Shots Fired

Shots FiredIMG_2467! Last night I had plans of doing an article this morning about the event in Minnesota. I had watched the Facebook live feed several times, and was particularly taken by the woman being forced to her knees crying out about the whereabouts of her daughter after her boyfriend had been killed during a routine traffic stop. I planned to rip and tear at the police there, and compare them with the steady eye of Wyatt Earp. After last night in Dallas, you will never see that article.

Black Lives Matter does about as much good in relaxing racial tension in this country as throwing gasoline on a fire. If you will note, the march in Dallas was a peaceful one. That doesn’t surprise me. Last year, when we had the “swimming pool” scandal, complete with a pretty teenage girl in a yellow swimsuit, agitators, who came down from Chicago to orchestrate the event, saw their plans for anarchy evaporate in the Texas sun as the local teens showed more interest in summer break than sitting in the street disrupting traffic. During the Ferguson flap no Texas cities were burned, and there were no repercussions after the death of Sandra Bland. Texans simply don’t do that no matter what color they are.

Texas DID have an active KKK in time past. We have fought wars on our own ground, lived through Bonnie and Clyde, Indian raids, Waco (twice) Charles Whitman, Luby’s and Fort Hood. We are well seasoned in Tom Foolery. It is fashionable to point at Texans, the guns, the hats, the music, and allude to the population being a form of Neanderthal. What you saw in Dallas last night will show you that you need us Neanderthals!

When a Muslim kills, and Donald Trump raises the option to oust all Muslims, there is always an outcry from organizations such as C.A.I.R. citing that one person does not define an entire people. I’ll guarantee you that before the day is over you will hear Hillary Clinton suggesting that the best solution to last night’s event will be to disarm America, and most especially Texas! I want you to know that when the shots rang out last night one protester, a black Texan, immediately surrendered his AR-15 to an officer, showing he was not involved, and was not a danger. Please further note that the Dallas officer did not shoot the man, who was carrying the rifle as a demonstration of his second amendment rights, and a visual protest to the shooting of the man in Minnesota.

During the last eight years the dividing line between black and white has grown more solid. I’ve seen, and heard things that I haven’t seen or heard since I was a child in 1950’s Louisiana. Groups such as Black Lives Matter cause events that funnel people into the streets, and money into the pockets of the organizers, but they overlook one simple fact. The majority of Americans simply want to be left alone, and allowed to go about their lives in peace. They long for the day when they can teach their children that if they become lost, find a police officer, and he/she will get them home.

There will be no “race war.” In the 60’s the term “race war” was always in the air, while the bulk of America punched the time clock and went on about their business. While the image of the fire hoses still comes to mind, last night police officers died . . . protecting black protestors! Shots fired! I have a dream. I have a friend, Kent Frank’s. He’s black, and, yes, he’s a Yankee. He comes from the same era that I do. I want to meet him one day. I want to fly him to Austin and take him to a bar and grill I frequent on 6th street. My friend will not be in any danger. He will enjoy the Austin nights the same as anyone else, and maybe, just maybe, the sound of “shots fired” will become fainter, and fainter, until music is all we hear.


The Way of the Gun


The way of the gun is as American as mom’s apple pie. I read with interest the article by Bill the Butcher which compares the shootings in Orlando with the tower shootings in Texas circa 1966. It provoked thought in me for three reasons; one, all of you that read Bill’s writing know him to be a man of reason. His is the way of thought, and one may only emerge victorious from such matches as are found in contests of logic if they possess the preeminent superiority of reason. But a very few of us remember darker times in the Simple Ol’ Boy’s past. A past ruled by the way of the gun.


In those days the way of the gun was eschewed by most, but some contests were not to be won if one was not knowledgeable of that particular dark way. In reading Bills piece, I thought to detect an echo from that time. Secondly, and of greater importance to his readers, Bill made it clear that by his lights, Muslim people are prone to either forcing their ideology, or way of life if you will, on others at the point of a gun, or are instead guilty of indifference to the victims of those who do so. Lastly, by a quirk of fate, mybrother and I were both there at the hour of the shooting at the University of Texas, both of us missing a more fateful appointment by bare minutes. I would like to submit a humbler thought on the comparison made by The Butcher by the addition of two other famous Texas shooters.


The drawing of the three: roughly three years prior to Whitman’s rampage on an infamous day in November 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from an upper floor window in the Dallas Book Depository killing one man, our president, beloved of many in this nation, and wounding Governor John Connally, feared by many of the same. His state of mind? Cold, calculating, a true shooter’s state of mind. Twenty-five years after the tower shootings a certifiably mental patient drove his car into the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and upon exiting his vehicle shot and killed 23 people. The shooter, George Hennard’s state of mind? Chaotic, fragmented, a shooter who only got his kill count by killing unarmed, helpless sheep (apologies to those who count among the lost one who was dear). In each case, it bears pointing out that the victims were unarmed, and helpless due to an unannounced attack. Kills such as these lack honor, and therein do I find the ONLY similarity. In Oswald’s case the shooter was an assassin, trained for his mission, and part of a larger plan, Oswald was doing a job. I know it, and I know Bill knows. In Whitman’s case, he was a combat seasoned veteran, but one with an awful thing growing in his head; it cannot be said that he knew what he was doing, but  Hennard did! I knew his therapist, and believe me, those who knew him best were worried about his fascination withguns, and his erratic behavior


If anyone was responsible for the shooting in Orlando, or Connecticut, or Columbine or, take your pick, it’s the police. Ever since the war on drugs our nation’s police use a template for prevention that resembles the optimism of that person ahead of you in line at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. They’ll continue to explain the logic of it well after you have lost interest. Am I bashing the cops? Well…yeah. I mean just look at the solution most of them have for mass shootings: disarm everybody. Huh? Now, I have walked the way of the gun since before I could vote. I stay hard, and I stay ready. I know that Bills reason is superior to mine, but I also know he keeps a Smith near to hand. I don’t believe the answer is the expulsion of Muslim people, nor the barring of their way to citizenship. I think rather that we should vette them more thoroughly, and watch them more closely. And, I think we should all keep our guns close, just in case.

A Place Called Camelot

There once was a place called Camelot. . .


In this place all things were possible. There were jobs, and cars, and washing machines, and TV sets that could receive three channels on a clear day. Walt Disney still had Annette under contract, and she was perfect. And there was this man in the White House.


It took all four Beatles to replace John F. Kennedy. His wife looked like a movie star, and his kids did, too. As a ten-year-old, I could mimic his Boston accent, and my father’s friends would laugh their heads off at parties. “Aye, John Eeeeef Kennedddddy . . . ” He’d begin with that line, and go on to put the wood to that fat guy in Russia, or that Mexican who was running Cuba, or anybody else who thought they could stand up to America.


I had no idea where Boston was, or what a Democrat was, or even what a communist was, but I KNEW, John F. Kennedy was my president. When we ate supper I would imagine him dropping by, I could just see it, because that was the kind of guy he was in my young mind. It was a grand illusion.


America was slipping into decline, but we were so poor we couldn’t tell. Dimes actually looked bigger if you grew up in Texas. The lights never went off in our house, but the bill was only, like, eight dollars or so. I think water might have been free, I don’t know. But I knew who the president was, and I knew that when I grew up, everything was going to be alright.


There is a fact among people of my generation. We all remember exactly where we were when we heard about the events in Dallas. I had been to the nurse at Nolan Jr. High, and she sent me back to class. As I rounded the corner by the cafeteria, heading down the west hallway, about three classrooms down, the intercom came on, and America died that day. The grand illusion evaporated like a Penn and Teller magic show. They turned us out, and we all went home. When i got home my parents were acting like Hank Williams just died. I sat at the dinner table that night, and I cried. I still remember. We had liver and onions.


Then came Johnson, and Vietnam, Nixon, Charles Manson, the Twin Towers, and Waco! We all struggle to endure the smell of the rotting corpse America had become. The country didn’t just suddenly run off the rails. That train had been swerving for a long time, but somehow, President Kennedy made us believe that his hand was on the wheel, and it was all gonna be alright.


Last night I was up researching the tragic event in Waco this week. I ended by looking at a picture of a dead biker, resting beside his Harley. He looked so serene, lying there in his Sunday jeans, and his magnificent colors still on. And for some reason President Kennedy came to mind. And again, I cried. I cried for the biker, I cried for President Kennedy, and I cried for America. America is lost, but we in the Texas movement are going to find it again, and we’re going to give it back to you! We owe President Kennedy that much.


There are historians, and political analysts who point out his flaws. I know all about Marilyn Monroe, and Joe Kennedy being a bootlegger, I don’t care! I still can’t erase the image of that hallway at Nolan Jr. High that was burned into my brain on November 22, 1963. As I approached that junction in that hallway that day I was walking in John F. Kennedy’s America. By the time the speaker went silent, I was standing in TEXAS!


There once was a place called Camelot . . .



Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit’s Got The Gun


Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun. Today I was humbled by a little lady on a video. Tean Fiinicum, LaVoy’s daughter, giving a talk about our country, her father, and her legacy. Her request was simple. She asked America to stand with her, and if it doesn’t then she will stand, and die alone. Someone else made this same call from a crumbling adobe church years ago. “If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country”

With all the discussion about LaVoy Finicum’s death we have overlooked one simple thing. It has now become business as usual to kill citizens, white or black, and the courts will always justify it, and ignore the constitution. The government has now become the master, and we the serfs, hoping that King Fed will just not take our property today, and not kill us for driving down the road. Let’s do some math. There are more of us than there are them! And it’s funny that we are a nation of laws only when it is convenient to the Fed. “They right of the people,” is ignored by the Supreme Court, but the right to shoot anyone at any time for any reason is upheld, and upheld, and upheld.

Taking that building in Burns, Oregon was a stupid thing to do. Staying at the Alamo was stupid, too, but sometimes someone has to show us what will happen when you deal with an out of control tyrannical government. Think about it. One building. They took one building to make a point. Why didn’t the FBI simply seal it off and wait for them to run out of food and charges on their cell phones? I’ll tell you why. Any resistance to the machine will be met by force. That’s why! I’m not going to go over the shooting again, I’ve done it many times, but I will say all the law enforcement (and I use that term loosely) had to do was follow Finicum to the sheriff. What were they so scared of? Why did they not want him to go to the sheriff. If he were such an outlaw, then the sheriff would have put him in jail. Never heard of Billy the Kid running to the county jail. Have you?

Miss Finicum calls for us to put down our differences and stand with her. Naturally about 100,000 keyboard commandos chimed in and said they would. Ok, let’s talk “Killeen” homies. This thing is going down! I watched a slow motion video last night that clearly shows Mr. Finicum being fired upon before he leaves his SUV. That’s why he was shouting, “Just go ahead and shoot me!” He knew the deal! He understood what was at stake, and accepted the all. He crossed the line in the sand!

The Fed has been out of control so long that the rules of engagement have been changed. We are not the people anymore; we are the enemy. That is why we have to keep our hands on the wheel when stopped for running a traffic light. That’s why we put up our hands when an officer approaches. That why we get beat up when we quote the constitution. Free speech zones? Give me a break! Bonnie and Clyde got a better deal than LaVoy Finicum.

There is going to be a rise of resistance in America. Texas will lead. Texas always has. From the Alamo to Waco, always remember that we are the folks that will hole up in a church and shoot at you! LaVoy crossed Travis’s line, and the Mexicans are over the wall. Fellas, it’s time to put the mouse down, and pick the constitution up. I can’t get that young lady’s eyes out of my mind. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!




There is dramatic new footage from Lavoy Finicum’s SUV coming out of the Bundy Ranch site today. It’s not on YouTube, but you can catch it here on FaceBook. Watch it quick because as soon as FaceBook realizes it is patriotic they’ll pull it. I mentioned it also here. You should review my original Tribune article on this in “No Gun In The Snow.” That will catch you up with my ideas when this story first broke. All that’s happened now is this new footage shows that, yet again, I’m right. Just me and Rush Limbaugh, and it’s lonely up here. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the cell phone video coming from the occupants of the SUV proves out every single point I made previous to this. So, let’s recount some facts, shall we?

LaVoy was stopped by the cops on a lonely Oregon road. Some say it was the FBI, others the Oregon State Police, could have been the dog catcher, I don’t know, but he was stopped. They waited around about four minutes while the fuzz pulled their heads out of their collective butts, and then the vehicle takes off. Now, on the surface, from the drone, this looks like he disobeyed a lawful order, but when the audio from the new footage is synced you very quickly see that Mr. Finicum simply ran out of patience with the Keystone Cops, and drove away. He verbally announced that he was headed about fifty miles down the road to talk with a sheriff. As we all know, he did a dodge of a road block, and ended up in a snow bank. If you look at the drone footage you see Lavoy exit the truck, raise his hands, retract his hands, and then goes down. FBI official story. Now, remember, there’s the truth, the spin, and the “Fishy” story. The fishy on this is Mr. Finicum was pulling a gun and the men in black were in fear for their lives, sitting there waiting in ambush in a location where no cell towers existed.

From the air it looks like he is laying there dead while the boys in blue stumble around in the snow like a flock of fools, but when tied with the new audio you clearly hear the real deal. First, you hear Mr. Finicum angrily telling the cops to “Just shoot me!” After he hits the ground you hear the bullets hitting the car from the perspective of the occupants inside. For the longest time there is a spaced assault on the vehicle, and you can actually hear the impact of the bullets. KaThunk, KaThunk, KaThunk! All the while the people inside are screaming, crying and praying. Finally, the cops pull the old, “Get out with your hands up,” and “Get up.  . . get down. . . get all around,” and by the grace of God no one else got killed.

Ok, back to basics. No gun! If Lavoy had a gun in his pocket it was of no danger to the officers. If he did draw it, and was hit by fire from one or more of the cops, it only stands to reason that the gun would have ended up very visible in the snow. Blue steel against white does that, you know. Every “HomeBoy” I ever saw shot by the cops while holding a gun slung it onto the parking lot, or wherever they happened to be at the time. This was a clear assassination, but here’s the skinny.

There are rouge cops today who kill whomever they wish, and their justification is, “Well, I had bullets in my gun!” They are in fear for their lives, our lives, the dog’s life, everyone’s life. I hate to drag in my time worn example of Wyatt Earp, but no matter what you might think, he was in a full-fledged gun fight, with bullets flying by his head when Ike Clanton charged him yelling that he was unarmed, and Wyatt did not shoot him. Neither did Doc Holiday either, and Doc was “wired,” but, they weren’t trained law enforcement, they were just gunslingers.

So, why was the fuzz so pent up about a bunch of people taking over a rest stop in a shutdown park in the winter? I won’t back away from my original article The Not So OK Corral. I didn’t think that we Texas Nationalists should get involved with a bunch of Yankees fighting over a bathroom. We’re forging a nation, not hugging trees down here. And, we’ve done this before! Before Texas was a state it was a republic. Oregon was just land. But, that having been said, Mr. LaVoy Finicum meant what he said, did what he did, and went down for his cause. I’m not going to be explicit here, but if you draw a circle from Salt Lake City, to Burns, Oregon, down to about Arizona, and back up through Denver, ending at Salt Lake City, you’ll roughly have a place called Deserette. Those who have ears, let them hear! What do LaVoy Finicum, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, and Cliven Bundy have in common? They’re the boys that don’t drink no Folgers. Jus’ Sayin’. Maybe the FBI saw a little more in that SUV than one old man and some freaked out girls. Maybe they saw a little “even up,” just like the see when they look at Texas. Well, I have a little message for the Fed. If you add Deserette to the original borders of the Republic of Texas that leaves you BROOKLYN! Better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone because times they are a changing! History lesson over, ring the bell.

The Tip of the Spear

This morning Texas stands at the tip of the spear. Unless you’re living under a big yellow rock, you have got to have noticed that police officers are being killed at an alarming rate. This is not coincidence. It doesn’t matter if that man in Harris County was with an organization or just a lone wolf, he killed Officer Goforth. Now leaders of the Nation of Islam, and Black Lives Matter are calling for mass executions of white people. That’s real people, just read the news. The attack on the police is an effort to disrupt social order, throw society into chaos, and attack all existing institutions, and it has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights.

The scale has been tipped to a crazy point. While whites could never dream of advocating the mass murder of blacks, the carpetbaggers from New York can go on the air and spill their filth with no fear of reprisal. And carpetbaggers are exactly what they are. After the war of northern aggression hoards of white, and black northerners ran down to Texas to buy or steal whatever they wanted. They think this is the same situation. Al Sharpton could give a rat’s ass about black rights, but he sure likes breakfast in that country club. It’s the same in Africa where children walk the streets with flies in their eyes while the leaders sip cocktails in limos. Black people and Muslims will follow the strong man. They have a tribal view of society and that’s how they survive. They look for simple solutions to complex problems, and when they can’t see a quick fix, they riot. We have to accept this. We are required to make the difference between good blacks and bad blacks, but the radicals in the black community group all of us into one pot. They do this because they are aware of the cultural differences between us and the willingness of a majority of blacks to “follow the leader” whomever that leader may be. They vote democratic over and over and get robbed blind, BUT, they get an Obamaphone.

How do we fix this? First off they are not as organized as they would like to appear. Riots are just that, riots. Stealing a TV set from a looted store is not mounting an action on a position. Next, their leaders are capitalistic cowards. They are in it for the money! They are NOT Dr. King. All this black shirt, sunglasses, and mean look is show. One bullet in the air and they scatter. The problem is we consistently believe we pay taxes, and have police for these things. Well, they are trying to disassemble that because if there is no law enforcement, or if it is hindered, they have the run of it. Not to bring down or change a government, but to kill, steal, and destroy.

We MUST have law enforcement’s back. There is no other option. All that stands between us and Uganda is a thin blue line, and right now that line is being killed while gassing up their cars. Forget everything you ever heard about rouge cops, we can address that later. If you see an officer in jeopardy get involved. If you see one putting gas in his car, hang around. Let him know you are there, and you are on his side. In Texas we have license to carry. If you have one, carry! If you don’t, you can still carry concealed in your car. Do it! Out police must know that as a society we stand with them.

Next, we must stop the New Black Panthers, and Black Lives Matter in their tracks by all means necessary. The people must know there is a cost for their actions, and their words. You don’t just call for 10,000 killers to eradicate all white people and expect Texans to just stand by and have a beer. When they get off the plane in their get up, and go strolling through the airport make it a bad hair day for them. They are NOT welcome in Texas.

The Texas militia is made up of many components. We need a central command. Sam Houston had the same problem. William Travis had the same problem at the Alamo with the command split between himself and Bowie. We need to march to the same drummer, and this will also lead to the eventual independence of Texas. The Americans have created this problem. Their cities will burn, ours will not if we play it right.

Good, responsible black Texans need to feel secure. We are not rioters. We are not looters. They are not the enemy, and the color if their skin does not make them a problem. Their is no room for racism in this event. And it is going to be an event. It is already happening. The man that killed Officer Goforth should have never left that parking lot alive. The good news is that Texas is vast. The Yankee insurrectionists think Texas is mainly urban, like the northeast. Texas ranges from the pines of east Texas to the deserts of west Texas. And the border? Just ask THEM how much black lives matter. They’re not nice people down there.

The main attack will be in Houston because that demographic more closely resembles New York or Chicago. Dallas and San Antonio will follow. Not El Paso! Not Lampasas, or San Saba, or Sweetwater. The militias in Houston must be particularly alert. Remember, tribal, follow the leader, blind riots. Houston is a tinderbox for this, and the mayor is a person who doesn’t even know what restroom to use, much less how to quell 10,000 confused people burning and smashing. And Jade Helm? Useless as the tits on a boar hog. We have to handle this.

Texas will survive this, but we have to move decisively. We have to let the capetbagging, opportunistic race baiters know that their actions will not be tolerated in Texas. Finally, when it’s all over we must clean up the remaining pools of ideology that started this in the first place. We must stop the genocide of Planned Parenthood, the perversion of marriage, and we must educate all people so that we never have to do this again. Their are black people who think Dr. King freed the slaves. It’s time to stop laughing and start teaching. This time can be a total disaster, or a shining Texas example of what the founding fathers meant when then said all men are crated equal. Let’s make them truly equal.

Black Lives Matter?

The murder of the deputy in Harris County will be a turning point for Black Lives Matter. Draw the comparison between Michael Brown and officer Goforth, and unless you are a complete idiot you will quickly see that this racist, hate driven organization will spark the fight that the New Black Panthers, and other groups have courted for so long. The people of Houston stood up this week, and weren’t very politically correct when they did it. The gas station was filled with hundreds of supporters, filling the lot, paying homage to one very good man. How many showed up when Sandra Bland decided to off herself in jail after her latest “trick” wouldn’t even take her call to help her with a very small bail?

The sad part is good black people will be drawn into the foray of racial tension, believing they have to stand up for what they are told to believe in. The tide of racial unrest is already making words like “animals” and “thugs” common place. Well, Black Lives Matter, it’s all over and Donald’s coming. Did you think he just pounced on the scene. And not one word out of the White House. The administration that would send an attorney general to a criminal’s funeral wouldn’t even make a phone call to the widow of a fine public servant. Just like France, ignored it, but then, those Frenchmen were white!

The far left has hammered this nail so hard that people are afraid to even use the word “white” anymore in fear of raising the ire of minions screaming, “Nigga, nigga, nigga,” at the top of their lungs. You are going to see a resurgence of white pride. You are going to see the rebirth of a very healthy Klan. You are going to see violence such as we haven’t seen since the 60’s with a thunderous roar that will drown out the voices of Colonel West, Ben Carson, and hosts of other brilliant black people because on one intolerant man in the Oval Office.

But, it had to stop. The tail has been wagging the dog long enough. Remember that Pendullum I told you about? Well, here it is, I say HERE IT IS! This is reality, people. This is the way politics works. This is what happens when you beat down a population and strap it with insurmountable debt. The train has left the station, and we’re all on for ride. Black lives may matter, but the life of Officer Goforth isn’t worth a plug nickel in the Harris County Jail, and I don’t want to hear you Libtards crying when they find him! You may swat them bees now!

The Ghosts of Mount Carmel

I spent a huge investment of time last night trying to get a handle on this Twin Peaks thing, and I think I’ve just about got it. Now, to read this, you’re gonna have to open your mind a little bit, liberals don’t worry about it, just read the latest on Bruce Jenner instead. First off, remember that we’re dealing with human beings, the bikers, not the cops. I’m gonna just come out and be up front with you, the cops are out of control. At some point they became militarized and we the people became them the targets. That’s one factor in the equation.

The other factor are motorcyclists. Just like all Italians aren’t in the Mafia, all motorcyclists are not in a gang. We’ve all seen the Hollywood version of Biker Clubs, tooling up and down the freeway with names like “Animal,” running station wagons of nuns off the road and raping everything in sight. Of course you get the image from the loyal opposition on the other side pointing out Christian Bike Clubs and the Patriot Guard. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

The most violent Biker “Gang” is far and above the vermin running around the streets of Baltimore. I dare say “Animal” would make a better Mayor than that city has right now. Most, not all, are Veterans. The fundamental belief of all motorcycle enthusiasts is freedom. The idea to pick up and go on the spur of a moment. The problem is that when you lay a foundation you invariably construct a building, and the idea of biker freedom becomes clouded with rules, imposed to maintain some sort of “order” which is the main reason for getting on a Harley in the first place.

The oxymoron is that people who have basically rejected American Corporate culture would lay out rules and territorial claims, diving right back into the very quagmire they rode away from in the first place. Laying out standards for jackets, and symbols, charging fees for registering clubs, and the more dominant of the clubs ruling with an iron fist over late comers. Time to move farther west, Cowboy Bob!

So let set the stage at Twin Peaks on May 17th. There were two main groups, the Cossacks, and them nasty old Bandidos. Then there were other groups, but they were really like that little prick hiding in the wrinkles of Jabba the Hutt back in the old Star Wars days. So, they all show up at this beer joint for a big meeting, the invited, and the not so invited. And who is out in the parking lot, but Barney and the twelve Fifes, loaded for bear, and hating anything on two wheels. It doesn’t MATTER what was discussed in the bar. It doesn’t MATTER what “territories” we’re “infringed” upon, what matters is a fight broke out between a bunch of bikers drinking beer in a Bresturant. Of course this has never happened before, and the police, taken quite by surprise but the event, we’re consulting their procedures and guidelines right up until the first shot was fired. Of course the snipers opened up and shot everyone who wasn’t smart enough to zig zag as they ran from the fire.

The police then proceeded to arrest everybody, save the priest giving last rights, and giving statements to the press. They DID find that in the manual, under “spin.” They then took all of the arrestees down to the jailhouse where a Justice of the Peace slapped a one million dollar bond on one and all to send a “message” to the populace, which it did. The good people in New York now have confirmation that Texas is overrun with Hell’s Angels, and redneck judges who look like Roy Bean. Oh, good job Sparky!

Fact: A biker fired the first shot. Happens! Happens here in Killeen all the time. Fact: Before this there was a fight. Fact: The cops ate donuts and watched said fight. Aren’t they supposed to serve and protect. There were OTHER people in that bar just eating. Fact: No cops were harmed, not even heat stroke. Now the cops will fall back on this so-called “investigation” they conducted in the preceding months constructing this picture of an enormous criminal empire, run by the Bandidos that controlled the flow of dope across the border. I’m not saying some bikers don’t do dope. Some cops don’t eat donuts. What I am saying is after the event public information was virtually cut off, even autopsy results and privately owned security video. PUTIN is more transparent!

What should the cops have done? Uh, move in and break up the fight? You think? Sometime BEFORE the first shot was fired. Wouldn’t this have been a better headline: EIGHT BIKERS ARRESTED YESTERDAY AFTER SCUFFLE AT TWIN PEAKS. We need to see where those bullets came from, we need to see that video footage, and we need a REAL judge to become involved, because I’ll assure you, every lawyer worth his salt is wearing out horses to book a room in Waco right now.

Waco has always been two bubbles short of plumb. If God were to give the world an enema He’d stick the hose right in the middle of Waco, Texas! I don’t like Waco. I won’t drink Dr Pepper to this day because it came from Waco. If there were a nuclear war and me and a girl from Baylor were the only two people left on the planet the human race would be doomed! You can’t even pray in Waco. A bunch tried, and they burned ’em up. The clubs involved that Sunday did so to be fair to the other regions. Usually they would meet in Dallas or Austin. Maybe should’ve sniffed the ground out at Mount Carmel before ordering that first beer . . . You think?

Cannon Ball and a Feather

I was on the radio with KC Massey last night. He was detailing his arrest on the border. I’m not going to go into the whole thing, but it was two hours of one flub up after another by our United States Government. Then, like a bolt from the blue it hit me. The Lord appeared before me in glory and asked, “What did you expect?” The last thing the American government did right was . . . was . . . was, well, they’ve been in business for over two hundred sum odd years so I know there HAS to be SOMETHING there.

Let’s just look at the stuff that goes, “bump” in the night. Get drunk the night before and get the president’s head blown off the next day by a warehouse clerk. Get run out of Vietnam by a bunch of kids in sandals and pajamas. Screw up a burglary a CRACKHEAD could have done better. Solicit oral sex from a school girl and too STUPID to pay her dry cleaning bill. Go into two wars looking for one old man on a walking stick who basks away sipping iced tea in a condo thirty five miles away, and last but not least, elect a president that makes PUTIN look good! And you pay money for this, people. Matter of fact, you paid money for this TODAY!

We need to change a few things. With our sterling record in the Middle East we need to retire the bald eagle and replace it with a yellow bellied sap sucker. Need to make Old Glory flame retardant, and we need to appoint Bill Gates secretary of the treasury. Now we have Jade Helm. While I was concerned at first, I’m at ease now. The American Government is doing it! Now, if it were being headed up by the Mexican cartels I’d already on my way to Canada. Don’t think so? How’s that Jimmy Hoffa case working out for you, huh? Proof POSITIVE the government did NOT have a thing to do with it. I think that the president had a secret meeting and asked his cabinet, “Who can we make war on and win?” John Kerry said, “Ourselves?”

About the only thing they ever fined tuned was extortion, when they dreamed up the IRS, but heck, the Hell’s Angels can do that. Embargoed Cuba pretty good. Yep, fixed THOSE cigars didn’t they? I happen to be a cigar smoker and lifting the blockade of Cuba is about the only thing I agree with.

The DisUnited States of Illusion keeps limping along with its porous border, funny money, and politically correct president, and we’ll keep paying for it hoping the Chinese don’t foreclose the mortgage. Oh yeah, we did that too! In a thousand years some kid’ll ask his teacher what happened to the ancient empire of America, and the teacher will say, “Oh, they started marrying goats, calling toilette paper wealth, and all got strung out on pot. Mexico finally annexed them.”

From a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

The Puzzling Case Of Lee Harvey Oswald

Let’s get off topic today and have a little fun. I’ve been sitting on this one because it fits nowhere, but heck, it’s Sunday! It’s fascinating when all the dots connect, something senseless suddenly makes sense and the world seems in order again. Different opinions lead to different theories. Take the JFK assassination. If you want to jump into a whirlpool of controversy just bail off into that. Well, you know me so here we go.

The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at the presidential motorcade, striking the president twice, once in the back, exiting the throat, and one head shot. The back/throat wound invoked a rash of ideas. You’ve heard it all. The “magic” bullet theory. Conspiracy theorists conclude that the bullet had to do an acrobatic waltz in order to travel the path and inflict subsequent wounds found. They position John Connally directly in front of president Kennedy, thereby not allowing the bullet’s path to follow a logical course.

There is one thing that shoots this down. The Governor was not directly in front of the president, he was down, and to the left in a “jump seat.” When properly lined up the bullet travels along an almost perfectly straight line. Then there is the Governor’s so called delayed reaction. Some people conclude that this proves that two bullets came from behind, the second hitting Connally, causing him to lurch at the moment of impact. Now right here they must accept the word, “behind.” Connally was obviously shot from the rear. There is no denying that. The two bullet theory dies when you realize that it would be impossible to inflict the wounds upon the Governor without going through Kennedy first. He was in the way! The only logical conclusion was one bullet, two men hit.

Now we have the head shot. Abraham Zapruder’s home movie may be the most viewed film in history. Eat your heart out Cecil B. DeMille! You’ve all seen it. The president’s head exploding like a ripe melon, Mrs. Kennedy crawling onto the trunk of the Lincoln retrieving a portion of his brain. This is a difficult shot to analyze. Sherlock Holmes has a rule; When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth. Let’s look at that shot.

The grassy knoll looms large in conspiracy theory. Before the day is done, when you take all of the ideas about that little rise you’ll begin to believe the entire CIA was squatting behind that fence with J. Edgar Hoover directing the shot. Now, look at the angle. Not from the front, from the front RIGHT! Ask yourself, who was sitting to the left of the president. Then, simply draw a line from the fence through Kennedy’s head, and beyond. If John F. Kennedy had taken a shot from the grassy knoll the left side of his head would have blown out, not the right. When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth! Just as it was impossible for John Connally to have been struck without the bullet hitting Kennedy first, it is equally impossible for a bullet from the grassy knoll hitting the president without also affecting his wife. The laws of physics demand it.

So, where did the shots really come from? Up, behind, and slightly to the right. Then we have the opinions of Oswald’s proficiency with a rifle. We have two things that come into play here. First off, I’ve BEEN to Dealey Plaza. People who have never been there imagine this very long, difficult shot requiring Chris Kyle. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Huckleberry Finn could have hit Kennedy with his sling shot! Fish in a barrel would be a suitable analogy. Quite frankly, no joke intended, I myself could have hit that target with a 9mm pistol. The so called “kill zone” is roughly the size of a high school cafeteria, and how many active shooters do you have to see to know how deadly THAT can be. The suspected window was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. New Yorkers, with their skyline picture a high rise with a guy perched on the roof. It was only sixty feet up! Sixty divided by three is twenty. Twenty yards! The beginning distance you start with when qualifying for a CHL! And friends and neighbors, at twenty yards I ate that silhouette UP!

Add about fifty or sixty more feet, allowing for the car traveling down the road, the position of the shooter and do you see those fish yet? So, how good of a shot was Lee Harvey Oswald? I’ve read all the stuff about how he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and “Maggie’s Drawers,” but Oswald was a former Marine rifleman. He QUALIFIED! Then, of course, we must cast allusions upon his rifle. The Mannlicher Carcano Oswald used is so much maligned by conspiracy theorists one begins it imagine it bad a bent barrel. Lee Havey Oswald’s rifle was a weapon of war. A bolt action piece that fired a bullet projectile almost as long as your little finger and he fired a full jacketed NATO round. It was accurate, powerful, and fully capable of penetrating two men. Oh, and is wasn’t “pristine” when it was found on that stretcher at Parkland. It was slightly flattened.

There’s this idea floating around that two different types of bullets hit that day. One, the 6.5mm that transversed from the rear and two, a hollow point coming from, you guessed it, our friend on the infamous grassy knoll. They reason the exploding head proves this out, and the bullet, having thus fragmented, can never really be found. Theorists add that metal fragments in Kennedy’s brain show evidence of this. Sadly, we will never know because president Kennedy’s brain has bee lost. Do the physics. If the bullet did indeed hit Kennedy from the rear, blow out the right side of his head, then it had to go somewhere upon exit. Now, it didn’t hit the front windshield. Photographs show clearly in the Parkland parking lot that this was not so. It was not lodged somewhere in the limo. It did not hit either the driver, nor the man sitting in the front passenger’s seat. Remember, when you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.

The bullet that struck Kennedy in the back, and subsequently went on to wound the Governor was not pristine, as I have said. Just the effort of going through Kennedy’s torso caused it to tumble, making an elongated wound in Connelly’s back upon entry, and the rest of its journey sufficiently reduced its velocity enough to where it really DID “stick” in his leg, eventually dropping onto,the stretcher in the ER at Parkland, where it was eventually found and entered into evidence. Now, why am I telling you this? Don’t you think if a bullet could be so affected as I have said, that if said bullet traveled through a human skull, blowing out its side, that its trajectory could be slightly altered? Penetrating the president’s head from the rear, blowing out the right side, missing everything else in the limo and going where from there? If you subscribe to the idea of a bullet coming FROM the grassy knoll, then if you follow my logic of a bullet possibly coming from the opposite direction then you’ll understand that bullet was your only connection with that dubious hillside. It’s still there! And no one ever looked for it.

So, here’s your sequence of shots. I have a little personal background on this. My daughter in law’s grandfather, John H. Brandt, mounted Lee Harvey Oswald’s scope. The first shot was fired. Complete miss, actually striking the pavement behind the limo and flying fragments actually wounded a bystander. Shooter chambers the second round, raises the crosshairs slightly and fires again. The Zapruder film shows Kennedy reaching for his throat. Now, from that vantage point you can conclude something was amiss simply from the look on his face, but from the rear? From the shooter’s view could it appear as a man reaching to adjust his tie in preparation for exiting the limo in a short while with the press taking hundreds of pictures. Shooter racks the final round, aims and fires. First shot a clear miss. Hastily fired second shot, he THINKS is another miss, that’s why he loads a third round. This one he takes a little time. Check out the film. From the film we can’t see the moment of the second bullet’s impact because of the sign in the way, but we can see that it was a long wait for the last shot. He held his breath, adjusted the aim, and squeezed off the third and final shot, and had he missed that one you may have very well seen a fourth shot. He had time!

So, one man in a window. Where’s your conspiracy. Well, I can’t tell you that, but I can show you the clear footprints of one. First and foremost you must ask yourself not if it really was Oswald in that window that day, but what PUT him there. Now remember the rule, when you rule out . . . Oswald had not been working at the Depository THAT long. He and his wife were separated. The president’s motorcade was shown in the newspapers that week, but ask yourself, what if the plans had changed? Indeed, what would have happened if the limo simply proceeded straight ahead instead of making that right turn toward the School Book Depository? What if it had never turned left but when right past Oswald and turned left a block later? Oswald was in exactly the right place and the exact time. Now that’s a fact. He KNEW the limo was going to make that left directly below him, and he KNEW he’d have that kill shot at a retreating target.

Oswald spent one last night with his wife at Mrs. Payne’s house on the night before the assassination. He got up, left his wedding ring and some money, and went to work with a rifle. All the stuff about him being in the lunch room the entire time, where did that come from? Oh, yes, his boss vouching for him. Like this guy had a check list and remembered every employee and every sandwich eaten. And he wasn’t out of breath or sweating. Who wrote THAT down? Oswald was perfectly capable of going DOWN six flights of stairs, going down is easier than going UP, and buying a Coke in the lunchroom. He hadn’t been out of the Marines THAT long, his job was to move books around a six story building. C’mon!

So, when the cops leave, I assume searching the grassy knoll, Lee leaves the depository, goes home and gets a pistol. Gee, why would this innocent man suddenly leave work and do that? He DID have enough sense to leave his “curtain rods” behind. So now he’s tooling all over Dallas with a gun and Officer
Tippit comes upon him and stops him. Now, this innocent guy, leaving work at lunch, is stopped by a police officer and decides to go ahead and shoot him. I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists ask why the police suddenly converged on the Texas Theater just because Oswald went in without a ticket? Why did Officer Wilson zero in on Michael Brown just because he was walking in the middle of the street? In both cases a major crime had just been committed nearby. The police HAD radios! Normally if the manager of the theater had called the police about such a matter it would have taken forEVER to get a squad car out there, but there were cops in the area. Officer DOWN! When cornered, Oswald screamed, “This is IT!” drew his weapon and tried to kill yet another police officer. I’ve even heard the idea that Oswald’s .38 had no firing pin. If that’s so then what punctured the officer’s thumb who jammed the shot?

So, Goldilocks gets dragged down to,the PD for questioning. Why did the police immediately connect him with the Kennedy assassination? Uh, perhaps because he’d just killed a police officer and he WORKED at the Texas School Book Depository? You think? But, didn’t Oswald say he was just a “patsy?” What would you expect him to say? “I did it . . .I did it all . . .HAMBURGER!”

So, he was definitely a little more than an innocent bystander. How do we know that there was a little bit of planning involved by interested parties? Ok, yet again, ask yourself, what makes a man like Jack Ruby suddenly be filled with remorse and patriotism to the point that he pulls off what he did at the jailhouse that day? Jack Ruby, American patriot . . . When pigs fly! Little thing or two about Mob hit men. Contrary to the movies, most mob hits are pulled off by regular soldiers. Highly paid “Mechanics” look good in movies. This is why I have to laugh when i read about some clown saying he was specifically hired to kill a president because he was so good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s why you’re doing time for a string of burglaries. A lot are done by people associated yet not “in” the organization. You already work for the boss, just do the job! Most are not paid for the hit. You’re already BEING paid, just do,the job! It helps if you are very low on the food chain. Jack Ruby was not a “Made” man, he wasn’t even a soldier, he was an associate. Who would you use to eliminate a threat like Lee Harvey Oswald? And the act in a situation where the shooter would surely be caught. You can’t afford for Oswald to eat one more breakfast. You find an associate who knew he was already sick anyway. We don’t know when Ruby knew he had cancer, but we do know he died because of it. “Jack, your family will be well cared for.” And if you can accept that the limo could have went this was or that then a police transfer is no problem at all. Ruby is in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. Hey, that’s two times in three days! I wish I could get those odds in Vegas! Oswald was being questioned inside the police station for hours, and the first time he neared the exit of the building he was as dead as fried chicken, and if you don’t see some kind of a plan there have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! Whomever put Lee Harvey Oswald in that window likewise put Jack Ruby in that garage! Swat them bees, swat them bees!

I can’t tell you who orchestrated the plan. Most likely all these people have passed on. Oh, you’ll see from time,to time some tired old convict trying to get more cigarettes by claiming HE killed Kennedy, and, oh yes, FROM the grassy knoll, but the fact is no one really knows. A lot of people wanted Kennedy dead from Carlos Marcello to Marilyn Monroe’s latest boyfriend. Castro didn’t like him either. And as far as Oswald being a bumbling, lucky fool . . . He got into Russia, married a Russian girl, and exited the country. Now this is during the cold war people. Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table at the UN, stuff like that. Whomever arranged this put the exact right shooter, in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, and then duplicated that when Oswald was taken out. Bada Bing Bada BOOM!

When you hit conspiracy theorists with these facts they get that white around their mouths, their eyes roll back in their heads and they start talking in tongues. The Kennedy assassination has become a religion. You might as well try to convince a Mormon that Joseph Smith was a circus barker, you’ll do better. I seriously doubt that we’ll ever know who wrote the check, but I do believe the check was written, and the money has long ago been spent.