Brigham City

Brigham City sits in an idyllic valley surrounded by mountains in the northeastern part of Utah. Snow caps the mountains much of the year. Main Street is lined with perfectly spaced trees, and there is an arch spanning the road reminding visitors that Brigham City is the home of a bird sanctuary. Why even the birds fly down for a vacation. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints erected a temple in the center of the town and it’s second only to the Salt Lake Temple in grandeur.

The shops in Brigham City are many, and have not bowed to the presence of a Super Walmart. On Medical Drive there’s a bakery which serves the biggest cinnamon rolls you ever saw, so big they come in a cake box, combined with cappuccinos that would make Starbucks blush with shame. Amazingly, there is no Starbucks in Brigham City because the Temple worthy do not partake.

The town has many parks, which the populace indulges, playing basketball, taking strolls, or maybe just feeding those birds that happen to be in town for the season. Children crowd the parks, and for all appearances, under the watchful eye of the Mormons, all children are safe because no one can recall when there was a violent crime in Brigham City. The society is very structured there. When Brigham Young gave his last speech there the Mormons flocked in and carved a place in the desert. Most of the residents are descended from those pioneers today.

No matter what you may think of the LDS Church you simply cannot have breakfast in Brigham City and not give a tip of the hat to Brother Brigham, and all the people who have struggled to keep their town clean and the evils of the world out. The spirit of Porter Rockwell has long since been laid to rest, however, and in their complacency, silently, elements of malicious intent have filtered into Brigham City. Elements with its roots as far away as Montana and Colorado, descending on the sleepy hamlet, doing evil while most of the inhabitants are more concerned with getting to church on time than scrutinizing every stranger in a city park.

In a town where Pioneer Day is a very big deal, as the parade goes by, in the crowd are men capitalizing on the gentle nature of the Mormons, using their beliefs to lure unsuspecting little girls to parks and operating a sex trafficking operation that would amaze the police chief of Austin, Texas. We are going to be telling you about this in the next few weeks. It is a serious investigation, which will turn Brigham City on its ear, and hopefully wake other towns in America up because if this can happen there, it can happen to you! To paraphrase the Prophet Brigham Young, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, but I do take a little myself!”


The Redheaded Stepchild

Donald Trump is the Liberal Left’s Red Headed Stepchild. Shades of shooters on the grassy knoll! President Trump can’t do anything right. If he stooped over to tie his shoe the WingNuts would go viral claiming that he was fashioning a noose to hang Al Sharpton. Wait, that’s not a bad idea, but I digress.

The President called the widow of a fallen soldier, and during the conversation he said something to the effect of the young man knew what he signed up for. So, the Fake News Service took that line and ran with it like Colin Kaepernick with a football, well not exactly that, he’s not running any footballs these days, and he needs to know I don’t like tomatoes on my Big Mac.

My son is a retired Master Chief from the Navy. I can’t count the times he’s served our country in a state of war. When I voiced concern to him at a party one night he told me, “Dad, when your time is up it’s up. I’ve been in this man’s Navy for over twenty years, and I know what I signed up for!” During his tour, if the worse came to be, and Mr. Trump called me expressing condolences, I, not the President, would have said, “Thank you Mr. President, but my son was well aware of the perils of defending our nation, and he knew what he signed up for!”

No words can numb the pain of losing a spouse or child in war. It’s not like granny dying after a long bout with cancer. It’s sudden, hard, and irreconcilable. I’m not going to judge the words of the widow that have been spewed all over the internet. It will be years before she gets her mind around this, if she ever does, but you have to ask yourself; would these liberal attack dogs take a knee , and disrespect the flag draped over that young man’s coffin?

Then there’s the continuing story of the First Lady’s body double. This story has legs folks, I crappith Thee NOT! Seems the President gave a little planeside chat with the First Lady by his side, whom he introduced. Melanie apparently had a bad hair day, which the left picked up on immediately, temporarily diverting their attention from her shoes and breasts, claiming that a body double had been employed. We never walked on the moon, Elvis ain’t dead, you ain’t goin’ crazy, it’s all in your head!

The conspiracy nuts are going nuts on this one friends and neighbors. Everything from nose sizes to hairlines, even deducing the reason for the large sunglasses was that the President had beat her up the night before, and she was on her way to divorce court. These people just cannot accept that Hillary lost and Obama is a EXpresident. The unicorns be a flying. You can’t make this stuff up folks, but the good news is without the Muslim in charge in the White House we WILL be able to make America Great Again, we the people and our Red Headed Stepchild of a President!


I had a debate on a Liberal site last night. It was quite entertaining. I put a video up of some high school girls in Utah screaming “Nigger” at the camera. I did thisto provoke discussion. Naturally, when people have to face reality they flip out. Was the video overtly racist? Well, of course it was! Should the girls be corrected? Wash their mouths out with soap. Did they really understand the concept they were expounding? Probably not. White people can’t grasp the gut feeling black people get at the word “Nigger!” The word embodies an entire history of struggle that continues today where all you ever did, dreamed of, or aspired to can be unhinged by someone telling you in spite of everything, you’re still a “Nigger!”

Racism isn’t a Confederate Flag. It isn’t grasping your purse because a black man enters an elevator and stands behind you. Racism is a mindset that people have when they separate human beings into breeds. The mantra of overt racism is using to word “Nigger.”

As the attacks turned on me I rode out the storm. I received five death threats, one lady claiming credibility saying I was mentally ill, and one gentleman who shall remain nameless who gave me eleven minutes to live and contacted my granddaughter to tell her I was a pervert.

I said I had an eighteen year old girlfriend. I LIED! I baited the troll to give him something to run with. The young lady is a body mechanic. Her father brought her over and she fixed a dent in my car. She’s Russian, with a lovely accent. After she fixed my car she wanted to take a ride with the top down. I took her to Starbucks and that’s become a regular date. We drink coffee and discuss my latest article. Totally normal, but with all the intelligence I was seeing here, like the video, I gave something to chew on, something to think about.

This mindset is why liberals are losing ground. This lack of syntax is why Trump threw a monkey wrench in the status quo. You let your unreasoning hate take control of your faculties and that’s why one old writer from Austin can hold his own!

For the record I’m sixty six years old. I never lost a child or grandchild. I am divorced. I’m retired but make my living writing. I’ll keep coming back, and you’ll have to debate me again because I believe everyone should have a say. That’s what America is all about. I just thought you should know that.

Stacking Facts

Stacking Facts is a term I invented to offset the negative connotations of the beleaguered phase “conspiracy theory.” Ever since the Kennedy assassination the WingNuts have been flying out of the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depositary looking for a place to land, and by golly they found it. VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Now let’s look at catastrophic events. When you see a president killed, or machine gun fire from a five star hotel, your common sense tells you that at least SOME planning had to take place. The FBI always runs to the single gunman floor plan. Dillinger did it, kill Dillinger. Pretty Boy Floyd was the problem, now he’s dead. Bonnie and Clyde were a pair so the FBI couldn’t catch them, it took a Texas Ranger to pull off that one. The Fed chooses to fall back on “forensics.” You know that deal.. They find a pubic hair in a rest room in San Francisco which leads them to Jimmy Hoffa’s body. We’re all very impressed down here, now why don’t you track down them sixteen million wetbacks basking in the California sun?

Alex Jones is the king of the conspiracy buffs. Now I like Alex, even cite him in my articles, but let’s be honest here. Alex is frequently in left field throwing balls at the umpire, but you wanna know what? Sometimes the umpire falls down! Just go to YouTube and check out the most recent press conference from Vegas. This is classic folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Now, I’ll admit the Sheriff of Clark County has made a career of catching people ripping off the casinos, and the largest mass shooting in a while probably rattled him, but look at the setup. Here’s this guy stammering through his prepared statement, admitting this is not a question and answer situation, making it clear at least three times that the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, HIS department, and the dog catcher are not involved in a conspiracy as he glances nervously to his FBI handler just to his left. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here?

As the body count of witnesses rises the official story, which I like to refer to as the “fishy” story, is unraveling right before our very eyes, and Alex Jones has a whole bag full of baseballs! There are three versions of a story. The facts, the theories and the “fishy” story. I’m smelling a lot of fish here! The ideas concerning what really happened on the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay range far and wide from Alex to Scott Binsack to me, but one thing we all know for sure, it’s NOT what the sheriff would have us believe!

Stacking Facts are bringing the story out. As more and more reports surface I add supporting facts to my articles here, and if I’m proved wrong I’ll just admit it. This is called the scientific method. You begin to gather facts and build a theory from them. What the Fed does if formulate an idea and finds “facts” to support that idea. Their idea? A sloppy old millionaire just sauntered up to his suite and decided to play Rambo. If you believe that have I got a bridge for you and it’s on SALE! You will see as the Stacking Facts pile up the story will morph. They still say they can’t find a motive. Of course they can’t, cause with the fall guy they chose there AIN’T one! Somebody hand Alex another baseball.

The Trump Card

The Trump Card is something libtards simply do not understand. In an ObamaWorld gone mad, the introduction of a Joker in the deck is beyond their cavalier conception of the way things ought to be. After trying to work with a congress teaming with democrats and RINOs, Donald Trump put Obama’s legacy to rest with one stroke of the pen. In a flash all the homeboys doing pushups down at the SNAP office couldn’t get free dope no more. Bet you ain’t mad!

The Washington system is designed not to work. After taking days examining the wording on a bill, then IF it passes, it’ll be guaranteed that it won’t look anything like it did when it was introduced on the floor. When ObamaCare came to the floor the wisdom of the day was they had to pass it because it was fully understood that if they took time to read it they just might have to do a forty hour week, maybe even take it home and burn the midnight oil, home not being among the people who sent them to Washington, rather that place in Palm Springs with their girlfriend. Palm Springs gets excellent representation.

Contrast that with a brick and mortar real estate broker who thinks in terms of “closing,” When you’re building something, closing is the end game. You start with a blue print, sign the contract, hire a bunch of Mexicans to pour concrete, and race for the land exchange. No long winded explanations, no tags on the deal about who pees where, and common sense math. Oh, and you certainly read and understand the paperwork BEFORE the first nail is driven. Congress don’t get that.

Even the dyed in blue DemTards are growing weary of seeing some man or woman, or whatEVER get on CNN telling them they’re filing articles of impeachment because the First Lady wore Stilettos on her way to Houston. Slowly, but surely the Trump Train is picking up steam. The president was right. Winning feels good. He has bitch-slapped One Hung Low over in North Korea so many times I’m amazed Kim isn’t wearing a nightgown. Do you see World War III yet? Of course you don’t! Now the loyal opposition is reaching way down in the Harvey Weinstein barrel because they just know The Donald has gotta be in there somewhere. Sorry California, hurricane “Harvey” just blew that silly Hollywood sign off that hill, and you’re gonna have to make movies parents can take their kids to or Austin WILL.

Brick upon brick Donald Trump is building his walls. The one on the border, and the one around a congress that has been ineffective since the first shot rang out in Dealey Plaza, ending the life of the last real Democratic President. Well, at least in spirit, he’s back, and he came in like a wrecking ball. Kinda symbolic, don’t you think. Real estate broker, wrecking ball. Casino owner, deck of cards, and mostly a beautiful Trump Card!

Dude Looks Like a Lady

I was gonna take today off, and get drunk, but this is too good to pass up. Since I can’t buy any booze until noon anyway, being in the very buckle of the Bible Belt, I’m going to launch off into the biggest conspiracy theory of them all, Michelle’s gender! Dude Looks Like a Lady! Though Alex Jones denies it, he was rolling in this one like a dog in a dead armadillo.

Now, let’s consider the ramifications of this prospect. The former First Lady may be a man. Talk about LibTards looking the other way! This is sticking their heads up their butts , and walking on their elbows. There’s no doubt the current First Lady is a lady. An article surfaced today in Conservative Ones News, and I quote: Dr. Rafael Espinanzo, who was entrusted with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s care during the 2008 presidential election, is speaking out about something he feels the public needs a definitive answer on. With all the talk about Mrs. Obama once being a man, Espinanzo felt he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer:

He goes on describing the First Lady taking a First PeePee! This may be Fake News, but when you stack all the suspicions over the years, from extended fingers to checking her, or rather “his” package, which was very apparent by the way if he/she is a black man, just saying, it makes the good doctor’s claim at least posable. I rejected this at first, filing it away with Jones’ Lizard People, but this is too good! You don’t have to be a comedian of over forty years to work this one folks.

What does this all mean? Nothing! We all know the left has lost its collective mind. This is why Putin laughs at us. Now I know why the NFL won’t stand for the National Anthem. They want it replaced with “Dude Looks Like a Lady!” What amazes me is why Trump isn’t on this like white on rice. Wait, white on rice, Michelle is black … that racist enough for ya? I’m still laughing. To quote the old TV show, ALF, “I KILL me!”

The Silverton Train

Donald Trump has turned a train wreck into the Silverton Train. Hillary Clinton is the completely evolved, end result of full blown liberalism left unchecked for decades. Back in the day to be a liberal meant to step outside the box, try something new, but the new was simply a refinement of the original. If new didn’t work it was back to the drawing board to simply try something else. The new liberal left is not that way. First off, let’s explore the very phrase “liberal left.” It may come as a surprise to you that you do not have to be left to be liberal. You can have liberal alt right. A liberal Klansman can advocate sending all the black folk back to Africa. That’s not conservative thought, people. The more conservative idea would be to send them all to California. Racist enough for ya? I like to do that on a Friday morning just to set y’all up for the weekend.

No, Hillary is the crowned queen of ISIS, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, and everything else that is alien to the American mindset. Her epic battle with Donald Trump was a fight, years in the making that had to come. It’s almost Biblical. If Obama was the Antichrist, Hillary was most certainly the whore of Babylon. If you get into that sort of thing, I mean. When Trump made his now famous “grab” statement it was a perfect dichotomy for the “Popess” of the radical left to champion the very denial of acceptance of birth gender. Trump’s statement was almost refreshing!

Hillary has swung so far left that it’s been reported that Bill Clinton himself threw the manuscript of her latest book in the trash! She refused his offer to edit, and insiders say they’re no longer speaking. Makes you almost sympathize with him over the Monica thing. At least she was a WOMAN! Under the guidance of the likes of Hillary the country devolved into a train wreck. It took a new train, a Trump train, to at least begin to get the nation back on track again. Donald Trump turned a Train Wreck into the Silverton Train! I agree that President Trump’s methods are a little high handed. America has a bellyache, and nobody likes to take an enema!

“What Happened” is Hillary trying to explain how America was so fed up that it would elect a real estate broker, who had never ran for dog catcher to the highest office in the land! As her body count continues to rise, the public is beginning to see the real Hillary Clinton. Don’t be alarmed by the rise of groups such as ANTIFA. The majority of Americans want the country to heal. There are simply more of US than THEM! Donald Trump has turned a train wreck into the Silverton Train.

The Las Vegas Shooting Was Fast And Furious Gone Bad

The Las Vegas shooting was Fast and Furious gone bad. Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that works best. The thing that separates the sheep from the conspiracy theory goats is almost always simplicity. So it is with Mr. Paddock. The methods the government uses to “serve and protect” are suspect at best. The FBI, CIA and all the rest look out for us, but job one is to look out for the “company.” I’m going to give you a scenario that follows the simple path of a well laid, but devious plan going exactly wrong. The Feds consistently believe they can best serve the public interest by being more criminal than the criminals they’re supposedly protecting us from. You will want proof, I can’t show you. On this one you must use Sherlock Holmes method of deduction. When you dismiss the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Paddock was an enigma. He was also a created illusion. A man who had worked with the IRS, successful real estate investor, who had few friends and hung out in casinos and high end hotels like James Bond. A nondescript man who ran around in sweats and flip flops and rarely went home. A person who seemed to have a novice interest in guns, lots of guns, unfired guns. The crime scene was littered with them. Oh, that and one service revolver on the floor way behind his body. He was “old school” I guess.

A history of the purchase of many guns stretching back over a year produced far more weapons than was found at Mandalay Bay. Remember Fast and Furious? You know, that brilliant plan hatched by the government where they would give guns to the cartels to see if they’d shoot them? Yeah, that one. You don’t think Washington’s finest would scrap a good plan like that, do you? Why heck no! It morphed. Doing right ain’t got no end when you have ANTIFA, ISIS, and Black Lives Matter bellying up to the bar. So, enter Stephen Paddock!

The cover was so simple. Elderly man, rich, hangs out at casinos, keeps to himself, but has a boat load of guns. On this occasion he shows up, checks in his room, and hits the casino. Oh, his room has more machine guns than Seal Team Six, but what the heck, there’s the biggest gun show in the country coming up soon. My gosh, how could he have possibly gotten all those guns to his room, and no one noticed? He did that because the hotel was instructed to look the other way! This town was founded by the Mafia people, give me a break!

So, guns in the room, he sets up surveillance cameras to record the transaction, and then goes down to the casino to gamble away a few thousand if our tax dollars to complete the cover. But, you ask, why did he check out several other hotels the week or so he was in Vegas? Because he hadn’t been told where the meeting would take place. The location had nothing to do with the concert below. It could have just as easily been business as usual on the Vegas strip.

Around tenish he goes back to his suite. The suite with the two Pepsis and enough food for more than one person. Uh, the other person was the go between who when Paddock went to gamble, went to fetch the buyers. Only one thing went wrong. Stephen Paddock’s cover had been blown. At the onset of the meeting Mr. Paddock was killed, and whomEVER the buyers were simply did what they were planning to do with the guns, only they did it right THERE!

What’s the Fed to do? Their operative is as dead as a ham sandwich, people below are running around like chickens with their heads blown off and cameras are EVERYWHERE. Why you tell the SWAT team to hang out in the hall and have a smoke while the talk into their sleeves about damage control. Then, they blow open the door, take all kinds of pictures, and cover their butts like a bunch of Apaches at a rain dance! The Las Vegas Shooting was Fast and Furious gone bad! Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that works best.

To Kneel, or Not To Kneel?

To kneel, or not to kneel, that is the question. Weather it is nobler to take a political stance or just play a game for the people who pay you millions of dollars to work on Monday night! When the NFL decided to fall to its knees it took a massacre the size of Custer’s last stand to bump it off the front page, and even then the ratings didn’t hold and we switched back to the end zone again.

On the surface there’s really nothing wrong with it, but it seems that Twitter Power takes on a life of its own. The west coast burning down, no problem. One Hung Low lights the fuse on another bottle rocket. Forget about it. People in Houston going to work in a scuba suit, stylish. Some overpaid ignoramus assumes a Miley Cyrus pose! Stop the presses!

When did football replace baseball as the national sport in the first place. Where’s basketball in all this mess, shucks, where’s chess? The NFL has held the national eye for far too long. The freaking Beverly Hillbillies only had eight seasons. Football developed a cult following way back. I only watched the Cowboys. Well, to be honest I was really watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Guess they were lucky Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the coach there.

Oh, and there’s another thing. Some Hollywood fat cat turns out to be a perv and everybody’s butt falls off. That’s why people go to California people. A state where a tiger can marry a chair. Ever hear of the “producer’s couch?” Producer’s love couch for say, Shirley Temple. Bill Clinton hasn’t chimed in on that one yet. Guess the cell service on Ecstasy Island is down. Chelsea is quiet too, but she’s running a beauty contest with Ivanka.

In spite of all this President Trump is Tweeting away and the Main Stream Media still doesn’t get it. Their whole put togethers is being discombobberlated by a guy with a cell phone. George Soros is having to run to the bank everyday just to shove enough money up their butts to try and shoot down a Twitter Post. Am I the only one who sees this. To kneel, or not to kneel, that’s not the question. The question is why isn’t the beer sold in the stands colder, and served in bigger cups?