The Little Big Horn

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a place. And in this place were many people. Now, these people had very little in common except for their distrust for the white man. By and large the people of this land had been left alone because the white man had fought a great war over the black white man. But, that was many years before, and now immigration had stepped up. White men had began to encroach upon the land due to gold having been found in a place called The Dakotas.

There was a man. During the previous war he’d excelled showing reckless disregard for his own safety, and that of those under his command. General George Armstrong Custer. He was sent to subdue the indigenous people of the Dakotas. He did this with the total disregard for the rules of war. For, after all, the people of this land were savages. He made a common practice of charging through villages with mounted cavalry, wracking havoc upon innocents. He was considered a great military commander, but those he attacked just called him Yellow Hair.

There was another man. He was born Húŋkešni or Ȟoká Psíče (Jumping Badger). He was known as Sitting Bull. He was the chief and medicine man of the Lakota Tribe. When Custer came to the land Sitting Bull began to form a coalition among neighboring tribes. The tribes, while living in peace with one another, had never formed a union, and more or less lived for the moment.

The red man’s philosophy differed from the white man. If a man had his lodge, his woman, and food for the winter that was enough. Saving and planning outside of following the herds of buffalo was not invested. Taking more of the animals than was needed was capitalization, and the Lakotas didn’t have a word, or an understanding for that. The white man had a term for that. Manifest Destiny!

So Sitting Bull began to gather tribes from everywhere. Lakota, Cheyenne, Sioux, and others. Soon he had a gathering of over three thousand lodges. Custer approached with a couple hundred soldiers. General Custer rode down into The Little Big Horn. A band of braves led by Crazy Horse mounted a mock challenge, then turning as if to flee, allowing Custer to charge into what he thought was an easy victory, as he’d had many times before. But, this time, as he charged up the rise he was met by thousands of braves from the Nations, and he, and his men lie at the Little Big Horn to this very day.

As much as people change they stay the same. There is nothing new under the sun, and history plays out like the reruns of an old familiar film. Crazy Horse feigned a challenge, left the path open, and led Custer to his destiny. What appeared to be a small band of braves turned out to be supported by the nations.

There was a man. He took the reins of the failed USSR. All was lost. Confusion abounded. Food was scarce, but this man took charge, and he saved his country. Then, one day it wasn’t enough. He took it upon himself to take a land. And he charged in for what he though would be an easy victory. And as we speak he is charging up a hill, waving his sword in the air . . . . and the nations who led him in are waiting.

Putin is Custer. The Nations are NATO. yá át tééh, Vladmir!

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