Ride the Thermals of Life

Isaiah 40:31
But they who WAIT for the Lord shall RENEW their strength; they shall mount up with wings like Eagles; they shall RUN and not be WEARY; they shall WALK and not FAINT.

For much of those trapped within the daily routine of maintaining a consistent Lifestyle within this chaotic World…it has become a CONSTANT struggle to cope with the demands of providing security for one’s family, food on the table, car payments, house mortgages, day care expenses, ever increasing demands from employers, taxes, relationships with family and friends (let’s not forget about keeping that FIRE burning with the ONE you LOVE)…and all the while finding the time to STOP and smell the ROSES.

Even within this physical World…there comes a point when an individual says, “Enough already…I NEED a Vacation!!!” Big Companies…and even the smaller businesses understand FULLY…we’ve put this horse up wet way to many times throughout the year…time to let‘ em out…and let ‘em run.

Our Most High God of Heaven understands this as well when it comes to our Spiritual Life…and our relationship we have with our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we MUST take the time to STOP and WAIT on our Mighty God of Heaven to RENEW our Spirit.

As we begin to shut down our thoughts of dealing with the struggles that this dark World throws at us 24/7…if we will begin to Praise our God with thanksgiving and WORSHIP…JOY will overwhelm the senses…and we will find ourselves REFRESHED…as the Lord washes us in His ANOINTING Spirit of FAVOR and BLESSINGS.

Have a BLESSED Wednesday Y’all!!!

Go out and soar with the Eagles today…I’ll be flapping right beside you.


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