Have you seen Irie Sky Kuntzman?

by Robert Baty

Leslee Kuntzman at one time worked as an illustrator for Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher and young-earth promoter, Kent Hovind. Some of Kent’s books also featured Sky Kuntzman as an illustrator.

Mark Stoney recently sought to contact Leslee to discuss some of her work for Kent Hovind as part of his continuing coverage of the Kent Hovind story. However, he was not able to locate her. I (Robert Baty) decided to try and help locate her.

Have you seen this woman?

In the course of my efforts, Eric Kuntzman contacted me, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eric has been concerned about his sister Irie for several years because she, her mother, and her father (and Eric’s father) appear to have simply disappeared.

Link to the Leigh Koontz FaceBook page:

8 thoughts on “Have you seen Irie Sky Kuntzman?

  1. Robert Baty is lower than scum, he is a tired and bitter old man that hates God, Hates the Bible and tries to ruin people’s lives. Don’t help him with his sick and twisted fantasies.


      1. “Anonymous” sounds so very much like Kent’s man Chris Baker has been sounding lately, in response to the simplest of most reasonable requests.

        Chris Baker is one of Kent Hovind’s newest designated directors for his 501(c)(3) corporation. Chris is also the treasurer of said corporation.

        Chris has problems.
        Kent has problems.
        Anonymous has problems.

        They might have taken the lead in promoting a search for Irie, but their hatred for me seems to have prevented them from doing the simplest of things in promoting the search.

        Maybe Kent, who has let pass opportunities last Friday and Sunday to publicly announce the search and his history with Leigh/Leslee and Irie, will finally make an announcement tonight in his regularly scheduled performance.

        Maybe not.

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    1. This is very real and not anything as you anonymous described. These people have been looked for and cannot be located! If you have no information concerning that I find your opinions useless and without compassion!!!

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      1. Very good Nathalie! I suspect that this is from Hovind or one of his lemmings. It wouldn’t be the first time a crazy preacher turned into a serial killer, and to refer to Robert in that way shows uninformed ignorance! I have several advisors from former presidential advisors to seasoned columnists in London to Robert Baty (Who is a member of The Butcher Shop!) Kent Hovind is a sidewalk soapbox preacher looking forward to the end of the world and I never met one of those who didn’t have a little girl in the closet (or the lake!)

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    2. Another cowardly cult member. Eric wants to find his family. That’s all. Kent could help, but when he talked to Eric all he did was try to get a new cult member. Eric’s too intelligent for that. You know what scum is? Kent Hovind, an ex-con, tax evading, violent, sociopathic, well I could go on, but most TRUE Christians with Wisdom and Discernment KNOW what Kent Hovind is about.


    3. I’ll try this again. Kent could have helped Eric in some way. A mere mention of his missing family and showing photos would have been great. Instead he tried to recruit Eric into the cult. Once again he proves what he is about. You know what scum is? Kent Hovind, a fake doctor, ex-con, tax evading, un-American, antigovernment, grifter, and cult leader. Prove me wrong.

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