About Bill the Butcher

=”https://weirdwilbur.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/img_2019.jpg”>winery picture Wilbur William Witt, Jr

Wilbur Witt is an author, songwriter and blogger from Austin, Texas. He has written three novels ranging from family drama, to theology, to Sci-Fi Horror. He has written over 3,000 songs and been successful in the genre of Country Comedy under the name Weird Wilbur. His credits include hundreds of videos and successful entries on such television as Shockwave on the History Channel. He recently moved into blogging and supports a number of topics ranging from Gay Marriage to feeding starving children. As always his writings have a Texas flair, and he constantly reminds his readers that innthe final analysis he is just a “Simple ol’ boy from Austin.” You will find his writing to the point, humorous at times, but always up front and provocative. Wilbur published his first writing for a Dallas magazine in 1971, and entered a paper on the JFK assaination which was accepted by a Congressional sub-committee on that event.

You can find his album, Weird Wilbur Rides Again on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Weird Wilbur


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