The Mystery of Lawlessness

Matthew 24:12
And because LAWLESSNESS will be INCREASED, the LOVE of many will grow COLD.

The obvious evidence of how the spirit of HATRED, the ungodly movement to criticize and suppress those who BELIEVE and TRUST in the goodness of our Mighty God of Heaven, the multiple campaigns to CHANGE the perception of what was once considered BAD…now is accepted as GOOD…and countless other things that have infiltrated the fiber of mortal consciousness…was FORETOLD thousands of years ago for such a time as this.

2 is Thessalonians 2:7
For the mystery of LAWLESSNESS is already at work. Only He ( the Holy Spirit) Who now RESTRAINS it will do so until He (the Holy Spirit) is out of the way. (this is the Rapture of the Church)

So, be of GOOD-CHEER Children of God…for soon…and very soon…we are going to see our King!!!
Have a BLESSED Monday!!!

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Lawlessness

  1. I’m not sure the “Restrainer” is the Holy Spirit, because I believe the Restrainer has already been removed, and that’s why we see blatant evil everywhere we look


    1. Well, I spent three years in a Quaker school, and it’s their belief that the restrainer is other individual, whose restraint is required in response to a sense of accountability. I agree with you that there is a growing lack of accountability, resulting in a rise in evil.


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