The Kids Are Not Alright!

Opinion by The Butcher

Today the State of Utah took the bull by the horns, wrestled it to the ground, tied its legs up, and made the bell! For those of you out there who don’t understand that analogy don’t worry about it. Just keep on keeping Woke! While the Chinese and everything else deemed unholy by all real Americans lead your kids and grandkids down a primrose path to hell just pick your nursing home.

Parenting has taken a downward turn in the last few years. As government stepped in, and mommy and daddy stepped out, the raising of the next generation fell to one of the most whacked out, self centered perverse pack of hyenas ever let loose on the landscape of Middle America and the Heartland is having a heart attack.

Kids have rights, but the kids are not alright. They are individuals. They have opinions. Unfortunately, those opinions are totally free of all learning and common sense gained since we climbed down out of the trees. As they gaze like Zombies at their iPhones they learn exactly what the Chinese want them to learn. That they are the generation of Messiahs, destined to rule the universe . . . as soon as they figure out which restroom to use! No worries. We have enough sex traffickers out there to teach ‘em that!

And rights are very important. All the kids have rights. My dad gave me some rights, and a few lefts. He was a roofer in Texas in August. Try to explain The Beatles to that! Still, dad INstilled in me some necessary rules of life. You had to eat. You had to reasonably obey the law, and you had to marry your baby’s mama. Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid. My generation was under the guidance of Natural Selection. The stupid ones didn’t make it, naturally. Planes, trains, and automobiles got ‘em all. I prayed for them. Didn’t do no good. They never came back.

Under the watchful eye of all the alphabet bureaucracies the kids are very knowledgeable about what their rights are now. Now, they think that we landed on the sun in 1969, but they know the numbers 9-1-1 quite well should you ask them to do anything they don’t want to do. And God forbid you should smack them! Not that smacking them is a good thing . . . Wait. . . I grew up in Texas. It is!

So what did Utah do that was so revolutionary that the other forty-nine states totally missed it? They took control of what the children of Utah are allowed to see on the internet, and turned the power over to the parents.

Wow! Just wow! This flies in the face of Woke regulations that allow a six year old to decide to remove his genitals and keep them as a keepsake in a pickle jar while he submits to his hormonal therapy on the way to motherhood. Let us pray. No! I mean that. Let us pray!

Of course the WingNuts came unscrewed and started hollering about freedom of speech. What is it about liberals who will defend the first amendment but skip right over the second? It’s the ten amendments that are contained in The Bill of Rights, not nine of your choice.

This is the same logic that wants to jail Donald Trump for paying a whore but skirts right by the whore. Skirt being the operative word here. Right is left, left is right, and sideways is straight ahead. No wonder the kids are crazy. And they’re not alright.

But here’s some hope for ya. Utah is leading the fray. Texas is arresting doctors in other states for providing abortions to Texas citizens. Florida, oh God, Florida! Micro-managing every school book and redefining all pronouns. It’s like America is waking up to the Woke Folk. Alert the media!

Now, don’t dance in the streets yet. That might be dangerous because the Alphabet People are all out there staging a protest right now. Just remember that there are more of us than there are of them, we work and vote, and there aren’t any urinals in the little girls rest rooms. Beam me up, Scotty!


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