girl in a yellow swimsuit, agitators, who came down from Chicago to orchestrate the event, saw their plans for anarchy evaporate in the Texas sun as the local teens showed more interest in summer break than sitting in the street disrupting traffic. During the Ferguson flap no Texas cities were burned, and there were no repercussions after the death of Sandra Bland. Texans simply don’t do that no matter what color they are.

Texas DID have an active KKK in time past. We have fought wars on our own ground, lived through Bonnie and Clyde, Indian raids, Waco (twice) Charles Whitman, Luby’s and Fort Hood. We are well seasoned in Tom Foolery. It is fashionable to point at Texans, the guns, the hats, the music, and allude to the population being a form of Neanderthal. What you saw in Dallas last night will show you that you need us Neanderthals!

When a Muslim kills, and Donald Trump raises the option to oust all Muslims, there is always an outcry from organizations such as C.A.I.R. citing that one person does not define an entire people. I’ll guarantee you that before the day is over you will hear Hillary Clinton suggesting that the best solution to last night’s event will be to disarm America, and most especially Texas! I want you to know that when the shots rang out last night one protester, a black Texan, immediately surrendered his AR-15 to an officer, showing he was not involved, and was not a danger. Please further note that the Dallas officer did not shoot the man, who was carrying the rifle as a demonstration of his second amendment rights, and a visual protest to the shooting of the man in Minnesota.

During the last eight years the dividing line between black and white has grown more solid. I’ve seen, and heard things that I haven’t seen or heard since I was a child in 1950’s Louisiana. Groups such as Black Lives Matter cause events that funnel people into the streets, and money into the pockets of the organizers, but they overlook one simple fact. The majority of Americans simply want to be left alone, and allowed to go about their lives in peace. They long for the day when they can teach their children that if they become lost, find a police officer, and he/she will get them home.

There will be no “race war.” In the 60’s the term “race war” was always in the air, while the bulk of America punched the time clock and went on about their business. While the image of the fire hoses still comes to mind, last night police officers died . . . protecting black protestors! Shots fired! I have a dream. I have a friend, Kent Frank’s. He’s black, and, yes, he’s a Yankee. He comes from the same era that I do. I want to meet him one day. I want to fly him to Austin and take him to a bar and grill I frequent on 6th street. My friend will not be in any danger. He will enjoy the Austin nights the same as anyone else, and maybe, just maybe, the sound of “shots fired” will become fainter, and fainter, until music is all we hear.


David Duke


David Duke endorsed Donald Trump. For the uninformed David was the Grand PooBah of the KKK some years back. He’s from Louisiana, which never helps, and he ended up being a senator of sorts, and apparently has a master’s degree. Whenever you mention the KKK everyone’s hair catches on fire, as opposed to the crosses I suppose. Duke runs a website where he expounds his theory on race. I have watched one of his videos, European Awakening, and I’m going to be up front, I like it. My reasons are simple. With Black Lives Mattering, and Muslim awareness, Hispanic pride, and all the rest, it was refreshing to see statues of Greeks, pretty German girls, and the architecture of Europe. It’s not against the law to be white. That having been said, the video ends with something about our DNA being a spiral to the stars.

Let’s look at racism. First off, we all have it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, humans tend to be attracted to people who look like them, and more or less suspicious of people who don’t. Dogs and cats do the same thing. It’s called “survival.” Back in the day, when we all lived in caves, the first thing you learned was if you wander into another cave you had a fair to midland chance of being supper. Hey, ice age, times were hard, wooly mammoth run fast! So we have all inherited that DNA. Learn it, live it, love it.

So, you take this trait that is ingrained in our DNA, and tell people who are unhappy with their situation that those folks over there who don’t look like them are the reason they are in the pickle they currently not enjoying. David is very good at this. He pumps up the white pride thing, and then slowly, insidiously blends in a little, shall we call it “suspicion?” Now David doesn’t really go off against the blacks, but he really has a thing for Jews. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but aren’t the Jews white folks too? I do not believe that there is a huge conspiracy of Jews to take over the world. If they tend to hang together it’s probably because that Kraut back in the 1930’s and 40’s herded them all into ovens with a new recipe for Wienerschnitzel.   And, yeah, yeah, yeah, I just called Hitler a Kraut, but I’m a Kraut, too, so deal with it! There’s also some cat who calls himself “Brother Nathaniel” out there on YouTube who packs it to the Jews on every opportunity.

David Duke was in the Klan. It seemed like the thing to do at the time, he was a new look for the organization, and eventually moved away from it. Now, I’m from Louisiana, David is from Louisiana, and I’m going to tell you something that you won’t believe. I have never seen a Klansman in person in my life. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen a Black Panther either. When you watch the Main Stream Media, you’d think these people are everywhere. Well, they’re not. Back in the ‘30’s they paraded around in sheets and hoods, burned crosses, and waved American flags. Then came the civil rights movement, and those three kids found buried in a levee over in Mississippi. Ok, let’s get real. Don Whomever dumped his enemies in the East River wearing cement overshoes. That’s because he was a gangster just like the so-called Klan of 60’s fame, which has virtually nothing to do with the movement rising up just after the Civil War. It’s just like this “Illuminati” crap. I get a lot of entertainment by watching conspiracy theorists trying to draw a line from some bunch of knights in the twelfth century to a weird stone wall in Georgia and make claims that the Clintons are related to the Bushes, and want to exterminate mankind in order to maintain control of the world.

“This is the business we’ve chosen,” uttered Roth in Godfather II. Well, identification with the Klan is the business David Duke chose. He self-identified with them, and it will follow him for the rest of his life.  People do grow. If we are normal, what we burned in our crazy minds when we were twenty will not fit into our world view when we are sixty. Now for the politics. Remember when I told you about the Trump Southern Strategy? We are seeing numbers filter in that demonstrates that the numbers in tomorrow’s Super Tuesday will lean heavily toward Donald Trump. If he makes a sweep of delegates it will prove out, and remember you heard it here on the Tea Party Tribune first, and not from Alex Jones or, God forbid, Glenn Beck! Guess what people; over ninety percent of southern republicans are white! There is a sprinkling of working, responsible black people who are just as fed up with the democrats as the whites are so you should see the field of contestants narrow considerably by supper on Tuesday.

Why didn’t Donald Trump rebuke the Duke? Because that would derail his Southern Strategy, that’s why. Though they won’t admit it, even rednecks can be politically correct, and there is a whole bunch of people from Tallahassee to Shreveport who pray in David’s direction five times a day, and they are bone tired of white lives not mattering. Oh, remember back in the first of this article that I said that David Duke knows how to capitalize on people who are unhappy for whatever reason? Well, the “Donald” knows how to do that, too. <Wink>


That Was The Week That Was


Week that was this week started slow. I was battling sinus with Claritin and Aleve, and the ol’ brain wasn’t hooking up, but time marches on. I think my sinus came from a Sunday trip to San Antonio, which I detailed in The Battle of the Alamode. This had a funny, yet serious side. The antics if the grandkids were uplifting, unfortunately the United Nations had moved the Alamo to New York City or somewhere so they were deprived of that first visit. No matter, they hadn’t been taught what the building was all about anyway. I went to HEB and bought a copy of the Billy Bob Thornton movie to educate them, but the movie was overruled by “Teen Titans.”

As you know, Judge Scalia died this week. Actually, I dodged this because I couldn’t connect the dots to Texas, but eventually wrote Judge Scalia Saga when I found out that no autopsy was ordered, and Obama was being, well, Obama. Personally, I don’t see any mystery in his death, but hey folks, JFK got his head blown off in front of thousands of people and even he got an autopsy, albeit illegal because his body was spirited to DC so the CIA could set the results.

Once in a blue, blue moon I actually research a subject and try to be informative. The Great Peace was such an effort. I’ve learned that when I research a subject, and use four syllable words I fail miserably. Jus’ sayin’. All the article was saying was we, as a people, have “been there, done that.” ISIS is no crisis, and it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House, the song remains the same.

After the overwhelming success of that article I retreated to Texas subjects again, and wrote right off the top of my head. Texas Has Survived simply laid out facts that make the Yankees mad, and Texans glad. Texas is an easy subject because Norte’s are so bad. They barrel down here by the plane load just to tell us that we don’t know what we’re doing. Enjoy your brisket, gringos!

After a week of non-events, Donald Trump delivered Cruz a profound butt-stomping and I did a political article analyzing the contenders for the nomination, one not contending anymore as the Bush dynasty died nasty. Slobber and Vote wasn’t kind, but it brought things down to a manageable level with good common sense. I particularly like my last paragraph. It was apparent that the Claritin worked, and I could see my laptop again.

So, as we march toward Super Tuesday with anticipation Texas marches toward divorcing America like an unfaithful wife. I am reminded of the Talking Heads song saying, “Same as it ever was,” but liberals need “Start swimming, or they’ll sink like a stone because times they are a changing!” I get a laugh at all the Hollywood types who swear they’ll leave the US if Trump wins. I’m cool with that, just don’t come to Texas! The liberals have held sway for seven and one-half years, and as it draws to a close they are showing their colors. They put Obama in office because he’s black, and now they are trying to follow up by putting Hillary in office because she’s a woman. And they call me a racist!

In a healthy political environment you can disagree. The actual difference between a liberal and a conservative is about ten percent, but the libtards try to make it seem like conservatives are from another planet. That’s what happens when your kids don’t study the Alamo.

America Has Failed Black People

America has failed black people. You might as well start swatting them bees right now, ‘cause it’s gonna be a long day. Lincoln came down in his war of northern aggression, and straightened out the south. Never MIND that he was wearing a cotton shirt when he did it. Never MIND the south was footing most if not all of the bills for his “federal” government, us racist rednecks had to be put in our place, and by God, he was just the man to do it. Now, he destroyed the eco-system, burned down the cities, and made sure the boot was firmly on the neck of the political devices, but he “freed” the slaves.

Lincoln did not begin his quest to free any slaves. The southern states were pulling away from the new “revised” United States, trying to preserve what the founding fathers had given us when Lincoln waited, hoping, that the new Confederacy would fire the first shot, making him the good guy. Well, he got that at Fort Sumter. I’m not going to get into all the logistics of how the north won the war, suffice to say God had no part of it. Mainly, what it involved was the very foundation of the southern government working against any organization of an army that could confront an enemy. While Lincoln could micro-manage his troops via telegraph, Jefferson Davis had to argue his way through every command as his generals all marched to a different drummer. The south did have better railroads, but all that did was deliver the Keystone Cops to the next slaughter.

But, Lincoln freed the slaves! Right? What did he do after that? Went to Ford’s theater and got his head blown off. If the south is so racist how come we don’t have any statues of John Wilkes Booth? The slaves stood up, threw off their shackles, and looked for the American Dream. Only problem was the white folk who freed them were just the same as the white folk they’d been picking cotton for, only they talked faster. The northern plan for freed slaves? Deal with it! Here’s forty acres and a mule. Now go to New York and start a bank. Every once in a blue moon they’d let one or two through the gate so they could wave them around showing that the plan worked. Well, it didn’t!

A couple weeks ago I saw an interesting idea. If we took the 1.5 BILLION up for grabs in the PowerBall, divided it by 300,000,000 (the approximate population of the United States) it would come to 4.33 million dollars for every man, woman, child, and transsexual in the country, and supposedly, there would be no more poverty. If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale. (Make that the Brooklyn Bridge!) The Master said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, the poor you shall always have.” If we had distributed that money, one year later we’d have exactly what we have now, only more crime, meth heads, and burning cities. Why would I say that? Because it’s true, that’s why. Poverty is not money, it is a state of mind, and in the case of black people it is a learned state of mind. Just follow the money, and the money always leads back to the same place. Alex Jones calls it “Illuminati.” I call it, “Them that’s got’s get’s!”

The South rocked along for about eighty-five years trying to rebuild their lives. When I was in elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana, we were still mad at Sherman! The Confederate flag was a symbol of defeat, waved around by fanatics! The Klan did not wave that flag, they waved the flag of the Democratic Party, the Stars and Stripes! By and large, people in the south lived, loved, went to work, and watched Ed Sullivan, just like everybody else. Then, along come Jones, I mean Lyndon Johnson. Johnson’s mother should have sat on him when he was born. The Great Society? I give you Ferguson!

The American understanding of freed slaves was that they were lazy, stupid, and stinky and thank God most of them lived in the south. What to do? Well, you pump up the welfare system, that’ll fix it. Just shell out bare necessities. Not success, not ambition, not the American Dream (that was for selected white folks) just enough beans and cornbread so as the freed slaves didn’t look like Africans begging for change on those commercials we’ve all come to know and love. But, there were “stipulations.”

By 1950 the black family was a central unit. Fathers, who were in the home, worked, children went to schools, yeah, yeah, yeah, they were segregated, and momma cooked and cleaned, and occasionally took in laundry. I have a prejudice. When I went to Queensboro Elementary in Shreveport all the people working in the cafeteria were big, fat black women. The food was fantastic! We didn’t have Michelle’s best, we had fried chicken, liver and onions, homemade rice pudding and lots of milk plain or chocolate. Oh, Huey Long made if free too, by the way. Just thought ya’ll would like to know that. To this day I don’t believe white women can cook!

Now, let’s fine tune the welfare system. Time was when the father approached his church with his hat in his hand, asking for help during hard times. Preacher would smell his breath, know the family, give him “commodities” and help him fix the problem. The American plan? Food stamps, check, HUD housing, and in order to qualify, and/or keep all this the man could not be in the house. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I was a realtor who managed many HUD apartments and I know what happened if the HUD office found out there was a husband or boyfriend living in the house. My parents lived the last sixteen years of their lives in HUD Housing, fighting cancer and hiding their poodle from the “office men.” Bye Bye dawg!

That’s the rule! Thought Mr. Lincoln freed the slaves. Right? RIGHT? Add two or three generations to a system like that, and you get, Detroit, Ferguson, Watts, and Harlem. Now, let’s explode that myth of all them “niggas” on welfare, shall we. (Told ya’ll them bees would be flying today.) According to the Huffington Post: ” Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

Wow! Imagine that! So why, when CNN runs a clip on welfare they always shows some fat black woman, or some thug? Because it looks so damn good! It feeds the innate racism we all have, that’s why. Slugs like that simply can’t look like me, it has to look like them! We all do it! The fact is we are all in the same boat. There are more “crackers” on welfare than “niggas,” simply because there are more of us than there are of them, and while people like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet do Sixty Minutes talking about giving half their money away (OMG they’re white!) the rest of us are burning cities, eating beans and hiding our men folk in the closet when the welfare lady comes around, and folks, that’s as simple as I can put it.

We have to fix this, but how? Well, if we cut off all the welfare tomorrow that won’t do it. You’ll just starve a bunch of kids. Obama will just take that money and give it to the “refugees.” Welfare people, all welfare people have been trained for generations to work the system. It’s a job! Democrats won’t fix it, Republicans won’t fix it, we have to. You want to see where Hilliary’s heart and mind are? She landed in Texas last week and six people showed up. She ignored them! If something doesn’t line Hillary and Bill’s pockets they don’t have any time for it. It’s as clear as that. And Obama? Nigga PLEASE! I’m not even gonna go there. When Iran was wearing out camels to blow us all up, and ISIS was cutting enough heads off to build a pile of skulls the size of the UT Tower, he went to Europe and came back with a weather report.

Two men are different, and they are diametrically opposed. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. If you vote for Hillary or Jeb Bush you will get exactly what you deserve. You might as well vote for Donald Duck. At least Trump and Sanders will go somewhat a different direction. I wouldn’t care if El Chapo was the president. We have to leave this bar. We don’t have to go home, but we can’t stay here! There won’t be enough time to fix everything in eight years, it took us one hundred and fifty one years to get here, but it’ll be a start. We have to all stand back, stop looking at each other, and look at the real problem. There is an Illuminati. It’s not hidden. Just open your eyes. Two hundred people in America control 1,3 TRILLION dollars, and friends and neighbors, if that’s not an Illuminati I’m not a white boy from Austin!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The War Isn’t Coming, It’s HERE!

We are entering a war for the survival of America. Back in the day issues would rise up, and America would address them. Like the riots of the sixties. One issue, civil rights. Even WWII was one issue. It’s different now. Then entire world seems to have decided our day has come and gone, and those with agendas think they have a better idea. There are new enemies. The funny people that we used to laugh at in Bob Hope movies are now killing pretty girls and leaving their bodies dashed on the rocks. Mexicans who once slipped over the border to pick oranges suddenly have become a political force. Martin Luther King has been replaced by raving maniacs who want to kill everything lighter than them.
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who will ignore a lump in the middle of their forehead, and those who take action. Let’s do some math. Most people in this country, well at least 51%, just want to live, work, and retire. We hire people like politicians, police, and doctors to see after things that we can’t while we work those jobs and fund everything. We are NOT sheep, NOT fools, and NOT stupid. We built cars, buildings, raised wheat, cows, and our kids, and didn’t care which direction some camel jockey prayed to. When a national threat came we drafted our young men, and they went OVER THERE and shot them folks up, and then came home to build more cars, buildings, and grow more wheat. And the world hated us for it.
Europe is nothing but a bunch of weak, stupid, liberal girly-men who shoot their mouths off until a real man (like Hitler) comes along and bytch-slaps them back to reality. While they were poking fun at us the refugee invasion just walked in and took command. Hitler would be spinning in his grave, if he had one. He’d think, “Shucks, I wasted all those bullets? All I had to do was tell the German people to just walk across the Polish border and move in!” Europe is getting exactly what it deserves. They devalued their currency with the Euro, nullified their government, refused to fully support us in any war, except the ones where THEIR arses were on the line, married homosexuals, smoked dope, and now they stand back in snake amazement as a bunch of illiterate religions nuts take over their streets. I’m a simple old boy from Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin!
There is a thing called misdirection. Don’t look here, look THERE! Adherents to a religion founded by an illiterate pedophile dictate the rules while we are still arguing over the difference between a Mormon and a Methodist. Then we look up and all our school kids have their faces on the floor paying homage to some moon god the freaking Babylonians invented during a sex orgy four thousand years ago. The very idea that these Sand Knee Grows stood on the capitol steps in Austin, Texas shouting Allah Akbar, and didn’t get HUNG is beyond me. Back in my day the freaking FFA from a high school could have run them off. We need a serious panties check here! By the way, we, over in the Texas secessionist movement have DONE that check and we HAVE a solution, only YOU PEOPLE won’t listen!
And the “black thing.” Jesus told us the poor we’d always have with us. Well, boys and girls, the blacks we will also always have. We BROUGHT them here to pick the cotton we were too lazy to pick ourselves. And all you “blacks?” You’re not black, you’re mutts, just like US. All of us are just different shades of A M E R I C A N! When Mohammed comes over that hill you will be the first to go. Then they’ll take care of all the Nancy Boys. Kim Davis did NOT advocate pitching you fairies off the top of a building to see if you could fly, ok? Black Lives Matter, and the New Black Panthers are trying to instigate a guerilla war. Go ahead, laugh! King George stopped laughing in 1781 when George Washington made Cornwallis his bitch! These black groups don’t have a plan. Who lays siege to a city and then steals all the condoms out of a drug store? Give me a break! All they want to do is get that 51% I told you about to be suspicious enough of each other by the facts with spin that the girls on the VIEW get plump wet about. I have a personal fantasy of shoving a rag in Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth. The black businessman is suddenly concerned that all whites will turn on him because of the color of his skin. The whites see that bunch of fools running around in black jackets and guns and imagine that every black church is harboring ammo. If we all just stood back and looked at things as they really were the black folk would bring the bar b que, we whites would bring some rope, we’d round up all of them bad boys and have a neck tie party, get drunk and go home.
While I understand what my friend Chip Darby is saying about law enforcement, I also understand reality. With all these idiots running loose, for the time being we’re going to NEED guys that are willing to break a car window and drag a fool into the street. Without that thin blue line all that is left is US. We canNOT have our police afraid to go to work. We’ve got to STOP arguing the constitution because we get pulled over for running a stop sign. We DO have to step up. The police need to know that we WANT our little girls to be able to cross the street and go to school withOUT being raped by whomever decides to on any given day.
The war isn’t coming, it’s HERE! The propaganda is rampant. A woman, high on drugs, gets run off by her boyfriend in Texas, gets pulled over, makes a scene, goes to jail, small bail, crashes in the cell, boyfriend WON’T take her call, kills herself, and now the black radicals want to name a STREET after her? Swat them bees, swat them bees. They be a –buzzin! It’s here. Don’t ignore that lump in the middle of your forehead. If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately.

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Texas is the Nigger of the World

Texas is the nigger of the world! We have the best employment, the cleanest cities, bluest skies, best law enforcement, and Willie Nelson, but Americans and indeed the world, make fun of our accents, hats, boots, guns and base their opinions on gay comedians out in Hollywood. They think we are dragging black folk behind pickup trucks that have the mufflers tied on with barbed wire, and throw gays off the University of Texas Tower.

The south (of which Texas is NOT a part of) underwent an apocalypse when the first black child entered a white school. I came from Louisiana in 1962 and the schools were still segregated there. The first day of school quickly showed me that Texas had quietly made the change and none of my classmates even cared.

The stereotype of the Texas oil tycoon faded into history as gas prices shot up past WHISKEY, and the Americans STILL expected Texas to refine the crude just make sure it wasn’t OUR crude! They imagine us as being out of control gunslingers completely IGNORING the fact that we were just allowed to kiss the glove and carry our guns where they could be seen. The Americans wouldn’t let us carry guns for one hundred and forty years! And they were right because if we ever jump again we will finish the job.

Now we have Black Lives Matter tooling into the state because some chick offed herself over a traffic ticket. I want to remind you again, when you spend the night with a man, and he won’t take your call from jail, that does NOT make you Rosa Parks, ok? Swat them bees! I’ve known some women like that. WhatEVER they did the night before, HE was glad to see her go, and I’d be willing to bet when the story finally comes out THAT was the reason for the suicide.

And let’s not forget the Black Panthers. Strutting around carrying an assault rifles like they got something going on. They need to get a life. Go rob a liquor store. What would happen if white people started walking around carrying a shovel and a rope? HATE CRIME!

What I’m trying to say is we Texans can always find a way. We get along! Now, when you get a sewer like the fifth ward down in Houston, mix in a few Yankees, and at least one “activist” (Yeah, I’m talking about you Quanell) you get . . . .DETROIT! Just throw a cat over the fence at a dog pound. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are poor people down there. Drive along the border fool. 1931 TEXAS, and people are pole vaulting over the fence to get in. When you feed the bears they get lazy. When you take away entitlement you get enterprise! I should be an economics professor.

A lot of fun is poked at our secession movement, and it may never happen, but let me tell you this; Texas is the only state that CAN succeed! If allowed, we could actually set up shop tomorrow, mint coins, eat steak, and sell gas to EVERYONE! What do you get if Wisconsin leaves, beer? Oh, we got that, too! And don’t get me started on California. If the US told California, “Feed yourself,” their cities would all fire up at once. For all their smoke and mirrors they don’t own a glass of iced water.

This movement underway by black militant groups will go nowhere. The “Slingshot Man” may be a bit “profound,” but beneath it all is a majority of Texans of all colors who agree on one thing; we don’t NEED no help from Americans. We GOT this. My friend, Kent Franks, can walk into any cafe with me in Austin and eat. Why don’t you try that in Detroit? And, by the way, we ARE marrying gay people down here. Most of us don’t LIKE it, but we generally try to stay out of people’s private affairs. We’ll yield to you on the freeway, too.

Hot flash to outsiders, we’re too big and rich to push around. We’re also Redneck (even if that neck is black) and a little bit crazy. We’ve shown consistently that we will back up in a church and shoot at you, and we can’t count to 5,000. As you try to divide us we’ll just huddle together because we know that Texas, at it’s worse, is better than what the Yankees have to offer. Texas has it all, heck y’all, we even have Ebola!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin