Meth Heads at a Pawn Shop

by The Butcher!

And so . . . the great state of Texas began hearings on the Uvaldé situation. I say situation because that is distinctly different from the actual shooting. They are so artful as they navigate the treacherous waters of political correctness, stepping carefully over the bodies, and giving the very best profiles for the camera, serving and protecting us all. God bless ‘Murica!

And what have we learned? We found that crazy people with guns can enter through unlocked doors especially when the guy charged with security stepped out for a donut. Think about this for a second. Down at the First State Bank and Taco Bar of the Republic of Texas there is an armed guard standing ready with a gun, a taser, a club, and a willing attitude to protect your five dollars and ninty-eight cents from El Chappo if need be. The children in Uvaldé had a janitor!

We found that feebly employed Smurfs can acquire guns that would usually cost, oh, up to $1,500 apiece. Sounds like we need a little gun control here! Or maybe admit Fast and Furious is alive and well, and doing a land office business down at the ol’ border. You remember. . . Trump, illegals, the wall. Yeah, that border. Corre perras!

We learned that our police with all their training make careful plans about how to turn a peaNUT into peanut BUTTER, turned out to be useless while they waited for the shooter to run out of bullets or kids, whichever came first. Oh, they were real good at handcuffing a young mother, trying to save her kids. She subsequently got in and did save her kids. Maybe they should have given her a gun while they were waiting for the janitor to find the right key. You think?

We now see that the cover story that is currently ejaculating from these esteemed hearings is all boiled down to I wasn’t wid dem brothus. Hey Barney. How can you say that? There was more cops in that hallway than meth heads at a pawn shop!

No amount of gun control, mental health, SWAT Teams, or fat wannabe Chiefs of Police will stop a nut bent on mayhem. You need to take action. If you wait for the Authorities you get nineteen death certificates. Please don’t let the cause of death be COVID! If you can’t keep the shooter out of the school, at least make it advantageous for him to leave quickly. Then shoot him in the play ground. Choke him, beat him in the head with a piece of rusty farm machinery, whatever it takes to make him stop kicking. Feel real bad about it next week when you go to church . . . with your KIDS!

There is no condolences that will ease the pain of those nineteen families in Uvaldé. Some things we are not meant to survive. Some things follow us to the grave. (Tess, I dream about you.)

These hearings are so asinine, so meaningless, so insulting, such a waste of air conditioning that it becomes mind boggling. While listening to the hearings today I posted a comment suggesting that you should shoot the killer in the head from a window since he’s standing, the kids are on the floor. I’m sure there was probably a window on the opposite side from the classroom door, and I was sternly corrected by Facebook letting me know that I’d broken their Community Standards by even suggesting shooting they guy in the head. Heck, somebody had to shoot him. The cops damn sure wouldn’t.

But, it’s all about gun control, or COVID, or baby formula, or drag queens, anything but the issue at hand. Your kids are not as important as that $5.98 down at the bank. Let us pray . . . But not in school!

Three minutes that changed lives

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