If I were a Democrat

by Chappy Gypsy

If I were a Democrat, I could unite the entire country right now. Let me tell you how I would do it if I were a Democrat. I would immediately do these things, just because… I mean when the Republican Party had the House and the Senate, we failed to do anything about the following issues.

Numbers 1 & 2
They are working on taking Trump out, but, I would also take out Hillary Clinton, you see Hillary is well past her prime and is no longer useful to her party anyways. Send her to prison.

Number 3
I would take out Hunter Biden. Hunter is a liability, smoking crack and chasing hoes on top of his foreign dealings. I would arrest him and threaten him if he ever talked and convince him to silently do his time. Isn’t that what they appeared to have done on Ghislaine Maxwells deal? Someone bought her silence; I would do the same with Hunter.

These things alone, would unite most of America and the Democrats could say, “See, your Republican Party didn’t do a damn thing when they had the Majority, it took the Democrats to do what was right.” Many Republicans would switch sides, the minute Hillary Clinton and Hunter were sent to prison. Taking Trump out would appease the never Trumpers.

They could look like hero’s and then say see it wasn’t political taking out Trump, we took out Hillary and Hunter, as well.

I could rule the Democratic Party just by doing the things I listed above, and the Republicans would never win again. Damn if only I was a big time Democrat Politician.

Maybe the Republican Party should take notes. If we ever win the House and Senate back, doing the things I listed above would also render the Democratic Party useless for the next 20 years, if they only had a brain! The only difference would be, I would force Hunter Biden to spill his guts or face a firing squad. Of course, I would not go after Trump, I would leave the man alone, might offer him a White House Position, who knows even run him again as President.

But, there is skullduggery here! The Democrats are wearing out jackasses trying to get Trump indicted on anything! Spitting on the sidewalk, jaywalking . . . ANYTHING in a last ditch effort to bar him from ever running for office again. So, we must admit that there is a possibility that he may be sidelined. He may never be president again. May I suggest . . . Emperor!

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