How would YOU define LOVE?

1 Peter 4:8
Above ALL, keep LOVING one another earnestly, since LOVE covers a multitude of sins.

How would YOU define LOVE? For many it would be a “deep-rooted” emotional experience tied to something that you really like…such as a spouse, your child, your grandchildren, a best friend…okay, even Blue Bell Homemade Ice Cream. But that is only SCRATCHING the Spiritual surface of what our God COMMANDS each of us…who are BELIEVERS in Him…and FOLLOWERS of His Son…our Lord and Savior, Jesus must do…we are commissioned to SHARE this “deep-rooted” emotional experience with EVERYONE equally…as the ones we LOVE so easily.

God’s undiluted Spirit of LOVE is not intended for you to quench, stifle, HARNESS…or, store away in a cupboard somewhere in your home…it’s to be presented to EVERYONE as our Lord’s reflection of why He died on the Cross for ANYONE who might answer His knock at their door.

John 3:16
For God so LOVED the World that He gave His one and only Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him shall NOT perish but have Eternal Life.

If our Mighty God can love EVERYONE within this dark and chaotic World…shouldn’t we as well…as He has commanded each of us that have taken up the Cross of Salvation?

Have a BLESSED Sunday Y’all!!!

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