People Who Are Free!

1 Peter 2:16
Live as people who are FREE, not using your FREEDOM as a “Cover-Up” for EVIL, but LIVING as Servants of God.

In spite of what you may hear spewing from the mouths of a corrupt media, socialist-minded Politicians, professors and teachers who’ve taught our innocence children and young adults about how horrible our Nation has become…and that the sacrifices from our fallen were all in vain…these are only shallow comments coming out of an ungodly heart that has never KNOWN our Mighty God and His Son, the King of Glory, Jesus.

We ARE the GREATEST Nation that has ever been BIRTHED from the hand and heart of God. We RALLY today as ONE People…Citizens of FREEDOM!!! Where we shout together, “In God WE TRUST”!!!

Have a BLESSED 4th!!!

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