That They Shall Be A Portion For Foxes

Romans 12:19
BELOVED (believers in the Mighty God of Heaven…and followers of the King of Glory, Jesus), NEVER (attempt to) AVENGE yourselves, but leave it to the WRATH of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I WILL repay, says the Lord.”

I’ll address the “Elephant” in the room…here’s a hint…he just might be a Republican. The war that has been waged against this ONE individual is unprecedented…even more so than when President Grant got a speeding ticket down one of the streets in DC in his horse and buggy from someone who didn’t agree with his politics (you might want to seek a “Fact Checker” that’s fair and balanced…strike that…ain’t no FAIRNESS coming from someone who despises the TRUTH).

We are witnessing a sinister PLOT slithering through the ”Big Apple”…just as evident as seeing half the worm hanging out from the bite you just took into that “Red Delicious” that just fell from the tree.

The most HATED man that has ever crossed paths with a Donkey’s BRAY and stubbornness…has had to FIGHT against those who’ve lusted for POWER, GREED, WEALTH…and FAME. They truly believe that their god hiding in the shadows of their basement meeting will conquer the Mighty God of Heaven and His Marvelous LIGHT of TRUTH, AWESOME POWER…and JUSTICE. Angels baring FLAMING Swords of LIGHT have been dispatched to utterly DESTROY these diabolical ploys of these agents of darkness. A Mighty VICTORY awaits this man…as God’s JUSTICE is assured.

Sound familiar?


Have a BLESSED Tuesday Y’all!!!

You do Know a gathering of baboons is known as a Congress?

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