You Got a Brand New Bicycle

Mark 9:23
And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! ALL things are POSSIBLE for one who BELIEVES.”

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? For many of us our parents made sure we had securely ATTACHED “Training-Wheels” on that two-wheeled Radio Flyer…before we ever were allowed to peddle down that paved road (full disclosure) well…with a motivated parent holding onto the seat while shouting their encouragement, “You can do it!!! Just keep peddling”.

At first we never would BELIEVE that we would ever be able to ride that bike just like the Kids of the neighborhood…but then…your confidence gave you the courage to ask your Dad…”Take ‘em off!!! I want to ride like the Big Kids”. Off they came…and off you went.

As BELIEVERS in the Mighty God of Heaven…and passionate FOLLOWERS of the King of Glory, Jesus…for many of us…we’ve had our Spiritual “Training Wheels” on long enough…it’s time to take ‘em off and RIDE.

Have a BLESSED Friday Y’all!!!

A great day to RIDE with Jesus!!! Don’t forget to bring a few pair of Training Wheels with you…you never know if someone just might want to jump on that Spiritual BIKE and ride along with you.


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