I am but one voice

Luke 8:17
For NOTHING is HIDDEN that will NOT be made MANIFEST, nor is ANYTHING secret that will NOT be known and come (to be revealed within God’s Marvelous) LIGHT

I am but one voice…but, INSPIRED through the “Holy Spirit”…to help ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT, MOTIVATE, share the HOPE of God’s perfect plans He has for you…to assure you that our Heavenly Father has our very best interests secured from the grasp of the Devil…as His Glory is about to OVERWHELM the darkness…as our King of Glory, Jesus shouts from the clouds, “COME!!!”

For millions of lost Souls who do not KNOW our Savior and King…they speak of gloom and doom…for US who proclaim Jesus as the King of Kings, Lord of ALL Lords…and the Savior of this World…we REJOICE and BELIEVE that soon…and very soon…we are going to see our King.

Have a BLESSED Thursday Y’all!!!

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