The God Particle


Got all into something called “The God Particle” this week.   I believe in God. In spite of my shifts in concepts, I have always believed in an unmoved mover. I watched the most beautifully produced documentary just the other day about the proofs behind this and in the end found out that it had been made by Muslims. In the conclusion of the work the narrator says, “Allah,” but by this time I’d forwarded it to a lot of my believing friends. Being a reasoning person I had to accept that truth is truth. The video scientifically analyzed the mathematical preciseness of the organization of the universe, and demonstrated that how if one tiny thing were not exactly in place the whole thing would disintegrate into utter chaos. It addressed evolution by demonstrating that there was a certain level of geological history where life virtually exploded and contrary to Darwin’s idea that life evolved from a single root that grew upward in ever increasing diversity, the “tree” was actually upside down and life had in effect came into existence quiet suddenly and began to “fine tune” as some species failed the test and disappeared from the scene. It showed an equation called 1.618 that governed everything from the shape of galaxies to the number of petals on a sunflower, to the proportions of a pretty girl’s face. And it was put together by Muslims!


     Then I spent several days watching a series called, “How The Earth Was Made,” and got the same information. The very planet we call home is so complex, with intertwining systems so closely connected that it is almost beyond comprehension. One segment explained how Antarctica, with all of its inhospitable conditions, virtually controls our entire weather system by producing brine that creeps along the ocean floor thereby articulating the currents that flow around the globe. One last video studied what would happen if the earth’s rotation slowed only one mile per hour and the result would be devastating! The very moon operates as a balance, keeping the earth rotation in a synced fashion, enabling the weather system to remain constant, within certain parameters which, if it were not so, one year New York would be New York, and the next it may be situated near one of the poles.


     Great minds, such as Stephen Hawking say that when things get too complicated the theist will just fall back on a “god” in a vain effort to avoid the question, while they, themselves, when their own model fails will suggest a multiple-universe theory in effect claiming that if the model doesn’t work just apply layer upon layer until it does or any opposition simply gives up in exasperation.


     My concept of God is that of a great creative force that we, as mortals, will never understand, we aren’t capable. Jesus was strapped with trying to educate simple fishermen, a tax collector, and a few women as to the way the universe works. Did He try to explain the time-space continuum to them? Certainly not! At the last supper, did he try to hold a lecture on molecular reorganization, or the presence of dark matter, no. He held up a piece of bread and told them, “This is my body. Whenever you have this ritual you need to remember that!” Jesus was explaining to them in terms they could get their minds around. They understood the Passover, and all it meant to them, as Jews, and He was the ultimate Passover for all people.


     We, as Christians, no, let me rephrase that, as believers, have to accept that there are some who will never accept our concept, or explanations for the order of the universe no matter how persuasive our argument. For all their scientific method they will abandon it, and proceed on the premise that there simply cannot BE a god and any system that makes that claim is simply rejected outright. You will never change these people. I didn’t change my ideas while watching all of the documentaries I cited above. They merely reinforced what I already suspected. And, if you will note, when you forget about all the arguments about Jesus and Mohammed, the Muslim work was outstanding in its direct analyzation of the science of mathematics and the correlation to the universe.


     As believers, our explanations look absurd to atheists. Atheists have a hands on, linear methodology in their universal view, but does that make them evil? Certainly not! A girl in high school on the East Coast wanted to start a club geared to atheists like herself so she, and other likeminded kids could gather and discuss ideas, and feel a oneness. At first the school absolutely forbade it, but after the ACLU got involved she was allowed to form her group, but was then bullied into giving it up by the “Christian” community around her. Tell me how those “Christians” were any different than a radical Muslim who believes he must destroy all “infidels” to spread his “faith?” She was accused of being a Satanist. This is so far in left field if defies explanation but I’ll try. A Satanist is a believer. Jesus said, “Even the demons believe in God, and they tremble.” People who subscribe to this mind set believe there is a god but choose the opposite path. To me they’re like the kid, when we all went to the movies on Saturday, who would cheer for the guy in the black hat. For whatever psychological reason they have rejected what is regarded as proper by most other believers for the side that is completely opposite to that. The atheist simple rejects any spiritual explanation of the universe, preferring a physical model instead.


     As long as you live you will be formulating your world view. Mine has evolved so much that it barely resembles what was in my head at sixteen years old. The one constant remains: There has to be a designer for such a finely turned situation. Can I explain this to a non-believer? Nope. Can I, myself even ever completely understand this designer? Absolutely not! Should I judge, or cast stones at someone who doesn’t subscribe to my very own ever changing view? Well, Jesus, Himself, said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Now, He didn’t say that to be clever. He said that because He knew we could never get our finite minds around the infinite. I am comfortable with accepting Biblical principles. The young atheist simply is not.


     I am always amazed at the knee-jerk reaction to any inclusion of Biblical principles in government. Put a statue of the ten commandments on the courthouse lawn and certain groups lose their collective minds. The ten commandments are an early example of codified law given to a bunch of people trying to carve out a civilized existence out of a horrible situation.     I hear all the time about the separation of church and state, but that’s not what the first amendment is all about It says, “Congress shall make no law respecting the ESTABLISHMENT of religion …” It forbids Congress from jumping up and making the Baptist Church the official religion of the United States. It does NOT nullify bringing your morals, common sense or life experiences to the table when you vote, or make decisions. How else can you make these decisions? You see, that’s what’s wrong with this whole idea that we have to blindly accept that we really have no opinion or options when it comes to government. When Congress sits in session can they impose religious guidelines and restrictions on the rest of us? Constitution says they cannot. Can they let their experience, morality, and personal beliefs guide how they will vote? You bet they can, and DO! Should they have anything to do with the little atheist girl wanting to form a club with her likeminded friends? Well, that’s where my Libertarian beliefs kick in. They have a right to their beliefs, and she has a right to hers!


     You will never convert this little girl. Conversion comes from within. You will never scare a gay person straight. For whatever psychological reasons that mold our sexuality it is OUR mold. Our INDIVIDUAL mold. Lead by example. Live your lives by your principles and if those principles are sound, kind,and not bigoted there are those who will approve. Cast your bread upon the water, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get back a sandwich! And that, my friends, is the true God Particle.


Crazy Old Man on Laurel Street

Religion is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable.
I hammer this nail over and over again. When I was four years old my grandmother took me to the Baptist church on Laurel Street in Shreveport, Louisiana. I’d sit in the pew and the preacher would scream at me, saying that I was hell bound. I’d try my best to crawl through the pew to get away from God’s wrath, even though I couldn’t see God. I didn’t have to see Him. The man screaming was enough, and I reasoned in my little head that if this guy was that mad at me how much madder could God be since this fellow was only an employee.
My grandmother bought into all of this. She wasn’t evil, she was a Louisiana grandmother, and that’s what you did to your grandkids back then to set them on the right path. If you’ll note I didn’t say my mother was with us, and most certainly my dad wasn’t. I would only learn after his death that dad had been very religious in his younger life, with people telling me he would often come walking through the pines singing gospel songs. That is until his little Baptist girlfriend turned out to be a whore. He walked away. He never talked against religion, he just didn’t buy into it. My mother, on the other hand, was a member of a street band for the Salvation Army. She went from Shreveport to the east coast playing her clarinet and collecting money in a bucket. After granny scared the hell completely out of me, I’d come home and mom would set me straight.
My mother belonged to something I called the First Church of the Human Brain. She believed that the Jews completely screwed up the Old Testament, and Jesus came down and put everything back on track. There were no Adam and Eve, the Red Sea never got parted, pork chops were just fine, and don’t listen to that fool down at the First Baptist Church on Laurel Street. She did feed me catfish on Friday, but we were Cajuns, and Cajuns do that stuff anyway.
After my accident that blessed me with my limp, and a terrible marriage to my first ex-wife, I went down to the Memorial Baptist Church in Killeen, Texas and got saved. Now, I didn’t understand a word in the Bible, couldn’t even recite the Lord’s Prayer, but I was saved! Didn’t save my marriage, however. My wife took off with her sister’s husband. The last time I saw her car at Fort Hood, I noticed a white Bible on the passenger’s seat in the front. I took comfort in that.
Time, tears and ex-wives went by, and I finally settled on a woman I couldn’t run off. She had two boys, and I had two boys. She insisted that we go to Memorial Baptist, and we did. For some reason she put a lot of stock in Rosaries, and by and by I met Father Ev. Father Ev was All American, Notre Dame 1954 and had almost exactly the same views my mother had. I was confirmed on December 26, 2008 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church down on Rancier Ave, Killeen, Texas.
Brothers and sisters, I was a Hail Mary Catholic. I was a defender of the faith, and would argue tooth and nail with anyone who dared to challenge me. I wrote a book! In “Sharon” I intended to expound the towering theology of Catholicism and its dominance over all other faiths. Didn’t end up that way. Mom’s ghost and Father Ev’s conversations kept coming to me, and that led to the closing scene of the book. In the book a Bible beating revivalist preacher meets a girl, Sharon, who exposes her beliefs to him in a series of five meetings, under a tree beside a church. I intended these meetings to be a huge revelation of the truths of the Catholic Church. The only problem was that Sharon wasn’t talking to the preacher she was talking to me!
In the end of the book, as the preacher lay dying, she comes to him one last time. When he tells her that he still doesn’t understand, she responds with, “The Greeks called me ‘Sophia.’ The Rabbis know me as ‘Shekinah.’ Ibn al Arabi met me during his circumambulations around the Kaaba, and he called me ‘Nizam.’ I whispered into Solomon’s ear when no one else could hear, and I’m the one who knelt before that angel in that little room in Nazareth. For I am the Wisdom of God, and anyone who seeks me with a pure, and diligent heart, may hold me in their arms.”
I have no idea where that statement came from and it only took me twenty years to understand it myself. I began to have questions. I have been called an atheist, but that’s not true. I believe in God. I just don’t believe in man! When man takes quill in hand and tries to reduce God to the pages of a book it never works. If you will note, Jesus didn’t write anything. He spoke! Only centuries later did men take it upon themselves to write those words, and by then the words were shrouded in opinion. Same thing happened to Mohammed. Man couldn’t write a grocery list, but there were enough fools around after his death to codify his desert ramblings for posterity. Joseph Smith could write, and write he did. Got himself blasted out of a window in a county jail by other devout believers with their own book of rules.
If you insult Mormonism you get an argument. If you draw a picture of Mohammed you get your head cut off, and if you insult Born Agains they show up at your funeral and call you a queer. Christians can be obnoxious, but Islam is crazy. Yeah, I just said that. Wanna know why? Because Arabs have not evolved to the same point as Western Culture that’s why. Racist enough for ya? Day after day I see ISIS coming up with new and inventive ways to kill infidels. I’ve seen so many I have begun to critique style. From simple beheadings to suspending the elect about a fire and slow roasting them into eternity, ISIS is the master at human misery. The end product of man putting words in God’s mouth! The only difference between them and that crazy old bastard at the Baptist Church down on Laurel Street in the fact that we in the west have developed a frontal lobe, something Muslims simply do not have!
Wanna irritate a Muslim? Just say the name Aisha. She was Mohammed’s little five year old child bride. Now, I’m not getting jellyfish about this. Marrying a five year old is a little left of center, but folks, let’s admit it, all Arabs are left of center, ok? They don’t play with the same cards as the rest of us, and they certainly don’t play with a full deck. To be honest with you, little Aisha was probably the only Arab in history who had a frontal lobe and she proved it by advising and leading the Muslims to the compiling of the Qu’ran. Do I approved of marrying a girl in diapers? Of course not. Do I consider the society that allows this sort of thing? You betcha!
When people try to explain what they do crazy things where marriage is concerned It gets well, crazy! Actually, I fully understand political “marriages” between tribes of Neanderthals trying to weld a connection that will stop continual fighting. Arranged marriages between royalties happened, also. Do I understand a wedding night with Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lolly Pop? Uh, I’m from Texas. We hang those people down here. I am a product of my culture.
I don’t try to make fun of little religious traditions. From funny little boxes on foreheads, to holy underwear, to beanies in heads, It’s not what’s on the head, it’s what’s inside it. That fella, Jesus said something about that. Whited tombs, I think. Seems He was always right. Just Him and Rush Limbaugh. If your attire makes it for you, fine. Wanna stone a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for looking good in shorts, problemo!
I break down Bibles, Qu’rans, and Books of Mormon like this: If it’s stupid, or mean, then God had nothing to do with it. Man did that. God created man and woman to support and enjoy each other, and make children. Does God hate homosexuals? Why? They’re not making any babies. If you think they’re an abomination then they’re going to hell. Abortion? God creates life. It’s not man’s providence to judge, or destroy. Seems that same guy from Nazareth said that, too. I can never bring myself to say that there is no God. We still can’t make a leaf! As we discover more about the universe we see that something was involved a bit smarter than a man wandering in the desert, a farm boy, or a crazy old man on Laurel Street in Shreveport, Louisiana!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin


Everyone has a God hole in their head. The theist fills it with whatever brand of God they subscribe to, the atheist with laughing gas. Religion is the ultimate “connect the dots” game. The more apparent the connections, the more faith is reinforced. People love patterns, in fact, we look for them. Man stared up at the stars and saw bulls, archers, virgins and fish. He divided the cosmos into sections, the sections separated the seasons and the wheat grew right on time.

Everybody hopes for something better than this life, and the closer to death’s door we get, the more real the promise of heaven becomes. The funny thing is the minute you get a promise of heaven’s gate, someone comes up with a key that they, and only they possess, and you must abstain, detain, and rearrange in order to use that key. It’s great to go to heaven, but it’s almost as good to see someone else not make it. So we come up hell, lakes of lava, devils, pitchforks, and cantankerous ex-wives to harass and torture those who were denied the key.

The ideas that stem from religion are sometimes astounding to the ones outside the blessed circle. Ideas ranging from eating fish on Friday to holy underwear, caps, shawls and little boxes attached to someone’s forehead. Some of these rituals took centuries to develop. Others just popped out of thin air, like the revival of the faith in the mid 1800s. We Americans were particularly crazy. Everyone suddenly became convinced that the end of the world was just around the corner.

People look for a master pattern of life. The closer to that pattern, the better they feel. When the pattern rips they either leave the pattern, or they repent, effectively mending the pattern. Verily, verily I say unto thee, all patterns are man made. The older, more vetted patterns last a long time. The newer ones, stemming from the original last a while. These are “on sale.” The Catholic faith is tried and true for generations of believers. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Westview Baptist church are “on sale.”

You have to stand back and ask what you really believe. Did Mohammed really fly a winged horse to heaven, was David Koresh really a prophet, did Joseph Smith really find anything on that hill? Believers get mad when you challenge their beliefs. You’re ripping at their pattern. To the logical mind all of these things are blatantly false, but you’ll never get past the warm fuzzy they generate for the faithful.

In most religious arguments, unless I’m drunk, I’ll keep a low profile. It upsets me listening to someone argue about something they cannot prove. And it depends on what they’re arguing. If someone tells me they speak in tongues I realize that such an event is between the mind of the believer and the mind of God. When they start with the winged horses and golden tablets I hope they took their medication on time.

I know how the Qu’ran, Book of Mormon, and the Karma Sutra were written. I’m a writer. And the reasoning is always the same. How could this person have composed such a work? How did Thomas Aquinas write Summa Theologica? We count degrees and judge intelligence accordingly but a well read, or experienced person can shame someone with a master’s degree. Smith read extensively, Mohammed traveled widely and Koresh memorized the Bible. Never doubt the power of the human spirit.

Then, there is Jesus. Wanna see how real Jesus is? Just look at all the people trying to rip and tear, and IMPROVE on His pattern. Jesus walked everywhere, never wrote a grocery list, wised off at the high priest, and got himself killed. For two thousand years learned scholars have labored, trying to prove He didn’t just get up and walk out of his grave like he had good sense.

I’m not going to pick apart anyone’s pattern with thus article. What would I win? The pattern they hold to is all they have, and they’re not hurting anyone, so you don’t take that away. What do I believe? I believe there’s a great big spark in the sky that caused it all. There is no tornado through a junk yard producing a Buick. You can’t possibly look at creation and not perceive a creator. Can we understand the spark, moreover can any book or pattern fit? No! The Kingdom is within you. Do unto others . . . If you just do that one thing it will be enough. If books, garments, and winged horses make it for you, that’s cool, just don’t put your horse in my stable. When someone tries to fit their religion on you it won’t work any better than borrowing their false teeth.

The American brands of religion are mostly “out there.” Freedom of religion is like baptizing a cat. They sit at opposing ends to the religions playing field, and they’ve all got “the truth!” Joseph Smith received a revelation telling him all the churches were false. So did Mohammed, David Koresh, Jim Jones and every sidewalk, soapbox preacher looking forward to the end of the world. The true believers go to church, pray, talk in tongues, and try to follow their pattern doing unto others. As the Master said, “Know them by their fruits.”

Do I have the answers? Will my teeth fit your mouth? Probably not. This is hard to talk about because you end up ripping at the fabric of someone’s life, and that’s never good. So, by and large, I keep my understandings to myself. I tell my dog. She’s a Lutheran. Most of the time I just keep my mouth shut as they try to dip me in that lake of fire they’re so proud of. Peace out!

What Is Truth?

I’ve tried all the favors of religion from Baptist to Islam. Man is a religious creature. Whenever something seems to be beyond explanation he fills in the blanks with religion. For the most part it doesn’t hurt anything if you want to live like that. Rules and organization are good things. When things are running smooth people feel good. Where religion becomes a problem is when they are compared in something called “apologetics.” Apologetics are simple. My invisible guy in the sky can whip your invisible guy in the sky.

Anyone can pick apart anyone else’s religious beliefs. For every point there is always a counter point. Joseph Smith found golden plates. How come he didn’t sell them, and how did a young boy carry that much weight? Moses led the children of Israel across the desert for forty years until that generation was consumed. Where are the graves? We FOUND the Pharaohs. Mohammed flew a winged horse to heaven for a face to face with God. Please!

If anything mystifies you it’s just because you don’t know the trick. Religion capitalizes on the ability of the human brain to “fill in the blanks.” We strive for complete circles, and once complete they become “truth.” Then we apply layer upon layer to support the circles and those layers become “scripture.” Scripture is shot full of holes that are artfully filled in by preachers, priests, Imams, theologians and just plain old witch doctors, pick your flavor. Where did Cain find a wife if there were only four people in the world at the time and he’d killed one? Jesus went to pray alone in the garden, and was arrested the minute He showed his face, yet the scripture has a full narrative of his last council with God.

So what is “the truth?” The truth is the universe simply has to have been created. If you think a calibrated system ranging all the way from atoms to galaxies was the result of a tornado in a junk yard you are as crazy as that snake handler in Jonesboro, Arkansas. And as for “Prophets?” Why would a creative force so great, so precise, as to set that universe on a perfect mathematical scale keep going back and correcting the equation by virtue of the ramblings of a wild eyed old man, caravan master, or potato farmer?

Am I an atheist? Certainly not! Do I believe in Joseph Smith, Mohammed, or Billy Graham? Get a life! Do I believe Jesus was something different? You betcha! All of the so-called “Prophets” have to reconcile their tooty fruity ideas with the man who never wrote a grocery list, never owned a house, never had a stage manager, sound crew, or roadies. Jesus hasn’t been caught in a lie in over two thousand years. That’s a pretty good record. None of our presidents can make it to mid-term elections without telling a whopper.

This letter will not convert you to anything. It will not inspire you. No miracles will happen should you kiss your iPad. We all suffer from the same malady, humanity! We rant and rave through our lives about the gold we searched for in our heads, and beg and plead during our last hour, hoping we were right. God speaks in a small voice. It’s a one on one conversation and religion has nothing to do with it. Peace be with you, and if you can’t find peace, at least have a beer.

The Great Credit Card In The Sky

What makes Easter so special? A large portion of the world pauses, takes a breath, considers at this time, and recounts a most amazing story of a simple Rabbi some two thousand years ago. Jesus never wrote a grocery list, yet He was literate as borne out by His act of reading in Synagogue. The record of His life and death was trusted to others, some hundreds of years after His death. During his life he predicted His death, and outlined the reasons, which went contrary to Jewish thought of His day. The Jews had ideas of a new King David, who would come and subject the world beneath Israel, ruling with justice and a reverence to the one true God. Jesus had a game plan exactly one hundred and eighty degrees from that.

If you take the Gospels as strictly historical documents you can easily pick them apart for inconsistencies. There are many theories on just how the Gospels came about, one, called the “Q” Gospel, tries to expound the idea that there was one central Gospel, and all others sprang from that. The Gospel of John throws a Menorah in the middle of that idea. The three synoptic Gospels concern themselves with the “what” of Jesus’ ministry. The Book of John examines the “Why.”

Jesus picked Matthew for a specific reason. Matthew was a tax collector, and modern imagery projects a picture of a man, sitting in some office, counting coins and turning them over to the Romans. Matthew had another talent. There were no “1040” forms back then, and if there had been most people couldn’t write anyway, so the evaluation of tax was left up to the tax collector. Matthew would sit by the post, watching fishermen bring in their catch, count rapidly, and making shorthand notes of who caught what, and how many. It wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough for government work. This same Matthew sat near Jesus during the Sermon of the Mount, and didn’t miss a single word! A postage stamp size piece of parchment, found in Egypt over a century ago has been examined and found to be most likely originating in, or about the year 60 AD, which means it was copied from a document most likely coming from Matthew’s actual hand. This demonstrates the innate accuracy of the Book of Matthew, and flies in the face of any “Q” document.

That having been said, most of the Gospels came down through oral history. After the crucifixion the Apostles went in eleven different directions at once, telling the story of Jesus to whomever would listen. Then add in the Apostle Paul, Mark, and always remember that Mary was still alive. You don’t think she talked about her boy? You don’t even have to be Catholic to accept that! The story of Jesus of Nazareth spread out like a Beatles Record across the Roman world. Did you ever look closely at the King James Bible. Just the titles of the Gospels. The Gospel ACCORDING to St. Mark, or Luke, or John, not BY them! The reasoning is very simple. As the apostles, and others spread the word, Christians really believed that Jesus would be back the day after tomorrow. Add a couple hundred years to this, and some enlightened individuals thought, “We’d better write this down!” Unlike the Qu’ran, that came hot off the presses even as Mohammed drew his last breath, it was left to Christians to pull together bits and pieces when they realized that Jesus’ plan of action was a bit wider that previously imagined.

The plan was actually very simple. It was a system of debits and credits. Mankind had run up a bill, and Jesus picked up the tab. Basically it was impossible for man not to fall. He was designed to fall. That was all part of the plan. An all knowing God played Satan like a fiddle, using Satan’s conniving nature to complete His creation. Creating a man from dust was the easy part, but to make man in the image of God required something more . . . A soul! An unseen being within a being. A driving force that could never die, residing within the “egg” of a physical body, waiting to emerge and take its rightful place with God in the eternal kingdom. This entity had to be created, or born. After that it had to grow, and mature, but it could never be perfect. An assist was needed. To put the polish on the apple God came up with an idea. Since He, and only He could ever be perfect, He’d just come up with a way to share some of Himself with this new creation to round out the deal. The sins would come, that was a given, but since there is no deficit in heaven someone had to pick it up, and God just did it Himself! Sin is just divination from God’s plan. He only gave us ten rules with the full understanding that we couldn’t even follow that any more than we could adhere to the Sermon on the Mount, so we ended up with a system of sin and punishment, which was just, but God didn’t want that, He wanted to complete His creation and SOMEbody had to pay the tab. That was a rule even God wouldn’t break because to ignore sin would just be a lie, and God cannot lie!

Jesus called it being “born again,” and had quite a time explaining this concept to a tax collector, a few fishermen, and a bunch of hard headed preachers hanging out over at the Temple, who all had their eyes firmly fixed upon what they deemed to be “reality!” He frequently used the phrase, ” Those who have eyes to see,” and you would never have those eyes unless you allowed those eyes to be born. If you did not accept the plan you would be forever spiritually blind. The price was horrendous. Nay-Sayers reason that God must be a cruel master for killing His own son in such a fashion, but they miss the entire point. God didn’t kill his son, he killed HIMSELF! The Muslims go on and on about one God, and they are correct as far as that goes, but where they veer off onto a camel path is not understanding the personalities or power of God. God manifests Himself in multiple ways, but it’s always God. He can be a spirit, or a carpenter from a small village in Israel if that’s what he wants to do. Mohammed could never see that because he never accepted the “eyes.”

So, Jesus went up on that cross, created the bank account, and made all mankind co-signers. The creation was now complete. It doesn’t matter if you buy into evolution, of believe man was made from a clot, in the end, if you understand God’s master plan, you get a well rounded human being, spit and polished, ready for eternity. Pretty good for seven days work, even for God!

Atheists, agnostics, and of course Muslims pick apart the story of Jesus with blind eyes. Everything from rewriting it, all the way up to trying to say He didn’t even exist at all, and His ministry was some kind of Rabbinical theory expounded in the first century. In spite of all of this they still can’t prove that a wood worker just got up one Sunday morning and walked out of his tomb like He had good sense! They point to other men who supposedly did the same thing all through history, but if you can understand that God is above time, and Jesus split that time at Golgotha, could it be that these images, both forward and back, reflect that image like two mirrors facing each other with the event going endlessly into eternity both ways? It’s called parallel universes, and yes, God runs them, too, deal with it!

The plan remains the same. You can chant on your Rosary beads, thump that Bible, or scream the Islamic call to prayer until your face turns blue, but you will never change the plan, nor the outcome if you are not signed up to that bank account in the sky. God sifts His chosen, but there is a janitor in the bank lobby, ready to lure the greedy, the doubters, and the devious over to his side. God never forces. He speaks with a soft voice, and His greatest creation was free will. People wonder how if God is an all knowing God that we still have free will. Think of it this way. The cosmos is like a book, and God is the author. Of course He knows the outcome of the general plot of the book. Shucks, He even told us that in Revelation! But, as God creates man He gives us personality, and then He sits back and allows those personalities to peruse their own course, much like you would give rules to a children and then allow them to play in the yard. God creates man over and over again, each time a baby is conceived, and the word is CONCEIVED, in the MIND of God! He just uses us to enact the physical body. All the rest is already set up, and when you try to alter that set up you try to impeach God! Did you think that baby’s soul died under the abortionist’s knife? No indeed! They are sitting with God waiting for those people to explain their theories on the last day. At the moment of conception God already knows that person, has already planted the seed, and waits for the seed to sprout. He allows free will because He wants friends, not robots.

Easter is the one day of the year that we are reminded that the plan is still in effect. It’s the one time that believers come together and remember Jesus, who He was, and what He really did to perfect us to join Him. He never wrote a book, never raised a sword, and never forced anyone to accept the plan, yet that message went all over the world, and the janitor waits to pervert it in any way he can, but that’s ok, because God also set up an unemployment line with no check at the end. Happy Easter folks!

Bible Thumping vs Head Thumping

Before I embark on this series of blasphemies I want to say that I believe in Jesus. Now, my beliefs are skewed by life, but by and large I accept the teachings of Yeshua. I’ve often cited the difference between God and religion. My understanding of religion is that it is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. This is understandable because when you approach something so complex as the concept of the creative force behind the universe it simply becomes unfathomable. That’s why Jesus made it simple. There are people who take that simplicity and try to explain, or rearrange it so as to forward what they think Jesus SHOULD have said, or at least what He really meant to say.

Jesus said, “You put burdens upon men that are impossible to carry.” You see it started out very simple. You go to the Temple, kill a goat, give some of the meat to the priests, and go home. Then we got “stipulations.” Before you knew it there were far more stipulations than the simple methods of sacrifice. Jesus came along, cleared the slate, and started again. “I’ll be the sacrifice, I did it once, and if you buy that go your merry way and sin no more!”

Well, it didn’t work. The first day after the crucifixion there was contention in the upper room and we’ve been contending ever since! Now, I’m not going to bore you with two thousand plus years of theological bickering, but what I will say is there is no unified agreement as to what Jesus really expounded. That brings us to the present day.

There is a saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” There are people out there who beat that Bible until their knuckles are blue, and their listeners are blue in the face. They endlessly quote scripture after scripture, and when asked to explain, they quote yet another scripture. If you disagree then they pound yet another scripture and tell you you’re not following Jesus. They say that government is “evil” that get cricks in their necks looking up, waiting for the second coming. In short, they bury their heads in the sand, and change nothing! They don’t feed one child, they don’t give a coat to one homeless and they sit idly by watching legislators pass one abomination after another in the firm belief that any day now, Jesus is going to float down and fix it all! Verily, verily, I say unto you, “Not gonna happen!”

Christians who assimilate what Jesus really meant take action. What is that passage saying if you preach at someone and do nothing for them what good are you? Seems I read that somewhere Christians who prefer to hide their light under a basket go on and on about scripture and never apply it are whited tombs. Case in point. There is a man who quotes scripture all the time. He throws wide the gates of hell because he just knows everyone but him is headed that way. When his state adopted gay marriage he didn’t do a thing to stop it, to my knowledge didn’t even cast a vote because the government is “false” and Jesus is returning any day now to repeal that law, but till then men will marry men, women will marry women, and the sheep are nervous!

To ignore your political climate is preposterous. You can “shake the dust from your feet, and walk away” and they’ll take everything you GOT! There is no separation of church and state. We ALL have a moral (or immoral) compass. You either point north, or you point south. If you see something that appears wrong to you, and you don’t at least stand up and say, “No,” then you are part of the problem and not the solution. Time to get out of the way and let the rest of us fix it.

These people have no solutions. It’s easier to quote scripture than apply it. It’s easier to condemn people to hell than to change their hearts and minds. Jesus was not obnoxious. He drank wine, talked religion AND politics. The Apostle Paul did the same. We must work with the system we have if we are going to have a society, and society isn’t evil! It works like this: I do not agree with gay marriage. I think it’s against natural order, and reflects a dangerous way of life, but if it becomes law I will continue to vote against it and will write articles about it. Fun fact: We do NOT have gay marriage in Texas!

Don’t “say” the will of the Lord, DO the will of the Lord. If needed you will be called upon to take a stand. Will I bomb an abortion clinic? No. If I were a taxi driver, however, I would refuse to take a woman to one. Will I accept Sharia Law over the constitution? Are you mad? No babbling from the desert is going to supplant the document conceived by Christian men in my book. Not only that, no bunch of foreigners is going to come over here and tell me how to run my country. You like Sharia Law so much go back to Sharia. Take a few Big Macs with you, you’re gonna need ’em!

Live the Word. Show by your actions. Apply scripture and let people know what you believe, but do NOT sit on your hands and just let the world pass you by. To those people in other states I say, we are fighting for YOUR rights here in Texas. If we fail you’ll be short work. Someone has to stand at the gates of the Alamo, and we can do that. I just hope you appreciate it when we hand your precious “America” back!

Thus Saith The LORD!

Matthew 22:21
. . . Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

Hebrews 13:17
Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

Ok, let’s thump a little Bible here, what do you say? There is always a little point of contention when it comes to Man’s law as opposed to God’s law. People get all tore up about the morality involved in obeying a law that they believe stands diametrically opposed to their moral compass. It ranges from trying to skirt around some ordinance, i.e. don’t bake no cakes for no gay marriages, to running off into the hills and living on crickets and such.

The reason I quoted those two passages above was to show that the Bible has always shown the line between God and Government. Jesus was very clear when baited by the Pharisees about paying various taxes. He let them know in no uncertain terms that God and Government are separate, but could co-exist. In Hebrews the reader is urged to obey civil authority because it has been given the authority to rule and therefore the responsibility thereof. You see, that’s a management technique. You can’t give responsibility without authority and vice versa. I learned THAT in college!

Let’s get one thing straight. We must have government. We must have ruling authority to regulate, protect, and defend the populace. There are people who believe that all politics are evil and should be done away with. They expand this into a belief that to accept the government’s ruling authority is to deny God. So for the Israelites to obey King David was to deny God, right? The government is but an instrument used to manipulate the things needed to run the affairs of people. When we drift from that we get into problems.

Take the police. “To serve and protect.” Now, be honest, when was the last time a police car pulled up behind you that you felt protected. I’ll agree you may soon feel served . . .UP! As the government gets larger the people get farther away from being served, and closer to being served up. It’s gotten so bad that when you read certain amendments to the Constitution you have to be an expert in “legalistic” English. Government should be from the bottom up. In the local community the people you see, and touch, can and should make laws that have effects on your everyday life. Dogs don’t need to run the streets, kids should be home by ten. As you move farther and farther away the micromanaging needs to step down accordingly. What do the people in Washington state know about the Mexican border? What do I know about how the Amish fertilize their tomatoes? And why should I care? Ok, let’s use a real example. Go tell a Mormon all about Rowe vs Wade and see how far that gets you!

The Bill of rights does not convey anything to anyone. It acknowledges the fact that there are certain things that just ARE! You can be an atheist and understand that. You should be able to speak your mind, protect yourself, sleep in your bed, and not be a witness against yourself. No one has to tell you that, or write it down. Even a good dog has a right to bite. It’s when we move from these understandings to “legislation” that we get into muddy waters and people begin to wonder if obeying man’s law is disobeying God’s law.

There IS a moral compass, and we all have it. The Nazis thought they had it all figured out right up until that trap was sprung. Certain things are just wrong. I know abortion is the law, but given the choice of jail or assisting in that in any way and I’ll just go to jail. I don’t care if you call it Fetus or Cletus, I don’t kill babies! Now, will I obey gun laws? Well . . . mostly. I’m not getting shot just so some mom against everything can get a warm fuzzy, but I don’t go out of my way to expound my methods.

Then there’s the “end of the world” crowd. Run around wailing against the government, but they still use that money in their pocket, now don’t they? And don’t even tell me about gold and silver. Until you can go to Pa Pa John’s and give them a goat for a pizza you have to use SOME form of currency, ok? Someone went off on that old “silver and gold” thing during a conversation yesterday, and without doing an entire article on fiat currency I’ll just sum it up. Money is just a handy way of trading goods and services. You can’t carry a cow around with you, but you can carry a coin, or dollar, or credit card. That form represents your labor or your goods. What makes the Federal Reserve messed up is when the goods and services run out, it’s still printing more money. At some point it doesn’t represent goods or services and you need to print LOTS of it to fill the void. That’s what we call inflation. Now, where was I ?

Verily verily I say unto you, when you start ignoring government, and stop participating in the actions thereof you are not serving God, you are denying the ability and the responsibility He gave you to work the system and make it better! Of the people, by the people, and for the people. We all come together with our various compasses and God’s will is mixed with the affairs of man. To isolate yourself is to deny God the ability to speak through you!

The Rev Terry Holcomb, Christian! The talk show host Doc Greene, Christian! CJ Grisham . . . CHRISTIAN! All these men fight to change the system by working the system. Myself? I’m just an old reptile bait, ignore me. We ARE our brother’s keeper, in that we all watch out for each other, and you can’t do that while eating crickets and smoking dope! I’m going to give you a brand new mortal sin; civic irresponsibility. If you know something is wrong, and you don’t at least show up and wave a sign or SOMETHING then YOU are assisting the government in committing that sin because that’s what God put you here for! But there will always be those who refuse to work with the system because it’s easier to THUMP a Bible, than to UNDERSTAND it! Like the song says, “Daddy was a sidewalk soapbox preacher looking forward to the end of the world.” Well, boys and girls I’ve seen fools hide in communes and live on radishes and marijuana. I’ve seen old men marry twenty fourteen year old girls, and people whom you would have thought had better sense wait in eager anticipation to ride a comet to heaven, and when I hear someone telling me he, and only he has the “truth” and the answers right from the Bible, I just ask for his car keys.

Many are called, but few are chosen. You can’t volunteer, you get picked. I don’t know what the criteria is but I do know when you are chosen you’ll know it. William Travis waits in eternity on the other side of his line in the sand. Don’t stumble as you cross.

The Runaway Train

RE:ligion! John Fogarty once wrote, “What you burn in your crazy mind.” When the human psyche considers the universe, the meaning of life, the certainty of death and then afterlife it all becomes overwhelming. Life is like being on a runaway train. You know how it’s going to end and as that end gets nearer and nearer the choices become fewer and fewer. When the human mind tries to cope with such things religion is born.

Theology is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. When you look at the world we live in, and see all the injustice, and pain, you try to sort it out. You are trying to understand the path of the runaway train. Everyone, and I do mean everyone believes that their lives are influenced by something unseen. The theist posits a “God.” The atheist holds to natural order, but whichever, all must reconcile their lives with the runaway train. We are born on the runaway train. It is not a choice.

Religion is a roadmap to help us manuveur down the tracks to the inevitable destination. We will all arrive. Just like we had no choice when handed the ticket, we will have no choice when the train pulls up at its final destination. When religion serves the coffee, explains the trip, and helps the train slow and stop in an orderly fashion it has succeeded. When religion makes the train jump the tracks, head into someone else’s train, and destroy a lot of lives, it is no longer religion, it is chaos!

This brings us to Radical Islam. Islam, by definition means, “Submission.” Very simply put it is obeying what you think God wants you to do. The human mind loves complete circles. That’s why you get a song stuck in your head. You know a piece of the song, and your brain is searching for the logical conclusion. When you arrive at it, the circle completes, and the song goes away. Songwriters strive to make simple circles. Islam was such a simple circle.

Islam is a very simple concept. Pray five times a day, don’t eat any ham, and pay your bills. But, you know, there’s always some guy in the back of the train who just doesn’t think that’s enough. The train isn’t going fast enough. People aren’t sitting in the right seats, the engineer simple won’t listen. What started out as the quiet urging of God’s voice, telling that guy to sit as calmly as he can and enjoy the ride becomes a shout telling him that he, and only he can direct not only that train, but all the other trains no matter what track they may be on.

Bear in mind that most people on the Islam Express take their ride for what it is and only want the train to stay on the tracks no matter what speed it is going. These people are submissive. The radical passenger is not. He convinces himself that if he can just derail the train, and crash it into other trains that even if all the trains are not heading in his direction, at least he will destroy everything and THAT is what “God” told him to do!

The sad part is that all the people on the Islam Express will pay for this man’s ticket. From the little clerk at the Quickie Mart, who always stocks his shelves with requests from his customers to the Executive in some high rise who hasn’t seen a Mosque in years. As the train leaves the tracks passengers in other trains will look through its windows and all they will see is the shouting man.

Saint Thomas More had a legal axiom. If someone were to rise up with a dagger and stab a man, and there were one hundred men in the room who did nothing to stop him we could only surmise that the one hundred had concented to the action. However, human nature drives us to not be involved. The simple fact is all the people on all the other trains will try to survive, and if the Islam Express must crash and burn then the natural law demands that will occur.

Is this right? Well, no. Can we change this? Right after I teach my Pit Bull how to meow. The rise of Radical Islam, and its eventual destruction are inevitable. When the fire dies down, and the bodies are counted from among the passengers the other trains will proceed. You know, God does have a sense of humor. He picks the engineers for the runaway trains, and to make His point they are usually a paradox. The engineer of one such train is Angela Box. You see, she is the exact opposite of everything Radical Islam rails against. Pretty little blonde with no veil. God does things like that. He deals us the unexpected. Kinda like that Jewish kid way back that knocked that giant guy in the head with a rock. I think that boy was the first Texan!

Wonder What Ever Happened To Them Fellers?

Maybe I haven’t made myself clear enough in the past. I do apologize. First off I am NOT an American. I was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. I am a Texan! America, as we knew it was dissolved a long time ago. All those high sounding words were all very fine, but they went away about five minutes after the asphalt dried on Wall Street. You want to see Illuminati? You want to find the New World Order? Look no farther than 5th and Broadway. The Americans love all the noble precepts of self government and We The People, but when anyone actually tries to use them the tide quickly changes. If there were but two sentences in the entire constitution the self appointed elite would pervert them with ten thousand pages of rebuttal to crush all opposition. No, I’m amTexan. Anyone can be a Texan. It springs upon you. It sprang upon CJ Grisham on a lonely road in Temple, Texas. An American began that walk with his son that morning, a Texan stepped across William Barrett Travis’ line.

I believe that family is the most important thing. That was brought home to me this week. You have to have people that will rally around you no matter who, or what you are. People who will never cast you out. It doesn’t matter how that family is configured. It just has to be real. It has to be where you can point to a common denominator and say, “This is who I am!” Then BE that person. If we only had that, family unity, we could solve most problems. That is the very foundation of society. When government seeks to impose its will the family is the first thing it attacks. Strong family values makes for strong politics. In such a world view the children are most important. They must be taught that they are special, and they are that way because they come from somewhere, and they are going somewhere. If one cousin goes to congress, and another plays a banjo on a porch, they all meet on Thanksgiving at the same table and give thanks to God!

Yeah, that’s what I said. God! Big guy in the sky, El Supremo, the Unmoved Mover. You don’t need a library of theological books to look up into the night sky and realize you didn’t create that! And that God will not condemn you for not being as smart as He is. He will only condemn you for refusing His love. That’s another thing a tyrannical government must abolish. If you teach your children to trust in God then they will understand absolutes, and a lying government can’t have that. Absolute truth is absolute. Whenever you read a statement of absolute truth, and that statement comes to the word, “but,” and there is a comma, everything after that is a lie! Truth is either the truth, or it is not, and THAT is an absolute truth!

People need to adhere to common decency. Now I don’t care who you are, how liberal, gay, radical, smart or stupid you may be, you know what common decency is. I don’t even have to give you examples. There is one rule. If you see, or hear anything that makes you say, “DAYUM!” then that’s not decent! You don’t need to protest funerals, stone people, or start a commune. Just walk away and shake the very dust from your feet! If you let a jackass bray long enough eventually he will see himself. You want to see heresy? Any “religion” that disrespect women is a heresy. Just apply that rule and all the worms will crawl out.

There are many more things that I believe, but these are a good start, and the hardest to accept when you’ve been indoctrinated by liberal human secularism. Sometimes a new idea will work, but if you look at it there is really nothing new under the sun. Just new explanations of very old and basic rules of life. Reject anything that doesn’t work. Theoretically you can nail a mirror to the wall, but common sense will tell you screws work better. Theoretically marriage is just a contract between two consenting adults, but common sense will tell you that you just have to have kids. And i can already hear it. Adoption has its place but all the liberal theorists point to the universe, explaining concepts they dreamed up in their crazy minds. Just put two bar magnets together at the north ends and get back with me on the results. Theoretically you can reason that an unborn child is not fully human, but then you have to figure out just when the child became human, and what made that happen.

Texas has embarked on a great adventure, one that will change the way people think. We are a unique blend of the past and the future. God blessed Texas with His own hand, and he did it for a reason. The farther to the left America moved the closer to the center Texas moved. That’s right, the center. Not left, not right, center! A place for all men (and women) to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Gosh, seems like someone else said that. Wonder what ever happened to them fellers?

Constantine and the Bishops

Constantine and the Bishops

Ever think about forming a religion? Back in the day that was the thing to do. There was no TV, no Internet, no Facebook. Man is a complex creature. One of the things that elevates man above the rest of the animal kingdom is the perception of patterns, either real, or imagined. Two things happened when mankind peered up at the stars. First he perceived patterns, and next, he began to theorize just how those patterns got there.

Everyone knew that spring followed winter, then summer, then winter again. When he first came down out of the trees and began to chase gazelles man understood that said gazelles moved around in an orderly fashion and if he was to eat gazelle on a regular basis he had to be aware of this pattern They got “Who moved my cheese” down to a fine art and didn’t wait for the herd to come to them. Later on, when man learned he could cultivate food from the ground the herd lost some of its importance because fruits and nuts would get you through the winter, but suddenly those lights in the sky took on a whole new meaning.

Vegetables didn’t grow in the winter. Understanding that winter would end, and spring would follow became paramount, but just exactly when was the question. The length of the day, phases of the moon, and temperature change were all major factors in a great life and death equation. If you plant too soon the plants would not sprout, and too late, they would whither. They knew that as winter abated the days would grow longer, warming the earth. At one point night and day would be equal. Look up in the sky, observe a full moon round about that time, add thirty days for good measure, and it’s time to plant. Very important day! Let’s just call is Easter or Passover for the sake of argument.

As the plants grew here came the gazelles back. They needed to eat, and would return for food. The clan would be waiting. Meat and potatoes! Wise men who could nail this cycle with accuracy became important in the tribe. And, since they did it by reading the moon and stars logic dictated that whom ever put the moon and stars up there simply must be tight with the wise men of the tribe. Moon and stars, plus a wise man equals Salisbury Steak! We’ll call these folks “priests.”

This system rocked on for years. Wise men became as or more important than the chief of the tribe by virtue of the need to survive. Now, let’s mix in another factor. Just for argument’s sake lets visualize a village with cabbage and meat loaf coming out their ears and about ten miles away there’s a tribe I’ll call the Obamaites. Now, their pencils weren’t quite as sharp as the first village so the food was a tad bit scarce. Their wise men weren’t all that wise so they resorted to feeding the people bull poo poo instead of Ribeyes. This got old in short order. The chief of this tribe rose in importance. He couldn’t raise a watermelon but he sure could make a spear! And he could organize these starving fellows enough to walk that ten miles, stick said spear into someone, and steal the food. Basic rule of nature right there. There are always going to be “haves” and there will always be “have nots.” If the “haves” become complacent the “have nots” will always come over the hill and take what they want without benefit of work. A well fed “have not” is never a good thing. They still won’t work and now they have ATTITUDE! Let’s call that “entitlement.” And the bonus feature is the “have nots” will cart off a few of those well fed “have” women, too. Jus saying.

From these humble beginnings you eventually get a well developed church and state. In every society that survived you would have a bunch of wise men, looking to the stars for guidance, and a strong man looking over the hill for “have nots.” To make a long story short this eventually boiled down to a place called Rome. Rome had a highly developed culture of cultivation and commerce with the full and certain knowledge that there would always be “have nots” over the next rise that needed their butts kicked. The Romans took it to the next level so instead of waiting for some bunch of starving savages to come storming over the hill they went LOOKING for them, paid butt kicking forward, and called it an empire.

Now, there were other organized civilizations who didn’t take this lightly and resisted, not that it did them much good. Like the Greeks. Highly literate, fairly well fed, nice chicks, but in the final analysis Rome stomped a mud hole in them and walked it dry. The Romans had another talent, too. When they stumbled upon aka culture that had a good idea they just stole it, and called it their own. This is important. Remember it. This flock of bikers didn’t care which god you prayed too, so long as you prayed, paid, and obeyed.

During their conquest of all they could lay their grubby hands on they stumbled across Israel. The cradle of civilization, and if that’s not an oxymoron I’m not a white boy from Austin. The Romans had finally found a bunch of people more savage than they were. And the Jews had everything reversed. In Rome the strong guy ruled the roost, while in Israel the wise guy actually held sway, and the king had to at least tip his crown to them or suffer the consequences, usually the wrath of God, or so it would seem. And, oh yes, they had ONE god. This system may look good on the surface but the end result was Israel getting their butts stomped on a regular basis. That’s what developed the Jewish knack for doing business well. They HAD to! If they couldn’t get along with whomever was in control at the time they knew they wouldn’t get along very long.

After about four hundred years the Jews had patched up the Torah so much it looked like Obamacare on steroids. It took a temple, hundreds of priests (remember those guys?) and a boatload of goats just to keep the house a rocking. Enter Yeshua bar Joseph, we’ll call Him Jesus for short. He came out of nowhere and had a formula that would make the Torah work. His only problem was he would make it work for the PEOPLE not the priests. He walked to Jerusalem to present his idea but forgot the sage advice, “Don’t go messing with them Jews without no money!” They had ONE down to a science. ONE trip, ONE trial, and ONE cross, which they were more than happy to bribe the Romans into providing.

One thing I forgot to tell you. Jesus had a hit! His message was so universal anybody who heard it could remember it, and they didn’t even have to write it down. Along about 70 AD the Romans called in the chips and the Jewish stock market crashed. Matter if fact, it crashed so bad it took the Jews around two thousand years to come back because they weren’t quite sure if them bad boys were gone! After the sale of the Temple that little bunch of followers left by Jesus DID begin to write, and boys and girls, they were open for business. Three hundred years after Jesus was killed there were more scrolls than than applicants at the food stamp office. And they were all expounding a different idea of just who, or what Jesus was.

One thing I have to let you know is long about this time Rome was falling apart at the seams. Hey dudes, even the Beatles broke up, ok? They had been into wine, women, and song for a while and frankly the song got old. A man name Constantine came along. No matter what you think about him, old Constantine was a Roman, and he was a politician. He had an empire, if you could call it that, which was embroiled In a civil war to end all civil wars and would end any unity of the empire that was left. His army was not the largest, not the best equipped but Constantine fell on a solution. He looked up in the sky one day and saw a sign. See how we eventually get right back to this? He told his men to paint that sign on their shields and THAT sign would save the day. Well, that, and a pretty slick move at a bridge DID save the day, and to make a long story short he ended up with a condo in Rome.

So, Constantine had his victory, but over what? A crushed economy, an infrastructure that wouldn’t allow someone to purchase a loaf of bread without getting robbed, and those nasty old “have nots” still piling up at the border. What to do? Well, you count to ONE! This “Christians” had a semblance of order, but they couldn’t really agree on much, had no money, and they were tearing up the message of Jesus much as the Jews had torn up the Torah years before. He had all the leaders of this church meet with him to try to hammer out what the message of Jesus really was. Now, go back to one of our simple rules. Constantine was the strong man, and during this get together he was footing the bill. He didn’t care what the end result turned out to be so long as there WAS an end result and he wanted it NOW! He didn’t give a flip about the theology so long as it went around in circles. HIS circles!

Voilá, the Catholic Church! Structured, orderly, all tied up with a pretty little bow, kinda like the Roman Empire. Darnedest thing I ever saw. Can you imagine that? A consummate polititian like Constantine imposing his ideas on a bunch of broke preachers? Never saw that one coming did you? He even sent his mother to Jerusalem to scout out historic sites that were to be revered by believers. She didn’t have any knowledge of history, or archeology, but her boy WAS running the country so all she had to do was squat and point and sacred locations just popped up out of the ground. She could say some rise was where Jesus was crucified, and even though the locals knew it was really the dump, they were smart enough to keep their mouths shut and paid, prayed, and obeyed.

The Empire would rock along for just about one hundred and fifty more years and the Germans put an end to the whole sorry mess. But, and this is a big but, students, that bunch of preachers now had organization. Even the Vandals and the Visigoths knew when you were in Rome do as the Romans do, and those Romans now had tall hats and a business plan straight from the last great emperor of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. And Constantine had left them a blank check. Constantine had taken a Roman beer party and called it Christmas. Remember I told you Romans had no problem with plagiarism? They took a position called emperor and called him the Pope, and they took a sword and called it a cross! And if that’s not slick promotion have I got a bridge for you!

Not that there weren’t men and women of faith down through the years who held to what Jesus REALLY taught; folks like Joan de Arc, and Martin Luther. Christianity would strive and survive, but it’s real survival would be in the hearts and minds of those who had truly assimilated the real message of Jesus. Son of Man or Son of God, that message was profound. Now there is a whole new breed of “have nots” coming over the hill, and if you be real quiet, look up at the stars, and just listen you might just hear the voice of Constantine telling us, “Better paint them shields, boys. There’s nothing new under the sun”