Lake Bistineau

Ashley didn’t resist. She had learned in The Wellington long ago that resistance meant pain, or worse. Better to lie still and just get it over with.


“You want it here on the ground, or in there?” the lead man said, and to his surprise Ashley looked back inside the trailer, replying, “Just don’t hurt me.”


The third man smiled, revealing his missing teeth, and said, “My kind of girl.” Reaching out, he ran his hand under Ashley’s T-shirt. Ashley took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


“Looking for some fun tonight boys?”


The familiar sound of Gabe’s voice caused her to open her eyes. But she had no expectations of salvation coming from the little old man now standing behind the three rapists.


“Gabe!” She yelled. “Just leave them alone. I’ll be alright!”


“Yeah pops. Just be cool. This’ll only take a minute.”


Gabe took a step toward them, which caused them all to laugh. He reached to his side to appear to pull something out of his belt line, but as he did, instead of a pocketknife or gun, a sword appeared! He went straight away to the man holding Ashley’s hand.


“Let her go!” Gabe said in a voice that now sounded as if it were in a theater filled with Dolby speakers. As he said the words his height expanded to well over seven feet. This partially bald head was now filled with long golden hair, and he was wearing armor. The real armor of God. All framed by two wings.


“Fall to your knees before her!” As he spoke these words the sword burst into flames. Gabe swung the flaming sword faster than the eye could follow and detached the man’s left leg at the knee. The thug fell screaming.


“My mistake,” Gabe continued, “your knee!”


He then pressed the flaming sword against the stump that was pulsating blood with every beat of the man’s heart.


“Here! Let me cauterize that for you neighbor. No charge!” A loud hissing sound with the stench of burning flesh filled the air. The two other men were frozen with fear. Gabe pointed to their friend who was now in a full seizure on the ground, “You boys need to take your buddy home and clean him up.  I’ll leave it to you to explain his limp. Now GO!”


As they ran Gabe turned to Ashley, went to one knee and said, “I have laid your enemies at your feet, your majesty. Now, quickly, let us leave before we have Empirical Implications.”


Without question Ashley ran to the truck. As the Angel Gabriel came from the rear of the truck, the man, Gabe opened the door. He started the truck and drove off as if it were just another day at the office. Ashley, in shock, did not speak for over ten miles and then she asked, “Do you, like, put those wings back in your pants or what?”


Gabe looked at her and said, “The wings, and my appearance are always there. You just can’t see them until I choose you to.”


“So that’s you, huh?”


“Pretty much.”


“You know, I was really worried about you being some creepy old man, and hey, I’m cool with that, but, like wow! Guess there ain’t much chance of us hooking up.”


Gabe looked at her with genuine confusion. “Hooking up? Do you refer to our trailer?”

Ashley looked at Gabe, “Someday you’ll understand


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