Milk and Oreo Cookies

by The Butcher!

Now I’d like you to listen to this cow flop. It is the combination of all that is wrong with the country. First off it comes from The Young Turks. The Young Turks is the brain child of Cenk Uygur. He’s some kind of lawyer out of New York, via Turkey, I guess, who ran for office and considers himself a progressive. I hate to admit it, but he can be actually funny. Maybe he should hire a manager and do stand up.

Anyway, in the clip above there is a commentator, and his faithful companion, Tonto, doing a news story about the FBI raiding a church in Killeen, Texas. My home town! And, this budding Walter Cronkite mentions not once, but twice, that the church is recruiting what he calls killers from nearby Fort Hood, Texas. From there the story morphs over to white supremacy and, oh yes, a civil war. Viva lé revolution! Only one teeny tiny problem. The church he is referring to lies down on Massey Street. A stones throw from a Churches Fried Chicken smack dab in the middle of beautiful downtown Marlboro Hts, a subdivision in said Killeen, Texas!

Now, I’m just A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but to my way of thinking you ain’t gonna get a whole lot of white supremacy out of any church in Killeen! Especially the ones right next to a chicken shack. Jus’ sayin’! I’ve eaten there. I know. I grew up right across the highway in Simmonsville. And trying to start a civil war literally in the back yard of the biggest army base in the country is stretching it a bit, don’t you think?

But, this is the kind of alarmist propaganda peddled by The Young Turks, and liberals all the time. What blew this latest in depth reporting apart is the fact that I’m from Killeen, Texas. There are some things you just can’t get from Google. You can’t contradict me Cenk! Before you were born I was stealing hubcaps in Marlboro Heights! You gotta kinda be there, and, like I said, I grew up there. There ain’t no triple Ks in Marlboro Heights! And on Massey Street? Shut the front door! Can you hear the laughter? I can.

But, Cenk and his band of merry men were basing their news story on information from the FBI. You remember them. The ones that chased a teacher from Tennessee and his fifteen year old student girlfriend all the way to California where it took a local sheriff and and old hippie to catch ‘em, while the feds were standing around talking into their selves. The same highly trained professionals who couldn’t contain a mob headed up by a Wookie in a Tu Tu and the Duck Dynasty back on January 6th. Yeah! Those guys!

For the record there ain’t no Santa, and there ain’t no white revolution coming out of Marlboro Heights any time soon. Why doesn’t Cenk go down there and interview some of the fine folks in that neighborhood. In fact, why not check into the motel right across the street from that Churches Chicken I heretofore mentioned. The chicken is excellent and I’m sure Cenk and his crew can find some diversion at the motel. I know I did.

I don’t know what the cops were looking for at that church, but I can assure you that it wasn’t their first time in the vicinity. I can also tell you without fear of contradiction that if said officers were of the Caucasian Persuasion their cover was blown the minute they turned onto Massey Street.

But it makes for good story. The trouble is this is the bulk of your national news today. As soon as this nonsense is exposed they will bury the story and kill the links. Switch to The Liberty Beacon. They don’t bury their stories. What I suggest is that Cenk sends those two guys on the above video to Killeen for a nice glass of milk and some Oreo Cookies.

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