America Has Failed Black People

America has failed black people. You might as well start swatting them bees right now, ‘cause it’s gonna be a long day. Lincoln came down in his war of northern aggression, and straightened out the south. Never MIND that he was wearing a cotton shirt when he did it. Never MIND the south was footing most if not all of the bills for his “federal” government, us racist rednecks had to be put in our place, and by God, he was just the man to do it. Now, he destroyed the eco-system, burned down the cities, and made sure the boot was firmly on the neck of the political devices, but he “freed” the slaves.

Lincoln did not begin his quest to free any slaves. The southern states were pulling away from the new “revised” United States, trying to preserve what the founding fathers had given us when Lincoln waited, hoping, that the new Confederacy would fire the first shot, making him the good guy. Well, he got that at Fort Sumter. I’m not going to get into all the logistics of how the north won the war, suffice to say God had no part of it. Mainly, what it involved was the very foundation of the southern government working against any organization of an army that could confront an enemy. While Lincoln could micro-manage his troops via telegraph, Jefferson Davis had to argue his way through every command as his generals all marched to a different drummer. The south did have better railroads, but all that did was deliver the Keystone Cops to the next slaughter.

But, Lincoln freed the slaves! Right? What did he do after that? Went to Ford’s theater and got his head blown off. If the south is so racist how come we don’t have any statues of John Wilkes Booth? The slaves stood up, threw off their shackles, and looked for the American Dream. Only problem was the white folk who freed them were just the same as the white folk they’d been picking cotton for, only they talked faster. The northern plan for freed slaves? Deal with it! Here’s forty acres and a mule. Now go to New York and start a bank. Every once in a blue moon they’d let one or two through the gate so they could wave them around showing that the plan worked. Well, it didn’t!

A couple weeks ago I saw an interesting idea. If we took the 1.5 BILLION up for grabs in the PowerBall, divided it by 300,000,000 (the approximate population of the United States) it would come to 4.33 million dollars for every man, woman, child, and transsexual in the country, and supposedly, there would be no more poverty. If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale. (Make that the Brooklyn Bridge!) The Master said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, the poor you shall always have.” If we had distributed that money, one year later we’d have exactly what we have now, only more crime, meth heads, and burning cities. Why would I say that? Because it’s true, that’s why. Poverty is not money, it is a state of mind, and in the case of black people it is a learned state of mind. Just follow the money, and the money always leads back to the same place. Alex Jones calls it “Illuminati.” I call it, “Them that’s got’s get’s!”

The South rocked along for about eighty-five years trying to rebuild their lives. When I was in elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana, we were still mad at Sherman! The Confederate flag was a symbol of defeat, waved around by fanatics! The Klan did not wave that flag, they waved the flag of the Democratic Party, the Stars and Stripes! By and large, people in the south lived, loved, went to work, and watched Ed Sullivan, just like everybody else. Then, along come Jones, I mean Lyndon Johnson. Johnson’s mother should have sat on him when he was born. The Great Society? I give you Ferguson!

The American understanding of freed slaves was that they were lazy, stupid, and stinky and thank God most of them lived in the south. What to do? Well, you pump up the welfare system, that’ll fix it. Just shell out bare necessities. Not success, not ambition, not the American Dream (that was for selected white folks) just enough beans and cornbread so as the freed slaves didn’t look like Africans begging for change on those commercials we’ve all come to know and love. But, there were “stipulations.”

By 1950 the black family was a central unit. Fathers, who were in the home, worked, children went to schools, yeah, yeah, yeah, they were segregated, and momma cooked and cleaned, and occasionally took in laundry. I have a prejudice. When I went to Queensboro Elementary in Shreveport all the people working in the cafeteria were big, fat black women. The food was fantastic! We didn’t have Michelle’s best, we had fried chicken, liver and onions, homemade rice pudding and lots of milk plain or chocolate. Oh, Huey Long made if free too, by the way. Just thought ya’ll would like to know that. To this day I don’t believe white women can cook!

Now, let’s fine tune the welfare system. Time was when the father approached his church with his hat in his hand, asking for help during hard times. Preacher would smell his breath, know the family, give him “commodities” and help him fix the problem. The American plan? Food stamps, check, HUD housing, and in order to qualify, and/or keep all this the man could not be in the house. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I was a realtor who managed many HUD apartments and I know what happened if the HUD office found out there was a husband or boyfriend living in the house. My parents lived the last sixteen years of their lives in HUD Housing, fighting cancer and hiding their poodle from the “office men.” Bye Bye dawg!

That’s the rule! Thought Mr. Lincoln freed the slaves. Right? RIGHT? Add two or three generations to a system like that, and you get, Detroit, Ferguson, Watts, and Harlem. Now, let’s explode that myth of all them “niggas” on welfare, shall we. (Told ya’ll them bees would be flying today.) According to the Huffington Post: ” Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

Wow! Imagine that! So why, when CNN runs a clip on welfare they always shows some fat black woman, or some thug? Because it looks so damn good! It feeds the innate racism we all have, that’s why. Slugs like that simply can’t look like me, it has to look like them! We all do it! The fact is we are all in the same boat. There are more “crackers” on welfare than “niggas,” simply because there are more of us than there are of them, and while people like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet do Sixty Minutes talking about giving half their money away (OMG they’re white!) the rest of us are burning cities, eating beans and hiding our men folk in the closet when the welfare lady comes around, and folks, that’s as simple as I can put it.

We have to fix this, but how? Well, if we cut off all the welfare tomorrow that won’t do it. You’ll just starve a bunch of kids. Obama will just take that money and give it to the “refugees.” Welfare people, all welfare people have been trained for generations to work the system. It’s a job! Democrats won’t fix it, Republicans won’t fix it, we have to. You want to see where Hilliary’s heart and mind are? She landed in Texas last week and six people showed up. She ignored them! If something doesn’t line Hillary and Bill’s pockets they don’t have any time for it. It’s as clear as that. And Obama? Nigga PLEASE! I’m not even gonna go there. When Iran was wearing out camels to blow us all up, and ISIS was cutting enough heads off to build a pile of skulls the size of the UT Tower, he went to Europe and came back with a weather report.

Two men are different, and they are diametrically opposed. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. If you vote for Hillary or Jeb Bush you will get exactly what you deserve. You might as well vote for Donald Duck. At least Trump and Sanders will go somewhat a different direction. I wouldn’t care if El Chapo was the president. We have to leave this bar. We don’t have to go home, but we can’t stay here! There won’t be enough time to fix everything in eight years, it took us one hundred and fifty one years to get here, but it’ll be a start. We have to all stand back, stop looking at each other, and look at the real problem. There is an Illuminati. It’s not hidden. Just open your eyes. Two hundred people in America control 1,3 TRILLION dollars, and friends and neighbors, if that’s not an Illuminati I’m not a white boy from Austin!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


The Shell Game

Ok, students, school’s in. I’m going to delve into economics, politics, and geography today, and I’ll try not to use too many four syllable words. Ask yourself, what made the idea of “America” work? Let’s go back to square one, shall we? Way back in 1781 we’d run off the British, we’re hammering out some sort of government, and basically life was good. The average citizen could hang around New York, and make shoes or take off into the “wilderness” and trap beaver, whatever they wished. The government was in charge of making coins so we could go to the store without bringing along two or three chickens to trade, though some people still did that. The Bill of Rights came into existence a bit later, and they meant pretty much what they said. You could come and go, buy and sell, be drunk or sober, ever how you chose. Rich folks built businesses and common folks would work those businesses hoping to someday become rich folks. There was a president and congress, but they didn’t generally bother most people because they were limited. New York Harbor was choked with people who wanted to work this new system, and were sick and tired of the old ways that put them in the grave about twenty paces from where they were born. God, it was great!

The colonies were designated states. Now, let’s look at the concept of “state.” The colonies were formed by enterprising folks who convinced the crown that they could organize a geographic area such as to exploit the resources of said area and send gold, beavers and cigars BACK to the old country. It’s as simple as that! The crown didn’t give two flips about the environment, the natives, or the relocated colonists so long as the ships kept running and the coffee never ran out! The colonists could care less about the crown so long as their throne remained “over there” and they were allowed to expand, and exploit to their heart’s content. Cotton practically grew wild in the south. Mix in a few slaves and voila! Burlington Coat Factory! Everything turned to gold in America!

Now England didn’t LIKE the breaking away of her prize possessions, but she DIDN’T stop buying T-Shirts. The cotton grew in the STATE of Georgia, and was sold in the STATE of New York. The residents in the respective locales were bound only by common language, and if you’ve ever been raised in Texas, been to dinner on Long Island you quickly realize we don’t REALLY speak the same language, we speak AT it. So westward expansion began. People would filter west, plant a little corn and BAM! Ohio! The president would throw a little chump change on the table and you get LOUISIANA! Theyd survey the land and draw up “states” which were NOT colonies, where the inhabitants thereof generally were of the same breed, with a common interest. William Penn was as dead as fried chicken, these were STATES by golly! The goal was to get hooked up to something called the UNITED States. A collection of geographically different entities tied together by a common cause, i.e. the “idea” of America.

A plantation owner would grow cotton and ship it to New York. He’d get some gold coins for his cotton, whereupon he’d run down and buy more seed and grow more cotton. The cotton would sail for London and those people we didn’t like before would give us some of THEIR gold, that would come right back to the Jewish bankers in New York, who’d be looking forward to the next cotton crop coming up from the south, and the whole process would begin all over again. That WORKED! Know what happens when something works? Well everybody wants a T-Shirt, that’s what. Especially the government that doesn’t manufacture anything. What started out as ten little rules on how to go about your day without stepping on too many toes began to expand. Now there are many reasons for this.

First off you got all these folks up in Washington, all dressed up with nowhere to go. They’ve already GOT the Bill of Rights, already GOT the constitution, but you can’t make any money off that! The constitution was a hit. What happens when you get a hit? Well, eventually you have to do what we call a “sequel!” And them fellers up in Washington were real GOOD at sequels. As westward expansion raced across the plains and into the mountains, they were writing additions to the constitution so fast that a man had to come along and invent the typewriter! Eventually the words became more important than the people the words were addressed to. Then, along came Lincoln. Now Abraham was a crafty fella. He took the word “United” and changed it to “Union.” Now he had to kill around six hundred and fifty THOUSAND people to make this happen, but who’s counting, right? He beat the devil out of the cotton patch, freed the slaves and ENslaved everybody else. Now watch this shell game.

To coin a phrase the south was screwed. The north still needed the cotton, only they didn’t want to PAY for it. One part of the shell game is a thing called “misdirection.” Look here, don’t look there, and while you are so distracted the bean ends up under a different shell. The south had big problems. The cotton was going out, but no gold was coming back! It was kept up in New York or some place. Slowly, but surely the south began to put two and two together and came up with FiVE! It wasn’t them Yankee bankers who were the problem. Couldn’t possibly be those politicians up in Washington. Had to be all them former slaves! So, as the south crawled out from under that rock that Lincoln had so artfully put it under they began to see what they thought was the REAL problem . . . them nasty ol’ blacks! Bean just got moved!

The reconstruction scam ran until about the 1890’s. By then the industrial revolution was in full swing and the Yankee bankers were too busy stealing THAT money to worry about that fella called Jim Crow who was alive and well in the remnants of the Confederacy. Grind in a couple of world wars and by the time the dust settled long about 1954 those guys up in Washington had a new plan. Now, by this time the “states” really no longer existed. No matter what a state said, when Washington said, “Jump” the states could only ask, “How high?” Quit laughing New York, you were hopping, too! Meanwhile the PEOPLE were being mentally sorted into selected camps. It was all very handy. You see, people come in different colors, I don’t know if y’all noticed that or not. So, you put all the blacks you can on one side of town, add a little crack, and whisper to the whites that THEY are the problem, but don’t whisper too loud because on the other side of your mouth you’re telling the blacks that the only reason they aren’t living on Park Avenue is them Crackers over there who keep them out! Repeat that for two generations and see how it works out for you! Tell an entire people that they are too stupid to succeed without affirmative action. Make it easy NOT to work and still get to eat. Then, turn around, jab the whites in the ribs and say, “Lookee there!” Uh, please note the gold is STILL in New York. THAT bean never moves! More about that later.

Wanna see the proof? Ferguson, Baltimore, McKinney, Trayvon, Michael, and Gray! Oh, the police are a problem too. New race . . . BLUE people! Middle America is understandably perplexed. Your black neighbor is just as confused reading the headlines while going to his job at the bank as YOU are, but he doesn’t have TIME to really worry about it because SOMEBODY has to fund this dog and pony show called the UNION, that bastard child of banking interests and their girlfriend the GOVERNMENT! Look here, don’t look there! The Feds aren’t the problem, the STATES are. Christians all belong to the Westboro Baptist Church, and every Mexican ever born is a member of a drug cartel! You see, they HAVE to do this because if we all took a breath, stepped back, and smelled the coffee, then we’d see where the real problem is. Fact: you can’t just decide to hunt beaver anymore. Shucks, you can’t even drink rain water. They’ve licensed GOD! They control information, too. Twenty-five gunships deployed to the border to stop Mexican helicopters shooting at our border patrol, lead story that day, some idiot in Washington State THINKS she’s black! That story DOMINATED the news for three days! I even fell for it!

America IS at the breaking point, but not in a bad way. Forget states. They died out a long time ago. You cant just draw a line and say, “Now y’all live here and they live there.”Think REGIONS! You think the Republic of Texas is that surveyed track of land you see today? Au Contraire! ” Think everything extending from there, west to California, north to include Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and yes, south to about Mexico City. The NATION of Reconquista! From there you can quickly identify other regions, bound by common climate, resources and language all around the country who are perfectly capable of running their own business, entering into enterprise with other regions and absolutely NO interest in the war machine currently embedded on the Potomac.

Washington drew lines of demarcation in America much the same as it was done in the Middle East, with no regard for culture, history, religion, or the people themselves, and it JUST DON’T WORK! You will see the day when the people of these regions will reach for the table, pick up ALL the shells and discover there were never any beans there anyway. They were stolen long ago. Oh, there’s the bell! See you tomorrow.

The Ghosts of Mount Carmel

I spent a huge investment of time last night trying to get a handle on this Twin Peaks thing, and I think I’ve just about got it. Now, to read this, you’re gonna have to open your mind a little bit, liberals don’t worry about it, just read the latest on Bruce Jenner instead. First off, remember that we’re dealing with human beings, the bikers, not the cops. I’m gonna just come out and be up front with you, the cops are out of control. At some point they became militarized and we the people became them the targets. That’s one factor in the equation.

The other factor are motorcyclists. Just like all Italians aren’t in the Mafia, all motorcyclists are not in a gang. We’ve all seen the Hollywood version of Biker Clubs, tooling up and down the freeway with names like “Animal,” running station wagons of nuns off the road and raping everything in sight. Of course you get the image from the loyal opposition on the other side pointing out Christian Bike Clubs and the Patriot Guard. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

The most violent Biker “Gang” is far and above the vermin running around the streets of Baltimore. I dare say “Animal” would make a better Mayor than that city has right now. Most, not all, are Veterans. The fundamental belief of all motorcycle enthusiasts is freedom. The idea to pick up and go on the spur of a moment. The problem is that when you lay a foundation you invariably construct a building, and the idea of biker freedom becomes clouded with rules, imposed to maintain some sort of “order” which is the main reason for getting on a Harley in the first place.

The oxymoron is that people who have basically rejected American Corporate culture would lay out rules and territorial claims, diving right back into the very quagmire they rode away from in the first place. Laying out standards for jackets, and symbols, charging fees for registering clubs, and the more dominant of the clubs ruling with an iron fist over late comers. Time to move farther west, Cowboy Bob!

So let set the stage at Twin Peaks on May 17th. There were two main groups, the Cossacks, and them nasty old Bandidos. Then there were other groups, but they were really like that little prick hiding in the wrinkles of Jabba the Hutt back in the old Star Wars days. So, they all show up at this beer joint for a big meeting, the invited, and the not so invited. And who is out in the parking lot, but Barney and the twelve Fifes, loaded for bear, and hating anything on two wheels. It doesn’t MATTER what was discussed in the bar. It doesn’t MATTER what “territories” we’re “infringed” upon, what matters is a fight broke out between a bunch of bikers drinking beer in a Bresturant. Of course this has never happened before, and the police, taken quite by surprise but the event, we’re consulting their procedures and guidelines right up until the first shot was fired. Of course the snipers opened up and shot everyone who wasn’t smart enough to zig zag as they ran from the fire.

The police then proceeded to arrest everybody, save the priest giving last rights, and giving statements to the press. They DID find that in the manual, under “spin.” They then took all of the arrestees down to the jailhouse where a Justice of the Peace slapped a one million dollar bond on one and all to send a “message” to the populace, which it did. The good people in New York now have confirmation that Texas is overrun with Hell’s Angels, and redneck judges who look like Roy Bean. Oh, good job Sparky!

Fact: A biker fired the first shot. Happens! Happens here in Killeen all the time. Fact: Before this there was a fight. Fact: The cops ate donuts and watched said fight. Aren’t they supposed to serve and protect. There were OTHER people in that bar just eating. Fact: No cops were harmed, not even heat stroke. Now the cops will fall back on this so-called “investigation” they conducted in the preceding months constructing this picture of an enormous criminal empire, run by the Bandidos that controlled the flow of dope across the border. I’m not saying some bikers don’t do dope. Some cops don’t eat donuts. What I am saying is after the event public information was virtually cut off, even autopsy results and privately owned security video. PUTIN is more transparent!

What should the cops have done? Uh, move in and break up the fight? You think? Sometime BEFORE the first shot was fired. Wouldn’t this have been a better headline: EIGHT BIKERS ARRESTED YESTERDAY AFTER SCUFFLE AT TWIN PEAKS. We need to see where those bullets came from, we need to see that video footage, and we need a REAL judge to become involved, because I’ll assure you, every lawyer worth his salt is wearing out horses to book a room in Waco right now.

Waco has always been two bubbles short of plumb. If God were to give the world an enema He’d stick the hose right in the middle of Waco, Texas! I don’t like Waco. I won’t drink Dr Pepper to this day because it came from Waco. If there were a nuclear war and me and a girl from Baylor were the only two people left on the planet the human race would be doomed! You can’t even pray in Waco. A bunch tried, and they burned ’em up. The clubs involved that Sunday did so to be fair to the other regions. Usually they would meet in Dallas or Austin. Maybe should’ve sniffed the ground out at Mount Carmel before ordering that first beer . . . You think?

Mexicans Shoot Back

When you have a major catastrophic event it takes days, sometimes years to sort out the facts. So it will be with Waco. Sherlock Holmes said that when you take away the impossible, that which remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Just like an onion. Let’s start peeling, shall we?

While there were rumored to have been up to five clubs at Twin Peaks that day, there were two clubs that were significant. Oh, and by the way, I refer to the bikers as “clubs,” not “gangs!” You see, that’s how people, or groups become demonized. You throw in a word here and there, and those words create what we call, “mental images,” unless, of course you’re black, and you’re burning down places like Ferguson, or Baltimore, then there are laws protecting you because if Obama had any sons, they’d look like them, but I digress.

Now where was I? Oh yes, two clubs. We have the Bandidos, and a cuddly little band of merry men known as the Cossacks. The Bandidos have been around since Jesus was a corporal. The Cossacks were relative new comers to the Texas scene. Now these guys have rules. They abide by these rules. Kinda like a constitution, and they follow it which puts them head and shoulders above Obama right there. They have territories, and interests attached to those territories. Mostly, it boils down to this is THEIR state. They don’t like people rolling in from places like California, and acting like they belong here, and unlike some folks, they’ll stand up and defend that. There are rules of etiquette. You see, there’s this thing called a “rocker” that sits below the club emblem on the jacket. That “rocker” signifies the club’s place or origin. The rule is very plain. If you’re from California, don’t put Texas on that Jacket! You think this is silly? Consider this; most Bikers are vets. Patches, medals, and ribbons MEAN things. Men fought and died for those things, and they aren’t to be taken lightly. This is opposed to letting a bunch of Muslims have prayer day on the state Capitol while we all sit there and wring our pearly white hands, wishing they’d just go away.

Honor, loyalty, and respect are important to these men. So, here come the Cossacks rolling into Texas, putting a Texas rocker on their jackets, and flipping the bird at the Bandidos. They really did that, folks. I’ve seen the pictures. Now they didn’t all immediately meet down on Main Street and start exchanging blows. Realizing the volatile nature of the situation they had meetings at places like Twin Peaks to try to find a middle ground. This is where it gets crazy. Let’s start peeling that onion.

Let’s get all the players in place. You have at least two rival clubs, and the cops, and brothers and sisters we HAD some cops there, serving and protecting. Regular cops, state cops, SWAT cops, and most likely a few Feds, who can’t seem to find any problems down on the border where the REAL “gangs” are, but they sure found Waco. Now, I’m gonna tell you from the get go, I don’t like Waco, and I don’t like Feds! I’ve been all over Texas and I can count the times I stopped in Waco on one hand. I think the FBI, CIA, and NSA are a complete waste of money we could just buy beer with, and do more good, but that’s just me. (Now watch the NSA assign a team to study that last statement trying to figure out what I really meant. See what I mean?)

So, hail, hail, the gang’s all here. Twin Peaks full of Bikers, and cops behind every bush, and on every roof. Oh yeah, they had snipers out that day serving, and protecting us. Pour a little beer on the fire and voila! You get a fist fight. Most amazing thing I ever saw, bikers drinking beer, and fighting in a bar. Never saw THAT coming. Well, as luck would have it, they spilled out into the parking lot. Now, consider this. All these seasoned Bikers, KNOWING the cops are there, suddenly decide to start shooting. If you believe that, well, have I got a bridge for you. Actually, I do! There’s this old bridge right there in Waco that looks like a miniature version of the Golden Gate. Ok, peel that onion. How many Bikers were shot, and how many COPS were shot? Do the math, connect the dots.

Before it was all over there were lots of bodies, and I think 172 arrests, all for “organized crime” and not ONE cell phone video to be had. DUDE! Even ISIS has cell phones. Of course, there was some gum shoe saying it was the most violent crime scene he’d seen in all his thirty-four years “serving and protecting” us. Guess he had the day off when Janet Reno decided to torch that church, huh? They sealed off the entire area so they could sanitize it, and the picture we DO have is all these mad dog bikers sitting docile on a bench, arrested. Now THAT’S a BLOOMING onion.

Of course the spin got to going, with the “authorities” claiming the bikers were putting a hit on all law enforcement . . . NO cops were shot that day. Don’t you think if the bikers were so vicious toward cops at least ONE of them would have thrown a beer mug, or SOMETHING? We’ve all seen this before. David Koresh led a band of crazy fanatics bent on overthrowing the government, and marrying little girls. Not ONE conviction in federal court. The bikers came out of Twin Peaks, guns a blazing . . . Not ONE cop got hurt, nor people in ANY of the surrounding shops. Swat them bees.

What gets me is if the government can amass such a force against AMERICANS what’s the problem with the border? Just string them snipers along that fence and little girls will be able to play jacks in the Texas sand. Oh, my bad . . . Mexicans shoot BACK!

More Nigga than SAND Nigga!

Our militias are a good start, but we have work to do. Now bear in mind I know squat about military, but I think it has something to do with guns and guys. If you have more guns and guys than the other guys, you win. Well, right now the other side has more guns and guys than us. Do the math. There are militias popping up all over Texas, but they are about as organized as a biker bar. I take that back, bikers are usually in an organized gang and therein lies the problem.

Consider this; if the Crips and the Bloods were to suddenly join the Texas militia, do you really think the Feds would have showed their butts down in Bryan? I mean, it’s all very cool to crash into the VFW and harass a bunch of old men, steal all their stuff, and not even produce a viable search warrant, but what if there had been twenty or thirty New Black Panthers there for security, all lined up with AR-15s and ATTITUDE? They might have rethought that raid . . . You think?

We, in Texas have GOT to pull our heads out of Mr. Butt, and see this for what it really is. Except for the Muslims this is THEIR fight, too. You think we white folk are getting screwed over by the plutocracy? Minorities have been taking a licking for years! That’s why they’re O R G A N I Z E D! Now this is a two fold attack plan. We have to get politically organized. The Tea Party gets people elected. I hate to say this, but the American ideal still works. It’s just that Obama, and the others who feed at his trough have become so used to ignoring that ideal that has put us where we are today. That, and it behooves them to keep this race war cranked up. So long as we are squabbling about Michael Brown we never notice the puppet masters pulling all the strings. Take for instance Eric Holder flying in to Ferguson. He didn’t give a flip about Michael Brown. If Michael Brown had walked down the center of the road in Holder’s neighborhood the SECRET SERVICE would have capped him, and if you don’t believe that, have I got a bridge for YOU! And Hillary? When the four were killed at our embassy she didn’t even remove her sleep mask off to take the call. THERE’S your problem, people. Heck . . . Put those thirty New Black Panthers in that embassy, and we’d have been short a LOT of virgins THAT day!

Two fold solution. Political power, and the men to back it up. Look at the riots. Those people were fighting with rocks, people, and it doesn’t matter if they were right, or wrong, the police didn’t fire one shot, and it wasn’t because they’d all found Sweet Jesus, it was because they knew there was a butt stomping waiting over there. History people, HISTORY! It worked in the French revolution, it worked in Russia in 1917 and it’ll work NOW! But, we have to get on board. Fight the real enemy, not each other. In America we can still use the polls. Sure, they’re rigged. Out RIG them! Flood the candidates with so many of OUR people that they “Royalty” can’t beat them all, and then have the muscle to back UP the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments.

It’s not going to be easy. Those in power have a good game going, but there are more of US than there are of THEM. We need to take this country back. We can go back to hating each other later. You Crips and Bloods out there . . . You think you hate the Crackers? Google ISIS! Get THAT in the ol’ Hood! Let Sharia Law take hold. When you see your grandmother get shot in the head for walking to the store alone . . . You’ll know what to do. We may have our differences, but you’re still more “nigga” than SAND “Nigga!” Stand up with us and let’s take this country BACK? Remember, Crispus Attucks was the first man killed at the Boston Massacre!

#ISIS #militias

72 Virgins Anyone?

One word, GARLAND! Texas is different from Paris, or London,mor Pago Pago. Two idiots showed up at the door and BAM, we were 144 virgins short! I just can’t wait for the Department of INjustice to out a spin on this. Major point; terrorists bleed, just like a pig . . . Oh, bad choice of words. Anyway, I digress.

THIS stops terrorism. THIS sends an undisputed message to Islam. THIS demonstrates that TEXAS is independent. Hey, like my Mexican friend, J, says, I ain’t even gonna lie to you, im rolling in this like a dog in a dead armadillo. They should have picked a gun free zone, say a STARBUCKS? This is so black and white if defies description.

Terrorist attacks WILL come. Islam has no shortage of idiots. I say, good start! Now let’s FINISH the job. If you want to pray five times a day, and never eat ham, fine, but when you Tweet that you’re about to shoot up a cartoon contest you need to be shot!

Freedom of speech! Right to bear arms. Freedom of religion. It’s all there! God WAS in Garland yesterday. He shoved those two idiots into that situation and steadied the aim of those WONDERFUL officers who delivered them to the infernal regions. Muslims can hate on Christians at will, but we can’t even draw a PICTURE of Mohammed? Get real! Hey, ISIS, heads up . . . Baltimore! THAT’S the town for YOU! Lots of gun free zones, even their riots are gun free! A mayor who doesn’t know whatEVER from Shineola, and deified drug pushers. YOUR kind of town, AND they’ll get all politically correct and burn candles when you’re done. DON’T COME BACK TO TEXAS. Muslims already here . . . LEAVE Texas! We LIKE to shoot people.


“Fed” Up

For some reason, I’ve always had a knack for looking at a given situation, and boiling it down to basic components. When David Koresh had his little wing ding up in Waco I drove up, took one look, and told everybody it was like the Alamo. Everybody laughed at me, and the Feds lit the place up.

Baltimore and Seattle! Now what this is reminds me of Concord and Lexington. Y’all can all start laughing now. What do these seemingly remote events have in common? Did you think the patriots at the two revolutionary war sites were some kind of an organized army? Well, they weren’t. They were citizen militias. The other thing they had in common was that they were fed up!

Being fed up goes a long way. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, just as long as you’re fed up. And brothers and sisters, we’re ALL “Fed” up! We’re fed up with a president who wouldn’t understand the constitution it it were typed up in Braille, and . . . well, you know where I’d like to stick it. We’re fed up with Supreme Court Justices cramming gay marriage down our throats, and then just looking at us like they have good sense. We’re fed up with cancer patients screaming their last day of life when one little herb would ease their passage, and allow them to move on. We’re fed up with “undocumented whatEVERS” grinning at us from Dilly, Texas while we can’t even drive SOUTH on I35 without a full cavity search.

It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or liberal, gay or straight, black or white, fed UP is contagious. Those guys at Concord and Lexington, do you think they agreed on every single thing? They didn’t, but they ALL knew they were fed up. The rioters, demonstrators, protestors, or thugs, whatever you want to call them, have come upon a rule of common law; they can’t arrest them all, and there are more of US than there are of THEM!

Unless I’m wrong, as this movement gains legs, you will see outbreaks like this all over the country. Seattle? SEATTLE? Those people are jelly fish, and even THEY are “tó up” about the situation. Obama’s gonna need martial law, but it ain’t gonna do him no good. One thing I can say about thugs; they are NOT keyboard commandos. A thousand hit the streets and about ten or twenty go to jail. Even these high school drop outs can do THAT math!

The sad thing is the honest cops. Unfortunately they’re on one side and the temperament of the nation is on the other. You will not see carte Blanche disorder. What you will see is that pendulum I’ve been telling you about begin to swing the other way. The Americans will fight, and puzzle, write new laws, and speechify, and while they are doing all this Texas will quietly slip away . . . just like I TOLD you it would!

From a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin