Will Tyranny Trump Trump?

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Will Tyranny Trump … Trump?

My growing up in America was far more advantageous than just about any other country on this planet. I wont tell you that tyranny and corruption did not exist, because it surely does in any country of such size, wealth, and power. But in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s this was yet to surface in anywhere near the fashion that is literally slapping us upside the head as you read this. Today it is no longer hidden … the term Deep State … should be modified to Shallow or Blatantly-visible State, as administrative power now far overwhelms the power and authority of We The People.

Nothing shows this more blatantly than the last seven years of legal and political abuse shown to Conservative America, with President Trump carrying the brunt of this continuous attack. From a stolen election to several erroneous impeachments, from blatant lies, to an unannounced massive raid on an ex-presidents home, America and We The People are now struggling for our very existence as a free society. This is resulting in a massive awakening of Americans such as I have never seen!

On today’s show we present the raid on Mar-a-Lago, its prelude, and its ramifications … buckle Up !!!

Show Talking Points

  • Why have we witnessed seven years of administrative attack against Trump
  • Why was Mar-a-Lago Raided for National Archive documents in the first place
  • Why wasn’t a subpoena path used before an all out raid was perpetrated
  • Why has such a horrendous precedent been set in America … at this time
  • Why was it thought necessary to have 30 plus FBI agents invade the premises

Why was it thought necessary to have all the stated FBI agents armedWhy was this done (intentionally) when Trump was up northWhy were Trump’s Lawyers ordered to leave the premises before the raid beganWhy did the FBI order all the security cameras shut off before the raid beganWhy was it necessary to break into Trump’s safe

Why was it necessary to ransack Melania’s personal wardrobeWhy was it that 12 boxes of documents and miscellaneous items were takenWhy wasn’t a complete inventory of all items removed made and leftWhy have we not been told of the intent and scope of the search warrantWhy wasn’t Hillary and several Ex-Presidents treated in the same fashion

Why was a politically motivated judge used to approve the search warrantWhy was a politically motivated head agent used to exercise the search warrantWhy shouldn’t we believe this is politically motivated by liberals to hold powerWhy are most starting to believe the current government is evil and totalitarianWhy should Americans doubt the existence of the Deep State

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